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DM Corerue's page

1,507 posts. Alias of Corerue.


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Welcome back Freddie~

Aiden where are you in all of this?

Lasciels opponent shouts as her claws find purchase beneath his armor. Its canine features twist into a snarl as he raises his blade to strike once more.

Lomar steps back and focuses his eldritch blast and unleashes it against the Mongrelmen that dared to strike at him. His power struck so hard that flesh melted out between the mongrelmen's armored plates as they fell to their knees screaming in silence as their face melted. He smirked darkly as his opponent slumped over dying.

Cid's next shot glances off his previous opponents vambrace, in response the Scorpion crossbowmen hefts the bow and aims it at Cid.

Seren and Kieran fight alongside Tawn'Garth, a few more opponents injured, two more fall tot eh raging mongrelmen's swinging axe. But the tide continues unabated...

5d16 ⇒ (12, 9, 2, 12, 15) = 50
11, 13, 2 9, 12 & 15

Three more portcullis's slam down before Ifri rages. "Idiots!" He calls to some of the advancing units. [smaller}"Finished Ga'Tul! Let them suffer for defying their fate!"[/smaller] He smiles wickedly, his muzzle twisting into a hateful expression as he hefted his Greataxe.

Four Mongrelmen break off heading for to where Ga'Tul hangs near the center of the room.

The Scorpion crossbowmen hone in on Cid and Lomar, lobbing two deadly bolts towards them.

Cid takes one in the shoulder and looks like he was nearly knocked over by the impact.

-6 cid

Lomar dodges the attack and glares in rage at the Scorpian weilder before pointing at him and smirking with a your next look.

More to come later sorry.

That's fine Aidan. :)

As A DM and a Player, I always think of, hes a spell caster, he wouldn't just forget to prepare X spells that day. Now changing them mid fight I will draw a line lol!

Will resume tomorrow once he has a chance to wake up or we may have to pause to recruit...

lmao, I thought I was boring him already. xD Hopefully the pace is alright?

At Flynn's remark Lady Freddert laughs loudly and waves as you go out.

Out of your earshot, shameless DM plug

As they admit more people to see the council woman she returns to her seat, a look of nostalgia in her eyes. "Couldn't tell them I used to travel with Ratkin, some of the toughest creatures I know..."

More posts once I know where your going first~? ;)

Everything okay with Freddie?


Lady Freddert looked pleased that you accepted the job and when the banging came a third time she hefted her hammer and lobbed it at the chamber door. The resounding Wham was met with a bark of surprise from the other side of the door and silence as She stood up to retrieve her Warhammer. She walked around the table, writs of services in hand and a note for Joram Kyte for each of you stating the Council's promise.

"That is how you silence impatient fools." She gives a wry smile.

"If you have need of us please seek us out, I'd rather not have to send another band down there to save you lot." She arcs an eyebrow as some fleas attempt to transfer themselves over from Fidget to her hand as she hands him the writ. She brushes them off and back onto the Ratfolk with a casual hand. "I see your brother prefers an all natural state eh? Or are you adopted Flynn..." She seems to reconsider her question and hastily withdraws it. "Actually, never-mind, Ratkin ideals have always confused me."

Looking to Aidan as she hands him the last of the Writ and note from the council she shrugs. "If your nice to Val I am sure she will show it to you. Shes a sweet lass, hence why we protect her so. I think the last man to physically grab her at the Foundry took a long swim in Weeping Pond..." She smiles as she says that. "I'm interested in what you learn, takes some notes for me will you youngin'?

Being locals you all know that the Weeping Pond is known for its toxicity and at times its extremely toxic to those who enter its waters. The Violet flame once worked in conjunction with a water processing facility that Khonnir had established shortly after his arrival in town some years ago. It greatly reduced the maladies and the local taxation for a time.

That is before the Black Sovereign increased the Taxes rather heavily to compensate for the last official census by the Technic League. Only because of the local skymetal crafting industries is why Torch doesn't suffer more harshly under the Black Sovereign .


Just to clarify, you are all in the room, you are all standing in a group. So despite answering individual questions she is addressing you all as a whole. Despite the fact none of you have said whether or not your a group. ;) She's seeing weirder things and besides I assume Ratfolk aren't so uncommon in Numeria~

"I am sure he took it to the Foundry..." Seeing the giddy nature Aiden was displaying she quickly rephrased. "The Foundry is Khonnir's tavern that his adopted daughter Val and him manage. As for the machine I don't know what it is, I think he took it back to the Foundry to study it..." Her features harden momentarily, a glimpse of the rough adventurer that Lady Freddert once was emerges as she warns the group. "If ya pay a visit ya be polite to Val. Do that and we won't have any problems. Understood?" Once she is satisfied the hard look is replaced with her previous, bored but thoughtful councilwoman facade once again. "Good."

