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DM Corerue's page

2,000 posts. Alias of Corerue.


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Greeeeaaaat. So Kensai/Blaclblade got adjusted as well...

Lost abilities? Whats up?

I don't see any reason to hold you back. Your scrolls to burn after all. ;D

he second attempt succeeded didn't it?

Nope, don't own 360. I am a PC guy anymore ^^;

Move on then?

If the options seem unclear or I have presented them in a confusing way then I will break it down.

Tidis can be your go between for times when (un)important events occur, such as these corpses. Your moving steadily but you are not at a hard gallop by any means.

You also have the chance to try and find the place that he speaks of or hunt down the beast so it doesn't pose a threat to the main column. Since their are younger more inexperienced mercs the casualties would be high if something with this ferocity struck the main column at its weakest point.

Or you can report the issue, march on and take your chances. The choice is yours.

Tidis grimaced. "Angering Old Deadeye... That sounds like a feat in of itself, normally hes a teacher I thought?" He ponders for a moment before shaking his head and cracking his knuckles before patting Firebolt. "I'll follow whatever you wish to decide."

In the silence, disrupted by only the mountain breeze, its easy to tell that your mounts dislike remaining in this area. They shift about as if spooked by something, even Rhavenna fills an unnerving chill running through her equine frame. It isn't readily apparent as to what is causing it though.


The Crosses

You storm the room with the Librarian and the powerful warcasters of the nation of Cygnus. It was a fight that the two of you would never have been able to win alone and despite the presence of Iron Liches and even a Lich Lord of Cryx you leapt into the fight. Leon interrupted the ritual, slaying one of the casters standing in the circle and disrupting their harmony as they struggled to remove him. They had little reprieve as Aurora's blade bereft another of its unlife.

The battle was titanic in its intensity, lightning scorched the walls of the chamber and runic symbols abounded as the air literal shook with the power being released in this very room. However the battle was nowhere near one sided as even the Cygnissian warcasters fell to the might of the Iron liches of cryx who were led by none other then Lich Lord Terminus who's eyes burned with balefire as he spotted you two.

As you both battled to kill more of the casters and reduce them to shattered bones he cackled with mad glee and raised his hand as if beckoning forth to something. It was then thatyou both felt it... As if your entire being was being shook apart at the seems, that overwhelming loss of control as your will was being torn from you once more. A figure stepped out of the chaos, its movements sure and its walk confident as it approached you both. The Librarian, seeing your distress tried to intervene but was held off by three iron liches that were bombarding her with ancient magic the likes you had never seen.

The figure smiled in a familiar way and your spirits cried out in despair. The Master was alive! You had little time to ponder as he spoke and you both nearly groveled at the ominous tone in his voice. "I hope your taste of freedom was enough, as you won't be free again. I think this time i'll take her as mine. AS for you..." He stepped towards Leon and drew a black sword. Leon wasn't able to cry out as the master stabbed him through the back with his black blade, it emerged mere inches from his heart as the Master laughed in amusement. "Can you feel it? The despair of being able to do nothing. I remember you tried to kill me in a similar manner. It is a great pleasure to return the favor." With that he twists the blade, making ever muscle in Leon's body cry out in pain and yet Leon still could not. Or would not, ever, show weakness before the twist vampiric master.

"End them! Finish the ritual, NOW!" Terminus screeched as a lance of lightning slammed into his army and brought the might Lich Lord to his knees, rack forming in his glss elm where his floated bout madly looking around as the Warcasters held their own against the endless tied of undead pirates, Lich Lords and other cryxian abominations.

The Master wrenched the blade out of Leon and wiped it off on his back mockingly before ending him. "A pity you couldn't watch what I do to your precious lady next, hehe..." You know he is licking his lips in anticipation for what horrible fate he has instore for your partner before he continues speaking. "Perhaps I will keep your skull as a reminder for her. Perhaps tethering your miserable soul to it for eternity!" With that he raises the blade, both hands on the pommel as he prepares to bring it down two handed into your back and pierce your heart.


The Master's eyes hardly leave you as if he were undressing you mentally as he taunted and wounded your beloved Leon. His mental control kept you from doing little more then watching him with wide eyes. However when he stabbed Leon you felt as though a part of you broke free and your eyes drifted to the Skyblade as its internal workings started to hum louder and louder, our armor started to grow warmer as it too started to react to whatever the Skyblade was doing.


A voice entered your mind, though quiet and weak it carried an encouraging tone that brought you out of you despair. <:We...:>

Then you felt it, like something snapped in your mind...

[i]<:We Fight...:>

You could grip the Skyblade fully once more, the feeling in your limbs was returning your will...

<:We Fight TOGETHER!:>

Your will was yours once more! You were completely free and the feeling of anger that welled up within you was enormous as your armor started to expand, emitting a faint glow from your chest...

Please add these temporary modifiers to your stats
Flight 250ft Perfect Maneuverability.
Armor Ac = to Full Plate, No Max Dex, No ACP
Damage Reduction 10/Good
Regeneration 5/Unholy damage or evil spells
Immune Fire, Drain attacks
Attacks are treated as good +2d6 damage to creatures with the undead subtype.
Skyblade is able to transform into a Bardiche at will. You are proficient with both forms.
You are immune to both negative/positive energy attacks and you are also healed by them. Inflict/Cure spells both heal you now. (This is a permanent feature.)

Your armor takes on a dragonlike appearance, golden scaled and a dragon helm to match.


"Interloper... Tis perfect a name for thine dead one." The stag headed one barked as he stomped forward threateningly.

"That is enough..." The bark woman's words carried the weight of command as the stag headed one glared daggers at Cassian, Flaring his nostrils angrily before turning away and stomping off into the flourishing forest ahead of you.

The pair of women, at least you think the are women watch you momentarily before the bark covered one speaks once more. Obviously pondering your response as she takes your hand in her own. Her bark covered fingers being to smoke and blackened after a few moments of contact with you skin. She waves you forward. "Follow us, but touch not or removing your outer skins."

As she turns the wispy woman flitting about in the air above shot off ahead with a delighted laugh, the laughter reminded Cassian of faint chimes in the wind. It was a warm and cheery tone that left him feeling nostalgic. For what he wasn't certain as her departure brought with a large rush of wind, carrying the smells of cinnamon and mint that left his head spinning with its potency.

The bark clad woman never raised her feet from the ground, seeming to slid along the surface and merging then splitting away from each plant, soil or rock in her path as she glided over each obstacle. The ground gave way to you as you moved forward, receding from you as if you were a fire burning a path through this lush forest.

