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199 posts. Alias of Runner188.


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Several other people are brought to the main mast and whipped, or bashed with a rope. Nothing comes close to the brutality presented with Jakes though. While Master Scourge is selecting those for punishment his eyes linger on you, but he shakes his head and continues on.

After all the punishments of the day have been finished, rum rations are handed out to each person. Then the entertainments begin. The crew spread out through out the lower decks and making the most of their time: gambling, drinking contests, shows of strength and tales of piratical escapades abound.

Now it's time for a nighttime action: They are listed on the Gameplay Info tab. You can take one with little to no problem. You can take an additional action (anything marked with an asterisk) during the nighttime watch, but you have a chance of being fatigued the next day. Several of these actions can also be used to get information.

Great to have you back. Do what you can to catch up and we'll get going

Okay. We're still going to hear back from Variziel, I'll get one post up tonight (late) then over the weekend y'all can do your nighttime actions. I'm hopeful that we'll all be back by then.

A residential treatment facility for troubled youth. This might happen occasionally. But usually after it does for a week or two, the clients change out (usually through being transferred to a higher level of care but sometimes by actually "graduating") and then things'll calm down for a while. We'll have had a couple changes take effect today, so things should be a lot better after this.

Sandara looks around the group, listening.

Bellam wrote:
If we can get our weapons, we may be able to secure our freedom from these ruffians. Count me in.

Ah, but ye'll need more than weapons. There be a lot of people on this boat who don't care, or side with Plugg and Scourge. It won't be about weapons in the end. It'll be about the people on yer side.

Just then a bell tolls. Though soft, the bell toll seems to permeate everything on the ship, including skin and bone. The crew instantly fall silent.

Sandara looks grimly towards to the clock and whispers under her breath,"Here we go. From below the decks, a pair of pirates drag up the a bearded man. His filthy clothes smell of bilgewater and hang off him loosely.

This is the man that had been chained up in the bilges.

You bastards! Your mothers are all whores. I swear I'd take every last one of you if you did me in a fair fight! Even you Plugg, you limey son of a pig. As he yells, he struggles against his assailants but it is obvious that he is physically weak and delirious.

Plugg stands, holding tight to a loose length of rope and staring at the man. Jakes Magpie. Ye've been caught, and confessed to stealing from the quartermaster's store. Ye'll now be keelhauled. Any last words?

Jakes cries out wordlessly. Plugg hands the end of the rope to some nearby pirates. They quickly wrap the man in rope, placing Jakes near the side. They then stand and look to Plugg, waiting for something. Plugg nods. Jakes, still screaming, falls through the air to the water with a splash. For nearly a full minute Plugg and his cronies pull at the rope, moving it slowly around to the other side of the boat. Finally Jakes is pulled out of the water, a broken and bloody mess. He flops lifelessly to the deck.

DC 15 Heal Check:
Jakes took a lot of injury from the keelhauling. Many lacerations cover his body. Despite all this, his death was apparently caused by drowning.

DC 15 Perception Check:
Mr. Plugg smiles gleefully. It is obvious that he relished this particular punishment.

Plugg speaks up then, Well, it appears Besmara was not on his side. Throw what's left of him to the sharks.

The men pick up the bloody body that once was called Jakes, and tossed the man overboard.

I made it through homework alright, but then the last week of work has been terrible. We've had to have the police come to our facility at least three times and I haven't gotten out of work before 1 AM. Sometimes as late as 3:30. But things calmed down a little last night, enough that I was able to start catching up on some things. I'll have a post up later today.

I'll work on that over the weekend. Too much homework to take care of it today.

Sandara grimaces a bit. Grok's the quartermaster. She has her shop down by the Galley, but she's closed it for the day. How you get your equipment . . . that's up to you and her. She holds her hands out as if pushing the responsibility away.

Some do have weapons, some don't. They're obviously not banned.

I'm Sandara. Sandara Quinn. Nice t' meet ya Bellam. I could not get your rapier. Grok wouldn't let go of any of the weapons, but she didn't see how these could be used, so she let me take them. I've met Salt already, and now Bellam. she nods her head in turn to those two, What about the rest of you?

