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Spectral Dragon

DM-Camris's page

2,317 posts. Alias of Camris.


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In your looting/salvaging of the Galleon you come across a number of things overlooked by previous searchers, whether hidden in or buried under rubble:
1) Crossbow, repeating heavy [Broken] : 202gp
2) Shortbow [Low Quality] : 28gp
3) Sledge [Standard Quality] : 1gp
4) Sap [Standard Quality] : 1gp
5) Holy symbol (Demogorgon), wooden [Standard Quality] : 1gp
6) Bell [Standard Quality] : 1gp
>Gems and Jewels Breakdown
Obsidian 5gp,
Azurite 2gp,
Agate 4gp,
Blue quartz 2gp
>Coins Breakdown
gp: 9
sp: 30
cp: 100
At this point, you note a brutal looking half-orc swimming slowly towards you.

At this point, Bryson's elementals comb the surface, but don't find any other people swimming in the water.

Now that you have a luxury of time you see in the northeast
part of the room the floor around a dark jagged hole is surrounded by black scorch marks.

Knowledge:Engineering DC15:

This room was where the fire that doomed Harrowstone began. The fire burned so hot that much of the eastern wing of the dungeon below collapsed once its wooden supports failed. The jagged, soot-caked hole in the floor was once the location of the lift that connected the two floors—the machinery that powered the lift tumbled into the dungeon below during the fire.

Looking down into the hole you can see it’s a 20-foot drop from this point—the edges of the hole may appear dangerous but the unstable portions have long since fallen away, leaving the remaining rim solid enough to support the weight of numerous creatures.
Climb DC12:
Climbing down into the room below requires at least two separate Climb checks—the first a DC 30 check to navigate the
overhang and ceiling of the chamber below, and then a number of DC 10 Climb checks to navigate the ruined stone and timber wall down to the ground 20 feet below. With rope, it's a great deal easier, especially if it's knotted.

With the help of Vesorianna's ghost, you are reasonably certain you have cleared the top floor and ground floors of Harrowstone. Only the Dungeon remains now.

You can rest (fitfully) here if you like before descending.

Intelligence DC15:

That was Father Charlatan.
With your previously eliminating the Piper of Ilmarsh, that is two of the five major spirits haunting Harrowstone taken care of.
Only three remain.

You hear a hissing sound as as a transparent coalesces out of the air near Ereviss. He is wearing the robes of the clergy of Abadar, but wearing a number of different holy symbols. His features were once noble, but now distorted by mania.
"No! No, you'll not escape me! You STILL hold my tokens..." He trailed off in disbelief as Ereviss turned his hand over. The collection of holy symbols he found in the evidence vault became untangled and fell from his hand in a metallic clatter as they hit the floor.
YES... Intoned Vesorianna. The figure of Father Charlatan shrieked as he shrank, and as he grew smaller the hands of Vesorianna came into view as they took ahold of him and dragged him away through the walls.
Silence now.

Moving casually, so as not to attract the paranoid attention of Clegg Zincher, Zane and LizArdoc arrange things so they happen to sit together with Dahlia, Samaritha, Zephram and Rezol for a (half baked) meal as the sun set. They also happen to be just out of earshot with the other Zincher minions.

I sense you have much to speak of.


"Me? I'm stayin' alive like everyone else."
You couldn't help but notice that Erikx casually glanced around, making sure no one could overhear them.

As Ghirrak (swimming) and Phillip (rowing) pull away from the ship, Bryson summons a Water Elemental, who forms a rolling wave that passes them heading towards the swimmers.

Underwater, you see one of the swimmers is apparently injured, one of his friends helping him to the surface. Beyond just at the edge of visibility, you can see what looks like a blonde torpedo whipping around the sunken galleon, diving in and out of cargo hatches and portholes.

Burian, Devon and Marius see the longboat pulling for their position, and moving faster, a vaguely humanoid wave also coming closer.

There are many compartments, cabins, spaces, cargo chests and such; but it looks to you that it has already been picked over, as far as valuables are concerned. There are ordinary artifacts there, decayed hammers, rotted dresses and such.

You all see a brilliant flash as all the chains shatter and fly apart.