She looks to each of you as she remembers something important, adding on to the conversation at hand. “If you accept the job, I’ll give each of you a writ that you can show to any of the merchants in town for a flat 20% discount on any gear you need to purchase—I wish I could offer a greater discount than that, but that’s the best I..." It's more then apparent that she didn't negotiate the prices. "... can do. Further, Val has closed down her father’s tavern, the Foundry, for the time being. She’s told me that any group that’s going into the caves to look for her father can use the tavern, free of charge, as a headquarters and a place to rest between forays. Finally, the entrance to the caves is flooded. You’ll need to swim a bit to get to the caves. Joram Kyte has agreed to cast water breathing on any group to aid in entering the caves—free of charge, of course. You can find him at the temple of Brigh or up at Crowfeather Palace when you’re ready to go.”

A hard bang on the door signaled that your time was up and Lady Freddert rolled up the scroll and quickly slid it back into whatever drawer she had hidden before her. However she hadn't openly dismissed you yet...

This is true! Test Game does sound ominous lol. My Apologies, I did a Test Game once and it lasted well over a year, so I use that term loosely.

Granted I wouldn't offer a game without a full blown adventure planned. It would be a several week/month (in pbp at least) ordeal that would lead to a great conclusion. I wouldn't recruit for just testing a mechanic or 1 or two fights. That would be cruel. :(

Better off using pre-built NPC's out of the Codex. :/

New Classes
I foresaw these primarily with the more Monstrous groups. Centaur Bloodrager! Shudders But Barbarian Merc's or tribesmen wasn't too far from my mind either. ;)

Undead Hordes, Goblin hordes both I could foresee in this Iobaria. In fact I am building the evil side of things just in case because whats good without Evil, eh?

Kingmaker or...?

I am definitely taking a note from the Kingmaker game in the way of the Kingdom in the background which instead of trying to do all the rolls and taking a lot of time to decide which building is where and such. It would be a more... Which way do you want the kingdom to go king of thing.

Economic? Focused on the building of Mercantile trade, with loyalty and stability taking a more side seat role.

Stability? The strengthening of the military in conjunction with economics to ensure that your not easily threatened.

Loyalty? Focusing on the populace, ensuring that they remain loyal through different means dictated by the alignment of the Kingdom.

There's a few ways to skin the cat when it comes to Kingmaker. :) But Downtime will be an option. At least in the beginning, the mid/late game may be more fast paced. But crafting won't be discouraged by any means. I just need to form the adventure and see how it plays out. :D


I see a lot of open woods fighting, there will be the occasional or frequent dungeon crawl. Depending on the parties choices of course! But as stated before the Cavaliers options will remain fairly open.

However I can't promise their won't be some major ride skill rolls involved. It'd be too easy if they didn't have to worry about rough terrain. :3


I appreciate the feedback. I didn't want to build something too hokey, but Iobaria offers a lot actually. And most of it would be some epic adventuring indeed!

Mir, Ethyra and Jaeger are confirmed.

Seren is gone of course, will remove later.

Lomar has contacted me a couple of times but they haven't joined us again yet... =/

Cid and Kieran are busy with RL stuff. =//

Skyfall has stalled as well. I really wanted to have Cassian make those rolls but tonight I will press forward, just like I am doing here...

=////////////////////// Blargh

I guess Iobaria has been beaten enough already lol. xD


Lady Freddert gives Flynn an approving smile. "Honest, polite and straightforward. Good traits to have, you'll have to forgive me but I am not used to that from Ratkin. As much as I hate to say it my days of adventure are long past, as much as I hate this desk riding it does come with the perk of guiding others onto the right path. Hopefully, you know how youngin's are, reckless and full of abandon. Much as I was back in my younger years~ Now. In regards to your question though..."

She reaches down, pulling out a different scroll, sealed with wax. Which she promptly breaks with a smirk on her face. "Khonnir reported that the caves are inhabited by several enormous vermin and other scavengers, along with some strange humanoids who had the ability to blend into the shadows of the cave walls, and a nest of gremlins. Khonnir believed this indicated a deeper connection in the caves to the Darklands, but of more immediate interest was his discovery of a wall of solid metal deep in the caves. A wall made of a skymetal alloy called glaucite. He said it was like the kind we mine from the hills and surrounding plains, but formed into a structure with doors. It was near one of these doors that Khonnir found the broken automaton that he brought back after his first expedition."

