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DM Devon's page

1,034 posts. Alias of PirateDevon.


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And then?

The book starts scribbling information and diagrams at a frightening pace but as before Vidar feels the information flowing into him despite the rapidity of its pace. The books confirms at length about the nature of the symbols and the ingredients they represent, that they are indeed used for necromancy but then continues to discuss, at length, the notion of "lich apotheosis" by which someone would become a lich, and in certain circumstances attain the highest point of lichdom via the proper application of the represented constituents provided additional circumstances were met. In a sense the book offers that it is possible to escalate the power of becoming a lich by doing things that are more and more horrible, things it is more than happy to show the wizard until he feels like stopping. (Its a complex process so the book can go on for some time.)

Sayniek leads into a large gallery room that has two padded chairs and a long couch facing a wide alcove lined with stained glass windows overlooking the water out the eastern side of the house. These windows depict a diverse array of animals and plants. From north to south the windows show: a large pale and ghostly scorpion, a gaunt man holding out his arms as a dozen bats hang from him, a moth with a strange skull-like pattern on its wings, a tangle of dull green plants with bell shaped flowers, and a young maiden sitting astride a well in a forest while a spindly spider the size of a dog descends along a string of webbing above her.

Kno Arcana DC 20 (Vidar can read I rolled for him already:
These images are known to represent classic necromantic components (scorpion venom, vampire's breath, the tongues of deathwing moths, belladonna, and the heart of a maiden slain by poison)

Vidar Only:
There is more about these images that tugs at the back of your mind. You realize that the book in your bag has more it would like to share with you on the matter.

It is Cristiel who hears crying this time though it is closer it is hard to place exactly.

There is dust in the house but more in the shape and form of poor cleaning rather than disuse, which makes sense since at least for a while, there was someone who was supposed to be keeping up the house.

Cam comes to the first set of double doors, checks them over and feels confident they are safe. Is Sayniek leading the charge once more?

No one really answers Vidar leaving the hanging answer to be "no" but Cam feels confident that the door is free from traps and Sayniek opens the door relying on her supernatural robustness to aid her. A small set of stairs is all that can be found in the room, going down. Perhaps intended for servants so as to be out of sight?

For now there is no crying or weeping sounds. NEarest door is on left wall [1] then there are opposing double doors around the curve of the hall [3 Left/4 Right]

Yes and no. This haunt is immediate and the damage to Kithian is not physical but ability based sadly...

1. You need to catch up with Kithian cuz he seems intent on leaving unless he stops at someone's words

2. Sayniek would know enough about her own abilities at this point to know it won't help with the type of damage he is displaying (ie you can tell he is not physically harmed)

No either or give info that might be helpful.

SAyniek sees nothing out of the ordinary.

LOL A Willow reference just got dropped in my game. I am so happy right now.

Perception DC 20:
Crying, not like before but like that from a child echoes ever so slightly in the bedroom.

Kno:Religion or Arcana DC 20:
There are texts that say that places that have great energy due to tragedy can be places where negative echoing events or "haunts" take hold. These haunts can lead to supernatural effects much like ghosts but more varied like visions, odd physical events (items moving or otherwise acting out of character) and in certain extreme circumstances psychosis of the mind or possession. Putting the phrase "haunted" into quite a literal context. Few known defenses exist against such events as they are typically not motivated my "evil" forces but by residual energy left by traumatic forces. Healing magics and those trained with stalwart mental defenses are usually best suited to testing such places...

Is Vidar actually trying to get him to Rage?

Cam checks the door and at Kithian's urging the barbarian and bard step through into a small room featuring a child's bed, a chair next to a toy box and a looming stone fireplace.

Nothing else seems out of the ordinary though it is plain to see that quite suddenly Kithian is gripped in the throes of a vision of some kind.

Kithian becomes convinced that his parents are trying to kill each other, and that whichever of them survives will be coming to kill him next; he has a vision of his mother, wielding a torch, and his father, festering with tumors and wielding a long knife, both struggling to kill each other. The vision feels real with the smoke of old tribal fires and the sounds of old tribal life ringing in the background. The sensation is brief but complete. Roll a DC 14 Wil save or take 1d4 ⇒ 4 Wis damage.