Ereviss opens his eyes and finds himself flat on his back, his comrades gathered around him looking down at him.
"Ereviss?" Whispered Kendra hopefully.

Ereviss ONLY:

Your throw is a little short, and the good father easily sidestepped it as he stood up again. Straigtening his mitre, he pasted another smile on his face and approached.
"Resistance is a sin; one you will repeat over and over again. For Eternity."
You feel another twinge in your chest...

Everybody EXCEPT Ereviss:

Kendra desperately cast Disrupt Undead, and a link broke.
Agrimar shouts a prayer and put his hands on the chains, and one of the chains shatters; rapidly one by one, like a zipper.
Ysabot lays her own hand on the chains, and another chain unzips.
And then...

Ereviss ONLY:

Suddenly you hear your friends shouting as from a vast gulf, and you feel a warmth flood through you... And bursts out in a great flash of white. All your pains vanish, and the good father gives a thin scream before his flesh peels away and everything disappears...

You sense somehow that Zane is very intelligent, and very contemptuous of Boss Zincher and loyal to his friends.

If you didn't make contact with the touch, you are still 'holding the charge'.

Those of you feeling frustration at the difficulty of dealing with Haunts, remember positive energy from Channeling, Cure spells, even potions can be used to affect them and their effects.

The night before, you followed him outside the camp and towards the cliffs. When you got there, he had disappeared somehow. You heard no cry, you heard no clatter of rockfall. No monsters attack; in fact you don't see any monsters between the camp and the cliffs (it's about a quarter mile).
But you wondered; the cliffs are rugged, full of folds and nooks. Could there be a trail down? You cannot see one right now and you don't quite dare to try at night (despite your vision).
But today he's back in camp like nothing happened.

Fortunately, the people on the cliff guessed right about the depths of the pool they dove into.

Sunny executes a beautiful, near perfect jump/high dive; she only took 1d6 ⇒ 1 bludgeoning damage as she slipped underwater with scarcely a blurp.
Marius is not so skillful in this, making more of a fall. And he is at a bad angle when he hits the churning water with a gigantic smack. He takes 5d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 2, 6, 2) = 13 bludgeoning damage. He has to make a Fort Save DC14 or Stunned.
Burian is better off, only taking 3d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 2) = 6 bludgeoning damage when he hit the pool with a splash.
Devon did almost as well as Sunny, only taking 2d6 ⇒ (1, 4) = 5 bludgeoning when he hit the pool with barely a splash.

Beneath the water...:

You see that the water in this pool is remarkably clear azure. The bottom is bright sandy with clusters of rock outcroppings studded with sea anemones and starfish there. There are sizable crab (which scuttle away from you ponderously), ray (which burrow under the sand at your sudden presence) and hermit crabs (which fort up, except for their eyes). You can see a lot of fish, multicolored and silvery swarms of little fishies, larger predators such as small sharks and gar work the edges.
And off under the cliff you see a cavernous hollow screened by the waterfall above water; but below you can see an elderly galleon sunk beneath the surface, scraps of sail on the broken masts still waving in the current.

Marius, remember the HP generation convention:
Roll vs average+1, take whatever is higher. Since your hit die is d6, your minimum is 4. So that 3, 1 and 2 you rolled would all turn to 4's.

Now you guys can post.

Aboard the Savage Kraken

A lazy summer day aboard ship is interrupted by a watchman's call.
"Ware the Deck!" Called the crow's nest. "There's people on the falls!"
There is a thunder of footsteps as the crew and passengers aboard run up to the deck to take a look.

Sunny, Devon Hernan, Marius Hawk, and Burian Faldaeral

Paddling as fast as you can in the dugout canoe, you barely miss rocks in the middle of the Atakula river. Behind you pursue several more canoes; more weighted down by the number of warriors crammed into them, but keeping pace with more paddles to them.
You hear the roar of a waterfall up ahead, but don't dare stop.
Your boat jarred to a stop as the water got faster, but more shallow.
As you spill out into the shin deep water, you see that you are on top at the very edge of a wide waterfall.