She raises her head as she answers the latter half of Flynn's question. "Khonnir is a smart man, he didn't stat the first time because his discovery was important to report however the metal wall he encounted we know very little about. He confirmed that it was an alloy of adamantine and iron, and that one of the doors in the wall was locked tight but the other was open. He had planned on exploring deeper beyond that door on his second expedition, but who knows if he actually made it that far?"

Ethyra, Lasciel, Lomar & Seren (DMNPC) Kieran (DMNPC?), Cid (DMNPC?) are still up~!


Lady Freddert was clearly concerned at the mention of Khonnir's death, apprently she wasn't about to accept such a possibility, not yet at least. At your new question she unrolls a parchment that was sitting out of view and reviewed it before speaking. "Four teams have gone down in all, but only one came back and that was Khonnir's first expedition. Khonnir spoke at length with the council before going back in, and he confirmed what his group told us, despite how outlandish it sounded. The first team was a group of halfling adventurers, the second group a group of local thugs, and the fourth a small adventuring party devoted to Brigh from out of town. Khonnirs team took the third and fifth expeditions under Black Hill, and it was on the fifth expedition-his second trip-that he went missing. Since then smaller bands have attempted but haven't returned either..."

She reviews the document before answering. "In the last eight days, which eight days ago the violet flame went out, no such purchases or strange activity was noticed. seven days ago was when the first group went down and only a few days ago was when Khonnir went down for the second time-and he has yet to return." She rolls up the scroll and slides it back down out of view.


From my research I haven't found that the centaurs are immune but they never move in dense pockets or reside in places like Humanoids do. Their isolated tribes also aid in avoiding plague, especially as some of them kill anything that dares enter their territory.

However the Eye Mount has always been considered an ill omen, especially every few decades when it surges with new life. A place where nothing grows, is to be avoided or darkness will grab hold of your hooves and only death will make it let go...

Timeline and Various Groups.

True! And something I considered. When I get into a position I will attempt a test run with one of the aforementioned groups to keep it simple. However I am unsure what is exactly popular or not with the PBP community at large.

Me I am open to pretty much anything. I've played some of the most powerful things imaginable. However its not about what I want its about what people would be willing to play~ :D

So my plan is one group at a time, by player consensus, and work from there. I won't be surprised i the first adventure is a test run~

From there it would be interesting to build up and who knows, the humanoid revolutionists could ally with the centaurs against the (hopefully NPC) goblinoids invading from the Cormeth Wood and beyond or the Goblinoids could ally with the Lycan's in destroying a common enemy.

Who knows how it would turn out!


Iobaria, once being a part of an ancient Cyclopian empire, has ruins and architecture that is large and more geared towards larger creatures. Which means its not entirely impossible for Centaurs to explore dungeons and other ruins with ease. Since they are a little smaller than a Cyclop. There are even cave systems described as larger and having been lived in by the Cyclops's of old...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Allowed Materials: Anything Paizo

Allowed Races: Work in progress. Looking at possibly three different groups.

Including but not limited too. Humanoids, Goblinoids and Centaur's.

Possible Starting lvl: 3-5, Most likely 5 due to new mechanics being introduced.

Party size? Four, five at most depending on how adventure builds play out.

Allowed classes: Depending on group. Humanoids (Any) Mercs are a assest in Iobaria so that allows for a lot of wiggle room. Goblinoids. More martial classes, nothing like Samurai, Ninja, Inquisitor or Paladins. Centaur's.... Same as humanoids, it is not uncommon for Centaurs to be enslaved, whether as indentured servants or acting as brainwashed guardsmen or even mercs for the highest paying nobles. Granted Inquisitors and Paladins would be an extreme rarity.

What will be in this adventure?

Looking at using Kingmaker rules out of the Ultimate Campaign book.

With the possibility of multiple groups the idea of a goblinoid war may be inevitable. Whether this leads to three different groups of PC's fighting is yet to be determined.

Centaurs Available so far: Nomen, a more common breed of centaur and direct reflection of what players are familiar with.

The other tribes are Azova, the Rashalka, and the Tsolniva. They are currently being built to suit their backgrounds.

Skinwalkers. Due to the heavy presence of Were-creatures in the Fangard I have considered making a fourth group or at least the race available. Being a lycanthrope is not outside the realm of possibility. Especially since they don't get their DR until they change shape. >:3

Goblinoids would include: Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears. Essentially a darker more evil campaign of conquest, domination and slaughter with this group. Humans know better than to tread for long in the Coreth wood...

What are these groups doing?

The Prince or Orlov, a despot in his own right, has greatly taxed his people, who are now at the breaking point. An uprising is about to occur but the revolutionary members are being hunted down to be captured and executed by the Princes new bodyguard. The four Demon's as they are called. Do you have the resolve to rise against a tyrant?

