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DM Corerue's page

1,323 posts. Alias of Corerue.


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Gotcha. That was why I pushed your event some. Kept it in so I but accelerated it since you were busy.

Still waiting on responses from temple group - Ael ;)


I have thought this over for a long loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

What would you guys say about going gestalt? At least in skyfall, the monsters I converted over are proving far more meat grinder like then I had hoped.

So let me know!

Oh welcome back! I thought you were going to be out for a while longer! XD

Temple Group

If you have questions don't hesitate to hit me up in spoiler or in ooc. This will be a little railroady but we are getting a move on! :D

Ael's fall:

She charged at the Other Ael, intent to destroy her and realized too late that it was a trap. Seeing the smirk on the other's face as she grabbed her goodly twins hand and dragged her into what could only be described as a swirling miasma of time energy. She kicked Ael hard in the stomach as she cast her into the void that was this time stream and laughed as she tumbled into the swirling energy. She saw the past, the present, the future, the lives of those who lived and those who were never born. The tragedies that befell the innocent and the hunger and terribleness of evil allowed to run rampant.

She fell forever before she finally crashed into a cobblestone street, she laid there gasping before pausing at the loud rap of a tapping cane nearby. Ael pressed herself shakily to her feet where she came face to face with an old man. The man watched her from underneath his cap as he leaned against the only source of light in the entire area, which seemed to disappear into darkness.

"Where... Where am I?" She stammered out.

The old man responded with a deep bass of a voice, with an almost sagely wisdom chiming in it. "Its not a matter of where you are but when. Its been ages since I met a Time Lord, so let me welcome you to the End of time."

"Time Lord? What are you talking about?! I need to get back!"

"Back? That time came and went ages ago, they failed. The temple was destroyed and the shining sea became nothing more than another dead world in the sea of stars. Elves became extinct and the Old World fell into ruin as well. Why would you go back? You've tried and failed. What will be different?"

The news was too much and she fell to her knees. "I have to... To try..."

"You did and you failed. What will you do now that will be any different?"

"I don't know! I have to try!"

"Try? Next time she will kill you, her control of time is brazen but immensely powerful. But where she toys with it like a child who plays with her toys too much not realising she holds a viper waiting to strike. But you are a babe, barely able to walk let alone face such a horror. Your death would give her the final thing she needs, she'd be the last." His voice carried a dark tone as he adjusted his bowler cap to shadow his aged face.

"The last? What do you mean?"

The old man sighed as if telling a story he's said more than once already. "She crossed the time streams and killed the other versions of herself across the dimensions. She is you from your time but twisted and she intends to erase you completely and as she killed the others she grew stronger. You were too weak to realize you two have grown stronger..."

"No your wrong..."

"Little lady, I am anything but..." He raises his hand and from the tips of his fingers poured forth the purest of time motes and aevum that Ael had ever seen. It overwhelmed her senses and she screamed in ecstasy as it washed over her. But as quickly as it started it stopped and when she came to her senses she felt... Stronger and her head was clearer than before. Ael rose to her feet as the old man spoke again. "So Time Lord, what do you plan to do differently?"

"Please... Teach me how to control time."

The old man's aged smile appeared by the dim light as he spoke again. "Finally, the right answer..."

A voice crackled into her helm and she remembered Carson's holo-gram and when he spoke she stood stunned for a moment. "This was what I couldn't tell you before. WE found you Ael, alone on a dead world. Nothing more than ash and bare rock. Standing by the very gate that brought my men and I to the Shining Sea, we promised to stop her and created that armor for you. However, you begged us not to go and when I didn't listen, you followed us and died. It was all my fault and..."

Ael laid her face into her hands and sobbed as memories came to the surface, memories of an Ael that wasn't her. Children playing, Carson's home, his soldiers the Grey Riders. Their mission. Everything rushed back, overwhelming her with the grief she felt when she couldn't sway them.

The Grey Riders ride willing to their death, to stop genocide, to kill a tyrant, to the last, never fearing, never wavering, til the last shot was fired. There could only be... Victory.

"Your our last trump card Ael, you are the Last Grey Rider and you have to win this! And if you can find the forgiveness to forgive this foolish soldier, if not I understand..."

"Enough! We don't have all the time in the world! Wait... Heh I guess we do... But atone later and lets get started." The old man lifted his cane and pressed his bowler cap up and revealed his golden eyes.

Ael couldn't stop her tears as she looked towards the golden eyed old man. [smalle]"Yes..."[/smaller]

V's fall...:

V's hands slipped from the emergency generators as what little life was finally stripped from him. He slumped into the shadow as it finally overwhelmed him...

Without him the temple would fall back into shutdown and eventual detonation...

He had failed...

Everyone is thrown to the ground as the temple lurches violently, the lights flash, several walls crack and the machine parts that had been whirling quietly pour out. Shattered and scattering like blood from an open wound.

When the shaking subsides you find several of the tubes are now damaged and their occupants will soon die if the temple is not restored. It seems that the fate of an entire race lays in your hands now...

The damage injured those within the tubes as well. Releasing them now would surely kill them...

