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Bear trap

DM Devon's page

1,319 posts. Alias of PirateDevon.


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Sorry folks, killer day.

Vidar is blessed with enough intellect to know that he is missing a piece. According to what he can piece together the code is a cipher of Elven, Draconic and...Infernal. Vidar doesn't know the language but is skilled enough to recognize it on site.

The wizard figures he could break the code and the book in a couple of days but he needs someone who speaks infernal or a very solid dictionary which are probably hard to come by in polite society save for very RESTRICTED society (think pathfinders, guilds etc.)

Kithian's task seems unfortunately bound for failure but Cam has some luck in finding a small hidden panel in the side table. Within a small book has various notes that may indeed be the key to the coded book in the chest. It seems to be a primer involving multiple languages, though sadly, not all of those languages are known to Cam.

Cam's caution (and the right key) see the chest opened easily. Krinst grunts at the exchange of the group and moves to leave, I will leave you in the thick of it. The guards will know where to find me if you need to talk again...

The chest reveals itself to be mostly books. On top a set of three books seem to be a mish mash of collected works and etchings bound by a professional. They appear to be a collection of sea charts, etchings of some strage rock formations and a number of pamphlets for a "forgotten" school of magic called Alchymyc. The binding work is superb and it would appear that these were meant as a way for Ironbrair to keep his mementos closely at hand.

A fine painting also sits in the locker depicting a city carved from a frozen waterfall with towering ice cathedrals and domes.

A spellbook, emblaonzed with entwined red and green snakes is part of the stack.

An astoundingly well crafted and filigreed tome named "The Syrpents Tane: Fairy Tales of the Eldest" is well wrapped in a protective linen.

Finally on the bottom there is a thin ledger. Matching the hand writing to some of the entries of the memento books it appears to be from Ironbriar but Vidar's concerned seem well placed as the book appears to be written in pure gibberish.

Vidar's search of the chair's reveals nothing, leaving the end table, the vase and the desk as the final resting place of any potential clues within the office itself.

(There is also the box of Ironbriar's effects)


Perception: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (9) + 10 = 19

Vidar casts a critical eyes on the perimeter of the room but finds nothing amiss among the stately paneling or bookcases...though there are a number of rare tomes about a great number of historical, legal and social itesm of interest...most liekly belonging to the office of Justice and not them man Ironbriad himself however...

Otherwise the only other real furniture in the room are a set of overstuffed chairs, a desk chair, the desk itself, and a small end table set in the corner which features a gold vase with nothing in it at the moment.

Krinst snaps to himself as Vidar asks his question, Yes I knew I forgot something. Ironbriar had...erhmm...markings consistent with Norgorber worship. As for his estate we soon discovered it was basically almost every sense. His servants report him being almost never home save for function of state. Something they were paid well to stay quiet about and, apparently, thought little of. With the Mill in ruins this room represents the only other place that Ironbriar spent any known amount of time. I will let you investigate it.

As Cam follows up about the chest the thin faced man shakes his head, No it was only recently discovered and we thought it best to turn it over to you as part of this...arrangement.

Cam notes that the chest is incredibly durable. Perhaps made of darkwood. It, by itself, would have been a treasure of some worth but the fire has at least marred that prospect some. Cam notes that there does appear to be a needle type trap afixed to the locking mechanism, and it appears in good shape. Of a design that either the key or a skilled set of tools would be needed to disable it. Clearly a defense against the lock being picked more than the box being opnened.

The Lord Mayor seems quite pleased as Vdar and Cam offer their observations though the large man's face seems to darken some at the half-orc's less than politic response. Geta lod of Mr. Diplomacy over here!

The mayor seems to recover quickly though and offers what seems, at best, a polite smile, No I think you boys have the right of it. Nasty business. The cult has been a pain and I think the average person will be satisfied to know that the leader is no more. Frankly that is all I care about. These cultists have been a pain for some time. I'm happy to know that my loyal guardsmen have tackled the issue so proficiently, and have cleaned up all the loose ends eh?

