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DM Corerue's page

1,831 posts. Alias of Corerue.


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Have to be ready, glad its near tax season at least I am getting money back. Anything helps. But hopefully it stabilizes soon. :/

Lol my poor dragon is going to be drawn and quartered. :( You can't do anything with Dragonballs! They DO NOT GRANT WISHES!

Yeah, the dropping oil prices are not helping things. :/

Over 400 laid off this month alone. Not just contractors but company men as well. So yeah. Being the new guy is rough. Didn't expect this and there is one thing I know. Oil companies will get there profits to stay in the black. Thats why you have to be careful with the job you go into. Because none are permanent. No one is irreplaceable. Lol so working a lot to save money and get ready just in case. Knock on wood it hasn't ever happened but that doesn't mean it won't.

Dresskel appears to be a very tattered and battered looking white dragon, he is larger than a Clydesdale by a fair margin but just under a giant in size, however he is long and still retains massive muscles akin to draconic might.

J.R.R. Tolkien, fav author despite how long past he is BUT Yes Smaug's breath weapon in the movies was awesome and I had to copy it in description to give players a little more of an O~h S*@#! moment. Glad it was enjoyable.

I did mention that he moved to the center of the large clearing in the beginning which took the hobgoblin's some time to cross and get into the forest but Dresskel is intelligent enough to wait and not get hemmed in by trees. Granted he isn't smart enough to remember little insects carry pointed sticks that hurt a lot...

If you want we can hurry this battle up. Or skip and move forward. Thats an option so we can continue the story. I have d100 charts that make it easy to decide which side wins and how bad/good they do.

Its way anticlimatic but it would speed things up tremendously until I can figure out my mapping issues. :/

Theres also the option of doing more than one round worth of actions, granted that means we may need to do some retconning based on certain conditions. Or I will pause if someone gets knocked unconscious. But thats another option that I am currently going in another game. Granted we are fighting mooks but its made battles complete in a day instead of several days/weeks.

Right now the internet I use is blocking all attempts to use Google maps, which irks me to no end. Even my camp blocks ANYTHING that allows (filesharing) AKA even youtube. It drives me nuts. Because the internet is so slow it takes 10 mins for Piazo to load let alone my Pbp's games. My phone is faster but Google docs is impossible.

Apologies there for not clarifying it, its a large clearing between the wood line and the fortress. Xiang Yu is running towards but not engaging the dragon yet. He was merely challenging it. I get a little lost in my writing sometimes Dragonstorm does that too me. Will try and be more clear later. Honestly don't do much Outside fighting in my Pbp games so trying to cover all the scales of outside movement is rough sometimes.

Hawks Group

The arrows called to his other fighters, many cursed as they were fighting Hobgoblin skirmishers and knew that the signal was a call to regroup. They continued to struggle against the enemy in the brushes...

Hawk / Enemy: 2d100 ⇒ (66, 51) = 117

The fight was near dead even, the only reason they were prevailing is because they had superior tactics and magic to draw upon while the enemy was using strength of numbers and explosive vials...


Aside from the smoke in the sky, several more smaller explosions sound in the distance. Smoke and even some flame rise some distance away as a struggle continues elsewhere...

Dresskel roars in anger as two arrows pierce his hide, he looks around in rage for those attacking him as several more arrows streak out of the trees...

2d20 ⇒ (16, 13) = 29
2d20 ⇒ (13, 15) = 28

... another set of small streaks of blood start to run as Dresskel rages. He inhales as the fog clouds dissipate. Revealing the twin Ballista glistening in the distance as the Hobgoblin's appear to have readied siege weapons!

Two arrows launch skyward, one releasing an ear piercing scream while the other reach's the highest point of its arc and explodes with a dense cloud of dark smoke that hung heavily in the sky like a shadow.


He inhales, so much that its belly distends momentarily, its scales slide apart enough to show what appear to be blue cracks running along its chest and underbelly. Glowing with a baleful dark blue like that of mountain water for a moment before the dragon released a blast of blistering cold breath that covered the ground in ice crystals and slammed into the defiant Xiang Yu. As the dragon Exhales Xiang Yu started to run forward, into the blast, headlong towards the dragon. His injured leg didn't slow his stride any longer as his battle spirit drove him onwards!