Spread out before you is a breathtaking sight; You see a great freshwater pool nearly a mile in diameter, the water a brilliant azure. To the north, south and east, the pool was bounded by low hills with open forests, long grass and flowering bushes.
The water flowing past you pours over the cliffs in a kaleidoscope of spray more than a hundred feet down into the pool below.

Climb DC12:
You can see that climbing down on either side of the falls is a fairly difficult process, requiring a lot of climbing equipment you don't really have and would take several hours at the very least.

Swim DC12:
Normally, diving from this height would be the same as hitting a sheet of steel. But the force of the waterfalls churn the surface here to the point that it's a softer hit, and survivable. You just hope it's deep enough here, and not full of hidden rocks.

In the middle of the pool is anchored a square rigged ship, flying the flag of Port Sasserine. The first sight of civilization you've had in months!
But your gawking is cut short as arrows hiss and drop into the water around you. Glancing back, you see that the canoes with the warriors had crashed aground more than a hundred yards back, spilling their hungover paddlers into the river. Angrily they shot as they splashed towards you, none too accurate at least for now.

As for the new peoples entry into the game, I'm thinking of having them be shipwrecked, being captured by a warlike tribe of Olmen, they escape and take a canoe downriver while being pursued by angry tribesmen, they arrive at the top of the falls and see a square rigged ship in the pool below.
Any questions or objections?


Your proposed magic item, Neried's Grace, looks alright as far as I can tell. $70,000 gp seems right, and I'll peg the minimum caster level to cast the Permanency on it at 10th level.
I reserve the right to nail it with Disjunction if it unbalances the game.

Hope that helps!

You see no signs that anyone else in camp is in a Charmed state, or casting Charm. The wizard Zane seems to be casting a lot of Detect something-or-other spells lately.

You have gathered to date 1.5 pounds of Noqual Skymetal. So, how are you hiding your stash?

Does everybody have their build Level 6 and their equipment all paid for?

This recruitment is now closed.

First I would like to thank everyone who expressed interest in our game. I am grateful for the effort you all made to join and I hope you'll stick with us in the future!
Savage Tide was the first really long campaign I've ever run and I hope you'll find it as fun as I do. It is a rare game amongst the campaigns and I hope we'll do it justice.


That said, I would like to invite to our game:

"Sunny" Sea Elf Fighter (unarmed) Ninja Monk (Sunset)

“Devon Hernan” Human Fighter (weapon master)/Aldori swordlord (Galahad0430)

“Marius Hawk” Human Wizard (Chris Banks)

“Burian Faldaeral” Human Fighter/Witch (BinkyBo)

Congratulations to all!

Now, everybody complete your builds if you haven't already and report to the Discussion board. We'll see about your game entry there.

Check again; I gave you something else.

Dahlia Golka:
The wildlife on the island is definitely being affected by those akata creatures, all twisted and deformed. Some of the alien looking plants… they fill you with terror at how fast they grow and spread. The thought of them getting to the mainland… well that would be very very bad. Luckily they don’t like seawater any better than the Akata.
A more interesting fact is that Clegg Zincher takes all the Skymetal he gets from you and puts in in a locked chest in his pavilion.
One night, you woke up, somehow unable to sleep. When you went to the tent entrance, you saw Clegg venture out the back of the encampment, out towards the cliff for some reason. An hour later he came back. Seemed a bit far to go to relieve himself.

Zephram Taranis:
During the gathering of the Skymetal, you realized that the area had been picked over before your team had ever arrived on the scene. Who could that have been? All the other expeditions have been accounted for.
Another thing; over the last few days something has bothered you about Clegg, his body language, his manner of walking, the way he looked at things… and you suddenly realized that the man was under some kind of charm. It is certainly subtle, as you had not noticed until now.

Rezol Born-in-Steel:
You realize that Clegg’s lieutenant here Akron Erikx, the big guy with the earth-breaker, you’ve seen him before. Yes, a couple of years back in Korvosa. The guy was a seargent in the Sable Company, one of the city’s most elite Marine Regiments. A man less likely to be a Riddleport thug you cannot imagine. What is he doing here?

A more interesting fact is that Clegg Zincher takes all the Skymetal he gets from you and puts in in a locked chest in his pavilion.
One night, you woke up, somehow unable to sleep. When you went to the tent entrance, you saw Clegg venture out the back of the encampment, out towards the cliff for some reason. An hour later he came back. Seemed a bit far to go to relieve himself.