It was a matter of several minutes of traversing the land, which not a single road or pathway appeared to disturb this verdant place. The bark clad woman moved with purpose, never slowing lest you stopped to look at something and then she waited with the patience of a stone. Stoic and observant of your actions. After what seemed hours you arrive in what could only be what they called home.

A massive tree, its roots forming a great roof above you and its massive branching providing much needed shade as it sprawled out for what seemed miles above you. It was the largest tree you had ever seen in fact you saw where clouds winded their way through its branches and more of the air woman danced and flitted in the air far above you.

More of the bark like woman's kind were among the roots of the tree, going about their business, lounging lazily or tending to the trees massive roots. They were made up of various elements, some were bark like here, stone clad, dirt and even mud. It reminded you of ancient beings called Dryads that once existed supposedly in the old world, Forest Tenders, Fey tricksters, many names were given to the fairies that supposedly once existed in ancient times and not all the names or legends were pleasant ones.

Standing at the base of the tree she waved her hand towards it as she spoke. "I have thought of what you spoke of and none of it is known to me but I have ever left the 1st world since my creation. But your aura reminds me of something in my youth, something I had nearly forgotten out of not wanting to remember that horrible time..."

She escorts you, amid all the stares you were now getting from the inhabitants of the tree, to the center of the tree itself, deep in its roots where the path was lit by faintly glowing rocks and fungi. "Here life never ends, it perpetuates indefinitely, spreading across the realms and preserving the wheel for every generation to come. However..." Her voice cuts off as you walk into a central chamber of natural stone, stalactites and stalagmites where a watery pool sits at the center. Here the stag headed adonis was waiting and the wispy woman from before as well along with another addition who was lighting the room with her very presence.

Made competely out of water a large blue shard sits in the center of her chest, pulsing like a heartbeat and emitting a pale blue light as she looks towards you from the center of the pool of water. She was like a waterfall when she moved, the water that made up her form falling to her feet before surging back up her backside and repeating its continuous fall. None of the water splashed or sprayed surprisingly keeping her form as she approached you. She walked around you, shrinking down to your height as she swirled around you and looked you over. Her voice was like a babbling brook as she spoke, it was hard to understand her words at first but you managed to catch onto her accent. "Is this the it of which you speak you two? One who cannot touch the land without harming it?" All three nod and the water formed female moved back to the center of her pool far quicker then before, dissolving into a swift moving puddle of water before reforming in the center of the pool. "It is obvious it is not from here. Its connection to the land is severed, or mayhap it never existed. I needs to commune with the land on how to attend to this issue. See to it it touches nothing lest it sever those it encounters." Without pausing for a moment it dissolves once more causing not a single ripple in the pool clear water in the center of the room.

The three are quiet for a moment before the stag headed one rises to his hooved feet. "Tis your problem. Thou shalt deal with thine interloper, tis a mote of corruption and I shant have part if it severs another realm..." He storms off in the opposite direction of you and the bark clad woman then leaving you with the woman dancing in the air. She floats more lazily down here, looking almost tired as she floats about the room. She gives you a tired smile as she floats close by. "Ignore him, it is time of rutting for his kin and he is ill mannered because he can't take part. Not all can live as freely as we air nomads~ So what nomad are you? I have never heard of these things you speak of. Elven TEmples, Tranquil Leys. These are new to me..." Her form dissolves and reforms just in front of you before she slowly dances away with a gleeful expression on her face. "Something new, something old, something fresh. If it is not from this land then where is it. How does the land breath, does it uplift or does it crush downward!" She ends her cavorting with a more tired expression then before.

lol nice, let me know if I need to right an explanation here xD


Working nights, jst got rolled. Trying trying... Posts are going to be slow apologies.


Jaegers blad tears through his opponent and Ethyra's healing magic closes up the injury in his side some.

1d20 ⇒ 20

The next few seconds of struggle were quickly decided and the remaining mongrelfolk fighters were brought down quickly now that Jaeger was close enough to circumvent the protection of their hastily created barriers.

Behind the barriers lies a single doorway, currently closed with a battered stone door...



Wallace: 1d20 ⇒ 14
Spectre: 1d20 ⇒ 17

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17
Damage: 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

For a moment there is nothing but white, then something comes into focus. You are standing in a forest, a storm brewing just on the edge of your vision and you can hear the frantic screams of horses and men as you find yourself facing a mounted spectre on a paniced steed. Surprisingly you stand taller then the mounted spectre by a fair margin, looking down on him like a god from on high. It was over in two hits, one to kill his horse, breaking its neck in a single blow and a second blow to kil the man. However the spectre was fearless, he thrusted a spear into your gut and twisted it for good measuer as you killed his horse. As you came upon him with the killing blow he laid a lumber axe into your side, accepting his fate and trying to take you with him.

The spectre fades and in its place is the broken body of the man you had touched and his ill-fated steed. Laying on his chest is a book, its cover bloody and its pages torn and battered...

Perusing its abused pages you learn he came from an isolated hamlet in the mountains and that he was one among many that lived there. They lived outside the laws of Brevoy and Iobaria, they were free and made their living off trading furs and lumber as the land they lived on gave little in harvestable crops. Even what ground they could clear was rocky and barren of what was needed to grow with. They had existed in peace for over a decade before it happened.

Hunters disappearing, game becoming sparce and even entire lumberjack camps were disappearing, with nothing more then a smashed apart camp to tell the story of what happened. The man's name was Bill Ryefen, he had been a hunter for over twenty long years and had never seen a creature he could not kill. Yet whatever was hunting them was far smarter and more aggressive then any he had ever encountered. Traps only angered it, bear traps were found smashed, pits found fallen in but empty and log falls were tripped but apparently stopped by a greater force. Whatever it was it wasn't hunting for food, it was killing for the sake of killing and Bill Ryefen was going to kill it in return.

It left no survivors in its passing, only death and devastation. Nothing but paw prints that reminded him of a bear but he'd never seen paw prints this large before. They were twice the size of a normal bear, if it was even a bear.

A week ago a local mystic revealed her wrong doing, admitting on tresspassing on ground sacred to Old Deadeye but she swore she had made things right. The only good thing was she had destroyed her trail but she paid dearly for her tresspass and was exiled from the village. Much to Bill's displeasure because the next morning they found her torn apart across a well traveled trail. The look of terror on her frozen face enough to make the younger men vomit and the veterens to sit on edge. This was only getting worse...