Grobraras nods to himself once more seemingly satisfied with his thoughts on the matter and moves to the door to leave, waving at Krinst, Take care of the rest, I'm done here.

As the large politician moves to leave a pair of guards enter the room dragging a chest that seem to be scorched and smoking. The thinner man, Krinst, gestures for the guards to bring it in and the mayor makes his way out of the room.

As we brought the fire down the guards searched the wreckage. This was found and seemed to match a...uh...let me see... Krinst pats at his coat for a second and produces a small silver key and passes it to Cam.

We were perhaps only twenty minutes into interrogating the Justice, who was being exceptionally truculent to say the least, when he abruptly requested water. Being a prisoner of his station we paused the proceeding and gave him a pitcher and a glass. He asked for a moment to collect himself and was given 5 minutes. We returned, hoping for some cooperation and instead found him collapsed on the floor in the midst of a fit of what almost looked like strangulation. His final gasp was something like "Zanexa" or "Shanesha" or some such thing.

Krinst frowns slightly as he consider the chest and continues, With the Justice dead we know little of his motives but it would seem that we might expect his death will be the end or a significant quieting of his cult related activites...

There is another knock on the door and Krinst utters a clipped Come in Another guard carries another box, this one of flimsier design with an open top.. a number of pieces of clothing and accoutrements appear to be sticking from the box and Krinst motions for the guard to set the box on the desk.

The mayor's assistant waves off the guard and continues, Clearly the mayor considers the matter closed...but I have brought you everything that was on the Justice and that was found at the Mill we believe connected to him. We ask that you ensure his work his done and that you apprehend or simply end any remaining co-conspirators. His personal belongings alone should be worth the price and you are free to keep anything else that belongs to anyone you might encounter in the course of doing business...I also will give you...

the slim man once more fishes into his pocket and passes an envelope fixed with a red wax seal. A favor from the Lord Mayor if you should ever need it. I would best think you should present this to me if you have need but anyone in his administration will honor the contents...within reason...

The bureaucrat finally pauses long enough for the group to absorb the situation and ask any questions...

The next few hours lag by as food and drink comes but never in enough quantity to indulge past "basically satisfied". The lieutnant is the first one summoned after two hours and does not return. Another hour later each member of the party is taken one by one to a stark room featuring naught but a set of wooden chairs and a table. A grim faced man who introduces himself merely as "Captain Jeld" (though bearing nothing resembling guard regalia) asks a series of questions that border on monotonous after informing each member of the group in turn that magical enchantments to compel truth have been put in place.

Each party member is returned in roughly an hours time and the night has nearly passed once each person has been taken and questioned. Much like with the lieutenant the group sketches out the basic circumstances of their arrival to the mill, the connection to Foxglove and the fight that ensued. The questions seem to focus more on whether the party knew that Ironbriar was involved and how they knew him more than on any concern about the issues of Sandpoint and the grisly atrocities that brought the party to the city.

After another hour and another set of refreshments are brought in a pair of clerics (one of Iomadae and one of Desna) are brought in to administer potions that ease the fatigue of no sleep and see to any other outstanding issues of healing that the party might require. The group is refreshed as they are lead through the Pediment Building by the clerics to an office in the upper wings of the building.

It soon becomes clear both by the brone name plate on the door and the increase of guards that you are being taken to Ironbriar's office. An odd sort of tension grows as the party is ushered into the office but finds it unoccupied save for two human men. One is relatively large and fopishly dressed, decked in regalia and bearing many pieces of jewelry. The other is much more slight in frame and dressed more as a scribe.

Kno Local DC 10:
The large man is Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras.

