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DM Corerue's page

1,940 posts. Alias of Corerue.


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Ga'Tul reflexively closes her eyes at the touch and when she opens them again their is a fierceness burning in them. "Thank you Upl- Lasciel. I was blind but now I can see. I won't be so foolish."

Seeing you companions shifting further away she nods towards them. "We will speak again. I will see you again." She gives you a toothy grin as she rises shakily to her feet and tends to the shaken Tawn'Garth.

Just for my knowledge, incase I missed it. Which direction are you all heading? (o wo)/

Yeah especially after so many weels of calm. Job may be a little rocky but thats oilfield work. No injuries, stuff blowing up in my face. And now I have a cyber problem lol. COME ON! XD LEAVE ME ALONE XD! lol

Oh well. Posts coming today/tomorrow, just got back to work and worked 14 hours so I am beat. Thanks for your continued patience!

HP max, don't worry about rolling it lol. My bad.

If your HP wasn't Max already than go ahead and bring it to max.

Indeed! Glad to see your both around. Apologies for my lack of posts!

Also since everyone is on this page. I recently noticed some bad activity with my bank account and found someone was creating electronic checks and friggin cashing them for the last few months. So right now not only am I flying to work I am also trying to stop this sort of cyber bs.

So Note of Advice.

If you do not use checks, never plan to or absolutely hate them. Then call your local branch and tell them to disable the service or else you could face the same problem as myself. I just shut it down completely so from now on if someone tries to make one it will be instantly denied.

Granted some businesses do it for a paper trail but in my case that would mean the place I was dealing with was double charging me even though I had an auto pay made up. Just did not make sense. And if they were they have hell to pay as it was charged to my account so what the heck were they taking it for. >.<;;;;

The big reason I say it here is most branches won't dispute anything beyond 60 days. Which means I'm out about 900 bucks at the moment. So check your finances and really scrutinize things. Normally I am more vigilant but this slipped by me. Posts in all games coming tomorrow as that is when this should be resolved. :/

Will getting moving forward here.

In the mean time please level up to lvl 4 please! :D

If Tyrn is stll around I will retract my above statement, sent him a PM but haven't got a response lol

The apparition nods. "Understandable. You have yet to reach your journeys end and I wouldn't wish for your adventurers to end so abruptly either. We were quite the rogues in our day..." He smiles fondly at the thought before looking to Rhavenna. "Despite my urges I will allow you to keep the treasures you've found here. As payment for bringing harm to your companion, besides tis better it goes to use the moldering here in the dark."

With that said he returns to his previous spot, sitting where the dusty bones yet lay and settling back down in the exact same way. Looking towards Wallace and Mai he says. "If you need something, here I shall remain." He sets the tower shield where the battered one still sat, it vanished as he released it and he set the sheathed sword down by his other leg. Ianerus was about to settle in next to him when he waved her off. "You don't have to wait on me hand and foot my dear, especially now." He chuckles. "I think it would be dreadfully boring besides, do as you see fit. And that is not an order it is a suggestion." As his voice fades the room is filled with the gurgling and light fall of water as it transitions from pool to pool before exiting through well placed openings in the wall that most likely fed into the waterway below the vault.

Ianerus watched him momentarily before heading out of the room, her hooves gave the lightest of clacks against stone as she traversed the battered halls of the ruins. Much to the discomfort of the Mercs who were also searching the ruins for anything else of value...

Tadis remains quiet throughout the discussion, the pale expression on his face confirming he hadn't expect nor liked what had occurred. Seeing the ghosts were no longer hostile the color in his face slowly returned.

If there is anything you want to do today please note it as a day before post but here we go.

The next day

Hawk had yet to return, but one of his riders arrived mid afternoon. Bharrog recieved them and than gathered the mercenaries around. "Captain Hawk sends word that negotiations on the items we sacked from these hobbies is transitioning well to the markets. The rider is here to see if requests are to be made. If'n ya want something now is the time to make ya order, ya got one hour before they depart." He givings a knowing nod to Livain before slapping a large parchement against the riders chest. Bharrog growled at the man before trundling off back to the dragon hide once more. "Ya lose dis and I break ya legs."

Tadis departs shortly after to scout around the ruins and further along your supposed route at the request of the surly Bharrog. It takes his most of the day to complete his task.



The fight is a brutal one, you battled your way through throngs of both living and dead pirates and unsurprisingly those that you kill return a short time later as undead. Who are hellbent on your swift and brutal deaths. However with the aid of the Librarian and several other powerful Warcasters, many of whom you instantly recognize based off their power alone, you are able to reach the central chamber of the ship in time to witness a foul ritual.

The King of Cygnus's wife was about to be sacrificed for unknown reasons when you all burst upon the scene.

Please roll 1d100 each, Higher is better, explain what skills you'll use in the fight. Any class skills used will grant additional percentages. Aurora you start off with an innate +20 and yes if you score higher than 100 that is fine :3

Apologies for the long wait but if you guys are interested we will get this going again!

Shining Sea party.


Alright Time for some restarting, prepare to get on the Railroad train!

The Mistress of Gears is good on her word. Among the remaining priests of Cyriss she finds just enough of them, prying most out of stasis chambers, and instructs them into aiding you all as you needed. It's shocking to discover that it only takes a crew of nine to fully man the ship.