With little recourse they had to look for the den of this creature and put an end to it. He gathered what men and women he could before setting out with as many arms as they could adequately wield. They had barely covered a few miles before the creature smashed headlong into them. The beast was a bear of immense size, its fur the color of snow and unlike anything he had ever seen. Its body bore the marks of many battles, broken arrow shafts riddled its back and the rage in its eyes told Bill at once that it was mad beyond dealing with.

THe story ends in the same way as your fight had been, short, brutal and with Bill's heroic demise. A chilling line is written on the final blank page.

"Next Target: Village?"

Wallace gets a distant look in his eyes as the glaze over at the end of his speech and for a moment nothing happens. Then he starts bleeding from his side and abdominal area from unknown wounds. As quickly as it begins the bleeding stops but its obvios that he is injured now, from what is unknown.


Nothing you can think of save for Chimeric creatures fits the possible tracks you found, but whatever it was wasn't winged as their is no indication that it lifted off. Its tracks are very obvious though, so whatever it is its large and heavy.


The tracks remind you of a bear, but never have you seen paw prints of this size. It was unnatural for them to be this large...

Livain Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19
Tadis Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15


Having dealt with the Gourmites and now an angry Mai was more then Hawks worn patience could take. As Mai finished his threat he arced an eyebrow and gave a gruff laugh. "Then do so, but don't b+~#! to Pharasma when your lady is left to bury you alone. Besides I normally wouldn't take Gourmites as they are nothing but trouble which I don't need however they are natural fighters, especially with the score or so of green horns we have now. So save your anger for Iobaria... You'll need it."

Hawk nods and then prooffers the horse to Tadis who gladly accepts it.

March Day 1

Being the forward scouts you are several minutes ahead of the main column, giving them time to react in case there is danger.

Livain spots something abnormal as she was jumping ahead of her husband once more. A large amount of frozen blood splattered across the side of the tree she was landing on. So much blood that it was literally forming several grizzly dark red icicles. Preering down through the frozen branches she could barely make out the torn apart horse of a horse and the broken remains of a human man who had literally been crushed into the trees base face first. His dead eyes glint in the morning sunlight as they appear to be completely frozen over from the passing of the storm some nights before...


You spot the glint of steel off to your right, while Mai and Livain are tree hopping off to your left. However this glint of steel is in the form of shattered spear and arrow heads that appear to be littered across the pathway. As you and Rhavenna come closer you find trailers of blood, so much so its obvious whoever or whatever was bleeding didn't survive long after. These trails appear to have been preserved by the winter storm of a few nights past as well...

Further investigation reveals more corpses across the mountainside, numbering eighteen in all, along with horses and an assortment of shattered, broken and crushed gear. One particular body had been repeatedly crushed until it was nothing more then broken and mashed flesh with bits of bone sticking out from the multitude of compound fractures they had surffered prior to death. The horses suffered similar and horrific deaths at the hands of an unidentified attacker.

The frozen hoof marks appear to show what was most likely a hunting party set upon by something with large tracks, larger then a human foot by nearly three times...

The hunting parties tracks are also still encased in ice and lead off into the woods along the side of the path, although there appears to be no smoke or any indication of habitation in the distance that you can see from the trailhead you are traveling along.

Whatever did this ran down those that tried to break and run from the initial onslaught, around eight broke and ran and from what you can tell not a single one made it very far. Whatever did this killed the entire group in a very short amount of time. Rhavenna spots the claw marks across the trees in the area, though the marks are focused primarily midway up the tree and in one spot, the bark is completely torn through by the powerful claws of whatever left behind those tracks...

Tadis K-Nature check: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9

He appeared lost as too what the tracks are...

He continues to investigate until the group decides to move on.

whoops! i had forgotten about Tim... lol more fitting in this instance and ignore hawks offer then XD

Aradacemorn looks down at the pair of tiefling Gorumites as he considers Wallaces request. He finally looked to Wallace and nodded. "Very well, I will travel with you through the Maw."

Hawk appears to be tearing into the Gourmites, who appear unphased by the admonishment they were getting from their commander. After several minutes of talking Hawk finally sends them on their way and they boldly return the way they had come from, brushing between Mai and Rhavenna, all the while the one known as Yugiri eyed Rhavenna in an unnerving way. Well unnerving for most people.

Later that day.

The Company was packed and ready to march, Hawk was at the head with his chosen lieutenants while the Silver Aradacemorn circled high above their position. When the horn call came, the call to march, the company moved forward as one. A veritable tide of mercenaries, a mix of fresh recruits and veterans of the hard times that had visited the blades in recent memory.

As the columns marched off a pair of spectres watched from the shadows of the ruin, silent and observing as the blades disappeared into the distance.

Hawk gathered his scouts together, including your group as he laid out his orders. "twelve groups will fan out to protect our forward advance and give us advance warning if something tries to surprise our main column. Each group will consist of four scouts. Wallace, Mai, Livain and Rhavenna you will take up our forward guard." He hands Livain a set of a dozen shrieker arrows. "Your group will be armed with these, the side flanks will have smoke arrows and the rear guard will utilize a horn. This way we will more easily differentiate between the groups. However we will utilize shriker arrows and smoke arrows to indicate changes in direction. Aradacemorn will remain with the main column and assist wherever he is most needed. You have my deepest thanks for your assistance." He bows his head to the silver dragon who inclines his head ever so slightly in acknowledgement of Hawks words.

The others groups took their items and spread out as ordered; in addition to the arrows Livain received, Wallace is assigned a light warhorse. "Take care of Firebolt, he's fiery and temperamental creature at times but sturdy in combat. Besides I'm sure Rhavenna is tired of carrying you." Hawk chuckles lightly before he sends you all on your way.

Day one

You all ride, and fly, ahead of the main column keeping your eyes peeled for any sign of movement...

The weather was cold but calm with a steady breeze rolling off the Icerime peaks and giving rise to steady swells for those of the winged variety to cruise upon...

The cold crisp air made visibility easier as the landscape of autumn greens, browns and yellows slowly gave way to a slowly whitening landscape. Ice and snow didn't impead the forward advance of the group as the Blades steadily winded their way up the mountain side...

Whether you chose to ride ahead and sneak along or just keep pace with the front of the column is upto you. YOur marching order is upto you as well as well as the height in which you fly.

Perception checks please along with what personal actions you will be taking. Readying a weapon in case of attack is fine. Doesn't make too much sense to ride with a lance upraised for 1-8 hours lol. Thanks!