Filler - Tyrn - Terrible price...:

In one section the floor split wide open, impeding the advance of Capt Carroll's men and Tyrn's forces. As the violence settled down, everyone rose to their feet and gasped as the lights went out once more. Plunging the entire temple into darkness. It was then all hell broke loose, Carroll and his men were besieged by a new wave of monstrosities that nearly overwhelmed their lines in a matter of minutes, had it not been for Tyrn's otherworldly warrioresses they never had stood a chance.

The fighting was brutal and without mercy, before his eyes Tyrn watched as a young riflemen bravely defended his wounded companions. Only to be overwhelmed by the hulking musclebound drudges and get pummeled to the floor. The boy resisted though, drawing a boot knife and jamming it into the drudges knee, his efforts were rewarded by the musclebound brute taking hold of his hand in its on and crushing it so hard that the sounds of each bone in his hand and wrist breaking echoed through the dark halls. It rolled him over and then, in full view, pulled his head back and sawed through his throat with a wicked looking cleaver in the most barbaric fashion. The riflemen couldn't have been older than nineteen...

Capt. Carroll had fought valiantly to reach him and when he failed the Captain lost his reason and engaged the monsters alone. After several long moments of struggle he brought the last of that pack down, severing their hoses and denying them the dark liquid that supplied their terrible strength. The one that had killed the boy though he finished off without mercy, drawing his pistol and hammering through its glass face with a high caliber round at point blank range. He had fully intended to never see it rise again.

Carroll was putting away his pistol as something materialized out of the darkness behind him. Tyrn shouted a warning and Aucturn disappeared in a puff of shadows to try and intercept what was coming...

But she arrived too late, Carroll gave a strangled gasp as the black blade slammed through his midsection and broke through his chest. As his lung filled with blood he twirled his blade and disarmed that which had attacked him. He stumbled, blade still ran through him and his own sparking off something with incredibly hard skin...

What stood in the dim light as the british soldiers turned their torches (flashlights) on it was a creature unlike any Tyrn had seen. It was very insectoid in shape and size and had a chitinous armor strong enough to deflect bullets. The soldiers unleashed a withering volley that did little more than make it cross two of its arms protectively over its head and advance with the remaining two arms wielding blades the color and seemingly the consistency of shadow. It was, for a lack of a better term, a giant ant...

Aucturn engaged it then and the two battle so ferociously that the very walls shuddered with the titanic strength they unleashed on one another. Her blades lone eye darted and bulged and appeared bloodshot from the strain it was under.

However that wasn't the only beast that attacked, mutated elves, goat-like humanoids, mutated cat-folk and undead lurched out of the dark like an unstoppable wave. THe machine priest was nearly overwhelmed. The cephalad woman couldn't contain all of them with her tentacles and trident. Even the serpent sisters were pushed back by the mad creatures that came screaming out of the darkness. The master had unleashed all of his mad minions to stop those that had come to liberate the temple and he intended to crush them completely...

The lady of gears.:

V had surrendered completely when all of a sudden the lights in the room flared once more, as if the temple had new life but this light was different. More potent, more refined...

The shadow's bunched together, shrieking in pain as it tried to escape the light. But there was no part of the room that wasn't covered, it was literally trapped in the center of the room and left screaming in agony. V watched as it took shape momentarily, humanoid and made up of a negative energy type...

It reached down and made him scream as it drained his body once more. However it was unable to finish the job as something burst through the mass of shadow surrounding him. It's metallic fist punched through the shadow creature and in an instant dispersed it nearly completely. However as the shadows broke apart they stilled and then rushed towards the armored figure that stood over V now. The shadows turned into motes of light that merged with her form and her figure blazed like a newborn sun, blinding his dead eyes and inflicting immense pain momentarily before the pain suddenly ceased. He could tell then that she wore armor that appeared to be made up of gears, its intricacy was so far advance it would have stilled the breath in his chest if he had needtobreathe.

"It was about time someone saved you V..." He remembered her voice, and as she turned towards him he stared in wonder at the lights that danced around her shoulders. It was as if a halo sat upon her brow now...

"It can't be..." His voice was cracking, his life was fading as his vision blurred.

Then a resurgence of strength and energy infused his being, he jerked his body convulsing as the power hammered through him. He reached out and grabbed onto the womans powerful arm as she pressed her hand down hard on his chest. The pain was more of a burning sensation as each tendon, each muscle, every organ suddenly started to regenerate. His eyes glossed over as new ones grew into his tired sockets, he coughed dust as his lungs flexed unnaturally in his chest and inflated like new again...

Her voice was like silk, like light chimes in a breeze. So musical it resounded within his soul. "You can't rest yet, not yet. Your needed V..."

He couldn't breath straight yet, overwhelmed by the sensations running through his new growing skin. But he nodded and dried lips he smiled...


You enter the museum, the dead were no the wiser to your passing and surprisingly the Skyblade seemed to silence itself the moment you began to sneak past the wandering horde. Fighting is still occuring throughoout the city but Leon's skin crawls as the city seems to be bleeding positive energy from somewhere. Its a feeling unlike any he has ever felt and it is slowly worsening, from a skin crawling sensation to a full body itch and most likely it will only get worse.