You spend the next four days resting and are allowed nearly total freedom within the walls of the battered temple. You find that sections you had passed through before have split and the entire temple appear to have shifted off its base some as the power fluctuations caused all sorts of havoc with its internal stability. However as the Crissian's worked diligently it was only a matter of a two days before power was on throughout the structure.

With Power came the return of basic functions and more marvels that left Mir speechless. Especially when Bera was taken to a room and a few hours later returned with a leg made of metal, it vaguely resembled the one she had lost in the fight but it was just as useable and allowed her full range of movement. Much to Bera's delight.

Ginla is taken somewhere else and placed under observation, which her sisters allow without any sort of defiance. The pair appear almost lost without her now...

Aucturn, the strange female demon creature that had fought the Thoon so valiantly remains in a coma and placed in the same room as Ginla. It's blade appears to eye everyone warily with its bloodshot and singular eye.

The two mechanical priests martial several robotic monstrosities and march them to the final destroyer with several score of Cyrissian priests in full battlegear. They load the last floating Destroyer and depart for places unknown...

During this initial startup the Formian Queen, Sylandra, commanded her followers back into the hive below. Where they set about clearing the debris of the battles past and returned the hive to a semblance of normalcy. Ant was at her side the entire time and by the third day eggs began to appear within the colony below the Tranquil Ley...

On the third day SIL's observation was revealed and Mir was invited as she gave what information she could...

"Based off limited ability to penetrate the Ley Lines flow I conclude that Cassian is on a different plane of existence. Absorption into the Ley Line was caused by the extreme discharge by the core where upon his remains were not destroy but transported entirely into what lay within the Ley Line. Unless he finds a way to return we cannot recreate this event without the possible overload of the central Core. In Conclusion. Cassian is lost to us until another act of god or phenomenon grants him the ability to return."

MOG appeared unsatisfied by this result but SIL silenced her completely with a simple shake of her head, shifting the scores of hoses and assemblies that were attached to her body. "Mistress, no matter how many times you wish me to run logic or reason reports the results will be the same. Cassian is beyond our reach, Cyriss taught us how to tap the Ley Lines. Not how to enter them, to do so would be to discover the beginning. The primordial energy that grants life to everything. All we can do now is start where we left off and continue forward until a time we can touch the Ley Lines without annihilating ourselves."

MOG turned to Mir and nodded to her. "It appears Tyrn Jade will be remaining here with us and you and your fellow chosen are free to leave. The Destroyer is yours and you may do with it as you see fit. A word of caution though, I am unable to spare enough personnel to fully compliment it but as transport it will be far faster than your own two feet, that I can assure you. It runs off the energy of the Ley Lines and so long as it remains on this world it's power is inexhaustible. Now... Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Ga'Tul nods at Lasciel, though now she looked at her markings more intently. Why she seemed more interested she kept to herself. "Your plan is sound, we will gather ourselves here and recover before venturing into the other chambers. Perhaps we can salvage this mission. I'll send men back to the village to see to it that Neatholm is secure as well." She sounded too tired to be even wary of the new companion that appeared in a burst of light. Her soldiers however were looking at Jen in an almost reverent fashion, however if she approaches them they move immediately out of her way...

Ga'Tul Bluff: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16
Ga'Tul's Sense Motive vs Jaeger: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (13) + 15 = 28

Sense Motive DC 16:

Ga'Tul's battered state makes it easier to tell that she is doubtful the village is unscathed. By her stance alone it won't be surprising if she is the one leading the group of men back to defend Neatholm if it is indeed under attack.

Tawn Garth's Sense Motive vs Jeager: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (3) + 10 = 13
Tawn'Garth's Sense Motive vs Ga'Tul: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (18) + 10 = 28

Still shaken by her experiance, Tawn'Garth joins you all and cleans the blood from her axe. "I will stay with Ga'Tul and ensure that nothing comes in from behind you. I will bellow if something happens."

Ianerus speaks muchmore firmly this time. "That land is an unkind place, not suitable for any. To go there is to dance with death, to invite disaster and pain beyond imagining... Even the tribes do not go unscathed..." She was passionate in the way she spoke and muttered towards the end. "It is a place that will betray you. twisting your dream into nightmares..."

You guys are out of combat, please act as you will.

"I'm not sure, we never had a chance to use the sap. From what I recall most used it for heating and fuel instead of war but these creatures were not human. More like man-beasts. As for Lenusya I am not sure what has become of the town, it was still populated last I had traveled there."

"Do not assume it is some simple object! We found it deep in the mountains of the Iobaria and barely survived crossing the mountains to return it to Rostland. It is an artifact of staggering potency, it tied itself to this place and to hear that it was stolen tells me why we had no forewarning before the attack occurred. We grew careless... But the words you speak..."

The ghosts eyes appear distant as if he were having difficulty recalling something and finally his eyes snapped into focus. "Finaela... She is... was an elven giant hunter, she never did agree with settling down but unlike her the road was making my bones weary. She was quite versatile with traps and magical cantrips, something born in her blood but the place she speaks of is Lenusya... I had thought of building their first but with the plague that became a least than welcomed option."