The effect is sudden and fast as the half-orc goes wide eyed. The moment seems to fade for him in mere seconds but...

Need to see how Kithian does on his save and what he has to say about it...

*crickets* Nothing to hear here.

The group proceeds up the stairs and into a long hallway. Not unlike many homes this size the hallway is wide enough to have you walk two abreast.

Staggered in a long arc around the distance of the house there are 6 single doors and two sets of double doors (8 openings in total).

It goes like this: single left [1], single right [2], two double in center of house [3/4], on on each left and right wall, the three right [5/6/7] and one left.[8] I have a map but its hard to post it and not let you see other parts of the house, if you need me to put it up I can though.

Cam sees no traps or any other indications of "trouble" its just...barely...smoking...there isn't even really any heat coming from it. Barely perceptible.

Sayniek gets the same strange revelation she had before. Evil comes and goes from her line of awareness spiking in power then fading to nothing. Its like laser Floyd at the planetarium dude!

C'mon now Vidar's getting a bad rap! He may be grumpy but it is early enough in the day he has all his spells and he usually sees better than the rest of the group. He's a big ol teddy bear under that guff. Its being within 10 feet of Kithian that should scare you. ;p EDIT: And of course he just posted vaguely threatening comments about lightning bolts. Maybe you should be worried about him ;)

Putting his large hand on the door the half orc pushes into the house with Cam close on his heels keeping a sharp eye out for traps and the like. As the party shuffles in the house creaks and moans and you find yourselves in a hall of sorts with high vaulted ceilings and exposed rafters. Large windows figure prominently on both sides of the entrance to the room but years of poor upkeep let in only murky, dingy light from the outside.

Trophies mark the room; a boar, a bear, a firepelt cougar. All are looking worn and moldering. The room hangs with damp acrid air tinged with mold and a cursory inspection reveals it is tinged throughout the floorboards and walls of the entrance.

Standing in the center of the room is the most disturbing of trophies. Set on a wooden pedestal is a hulking monster some 12 feet long with the body of a lion, a huge scorpions tail, batlike wings and a deformed humanoid face.

Kno:Arcana DC 15:
This would be a manticore. Read the monster description in the MM or PRD if you would like to know more.

The hall has many paths to follow:

    1. Continue forward to the back of the house (there appears to be a dining room back there).
    2. A spiral staircase that leads up to the right.
    3. A door past the stair case that heads right into house.
    4. A door on the left wall that leads to the left side of the house.

Just Cam:
You smell burning. Like singed hair or burnt skin. Subtle but clearly there.

Roll 2 Perception checks.

Perception DC 20 #1:
You can hear crying. Seems to be coming from upstairs.

PErception DC 20 #2:
The monstrous creature on the pedestal? Yeah the fur on that thing is smoldering.

Well, I'm not sure what else to do guys...

AS the party stands and converses about options the wind dies for a few seconds leaving an awkward stillness that punctuates the sense that you are almost intruders to the area.

The house creaks violently and suddenly as though reacting to the now still wind, the sound of wood warping and joists popping as the house settles in place. There is another moment of silence and then the wind continues to whip and keen as it had been just moments before.

The door to the house opens ever so slightly.

*cough* wizard first *cough*

*raises DM eyebrows waiting for a course of action...*

Yah its not built for small, sadly. They took that off of a hobgoblin not a goblin otherwise you would be in luck.

DM Screen:

1d20 + 12 ⇒ (17) + 12 = 29

Let's assume then...

Cam - Sayniek
Kithain - Rullis
Vidar - Cristiel

Sayniek stays to the side as Cam works on the door, slowly examining it and gingerly using his tools to ensure nothing is untoward. The bard is confident the door is trap free but it fairly well jammed as it seems to have swelled from the moisture and lack of use. Str checks? Anyone got a crowbar?