Kno Local DC 15:
The more slight man is Grobaras' assistant Valanni Krinst. On Grobaras: is an arrogant, self-serving man who cares very little for the struggle of the people he rules, as long as he is kept in comfort. One of the most powerful men in the city, Grobaras dwells in the largest house in all of Magnimar, Defiant's Garden in the Vista district. In theory he must share power with the equally bloated Council of Ushers, but in reality he handles much of the immediate running of the city himself. Due to his general lack of interest in city affairs most of his decision are based on which side offers him the largest gift or bribe. Despite his portly appearance and foppish demeanor, Haldmeer Grobaras is a fearsome political opponent with a silver tongue and the wealth to back up his position. While officially the Lord-Mayor has to enforce any mandate passed on from the Council of Ushers, Haldmeer rarely does. He is more interested in seeing that his personal mandates, which do not have to be approved by the council, are enforced.

Kno Local DC 25:
Rumour has it that Valaani often manipulates the Mayors requests to benefit the people and to turn the tide against the Lord-Mayors most destructive desires. It has never been proven and for good reason, Krinst would surely be executed if he was found to be disobeying the mayor...

The large man gestures for the clerics to leave and tells the guards to shut the door. As he idly pokes at the justice's desk and walks around the room he speaks to no one in particular, So I have small town guards accusing a preeminent justice, who is now dead, of being some sort of cult leader. The clerics and wizards tell me your word is absolute. The guards tell me the mill is well and truly burned, thus destroying all but the flimsiest of evidences and I am to tell the Council of Ushers...what exactly?

The roads to the Pediment Building are relatively clear at this time of night, the path being one of relatively respectable shops and homes. All the same louder sounds of song and other night time activities can be heard echoing off the myriad cobblestones of the street from the vast city beyond.

Even at night the Pediment stands well lit and well guarded. Multiple patrols are evident as you approach the plaza upon which the buildingd sits and many guards stand littered between with obvious emplacement atop the building and on the great doors that lead within.

The lieutenant guides you past them all into a large antechamber featuring a number of large desks. Velvet ropes and signs guide incoming visitors to different bureaucrats who process the various business of the Court.

Schael guides you to a desk with a stern looking gnome. She asks the party to stand back for a moment and approaches the desk speaking in hushed tones. The gnome walks away hurriedly and returns with a pair of guards and a thin older man dressed in the manner of a valet.

The gnome gestures at the cultist and the guards take him in hand, the judge's body still unconscious and limp from being knocked cold earlier in the evening. Meanwhile the valet gestures for the group to follow him and he guides you to a small but well decorated parlor featurin towering paintings of prolific figures and moments of history as well as an assortment of sitting options.

Schael follows you in and takes a seat on a burgundy couch. The valet offers to bring refreshments and the liutenant asks for some food and water. She looks at the rest of the group, We might be waiting a bit. Getting the right folks to come talk to you can be...complicated. I recommend you get something to drink and eat.

The elf practically rolls her eyes at the turn of events, Fine. Good on you then I suppose...sirs...

More guards and other folks start to gather as the fire rises in full force. The guard continues, Regardless. You would want to take the prisoner to the nearest precint house and... The guard reaches over and pulls the hood off the cultist and gasps. Her pale skin noticeably blanches even in the dim light of the fire. Almost as though to save herself from an unpleasant sight she places the hood back on hastily.

The guard looks over her shoulder at the two other guards who arrived and points at one, You back to the post and tell Grishka to meet me en route. We are headed to the Pediment Building. the guard nods and starts to run back the way he came. The elf guard then gestures to the other newcomer, a large nulky figure in a half helm who appears to be a half orc, Stay here and wait. If anyone else comes tell them that I've taken these officers to escort to the Court. The larger guard nods in response.

Turning back to the group the guard motion to follow, Sirs. I am lieutenant Aramelle Schael. I would escort you to the Pediment Building. Will you follow me please?

Kno:Local DC 10:
The Pediment Building is the seat of the Justice Court. Highest law of the land and where "big" cases go to be tried along with holding high profile prisoners.Some of you have been there before to see the Court in response to issues about Thistletop.

She is basically going to wind you through a couple of districts. Let me know if you intend to follow her or if there is anything else you are hoping to accomplish before getting to the building...

The guard seems taken aback but considers the situation looking over at Sayniek once more, On your oath lady paladin that this is truth?

Super sorry, nothing updated me that there was a post here...

