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Chaos Beast

DM Bigrin's page

2,441 posts. Alias of bigrin42.


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Once everyone heads off to bed, the night passes with realtively little excitement. Cham Larringfass, the Ramblehouse proprietor, chased everyone out of the common room around midnight - so that decent Trunauans can get some sleep - and the place quieted down quickly. The sleep of wine and ale consumed most of the celebrators, and the entire town nestled in for a good night's rest. All but the watch, of course.

Staying at the Ramblehouse:

The next morning, you are awoken just after dawn by a shriek. Anyone looking into the long hallway that hosted the private rooms saw a halfling maid, standing in the hallway, shrieking continuously and staring aghast into one of the rooms.

In the room, lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood, lay Rodrik Grath. His wrists were deeply slashed, and a hopeknife was still held tightly in his right hand. Cham came running down the hallway, looked into the room, and blanched. He yelled, "Kaleb! Run and get the militia. Send 'em here as fast as they can get here. Tell them Roddy's killed himself." A young halfling nodded and ran out.

Cham looked at all the gawkers and said, "Well, what are you all standing about for? This isn't a circus set for your entertainment. A good man's death isn't something to stare at. Go about your busniess. We'll set breakfast out in a half-turn. Shoo!"

not at the Ramblehouse:

The morning dawns clear and cool. Roosters crow and the sun peeks over the mountain range to the east, as it does most mornings. No warning in the night of orcs on the horizon. All signs point to a great day.

I am not going to a con, though I wish I could.

Mostly it was just a run on french toast fixings - bread, milk, and eggs - and the schools were closed again. It was the power loss that kept the rioting down, I think. Hard to work up a good Lord of the Flies style hysteria when your xbox doesn't work.

Okay, that makes me confused again. I am referring to this post:

Quill wrote:

Quill celebrates until he is tired, returning home to the comfort of his cot in Cavinton's shop. He stays longer than he usually would, mostly in hopes of catching glimpse of Marigold Pottersmoot, his enamored.

It's been a good day, it has.

I wonder where Molly was tonight. I didn't see her. I would have liked to have seen her.

Molly was playing cards and laughing it up in the Ramblehouse, and I guess I missed the fact that you didn't go there after the festivities with everyone else.

Yeah. We have a gas fireplace and water heater. It got down to 58 degrees in the house, but we just piled on blankets. Made a cool snowman and went sledding. Cooked meals in a cast iron skillet over the fire. Kids whined about no TV, but we had fun anyways.

@Quill - Is Molly your nickname for Marigold Pottersnoot? I'm just trying to clarify in my notes, and distinguish her from our Molly.

Sorry for the silence. We had 8" of snow dumped on us, and NC isn't exactly prepared for that. No power for 36 hours.

Sorry for the silence. We had 8" of snow dumped on us, and NC isn't exactly prepared for that. No power for 36 hours.

Sorry for the silence. We had 8" of snow dumped on us, and NC isn't exactly prepared for that. No power for 36 hours.

One of Eviana's councilors said, "We can provide a few quivers of cold iron arrows, and perhaps daggers for each of you, but the majority of our weaponry is simple steel. I'll have someone deliver those to you later this evening."

Eviana spoke again. "Would you care to accept this mission, to attack the library and hold it against drow reinforcements until the rest of the army arrives? I realize that we have not told you all that you wish to know. For now, trust is everything."

Well, I was going to turn a blind eye to the pre-teen age of the dwarf :)

Wait, Yelena's old enough to serve int eh militia, an has enough seniority to act as a trainer, but still has a curfew? Yikes!

"Yes, light spells are useful when we can make them, though the drow have innate abilities to counter them. Any support you can offer your squad will be appreciates by your teammates, I am sure."

As the hopeknife ceremony wound down, Rodrik and Kurst invited you to the Ramblehouse for a night of card playing and drinking. Rodrik didn't drink much, but Kurst drank enough for both of them, and lost horribly at the card game. During the evening, those that were there got a sense that the two brothers were very close, and that Kurst looked up to his older brother a lot. Rodrik was the more personable of the two, and made up ditties about the people in the room that had Storn snorting beer through his nose.