Weather Rolls 2.33 days:

Evening: 1d100 ⇒ 9 LM
Night: 1d100 ⇒ 45 LM
Morning: 1d100 ⇒ 2 LM
Evening: 1d100 ⇒ 76 LM
Abnormal Evening Weather: 1d100 ⇒ 63 LM
Cold Snap save vs Cold DC 15 Fort MM
Night: 1d100 ⇒ 69 MM
Morning - Precipitation Snow: 1d100 ⇒ 80 MM
Evening - Precipitation Snow: 1d100 + 10 ⇒ (82) + 10 = 92

Encounter Rolls:

10d100 ⇒ (11, 25, 7, 95, 57, 43, 77, 44, 26, 49) = 434
LM: 1d100 ⇒ 36


Small colony of independent Colonists
(Humans, Tengu and
Polar Bear

Post coming up, kids making it rough to post atm.

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Maybe she IS the van. O.O;

The A team hehe. Thats awesome. So is Rhavenna Mr. T or should I say Mrs. R? >;3

Oh boy! xD

The two Gourmites continue making their way over to the frowning Hawk, not pausing as Maithreen begins to growl. They don't even turn to look, but their warhorses start to look about, clearly suspicious of everyone as they flare their nostrils in an aggressive way. Clearing a path to Hawk...


The silver arcs an eyebrow at the commanders bellow before looking at you once more. "You need not thank me, had I know such evil was occurring I would have joined your crusade against them. Alas I failed to notice their doings, a failure I shant repeat if possible. But you didn't call me here for pleasantries or idle banter. What is it that you need Wallace?"

The male tielfing laughs as he spreads his arms wide. "That is good! I was going to be disappointed if you were a sort of figurehead!"

Yugiri withdraws her hand, clearly bored with you as she spies Rhavenna. "Interesting as the lizard there mayhap but that one piques my interest more brother. We've yet to fight a centaur nor have I seen one with such markings..."

His sisters words made the armored tiefling turn and look, he gave an appreciative whistle before settling a hand on his sword pommel. "The fight would be great with one such as her."

"It would brother." Yugiri closes her visor, turning away from Mai and heading towards Rhavenna in a purposeful way.

Her brother stands with his arms crossed and nods towards Yugiri as he says aloud. "This will be good."


The new recruits appear to be a mixture of experienced and fresh faces. A pair of tieflings with horses nearly a head taller then the rest of the Calvary notice you and start heading your way. Emblazoned on their armor are symbols of Gorum. Their warhorses follow closely behind, eyeing you warily and flaring their nostrils after taking a deep breath in your direction.

Teifling Gorumite

Teifling Gorumite 2

They jostle with each other, seeming to be in a perpetual state of struggle and from their laughter they seem to enjoy it. They speak in an unnerving tongue as they approach, surprisingly one of them reveals a pair of battered feathered wings from beneath their cloak. They close the last of the distance, and the winged one extends their left hand. Using their right to lift their visor, revealing that the one who's upward pointing horns was a woman with pircing red eyes, lips as red as blood and skin as black as pitch. Her voice was low and seductive but with the way she was looking at you it was like you were walking into a trap. "Yugiri and who are you handsome?"

The other tiefling slugs the woman in the shoulder speaking in common as well. "You always go after the interesting ones sister. But can he fight?" The voice was masculine but unlike his sister he did not raise his visor.

Answer to your first questions Wallace. Yes, the dragon descended from far above but in a manner that was easily seen. He was riding a cloud after all, which a cloud descending rapidly would be odd to any viewer. Your other questions I will work to get some time tomorrow to give you a detailed list of what was brought back.


The dragons tail whip's irritably as you remind it of its injuries. [b]"Your concern is noted but save your magics as your shouts have roused them again. However it was not I that did battle with the Harpies. They angered something when they called down that storm, something that taught them a lesson of humility and that they are not the masters of the skies as they so falsely believed. It was a dragon, unlike any I had ever witnessed. It breathed both fire and lightning. But I was caught in the midst of the struggle and had little choice to not act in my own interest."

It is the work of a few hours but eventually Wallace's shouts bear fruit. The silver descends from the skies, riding on the back of a cloud and driving the white wispy mass until it is level with Wallaces tower. Aradacemorn appeared battered, his scales scrapped and missing in multiple places across his body. Along with what appeared to be several broken arrow shafts in his back and one between his neck and shoulders. Despite his injuries, his eyes bore a ferociousness that wasn't there before. "What do you want? Do you not realize the trouble you may be bringing down upon thyselves?"

He looks about after he speaks and visibly takes note of the increased number of men around the ruin. "Feh, Teiflings..." He looks back to Wallace then. "You plan to challenge the Maw then?"

I have no objections, its your characters decision after all and your mercs with a concious. Only suitable that you turn monsters into gear. though arrow fletchings was a neat idea for the feathers. Ice resistant arrows for shooting bows in a blizzard. ;3

]ooc]Ethyra then next round.[/ooc]

Been having a rough time keeping up buut working on it now. here we go! It's going to be some filler posts for a bit as I advance the story, so bear with me.

These creatures don't have any markings on them that would indicate a dissimilar separation of kind or origin.

Rhavenna's assessment of their injuries along with Wallace's explanation as to who, what and where these harpies came from elicits a curse from Bharrog. "Bugger me, can't we get a break from dis s*!$te... Alright! Listen up boys!" He barks out orders to the entire band that until hawk returned they were to remain within the ruins where they had cover, the sentries were to be doubled and everyone was to move in pairs. This he aimed more at Tadis than anyone else. Tadis nodded in response but otherwise was very quiet since last night.

The bodies are cleared and dumped a ways away lest they attract predators, any chosen for further examination are begrudgingly brought inside only under Bharrog's direct orders.


The work you performed over the days that Hawk departed wasn't wasted, even the storm that kept most awake from cold and fear of the unknown hardly phased you and even with the disruption Bharrog gave his assistance as well. Over the time you started the dragon bones are all but exhausted. You were able to create enough to equip several archers or an elite band upto 4 with at least 45 in each quiver. (180 Dragon Bone Arrows, they deal an additional +1 cold damage and are masterwork with a 50% discount on cold enchantments later on.)

She produces a pair of beautiful composite dragonbows and Rhavenna's proves to be so hard to draw that regular men couldn't hardly pull back on it let alone fire it accurately... (Both Composite bows Created, No issues, 50% discount on any cold effects added to them later on)

The weapons took more time and with this Bharrog was more intune with how to help you out with them. Together you lit the forge within the ruins and got to heating and crafting away. PLease add you own descriptions for the items created of course.

Each weapon is masterwork with the added benefit of +1 cold damage upon striking, any cold related enchantments are more easily add to these weapons and come at a 50% discount. Please note it on your sheets for later.