However Aurora doesnt feel the growing sensations like her husband, in fact its the opposite, a sense of calm fills her being. LIke everything would work out for the better. Despite the terrible tragedies, they would pull through and come out on top...

Inside the museum you find display cases have been smashed wide open, sacred artifacts and relics have been stolen and part of the museum is completely destroyed. The entire inside appears as if a massive battle was waged within, walls are burnt. Necrotite flames dance across burning tapestries that were once hundreds of years old and now lay in ruins or smolder along the edges of the ceiling.

As the horrible sensations begin to sting like fire ant bites, Aurora feels the Skyblade come alive. Tugging much more fiercely in a direction leading to the central part of the massive Museum. With little choice you followed its overwhelming will, stumbling past wrecked cases and charred corpses as you made your way to your unknown destination.

Leon tried to remain stealthy and was successful up until he saw what his wife was about to stumble into. He narrowly pulled her back before she was noticed by two hulking Cryxian Warjacks. Simply known as Axemen. They were like a walking meat grinder, chains covered their thin arms, lined with terrible blades that rotated so fast they let off a screaming roar akin to the wails of a dying horse. It was somthing they both feared as it used its enemies as fuel in its internal furnace. Which led to its other more terrifying weapon, a burning harpon that was mounted inside its soul furnace, which it used with deadly efficiency to capture prey and pull them in before slamming the door shut and burning them alive.

The two warmachines were feasting on the dead within the Museum and despite their heavy damage they were more then enough to wipe out the pair of Dhampirs because the Axmen were known for being frighteningly quick when at full burn and these monstrosities were so full that they smelled of corpse ash.

However the longing to reach its destination drove the Skyblade into a frenzy, its internal gears burned hotter and hotter as if it were being driven made. Aurora could feel it all and her empathic connection filled her with such sadness it felt as if her own heart would break soon if it didn't end. It was the same feeling she had if Leon ever died... Yet it was so much more then that, it was genuinely suffering now...

Will save dc 20 or suffer Crushing Despair


Nope I am just getting in the wrong place at the right time lately...

At least I escaped with only a scraped and bruised leg, butt and ankle.

Now I have to survive this g%!$%#n investigation.

Seriously stupid to be investigating.

Crane Fails, Worker gets hurt, Crane is proven to be Mechanically Un-sound. Oh but we need to wait 4 days and ask you your story AGAIN! Wtf. If the money wasn't great I wouldn't stay here...


Temple group

Ael DMNPC High: No - Low: Yes1d100 ⇒ 37

Cassian feels the world drop away as Ael touches his shoulder, as he turns to look at her she gives him a sad look. "Goodbye Cassian..."

With him gone Ael smiled as she took hold of the power she now understood, leaning forward she grabbed the Other Ael's hand and pulled it away before placing her own on Scavengers head. Scavenger then disappears completely. The Other Ael shrieked in rage as she tore her hand away and summoned up a mass of shadows, so thick that they appeared almost oily as they washed over each other.


Ael took on a fighting stance, her armor cycling up and activating her light spell as she roared back. "NO ITS YOU WHO FALLS TODAY!" The two came at each other, weapons drawn and fists raised in righteous wrath or murderous intention. Their time powers altering reality with each step as they engaged in what could only be the final confrontation.

In that moment, on a long forgotten and distant battlefield, the forces of darkness and light clashed. It was a moment those that could have witnessed it would never forget as darkness washed over the flagging light of goodness and consumed it in an instant...

1d2 ⇒ 1

Other then Ael Please summarize your intentions.

In essence please break down what you plan to do in 5-10 steps. Like what steps do you take before the fight or do you flee. We will simplify this and get on with the game.

Mir as you recall there was a massive door and chain you couldn't budge deeper within this place. The room of statues and the strange dream of how they died. Just a friendly reminder as it has been a long long time since that post lol!

You appear back in Scavengers makeshift treatment room and look in shock as Scavenger stands before you. Completely unharmed and looking just as surprised as you are. You have little time to react before you notice the machine elf Talmerren is on his feet as well. Or more realistically he is leaning heavily against a wall.

Please summarize what you are going to try and accomplish before the fight.

You and your fighting beauties make good headway and come to find another strange army is fighting to reach the temples core. The machine preist sighs heavily. "Who would have guessed the British would find there way here..." Despite tension at first you are quickly introduced to the leader of these British soldiers. Captain Carroll. A somewhat older and refined gentlemen such as yourself...

Same as everyone else, what are you going to focus on or are you going straight into battle?

Crosses post coming for you two in the morning. Sorry time for sleep. :(

Ho boy! You rolled a 20 Lasciel! HA! xD


The evil aura permeates all over their forms as they continue to argue with Tawn'Garth, who is looking more angry by the moment.


2d20 + 2 ⇒ (4, 16) + 2 = 22

Seren's glaive was in her hands as she growled. "They're evil permeates through their very being..."

At her words the men both become shockingly calm and the one that had been talking spreads his arms wide and smiles. Tawn'Garth's men unleash a full volley of crossbow bolts before they could do anythign else...