Rodrik turned in early, barely an hour after full dark, claiming he had an early watch duty. Kurst left not too long after that, staggering towards his father's home. As the evening waned, you each drifted off to wherever you are staying for the night.

There are plenty of rooms in the Ramblehouse, if anyone wants to spend the night there that normally sleeps elsewhere.

The water is deep. Angelica let about twenty foot of line out before she felt the grappling hook bump the bottom. Judge from the way the rope was pulling, there seemed to be a current down there as well, belying the stagnant looking surface.

Ballad of the Bloodmarch:

Rodrik wrote his hit poem “Ballad of the Bloodmarch” after Trunauans held off the orcs of the Legbreaker tribe for 6 days before finally routing them. The epic piece is not as somber as its name might indicate, and it is practically synonymous with Trunauan pride and the iconic militaristic fervor of the townsfolk. While the poem does manage to capture much of the solemn reverence that accompanies the trials and horrors of warfare, those sobering themes are contrasted by emotionally powerful scenes of wartime heroism and examples of holding one’s own. In 4710 ar, Chief Defender Halgra declared “Ballad of the Bloodmarch” to be Trunau’s official anthem.

Rodrik and Kurst talk with Mariana about life in the Trunau militia, and Rodrik's poetry. There was little of interest about militia life, other than the curious rule that before you could join, you had to have served in the defense of Trunau in some form or fashion.

Kurst took great joy in talking about Rodrik's poems, as the watch Captain's son writing poetry seemed amusing to him. The Ballad of Bloodmarch was the best known of his works, Kurst said. "It details our defense of Trunau versus the Legbreaker orcs some six years ago. Lots of gore and battle chants, but also a poignant sense of the inevitable being turned aside as well. Great stuff. Much better than that drivel he put out recently."

Rodrik made as if to splash his mug into his brother's face, but held off. "No sense wasting good ale. A toast then, to us! Long live the defenders of Trunau!" His toast was echoed by many others in the area, and a round of Huzzahs went out.

It took some time to traverse back through the maze of the rift siphon, and back to the intersection. The western passage had rough hewn walls, as if a passage was already here when the builders created this facility, and then left. The tunnel moved on, with a low ceiling of only six feet or so, for a hundred feet or so before coming to a stagnant pool of water. The depth was undeterminable through the dark, turgid liquid. Sheets of fungus covered the walls, which were slick with moisture.

Here's the map

Kaerishniel sneered, "It is well that you can do something, as your ability to shoot a bow left a lot to be desired against those drakes. Fear not, I am sure that someone has spells to waste on you." He cut off as Eviana's hand slammed into the table.

"Enough, all of you! If you want to bicker like children, go outside and let the adults continue the planning session. Invisibility might be welcome, but we have not enough arcanists that can cast it, as most of our magic users are druids and rangers. If you can prepare multiple uses, perhaps that is your best use of magics. However, we intend to attack in the daylight, hampering the drow's vision and ability to respond. That should work nearly as well."

strength, Ruby: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20
strength, militia: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

With one final heave, Storn and the others pulled, just as Molly's hex caused a cramp in Kurst's hand. The militia team was pulled across the line and a huge cheer went out from the crowd. Storn lifted Ruby up high in the air to let he revel in her victory before placing he back on her feet and shrinking back to normal size.

Rodrik and Kurst walk over to clap Ruby on the shoulders and congratulate her. "And your team was amazing too. Good thing we had Carrin in the crowd to cancel that spell. And Storn! I thought you were big and loud in your normal form. We could use you in the militia, like Yelena here. I know Quill and Vashta, but who are these resourceful ladies?" He gestured to Molly and Mariana. "I am Rodrik, and this is my brother Kurst. I am glad you could witness the hopeknife ceremony, as it is one of the most important things in a Trunau native's life."

Kurst broke in. "My brother only says that because he really thinks he is the most important thing in Trunau." His brother elbowed him, with a grin on his face. "In fact, the only reason Ruby won so easily was because Rodrik here had writers cramp from penning his poems."