He rubs his face roughly. "For some reason she had always fancied me, but she was always so aloof I could never understand her fully. She also enjoyed games and tricks as you have discovered. However you best be warned that Finadar Forest is a dangerous place, the sap in the trees burns well and is sticky like scholars glue. The creatures that lurked their used it to full effect on us... back then. The druids around their are quite mad as well... If they catch you they'll sacrifice you to their cyclopean god. It is not a place for the unwary. I would pursue her but I feel that I am bound to this place now..." He looks around as he speaks, perhaps seeing something that none of you could see.

Ianerus looked to where Rhavenna emerged in the opening and her words she bowed her head in acknowledgement.

The misty form of the solider twisted with the darkness that crept in, his face was no longer full of confidence, it was replaced by a look of terror...

The room falls away and you find yourselves standing in the pouring rain, the sound of battle rings out in all directions. It was a night attack and the giants were breaching the walls en mass, overwhelming the defenders before they could rally. Save for one who stood alone, his tower shield and unmovable fortress that he utilized as he rained fire on those that threatened his home. The lord of Manor held multiple giants at bay, deflecting and weathering the multiple blows with increasing difficulty but within a few minutes he stood over a slowly growing mound of enemy bodies. His blades magic was fading as the rain continued to come down heavily on them.

The giants kept there distance now, but continue to hem him in, knowing full well this man was far more than an easy target. They brought in giants wielding spears made from the uprooted bodies of trees and even than he broke through their defenses, slaying several more before he was finally injured. An arrow punched through his armor, between his ribs and it was the beginning of the end. The poison made him stumble, made him fumble with his shield and stole from him his strength to fight at his fullest.

As his fighting strength flagged the enemy focused on the weaker members of his retainers, slaughtering and devouring them while all he could was watch. A heavily armored man grabbed his arm, dragging him towards the inner keep. He pulled him as far as the ramp before shouting into his ear, so that he could be heard over the din of battle. Whatever was said was lost in the noise before the man charged back into the fray with his greatblade in hand.

He struggled ever step to the room where the water flowed, to the inner chamber. The armor looked heavy, the room a blur and it felt like an age had passed before Ianerus appeared, she looked exhausted and when she collapsed he could hardly lift a hand to aid her. His breath came in gasps now, laboring for each breath and even than he clung tenaciously to life. Fighting to live. He forced himself to rise to his feet and made it part way before he fell down he landed hard back in the chair. Where he fell asleep.

Until he was awakened by the sounds of combat...

His home was under attack, his men held the line. Why was he asleep? Why wasn't he preparing for the evening meal?

The door slid open, unknown faces appeared before him. Invaders.

The man's form solidfies, the darkness flees before his returning resolve. A sad look crossed his face as he sheathed the blade, the only solid piece of his form which radiated an immense amount of heat even while sheathed. "By Abadar, how could I have forgotten." He walks past you all as Bharrog appears to be calming down, lowering his glowing hammer as he watched the dead man warily as they looked about the ruin with a growing sense of sadness. "How could we have lost? I failed my men and woman who had faith in me. They brought their families here, we started something here. This was arable land and we had plans to do so... "

He looks to those gathered around them and raises his hand and for a moment appears to be focusing on something. When nothing happens he sighs. "Without the deed you cannot own this, without it the magic here will work chaotically. I can feel the items from the vault are mostly on your person. Save for three. My sword, The deed and the Lyre." He gestures to each of you as he speaks. "Without the last two items this place will never rise from ruin..."

Mai words bewildered the misty form man and for a moment he looked as though he were going to refute Mai's strange statement. His centauress companion was silent and before he could get a word in edgewise Wallace stepped forward. The burning blade flared brightly, causing the water that flowed gently within the room to begin to steam as the man turned his gaze to regard the newcomer warily.

1d20 + 10 ⇒ (11) + 10 = 21

"I know it. But not of a Mercenary company by your name nor this Lord Whitefield or his retainers..." He looks to Tadis before focusing back on Wallace once more. "So I do contest this impetuous noble's claim to my home as it is not his to give! I know not of hobgoblins, nor of a dragon within my abode as we are preparing for this evening dinner with my soldiers. I do not know how you are doing this but..." He appeared to be readying for battle, a confused expression on his face as he was unsure on how to proceed.

"Milord..." Ianerus spoke up, her voice far quieter than one would expect from her fierce appearance. "... the small one speaks the truth." She gestures to Mai and the man shakes his head.

"Nonsense Ianerus, there is more to this than we can see..." His form shifts, the misty shape takes on a darker appearance for a moment. As if a shadow was invading his misty form. "We... were preparing for dinner... We didn't perish... Not here..." His words weren't as strong now as his form wavered. The fire that had surged so brightly began to die down and the blade began to lose the powerful heat it had before...

Bharrog and the mercs move to new position's weapons at the ready, they appear far to nervous as to what Wallace was doing and how this apparition of a man was reacting. Bharrog waves a couple merc's back with a gruff bark. "Save what ya ken and get the hell back." He watches with a grim look on his face as he raises his hammer and appears ready to strike, lining himself up with the towershield wielding man. He starts to speak in old dwarvish, a dialect none of you have heard him speak before. It was deep and powerful, within moments his hooked hammer was glowing faintly...

Remaining members still have actions~

???: 1d6 - 1 ⇒ (1) - 1 = 0

The horn cry dies a few seconds after it sounded and for a moment everything throughout the ruin is silent. However nothing appears to answer the horns cry...