Only if you want to be off a size category...hmmm...I guess I would rule you could use it two handed if you like.

Hmmm...what does the paladin see...

As Sayniek focuses her awareness before her evil seems transient at best. It arrives, then goes. Intensifies then wanes. There is certainly evil here but its permanence is debatable.

The ants go marching two by two, hoorah. Whats your marching order and who is opening the door?

Make the wizard do it.

With Cristiel's words in mind the group sets the horses up in the stable, there barely being enough space for all 6 animals. Despite the cramped quarters the animals seem happy to be going no closer to the house and the lot of you return back to the base of the short path that marks the climb to the front steps. The wind continues to keen and shriek almost as though yelling at the group for being here.

The one from Thisteltop is still at Sandpoint, it was pretty malnourished so needed time to get back up to full strength.

There does appear to be a small dilapidated stable just off the house, it doesn't seem to share the same level of overgrowth as the house itself though it is clearly poorly kept.

1. Ride
2. korvut would yes

My post got eaten...dammit. I think I hit preview not post and walked away...very lame.

Common rumor holds that the manor is haunted and Cam knows a stroy or two about that. As a matter more of fact was that the Foxglove family left about two decades ago after a fire destroyed the servant's quarters and Cyralie Foxglove (Aldern's mother) was found dead on the cliffs below the house while Traver Foxglove (the father) was found dead in the bedroom of apparent suicide by slashed wrists. Aldern and his siblings were sent to live with distant relations in Korvosa.

On the way to the manor Camillo remembers that Rogors Craesby, a retired innkeeper and local, was the property manager of sorts and was paid to look in on the house from time to time. He was considered "brave" for doing so as the rumors of the hauntings and the general bad "karma" of the events there had earned the property the name "The Misgivings" by many folks.

Regardless the group is able to cobble together enough reference from Rullis and Cam with the talents of the rest of you to find the long winding path that leads from inland out to the cliffs over which the Misgivings preside.

As you approach the house it is clear that something is not quite right. Nettles and thorns seem larger with every passing yard, the trees seem more and more leafless and bent and as the house is within eyesight, resting upon a natural hill that sits above the cliffs and the brush from which you exit, the wind seems colder, faster and to almost carry a shrill pitch. There is almost a shriek in the air as the sea wind whips about the cliff top and past and around the house.

The estate is in poor shape. The roof sags in many spots. Bleak, almost diseased wisteria climbs the stone and wood construction giving the building almost the appearance of being strangled. Sharp angles and "crooked" gables shows signs of recent repair but the house bears an odd angularity as though it wasn't built quite "right". Chimneys and gargoyles litter the rooftops and edges. Stone markers and sentinels of the houses's comings and goings.

The path winds up to the front stoop, a brick and stone affair featuring a large door featuring a large iron knocker. Two people standing side by side would fit comfortably on the stoop but would have to go one by one through the door. No light shines from any window and no track to speak off are noticeable along the path though the wind and recent rains don't help in the task of looking. Mottled mold can be seen on a few of the planks of wood in the door.

The group pauses at the base of the steps. The winds continues its shrieking.

I forgotm in all the montage stuff, that the town was going to ask to keep Reggie since he is trained for patrol and what not. Would you do that or would you want to bring him? Its just helpful for me to know...

Disappointed? Or REALLY excited?!?

The group moves to meet with the mayor and sheriff and exchange info on what you all have found. You discover that, for the most part, things have been quiet though there is concern one guardsman might run the risk of infection. Father Zantus seems confident, however, that they can mitigate the risks and have the man under guard and under observation. There is talk of convening the town council (of which Ameiko is now a member due to the death of her father) to discuss soliciting Magnimar for funds, resources and guards but there is some concern that politics will draw out such a process well past its usefulness.

Having exchanged information the group sets of for Foxglove Manor ready to see if the clues they have discovered lead to any further clues as to what is going on...

Surivial, Perception, Kno:Local or Geo. roll what you got, let's see how you approach this place...