Rodrik laughed a hearty laugh and asked, "Have you met Yelena? She is a worthy addition to the militia, and Ruby desperately wanted her on her team. I couldn't let her have that big of an advantage, though. Here, let's have a drink to celebrate your win."

As he steered you over towards where the ale and wine casks are stacked, Ruby ran off to participate in some of the other games going on.

Beyond the portcullis, Angelica can see a skeleton, still clad in its breastplate, hunched over a winch. The winch, from what Angelica can see, is likely the means by which the portcullis is raised. The skeleton's breastplate appears to be scorched, as if burned in a long-ago fire.

strength, Ruby: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22
strength, Militia: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6

Storn gave another mighty heave, and the rest followed. As they pulled, Molly's hex did its work and the militia's footing slipped. Yelena hauled, trying to keep things moving on their end, but still Ruby's team pulled the militia along.

Here's the map

You act as if the entire army is there, rather than just the leaders? How big is this tent? ;-)

Eviana smiles. "I am sure that some of our wizards would like to take you up on that, though we have few that are proficient in summoning magics."

I am sure you are waiting on your scout, but do you guys have a plan for moving forward?

Shalelu responded to each question in turn, saying "We are very low on offensive casting. We have a number of healers here, and a few support mages for the other raiding groups. The drow and the demons have been quick to identify our magic users and ... counter them. We have been dealing with the demon patrols physically, usually with flights of arrows from a defensive position."

"As for the dragon, I can't swear to this, but I believe it is the juvenile green dragon, Razorhorn, the spawn of the dragon that attacked Crying Leaf over two centuries ago, killing many...including my mother. Hopefully we will not have to deal with the dragon and the drow at the same time."

"You will indeed be coming up from the west, but have no fear for the gates. They were destroyed long ago. The dark elves appear to be using the library as their guardpost against approaches from the west. There are usually one or two patrols that go in and out, plus whatever forces may be garrisoned inside. From our scouts, we do not believe the library holds more than a score of drow, including the patrols, and perhaps as few as ten."

"The Path of Fallen Shadows is evil. I cannot describe it any more than that. Early on in our struggle against the drow, an elven patrol fell to an ambush. Though the survivors drove the drow away, when they went back to reclaim the bodies, all they found were the shadows of the dead, imprinted on the roadway. Now, few will approach this path, and those that have have reported whispers of the dead, voices that nearly drove them mad, and in one case at least, did."

strength, Ruby: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20
strength, militia: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

Unobserved, Molly's hex went off, causing Rodrik to step on Jenk's back foot. Both men lost their balance as Ruby's team gave a great tug. THeir feet slipped out from under them, and they were pulled another five feet closer to the line.

Here's the map

The way I have it int eh previous diagram is everyone taking up a 5' square, with 30' of rope between the two groups

I see the problem. My post laying out the distances on teh rope and the character oder got eaten. Free reach spell on the color spray this time.

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17

strength, Ruby: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21
strength, militia: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19

Once again, Vashta cast her spell, and this time it went through. Ribbons of colored light lashed out and caught the man in the lead of the other team. Jenks stood looking stunned as Ruby's team gave a mighty heave. The militia each scooted forward five feet as the teams ended up back in their original spots.


I'll give the color spray because apparently I wasn't clear. There is 30 feet of space between the two teams, half on either side of the line now. Looks like this:


I can get a map up when I get home tomorrow.

Kaerishniel scoffed. "It talks as if we have not considered the specifics, as if we would reveal all of our secrets to outsiders."

Eviana cut him off sharply. "Enough, Kaerishniel! You will be respectful at this council, or you will be silent! Anklebiter has spoken of what he sees as holes in the plan, not to crush anyone's hopes or reputations, but to ensure our victory. He cannot know what he has not been told. And, unfortunately, he cannot be told everything. Not just yet. The drow are most adept at wringing information from captives." Kaerishniel sat back with a stunned expression on his face. Then, he folded his arms and leaned back in his chair.