The wildlife on the island is definitely being affected by those akata creatures, all twisted and deformed. Some of the alien looking plants… they fill you with terror at how fast they grow and spread. The thought of them getting to the mainland… well that would be very very bad. Luckily they don’t like seawater any better than the Akata.

But, there is something else. At the back of the camp towards the cliffs someone has worn a path from the camp, out to the cliffs, then back again.. The tracks indicate a heavy adult man, evidently only the one guy over and over again.. But there is no reason to go out that way, the main entrance is at the other end of the camp.

Zane Argentu:
During one of your Detect Magic checks (on what, it doesn’t really matter. Perhaps some scrap of skymetal) you caught a glimpse of Clegg’s aura as he walked by. You realize that he is under an enchantment!
It is puzzling, because as befits a crime lord, he has several strong protective abjurations that should prevent such a thing.

The next three in days go by in a blur; Morning and evening, you have to be on alert to fight off surges of the 'void zombies' as the cyphermage wizards have named the victims of the Akata bites. The process is tiring and it is hard to thing through the fatigue.
In between fights defending the camp Zincher insists you go out to bring in more Skymetal. Despite you combing the crater, all you find are scraps.
You find an average of one pound of Skymetal per day. If you succeed on a Sleight of Hand roll, you can possibly keep half of it for yourself secretly.

Nohwear: Go ahead and use it, since I'll probably be getting it in the future anyway. I reserve the right to veto it if it turns out to be a problem.

OK, too tired right now. Friday evening I'll select.

Everybody EXCEPT Ereviss:

You can see Ereviss is in trouble, his lips are turning blue.
Then Agrimar channels and he seems to perk up a little. Two more links of the chains binding him shatter into bright shards that evaporate.
Kendra casts Disrupt Undead and another link breaks.
But the chains are still binding Ereviss.

Ereviss ONLY:

You feel yourself weakening, the good father smiling unctuously. But at the last moment, you seem to hear at a great distance Agrimar roaring holy words and Kendra shouting your name.
Father Grimburrow is suddenly flung away from you and into the nave, scattering candles and choir members. And suddenly you are able to breathe again. You feel you can act now. You can attack or cast.

All right, over the next three in game days, your characters will be fighting off nightly attacks and searching for skymetal/capturing Akata during the day.
Slowly you begin to notice that not all of the personnel in the encampment are Clegg's henchmen. Some are people you might actually be able to ally with...

Post a description of your character as he appears to others and a brief note on how people see you behave in this situation. (Stranded on an island, boss is an unsympathetic crook, surrounded by monsters...)
That goes for you too, Zane and Nakoda.

Nohwear: New players guide stuff? How do you mean?

Everyone except Ereviss:

Ysabot: You can do both.
Everyone: Remember, a lot of the things that affect Undead can also affect Haunts.

As Ysabot feverishly searches what she can get at of Ereviss' clothing, she sees that the tangled cluster of holy symbols is in his hand. But it is clenched so tightly you can't get it loose.

You see Ereviss start to bleed at places where the ectoplasmic chains start cutting into his skin. He gives a violent twitch and one of the links breaks apart, leaving a couple of ends loose. Another link cracks.

Ereviss ONLY:

For a moment you can't seem to breathe, but you give a great gasp and the pain seems to receed a bit. Father Grimburrow flinches.
"You seem to be in some distress my son. I can help with the pain, but you must surrender your will, that my divine power can work through you." He said kindly. The others in the choir smile and nod, encouraging you.
You feel like you can probably do that. Though, come to think of it, he's never had any of you do that before. Do you?
Also, Make another Will save.

This Recruitment is now closed. For now.

First I would like to thank everyone who expressed interest in our game. I am grateful for the effort you all made to join and I hope you'll stick with us in the future.
Second Darkness is a rare bird amongst the campaigns, especially past the first book and I hope we'll do it justice.