I'm content to handwave the next convo as it is mostly about checking in with the town leadership and exchanging reports. Is there anything else folks want to address in the town? If not where to next?

The guard nods at Kithian as he turns to report to Cristiel, A rider from the patrol to the southern farms reported bodies and an attack. Being prepared they were able to defeat the creature but are still not returned. Another patrol suffered one wounded and he is under strict observation at the cathedral. Otherwise Ms. Kaijutsu has secured a temporary induction to the town guard and has been seeing to wrangling the town's more experienced folks. Curfew is in effect. Mayor and Sheriff have been waiting on you folks. Ma'am

A middle aged guard continues to wave at the party. Beckoning you to approach from the road...

Vidar, Rullis, Kithian, not sure if you saw the discussion thread but I had a bit of a wobble but am trying to keep up the game even at this slower pace. I know you guys are around on the boards but wasn't sure if the Disco thread hit your radar.


The group picks its way through the building gingerly, taking more than enough time to be sure that what remains in Habe's odd off color shrine is scooped up and examined. Similarly a review of the other rooms and surrounding area offers little more in the way of items of note save the personal belongings of the tieflings that remain in Sandpoint.

Confident that you have squeezed every last piece of information from the area the group returns to Sandpoint. On the way the group is able to look through the last remaining journal of Habe's. Apparently the man had more guilt then he let on.

Over time the doctor became consumed with grief over his actions. The necromancer had bound him in a spell that made Habe's movements and disposition known to the necormancer at all time. Using this magic and threatening to expose Habe should he ever choose to resist their work, Habe was made, in a way, a hostage to the necromancer's agenda.

Habe was a doctor though and began a slow process of study. His study led him to theories of peaceful meditation and psychological techniques to keep his emotions placid. Constantly fearful of discovery, however, Habe eventually managed to convince the necromancer to travel to Magnimar on business. While in the city Caizarlu met with figures of some group while Habe sought out magical aid. An enterprising wizard by the name of Erith Winehome enchanted Habe and fractured his mind. (In essence giving Habe multiple personalities) Habe would not remember what he did or said so he had to keep meticulous notes as he worked on trying to release himself from the necromancer's control.

Habe apparently had gone so far as to get his hands on a rare form of dagger that, when plunged into a creature that was dead, guaranteed that the creature would not return. Habe reasoned that even if he had managed to strike Caizarlu down, the old man probably had some means to return himself to life in some capacity. This dagger would seal the man's fate, but Habe lacked the physical disposition to do the initial work.

Enter the tieflings. Habe intended to build a relationship with them and alienate them from the necromancer. He hoped, in time, they would agree to help strike the necromancer down and then Habe would use the dagger to guarantee the matter was done with. Habe thought he was slowly building to a moment this would happen but then Caizarlu escalated his experiments and had many more undead around. This simple *were* from a while until Grayst showed up talking about the Skinsaw Man. Habe noted that this "Skinsaw Man" unnerved the necromancer so he looked to examine Grayst in earnest, having his unhidden self continue to indulge in the more perverse aspects of Habe's personality in hopes that Grayst might reveal more that would aid Habe in killing Caizarlu.

And then you guys showed up.


The journey back to Sandpoint is fast and uneventful. Nothing on the road today indicates any trouble whatsoever though this changes as you ride closer to the town and see many guards asking folks to get into their homes. Many of the townsfolk seem stunned but obey. A handful of guards stands near the entrance to the town from the coast road and wave you down to talk...

This isn't the fastest game, and I honestly feel like, in part, that is my bad because I got slower and slower to post. But if we all are on the same page that it might look like every *other* day with mostly slow weekends for the next while then I feel like we are not on "hiatus" or D-E-D {dead}.

I will be around and on the boards and I will need my "hit" and that was my issue yesterday was realizing that I really don't want to walk away from the game. I would rather do it slowly than give it up. Not my baby!

Everyone is around so I am going to post in the main. Sometimes it seems like discussion threads don't *pop* for folks. So I will update the game, mention this ongoing convo and push on...