Readied Actions: 10d20 + 2 ⇒ (17, 2, 4, 17, 8, 10, 4, 10, 20, 3) + 2 = 97
Damage: 10d8 ⇒ (8, 7, 8, 8, 8, 2, 5, 2, 8, 8) = 64

Enemy stats
AC 15
Deathguard HP 16/32
Deathguard HP 16/32

Several crossbow bolts hit their marks, inflicting nasty injuries on the pair of Deathguards, however they are both standing. Grinning like lunatics as they both call forth dark powers...

2d4 ⇒ (4, 1) = 5

REality warps all around your group and out of that warped space emerged five slavering bloated creatures that looked hungrily at the mongrelmen and mixed creatures before them. These creature's bloated frame shudders with each heaving step, yet despite its shape, the thing moves with surprising quickness.

Roll Initiative!

The Fight is in the enclosed tunnel, the five dretches and Death Guards are in front of you and you are all amassed in front of them. Due to the tight confines of the tunnel, a single (20-30ft) move is enough to get into close quarter combat.

Crusader Mongrels & Tawn: 2d20 + 2 + 6 ⇒ (6, 14) + 2 + 6 = 28
Demons and Deathguards: 2d20 + 0 ⇒ (19, 19) + 0 = 38

Thanks Jaeger. I am glad tonas this could havr gone way worse.

SO posts to resume tonight. I am going to hasten skyfall a lot as I have made you all linger far too long.

Got my final checkup and other then a couple precautionary shots I am A-Okay to resume work. I think my butt got more injured then my leg lol.

@Seren Take your time and RL trumps gaming always! :)

Apologies for the wait, long hitch again.

So Update.

Got injured at work today. Posts will be sporadic for today and possibly for the next couple days. Sorry for the inconvenience. =/

Had a boom fail at work while load was suspended, the load (Approximately 3,000 lb+) landed on a pivot point and the main mass swung back and towards me. I nearly avoided injury but tripped and had my leg get multiple abrasions. It isn't a huge deal but the investigation is on going.

Our mechanic came out to test for mechanical failure and the boom fell again with load suspended (this time in a more controlled state) so at least now that POS can go rot in a junkyard because this is not the first nor the second time this has happened. its the 6th time....

Now that a senior personnel with nearly a decade of experience has been injured they are finally taking notice to an issue that has been reported numerous times. Yay.

See you guys tomorrow!

hehe, flying to work a day early. Posting will be spotty~

"Your calling us traitors because we avoided injury?" The more level headed one responds angrily. "This is madness!"

Tawn'Garth glares towards the two men as her eyes find the same as Jaeger. She raises her fist and her ten men spread out as best they can and level their crossbows at the two Deathguards.

The accused stand there, one appearing completely innocent while the other starts to sweat profusely at the many weapons and glares being leveldd at them.


You sense an evil aura off each of the two Deathguards. Its not overwhelming but it is there...

Sense Motive Checks - NPC's: 10d20 + 2 ⇒ (8, 7, 4, 10, 12, 2, 7, 18, 5, 13) + 2 = 88

Sense Motive Party-Kieran: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25
Sense Motive Party-Cid: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
Sense Motive Party-Seren: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (15) - 1 = 14
Sense Motive Party-Lasciel: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 2 = 12
Sense Motive Party-Jaeger: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23
Sense Motive Party-Lomar: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7
Sense Motive Party-Ethyra: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20

Kieran and Jaeger:

Kieran - Despite not being able to see you can tell something isn't right by the tone of the Mongrelmen's voices.

Jaeger - You don't understand what they are saying but you can tell by the smears on their armor and their stances that these two are not wounded. Nor shakened...

Bottom line is, something doesn't feel right...

trawets71 wrote:
Red Velvet Tiger wrote:
Princey! Can we haz Zeitgeist AP, pwease? *Bats eyelashes*

With a request like that, how can you say no. :)

Of course I can say no to that as I'm immune; having two daughters I've steeled myself against such enchantments.

LMAO immune to charm person eh? ;)

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I guess we will resume monday. Have a good weekend everyone.

Celebrating my second sons birthday. He is a whooping 1 yr old lol. And . I feel reallllllllllllly old.

Must be out on vacation eh? >.>;

No answer - Moving on~ Above 50 with light, below no light...1d100 ⇒ 21

Also Anevia, Horgus and the Blind elf are not with you on this one...

The group decides to go without light, much to Tawn'Garth and her men's approval. Sadly for those who are forced to hold onto their fellows shoulders as they walk in the pitch black, it proves a daunting, troublesome and painful task. The walk seems to go on forever as you stumble through the dark, until finally the sounds of rapidly approachin footsteps can be heard ahead.

For those of you with Darkvision

Some of you Choose who volunteers to be guides for Kieran and Ethyra please~ are forced to aid your non darkvision capable companions along as you walk through the tunnels.

At first you passed by a couple tunnels that led off and away from the main road to Neathholm as you come to understand it. Eventually these side tunnels disappear entirely and for a long Long time you walk into a well worn passageway. This tunnel is strewn with the bones of the fallen which crunch noisily, at times, under foot. Tenacious blood smears still stain the walls from battles fought long ago, yet there appears to be no sign of a struggle recently. Only the well worn path and the tell tale marks of recent passage not too long ago.