Remember Rhavenna has a decent lance already but at their own leisure they can still accept a second lance, dragon bone lance made of the tail vertebrae of their former opponent would look rather wicked... Polearms or other reach weapon types may suit her as well, upto you Rhavenna.

4d100 ⇒ (95, 11, 21, 67) = 194

The masterwork dragonskin haramaki armor was a masterpiece upon completion. Livain knew the subject far better than most and not only did it turn out well. It fit so snugly that it was like a second skin. The white scales were no longer sickly looking and shined like freshly fallen snow in the midst of a blizzard. The scales were interlocking and absorbed blows for better than other armors of this type could ever hope too. Upon completion Bharrog was quite impressed, he gave it a nod of approval before shaking his head and adding gruffly. "The only way it could be better is if it were made of mithral lass. Yours is a lucky one to get something like this. At least that s&@@te dragon went to good use."

This armor is unique, unlike standard haramaki this armor comes out with an additional +2 to its AC bonus, due to the dragons thicker hide. Like the weapons, it also has a discounted ability for enchantments to resist cold effects. 50% and note that in the character description for future reference.

With so many items created the bones are exhausted but there is enough hide left to either equip Licain and Wallace in light armor or possible equip Rhavenna in light armor barding or enough for a single suit of medium armor for Wallace or Livain. The choices were rough but some of the hide had gone into the creation of the bows and though it was a gamble so far it had paid off splendidly.

Though future creations may not turn out as tough as the one you just created...

Two days later

If you have plans we can back track but this is a decent filler post so we can keep moving forward.

Hawk returned, though at the head of over 2 score of mercs, astride horses and armed for full on warfare. Hawk though looked haggard, as though he had been put through the ringer in his time away from the mercenary band. Upon questioning he waved off the newcomers as recruits, eager to join the blades in the endeavors in Iobaria.

Some were old and scarred, some looked like cannon fodder. To obvious in their lack of confidence and inexperienced as young adults. Standing out among them are those of mixed heritages, a pair of tieflings in particular who bear horns. One akin to the beasts of the plains of the mwangi upward point and wavy like a chelish greatblade. The other sported a pair o rams horns and both wore heavy armor with the symbol of Gorum emblazoned on the front. Their horses were heavy horses of warhorse quality, standing a head taller than even the current mounts among the regulars in the company. However upon seeing Rhavenna the two become quite excited, punching one another roughly in the shoulder as they spoke in a language that wasn't common...

Along with the Mercs came more wagons brimming with supplies, equipment and other goods for the long trek ahead. He entered the common area of the ruin with a rather disapproving look on his face before Bharrog breiefed him on the goings of a fed days past. He grunts as his disapproving look fades.

"We were caught in that bloody mess as well. Had a full hundred at our back but over two score decided that this was some sign to turn back and so they bloody did. Cowards the lot of them. Though we saw no sign of harpies only the shadow of a beast in the sky, it swooped around us like it were checking us out but it didn't bother to do more than that."

He sits and enjoys a hot cup of Klah, fresh from the supplies they brought as he discusses openly with Bharrog the plans for tomorrow. He glances at Tadis first though, asking bluntly. "Ya debt repaid yet or are you comin' with us to Iobaria? Your Lord may not approve." When Tadis shook his head in response Hawk sighed. "Suit your bloody self than, Bharrog we march on the morrow for the Maw of Karth. I plan to punch through it in a day and a half. I'm sure the storm has kicked up a number of problems for us but we can't delay any longer." He holds up a missive and hands it to the dwarf who curses and tosses the thing into the open flame of the ruins well stoked hearth.

"Damn that little s$*+te of a prince i'll box his bloody ears if he thinks he can treat us this way! Rules a moldering ruin in the middle of a diseased land and tinks were his servants? He can piss off with th-"

Hawk held up his hand and still the dwarfs rantings as he spoke. "We accepted the work, had I succeeded in Restov I could have secured some ships from the Issiens but they backed out due to changing weather up north as well. So the Maw is are only shot. If the storm hits before we get through we won't make it and our charter stands on the line this time."

Bharrog waved his hand in annoyance, like he was swatting away a fly. "Feh I get it, we all do and we're not done yet. Not by a long shot. Besides perhaps there is opportunity in that sick land to do something better for ourselves..." He brightens though upon seeing Livain and brings the lass forward to show off her creations. "We've been busy since ya went on about enjoying finer company. Look at dis here bow she made. Ain't it somethin'?"

Hawk looked it over while it was on Livains back and noticed that some had weapons crafted from the dragon they had defeated. He nodded firmly in approval as he looked to Livain. "You've come a long way. Though I hope your new bow fires as well as its looks. Hopefully you've not forgotten your training in lieu of working with the old forge belly here."

Bharrog scoffed as Hawk laughed. "Please, everyone relax a bit before we get to training and readying for tomorrow's move. We will break at sunrise and march hard into the 'Rimes."


Was there anything in particular yo were ordering or was it just a filler to refill your supplies in character?

I Guess Cid and Kieran are MIA atm continuing on!

Round 1 wrap up.

The Mogrelmen's weapons came up short as they tried to attack the diplomatic Jen'Dalash. However the groups swift reply left one mongrelmen down and another wounded.

Ethyra's crossbow, despite the cover given by the barrier punched through the mongrelmens thick fur and left him slumping to the stone floor unconscious as Jaegers dagger caught another in the shoulder.

Round 2

The Mongrelfolk hold their positions, howling maddly as they unleash another volley of Javelins at their exposed attackers.

Attack@ Jen: 1d20 - 4 + 1 ⇒ (12) - 4 + 1 = 9

Javelins deflect off the walls and scatter across the floor but one punches through the air like a lightning bolt. Slamming into Jaeger with incredible force...

However he was still on his feet, a javelin in his side.

Two of the mongrelfolk held their positions behind the twin barriers while the one that had wounded Jaeger emerged from behind them. A brutal club in its hands as it advanced.

Party is up!

Attack @ Jeager: 1d20 - 4 + 1 ⇒ (20) - 4 + 1 = 17
Damage to Jaeger: 1d6 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9

Attack @ Ethyra: 1d20 - 4 + 1 ⇒ (11) - 4 + 1 = 8
Attack @ Jeager - Confirm: 1d20 - 4 + 1 ⇒ (5) - 4 + 1 = 2

Probably, drama comes to me a lot. But its my first time as a parent dealing with Krup or however its spelled. Sorry about that guys ^^;. Though growing up as an asthmatic I am always concerned over anything that disrupts easy breathing. :/

Been trying to have a couple quiet months but now we have two major fires near my home. Granted I am back at work but its seems life continues to be problematic.