Okay. Honestly? I can't let this one go. It might be slower going for a while but I really want to keep going I have a major attachment to it and I want to keep it going. It sucks to drop my other GMing game but this one means more because I have been at it for years now.

If folks want the pace to get picked up then we can look at going GM shopping. If you guys are okay with it I would love to hold on, this AP is well known to me and isn't the same time sink as my other game.

This is my proverbial first PbP GM love. I want to keep it going if you guys think you can put up with me being a bit slower for the next little while.

Been thinking about it all day and it bothers the hell out of me.

Kno Local DC 15:
Foxglove manor sits on the coast. Jut sayin.

Kithian notes that some of the tracks (most likely the ghast) have traces of coastal moss. The sanitraium is just far enough inland for it be uncommon in the woods but would be progressively more common the closer you got to the coast.

Bodies are drug and burning is done. The work is not clean and takes about an hour. Nothing treasure wise stands out.

Resupplied and now knowing the route a bit better, your group is able to get to the Sanitarium with a smattering of daylight left. The grounds are awful to say the least with the bodies of dead horses and ghouls littering the entrance after a day exposed to elements. Whatever outriders Belor sent out have not made it here yet.

Rank decay and carrion feeders (mostly crows) are the greatest features with the birds hardly caring to notice your arrival and only narrowly avoiding you if you approach. You are sure, given the amount of tracks, that other animals have come and gone.

The door stands ajar. The birds mask the basic noises of nature but nothing else stands out.

Where to? Back to Habe's hidden area or are there other things you want to look at?

Foxglov and the sanitarium are basically equidistant from here, on more easterly, the other westerly, Magnimar is days past both.

Okay. I am back from being out and about and the U.S. independence holiday has come and gone. Are we moth balling this thing or are we still good to go? Where aer we going? What are we doing. You have, info, horses and a probably drunk barbarian. Directions people!

Ok that sounds like no one has anything to do. So saddle up in the earl A.M. and head back to the farms? Where we going next? As an FYI I need a root canal tomorrow and my master's thesis is due for peer review Wed. Add the holiday weekend and my posting may be a bit spotty. I assume that may be tru for other U.S. based folks so this next week might be on the slower side.

*cracks fingers* Okay then...

The night passes in a bit of chaos as the group you deal with various tasks from reading, meeting with townsfolk and resting (or drinking in Kithian's case).

Defenses are set and patrols sent out. Soliders are recalled from Thistletop and you receive word that Shalelu is making her way south towards the farms to scout for more issues as soldier works to get to the families.

Vidar reads. And reads. And reads. A constant supply of just enough wine and just enough food to keep the wizard focused on his task is provided and Bethany makes it a special point to ply Enok with treats to keep him in a helpful state.

Vidar learns the following:

Caizarlu the necromancer is more skilled than powerful. His particular brand of necromancy is based more on using special rituals, special components and general knowledge to amplify the relatively meager effects he can create. His biggest accomplishments, to date, are faster undead creation, managing to turn a pair of ogres and something he refers to amiably as "The Beast" which was a commission for an organization based in Magnimar that he has been dealing with off and on called "The Skinsaw Cult".

"The Skinsaw Cult" fascinates the necromancer because they seem to have their own relationship with ritualistic death, they seem to benefit from mysterious patrons and (most exciting for Caizarlu) they have a ghast in their service who seems to have actually been alive and moving around Magnimar (where the cult is based) with relative ease.

The cult has leadership that Caizarlu is sure are more powerful than the ghast (otherwise how could they order it around) but has rebuffed attempts from the cult to recruit him. He cites his faith to Uragotha as one reason and a general disdain for being told what to do as the other.

In recent months the cult has become more active in the surrounding area. Caizarlu's own minions and contacts have noted seeing cultists dressed in strange masks (like the ones you have found) around Sandpoint and in particular an agent referring to itself as "The Skinsaw Man" has taken responsibility for a handful of events in the area like mutilations and murders that have been ruled accidents or otherwise by rather taxed law enforcement but has been whispered about in darker circles. The murder at the sawmill is the first "clear" event to belong to the "Man".