There are a number of cities, this is but one of a dozen scenarios I can imagine right now~

The humans of Orlendas destroy your homeland, they cut down the trees and take them away, they have made game scarce by over hunting. They kill those of you foolish enough to be caught in the open alone... Its time the humans of Orlendas learned a deadly lesson and once you're done with them... Who knows Franax looks like it needs to be finished off for good and Orlov looks weak enough to be taken...

There is unease stirring in the wind, the land is restless and somethin dark stirs at the heart of Iobaria. The Eye Mount crackles with dark energy once more and a sickness has come to your people. For the first time in your tribes history... Plague has come to destroy you...

Nomen Centaur
Negotiations with the new rulers of the Stolen Land have broken down, amid their struggle with the tainted one that your tribe was supposed to keep trapped forever. Now the ancient evil plagues those you had sought to ally with, forcing your people to head back towards your homeland in the hills and Steppes of Iobaria. However when you arrive you find raiders have slaughtered those who had resided here. The elderly lay brutally slain and the cairns that held your honored dead have been ransacked. Vengeance will be yours!

Skinwalkers and Lycanthropes
For generations you lived in peace, the Fangard your home and sanctuary from a world that hated and despised you. Your curse had no place in Fangard where everyone was immune, so the natural tribes lived near one another. It wasn't completely harmonious but when an outside threat appeared the tribes would move as one to quell it. Afflicted Lycan's are hunted down and destroyed. Lest the tribes of the Fangard get the attention of the Outsiders more seriously then before....

But now the tenuous peace is broken, poison seeps into the water of the Fangard. It turns the tribes people blue and kills them like the silver weapons of their enemies. This malady doesn't kill swiftly, often leaving those who ingest the tainted water sick for weeks, lingering on the edge of death before finally surcumbing. The rage of the tribes was building and the one thing on their minds was who needed to die so peace could be restored?

Still in the process of the building the cities and such using the rules but thought I would put what I was working on out there and get some advice/feedback.

Constructive Criticism welcome!



Dolga Freddert is fairly old, she was young when Torch was first established, which was on the border of a century ago. She rose to a place of strength quickly and her exploits as an adventurer in Numeria is well known, especially her surviving alone in the Felldales for an extended period before coming home to retire at age seventy. Despite her comfortable position she is always seen toting that Warhammer of hers, as if she has never truly let go of her her adventuring days.

Retcons are fine. :)

Lady Freddert smiles ever so slightly as she responds. "Hopefully you find him before I do, I heard cockroaches are good for alchemist regents. Whether or not they need to be in one piece wasn't a problem..." She pats her warhammers handle with a small smirk on her face.


She arcs an eyebrow at your response before running a hand down her face. "Pessimist aren't ya?" She sits back resting her cheek on her hand as she answers Aidan's questions. "Of course there's a reward or else you worried citizens wouldn't be here. As for those who went down already. Meh. Rescuing people isn't for the weak of heart. If they were too weak they shouldn't have gone. Plain and simple. There’s an underwater passage connecting them to Weeping Pond. Khonnir noticed a large number of human footprints on the pond’s banks—he was there the day the fires went out
testing the water to ensure it hadn’t suddenly grown more toxic—and he realized that a sizable group of people had entered the pond but had not emerged."

Sorry for the slow posts, work has been flipping my schedule every other day so its difficult to adjust. :/

Anywho was waiting for Fidget and Freddie to post. But so far the characters look good. :)

As stated before I will not police your characters, I tend to run rules light for the most part and trust others to not cheat and mind their characters abilities and stuff as per the norm.

Anqy questions? Just ask. :)

4d20 ⇒ (7, 15, 10, 19) = 51

As you make your way across town you all notice how the population is reaching the boiling point and about to rach mass fear and hysteria as the news that another adventuring party has failed to return reaches your ears.

"Not again!"
"That makes the second one!"
"What kind of evil lurks beneath town..."
"Thats it time to move to that new kingdom I been hearin' about..."

Rumors in Torch

Local Craftsmen. "I always figured Black Hill was hollow. Theres Probably some big ancient ruin under our very feet connected to whatever machine makes the violet flame on the hill top."

Over-mugged citizen. "Garmen's not the actual boss of the Ropefist gang. They're actually agents of the Technic League!"

Street Tough. "You didn't hear this from me... but Garmen Ulreth's Ropefists have something to do with these problems. How do I know ya ask? Well... Ulreth got his fingers in pretty much everything bad in town already, so why not our latest troubles too? Eh?"

Angry merchant. "Damned RATFOLK! Ratfolk bandits are becoming more and more of a problem to the east. Someone's gotta do something about them! Starting with the three little bastards we have in town!"