Armored man and companion 24 - Done
Party is up!
Livain 20
Bharrog and Merc's 19
Rhavenna 11
Wallace 18
Mai 6

Mai's blade glances off the Tower shield, which loses its wispy appearance the moment the blade made contact with it. The moment his blade pulled away the shield became like mist again...

Rhavenna's shot passes straight through the shield...

Attack on Mai - Arrow: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (5) + 9 = 14

Mai dodged an arrow from off to the side of the chamber, his speed throwing off his attacker. His eyes fell on a Centaur armed with a bow and wearing light armor stands off to the side. She had unleashed a quick shot but missed by a fair margin. She says nothing as she quickly nocks another arrow.

The Tower shield turns as the man comes from behind the shield, his sword engulfed in flames as he aims the tip of the blade at Mai...

Attack Mai with Rng touch attack: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (16) + 17 = 33
Fire Damage: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 4, 5) = 16

Seeing Mai's glowing scales as he resists part of the damage the man narrows his eyes. "Far tougher than you look eh Brigand?" His wispy form swirls like mist as his eyes bore into you. "Ianerus, call for the guard! I'll hold them here myself." The Centauress nods her head as the man wields the tower shield like an extension of his own body. Now that Mai was up close he could see that the blade was the size of a bastard sword but the man wielded it like it was nothing at all. The blade, despite it's wielders form being like mist, was solid and was letting off an intense heat that he could barely withstand...

The man stepped around you, moving to your side and positioning his shield for full cover once more, he still had partial shield cover but appeared to be facing you fully. A wry smile on his face.


You are being subjected to continuous fire damage (5) but your resistances are allowing for you to resist it however, other fire attacks are still reduced so the 16 damage above is only 11 despite the continuous damage.

Mai Only:

Standing within the heat wave you are now able to see the entire room, including the chair you had seen in the beginning. You see human bones slumped in the chair still, wrapped in red scaled armor with an old tower shield leaning against them. A large arrow appears trapped in the damaged armor, obviously deeply embedded in the ribs by how little of the arrow was showing. Not to far off to the left of the chair is the fallen bones of an equine creature as well. A dark stain lays beneath the horse bones, long dried by age.

The room seems to be cooling rapidly around you, especially as the underground stream you discovered below appears to be flowing through multiple fonts and well placed openings in the wall that allow the water to flow down into pools inter-spaced along the walls.

The Centaur, Ianerus, pulls out a horn, putting it to her mouth and blowing a mournful cry with the misty horn. It lingers in the air, echoing throughout the ruin, the sound is enough to unnerve some of the mercs and made Bharrog look even more irritated as he somehow looked even frownier.

Will Save DC 12 or become shaken for 1d4 ⇒ 1 rounds

It was before Initiative, so you and Mai have actions still.

The man retains his cover behind the tower shield which solidifies just as Livain's arrow slammed against it. Her arrow though shattered and the shield looked unscathed by the attack, its wielder merely peered around it at your group before ducking out of sight again.

Bharrog and the other mercs move into positions around the common area, taking cover for archers and moving into line with Rhavenna as they prepared to stay out of the door opening. Knowing the shielded man didn't stand alone made them wary to rush into the room beyond and there hesitation was met by the man's voice which boomed from behind the tower shield. "So you brought friends! Finally a real challenge!"

However it is Wallace and Mai's turn now~ ;)

Or like this

Closer to Like This. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hello Livain... O.O;;;

Armored man 24 - Done
Party is up!
Livain 20
Bharrog and Merc's 19
Rhavenna 11
Wallace 18
Mai 6

No map support currently. Google docs is no longer accessible for me at work. >:(

The heat dissipates in a powerful gust of wind...

Everyone take 1 point of non-lethal heat damage, resistance applies.

... you shield your eyes from the heat but what is exposed is burnt as if you had been hit by a burst of steam and the figure is revealed as you uncovered your eyes. A massive tower shield with the symbol of Abadar emblazoned on the front of it stands between you and the figure who's form seems almost like mist. The middle-aged man peers around their shield as they shout through their Abadarian emblazoned helm. "Foul Brigands! Your trespass will not go unpunished and justice will be swift! Surrender and I will be merciful!" The figure moves no farther, leaving a gap of over 60 feet between where you stand and he holds his position...

Perception Check DC 10:

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10

The clapping of hooves against stone is easily heard from the chamber beyond however the doorway in isn't very wide, just wide enough to allow you through one at a time and tall enough for Rhavenna to make it through without squeezing.

The doorway in isn't very wide, just wide enough to allow you through one at a time and tall enough for Rhavenna to make it through without squeezing.


The figure reacts the moment Wallaces speaks, interposing their shield between themselves and your group. They appear to be slowly advancing towards the doorway...

The hazy figure becomes completely obscured, appearing like a dark mass that was getting more defined as if it was getting closer...

A second figure, much larger than the first comes into view coming to stand behind the first and being obscured by them...

Roll Initiative please!

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19

The heat continues to abate and the haze is clearing some, enough to reveal what Mai has explained. A figure, roughly six to seven feet tall, stands at the farthest point in the back of the room near some sort of large chair or throne. They appear to be winged and are arming themselves with obscured items. Most likely the shield Mai spoke of.