Caizarlu thinks something is going on at Foxglove manor related to the cult, an observation he makes because he has been experimenting on the troubled family by uprooting their dead and moving them closer to the sanitarium, testing various theories about how timing, location, and method of treatment affect bodies already highly likely to express undead tendencies. He notes lights on in the abandoned house from time to time and tracks in the area surrounding the house. He also found a mask at one point. He seems unconcerned either due to his abilities, his relationship with the cult or just a general arrogance that he simply won't be caught.

Caizarlu is/was fascinated by Grayst's ability to fight off the ghoul fever and decided to wet Habe's appetite for research in an effort to keep the man more compliant as he has noticed Habe was more unsteady emotionally recently. He also noticed Grayst mentioned the Skinsaw Man and wanted to see if Habe's psychological training would reveal more information about this person.

Habe's journal is boilerplate accounting of his day. Talks of interest in his work and generally reads like a scholars journal until about three months ago when the man makes mention of a trip to Magnimar and an appt with "an old friend". Every entry after that point is extremely succinct and wooden, almost like being written by someone else or by a Habe with no pleasure/joy in his work.

Going to assume someone resolves the other issue which is the unidentified knife...

The blade in Cam's possession is sometimes called "the peaceful blade" or "the final rest" the lore suggest that this blade, in a way similar to a silver spike or wood, is plunged in the heart of a creature. Tales say this blade works on anyone, living or dead, and that it can disrupt some magics related to necromancy and/or resurrection. It is a tool of the Pharasamite church to ensure that the victim of its strike meets their appointed time with their mistress. These are rare enough, that a man like Habe has one indicates either a great crime or a great expense on his part. Note: This is a one time use item and you still basically have to do the job of beating the being in question down, this just finishes the job on anything you manage to get to 0

Anyone else trying to accomplish anything else during the night? The town will give you horses. (Or a pony in Sayniek's case)

Any word on how you otherwise want to split thngs like the protection magic items? etc?

Sorry I am having connectivity AND family issues, fun combo. I will try to get a post up soon.

Vidar Ekstrand wrote:

By the way, the ring of great wave's blessing, is that magical and if so, what does it do?
I've been looking around the thread, but not found It yet.

It didn't have a name earlier in the thread and you guys never took the time to "identify" it. IT is n't magical, it more of a religious piece of art/ceremonial.

Vidar will either need time in town or a wagon/carriage/not sitting on a horse to read. Also it is about 8 at night since it took so long to walk here. Do you want to hit up the town for some mounts and ride through the night? Rest and leave in the AM?

The necro' journal was locked, but was opened and is in Vidar's possession. Habe's personal journal was picked up by Cam (but I wasn't sure he still was carrying it) Habe has "another" journal in the sanitarium, which was locked, and which Cam didn't touch out of fear of an incident absent more thorough checking.


Here is the deal. I liquidated those things you were supposed to sell/had the opportunity to deal with. I cashed in all excess credit and letters of pay. I am going to post what each individual needs to adjust their personal sheet by, and then I will post the total pile of unresolved loot. As of this post this should be the official breakdown of who has what and since you haven't really gotten much loot since picking up Sayniek/Cristiel this will make things easy to track from. Please adjust your sheets, and when you have note that you have done so in this thread. When it comes to cash I am just telling you what you should be at. I might be off a little but frankly after 5+ hours of tearing the thread apart over 3 GMs, I am happy with what you have and why. Replace your current amounts with what I tell you.


Equipment is good except you bought and paid for a +1 Chain you should have one on.

(You were waffling but then pulled it off.) You have officially sold the ransuer so strike it.

You are carrying the magical horn of calling.

After total shares of all accounted for loot you should be carrying: 3586 gp in whatever coinage denominations you choose.