A woman approaches your knot of people, her flame red hair blowing in the wind. A large smile spreads across her face as she approaches. Reaching out, she presses something into Salt's hand. I thought you might need this. She says, then she holds out two more similar items, And I believe these belong to some of you as well. Sorry I wasn't able to get more than that, she shakes her head and shrugs. The spell component pouches dangle from her hands. Bellam and Japheeth easily recognize their own pouches.

Giffer. Giffer Tibbs. Aye, she sighs, I been here too long, but it only been a few weeks. Mr. Scourge comes by at that moment, and the gnome bends back to work as if she hadn’t even left it. Throughout the day your able to continue talking to Giffer, you learn that she’s from one of the islands of the Shackles and was also press-ganged onto the Wormwood. It happens slower than you’d have imagined, but eventually the day ends. As you finish up your work, your hands shake slightly, not being used to such hard work.

You are fatigued at the end of the days work.

Fishguts lets out with a loud roaring laugh. Y’ar. It be a pirate ship. He shakes his head muttering something. You only catch a little, Ye’d think they’d inform . . .

You continue the day, helping Ambrose with this or that. The mess makes things hard for you, but whenever it’s something Ambrose’s asked for, he can point you right to it. After the evening meal is served, Ambrose motions for you to follow him to the deck.

Sorry, because of the spread out nature of this campaign, we’re going with only one ship action during the day, but you’ll have other chances to influence the gnome. Though, you can still interact with him, the diplomacy check just won’t change anything.

The gnome sneers down at you, but he responds. Though it is obvious he’s annoyed at the interruption. Can’t you tell? He motions to his clean clothes, I’m rather new myself. Though so new as to chance making Plugg angry. With that he climbs back into the rigging. The day continues about the same. Work goes well, but occasionally the Rahdoumi man curses in your direction, spouting off some suggestions on where to stick your “Frog lovin’ head.” Eventually the days work is done, and a pleasant tiredness settles into your arms and legs.

The day passes slowly, hard lifting, moving, cleaning. As the day goes a pleasant tiredness spreads into your limbs. Occasionally Mr. Scourge looks in on your progress. By the end of the day, Mr. Scourge looks in on you, What good are you ye lazy barnacle. My dead grandmother’s parrot could’ve gotten more work done. Get up on deck, ‘afore I decide you need a reminder to work harder tomorrow. As you crawl out of the hole, you can feel the smell of that place sticking to you.

Sandara laughs. Oh, I’ve only been here a week. And yeah, it be rough.But Besmara’s blessing’s been on me so far, and I hope it do continue t’ be so..

You continue throughout the day, and are able to work hard. By the end you feel like you could continue forever.

As the days shift ends, the crew moves up to the deck, where dinner is served out. The fish is not too bad. Has a good spice to it and the potatoes provide a good balance. Once the meal is done the pirates mill around on the deck for a little bit as if waiting for something.

You now have a chance to interact with one another for a little while without the fear of being overheard (as long as you’re not yelling or anything). Most everyone else is too busy with their own things

Sorry about the delay folks. Had a calculus test today, and a lot of homework due. Feel free to do a little more RP. I'll have more of an update tomorrow sometime.

The red-haired woman looks up at you and smiles wide. Oh, same thing as you and your friends, I imagine. I’m Sandara She extends her hand briefly. Nice to meet you.

At first the gnome seems to ignore you, but as you persist, she warms up, even smiling a little. The stones, oh, you’ll get used to them. They’re for scrubbing the deck after the mopping. It’s horrid.

The man spits at your feet, then turns so he doesn’t have to look at you.

Ambrose blinks in surprise, then burst out laughing. That old codfish? He’ll eat anything put before ‘im. It’s the rest you gotta worry about. He motions for you to come over and sit. Go ahead and start peeling some of these potatoes. I’m almost done with the meal today anyway. Ambrose has a slight slur to his words, apparently drunk, though only slightly. What do you think o’ the Wormwood so far? I know it’s a lot to take in. Large ship n’ bein’ yer firs’ day n’ all. It’s a strange ship. A lot wrong with it. Hell, it’s poison, this ship, but don’t let anyone hear you say it aloud. The hull listens, see, and the cap’n hears it all. Poison the Wormwood is, though, rotten to the core. You’ll not meet a more nasty, sour piece of work than Cap’n Harrigan in all your days at sea, and his crew’s the same, ’specially the first mate, Mr. Plugg. Vicious little sod, he is. He’d take his own mother’s liver to the butcher to make pies with, he would. But they leave me alone, mostly. They know I can’t ’arm ’em.