"Shalelu was just about to speak of what we do know, and then we can bring the raiding teams together, as was planned before you spoke up. Fear not, no one minds questions being brought to the fore, as long as everyone involved has an open mind. Shalelu?"

Shalelu spoke, catching Lefrik's eye with a twinkle in her own as she did. "Here's a summary of what we know. I can go into more details as you have questions. First, let me say that while we are fairly certain that we outnumber the drow here, we are less certain of their full numbers. By counting patrols, identifying individuals through clothing and appearance, we have a rough count. At least of those that are in Celwynvian proper. We have managed to push them back into the herat of the city several times, but each time they disappear and then reappear in our rear some time later."

"As is expected, the drow patrol the city streets regularly after dark, usually with multiple groups in overlapping routes. Demons patrol with the drow, as well as on their own. We have also seen a few instances of demons disobeying drow commands, though no outright violence between the groups. And one more thing. I am fairly sure that my scouts have found dragon sign in the area. None have reported contact with the creature, but with all of our losses...well, you can guess the rest."

"One of the buildings on the north side of the city, the one marked as Yuleral's Rain on the map, belches noxious fumes day and night. According to our research, it used to be an arcanists' building, used for all sorts of magical research. And that brings us back around to the synchronized raids. The best approach for the bulk of the army is the road that runs right by the library. The one we want you to take. My scouts and Kaerishnial's forces will be attacking locations here, here, and here, followed by smalelr segments of the army." she pointed to areas on the southern and western portion of Celwynvian.

"We will have the rest of the scouts and raiders running ahead of the armies to flush any drow scouts before they can note our plans. The library must be taken and held until the army gets in place, and we can make a stronghold, cutting off the drow avenues of escape from Celwynvian. Well, the mundane avenues, anyways. We had intended to do this with our Leaf Raiders. Unfortunately, we lost too many in the attack on Crying Leaf last week. This is why, I believe, that the elders have countenanced your presences, and even have asked you for your aid." She looked at Eviana, who nodded.

I believe Storn is confused. Teh woman behind him is the one that cast the spell.

No, I know it is weak. There's a plot hole a truck could drive through. This is just one of my weaknesses as a GM, trying to get you to overlook the gaping lack of intelligence and just blindly take the outpost.

Eviana mations to the map on the table.

I couldn't like this from my phone, sorry

Give me a break. I'm not a tactical genius and the story is a little vague here.

As said in prior post, I'll roll the checks, taking into account all modifiers

I'll do the check rolls for this, but it seems a shame to waste Storn's roll.

strength, militia team: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24

As ribbons of color began to float through the air around Vastha's fingertips, someone from the crowd barks a counterspell. The magicks dissipate and the woman is left staring at her mundane hands as the rest of her team is yanked off their feet. Despite Storn's now-large size, the militia pull them closer to the line, now only ten feet away.

Minor delay for RP or other actions

Basically, you'd know that anything short of actual harm would be allowed. There was a memorable festival a few years back when an enchanter convinced half of the militia to tie themselves up with their own rope. Of course, the crowd often gets involved as well...

Eviana looked to Shalelu, who said, "As with most gateways, the library sits at a natural choke point in the ruins and vegetation. While our army has trained on large-scale tactics, we have very few groups trained in small scale tactics. Since we intend to hit several key installations at once, we thought that your prior expertise in assaulting the drow force in the sea caves would give you the experience necessary to take the library, while our other raiders take the other points."

"As for infiltrate perhaps that word implies more than I meant. I simply meant that you should be able to assault the library with a relatively small group, take care of the guard forces left there, and hold the location until a larger force arrives. Was that the wrong word to use?"

Kaerishiel spoke up, "I told you they wouldn't be able to handle this duty. Let the Shin'Rakorath assault all of the initial locations. We do not need help from these outsiders. This is an elven conflict, no matter the implications for the rest of the world!"

Once Halgra finishes her speech, and the cheers die down, the people of Trunau waste no time heading for the ale barrels and tables of food. This marks the beginning of the more lighthearted festivities. A chant of "Rope, rope, rope..." started pealing through the air, and a pair of the militia came forward to the center of the Commons, carrying a long rope. The older looking one called loudly, "The militia of Trunau challenge Ruby Halgram to a test of strength to determine her worth at standing at the side of the other adults of Trunau. She may pick up to 5 champions to stand with her."