The guard offers narrowed eyes and practically scoffs, "The Lord-Mayor? How provincial. Clearly you are not from the city. We will take you all to the precinct house and review the facts. Unsanctioned vigilantes are typically frowned upon...". The guard's eyes flicker to the fire.

"Unless you are here in some official capacity..."

Sense Motive DC 15:
The guard seems to mean what he says about unsanctioned activity but there seems to be a hint of indication that "coin" might ease the way here...

Cam, Kithian, Vidar Wisdom DC 10:
You are technically deputy sheriffs, which roughly equates to a captains rank. There are some circumstances where it won't translate directly across, mostly in the political realm

-Posted with Wayfinder

Luckily the fire risks little as the yard was clearly built to compartmentalize accidents.

In short order gawkers and guards arrive. A tall elf with an officers ornamentation approaches the group and casts her gaze on Sayniek, "What is going on here?"

-Posted with Wayfinder

Even the seasoned Cam unconsciously lets out a gasp to see the face of the cities finest. The elven Justice Ironbriar is behind the mask in question.

Vidar was able to grab a razor, yes. Knov local checks might help too

-Posted with Wayfinder

Sadly a lumber mill is never a great place for a fire so Saynieks efforts prove too little. All the same the ambitious wizard is able to haul a cultists body and regalia out along with a few other scraps of outfits before the blaze becomes too much to deal with.

Kithian is able to rise on his feet with his prisoner

-Posted with Wayfinder

Sayniek is with the group at this point.

The caster struggles against Kithian and attempts to wrench himself free but Vidar's words seem to have the desired effect. The caster goes limp, defeated and seemingly no longer interested in struggling.

The building continues to burn and a body lands a few feet from the group, the last lonely scream of a person desperate to flee the chaos. No one else seems to be alive up there.

In the distance, bells and yelling can be heard as the lumber mill's top floor burns in earnest. Guards and other onlookers will be here soon...

Yeah, you are basically on top of him

-Posted with Wayfinder

Sorry folks. More illness. More family issues. This season has not been kind...

Kithian practically pounces in the wizard, the barbarians corded muscles carrying him highn and on top of the wizard. The barbarian lands a solid blow and the cult leader lets out a cry from beneath his mask as he continues to struggle in the grease.

The majestic display is stymied somewhat by Kithian collapsing as well. The barbarian and cultist are a mass of legs and arms akimbo trying to stand once more...

Cultist still hasn't stood up despite trying. Group is up.

I'll allow an acro check to try to jump the grease and sort of pounce on the wizard...roll a reflex too, that mostly will be about the followup post pounce...

True, you did....with that in mind, Vidar anything else in the round?

Ref save from Kithian please

HE basically lands at the end of his actions but during the round, so in essence you can act "as" he lands...

Cam showers the ground with grease which seems to be enough to catch the cult leader by surprise as the caster lands in the grease and then promptly slips to the ground. The rest of the group continues to maneuver down the stairs with obvious sounds of fire and screaming trailing behind them. Acrid black smoke begins to pour out of the broken windows above.

The caster attempts to stand but cannot (not for lack of trying) and seems to be at the mercy of whatever comes his way...

Group is up. Cam is about 50 ft away, with Kithian right behind him. Vidar is another 10 ft or so behind Kithian and Sayniek is basically still at the top of the stairs putting her about 80 ft away...

I return post new year with tales of ER visits, bad backs, a child who is lucky to still be alive by his father's grace and more...oh and I updated the gameplay! Happy New Years folks.

Seems like that might be your call to make Cam ;p

I want to apologize in advance that my access will be spotty through the 4th of January. Basically my family is having some issues that require more attention than anticipated and additional issues of illness add to the complication. I'll do my best to limp us along but it might be next week before we start back up in earnest, apologies.

Kithian can make it to most of the way down the stairs basically catching up with Vidar and Cam, Sayniek is slower. In essence Vidar and Cam havea rounds worth of actions to close the gap and/or act, what do you want to do in that round?