I am wondering if they will activate me as a backup firefighter. I am a trained volunteer and my knowledge of heavy equipment helps with creating fire breaks. So far they haven't, not that I am afraid to go it just means it'll be a rough month financially.

The long night passes, the storm eventually subsides and in the morning you are shocked at the sight of a number of corpses littering the grounds. Their forms were scorched and they were completely encased in the sleet that had fallen nearly all night. Nearly all of their equipment was destroyed, their arrows crushed on impact with the earth and out of all of them only a single bow survived. Its make was nothing like the civilised kingdoms and appeared far larger than a standard Longbow...

The creatures had tattered wings and taloned feet, though in life they would have resembled a feral winged woman with a wild look about her. Their lifeless eyes were wide upon death, some looked afraid and only one died with its face twisted into a snarling growl, revealing pointed teeth. Their feathers were purely white across most of their bodies, while their bellies were a mix of grey feathers and pale skin. Their taloned feet appeared quite dexterous upon inspection and their quivers were made to allow the arrows to hang low without falling out. A sort of Mesh inside the quiver held them in place.

Other than burn wounds the creatures sported a number of other wounds. A mixture of obvious claw and bite wounds covered parts of their body...

Heal DC 18:

Intermixed with the claw and bite wounds are less obvious injuries of a far narrow sort of weapon. One used to pierce no more than once on a number of the corpses.

There were also less than obvious sword wounds as well, intermixed where bite marks were. Whatever these creatures had faced was far more vicious than they were...

K-Geography, History or Local DC 15:

These creatures bear the likeness of a tribe of abnormal harpies thought to have gone extinct long ago. They are the few of their kind that utilize weapons and live in the high altitudes of teh mountains. Often swooping down from on high and raiding merchant caravans and or villages of their supplies and menfolk.

They were far more vicious then most of their kind. Once they were done with the men they had kidnapped they would carry them back and return them by dropping them from several hunderd feet up...

K-Geography, History or Local DC 20:

They were wiped out by a band of soldiers that hailed from Rostland and Iobaria. The skull of the Harpy Queen is on display in Rostland's graveyard.

They were known for being extremely resistant to the cold. Which was very abnormal compared to their marsh bound cousins.

So my son woke up at about 2 am with a really hoarse cough and unable to talk. After a quick ER visit found out he has Croup and got him a steroid. So far so good, now I have to worry about the 2 year old having it as well.

So its not 5 am and old daddy hasn't had any sleep (was just about out at 2 am when he started coughing strangely.) so posts may be missing today as not only do I need to get sleep but I have a Hazmat test to go do. Woo!

Also on that note for everyone. Always ALWAYS make sure you have a handy supply of vitamins to keep your immune system up, along with other essentials. A spare inhaler is not a bad idea either for quick airway clearing. Especially for those that live alone. Being an asthmatic I can't take the chance as an attack has the potential to kill me. Unlike my kids they don't appear to have my conditions. For which I am thankful!

Anyhow. Good night! XD See you all most likely tomorrow.

The storm continues to rage for some time, whipping the ruins with an ever increasing amount of freezing rain that builds on the openings and slowly creating ice mounds which make traversing outside on foot hazardous at best. After several minutes the spectres return, looking no worse for wear but surprisingly they looked shocked about something. They were conversing amongst themselves as they made their way back into their room of origin.

If you listen in:

"... numbers increased this much?"
"Milord didn't we wipe out the nest?"
"Of course we did. Or at least every last one that was there at the time."
"So it's possible we missed one?"
"One would be enough regrettably..."
"Why would they leave the Peaks?"
"Better hunting grounds, revenge... Blast! Too many possibilities to narrow to a mere one."
"So who will fight them now?"
"We will of course, so long as they come close enough we can still face them. Other than that Iobaria needs to deal with them. Gods damn whoever created the Ice Wraiths..."

Sleep was hard to come by as the storm raged outside, granted the thunder and lightning abated greatly. Still the howl of the wind through the drafty ruin made it not only cool but wet in some places.


Your fears faded, as whatever was coming appeared to have vanished completely. This mixed with your lack of sleep left you feeling a bit thickheaded over what it could have been but you felt something distinct midway through the night. Something familiar but you couldn't quite put your finger on what was familiar.


Go ahead and make some armor and weapon rolls, we are going to continue forward with your project. Make as many as appropriate for what you are making everyone. Since their was little interest in armor you can make a single roll on that, adding in a +4 aid check to each roll as well.


Between the man's dream mumbles you ascertain the only reason he escaped further injury was due tot he quick intervention of the Spectres. Your ministrations however ensured that he wouldn't suffer from infection before one of the extra healers could treat his injuries.


1d20 + 14 ⇒ (13) + 14 = 27

Early morning everyone is shocked at the return of the lightly armored ranger Tadis. He has his cloack pulled in tight and appears to be no worse for wear due to the storm. Although, like you he stumbles in, numb and tired after fighting his way through the storm. He nods to each of you in turn before curling up near a fire and quickly passing out on the stone florr.

I do mean that as a joke, I know you guys have lives to live and I am the most tardy out of anyone on the face of Golarion!

Good thing for you though! You were just healed not to long ago! XD

Now for the rest of ya slobs to roll and fire! XD! Lets fight!

Unless you all lit torches I had assumed you were moving in darkness again, which means Ehtyra and Kieran are moving blindly in the pitch black of the tunnels. I will differentiate between the darkvision use and normal vision next time. My bad for the confusion.


You force your stiuff muscles to move and follow the pair of spectres off in an obscured direction, however after a mere six paces the old swordsmen stops just in front of you. Just as he does lightning arcs in the skies above and illuminates the slurry that was still pelting you. Momentarily you thought you saw figures cavorting in the skies above, but before you could focus on it the old ghost waves you forward more hurriedly. "Time to move. Lets go! Go! GO!" His voice wasn't the only thing quickened as him and Ianerus both seemed to be speeding up, although they however didn't leave you completely behind. As you cross a muddy ash pile you realize you are over half way across the grounds when something comes barreling out of the dark...

DC 18 Reflex needed -4 from cold exposure: 1d20 + 9 - 4 ⇒ (14) + 9 - 4 = 19

The burnt and halfway frozen body of a winged creature narrowly misses you, along with its heavy compliment of arrows and its charred bow. It slams into the ground next to your left flank with a bone crushing force, it was obvious that it had fallen a great distance before hitting the ground...