The tug-of-war is a typical hopeknife ceremony game, and everyone really gets into it. Ruby doesn't hesitate in her first choice. "I want Yelena!"

"Oh no, you don't, young lass! Yelena's militia. She is honor bound to fight with us, not against." The man known as Rodrick Grath, and his brother Kursk grinned, and motioned Yelena to their side, along with a limping militiaman named Jenk, and a half-orc woman named Turusk.

"Fine, then I choose Uncle Storn!" A groan arose from the crowd as the loud preacher of Gorum was chosen. It was no surprise, really, as the dwarf got along amazingly well with most of the children of Trunau...far better than he did with most of the adults.

"Next, I choose Quill and Vashta. Magic's allowed, you know."

"And the story lady." She pointed at Mariana. "She tells such good stories, she should be in mine."

"And finally...umm...I'll let the gods decide!" The crowd roared in appreciation as she began twirling in a circle, finger outstretched. Faster and faster she spun, until she staggered from the dizziness and stopped, finger pointing straight at Molly Blackfoot.

Rodrik scrathed a deep line in the sand, then stretched out the rope to either side. The contestants took their places on the rope, with Ruby's team on one side, and the militia on the other. Halgra counted down from five and the contest was on!

As the afternoon proceeds, the hopeknife ceremony gets underway. A throng of spectators has amassed at the town Commons; the buzz of the crowd subsides as the weathered town leader, Halgra of the Blackened Blades, takes the stage and begins to speak.

“Thank you all for joining us this night. I take immense pride in my responsibility as Chief Defender, especially when it comes to the honor of the hopeknife ceremony. It is always a great privilege to bequeath Trunauan youths their hopeknives as they come of age.” Halgra stops speaking long enough to open an ornamental case and retrieve a slender, ornately decorated dagger hanging from a silver chain. “But tonight is a special occasion, for the recipient of this hopeknife is none other than my youngest daughter.” Once again, Halgra pauses, but this time she turns to talk to the child beside her.

[b]“Ruby, by the traditions of our town, you have come of age. This hopeknife represents your responsibilities as an adult and defender of Trunau. You must be willing to use it on yourself, your fellow Trunauans, and your family—even me, should it come to that. It will be a far quicker death than that which the orcs will offer, and providing it is your duty. Do you swear to guard Trunau from all comers, and to use your hopeknife only for its intended purpose?” Ruby — dusky skinned, black haired, and painfully shy —nods her head in response to her mother’s question.

“If the orcs come, and there is no other option, this is where you cut—here, here, and here.” Halgra demonstrates which arteries to sever while Ruby watches. When she is finished, Halgra sheathes the hopeknife and places the necklace around Ruby’s neck before turning back to address the crowd."

“Tonight, Ruby becomes a full member of our community! Let us welcome her, and celebrate her passage into adulthood! Trunau forever!” The crowd echoes Halgra’s last words in unison, signaling the end of the ceremony.

Later that evening, as the camp settled in for evening repast, you followed Alrathien to the war pavilion to see Eviana seated at a large table with Kaerishiel, a host of her personal guard, and several important-looking elves in gleaming armor. After greeting you and pointing to a set of seats reserved for you, Eviana introduced the other elves as the leaders of the Celwynvian Watch, a group that has been patrolling the edge of the city for the past few years in an attempt to keep the drow bottled up inside.

That group is led by an elven ranger named Shalelu Andosana, an attractive woman who seems strangely at ease in the war pavilion, despite the grungy leathers she wore.

Dinner was a plain affair of steamed turnips, potatoes, and carrots, served with a light vegetable broth and some simple bread. A sweet wine was served as well, a light and fruity concoction, but only in moderation. The food was eaten in silence, or with topics that weren't related to the war. Every time someone tried to speak of conflict, Eviana would turn the conversation to discussions of the local flora and fauna, or the geography of the surrounding forest.

After the food had been cleared, Eviana said "To business."