They too appear to be preparing, doning their shield and appearing to shimmer with an unseen force. From what you can tell he is clad in fine clothes and wears a circlet like a crown upon his brow. Despite the distance you can tell they are fairly muscular by the way he fills out his fine clothes and by how easily they lifted the massive shield.

An outraged bark echoes from the room before you all. "Come forth despoilers! Face justice at my hands!"

"Well they sound happy to see us. Great. Tadis's lord shoulda warned of us..." Tadis narrows his eyes at the dwarf but says nothing. Bharrog cracks his neck and looks anything but pleased, seeing the lockboxes on Rhavenna he chuckles. "Looks like they know we robbed them blind eh? Hopefully it was worth it."

Sounds good Wallace, be some interesting arrows to have nonetheless. :)

Yes they would, +1 cold damage, plus you have a lot of bones to make them with! xD

A Magus / Alchemist Gestalt is loads of fun. Bombs for rng attack, Magus (Bladebound / Kensai / Finedflayer) for up close. Mutagen to up his dex, feral mutagen to give claw and bite attacks when spells are low.

At lvl 5 I have 27 AC with mutagen and chosen weapon out xD. It'd be 28 but my armor stops my dex from rising 1 more point of AC. Add Shield and its 31, just crazy. Granted our DM isn't making it easy on us. Enemies are tougher too. We have a 16 person brawl and our party is 3 people. Granted the 16 people were regular and slightly tougher cultists but we burned up tons of resources taking them out. Color Spray is a damn good spell I tell you...

Despite my class being under optimized it is fun. :)

I know right! Its beautiful for a Teifling trying to be one of the Redeemed. However when he drinks his mutagen his demon blood boils to the surface, its a fun gestalt. :D

We just got to the end of book 1 and temporarily this is how he appears, so much fun to imagine him. Granted it makes RP difficult but its worth it xD Tiefling crusader! Whaaaaaa?!

Waiting on everyone else to post, I believe Livain is waiting on more response on gear or weapon choices for the Dragon bones and skin. I am using an alternate system as the standard dragonskin is really lame... OOooooh My druid can wear full plate. :P

Just awesome...

Its one I am using now that we are going mythical in a WotR campaign for my Gestalt Tiefling Alchemist Magus. Just a really cool picture


Your eyes are met by an impressive sight, a middle aged man sits in an apparently stone chair carved out of the rock itself to look like a dragon whose wings are shielding the man on either side. He holds a blade about the size across his lap that is emitting those fiery motes every few seconds. Sitting next to the chair is a massive shield the size of a tower shield. As you pierce the heat haze the man looks you dead in the eye, his eyes burning with a red glowing intensity as he stands and recovers his shield...

Pushing on, feel free to add Retcon in your post, but moving forward.

Rhavenna finds that the case that had popped the smoke bomb upon opening appears to be where the figure had taken the scroll tube. You fairly sure that they were the one to disengage the locks as well. Why is still unknown save for their taunting message.

With all the alcoves searched and the desk failing to reveal the secret behind the lever. The group does as Tadis suggests, moving out to the main hallway just in front of the angled stairs leading back to the trapdoor and the common area. With a determined look he grabs hold of the lever and puts his back into shifting it.

The rust makes it a difficult process but the man was fairly strong and again won out over the grinding decay. With each inch the lever moved there was a resounding click in the cramped vault and each click Tadis stopped to look around, clearly wary of something having been missed since you were down there...

The final click came and there was a sudden roar of air, filling the tunnel and vault area with a rush of moisture before a heavy grinding sound echoed from the common area above. The rush of moisture was accompanied by the slopping of water around the hole, spilling around Tadis's feet as he quickly back peddled from the hole and into Alcove two. The sloshing was short lived though and he nimbly made his way out the door.

Stepping out of the vault, no worse for wear he gives a broad smile and bows. "I live to fight another day."

No sooner has he spoke when you all feel a rise in the temperature of the room, it was a heavy and moist heat. It was like you all had stepped to close to a ho spring of sorts, no sooner had you noticed than a commotion began to stir above. Bharrog quickly restores order but the clamoring of armor and weapons is easily heard. "Hold ya jumpy bastards, damage this hide and I'll skin you! Wait til it clears and we move in..."

As everyone emerges you are all exposed to the blast of heat rolling forth from the other secret room. The chamber beyond appears to be massive and filled with bright light, Bharrog stands with his hooked hammer wary and ready to throw down if needed he glares at all of you as he grumbles. "Ya dig in a grave long enough ya gonna find the bones and some times they don't appreciate being prodded."

Tadis spoke little and instead pulled out his brass knuckles and readied himself, hunching over to make his profile smaller and tighter. He was ready for battle as well as the heat slowly dispersed.

From where you all stood the chamber was quite large and long, at the very end you could see burning motes in the air swirling around some sort of massive chair. However the glare from the fire motes obscured what was near them like the heat haze from the rising sun. It made the room hard to make out without allowing it to disperse more or get closer to the opening...

As Wallace tries to discern how to utilize the desk, the image changes. Showing the small vault now, each of his companions and himself were now represented by tokens on the board although Mai and Livains were not quite right. The kept shifting, as if the desk was unable to discern their physical characteristic before finally settling on a pair dragonheaded tokens. It even recalled momentarily the shadow figure, identifying it with a rather unique looking elfin token before it vanished entirely as the apparition did.

