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DM Corerue's page

2,547 posts. Alias of Corerue.

About DM Corerue

G4. Library
Shelves crammed with books line the walls of this room. A
comfortable leather chair sits in the room’s center.
A DC 30 Perception check discovers a secret door in the
north wall, formed by a bookcase that swings inwards.
Treasure: The books here are all about engineering and
grant a +2 bonus on Knowledge (engineering) checks made
here. The books are worth 500 gp in total.

G5. Smoking Room
Two plush chairs sit around a small lit fire in this
cramped, tobacco-stained room. Numerous tobacco jars
stand on a shelf next to a pipe rack filled with strange
pipes. A DC 30 Perception check finds a secret door in
the north wall.
Treasure: The tobacco jars are filled with various
exotic tobacco mixtures, worth 200 gp in total. Among
the mundane pipes are a calabash set with six small jets
(worth 75 gp), and a long churchwarden with a gold toothguard
(worth 50 gp).
G6. Trophy Rooms
Treasure: These two rooms are crammed with taxidermied
animals and stuffed heads. While interesting, the
numerous trophies in these rooms are low in value; the
entire collection is worth perhaps 300 gp.
G7. Bill iards Room
Treasure: A billiards table fills up most of this chamber,
and a rack of cues on one wall. A brass and gold score
checker worth 90 gp hangs by the door.
G8. Dining Hall
The vaulted ceiling of this large room is adorned with gilt. A
pair of halberds hang above a huge lit fireplace in the far wall.
A great dining table and twelve chairs take up the center of
the room.
Guests at Schloss Caromarc are rare, and despite
regular dusting, a DC 30 Perception check notices a
build-up of dust around the chair legs. A large bell hangs
near the fireplace, connected to the bell pull at the main
entrance (area G2). Secret doors in the south wall lead to
the library (area G4) and smoking room (area G5), and
may be found with DC 30 Perception checks. Although
the secret door in the west wall is very well made, a DC
15 Perception check locates the door from the slight draft
and the sound of water rushing over the falls outside.
Treasure: The two halberds above the fireplace are
masterwork. In addition, hooks next to the outside door
in the secret corridor hold several coats, a walking cane,
and a sealskin cloak worth 120 gp.


These four rooms are crammed with items in boxes and on
shelves, and the smell of beeswax lingers in the air. Area
G9a is a household storeroom containing furniture polish,
mops and brooms, torches, and other simple tools for the
use of the unseen servants in their daily chores. Area G9b is
a well-stocked wine cellar, and area G9c is a larder stocked
with excellent foodstuffs. Both rooms are linked with
pipes to the waterfalls below, lowering the temperature
in these two rooms to better preserve their contents. Area
G9d is full of coal for the manor’s fireplaces, brought by
wagon from Lepidstadt only 2 months ago.

Treasure: Caromarc likes his wine, and has several
fine vintages in his cellar. The entire collection is worth
1,200 gp.

G10. Kitchen
This large kitchen contains a roaring stove, several
workbenches, and a spice cabinet. While Count Caromarc
occasionally brings in chefs from Lepidstadt to cook for him,
he generally cooks his own meals here. A bell hangs above the
stove, connected to the main entrance bell pull (area G2).
Treasure: The spice cabinet is of Tian design and
crammed with an outstanding collectionc of spices. In
total, the collection is worth 300 gp.

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