She spread a map across the cleared table, a map of an obviously ruined city. "Shalelu, please tell our allies here what they are looking at."

Shalelu nodded and took up a long stick. "This is a map of Celwynvian, at least from what our years of scouting and spying can tell. I based the original on old Kyonin records, and then updated it as I could from there. In some cases, I've had to make educated guesses as to the condition of the streets and buildings from afar. The streets are patrolled by both drow and demons, making detailed reconnaissance difficult. There are only a few unobstructed ways into the city, and we must secure them first if we are to have any chance of reclaiming the site."

"Based on the information in the journals you brought, we believe the drow refuge is located here, in what used to be the Academy of the Arts. It is well behind the enemy lines, and before we can assault that stronghold, we must take and hold the approaches and bring the army in as a whole. To do this, we will need to infiltrate a few raiding groups that will take and hold these gateways, allowing us to bring in the Host."

"That's where you come in," she said, looking right at the handful of you. "We have heard of your prior experience at fighting the drow, and that you have been more than resourceful in dealing with similar situations. Specifically, I think your group would be ideal to infiltrate here, what used to be the Library of Reenai."

"Thank Ye kindly. Never mind losing too much when the winner's buying the drinks. Now, as for your question, this here's a hope knife.". He pulled a small knife sheathed on a thong around his neck from under his jerkin. "It's a tradition here in Trunau, based on the fact that the orcs'll do worse than slit your throat if they catch you. It's small enough to go unnoticed and large enough to do the job. The hope knife ceremony is a coming of age celebration where a child officially is recognized as an adult. If you're new to town you should go. It's a great excuse to get drunk and eaton someone else's go.d, and it's something that you don't see elsewhere,"

I will be out of town until Sunday. I may have internet, but not sure how much. Just giving you a heads up.

Placing her left hand on the wall once more, Angelica follows the maze back to what she is sure is the place where they entered. Remembering the southern offshoot from the central chamber, she backtracks. Then, taking the southern route and following the same procedure, she found another exit from the maze. From this one she could see a rusty portcullis around a corner.

Here's the map

Okay, I should now say that the reason I hadn't planned to start until Sunday was that I am out of town for the next 2 days. I might have internet and posting opportunity, but I might not. Feel free to Rp and I'll get to it when I can.

Molly - After review, most likely Jenk lives in the militia barracks, and so would not have a room anyway.

sense motive: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9
sense motive: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
sense motive: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8
sense motive: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
bluff: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14
gambling: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

The four men around the table shifted uneasily in their seats as Molly started the next hand. Drakes and Kings was part luck, part skill, and mostly knowing when you'd had too much to drink. Copper coins hit the table as everyone anted in, then cards were passed. Three of the men folded immediately, scowls on their faces as they looked at their hands. The last man looked at Molly, reading her face, then tossed a silver onto the pile. Molly noticed the man sucking on his teeth, Harper's tell for when he had a bad hand. A silver of her own hit the table and the man growled. His hand hit the table, showing nothing at all, while Molly's held a low flight. She smiled as she raked in the coins.

Molly earned 1s, 4c. The games are pretty low stakes here. I typically cap daily winnings at 1g, just to keep players from gambling for months on end ;)


Vashta definitely sees signs of the celebrations starting already as she heads out of the boardinghouse. The jubilation was apparent, and she knew well how these frontiers-folk liked to celebrate...anything, really. She had met young Ruby a few times in her relatively short stay in Trunau, and thought her a responsible child.


Mariana finished her story and the children clapped. Mistress Evelain, the local teacher, smiled and clapped with the children. Bards rarely traveled to Trunau, and they hadn't heard stories like these in ages. The children of Trunau had an odd quality to them. They grew up with the understanding that each day might be the one where the orcs took the city, killing them and their families. And yet, they also had that sense of wonder that children worldwide seemed to share.

One of the girls asked if Mariana was going to be attending Ruby's hopeknife ceremony, explaining what a hopeknife was and how much fun the hopeknife ceremonies usually were. "Everyone'll be there, 'cepting the militia on watch, of course."