The lever is also shown as is Tadis. Tadis was represented by a brutal looking gladiator token, barefisted and helmed in a showy type of helm that appeared to obscure the vision far more than it added protection.

The LEver stands alone as its own token, though it doesn't show much else or discern the possible use.

The desk is shown as a star token that slowly spins when a hand touch the desk itself and stands idle when nothing is in contact.

Tadis gives Rhavenna a nod for her approving smile as he inspected the lever prior to the dual pop of smoke and he regards the shadowy figure with an amused expression. "Interesting..."

He nods as Wallace speaks but shrugs as to what the lever does. "I could always see if it works however I would suggest you all get out of here. At least into the main-hall or at least into the common area in case this is a trap."

Shadowy Figure

THe smoke doesn't disperse when fanned and asteh second ball of smoke joins the first it began to coalesce and form something completely different. A voice came soon after the smoke started to reform, it spoke in an old Brevian dialect as the smoke slowly formed a female figure clad in armor and wearing a heavy cloak. Their tone was light but mocking as they chasticed someone who was clearly not yourselves. "This lordly life has made you soft old friend. Your defenses are far too fragile and I have bested you yet again because of it." She raises her hand that had been hidden in the cloak and appeared to be hold a medium size scroll tube. "However, if you want the deed to your fortress than seek me out in the Southern bough's of the blood pines. I will await you in that drafty little village you were so fond of..." The figure smirked, speaking in a playful tone now. "... unless of course you wish to admit defeat and send your raven like a coward. That would be fine, since you are getting old and not in your prime anymore~."

She waved a hand before turning and striding out with a sensous grace before looking back over her shoulder and kissing her hand and waving it back towards the center of the room. "Catch me if you can~" With that teh figure dashes forward and the smoke comes apart and disappears in motes of light.

Lol *makes a note* Not this time. *smiles*

Tadis does as asked and moves to the lever to figure out its purpose. Looking over the device cautiously...

"Last time I saw such it was used to release beasts into the arena..."

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The spoilers in the game thread are for those searching the alcoves and such I added wite a bit to speed things up some. Such as hand waving identifying magic items As 1) your going to figure it out eventually. And 2) your here for a few more days anyhow.

The smoke billows out of Alcove two when Wallace sets off something in the desk. Despite the sudden pop, followed by the blast of smoke, it does little more then make Wallace cough in response. The smoke slowly gathers by the open hole in the center of the room, swirling in place low to the floor...


Those bows from the Draconomicon is fine by me. So long as we can make the craft checks. ;)

Dragon skin scarves lol.

"You killed my mate!"

"And he made a fine pair of BOOTS! You'll be joining them as a great scarf!" Attacks

The well poses no threat its fairly small and sits in the center of a larger room, around 20 x 20 x 10 and the hole sits in the middle with the slowly rotting wooden bits. It would take some effort to fall in, hence why I said climbing into it. ;)

Take 20 = 26 Break DC check for Tadis

Tadis takes a while on his own to snap each of the chains holding the alcoves shut. By the time he is finished he is sweating profusely, despite their rusted look the chains were anything but weakened by age of moisture exposure. Tadis never once complains through the process, following direction with complete dedication.

The alcove's stand open, their contents open to your inspection.

Please determine who checks which alcove please. It matters for the essence of your next post. ;)

Alcove one:

Each of the boxes open easily their locks appearing to have been left disengaged all these years...

The first six coffers contain coins:

In all-
* 2500 silver pieces
* 2100 gold pieces
* 120 platinum pieces

Of the remaining four three hold notes of credit and the fourth one is accompanied by a small explosion of smoke that fills the alcove before migrating out to the center of the vault...

Alcove two:

The desk falshes with magical power as the drawers are manipulated for the first time in years. The desk begins to carve symbols into itself of flying dragons, charging knights and other images that move across it as if they were alive. However the images shatter and the wood of the desk visibly darkens as a perfect rendition of the ruin appears to carve itself into the desktop. The view is a gods eye view of the current fort and what lays around it to the extent of the edge of the clearing only. Figures pop out of the table top, moving around like chess pieces, Tents, fires, people, animals and all perfectly carved. Even Bharrog is represented as an angry looking dwarf token...

Aside from the desk as it continues to move pieces back and forth. Within the several drawers are a masterwork map makers kit. Several worn, but well written journal's with drawings dedicated to strategic planning, maintenance, ordering, troop details, and servant habits, along with several other pages dedicated to a time years ago when this old ruin saw continuous use.

The last drawer opened is accompanied by the snapping of a thin nearly invisible thread which causes a massive smoke bomb to flood the alcove. The smoke slowly makes its way towards the center of the vault...

Alcove three:

The Large Trunk has no lock at all. Contained within is a completely intact young black dragon skull which has been fashioned into a workable helmet, a silvery chain shirt, a huge spiked gauntlet and at the bottom lays a verdant white oak staff, it is carved to resemble braided bands of holly and oak boughs. The same carvings which have appeared to have rooted itself weakly to the other magical items. These roots release easily and return to grasp themselves back to the staff body when it is pulled from the chest. However some of the roots wrap themselves around the bearers fingers. Encasing their hand in a flexible and warm embrace.