DC 21 Fort for half: 12d4 ⇒ (3, 4, 2, 1, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2) = 33
1d20 + 10 ⇒ (14) + 10 = 24
16 dmg to Xiang Yu

The Hobgoblin's do not fire their ballista's, appearing to be waiting for a clear shot...

Hobgoblin Garrison Siege Engineers 500 ft away 60ft high- Done
Something Vile - 250 ft away - Done
Hobgoblin Garrison Archers 500 ft away 60ft high - Done

Xiang Yu - 80 Feet away Running
Hawks Party
Other Party




Some Deathguards retreated in fear due to magic and vanished down the northwestern doorway's, they haven't returned since...

Ga'Tul, while being assisted by Lasciel, looks to Jen'Dalash her wolfen like eyes glowing ever so faintly for a moment as she spoke. "During the first crusade, our people aided those above in beating back the hordes. When the creatures went beneath the earth we continued to fight them. Only a few generations ago these caves teemed with life, it was difficult but there were many places and now only Neatholm remains."

"The Deathguard originally were Dwarves, whose city was crushed beneath the weight of the demon's attacks." Her eyes glistened as she looked away. "They swore vengeance and fought to the last. Before the last of them fell we took up their banner and made it our own. Its a grim existence, but without struggle the demons will consume us all so we must fight. Or who else will?" As Lasciel helps her to sit down, Ga'Tul gives her a toothy grin but finishes speaking, although her voice is more thoughtful than before. "Where you stand now is far more ancient than even our oral histories. This place was once a home or bastion for another people. Ones long gone before we claimed it."

Her voice returns to its previous caution as she speaks. "Be careful in your search, I wish you luck, we will search for survivors among the fallen here."

After introductions

Please Advance your characters to lvl 2!

Ethyra determines the best course of action, seeing that a cutting tool was the only way to remove the spikes from Ga'Tul's hands. Its tough work, utilizing the stronger backs of others to sit on shoulders and saw away at the spikes until finally they gave way. Ga'Tul appeared to be conserving her strength, for good reason, when she was removed from teh wall the extent of her injures were far worse than expected. A large deep diagonal gash went from her shoulder to her hip, making it obvious how they got the drop on her.

She leans heavily on those who aid her, revealing that the strength of her legs was lacking.

It takes a CLW/Channel to get her back on her feet. Battered but up.

Its takes quite a bit of magic to get her to where her eyes stay open more than a few moments at a time. When she came too she looked beat down, like the rest of the Deathguard's, a despair hung over them like a cloud.

She looks to each of you before her eyes rested on Lasciel. She growls in anger. "It was the torches..." The same foul smoking torches that her companions were now destroying as she spoke. "Ifri... It wasn't alone, there was a creature waiting for us. One I cannot even try to explain... It crushed most of my soldiers minds in a single breath. The smoke than caused wide spread confusion and they mistook each other as demons. They were seeing things that weren't there. It was one of my Lieutenants who struck me down. Those that fell to the charms of that demon were unaffected by the smoke and were turned on their confused companions. It was a wholesale slaughter by the Deathguards alone..." She pause, closing her eyes as she pictured the event clearly. "The corpses you passed, were of those who's wills were too strong for the demons compulsion. They paid the price for how ill-prepared we were."

Tawn'Garth appeared to still be in shock, looking down on the deceased Ifri as the light in the room faded little by little. "Ifri wasn't always such a fool, he used to be like her. However he changed little by little. We all did. As settlement after settlement fell to their unending advance. Even the Ratfolk didn't stand a chance, their metal men were the only reason they lasted so long. We lost contact with them after this place fell. Effectively cutting us from the few that still relied on us."