Equipment is good.
Items are fine except you are missing what should be a new max charges CLW wand (Kerrec and others did eventually bankroll it and its why your coinage is lower than it should be.)
You should have 4 everburning candles in your possession.

You should be carrying 2570 gp

You should note that you have in your possession a MW Shoanti Helm, which is basically a piece of art [500 gp] and a holy symbol. You should have 4 everburning candles. You should be carrying 3296 gp.

Hold on to your seatlbelts.

Remove from your inventory:
"2 Travelers Spellbooks" [If these are the spellbooks from the game, if you have two additional traveler's books then keep these.]
"Magic Knife"
"Old Abyssal Book"
"Old Wine"
"Several Unidentified Potions"
"Magical Knife from Goblin"
"Ring w/ Blue Stone/Swirling Motif"

Add to your inventory:
+1 Shock Light Crossbow (and bolts if you plan on using it, thegroup seemed to think you should carry it)
Joyuk's Spellbook
Lyje's Spellbook
+1 Returning Dagger
Wine {Fine Vintage] [100 GP]
Potion of Eagle Splendor [CL 5]
Potion of Pass Without Trace [CL 5]
Potion of Delay Poison [CL 5]
Potion of Endure Elements [CL 5]
Potion of Darkvision [CL 5]
Potion Belt [Hold 6 potions, can retrieve a potion as swift action]
+1 Spell Storing Dagger
Ring of the Great Wave's Blessing [Gozreh marriage ring][200 gp]
4 Everburning Candles
Habe's Necklace [Silver/Steel w/ Onyx and Jade, responsible for his condition but not fully examined]
Necromancer's "rare components" [3 pouches worth of rare necromancy/death related components that can enhance positive or negative spells/items related to death, dying, protection,etc)

Books in Vidar's Possession:
(These were named and taken but never discussed what to do with.)
"The Basics of Thaumaturgy" [300gp]
"The Demon Queen's Domain" [? value (Rare)]
"The Joy of Deformity" [? value (Rare)]
Locked Necromancer's Journal (Picked open by Cam)

You should be carrying 4594 gp in whatever configuration you want.

Unclaimed, Unclear, Unassigned, Unresolved:

Scroll of Owl's Wisdom [CL 3]
Scroll of Arcane Eye [CL 7]

Potion of Cure Serious Wounds [CL 5]
Potion of Neutralize Poison [CL 5]
Potion of Remove Fear [CL 1]
Potion of Sanctuary [CL 1]
Potion of Hide from Undead [CL 1]
Potion of Magic Fang [CL 1]
2 Potions of Tree Shape [CL 4]
1 Potion of Barkskin [CL 4]

3 Vials of Drow Poison

Wand of Ghoul Touch [33 charge]

"Fan" Feather Token

Collection of "Lamashtu" artifacts: You found substantial items of worship and interest. There was some conversation about removing them from Thistletop and whether to destro or give them to someone for research.

Bronze Statues/ Thistletop proper: You basically have Thistletop. There are a number of issue there but the biggest "treasure" are two tall solid cast bronze statues that at some point might be moved and sold.

5 books from Habe's Desk:
Sanitarium Finances (Examination may reveal criminal enterprises or connections)
Notes on "Pidget" the Were-Rat
Notes on Grayst and ghoul fever
Notes on "patients of interest"
Habe's personal journal.

Habe's Bookcase: A collection of texts worth 300 gp (Still at Sanitarium)

Necromancers surgical kit: Permanent "prestidigation", +2 to all Heal checks. Made of silver. Tools count as magical weapons [1d3 damage] [approx 5000 gp value]

Necromancer's Library: +2 cirucmstance on Kno:Religion or Kno:Arcana checks related to necromancy, necromantic or dark gods, undead, death, dying anatomy, etc. Before appraisal estimated value is 2-5 thousand GP. (Still at Sanitatrium)

Necromancer's keys: One ring, 3 keys. [No matches found]

Map of Habe's Sanitarium (found in pit in secret passage, revealed Habe's stash not reveiwed further)

