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Lamashtu (symbol)

DM Caleth's page

764 posts. Alias of Saint Caleth.

About DM Caleth

Some House Rules for My PbP Games

Critical Misses: A natural 1 is a potential critical miss, but you have to miss a subsequent "confirmation" role to actaully have the critical miss, exactly like the opposite of a critical hit. I know that this is kind of strange, but it is a house rule from the first D&D that I ever played and it always kind of made sense to me.

Resurrection: Resurrection works as normal, except that when a character is returned to life by any means short of an artifact or deity, in addition to any negative levels, they take an additional small penalty based on how they died. For example, a character who was drowned might get -2 to any Fort save related to breathing. This penalty cannot be removed by any means short of a Wish, Miracle or similar caliber of magic. I do this to give repeated death some sting even at higher levels while still allowing characters to be raised.

Homebrew Material: If you ever have an idea for some sort of homebrew material which you think would enhanse your character, don't hesitate to ask. As long as it is not outrageous we can usually work out a way to incorporate it. There is nothing I like more as a DM than player creativity.

Languages in Game: In any situation in game where there is a language barrier for some or all characters, please use Google Translate to render the text in some appropriate looking real life language and spoiler the translation. If there wind up being a large number of languages used in the game, I will post a list in the OOC thread of what real language represents each in-game language. I find that this helps immersion, and has seemed to work in past games.

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