"It appears we have been given a gift by our enemy and I plan to rip out their heart for their insults." She balls one fist as her muscles flex visibly. She sighs as she gets on her knees. "I am already deep in your debt and hate to ask this but we will work to clear this place of the dead. If you can start searching the surrounding areas for any... Stragglers. I'd be more indebted to you all." She leans forward and places her four fists on the floor as she slowly, because of her battered muscles and injuries.


Your brother appeared to be fitfully sleeping, blowing small dust clouds as he snorted in his somewhat contorted fall. Shaking him appears to do little more than than straighten out how he is laying. Or worsen it...


Tales of demonic possession are common, used often by the ignorant to explain strange or violent behavior. While the majority of such cases are merely manifestations of madness or derangement, those that are legitimate possessions are often the work of shadow demons.

What you all saw could have only been such a foe. A Shadow Demon. An Incorporeal creature that is extremely sensitive to bright light, cold iron and/or Good aligned weapons. They have abilities to possess victimes and use their body like a carriage, even if their victim dies they do not die. The victim's spirit returns to their dying or dead form and are expelled to the boneyard. It is unknown whether this form of Murder by possession or if they are dragged into the abyss for the heinous acts committed despite not being in control.

They are able to throw off wizards attacks as well, overall they are a deadly infiltrator...

In a nut shell
Defensive Abilities incorporeal; DR 10/cold iron or good; Immune cold, electricity, poison; Resist acid 10, fire 10; SR 17
Weaknesses sunlight powerlessness.

My apologies for the long wait. Work is being especially difficult. I am currently withdrawing from my slower games so that I can narrow my focus and reduce my after work load for fun times.

Will try and get things moving forward again today as I get time. Working in a remote oilfield means you are sometimes without a computer or even good phone reception. So again my apologies. :/

Currently minimizing my gaming presence to hopefully lessen the strain on my current situation.

My new job has been rather hectic, had a major upset with the drop in oil and as of right now positions are being eliminated throughout the areas we work. During times like these its best to continue offering your self for work than just working your norm.

However I am dropping out of games where its has become slow or I am unable to focus enough. Honestly I am trying to free up time to continue the games I DM. For now stick with me. Apologies for my less than stellar record.

The game I am active in is only through posting with my phone. However I am hoping today I will be freed up to commit more time but as of right now its a wait and see. May be working a ten week hitch at work, we have some exploration work going on so that means I could get more time to post, however its my first exploration job so I will keep you posted. Since this is one of my most active games I thought I'd let you guys know. I most likely will be shutting down my least active games to increase my focus.

Skyfall is regrettably among those that may go on Hiatus temporarily. At least you are my players so we can start again but trying to make time.

Iron Gods is going to be dropped most likely but that is TBD.

WotR will continue

Iobaria will continue.

I've dropped out of four games I am currently in as players to try and get more time and minimize how late I'm up as a DM lol.

Again, sorry for the wait, will post later today in OOC/In Game when I get the chance. :/

Combat over.

Tawn'Garth stood stunned as the Deathgaurd appeared to recover themselves, some shook there heads as they looked around in confusion. Tawn was looking down at Ifri's corpse, he axe still dripping with blood and her former rage forgotten.

Despite the turn of events Ga'Tul remained eyes close and breathing slowly, albeit with some difficulty, as the injured warrior gathered the remaining soldiers together silently. He pointed towards the torches and the soldiers quickly went about destroying the foul smoking torches that lined the room and adjoining chambers.

Lol, funny Jen. Nope just work bogging me down! New job, more responsibility. Also figuring out my financials this year. trying to get those in line is a pain in the ass!

Ga'Tul's eyes lose there moment of fire as she smirks at Lasciel's response and they slowly close again. Her lips move but nothing comes out as she starts to sag again. She continues to breath but appears to be conserving her energy.

Ifri's smiles as Kieran comes towards him in a mad rage, taking the attack full on without so much as a grunt as blood spills to the floor. Tawn'Garth surges forward as well....

Hit: 1d20 ⇒ 19
don't even need to roll modifiers lol...