That said, I would like to invite to our game:

“Elizabeth Ardoc” (Human Rogue) – [MannyGoblin]

“Dahlia Golka” (Dwarven Swashbuckler) - [Cuan]

“Rezol Born-in-Steel” (Half-orc Warpriest of Gorum) - [Seranov]

“Zephram Taranis” (Sylph Investigator (Empiricist)) - [Tilnar]

Congratulations to all!

Now, everybody complete your builds if you haven't already and report to the Discussion board. We'll see about your game entry there.

No selections have been made yet. Probably Wednesday.
Our party is currently Sixth Level.

Sunny; OK on the reskinning of armor and Aquatic Elf. And that was a great picture too.

Sunny; The Asian classes and equipment are OK, they are uncommon, but you can find them in a city with some effort.
Uh, did you invent your own race? I can't tell with your build. I only ask 'cause you're not allowed in this campaign. Otherwise looks good.

Nohwear; Bryson took Nature Bond (Water).

Nohwear; We do have a druid who is fond of Call Lightning, otherwise, away from the ship where there is plenty of fire support, the heroes don't have much ranged power.

Nohwear; For the purposes of this Adventure Path, firearms are rare and early ONLY. So not forbidden, but not well supported either.
How do you mean restrictions on mysteries?

Eltacolibre; yes the new official paizo materials are acceptable.
Though not forbidden, I would caution people against getting too exotic with the races, and definitely DO NOT make your own race. (Too many headaches)
Only half of the adventure path is on the water, and there are long stretches where there is no water (or deadly if immersed) at all.

Ford the Bard; The party is not filled yet. Most likely 3-4 days at the least.

Gerald; a pyro flame oracle? The crew would live in fear of you! Probably make you live in the galley, which is mostly fireproof. And where all the food is...

There are a number of "District Feats" (now classed as Campaign Traits) in the Savage Tide Player's Guide (available free download).
The guide mainly concentrates on the starting city, Port Sasserine; but there are a number of interesting features as well. Since Port Sasserine is behind you now, and you are unlikely to return (you're doomed...), I didn't make it a requirement.

Briefly, the Campaign Traits for Savage Tide are:

Water Rat-- Gain +2 trait bonus on Swim Checks; unencumbered and in light or less armor, you can swim half speed as move action or full speed as full-round action. Gain +2 initiative while swimming.

Arena Blood-- Gain +2 trait bonus to Intimidate Checks. When you succeed in demorlizing an opponent in combat, immediately heal 1d4 points of nonlethal damage. Also gain +2 morale bonus to CMB when making Grapple, Sunder, Trip, Bull Rush and Disarm attempts as long as you are aware of any noncombatants observing the fight.

Steadfast Loyalty-- Gain +2 trait bonus on Will saves vs. Charm, Compulsion and Fear effects. Also gain +1 to any Leadership score you may have.

Suspicious Eye-- Gain +2 trait bonus to Sense Motive checks. Also, the DC to take an object from you via Sleight of Hand is increased to 25. If you make the Perception check to spot the attempt, you may make an immediate AoO on the one who tried. Also, if someone tries to Feint you, gain a +4 trait bonus to your Sense Motive to avoid the Feint.

Merchant's Tongue-- At first level, gain a one time bonus of 300 crowns to starting cash. Also, when you sell objects, you can make an opposed Diplomacy check to automatically sell an object for 5% over it's asking price.

Academy Graduate-- Pick any three Charisma or Intelligence based skills. These three skills are always considered class skills for you. In addition, you gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge:History and Knowledge:Nobility checks, and may use these skills untrained.

Knack for Magic-- You gain a +2 trait bonus on Spellcraft skill checks. In addition you have an innate talent for magic, granting you the following abilities as a 1st level caster: 1/day--Detect Magic, Light and Prestidigitation.

Child of the Shadow-- Gain a +2 trait bonus to Diplomacy to gather information about a localities black markets. You also gain a +2 trait bonus to Initiative checks in urban environments. Also, enemies cannot gain cover from you if they're in your reach. (You can attack around a corner).

Student of Nature-- Gain a +1 trait bonus on Handle Animal, Knowledge:Nature and Survival skill checks. Also gain a +2 trait bonus to Fort saves vs. special attacks of plant creatures.

Darien; Sorry no. That's not a core/APG/ACG class.

Tilnar--Level 1 is good enough for now.

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