Yes Sayniek would be nauseated...and is about to jump 40 feet down? The caster is feather falling (or that was what I was trying to describe)

Vidar lets loose witha ball of fire that arcs through the room and past the cloud. Sudden obfuscated chaos erupts as there are screams and the distinct sound of more things lighting on fire.

Kithian charges through the haze, unaffected by the cloud and finds a number of burning bodies. A cultist stands dazed and singed and then is promptly cut down by the barbarian. There is no leader, as far as the half-orc can see. But there is a broken window.

Cam meanwhile sickeningly lurched back out of the room and does see and the leader slowly drifting to the ground, his robes are singed and smoking but the cultist seems to be alive...


Having some issues on the home front, may be Wed before I can be back full on in the swing of things.


Within the fog cloud there is little movement save for Cam, Sayniek and Kithian who can really only see each other and even that is not well. There is the sound of a loud crash like glass breaking and another deep intonation of magical words but nothing apparently comes of the spell being cast as far as the group can tell.

There is a yell and quite rapidly it is clear that the yellow/green cloud is flickering orange. Thick black smoke begins to also infiltrate the cloud, apparently something has caught on fire in earnest.

[ooc]Kithian needs to make another save for still being in the cloud. Fort DC 16 or be nauseated for 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2 rds.

7 cultist and 1 leader remain.

Despite the cloud you have seen the room and could try to approximate an area to send the fireball to. I'm of the opinion here that you don't need line of sight for line of effect if you havea reasonable way to determine here you want your spell. I would ask for a caster check DC 15 to place it where the radius would miss your allies (assuming they don't charge in first). Failure would lead to drifting which I would roll similar to a grenade.

Group up

Is your only action this round to berate the barbarian Vidar? ;p

Well since I have a result I will partially narrate for Sayniek and Vidar...

Cam disappears back into the cloud and does in fact manage to find a cultist who is in worse shape then he is. Despite the compromised condition he finds himself in Cam stabs at his opponent and fatally wounds the robed figure.

Kithian meanwhile seem unaffected. With no one coming to challenge him in the cloud the barabarian brutally punishes the cultist attack Sayniek as one small cut from the paladin instead opens up to a large gouge. The cultist lets out a scream and collapses...

Vidar's missile's arc through the air and slam into the lead cultist who grunts from the impact. Apparently this caster is not particularly prepared for what Vidar is throwing out.

Kithian chops through another cultist in a violent spray of viscera while Sayniek draws a short nick of blood from her target.

A literal pause erupts in the fight as Cam maneuvers to spray grease along the floor. Mixing with the blood and guts already accumulating the cultists pause for a moment to consider moving against the barbarian or the unmoveable halfling sized paladin.

The moment passes and the cultists attempt to surge forward. A few lose their footing (including the one attempting to get to Kithian) while the one attacking Sayniek continues to beat upon steel ineffectually.

The cult leader steps back as far as the room will allow and gestures his arms wildly. Dense acrid yellow fog erupts from the floor around Sayniek and Kithian washing over Cam and two of the cultists. The bangk of fog cuts off Vidar's line of sight as many in the fog start to feel suddenly unwell.

Everyone but Vidar; Fort DC Save 16. If Fail, nauseated for: Cam: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2 Sayniek: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3 Kithian: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

Group up

You can step 5' back no issue. Sayniek will be able to work up to about 10' short of the caster this round. If you are fighting devensively care to wager a roll on lashing out at a cultist on the way?

Cam misses his pursued foe but cultists indeed never learn as Vidar's words turn practically prophetic. In the throes of combat a large gaggle of the cultists stack up to slash at the bulwark of Cam, Kithian and Sayniek and find that none of their strikes land home. Even Kithian, by far the most vulnerable seems to simply turn away strikes with a snarl (though the added benefit of a slain cultist at his feet certainly adds to the menace.) More candles are turned over at it does seem one edge of the tapestry is start to smolder.

The leader, meanwhile, stumbles back a few feet and gestures intently, utter arcane words and it is clear a spell of armor is now protecting him...