... her axe delivers the final blow and in that instance the demons all vanish, as if they were never there at all. Ifri however staggers back against the wall. His horn broken, his chest an body a mass of bleeding injuries and exposed, several broken, ribs as he labors to breath. His shadow rises up, as if a darkness departed his body at the exact moment his body expired. Ifri's eyes bulge in surprise before they roll back and he collapses, his death rattle was barely heard as the creature that floated before you all spoke. Its voice was like claws on stone, shrill and painful as it spoke in so many voices it was shocking that you understand it at all. "Don't be mistaken Paladine, your god's care not for your pitiful struggles. Or else you'd not die like sheep! HA! So enjoy your brief victory, it shall buy you no respite as Neathholm shall fall just Like Kenebras." It closes its shadow wreathed fist, delighting in the despair it spread before it dissipated like smoke...

No worries about that Felicia lol. >.<;

Posts coming later today, still working into my new work schedule. Apologies for the wait. :/

New jobs up here take some time to get used to. I also got a promotion my first week in so... yeah.

Posts coming later today, still working into my new work schedule. Apologies for the wait. :/

Posts coming later today, still working into my new work schedule. Apologies for the wait. :/

Yeah, there are some players on the board that have a special spoiler on each of their characters. Seeing as Pbp games don't always survive that same character. But what they do is reincarnate the character as something else but reuse the name. Almost like PFS in a way.

So each game that name passes through he keeps his tally goin. He also, on a separate word doc tracks each post where it occured for Relentless butcher. I bet if I went back I could pull it off with one of my retired characters lol.


If your in a game where you are at heights, a flying character or commonly grabbed by enemies and dropped from a great height. (IN IK there were giant birds that would do that in a battle. Swopp Grapple Fly up Realllllly High and drop. Repeat until adventurer meat is tender...) Thunderbirds would snatch you up and then use their thunder aura to shock the s&** out of you. usually doing 15d6 damage before dropping you for 15d6 followed by a lightning breath every 1d4 rounds for another 15d6 damage.

In IK magic items like Boots of the cat would be extremely rare like all magic items...

Esepcially when you have a % chance to lose 5hp permanently.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

so posted with my pad as my Phone is MIA at the moment.

I sorta left it at work on my way home and driving 600+ miles for a phone was... not. worth. it. So i have been getting texts of Saw and 'I wAnT tO pLaY a GaMe...' the entire time I am hoome on my Facebook messenger... Smartasses.

Never trust oilfield people in the same sense of falling asleep at a smashing party with friends. You'll just wake up with a peter on you face. IN permanent marker or even paint pen...

To clarify if you earn it then you Earned it. No need to spend a feat, I do enough trick ponies with someof my bad guys so a feat slot isn't game breaking for me.

Ugh didn't sleep worth a hells bell...

So to chime in as I agree with Rhavenna.

They inspire metagaming but metagaming in the sense that you as the player know of the feats exsistence and the best way to survive it but your character doesn't know this and preparing in advance is the game breaking part.

I've played with a number of people who tracked, by saving the links to posts, Relentless Butcher because a lot of DM's aren't just gonna let it fly that you accomplised some achievement with brutal ease gracefully. Granted Relentless Bucher takes a lot more work but you understand my point. At least I hope.

Achievement feats however are woefully ot of practice and not updated enough as well.

However being achievement feats I took them as just that, once accomplished you acheived that feat. You earned it however I have my own version of these feats namely because of what I stated above. Lack of flavor, too focused and not enough of them. I've never posted this because, like usual, I tend to take on too much at once and the list isn't as complete as it could be.

Also I do the massive damage rules so those falls can still be a deadly affair without these boots of the cat... Which I hadn't heard of until now. lol. So currently they are not in the makeup of what is in the camp.

Case in point.

All Gnoll's must die changed to Crusaders Zeal. The reason for this is it specifically stats Minions of Evil Gods. so in essenece you could aim for something like this in a WotR game and eventually net a +2comp on atk & dmg and will saves vs evil minions.

The trophy could be a disfigured holy symbol for the requirement, I pictured a Warhammer 40k feel for it. Like a medal emblaoned on your armor for you accomplishments and a symbol that angered and intimidated your foes.