Two Habe Chests: One filled with personal effects. The other money money money? (Both are still at Sanitarium, neither one gone through to any real degree)

Habe's locked book: Found in his secret stash. Has quill and ink that look elaborate. (Not moved still in Sanitarium)

Habe's inlaid silver box:
Inside, laid upon a deep purple satin, is a steel hilted dagger, whose broad flat blade seems to be crafted from glass and has a core of something that looks like liquid silver. Stamped into the handle is the prominent symbol of Pharasma, Lady of Graves. [Currently unidentified, radiates magic]

+1 Studded Leather
+1 Dogslicer (short sword)
+1 Bastard Sword
+1 Vicious Longsword
MW Cold Iron Longsword

Sihedron Medallion (Nualia): Amulet of Protection +1 (Casts False Life @ [CL 10], 1/day)

Shoanti Medallion {Onyx Raven with Steel adornments}(Tribal Assassin Leader) Amulet of Natural Armor +1, counts as MW Holy symbol of Gorum

MW Eel Hide Leather Armor (Tribal Assassin Leader) See Here I dont think you guys noticed this...

So yeah. Fun times.

Also since I found it here is a list of things that need to be "dealt with" at some point:

Unholy sites under Sandpoint, in Thisteltop , the transplanted graveyard near Habe's and the Urogotha shrine at Habe's all need to be officially sanctified. Habe's shrine 9the good one upstairs) needs to be investigated. You need to work with Tradesman Felik to address the ruins under Sandoint andthe runewell contained there in. You need to talk to the mayor and council of Sandpoint about Thistletop and the rocky outcropping near the town where the old murderer Jervas Stoot used to live (as it was given to the group as well). (BAscially there were talks of developing both piece of real estate for various purposes.)


Yorin, not Yorick is the young guard captain. Alas!

The mayor doesn't seem what quite to do with both the strict specifics of Cristiel's very thorough analysis and the troubadour sideshow that is Kithian and Vidar so close in its wake.

Hemlock takes a moment to clear his throat and chime in, So I have patrols, and I can take men off of Thistletop for now in light of this to come down and help. We will get the town ready, something I am sure Ameiko is already doing seeing as you probably talked to her before us... Belor's eyes linger over Cam for a second before he continues, We will get the farmers. You say there is one group over-run? Conrain is who you brought back right?

Good news everybody! I've found a way to destroy the loot! Er I mean...I found the loot!

Quite the list!

It will take me a bit to hash it all out but I should have a comprehensive list in a bit.

Yes the knives you probably want to look at, I recall them. Rullis' list is fairly comprehensive but I think it is missing a couple of things. I'll tell you guys what; I will do a cull of the thread and compare my list to Rullis. There has been some down time here and there so I will identify what you have and we can set the ship "right" as far as treasure.

Hemlock frowns deeply but it is the mayor who speaks up first, So what next. We have some resources here but undead are a whole other problem than goblins and the town has been through too much. Do you have any leads to go on before this becomes a battle in the streets?

No you guys have a substantial portion of stuff floating around that you haven't really dealt with if I recall correctly. I was thinking about that earlier today funnily enough because I think Vidar is carrying Kerrec's old crossbow as well as there being some other things that never really got sold off or folks are carrying but I'm not sure they are using?

No pithy comment for the Barb? Moving on...

The group makes its way up the main street to the mayor's office. Its not the first time that the building seems empty at this time of night but a few guards and administrative folks mill about waving you on to the mayor's office proper.

Within Hemlock and the mayor sit, obviously with some anxiety, while the young Capt Yorick stands by caked with dirt and mud. As the group enters Yorick is asked to step out of the room. Mayor Kendrick gestures to a her meeting table with a variety of finger foods and wine, I have the sense you need to leave soon. You understand, however, that with your titles come some responsibility. I promise you this will be as brief as I can make it. Yorick bringss reports of fleeing farmers, horrible creatures, and at least one man turning into one such thing while another wrestles with infection at the Cathedral. I am told ghouls. What do you know?

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