The man scowls at you, Get away from me. And get back to work ‘afore I learn you what bein’ part of the crew’s about.

I didn't mention this before, but I need bluff (to pretend to be friendly), diplomacy (to be genuine), or intimidate (to frighten the NPC into being friendly) checks from everyone trying to influence an NPC (Variziel, Bellam and Salt). And yes, if you're near one another, you can talk some.

There are several hammer's and other carpentry tools lying about on the boat.

Mr. Plugg eyes Japheeth. Finally he nods, You can only make things better. Fishguts’ll be yer master. Congratulations, you’re the new cook’s mate. You three, he points to Jessamy, Variziel and Salt, are all swabs. Ye’ll be working under Master Scourges careful eye. Finally the climber. Ye’re workin’ for me as me new rigger. Come now Mr. Plugg motions for Bellam to follow him.

As Mr. Plugg begins to move off, Mr. Scourge takes over with commands. He smiles maliciously at the half-elf, Ye’ll be manning the bilges today. You other two, I need you to start hauling rope. Get to work ye lazy bilge rats. He points to several strands of rope, I need these coils up on the poop deck. I’ll take these other two landlubbers to their jobs, but I’ll be back to keep me eye on you.

Mr. Scourge leads Variziel and Japheeth down to the middle hold. He points to a door on the other end of the ship. That’s the galley. That’ll be where you and Fishguts work out the meals. He stops and looks menacingly at Japheeth, They better be good meals. I’m not eating his bilge water soups anymore.

Mr. Scourge then leads Variziel down again to where you woke up. He walks over to a trapdoor just behind the mainmast. He lifts it and a foul odor rises from the door. Ye’ll be working the bilge pumps. Get down there, and no slacking. Or ye’ll have me to answer to. He waits just long enough for Variziel to climb down the ladder and then moves off.

A Pirates Day:
Durring the day you can do your job and have time for 1 additional ship action as detailed below:
Work Diligently: Gain a +4 bonus on any one check for a job’s daily task
Influence: Make normal checks for a job’s daily task and attempt to influence a single NPC
Sneak: Make normal checks for a job’s daily task and briefly explore one area of the ship (the PC can make a single Perception check or other skill check with no chance of detection)
Shop: Take a –2 penalty on all checks for a job’s daily task and visit the quartermaster’s store
Shirk: Take a –2 penalty on all checks for a job’s daily task and take time exploring one area of the ship. The PC can take 10 on a single Perception check or other skill check, but must make a check to avoid being discovered.

Each of your jobs will have a skill check involved with it. Yours is listed in your spoiler below, as well as an initial description. Decide on your actions and describe anything you want to, I will add in more details once I get all of that info.

Salt and Jessamy:
You start to work hauling the rope. There are several other people working around you. A one-eyed gnome stands working with mops and some stones nearby her. A fat, bald man working near her. A man with a blue varisian scarf tied around his head runs around, seemingly delivering messages. And a woman with fiery red hair, doing repair work on some of the sails.

You are hauling rope and doing knot work. This requires a profession (sailor) or Strength check. You also need a constitution check.

Mr. Plugg takes you to the foredeck. He gives you quick instructions, mostly raise and lower the sail when told. Then moves off. There are other pirates working around you. A gnome with a foppish purple hat and an eye patch stands singing to himself as he climbs the rigging. A big Rahadoumi with a permanent scoul hauls on a rope, connected to one of the sails near you.

Today you’re doing line work. This requires a Profession (sailor) or Dexterity check. You also need a constitution check.

You walk into a small cramped kitchen. Two tables are covered in food, utensils and dirt. Several chickens and a few goats wander through the galley. You also see a large man, sitting on a stool and peeling potatoes. The man has several stains on his apron. He is obviously not paying attention as you walk in. But when you close the door behind you he looks up, Ah. You must be my new mate. I’m Ambrose Kroop, though most call me Fishguts. And you?

You are helping out the cook. Today, you don’t need to make a check. [ooc]

You climb down into the bilges. As you step into the ankle-high water you notice a man chained to the bulkheads in the forward section of the bilges. He seems dazed and doesn’t say anything. Simply lies in his bindings.