Happy new year guys and I am at the airport for a long night of sleeping on a bench lol...


Working on catching up, between my wife and kids being sick now its gonna be a rough day. head back to work tomorrow as well... :/

At least the new job is going well. Got a promotion and moving up kinda rapidly. Knowledge is power, for once lol.

Wishing everyone the best!

As for your particular plan I would only say it takes a -1 to attack because of everything your trying to pack together. Unless I misread how you plan to do it that is.

Looks like you need to take a huge fall for that one Wallace. xD

Is Zivvy still willing to join Felicia?

Sorry for the wait, got the flu and then my family did right after so Blargh kinda month, tomorrow I will be heading back to work. Will try and catch up today as I am doing some spring cleaning~

Felicia heads west:

Heading back the way you came in a daze Felicia gets around the corner before she feels her skin start to itch. The Itching spreads rapidly, its followed quickly by her entire body feeling warm and the once cool damp cave feels like it is a slowly growing fire to the half catkin. Her armor feels tighter as if it wasn't quite fitting her form right anymore and her skin didn't feel quite like her own either.

The feeling causes Felicia to rise from the water and lean against the cave wall. It didn't appear to be ending anytime soon. Strangely enough the intense itching and growing warmth throughout her body felt really good...

Ever took 500 mg of Niacin? >:)

Perception Check please

Go ahead and apply everything from the PM, we will just get it done now since I am taking too long. My apologies. I want to keep going with this!

Let me know if your friend still intends to join please!

Any blemishes, scars or other disfigurements are gone now that she gained her template and ability. She is as close to bodily perfection as one can get...

Aiden and Zat head east:

Pressing on without Felicia you squeeze your way through the least of the flooded openings and find yourselves in an open chamber...

Perception checks please~

hoping to be up and on my feet tomorrow. Stupid 24 hr bug knocking me down three days before work. >.<;

Thats fine Wallace as you haven't had the actual chance to use it so feel free to change it. ;)

currently battling the flu. apologies for the wait. just not my month gah...

Apolgies on the Darkvision descriptions, I was under the wrong assumption about what was and wasn't revealed. (Not like 2nd edition at all. lol...:/)

Will work to rectify this in future posts. Currently battling the flu and sick kids. Quite a chore. :/

Dm Rolls:
Zat, Felicia and Aiden Perception: 3d20 ⇒ (20, 17, 15) = 52

Zat and Felicia's investigation confirms the grim news of these mounds being the corpses of some halfling adventurers who delved into this place some time ago. Its hard to tell in their decayed state what killed them ut their hands still bare defensive wounds from being bitten.

The three bodies appeared, at first glance, to have been stripped of their goods. But Zat uncovers a single agate hidden on the central bodies person.

Where to go from here?

This small patch of earth only has two ways away from it. To the west from where you came and back towards the strange natural cavern that you haven't explored yet or east towards a forked road in the water. Leading into rather narrow openings in the rock walls...


Having married a white dragon~ You can tell near instantly that this one is a white dragon, although far less intimidating with its tattered wings and battered scales...

Dresskel is the name of a young white dragon that was a scourage across Northern Iobaria. It destroyed several villages, ransacked outposts, plus it ruined multiple major logging and mining operations. However it was supposedly killed by warriors from Veka decades ago and its sizeable horde at the time was ransacked and made Veka into what it is today. It's the reason that weapons from Veka are remembered historically as being the best in Iobaria around the time you and Livain were fleeing that plague ridden land.

Sorry misread on my part there. I had it correct when it emerged from the ruin. A large creature.With wings and tail length it would make it appear fairly large. It is a beast that looks like a dragon...

Upon further review the DMhas made a Boo Boo. Dresskel is large. Sorry about that~ :/

Also, Tanglefoot bags are revised in my games. They can be used against Huge or Larger flying creatures as I see them being vulnerable to precise strikes on their wing joints. As such, any creature that fails the reflex save and has under good fly ability. Has difficulty staying aloft or taking off. Just FYI.

Hawk bites back a curse as Xiang Yu breaks the woodline and enters the open field. "Cover him." Is all he mutters as he raises his bow, aiming at the fog bank.