If Cam stands side by side with Kithian he will be next to one cultist and about 10' away from another, they couldn't flank without provoking.

Vidar lets out a shower of crystalline magic which weaves through the crowd and smashes the leader in the chest.

Sayniek and Kithian close to the first cultists and while Sayniek is nimble amongst the candles and powerful in readying her defense, the barbarian is far more destructive knocking candles asunder and virtually crushing the closest cultist in what is becoming Kithian's trademark level of gore.

Vidar ma soon get his wish as it is clear even within a few seconds that the turned over candles have plenty to work with...

Cam is up.

My EXTREME apologies for being absent the last few days. Crazy inter-family drama saw me having to go to the middle of nowhere for the Thanskgiving holiday and I got unexpectedly cut off from the universe. Very sorry.

Sayniek throws open the door and announces her intentions. The party finds that the room, which normally seems to be an office of some kind, has had all of its furniture re-arranged so that a large space in the center has been cleared. The space holds a sort of elaborate tapestry lined on the floor with candles and a group of twelve hooded and blue robed figures standing on the tapestry in a circle. Each figure has a long curved sowrd held at their belt while the hoods end in strange off kilter points and seem to have "faces" of bent geometry. One among the group has a robe of purple and a much more elaborate hood. [oo]The "lesser" hoods will look familiar as it was featured on the attackers at the Sanitarium[/ooc]

The group of lesser robed people look from the door to the leader who utters a crisp if not almost inaudible kill them.

From Sayniek to the nearest cultist is about 15 feet. The room in a large rectangle, big enough for the group to shuffle inside quickly. Group is up. If you engage the cultists I need reflex saves as part of your actions (failure/low rolls will not change your actions.

Sayniek, Kithian, Cam, Vidar, is that the order? Anyone gonna roll any stealth (just curious) and last but not least Sayniek give me your speech and I will get us started...

Sorry I think I was waiting on you guys and you were waiting on me. Cam you should stop deferring, these guys will follow you anywhere. That pretty much will force Sayniek to go along too :p

Cam easily moves throughout the building, up the stairs and is able to manipulate the door so it cannot open without a significant show of force. The bard pausesa moment and can hear soft conversation and chanting but quickly makes his way back to the others rather than stay and wait.

Interior door barred. What next

One is clearly at the farthest end of the room (internal) while the external stairs seem to meet about 3/4 of the distance to the opposite side.

Even in the few minutes that Cam has spent skulking around the night has well and truly darkened. Few lights mark the work site or the interior of the buildings but the light in the office is quite pronounced making that occupants much clearer through the frosted glass. The seem to be lined near one another? Perhaps in a circle of sorts.

Cam pulls open the door and finds it makes nary a sound, apparently the workers here try to maintain everything or the bard is just lucky. Poking his head inside there is a large work space features a chute and saws to process large timber, a variety of racks and stations for various types of cutting and processing as well. A set of stairs hug the far wall and lead to the next floor which is takes up only half of the space available leaving the rest of the workshop with a cavernous feel.

Cam can see frosted glass and flickering lights in the office area, surely the windows can be pulled open to overlook the main bay but remain closed for privacy and, as far as Cam can tell with the shadows and light, a meeting of about a dozen people...

Hopefully my description makes sense, if any of you have been in a factory or large scale workshop the office floor tends to only take up a part of the final story and often looks "over" the main work area. At least many of the ones I have been in, lol

Main workshop doors appear to be unbarred (think oversized double doors) but the two other "normal" sized door appear to be locked with simple locks.

Cam' initial foray on the ground floor revelas that though there are lights on in the space, there does not to be anyone around. There is indeed an interior stairwell so it would seem folks are upstairs and their exact number is not known...

Parade up the stairs? Gimme a marching order...

Rampant Agreement:
I live real close to work and we have been having a lot of rain and it appears Comcast has been doing work in the area to either patch issues or upgrade somethings. I suspect that all of that is at play and since I am so close to work I am probably using .the same access point at the big end of the pipe

As you watched from the distance it did appear they entered from outside. However you aren't sure, per se, who might have been here before and they might have come from inside or still be inside.