[ooc]You are manning the bilges. You need a Strength check to succeed. I also need a Constitution check from you.

Got half a post done, but it's gonna be a long one, and I gotta get some school work done. I'll finish it up after work tonight.

The ships deck looks mostly to be covered in ropes, sails, barrels and men. Maybe some of the barrels have your gear, but many of them seem to be being used--some full of water, some being rolled here or there. Regardless, it doesn't seem a likely place.

GM Screen:
1d6 ⇒ 1
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22

Variziel starts to climb and makes it 10 feet before falling to the deck below. Master Scourge and a few sailors around him burst into laughter.

Variziel, you take 1 damage from the fall.

The two Mwangi men try to climb, but do not manage to make it more than a couple feet off the ground. Master Plugg watches the contest for a moment. He looks at one of the dark skinned man, a suspicious cast begins to cross his face, but before he can act on it, the humanoid frog reaches the top. Mr. Plugg's mouth drops open for a moment, and he speaks quietly to himself. Finally he yells out to the only other one who's made it any distance at all, Jessamy, I got me my new rigger. Come on down the rest of you. Ye'r too slow anyhow.

As everyone gathers on the deck again, Mr. Plugg asks them all one by one, excepting Bellam, if they can cook.

Roll a bluff check if you want to pretend to fail.

Once you are all on the deck, the Garundi man begins to speak, Glad you could join us at last! Welcome to the Wormwood! My thanks for ‘volunteering’ to join my crew. I’m Barnabas Harrigan. That’s Captain Barnabas Harrigan to you, not that you’ll ever need to address me. I have only one rule—don’t speak to me. I like talk, but I don’t like your talk. Follow that rule and we’ll all get along fine.

Oh, and one more thing. Even with you new recruits, we’re still short-handed, and I aim to keep what crew I have. There’ll be a keelhaulin’ for anyone caught killin’ anyone. Mr. Plugg! If you’d be so kind as to make pirates out of these landlubbers, it’ll save me having to put them in the sweatbox for a year and a day before I make pies out of ’em.

The balding man next to the captain--obviously Mr. Plugg--nods and steps forward. Captain Harrigan walks away.

Plugg smiles viciously, Alright you filthy swabs. Climb t’the crow’s nest, fast as you can. And if any of you need motivation, Mr. Scourge here can help. The whip wielding man from below deck smiles, glaring at you, and flips the end of his whip as if anticipating someone taking him up on the offer.

You can see the crow’s nest at the top of the main mast, high above you.

It’s a DC 10 climb check to get the crow’s nest, 60’ up. Remember that you move at quarter speed when climbing unless you want to take the penalties (half-speed at -5 penalty) which means I will need several checks from each of you.

As the group passes, the man with the whip simply sneers at the half-elf, exposing a mouth full of gold teeth. He flicks the whip as if to strike again, but instead motions to his men. They follow the newcomers up through the middle hold and up onto the deck.

DC 10 Perception Check:
Now that your heads a little more clear, you notice an oily, nutmeg taste lingering on your tongue.

DC 15 Craft (Alchemy) or DC 10 Knowledge (Nature) Check(If successful on the above check):
You recognize this as a clear sign of oil of taggit poisoning. You remember indulging in a spicy food or rum that could have easily hidden the taste of oil of taggit the night before.

DC 10 Intelligence Check (Whether you made the above checks or not):
Now that you see the gold teeth, you remember that man from the Formidably Maid the night before

A spray of salty air hits as you come onto the deck. As you look around, you can see lot's of water surrounding the sizable ship, with the land appearing as an ochre haze many miles astern.

As you look around the ship, you notice that you are not the only newcomers. There are four others--fresh-faced and relatively clean, gathered around the mainmast all staring up at the higher deck, 15 feet above you. Two men stand up there, one a large Garundi man, dark skin exposed to his waist, and an eye patch covering most of a scar around one eye. The other is a shorter balding man. His thin beard is held together with gold rings. In his hands he holds a cat-o-nine-tails.

The man stares at the milling group, his expression turning sour. I said on deck! he bellows, Ye'll learn what ya need to know there. For now, I'm the man to obey. He leans forward menace in his eyes, Quickly. The man lashes out with the whip again, catching Variziel's raised arms. Some of the men around him tense and begin pounding their saps in their free hands.