Everyone (With those with darkvision explaining to those who can't see) ;)

When the hurried footsteps started t echo from up ahead you readied your weapons along with the Mongrelfolk and were pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be Mongrelfolk crusaders who approached from up ahead.

Their armor was battered and their faces smeared in blood and gore as they stumbled up to your group. "It was a trap, bastards lured us in and attacked us from all sides. We only just broke through so some of us could get away to get help." They look at your group as if waiting for an answer or to let them pass so they can get to Neathholm.


?????: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24
?????: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23

1d20 + 13 ⇒ (4) + 13 = 17

Tawn'Garth nods and swiftly leads you all towards the entrance of Neathholm. On your way there some of you hear the catcalls of the Three sisters again, promises of soothing your wounds and much more. You pass far more crusaders then before, this time however you see many are badly injured. Tawn'Garth stoically pass them by, her focus on completing the mission before her.

You pass the hidden guards and find that even her their appears to be more of them. Whatever was going on was severe enough that it required these underground crusaders to be out in force...

Once you were away from the safety of Neathholm and its heavily defended tunnels you were forced to once more light torches to be able to see.

Let me know if you decide to Not light torches. Rolls will be required to avoid Non-Lethal damage from slips, bumps and bruises along the way from stumbling in the dark behind your darkvision bearing companions.

Actually, I will have to wait there and see what the decision is. Sorry. :(

Over a year and no reviews? Interesting...

Guess I need to buy it and start reading. :)

Heading home today flight delays causing some difficulties.


You talk to thin air for a moment finding yourself alone before a voice answers back in undercommon. "Chel. That was Di, shes too young to understand and it is clear you are different. Or... I will leave you to your meditation." The voice comes from nowhere for a moment before you notice the ripple of movement as she adjusts her position. It's the oldest girl and when she sees you noticed her she drops her innate camouflage and opens her eyes. She changes topics quickly as she starts to walk away but suddenly stops midstep. For a moment she stands stock still, eerily so at the edge of the door, and when she speaks again her voice is as quiet as a whisper. Her head leans back and she sways from side to side...

[/i]"A silver scale awaits, foretelling pain and woe. The path doth take you, to where the four hands of darkness cries. To a place where justice dies. The shadows will lead to places where death rules the way, but the way is shut and guarded by hate. So tarry scant and marvel gaze within the maze to come but fearful of the cl..." She staggers, shaking her head before mouthing a quick apology and vanishing to some other part of the small home. Her little hooves clicking on the stone floor as she makes a hasty retreat.

Moving ahead~

Other then the strange words she left you with your meditation was more or less uninterrupted and surprisingly it was quite peaceful in the quiet silence of the Darklands...

The rest of the group

All of you sleep well for the most part, for those of you troubled by the scales vision you find sleep hard to come by but awake fully rested come morning.

Lasciel dreams of the times their favorite tutor visited and awakes in the morning with misty eyes, she sees that even her brother Lomar appeared saddened but didn't speak a word of what he dreamed off. Quickly pulling on his mantle and rubbing his tears away before Kieran or the others could see.

Jaegers dreams were of nothing. For once he simply awoke, his rest undisturbed...

Seren found her self standing before a that grave once more, everythig was shaded in greys save for the flowers that lay on the grave. The roses were the most brilliant reds she had ever seen...

Ethyra dreamt of the butterfly that appeared to still be on her hand, its patterns ever shifting. The stars, the moon and the sun of the far traveler...

Kieran's rest wasn't undisturbed, he awoke in the dark. He'd fallen asleep in the chair by the table in back apparently, he groped for a lantern staring into the inky black that was the lightless depths. He heard movement off to his side and before he could utter a word he was slammed in the face with a blunt weapon...

Kieran awoke with a jerk, finding himself still laying in his bunk. He was uninjured, save for his heightened breathing as the shock of the dream had his blood pumping. He found the lantern they'd left burning low on the table in corner was still lit. After barring the door he returned to his bunk and got a little more rest.

A sharp wrapping on the door wakes those of you who didn't already wake up before it. Kieran translates what the voice on the otherside of the barred door says before whoever it was leaves. "Ole Tawn is waiting outside the garrison for us."

Outside the garrison

Tawn'Garth and Cid stand full clad, however Tawn'Garth looks concerned. Behind them stand ten hardened mongrelmen crusaders, each of thema different collection of races, heights and builds but all of them are suitably armed to the teeth. Seeing you all gathered before her once more she nods to each of you. "Captain Sull wasn't able to speak with me so for now you all can follow me and my men to the Crossways. We will be following in the wake of Ga'Tul and her Death Guards. She was supposed to have sent word back but none of her men have been seen, so prepare for the worst."

*Checks Mysterious page*

Looks at Ael...




Another (Better) post coming soon, but first I have a safety meeting to go to.... Blargh!


When you speak at the last one, apprently the youngest, she goes wide eyed before giving a quiet bleat and quickly runs away...