All four of you arrive just outsides the town council's building. Your forced to wait for admittance as you appear to have come along with every other worried citizen in town...

You may run intro's if you wish~

After nearly an hour you get your chance to meet the council. Usually the council consists of five men and one woman, but by the time you gain access you find only one of them appears to still be in the chambers. In an effort to hurry things the annoyed guardsmen admits all four of you into the chamber at once. Any protests are met with an uncaring, hardened stare before the well muscled and heavily armed guardsmen returns to his duties...

The council woman introduces herself as Dolga Freddert. "Let me be blunt. I'm not into this desk riding when things need to be solved. So if you have legitimate questions, then ask them. If not. Then return to your homes and quit worrying, Khonnir will be back... Eventually."

You may ask as many questions as needed in your reponse posts. We will keep it though a hard number of Ten Per Character and once I have time to answer them all you may ask another ten each until your satisfied or you are booted out of the chamber~ Good Luck!

After her announcement the ancient woman starts fiddling with a warhammer handle sitting next to her chair. Appearing by the moment to be more and more frustrated by the current situation.

He's a player from another game of mine. ;)

Post incoming!


You are staggered by the sheer power emanating from your items now, which responds to your magic with a steady and rhythmic thrum. The conversation is lost to you as a flash of insight clouds your eyes. Again foreign memories come, obviously not your own.


You hear a voice in your mind, it was like none you'd ever heard before. It sounded so ancient that it sounded like stones rubbing together, like rumbling earth with the strength of a hurricane. It would have turned your blood to ice if you weren't so enthralled...

"I wait..."

A land so bright that it hurts your eyes to look upon it. It was so warm and so welcoming it made you long to be there...

"In the land where my people fled. I linger in darkness... Fulfilling my promise to protect the last..."

Your gods eye view comes to rest on what appears to be a ruined city of such immensity that it makes even the largest cities in the old world look tiny in comparison...

The outskirts of this city appeared dark, like a shadow was sweeping over it. Consuming it. Yet its center remained pure, untouched by this darkness. It looked like a city under siege...

You quickly fall into the streets and witness first hand how the city blends into its surroundings. Instead of separate homes, the elven dwellings are built into rock walls and hills creating a very symmetrical looking city. Whose society appeared to try and be one with nature on a level you had never before witnessed. Yet there wasn't a single living soul to be seen.

You fly quickly through the empty paths that wind there way through the city, meandering back and forth like a river until you come upon a great mound of hills. The central hill is taller then the rest with a tower of white stone protruding upward from its center. The white pillar was covered in runes you couldn't read. They glowed brightly despite the twin suns residing in the sky, the strange tower pulsed with power that vibrated through your chest. Your heart raced as you plunged through the closed doors leading into the great mound.

"Death is coming..."

You fly through dust ridden halls and abandoned chambers, other then the voice there were no others.

You pass like a ghost for a long time until you come upon a massive chamber. Whose great dome made the museum's look small. And resting in the center of which appeared to be a circular table, weathered by age and cracked through its center. Surrounding this table are thirteen stone chairs that lay empty. Save for one, the grandest of them, has a lone figure sitting there. Watching you as you glide through the doorway, their ancient eyes missing little as they rested their chin on a fist made of stone.

"Time is short..."

They raise their free hand and wave for you to stand by their side and as you do you hear something like metal grating on stone.

"The Cryxians have found this place... No place is safe now..."


"Such loud pests..." The figure raises their head, revealing elven features entirely made of stone now. They're sharp features forever frozen in a look of dismissal backed by deep disapproval. As they rise to their feet, extending a hand as the doors of the chamber shudder with a titanic blow. Yet the stone doors hold, solid as the day they were sealed. A weapon appears, longer then any you've seen, a fifteen foot long polearm with an axe blade affixed to the top that is as tall as a normal man. On the bottom of this polearm is a pointed tip nearly a foot in half in length. The weapon was ancient but from the glowing runes it had to be some sort of artifact.

"They infect this world like they did before, now they come to kill the last of my people and that of your charge." He takes one shuddering step down from his stone chair, the entire floor shakes and the sounds outside the chamber die down. The doors explode inward, bits of stone fragments rain all around you as a Helljack strides forward into the domed chamber.

"You need to hurry..." The stone figure charged forward leaping over the stone table with a single bound, landing just in front of the Helljack while simultaneously swinging downward with its polearm. To your shock it split the jack in two with a single blow, as if the jacks armor were nothing but parchment before its blade. As its soul furnace burst, releasing the spirits of those unfortunates that it had burned alive or consumed on some distant battle field.

"Begone Cryxian scum! Run back to your lord and tell him to come and face me instead! This filth is but an amusement!"