GM Screen:
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25
1d3 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

Variziel, you take 4 pts non-lethal damage.

First post is up. When you are ready, head over to the gameplay thread and we'll get this started. I hope to have everyone's first response by Monday night, but if we get them sooner then great. That just means I can move us along that much quicker.

As you swim through the sea of darkness and memories—memories of strongly spiced food, ringing laughter and excess—small snatches of sound or movement break through the surface, disturbing the vision around you. It all seems jumbled at first, but slowly you begin to make some of them out. The first thing you really notice is the pounding in your head, immediately followed by a sour taste in your mouth. The hard floor beneath you seems to creak and rock in rhythm with the pounding in your head.

It takes a while, but your eventually able to open your eyes. You’re in a dark room, not much is visible, you can see shapes hanging as if suspended between pillars. You are accosted by a strange scent—at once musty and salty mixing in your nostrils. You’re able to sense more than see that there are a few other people lying near you. You can hear the pounding of feet on the floor above you. Just as you’re beginning to sit up, several sets footsteps begin to come down some steps nearby.

As the steps get closer lantern light assails you. It’s hard to see anything for a moment as your eyes adjust. Finally you can see several pirates handling saps and looking down at you all. In the center of the group stands a man—his braided beard spilling down his chest—carrying a whip. An expression that could be mistaken for pain, but was clearly an attempt at a smile runs across the mans face. He cracks the whip over your heads and a harsh voice calls out, Still abed with the sun over the yardarm? On your feet, ye filthy swabs! Get up on deck and report for duty before Cap’n Harrigan flays your flesh into sausage skins and has Fishguts fry ye up for breakfast!

You also notice that almost all of your gear is missing. The only thing you still have on you is your holy symbol.

You also notice that almost all of your gear is missing. The only thing you still have on you is your thieves tools, which you had secreted away.

You also notice that almost all of your gear is missing. The only things you still have on you are your rings.

You also notice that almost all of your gear is missing. The only thing you still have on you is the vermin repelant.

You also notice that almost all of your gear is missing. The only thing you still have on you is your holy symbol.

Japheeth wrote:
Questions for you? Hmm... how are Summoners viewed in your opinion in these circumstances? Will Japh have to hide his Eidolon?

Magic is not uncommon aboard pirate ships in the Shackles. So basically it will depend on who your friends and enemies are and what Japheeth will want to do about it. In the end, no, there's no reason you'd need to hide your Eidolon except for your own reasons.

RainyDayNinja wrote:
Checking in. FYI, I'll be at a Con all day Saturday, so I'll get my profile up and posted some time Sunday.

Okay. Sounds good. I'll put things together, then probably get my first post up on Sunday. Then y'all can get started when you can. Hopefully have things really rolling by Monday night.

Great. Head over and check in at the discussion thread.

Now about you guys.

Do any of you have odd posting schedules? Do you have any experience with Skull and Shackles before? Any questions for me? Anything else you want to say before we get started?

Alright. Drum roll please . . .

The Characters that will be joining the Wormwood on the high seas will be:

Jesal "Salt" Knothin
Jessamy Pierce
Bellam Anklebane

Thank you all for your submissions. I wish I could have taken more of you, but it could not be. Best of luck to you all in future submissions.

For those who have been selected, please head over to the discussion thread.


Come on in and say hi. If any of you wish to change backgrounds to include other pc's, now would be the time to discuss it (it's not required in any way shape or form, so don't feel like you need to).

A little about me and this AP. I will running be combat without maps for the most part. I just don't have time to put them together to the standards that I hold for them. There are some maps that come with the campaign materials, and I will use those.

When combat comes I will roll initiative for everyone. After that you can post your actions at anytime, and I will consolidate them into initiative order. You may wait for your turn if you wish, but note that if you do post before your turn and somebody else's action makes yours ineffective, I will not make you waste that action. I will either choose something similar that makes more sense (ex. an NPC you were going to charge got knocked out, but the guy next to him can be charged and is still standing. You charge him instead), or ask you for another action (ex. You had no npc's near you and declared a ranged attack that would draw an AOO, but now someone could take the AOO, I'll give you the choice to re-declare an action).