Quill smiled when he stepped out of the shop, closing the door behind him. The air smelled clean and fresh, and the buzz of anticipation for the hopeknife ceremony flowed around him. His memories of his own hopeknife ceremony were wonderful, though the details were a little hazy. It was the first time Joseph had let him drink more than a swallow or two of wine, and Quill still blanched at the memories of the next morning, which were all too clear. He smiled more broadly, and headed for the Commons, where he knew the festivities would be setting up.


A server at the Ramblehouse's common room rolled her eyes at the loud dwarf, and moved over to give him another ale. Why the dwarf couldn't carry on his conversations with the trees and rocks outside, and leave her place alone, she couldn't fathom. Still, she knew how Storn fought hard for the people of Trunau, and how much he truly cared for their welfare. In the year or so since the dwarf arrived, banging on at full volume about Gorum this and Gorum that, she had heard the tales. The dwarf may be loud, but Storn cared, and that went a long way in this town. "Here you go, preacher, but leave the clients alone, will you? Go shout on a street corner if you have to, but no more preaching in here, or Cham'll throw you out. Se if he don't! Now, don't get too drunk before the hopeknife ceremony. Ruby'll be upset if you miss it. You know she's fond of your loud ways."


Yelena's trainees made it the five minutes, plus the little extra she added on for good measure. It had been a good morning, and Jagrin's latest posted watch schedule meant that she was off duty for Ruby's hopeknife ceremony. She couldn't wait. The coming of age ceremony was a big deal to all residents of Trunau, and Yelena had watched Ruby grow from a young pup to a flowering young woman. Chief Defender Halgra had a right to be proud of her daughter, and all the rumors pointed to this being a ceremony to remember.

Okay, so I have this so far...

Molly - A few days. Is she staying with her cousin, or renting a room at the Ramblehouse?

Vashta - A few years, staying long term at the Ramblehouse.

Mariana - A few days, assumed to be staying at the Ramblehouse.

Yelena - Native. Assumed she has her own house in town?

Quill - Native. Still living with the Cavintons?

Storn - A year or so, staying at the Ramblehouse?

This will come into play later, I just want to make sure who is staying where as we move forward.

It wasn't long before you were directed to a spot to pitch your tents, and informed that the Skin'Rakorath would be taking the watch tonight, and that you were free to do as you pleased. A warning was given that there should be no fires, for fear of overly warning the drow what was coming for them.

The night passed uneventfully, and the next morning saw the camp being stricken only a short time after dawn. As the march began again, you saw the first signs of the ancient elven civilization in the form of the road that Anklebiter had asked about the previous night. The well-laid blocks of stone were so tight fitting that even millenia of weather and flora had not completely overrun the road. Overgrowth made the traveling more difficult than an open road, but still far easier than going through the forest had been the previous night.

The march went fast now, and within a few hours, you came to another large clearing, where an advance camp was already well under way. A palisade had been erected, and elves were rushing here and there setting up tents, organizing supplies, and making other preparations.

Alrathien directed you to where your tents were to be placed, then pointed. "You see those tumbled down ruins over there? The heart of Celwynvian is about a half a mile in that direction. We have scout and skirmishing parties already looking for the best locations to prepare for a direct assault. A council of war will be held in the war pavilion," he pointed to a large pavilion being erect nearby, " tonight. Lady Eviana asks for your presence there. Until then, pitch your tents and get some rest. I have other duties to attend."

Enjoy your trip.

Yelena Shukhov wrote:

Greetings and salutations, everyone! I will get my character sheet spic and span.


"1) Thou shalt not engage in PVP: The goal is for everyone to have a good time, and PvP only sours everyone’s experience."

Does this extend to mutual, nonlethal fisticuffs? You know, for resolving disagreements like civilized folk?

I'm a dwarf.

Hah! Yes, there may be occasions when fisticuffs are appropriate, and I would not dissuade a dwarf from offering such a solution. This is a holdover from a game about 8 years ago where I had a Paladin and a Rogue go at it, resulting in the rogue's death and the paladin leaving the game (and PbP, too as it happens).

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