He uses his free hand and slams it into the staggering Helljack, sending it flying back into the other Jacks that were even now swarming forward. Trying to get a foothold before they are faced by a narrow doorway.

"We will meet again... Cryxian. Don't disappoint me." It brought its polearm around and swung it around, decapitating six of the lesser jacks that had streamed in. It took the spearheaded end and impaled two Mechanithralls as they charged forward to attack him. Your last memory of him was him wading into battle against insurmountable odds, destroying anything that dare come within reach...

Your eyes fall on the table and for the briefest moment it appears transparent, revealing that underneath it was a clutch of eggs. Each a different color, appearing to be made of scales and pulsing with life.

Need to look up those rules again so I can build this item. I have my normal version of it but I will get back to you.


This armor is Adroit, with a move speed of 20ft.

It can equip itself onto its wielder with a free action.

Can be slept in as if you were wearing normal clothes.

Has the Glamered effect.

it adds +7 AC +5 Dex bonus and 0 ACP.

These are but a few abilities.

Party is up

Kieran charges into the advancing enemy, his spear slams home and another of the traitors fall. He sticks close to Tawn'Garth as he fights.

Cid levels his crossbow at the Scorpion crossbowmen and luckily strikes the one just off of Ifri's right side. He injures the Scorpion Crossbowmen but they don't go down.

Seren Joins the charge and slams her weapon into one of the close quarter trators, injuring them badly but they don't fall...

Enemies Turn

Surprised by the shocking charge of their opponents they press forward none the less.

Five Hem in Kieran, Seren and Tawn'Garth while A few more slip past to engage the rest of you. Everyone is one on one with the traitors except for the three who charged ahead.


Jaeger & Ethyra

Jaegers blow glances off the Traitors heavy armor aas they come at him with a warhammer!

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4
1d8 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10


Jaegers quick feet allows him to easily dodge the traitor and allows him an opening that he can exploit...

Jaeger you get an AoO!

Seeing that Ethyra is behind the darkling that its companion just missed, another traitor aims to cut their way through the darkling and to the woman that stands behind him. This one uses a a mace and takes a powerful swing at the Tiefling!

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11
1d8 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9

However their blow proves wide and they just barely stop from throwing themselves off balance.
___________________________________________________________________________ _


1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13
1d8 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8


1d20 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10
1d8 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9


1d20 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10
1d8 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7

Wow! They all MISSED! xD

The remaining opponents engaged the rest of you, one on one and proved unable to break through each of your defenses. However you realize that had they hit you the blow would have been most devastating...

___________________________________________________________________________ _

Kieran, Seren, Tawn'Garth

Tawn'Garth proves more able then those attacking her, as her tough hide deflects most of the blows she roars in rage at those that stand in her way.

Kieran Fairs well, his anger driving his defense, he takes a hit in the shoulder. -3 hp

Seren successfully defend against her opponent as they step within her polearms striking zone. Forcing her on the defensive...

Continuing forward.

Hrummmmmm Crit Spell Craft check.

Post by morning, playing catch up before I roll back to day shift blargh...

Hehe and thats expected of the Shiny Collecting Ratfolk, they make great! Garbagemen!

I will press forward tomorrow with or without more in game posts. I will try and keep the story moving somewhat forward.

I am fairly open to character intro's so long as you don't get crazy with it. I was assuming you would be either citizens of Torch or people staying there for a time. However you want to roll with it is fine by me. :)


"Warlock! HERE!" Ifri's angry bellow makes Lomar glare at him.

"Why does everyone keep saying that!" Lomar's irritation was profound but it was soon replaced with shock as Tawn'Garth charged into the midst of the oncoming Death Guard...

1d20 + 11 ⇒ (14) + 11 = 25
1d12 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19

1d20 + 11 ⇒ (19) + 11 = 30
1d12 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18

Her axe cleaved through the first, shattering their armor and driving them into the ground like a broken doll. Their sword fell from their grip as a mace wielding mongreelmen raised his weapon to strike. However Tawn'Garths axe never stopped and the second opponent soon joined his companion pn the ground as her axe buried itself into their side.

Cid and Kieran are up!

You have six opponents closing the distance, backed by another twenty four. Ifri and two Scorpion crossbowman stand off to the side while three other Deathguards are hastily cutting the ropes that bind the portcullises.

Enemy AC 18, HP 13/13 Each, F +3, R +1, W +1

Lomar unleashed his eldritch magic into the oncoming Death Guards...