I'm still struggling but I'm thining something is going on locally. Im having issues at home and work and not just with this site. I used to live in "great network" central but we have been having a lot of rain and weird weather so maybe that is playing havoc?

Are you shooting for going in on the ground floor into the main mill or follow the steps up to the top floor on the exterior of the building?

Really not thrilled about my ability to get on here, still having issues...

The man hurries away as the group keeps a close eye. This leaves an open workyard between the group and the main mill with fading light. The building itself appears dark save for a the uppermost of three floors that are becoming ever more noticeably illuminated as the sun moves to set.

There are large doors on two sides of the building that lead inward as well as an exterior staircase that leads outside the building that continues away from the group. Most likely a door to the upper floor, where (most commonly) offices and other more administrative areas are contained.

I am having a CRAZY time getting on here so if I am quiet its only because I am not able to get through!

The man reacts to Sayniek with a grunt but then starts to lose his tall stature as Kithian advances with an intimidating pose and Vidar starts his confident counting. The man looks over his shoulder towards the min saw building then visibly shakes his head, It isn't worth this. and moves to leave...

Well there is a low fence and if the others are talking then its feasible to tackle a different route, Cam roll Stealth...

Sayniek, Vidar and Kithian heads right for the guard who obviously stiffens as the party approaches. His cloak covers most of his face but you can see a clean shaven strong jaw on a man who is most likely of Varisian or Chelaxian descent. He is large though not as big as Kithian. The cloak covers most of his person but you can see leather armor over his legs/boots and the soft outline of what is most likely a short sword under his cloak.

As the group approaches he holds up a hand, Private property. Work Meeting.

Only the one guard as far as you can tell. So am I reading this right that the bulk of the group will approach the guard openly and Cam will work to sneak around behind him?

As the day winds down the shuffle of laborers out is replaced with a few well cloaked individuals arrive and make their way onto the sawmill grounds. For the most part the group goes either unseen or unnoticed able to blend in with other business being done in the area around the sawmill except for Sayniek who at one point draws a noticeable long look from the leader of the last group of cloaked individuals.

There is an obvious raising of the leaders hand and a snapping of fingers that accompany otherwise hushed instructions as the leader gestures for one of his companions to stay near the mill's entrance. The figure stares in Sayniek's direction a few moments more and then makes its way into the main mill with the dozen or so others who had arrived since the mill's closing.

The sun starts to finalize its arc on the horizon and long shadows carry dusk onto the mills grounds.

Basically unless you guys want to try to swim around the mill's area in the river or hop fences that are relatively short but easily seen (in the current light anyway) the main drag to the primary building with the guard is the only way to get closer...

I said "Do you think you want to work at the vampire place" and YOU said "Its an excellent opportunity to work on my skills" and here we are, weeks later, and you are feeling drained. *shakes head*

The timing actually works just fine if you are looking for a later in the day approach, I am going to make some assumptions here for movement's sake...

The group does some basic clean up of the chaos in the house, especially around leaving the broken glass outside and setting something up to cover the window in the style of "work being done". The few residents who pass by don't seem too concerned and the idle guards that swing through the area seems convinced that your group seems to belong there.

You exit and lock the house, Cam pocketing the key once more, and you start to make your way through the city to the location of Seven's Sawmill.

Close to the water and sort of "off the road" the Sawmill sits on a broad lot that sees a waterway push through the main building to power its tools with a wheel while a handful of small channels have been build to route floating logs throughout the complex. Much of the area of the mill is open air with shed coverings but the main cutting and processing seems to happen in the overly large main building.

The group lingers in the area until well after what they determine is the final bell and many of laborers filter out over the span of half an hour. As the sun starts to settle other activity unfolds...

I need Perception and either Stealth or Bluff checks depending on whether you are sitting around in plain sight or trying a more cautious approach...actually everyone roll both.

Okay. Sawmill is the final objective, fine. Right now or wait until Oathday? Its about 11 am or so.

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