The fog bank billowed outward, providing a decent amount of cover from the ruined fort and the hobgoblins therein as Xiang Yu strode out about twenty meters from the tree line. By the time he had reached the spot another fog bank was billowing upward and on top of what was already there. Undaunted, Xiang Yu leveled his naginata towards the cloud and called out powerfully. "Lái ba Dresskel ràng wǒ de liángyuán liú mǒu jǐyǔ nǐ tōngguò dìyù!" He swung the weapon around and displayed his profound skill with it as his challenge rang across the clearing.

In response the fog bank burst outward and standing in the midst of the fog was Dresskel. The large creature looked arrogantly down on the smaller creature challenging it. It's mocking laugh didn't affect the angry samurai a bit as Xiang Yu stood poised with his Naginata in his hands.

All allies recieve a +1 to Attack and Dmg +2 to charge and +2 on will saves against fear.

Size for the white dragon is Huge btw~.

Sorry for the wait apparently I didn't post it. My bad. :/

As the last of the ooze's falls the caves become quiet once more, save for the occasion dripping or the sound of the slow flowing water licking at the sides of the caves as it made its way out the way you entered. In a matter of seconds the three oozes start to dissolve into sizzling foul smelling piles of rapidly decaying muck. Which makes the area start to reek of something smelling close to kerosene...

Aside from the sizzling ooze piles there are the three mounds that have a vaguely humanoid shape. It as hard to tell in the weak illumination that Felicia provided by throwing the insect corpse on to the small patch of earth...


Scouring over the bodies of her opponents she is able to scrounge up 56 black shafted arrows, a dark wood longbow of exceptional craftsmanship (despite the filth that clings to it...), an unidentified vial and a pouch with 38 gp in it.

The rest

As Livain is scrounging items off the corpse of a nearby hobgoblin. Yalanda flinches as the fog bank increases again. The fighting dies off completely where Xiang Yu and his party was last heard as the twang of multiple bows are answered by the pained cries of hobgoblins and their mounts alike.

"Dunno what ya have planned but the Captain is getting everyone patched up, he's sent for reinforcements as well. I'll be nearby if you need me." With that she dashed off towards where Xiang Yu and his companions were.


The trees shift as a couple figures move towards the billowing fog cloud. "In position Captain."

"Don't fires unless it advances."

The others nod and raises their bows, aiming arrows with glowing runes at the fog cloud at the center of the clearing.


Xiang Yu pulls his blade from the downed Hobgoblin before quickly beheading it. He limps along, anger etched into his features as he reaches the next Hobgoblin on the ground. "Yu you have to stop."

He reached the downed enemy, raising his Naginata high he gives a low grunt as he brings it down on the unconscious creatures throat. Cutting half way through its neck and ensuring it did one thing. Die. "Yu your injured Sir, stop moving."

The hobgoblins beasts were just as defenseless, however they were far away. He stabbed his Naginata in the ground and drew out his bow and ended them with several swiftly shot arrows. The beasts roar from the direction of the fortress draws the Samurai's ire as someone shouted at him from behind to stop again. Yu never looked back as he shouldered his bow and spoke coldly to whoever it was that was distracting him. "They crippled her and now I will cripple them."

He recovered his Naginata before marching off towards the source of his rage.

His party, battered and bleeding watch him leave as someone works furiously on his downed mount. "Godfrey stop him."

Godfrey turned towards the person addressing him as he ran a hand through his sweat soaked hair. "Are you mad? He's not gonna stop until they are dead or he is. However I am betting on him and I sure as hell don't want him turning that blade on me."


Moments later~

Xiang Yu approaches with Naginata across his shoulders, its blade dripping with blood as he marches his way in the direction of the fog clouds. However he isn't quite past your group yet...

It was very merry, i Hope everyone else had a great time this year! :D

Posts incoming!

Sorry, Felicia you are up again, your -1 ac is gone though. After you then the slime

As Yalanda works on the group a second fog cloud expands in front of the first, further obscuring the clearing...