Hallowway and his men are gathered outside and as things calm down he comes striding back in. Rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand he leaves the other resting on his pistol in a non-threatening way. "Looks like I owe you one there, you... Ladies are one tough bunch." He clear his throat as he realizes his pause was far too noticeable. "These three appear a little nicer then she does... So what do you need me to do? Are we releasing more of them?"

I am assumiong you were talking in Tabaxian so Halloway wouldn't have understood any of it lol. :)


The Other Ael appears as solid as you do having caught and tossed aside the bottle you threw at her.

Since her appearance she doesn't appear to be attached to Scavenger save for the fact she has her hands on him, other then that she has two feet firmly placed in the mudof the battlefield you are standing in...

The harder you try to maintain your hold on this unknown power the more it tries to escape your grasp as if it had a mind of its own...

The creatures the Grey Riders fought were the same zombie-like creatures you and Bera faced in the beginning, some of the creatures they faced you were unfamiliar with. However when they fought the shadow they were unable to harm it with normal weapons.

Roll a D20 + Class level + Intelligence

Cassian's actions and words bring the Other Ael's mocking laugh. "Oh you will die Cassian but I plan to live much much longer."


Your rolls will be answered in a bit sorry not at my normal computer. :(


Sounds like you have it right on the leveling up. :)

The Machine Pirest looks to you, speaking without hesitation. "Your metaphorical speech doesn't apply to this creature. Its a shade. Far harder to kill and elusive, light sources are few since the power destabilized and most of our equipment that was not destroyed initially was not designed to fight something incorporeal. I hope we do not cross its path..."

Retroactively and from now on. HP wise.

Sorry Cassian, your actions were interrupted, at least the part of decaptitating Scavenger. I messed it up but please assume that just as you were readying to draw your sword the Other Ael appeared and disrupted the flow of events.

Ael and Cassian

Scene clarification

Cassian was interrupted before he could give Scavenger an honorable death, most likely to mock the noble intent Cassian had. Scavenger is still dying althouh now the Other Ael is doing something far worse to him.

You may Retcon posts to reflect your actions since I messed it up. ;) My bad guys.

I liked the flavor bit you added to it and it did make it a rather fitting selection. :)

Now is fine, however slight change to characters. Maximum HP aquired, no more rolling that. Your heroes dammit and I want to hurt you... >:D

Whoops! Aurora... Gah. It was a late night. I was really wore out lol. Excuses Excus... Oh nevermind. :P

Livain was from LoM lol... I was reading that old thread again. :)


1d20 + 13 ⇒ (9) + 13 = 22

From your vantage point it appears there are thirteen groups numbering two to four undead each.


When you toss the bottle at the apparition she catches it, throws it aside and chuckles. "I'm the version of you thats going to kill you. Not yet though, the fun is just beginning..."

Scavenger's body begins to shrivel more, his eyes were white orbs as if he were hollow. His life was being sapped away by this dark version of Aelessaer who doesn't even show an ounce of remorse as she denies him a quiet death.

The power is growing more unstable now, as if any moment you'll lose it entirely.

"Just let it go~ Your too weak to use it anyway..." Your otherself mocks you as she runs a hand along Scavengers shriveled cheek. Where she touches his skin flakes off like dust...


The first battle was won...

You had taken them by surprise, the battle had been fierce but you crushed the masters forces completely in this wing of the temple. Despite them gaining reinforcements midway through the battle they were too weak to take your force of exotic women and your machine priest companion. They failed to stop the juggernaut that was coming for the Master...

At the head of a force counting fifty or more strong you stood on what was once a station for overlooking work being performed by other technician's possibly. It was at the top of what appeared to be a network of assemblylines and stations for putting together some of the elven machinery this temple once produced. However this room became a testament to what you and your force of the chosen intended to do. All around you the bodies of strange quill throwing creatures, over muscled machine men, mutated hounds and the undead lay scattered where they fell.

Standing beside you was the quiet Machine priest, his face a symbol to what elven kind had achieved.

Aucturn was leaning over a rail nearby, wiggling her rear seductively while simultaneously appearing quite bored. However she had inflicted the most severe damage to the machine men, darting out of shadows and disabling them quickly.

The Serpent Twins were at your back, they had both unleashed their abilities on the enemy with savage abandon. Both proving that magic and brute force were sometimes equal in power.

Your forces were mopping up what remained of the enemies you faced, if it moved it was smashed into submission. The Chosen weren't taking any chances. It was Do or Die now...

And Tyrn was at the head of this exotic army, a story no one could or would believe back home...

The machine priest spoke, cutting off your thoughts, his voice a dull tone. "It will get tougher from here, we got the drop on them but many halls yet stand between us and the Master." He puts his foot against the body of one particular mutated elf hound thing. "The Master must die."


The released females nod at your words, the one that had been crying is pulled to her feet as the first speaker. Apparently the most vocal or confident of the three, speaks to you.

"First we should exchange greetings Wanderer. I Am Ginla Faireyes, this emotional one is Shu'li the Flame and the quiet one is Gin The Caller." She gestures to those who remain in the stasis tubes. "I do not know who else succumbed, it may not be safe to release more of us... But tells us your name Wanderer and what you need us to do."