Before you could ponder much more thunder roared up above bringing your eyes skyward once more just as lightning arced across the sky. The figures were not moving about at random, their was some sort of struggle occurring in the skies above you. You couldn't make out much between the wind, slurry and stinging cold in your eyes and were forced to continue forward. Following the ghosts with your head down and your legs pounding the freezing soil with everything you were worth.

It wasn't until you burst into a lighted area that you sudden;y realized you were within the ruined fortresses Common Area. The gaping hole in its front area a welcomed sight behind you as the sudden warmth brought you to shivering once more. The Spectres appeared relieved at getting you inside and as your eyes fell on a wounded man you realized why. The wounded man lay with his neck and shoulder bandaged, his longsword lay in pieces near his side and he still held the broken hilt, whatever had struck him broke the blade completely off at the base...

The spectres didn't linger long, both disappeared back out into the storm...

Rhavenna burst into the temple proper in pure Centaur fashion, bulling herway through men to slow to scramble out of the way as she brought in buckets of dripping water and an ice covered back. She was the last sentry that had arrived and thankfully all of them were accounted for. The one sentry that had all your attention was wounded at his neck and shoulder which were now bandaged, but when he stumbled in. Led by the spectres it looked like he had been raked by a massive birds talons. His weapon had fared far worse though, his sturdy longsword lay in scattered pieces near his side and he still held the broken hilt, whatever had struck him broke the blade completely off at the base...

The Spectres that had returned with Rhavenna didn't linger long and disappeared back out into the storm...

Bharrog, seeing one man injured marshalled the mercs into getting out longspears and crossbows as they took the newly aquired tables and set them on edge and created a barricade around the opening. Temporarily dispelling the cold sweeping into the ruin as Wallace struggled to make the fire high enough to dispel the draft...

Jen's statement sets the Mongrelfolk into a hollering frenzy, the two dragging the Deathguards to the Barricade abandon them where they are and look to be about to run for cover. The other two appear to be shouting and going for something just out of sight behind the barricade...

Mongrelfolk Warriors...: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 2 = 20
Roll Initiative and post please. I will align your actions and initial post with the Ini order after this first round is over. No Surprse Round, No Flat Footed Status.

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

The Hollering Mongrelfolk warriors heft Javelins as predicted and lob them at Jen, however their aim wasn't as strong as their yowling and their attack come off wide and short. Clattering off the stone walls as theirother two companions duck behind the barricades...

The three downed Deathgaurds remain where they are...

Post away :D

Work is being hectic atm. Lots of training being scheduled. Time sensitive stuff. Working on it as swiftly as possible.


Only the sounds of the storm filled your ears, leaving you deaf to all else as you begin to shiver. There qas no sign of Tadis or anyone else over the roar of the storm and just as the shivering started to worsen someone emerged from the storm.

You recognize Ianerus as soon as she came within a few feet of you. She wasn't alone as the other spectre appeared. His sword appeared to be warding off the snow, creating a large circle of warmth that washed over you as he came close. "Thats all of them save for this centauress. Best you return now, your smith bellows for your return, standing here won't do you any... good." His eye move upward momentarily before he points behind you. " Follow us this way and quickly ."

Fort save please :)


Despite the darkness you stood firm, the storm only made you wary up until a bolt struck down somewhere behind you. You wheeled to see how close it was but the sleet and sideways blowing wind made it all but impossible to get your bearings.

Rhavenna's perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

You couldn't hear anything more than the storm and the howling of the winds. This was by far the fiercest storm you had ever experienced in Brevoy before and perhaps ever would again. For what seemed an eternity you stood there alone until a lone shout rose over the howling winds and just as swiftly as you heard it it ceased.

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12

Again the storm obscured all direction, the cry seemed to ring out from all around, garbling whatever it was they had shouted...

No call to muster had been made yet, nothing to indicate it was time to pull back and Tadis hadn't return from his latest run either.

Please roll a perception check this time yourself, I am starting to think the Dice roller hates me/you lol

What you decide from her is up to you. You can roleplay how she choose to stand initially and whathaveyou. You were part of a sprad out watch, trying to cover several points with minimal resoruces. However the storm overtook you swiftly. Imagine it going from clear and windy to absolutely obscured and gale force wind in under 20 mins.


Tadis nods in agreement before finishing another heavy bite and rising to his feet again. "Need to scout out and around us befor ethe storm hits, ensure the area is clear." He waits for a response before heading off at a steady clip back into the forest and heading west...


Tadis hadn't returned before before the sun began to set in the west. Its rays lighting up the sky a dark red as the mercs began to brace for the rising winds...

The setting sun illuminated the massive storm front that rolled out of the Icerime mountains. Endless grey rolling clouds heavy and nearly black in color with how swollen they were with rain, the cold front brought with itt freezing rain, sleet and a fierce wind that grew stronger with every minute. Bharrog ordered the men to collapse the tents and get what they could inside the ruins while he secured the dragon hide himself. Rhavenna and the other sentries held their wide perimeter despite the intensity of the wind and the extremely poor visibility the sideways sleet was flying rapidly before their eyes.

As the sun finally began to set The swirling and vortexing ice storm made it nearly impossible to see further than ten feet in any direction and soon Rhavenna lost sight of her fellow sentries. Even with her darkvision her vision was obscurred and the wind made it hard to tell if anything was coming towards her over the din of mercs scrambling for cover in the ruins.

Minutes stretched into hours as her equestrial legs shook in the deepening cold, her breath misting before her face as she stood, lance in hand. A bow wasn't much use with such little visibility. Just as the sound of her fellows fleeing for cover died down the crackle of thunder boomed up above
causing a new shiver to run down her ice slicked back. The rumble of the thunder made it nearly impossible to hear anything over the wind now...

Those not on watch

Mai's chest felt almost tight at the feeling of whatever it was was coming closer. So much so that wehen the thunder struck he gripped his blade as if expecting something to suddenly emerge and attack them...

Even deep in the basement of the ruined manor Wallace can't help but take note of the dropping temperature and frost starting to cover the cooler liquid vials.

Livain and Bharrog worked to get the hide somewhere warm and set it near the ruined mantle so it could stay dry despite the draft wafting through the ruins. Once it was secure Bharrog left her to keep it that way and headed out into the storm.

Bharrog and several others moved the equipment from outside into the ruin's common area and stacked and shifted things as quick as possible. Bharrog's long beard and hairy shoulders began to take on the shape of a rough ice armor as the freezing rain clung to the nearly bare chested dwarf. However he was visibly shivering as they got the last of the mercenaries gear inside. Horses and even a cart were brought inside, they placed the horses in the inner stables and worked hard to calm them as the thunder rolled above.