As for posting frequency, this came up in recruitment, but for those of you who didn't see it: I expect one post a day from each character. I will try to hold myself to that as well. Of course I understand that things happen, but try to contact me asap when you will be away for a bit. If someone is missing too much and I can't contact them to figure things out, I will drop them. I know this can seem harsh, but PBP's are already a very fragile way of playing. Too much delay from one PC can cause others to lose interest fast.

As for my posting, I am a full time student and also work full time at a residential treatment facility. For me, this means most of my posts will come after midnight (when I get off work) PDT. I'm sorry if this causes inconvenience, but I think once we get used to each others posting schedules, we'll be able to settle into a good rhythm.

Submissions are closed. I will have the chosen characters up within 24 hours.

One last update of the list. This is who I have completed applications for:

Shmoogie-Shem O’Gee-Gnome Alchemist (Clone Master/Mindchemist)
AbsolutGrndZer0-Baltzar Callinova-Changling Witch (Sea Witch)
Capricornus-Japheeth-Human Summoner
Viluki-Molos Kvarnach-Tiefling Magus (Fiendflayer)
WerePox47-Ricia Moon-Sylph Wizard (Evocation)
Saraiso-Rahel Throntel-Human Oracle
Justin L Warren-Yuki Okano-Human Oracle
Dathom-Will Jacks-Human Cleric of Besmara
DM Fflash-Jesal “Salt” Knothin-Human Aquatic Druid
Vanulf Wulfson-Randall McNally-Human Bard (Sea Singer)
Fanguar-Gizsmith Glitterbyte-Gnome Bard (Sea Singer)
RainyDayNinja-Bellam Anklebane-Grippli Inquisitor of Besmara
Mousestalker-Jone Smyth-Human Rogue
Motteditor-Jessamy Pierce-Human Rogue
Kartari-Reijo-Human Ranger (Freebooter/Skirmisher)
Zizazot-Mala Salazar-Human Fighter (Cad)
Sunset-Suny-Aquatic Elf Barbarian (Titan Mauler)
tonyz-Mindy Panotti-Human Fighter
fictionfan-Alexander BadAxe-Human Barbarian (Urban/Invulnerable)
Crustypeanut-Hjrald Grogbeard-Human Gunslinger (Bucaneer)
Mug-Strom Burlog-Human Barbarian (Sea Reaver)

If your name isn't there, please let me know and I will get it on there.

Kartari wrote:
DMBen - Btw, what posting frequency are you looking for? I can certainly post at least once per day, more often is doable too.

I'm just looking for once a day. I am a full time student and work a full time job. Also, I work at a residential treatment facility, which means there's no chance of me posting at work. Most of the time, I will only be posting once a day.

On a side note, it looks as if submissions are about finished up. I was going to keep them open till Saturday, but I've got plenty to choose from now, so I'm going to say 24 hours left. Submissions close tomorrow night at midnight (PDT or GMT-7, whichever you prefer).

Well something like that might work, though honestly I'd rather work an npc you made up into the campaign than work an npc from the campaign into your background.

Alexander BadAxe wrote:

I think I would also like to be an Urban Barbarian as well as invulnerable nice to get profession sailor as a class skill.

Any idea about who might have destroyed my clan? I have a revenge to plan.

Not yet. Do you have any more info about the man? Any personality type things you'd like 'im to have? If not, I might just say insert a place holder character then we can look at that once PC's have been picked.

Alright. I'll start putting some things together. I'll have some stuff up later today.

Updated submission list:

Shmoogie-Shem O’Gee-Gnome Alchemist (Clone Master/Mindchemist)
AbsolutGrndZer0-Baltzar Callinova-Changling Witch (Sea Witch)
Capricornus-Japheeth-Human Summoner
Viluki-Molos Kvarnach-Tiefling Magus (Fiendflayer)
WerePox47-Ricia Moon-Sylph Wizard (Evocation)
Saraiso-Rahel Throntel-Human Oracle
Justin L Warren-Yuki Okano-Human Oracle
Dathom-Will Jacks-Human Cleric of Besmara
Vanulf Wulfson-Randall McNally-Human Bard (Sea Singer)
Fanguar-Gizsmith Glitterbyte-Gnome Bard (Sea Singer)
RainyDayNinja-Bellam Anklebane-Grippli Inquisitor of Besmara
Mousestalker-Jone Smyth-Human Rogue
Motteditor-Jessamy Pierce-Human Rogue
Kartari-Reijo-Human Ranger (Freebooter/Skirmisher)
Zizazot-Mala Salazar-Human Fighter (Cad)
Sunset-Suny-Aquatic Elf Barbarian (Titan Mauler)
tonyz-Mindy Panotti-Human Fighter
fictionfan-Alexander BadAxe-Human Barbarian
Crustypeanut-Hjrald Grogbeard-Human Gunslinger (Bucaneer)

@Japheeth - Sounds good. No more questions at this point.