Cassian & Ael

As Ael makes her heartbreaking decision she feels the power once again tries to wrench itself free of her grasp. As she struggles with a cruel laugh echoes from all around and just as you btoh try to get your bearings you hear the dying Scavenger gasp.

You both turn and stare in disbelief as something made out of shadow stuff starts to emerge from the dying man's shadow. The laughter seemed to be coming from it and in a matter of a few seconds it takes the form of Aelessaer! Although, this one appeared older with silver streaks in her hair and much crueler smile on her lips.

"you failed to spoil my fun little one. You see your just too weak...!" She grips Scavenger shoulder, eliciting a gasps from him as his skin starts to visibly tighten, shriveling as he grew older rapidly. "... to take what is yours! Why waste your own time when you can just kill them and take their's. Take their very soul!"

Whatever she was doing to him was happening rapidly, it didn't seem apparent that it could be stopped either as she stared down her nose at you both. Her cruel smile mirrored by her laughter as she mocked you. "Cassian, ready to die again?"

Crosses - Long time no see!

Skipping what happens on the beach as you make your way the hell outta there!

By the time you make your way to wear the Syblade was pulling you to your powers fade. Leon reverts back to his regular Dhampir self. Livain loses the power of flight and returns to her normal self as well. Despite the loss of your strange powers the Skyblade continues to whirl and glow with a dim light. Livain could feel the tingling of excitement as they came in sight of a large building, it's once great windows were mostly shattered and on its very steps stood several undead that milled about aimlessly.

You both easily identify it as one of the greatest museums in the known world, a place that housed artifacts from nearly all the Era's of the Old World that you could recall. It was here that the Skyblade was pulling you. Why though was the mystery...

Filler Post!

Smitty ship gets close enough to dro p the grappler and bring up Diyena and her soldiers in two trips. Once she was onboard she could see the look on the old mechanics face. Even Joey appeared troubled. "Whats wrong Smitty?"

Smitty looked haunted, shaken by something and merely pointed to the sky. When she turned to look her mouth fell open in utter disbelief...

The sky was burning...


Tawn'Garth nods and leaves you to your small bed she pauses at the door and nods to the latch. "My girls will be curious and may pester you some if you leave the door open. unlike some in the village I scrounged around for a suitable door and put a latch on it. I hope you get some rest, we'll need it for tomorrow."

With that she turns and shoos off her girls, who's curiosity got the better of them and, like their mother, their ability to blend in had hidden them until now. Their curiostiy broke their focus and now they were very visible...

Let me know what you do before beginning your meditation. From there we will continue! Thanks!

Will post more as I have time, apologies again for the wait!

Please let me know which scale each of you takes and note it in a spoiler or however in your character sheet. Please place your decisoon in the Discussion board so I know it is done. Those scales are each a 2nd level power so they are very useful to have. :)

If you have ne more playful banter/rp to do then please let me know when you guys bed down/where for the night(day?)


You find yourself standing in the graveyard of Kenebras. The smell of freshly dug soil fills the air and as you look around you the surreal moment suddenly hits home. Hundreds of freshly dug graves surround you and you see a funeral that was occuring right then. Three wrapped bodies were being lowered into the earth careful, they bodies were the size of children probably no older then six or eight years old.

Their grief striken family stood sobbing nearby, behind them the burning husk of several buildings as Kenebras appeared to still besuffering from the after shocks of the attack. Before you could do much else your eyes are drawn to a creature towering over a grave some distance away from you.

It's form was distorted, as if it was being torn between different realities, its clawed hands were at its sides. In one hand it held a dozen roses and in the moment you noticed it kneeled before the grave and set them on the fresh earth. When it stood it turned towards you and despite its shadowy, blurred appearance you could see the tears running from its eyes.

It stalked out of the graveyard, no one took notice of it but you and as it left several shadows rose up. Seeming to come from every grave and appeared to run after the creature, they were like humanoid shadows. Save for the fact they were devoid of form and radiated a coldness in their passing...

You will be unable to speak of this moment to anyone, same thing as Jaeger and the rest.

Ethyra (If she takes a scale ;):

Your standing in what could only be a prison, for all intents it appeared to be a human-made prison save their were demons stalking around you. None payed attention to you, save for one demoness in particular. She was chained to the wall inside of one of the cells and looked at you with a pleading look in her eyes. Her wings were torn and bloody appearing as if someone had cut the membrane off of them with a jagged or blunt knife. The bloody remains of wings lay scattered on the floor by her feet.

A tall demon stood before her cell, its four arms and massive serpentine tail made you shiver with fear as it spoke in the foulest language you'd ever heard. It was the same type of language that you had heard from your husband before...

You hear the quiet sobbing of a child nearby, he too was in one of the cells where he sat in a tight ball. As if he were trying to disappear or go unnoticed. You notice something else then looking down you see the most beautiful butterfly resting on your hand. Its wings were slowly waving out and up again. Out and up again. Its colors shifted and its wing pattern changed before your eyes save for it always appeared to have the Sun, a crescent moon and two shooting stars in every pattern.

As you watched the beautiful butterfly a voice whispered in your ear...

"Choose one..."

You will be unable to speak of this moment to anyone, same thing as Jaeger and the rest.

Apologies for wait. at work and being rolled to every shift because we are short handed again...