The sounds of combat were indeed winding down over where Xiang Yu and the rest were fighting...

The Hobgoblins remain quiet and don't appear to be making the first move this time...

As Wallace finishes speaking a hooded figure drops from the canopy above. Using the squishy tentacle wolf corpse to break their fall. She pulls back her hood and reveals herself as one of Hawks party. Some of you know here as Yalanda the combat healer. "Captain sen..."

The beast gives another roar as Maiathren addresses it, the roar was dripping with mockery...

1d20 + 22 ⇒ (17) + 22 = 39

... its eyes quickly scanned the woods, honing in right on the area where the insect was in the trees as it bellowed in response.

"Dresskel qiilaan wah nid ulfah, daar ulfah qiilaan wah Dresskel pusojur!"


"Dresskel bows to no creature, these creature bow to Dresskel insect!"

A large fog cloud expanded outward around the creature. Obscuring it from your sight and enveloping the recently escaped Hobgoblin commander and its black beast as well. "Dresskel hind ken pruz ruz olm kiir! Fah das hi aav niin!


"Dresskel hope taste better than crow child! For soon you join them!"

As the fog billows outward the hobgoblins chorus dies down, leaving an eerie silence to prevail over the clearing. Broken by the sounds of combat winding down from where Xiang Yu and his party were fighting. In the quiet the twanging sound of bows from somewhere in the trees.

Yalanda clears her throat, as unnerved as the rest of you. "The Captain sent me to heal ya if needed and by the look of it ya need it."

Actions take two rounds. You may make two rounds of actions so long as they do not initiate combat in the first round out of the two.
Channel Energy: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 6) = 9
CLW on Rhavenna: 1d8 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13

"Who else is injured?"

Hobgoblin Garrison Siege Engineers
Something Vile
Hobgoblin Garrison Archers

Back to the party!

True. If they had they could change the course.

;) up to them, of course.

Correction Rhavenna, he took his lance. He did the Drop lance action too. Lol xD But loved the post!

As she stomps her foot in frustration she finds her lance suddnely oking out of the muck around her hooves. the same muck that had consumed one of the downed pairs of foes...

The Lance though appears unharmed, in fact it appears to be refreshed, its wooden stock appearing more vibrant as if it had been allowed to sit and feed...

The goblin archer jerks as the arrow drives them tot he ground alongside their beaten mount. The sound of combat over where Xiang Yu and his companions are still fighting continues, as does the beating of drums and the growing chorus of Hobgoblin chants.

Ini Updated
Hobgoblin Garrison Siege Engineers Going
Something Vile Going
Hobgoblin Garrison Archers Going

Finally the chanting ends with the appearance of a large beast that pushes its way partially through the collapsed front opening of the ruins. Its white scales glint lacklusterly in the sun as it looks around, surveying the area before it before pressing more out onto the open field. As it emerges it reveals it draconic nature as it has a pair of leathery wings which it spreads wide and, despite their torn look, give a powerful rush of air as it tests them with a powerful wing beat...

The retreated Hobgoblin commander sits astride his war-beast as the creature looks to him for direction. He waves his bloodied blade in the direction he had retreated from and the creature let loose another tree shaking roar.

More to come, work calls me... Blah.

Felicia stumbles on her attack, her blade going very wide as she fumbles...

1d30 ⇒ 11

She is off balanced by her horrible miss and finds her footing questionable now in the face of her opponents as mud and pebbles begin to shift in the water underneath her...

Felicia takes a -1 penalty to their armor class for the next round.

Attack Felicia... Not.: 1d20 ⇒ 6

The ooze she had swung at bubbles up and tries to slam her with a long dripping tentacle made out of its own Oozing body...

However it's tentacle goes wide and misses the still agile Catkin...

Zat and Aiden you are up!

The reason why he didnt drop yet is he doesn't suffer charging penalties to a.c.. he did suffer a -2 vs everyone But Ravenna as she was the target of his challenge.

So her 16 dmg lance strike regrettably missed. Granted he made it out by the skin of his teeth. But I wasnt ignoring your attacks.

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