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19
1d8 + 1d8 ⇒ (8) + (7) = 15

... the blast of dark magic strikes true. Seeping into the closest Death Guards armor before bursting the Mongrelmen traitor into flames. Lomar smiles as the evil coward gets it's due. The Mongrelmen falls to its knees, clawing at its closed helm as it tries to put out the flames that burn its flesh. After a few moments of struggling, it keels over and is mostly forgotten among its amassing brethren...

Seren readies to counterattack the first one to come within her sphere of influence, she wields her weapon with expertise.

Readied Action: 1d20 ⇒ 7

Cid and Kieran are up!

Roger, Please post your combat post if there is confusion let me know~

Trying to find time to make a map but work is being... Work. They keep swapping me around and sleep is taking a priority. So apologies. :(

need more info? >.>:

The ever burning violet flame in torch that has burned for over a century has gone out, leaving beihnd a strangely seeping pit of rubble and bubbling fluids where the towns livelihood had once glowed day and night.

One of the town Councilor Khonnir Baine, one of Torches more powerful arcanists and a well liked individual, went missing on his second expedition under Black Hill. He was a well known and respected wizard, everyone believed his expedition would discover what was happening in Torch but after his disappearance the citizens of the nervous town have edged closer to outright panic.

With their hands full handling the growing refuse and waste problems in town now that their primary disposal method is gone the town council is eager to find out what happened to Khonnir and rescue him-- They made a public reward of 4,000 gold pieces to any group that can recover Khonnir's body; if he can be returned alive they promise to throw in the scroll of resurrection they've been holding onto just in case they need it to revive him. Interested parties are to speak with the council at the town hall.

4d100 ⇒ (7, 90, 69, 75) = 241

Flynn Please roll a DC 12 Fort save! Failure will result in the following.

Failure only:

You awake one morning with a headache, its low grade but distracting causing -1 to all cha, int and wis based skills.

DC 20 Heal check (Anyone can perform it on Flynn) - Fail only for above roll:

You find out that the headaches are not from an illness or poisoning, but from some other unknown source.

Okay! Post coming in 15! Sorry for the wait. Caught a head cold while rolling over which is fantastic at 20 below. blargh! Oh well. Time to get some Iron GODS ON!

Np :) Will try and get a post up later~

We have Fidget, looks good so far, link worked just fine.

Having a rough time rolling to nights, will update tomorrow once I get some darn sleep. Always a pain. =/

Being rolled to night shift. Posts to be delayed until tomorrow. sorry :(

Being rolled to night shift. Posts to be delayed until tomorrow. sorry :(

Thanks for posting and will keep you in mind bud! :D

Recruitment thread is closed!

That's fine. :)

Key points are there and thats all that matters and like I said I will do that with monsters as well. I trust you guys enough not to abuse it. Trying to make Pbp gameplay more efficient. A DM did this for me and it made battles far more dynamic and involving.

This will speed things along in combat without me having to dig it up or have a sticky note or what not.


Unlike most DM's I will post similar info about the enemy you are fighting. It will all be in its own tab and its more for speed and story sake. That way you aren't waiting to know if you hit it. You know right away, bam I hit. Make a neat post of how you hit it, flourish strike what have you and if it has some special resistance (DR for instance) I will make a counter post of how it quickly regenerates after your strike.

It saves time and I think makes it more story driven then instead of .

I swing. <- Your post with dice rolls.

You miss. <- My post telling you missed 8 HOURS LATER. I will also post their saves and allow you to roll their saves to speed up combat, IF YOU WISH, its not a requirement but like I said. Its nice to know that your grease spell causes the thing to fall down and your companions move in. While its prone. And get their stabby on.

Any Questions?

Pressing temple group forward tomorrow.

Gotcha, ya sadly Boon Companion doesn't work that way. It would if say you did 4 Lvl's of Huntmaster and then took 4 levels of rogue. Then Boon Companion would bridge that dip and you would act like an 8th level druid. However your Cavalier level (Druic Level) is divided among the pack so if the max level you can be is 8th then you only have up to 8 levels to divvy out.

So you could have 3 companions at 4th, 2nd and 2nd level.

8 1st level ones or two 6th and 2nd level ones. depending on how, when you level, decide to divvy out your levels.

Honestly though it is a neat class. :)


The Curator was visibly distracted now looking to the dome that made up the ceiling of the museum. "You already are... With each piece you will both grow stronger. I cannot see what lies at the end of your path. But the Royal Family is in need of my assistance."

She raises her hand, never once looking away from the dome. "Revela."

For a moment the solid looking dome appears normal, unyielding stone and then it transforms. As if a great veil were suddenly pulled away to reveal the night sky as if the once mighty dome was only made of glass. "Erubescant omnes!" She waves her hand, flat with palm upraised towards the dome from left to right as if she were wiping away dust. It was at that moment a cannonball exploded mid flight, pieces raining down on the dome but never reaching the museum floor. As bits of blackened wood fell with the cannonball's shards something appeared. Directly passing over the Museum. A gargantuan Flesh Galley, one that even the pair of you recognized instantly...