I swear with this job everytime we get close to manned up we lose 4 people.

Apologies will press forward in 12 hours.

Thanks guys!

This is gonna be awesome!


I will say againb it wasn't my intention to bring up a thread that may have been settled. However I believed my question was valid in this thread alone.

I will say though that everyone's points are interesting and informative.

Very interesting to hear this as j have only been just getting into PFS gaming on the boarda.

Alaska doesn't have much for local gaming....

I appreciate the feedback guys very much. :)


Touching the scale takes your breath away...


They were a story of 1 part left alone and two parts tragedy. She remembered the day her parents departed Kenebras and the night they called to her from the Worldwound. She arrived too late to stop their deaths, too late to beat back the demons that had surrounded them and their party, too late to stop these strangely gifted children from being orphaned mere weeks after their birth.

So silently, she had watched them grow up, from the shadows sometimes or out of the edge of her great eyes. She took the guise of a nursemaid or volunteer helper often as they were growing up. She helped to calm them during the worst thunderstorms and taught them bits of language and broadened their young minds with stories of adventurers and actual legends forgotten over the course of her long draconic lifespan. It felt sometimes like they were hers now, completely.

They were never far from her notice and a one time she was forced to come forward, full of righteous wrath to protect them when she caught wind that the Inquisitorial Office planned to do something terrible to the twins. She nearly destroyed their garrison when they tried to deny her audience with the Lord Inquisitor, when she finally reached him she nearly crushed the life from him in a fit of rage.

She used his body to break his own desk in half as she demanded his blood oath that he and his foul cretins would never raise a hand to those orphans unjustly. Swearing on every god of light she knew that if they broke that oath that she would destroy their order to the last man without remorse or mercy. Her wrath was legendary and when he finally stopped pissing himself he swore...

By the gods he swore...

The rest of them gave their oaths quickly, like the cowardly cretins they were, she remembered the unjust burnings of witches and supposed cultists before she put a stop to it. She wouldn't stand idle when they threatened those under her protection this time. When she left, she left the Lord Inquisitor a broken man, it took him nearly a year to recover as she forbade healing magic to be offered to him. From that day forward she tasked Denison to assign a man to watch over them...


That was his name, a good man, a solid man family man. He took to the Orphan's quickly, always the first face they saw when they were in trouble and the first one to bail them out quietly when needed. She was thankful to have him taking care of them, it freed her up to stare across the wound...

She grew distant from them as they grew into adulthood, they were never far from her mind but they were near grown and not in need of a nursemaid or tutor. She was torn between the lose of what she had come to care for and the premonition of a looming darkness hanging over Kenebras, she couldn't comprehend it completely but it felt like something was coming, as if the whole city sat on the edge of an open grave waiting to swallow them all whole and sadly she didn't know how many she could save when this battle came. Only that she had to try and save them at least...

She owed them that much at least...

Everything becomes jumbled, the attack of Kenebras, the frantic flight inot the air to face her hated foe. Only to find that he had grown [i]stronger and she had grown weaker since their last battle...[/i]

You see the Storm Lord standing over you, driving you out of the skies and smashing your back into the buildings of Kenebras. Your spine shatters in that instant and despite the pain you saw the plight of a handful of young mortals, the Orphans among them and with every ounce of your resolve you saved them. The last thought as they disappear from your view forever was how beautiful Lasciel had become...

A heavy pang of regret was the last thing you feel as the Storm Lords blade severed your head from your silver scaled shoulders.


My children...

Not to mean to resurrect this thread but I must!

So Mystery Cultist is only for Empyreal Lord Worship per Celestial Obedience?

While Evangelist is only for regular deities because of deific obedience?

You can't be a worshipper of Arshea and become a Evangelist then by having the Deific Obedience feat on top of the Celestial Obedience?

Wrecker Curse

Coupled with Nature Mystery's Erosion touch makes for an interesting combination.

lvl 5 reduce Hardness of objects you attack by 1 HD per oracle level.

Erosion touch, as a melee attack, can damage objects for 1d6/2 oracle levels.

So a 6th level oracle, could sunder wooden doors in a single attack because it drops the wood HD by 6 and deals 6d6 damage to. Which at sixth level you can use this ability 3 times a day.

Most regular armor is HD 5-10 and HP 5 - Armor Bonus X5 hp, weapons are going to be between 5-10 HD and hp between 2-20.

You can reduce armor/weapons to broken or destroyed condition in a single round.

If you have nature attacks and improved sunder you can perform Multiple attacks at maximum attack bonus and commit to multiple sunder actions which would quickly stack damage on your enemies gear.

Also Wrecker curse only affects things you hold or touch, it doesn't affect worn armor or shields that don't require you to hold to obtain their bonuses.

Lots of potential for interesting combos and not just with Oracle.

Still in need of gm or are you covered?

The ap originally only had four aoni had to do some adlibbing and found some great resources on the boards. :)

Tawn shakes her head at Cid. "They have already left. Ga'Tul was lingering in the bathes as she always does but you will all have your chance soon enough."

Seventh Scale - Unknown. >:)

There are a total of 7 scales~ one for each member.

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