Once everything was secure Bharrog went to the entrance of the Ruin and belloed into the storm filled darkness. "Abandon yar posts and get ya arses inside! The lot of ya!" After a few seconds and no one emerged from the darkness he stepped out into the dark and roared again. "Can ya bastards hear me! Move yar ars-!"

Lightning strikes in the center of the field, interrupting Bharrog's shout and eliciting a curse from the dwarf as he waves for everyone with metal to get further inside.

At the sudden commotion the pair of spectres appear and much to everyone's surprise they vanish into the storm, separating without a word and much to Bharrog's displeasure...

The heat in the room was on the rise again, like walking near a bonfire and causing a steamy haze to drift inside the chamber. The sword was flaring with renewed might on its ghostly wielders back as Wallace stepped into the room.

Ianerus gives wallace a deep look of confusion before looking to her Lord and back. Almost growing flustered at the question. Finally the man spoke up. "No, she has remained here. As we both were discussing before your arrival we were idle here up until the doorway opened and your lot were standing outside of it."

Ianerus, looking a bit relieved, turns to regard Wallace and quietly asks. "What did this one look like?" At the description she looks even more confused. "These hobgoblins are quite vague... If it was one of my own they wouldn't be so foolish as to attack alone. Unless they had no herd..." She looks nervous and forlorn as she continues. "Outcasts lose their sense over time. If they were an Outcast I could understand why they attack when they should run..."

heh I thought so, since it went inactive you may have to redot to see them. Sorry guys! Working on catching up work finally stopped burying me alive! XD

Hallway is 80ft long, 60 feet from the corner your at to the barriers which are staggered with each other to create a zigzag overlap at the end of the hall.

Will repost after seeing if there are any objections.

Mis-calc, Survival DC 15 My bad :(


the tattered journal of the hobgoblin alchemist is filled with interesting observations. Live experimentation and dissection of captives was an ongoing process. Recycling their organs into regeants and other useable materials and feeding the scraps to their hounds. They were quite efficient, aside from being extremely brutal.

Linguistics check DC 15, Automatic pass if goblin is known language.

If successful open this:

The journal contains recent notations on events within Iobaria, nothing major by the looks of it but the Hobgoblins are very aware of which places are inhabited, their possible strength and even some patrol routes are roughly marked out. Several of the forests have great big circles around them or symbols of bear heads, wolf heads and even hooves in other areas. Its apparent that the hobgoblins have had a relatively hard time at whatever it is they are trying to do.

A several legable entries reads as followed...

We cross the plains and avoid the tower where death takes flight. We lost a few that strayed to close last night. Fools. Good riddance, their weakness won't be tolerated. Perhaps some motivation is in order...

We came upon the human village at night, not a one of these half-wits notice our approach until too late. We descended on them before they could call alarm or light their torches. Their sentries were sleeping at their posts, they were weak and craven things. They will be the first to grace my table along with the rest of their wretched kind.

The rest of the weak were gathered like beasts for slaughter, they weeped pitifully and begged but we would give them release when I was through with them. The Master requires us to move swiftly. We need to gather the samples he asked for or suffer the consequences. I think I will start with the children...

Of the two score we collected only three had what we needed. One turned out to be interesting. THey bore the blood of the beastborn and when their sister went screaming to my table their inner nature broke free. Its rage wrecked the cage we had them in and allowed several to escape whilst we were laying him low. Despite it killing near half a score of our warriors he proved little challenge compared to full beastborn. However, his sister was among those that escaped... Pity. I was looking forward to cutting out her eyes for the jars.

We crossed the teeth of Karth and visited with our brethren shortly before the mountain beasts descended. Good riddance to their broken beliefs and when we return we will claim Karth as our prize.[/u]

[i]These lands are warm and the food is plentiful, our hunters gather quickly and we eat until we are fat. Much better than our cold lands. Our scouts report their are small human villages nearby and wish to know how I want to proceed. Start *illegible* children *illegible*.

We've captured many, this lands warriors are weaker than ours! We have plenty to continue our quest...

We are hunted. A Centuar stalks us. A beastly one at that. It tore apart our sentries with blade and bow, but we drove it off...

Again we are attacked, this lone creature stalks not only at night but during the day. It ran our hunters to ground and left us without their skill in this new land. DAMNED WEAKLINGS! We will use their ruins and hide ourselves amongst their fair lands and reap the benefits of their weakness!

This time we've injured the beast! We ambushed it and tore at is flanks! It killed a few but we drove it off again, this time it had a spear in its horses ass for good measure!

Again it returns! DAMNABLE CENTAURS! It killed my servants and destroyed some of our samples. Why does it target us so! What does it want! It doesn't speak, it just attacks like a beast. It broke a warriors back with its bear hands today. Than proceeded to break their neck and beat us back witht he corpse as its shield and weapon. What drives this creature!

We continue to capture many despite its annoying attacks. Our Master gave us longspears to deal with the centaur creature. And deal with it we have, it charged us several times this day and each time it left more wounded than last. We sent scouts to find its resting place and when we do we will capture the creature. For surely it must have prime specimens for examination. The Master will most certainly agree...

It appears the humans have notice us, they sent a bumbling scout into our camp. Too bad for this male, he'll be joining the others on my table soon enough...

Tests continue as planned, resistance is as expected however the scout proves more difficult. There's some fight left in them after all! Good, very good, he will make a fine choice for dissection. However more pressing is the matter that our riders reported seeing a force approaching, many warriors and it appears they humans have chose ton fight us. However with Dresskel we cannot possibly lose!

We've captured several Birdpeople! They are USELESS AND DRESSKEL FEED for all I care DAMNED FOOLS! WE need soft skins not feathered skins! I work with fools! Although their females are still worth a nights amusement. I wonder what color they bleed...

The force is here! So they have come, I mut pack away my things and prepare to leave this place! WE've dealt with these ones before! Deathblades they are. Goldsoldiers one and all! If only I had tim----------------

Ink is spilled across the page, as well as a bloodied handprint. That apparently was his last entry...

Aside from the journal entries there are several pages with all sorts o hobgoblin gibberish, measurements of some sort and a category system that you couldn't quite understand. What were they looking for? Whatever it was they have so far found eleven items of note. Crossing off some sort of list with around 9 items left to go...

Currently Ethyra and Kieran cannot see whats going on. Jen and Mai are in the lead with Cid taking the rear guard and Lasciel in the middle. If the marching order is not right please feel free to change it up. Kieran is standing behind Ethyra, who is using Lasciel as support to find there way int he dark.

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