You detect four aura's within the trunk three of which are of the Abjuration school of magic and are fairly weak compared to one that blazes like a torch which is clearly significant conjuration magic. However it was hard to decipher what they were with the trunk shut...

Once the Chest was open you are able to quickly identify these items as...

Abjuration items
* A Magically enhanced Dragon skull, more for looks than a specific use.

* +1 Mithril Chain Shirt (medium character only)

* Huge +1 Spiked Gauntlet

This staff seems to reach out as you identify it, leaving you feeling warm and alive as it reveals its nature...

* Staff of Life - 7 Charges Remaining
* May exchange 1 Charge for a maximized Heal spell.
* May exchange 3 Charges for a maximized Mass Heal spell.
* May Exchange 5 Charges for a Raise Dead spell.
* The staff appears to have a final function but only

The Lever:

Without significant work its hard to tell what the lever does, you can see it has inner workings and upon inspection can see where a mortared line runs from the lever to an open wall and than climbs upward to the ceiling where it ends...

Tadis looks to Rhavenna's disheveled state and remains quiet for a time before doing as bidden. As he followed you all down he continued to quietly observe becoming wide eyed at the sight of the old vault. "This too was part of the folk tale but I didn't think it was real... Or at least long looted."

When Wallaces offers the Anytool to him he nods, looking over the magical contraption with am amused expression. "I'm going to have to find one of these..." He thinks for a moment before moving off to break chains.

Str check : 1d20 + 4 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 4 + 2 = 19

Also, Arg... I will clarify some of my big mistakes here.

The Open Hole

This is a small open air hole is cut into the floor of this chamber, providing fresh water and the source to the moisture in the air which caused the rust. My bad there, I thought I added it but apparently not. Looking into the hole shows that a natural spring runs barely a few feet below it but there is hardly any room below so drowning would be very possible if one was to climb into it and be swept away by the fast flowing current. Sitting just off to the side of it is the rusted Metal lever.

Mai doesn't sense any gems in any of the alcoves however the large trunk detects as magical, however there are several aura's detected within the chest in close proximity to each other.

If you bring Tadis is upto you. :)

Hope everyone is okay. Wasn't trying to confuse anyone with the above post... Continuing on though.

Bharrog doesn't disrupt Livain for any longer than he needs to leaving her wth a gruff grunt as he returns to monitoring the dragon hide.

Your delving into the now unbarred trap door leads to a well constructed vault beneath the ruin. The walls of this vault of carved out of the natural stone and bedrock this ruin stands upon. The ceiling opens up to be telve feet tall allowing Rhavenna to stand easily at her full height once more. A rusted gate stands open a mere twenty feet from where the stairwell levels out. Had it been shut what lay beyone would have been a lot harder to access.

Beyond the rusted gate are three large alcoves tat were cut into the rock walls. Each is sealed by an irongate and locked with chains and a large padlock on each. They sadly are still sealed and show years of rust. In the center of the Alcoves is an open hole, a wooden contraption appears to have fallen in on itself and the hole is large enough for a halfling to fall through with ease. Sitting to the right of the open hole is a metallic lever of sorts, rusted and looking to have been unused for years, it has a set of gears at its base with markings that are indecipherable due to the rust covering them.

*First Alcove -
-Within this alcove are several carved rock shelves bearing no less then ten small iron coffers, each show no rust or where despite the presence of moisture in the air...

*Second Alcove -
-A small desk and the broken remnants of a chair lie within. The desk appears to be untouched by the moisture or even time as it sits looking to be in pristine condition...

*Third Alcove -
-A single large trunk sits inside this spacious alcove...

As you sit drinking tea and enjoying dragon breakfast sausage, some of the newly arrived mercs start to rearrange the items you found outside in the open and in the ruins as well.

Early in the morning a messenger and an armed escort arrive bearing the Whitefield standard. With Hawk gone the messenger is referred to Bharrog who handles it with a lot more respectful then he treats anyone else in the band save for Livain. The messenger hands over several sacks and a few heavy looking bags that his escort was carrying before wheeling around and heading back from whence they came.

Bharrog approaches you all and tosses down a couple of the sacks. One spills over, scattering coins on the table while the other has a more distinct clink. "Looks like there was someone of import among dem prisoners, dis is the thanks from there father for their return. Apparently we helped the Whitefields gain more power in a way so Lord Adrian is reqarding us for our good samaritan work."

300 gp each, will give determination from the loot earlier later today.

You receive a bag containing a bottle of wine and a jar of pickled peaches along with a roll of fine cheese and some dried meats.

Tadis watches the going's on with a pleased expression, but quietly waits for your orders.


Tadis regards Mai for a moment, a mix of curiosity and uncertainty on his face breifly before hs shakes his head. "It was a craven creature its heart couldn't take the possibility its prisoners would overpower it. Probably wasn't fit to be a soldier and why it was kept in the dregs... But I will look for you if I meet such a creature again."

He looks to Rhavenna as she speaks, he seemed absorbed by his thoughts as he spoke. "Folk tales are this was a fortified manor in the old giant wars, created for the use of keeping the giants at bay if they crossed the Icerime Peaks from Iobaria by way of the Maw of Karth. But it is just a story, this ruin has stood for a long, long time. Surprising that it has yet to collapse.