"The Octavius..."

A flesh galley just well known for its crew of undead reavers who exhibited and unleashed the brutal cold of the frozen seas on their opponents. As all Reavers they were absolutely merciless, absorbing the defeat into their ranks as undead to terrorize the living.

Several smaller Airships appear to be moving to assault the Octavius, which responds with withering gunfire in all directions as the Flesh Galley continues to build speed and retreat out to sea where it has the advantage. However the engaging ships return fire with brutal efficiency sending dozens of the swarming undead sailors over the rails to fall to the streets below.

The Curator looks to you both before asking in a serious tone. "Will you help me attack the Octavius?"

Hawktitan wrote:

Sorry, the archetype is actually called Huntmaster.


If anything is allowed and I were to build a Huntsmaster I'd go with

Human race

1) Boon Companion
1) Evolved Companion (giving claws to dog#1)
1) Precise Strike (Combat, Teamwork)
3) Evolved Companion (giving claws to dog#2)
5) Boon Companion

I meant to ask but how does Boon Companion help you when your character level equals your druid level?

Boon Companion

Your bond with your animal companion or familiar is unusually close.

Prerequisites: Animal companion or familiar class feature.

Benefit: The abilities of your animal companion or familiar are calculated as though your class were 4 levels higher, to a maximum effective druid level equal to your character level. If you have more than one animal companion or familiar, choose one to receive this benefit. If you lose or dismiss an animal companion or familiar that has received this benefit, you may apply this feat to the replacement creature.

Special: You may select this feat more than once. The effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a different animal companion or familiar.

Since your level = your effective druid level, then unless you multiclass you don't need Boon companion. Or am I missing something? :/

I am actually really curious if it would help your animal companions to not die... lol

BretI wrote:
Good luck, and make sure you're having fun as well.

Most important advice of All! :D

Wayfinder is a phone app for posting on paizo boards. its pretty nifty actually~ costs 1$ I believe...

The Mongrelmen are speaking common.

Jeager noticed eh? :)

Will give the others a day to post before proceeding forward.

Only look if you like spoilers! :P:
No idea really just yet. I own the couple of adventure modules that are out but the only reason I could think of is because its technically an alien race the Technic League would be... After them? I will, double check and make sure I didn't miss something improtant. ;)

Kelsey Arwen MacAilbert wrote:
DM Corerue wrote:


I prefer lizardfolk, but to each their own. ;)

Some people, not meaning any offense, prefer to keep it simple and realistic. Too many race options can lead to the story being conflicting or losing the sense of fantasy and making it more like a wonky cartoon feeling.

Nothing wrong with that, it's just my style to have more variety.


Like you prefer catfolk. So Catfolk aren't rare in your adventures right? Are they everywhere? Only nomadic tribes? Are these tribes anywhere near where the adventure is? Is the character the only one on that Continent?

Its like the bluff skill, it has to be believable or people may lose interest. Not always but...

Well, I like both "European" and "Asian" fantasy (yes, I am the Fantasy Counterpart Culture type), so my setting focuses on "North America" rather than "Europe" or "Asia", which makes it very easy to explain why "Asian" and "European" characters exist in large numbers in the same geographic area. The addition of "Latin American" and "Native American" character concepts is a definite plus, too. Catfolk are historically a "Chinese" nomadic tribal culture, but a ruling dynasty that distrusts nomads, magitech fueled industrialization and urbanization, and an concerted attempt to attract immigration by the Kingdom of Vendalia (a major country in the "Americas" region) has attracted a lot of catfolk to the region. The switch from nomadic life to settled life is a major cultural issue for them, however.


Do you use racial tension and such in your games?

An example would be like a Teifling on the border of the Worldwound. No one is going to be really nice to him, all will assume hes a spy and you'd have to work really hard not to get put on the rack by the inquisitors...

Just my opinion.

Yes, there is a fair amount of racial and ethnic tension. A good example is Vendalia, which has a massive immigrant population that the...

I like variety as well. :)

Very awesome explanation! I would love to see your homebrew at work sometime. :O Magitech gets me all geeked out, reminds me of Vicks and Wedge in FF. :D

But cool, so I wouldn't see a problem at all then. Racial Tension in a setting like that with the politics at work is very interesting. :)

Have you ever looked up the Tabaxian, from Tome of Horrors? Its a very neat Catfolk like race~

Sorry to derail. Is there any other advice you want/need? There are some really great people on the boards. :)

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