He nods at Wallace's speech, curious when he changed subjects but not pressing for details merely listening. He smirks at Wallace's Mirth. "Lusty dragons and ferocious maidens eh? A tale I havent heard yet I am sure, however spirits may be hard to find... Unless we somehow brew our own." H chuckles with that thought.

Continuing on

Evening Activities and Morning

The Dwarven smith Bharrog proves a fierce cook when it came to dragon stew, Dresskels parts made for prime eating of which all present took part and some were stored for later as you all knew you'd be there for a few days. That night Bharrog departed for the main camp, mentioning he needed more tools and he'd return in the morning...

Livain: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9
Mai: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10
Rhavenna: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8
Wallace: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

Will saves:

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
5d20 ⇒ (18, 12, 4, 14, 3) = 51

Livain and Mai:

Your sleep is anything but pleasant, you dream of a horrific battle. You manned the battlements and fought against giants that had laid siege to your lords fortress. You were part of the archers and siege crews attempting to bring down anything that breached the outer wall. But the enemies numbers were far more than you could kill quickly and before you knew it they were scaling the walls and tearing you one by one from the battlements. Mai was second to last to be grabbed up and placed head first into the maw of a slavering giant with a deformed face. As Mai died your arrow struck down your attacker, sending them hurtling into the earth below.

Livain was left alone on the broken battlement, the sole survivor of the ferocious giant attack.


You dream of being with someone you love and trust, your feelings for them abound and you coud feel no other happiness. They were your world, your everything and you did everything you could to please them. Just as things seemed their brightest your dream turns dark, your loved one poisons you and when you next awaken your being transported away from everything you know. You travel for what seemed weeks before you reached the farm where you were broken by cruel men with whips. Herded with others who were broken, their minds twisted into pleasing their masters.

You spent your days bound in heavy cloth, your arms pinned behind you while they forced you to toil like some plow horse. Whipping you when you didn't listen or perform well enough. Eventually you were sold to a man, a soldier, who turned you from the task of farming to a castle servant and eventually guardsmen when he came to trust you. Over time the shackles were removed, you were given greater freedom, you could have run but you stayed. It was home...

However the time was short lived, for one night the giants came over the Icerimes in great numbers and that night your home fell to their ferocious attack. You were a survivor of the men at arms that had defended the outer gates, exhausted and bleeding from a gash across your stomach where a giants axe had struck you. You stumbled into the dark until you collapsed inside the fortifed manor. You did not die quickly and soon realized you were not alone, your master, your companion was there as well a poisoned giants arrow imbedded in the side of his chest. He was sitting in his armchair, suffering from the poison dipped arrow tip that meant almost certain death. You knew of a way to save him but try as you might you could not rise to your hooves to find it...


The outer gate was breached, the giants were breaking through the lines and those unlucky enough to not be killed by sword, spear, arrow or club were picked up and their heads bitten off by the savages. You retreated to the fortified manor's secondary line and were shocked to find you stood alone. Even the masters favored centaur was not their. Even alone you stood your ground against all comers, battling with your greatblade and felling six of the giants that had come to crush your lords manor beneath their foul feet. Finally you were driven back by a hail of giant arrows that punched through your heavy plate and drove you back as far as the trapdoor in the commons. The poison was fast acting but you forced yourself to your feet and sealed the trapdoor with your personal lock before covering it.

You turned than and headed for the wooden wall that lead further inside just as the front door was smashed in by a lumbering brute. You turned when they noticed you, roaring in anger and charging towards you. Raising your weapon one last time and roaring a defiant battlecry as the brutes axe came swinging towards you...

How you awaken is upto you, however you awaken at the same time.

Tadis is there to greet your waking eyes in the morning. A low fire burning in the commons area and the pleasant smell of mint in the air. The smell was coming from the coffee maker boiling on the low burning fire. He looks at each of you and starts pouring what could only be a sort of tea into seperate cups. "Looks like you all had a rough night too... Drink this, helps with headaches and should give you a bit more energy..."

AS you all settled in he explains. "When it came time for my watch I found that the last sentry had abandon their post. He was laying out in the field alonside a few others. They were dead asleep and so we carried them back in. Those of us not affected have been trading watch rotations. Iwas able to break away and get some herbs from the surrounding area for tea. Thought you all could use it. We've also been cooking up some of the dragon meat as well for breakfast, so dig in."

An hour after your waking that Bharrog and several others arrived, in fact it was probably the entire band. Hawk wasn't among them though...

Bharrog explained why later to Livain. "He came earlier but ya all were stil dozing so he nipped off with some of the goods to convert to coin. The jewelery bits mostly." He smirks as he adds. "Should buy us a week or so ta get some of this put togehter for ya. When ya decide of course and don't worry ya gonna get your share of the treasure too."

The structure is surprisingly built for larger creatures. Perhaps the humans who built it preferred the use of horses or the like, as you traverse the halls you do find an indoor area more akin to what humans call a [i]Stable[i]. It looks like at one point it could have housed around forty horses in tight conditions. It was also equipped with an expansive loft for food, water and supplies for the horses. A well appears to be installed at its far end and the sound of flowing water reaches your ears the moment you approach it.

Whoever built this ruin had an eye for detail, but it's purpose was now lost to the ruin of time.

Other than the trapdoors and current sealed secret door, nothing else comes to your attention or threaten you all. All and all it was a drafty old ruin and you had the company of your fellow mercs...

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