@Jone Smyth - Looking good. No questions yet.


I appreciate the offer, but I only have time to run one campaign right now and I've already begun working this out with GM Armidillephant. Thanks anyway.

Sunny. wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Much cheers to all.

Got it. Well, then looking good. No questions so far.

Viluki wrote:
GM does that mean a more "straight" caster like a wizard is desired? If so i'll submit one.

I'm not sure what I said that suggested that, but no, I'm not looking for a more "straight" caster. I'm just looking for interesting, fun characters.

Yuki Okano wrote:

Here is my submission, an Oracle of the Waves. All relevant information is in the profile. I had the character made up before I realized there was another Oracle with the same Mystery, but I like it enough that I'm just going to go with it. I can post at least once a day.

Good luck to everyone!

Looking good. No questions yet.

Here is a list of completed applications:

Shmoogie-Shmoogie-Gnome Alchemist (Clone Master/Mindchemist)
Kartari-Reijo-Human Ranger (Freebooter/Skirmisher)
AbsolutGrndZer0-Baltzar Callinova-Changling Witch (Sea Witch)
Capricornus-Japheeth-Human Summoner
Vanulf Wulfson-Randall McNally-Human Bard (Sea Singer)
Zizazot-Mala Salazar-Human Fighter (Cad)
Vikulki-Molos Kvarnach-Tiefling Magus (Fiendflayer)
Fanguar-Gizsmith Glitterbyte-Gnome Bard (Sea Singer)
Saraiso-Rahel Throntel-Human Oracle
RainyDayNinja-Bellam Anklebane-Grippli Inquisitor of Besmara
Sunset-Suny-Aquatic Elf Monk (Martial Artist)
tonyz-Mindy Panotti-Human Fighter

@Baltzar - your background looks good, but I would like to know a little more about who Baltzar is. Doesn't necessarily need to go in your background--maybe a section with personality or something--but I consider your application complete.

@Japheeth - Looking great. I kind of like the whole eidolon inside you thing. Though I am curious, how do you see this working with Meena being a medium creature. I've got some ideas, but I want to hear how you see it.

@Variziel - Nope, I love lots of writing. Go as long as you want . . . well not novel sized, but within reason as long as you want.

Edit: Ninja'd

@Rahel, Rainydayninja & Gizsmith - Looking good. No questions yet.

@Randall - Looks like your still working on gear and background. Can't wait to see what you get.

@Mala, and Mindy - Looking good, but see announcement below.

Attention all:Just thought I should let you know, I do have one PC selected from before I put up recruitment. I didn't mention it before because I didn't know what he was playing. But now I know he is a fighter (cad). This does not mean that I won't select any more fighters, but your chances of being selected do go down significantly. If you wish to change your submission feel free. You still have plenty of time.

It does make an interesting character, and at another time I'd probably work with you to get out a level progression that seems balanced, but I don't have the time or desire to do that right now. I'm just gonna nix it.

As for other feedback stuff, give me a minute to catch up and I'll post again in a bit.

Welcome to PBP. You can post twice a day if you want, but I expect only one and will probably only post once a day myself.

As far as archetypes, yes. As long as they don't replace the same class feature.

No tiefling or Aasimar variations.

Do you have the rules for a mute cursed oracle? I cast find them anywhere.

RainyDayNinja wrote:
What's the availability level of guns?

Emerging guns.

Variziel wrote:
I've decided I'll be working this old alias into a half-elf swordmaster, using a dueling sword.

Cool, excited to see how it comes out.

Looking good. No questions yet.

Sorry, yes. The APG. That'll teach me to post just before going to bed.

Looking good so far. No questions yet. And yes, I'm fine with both the pilferer and Besmara things.

I've noticed a few inconsistencies in your profile. One is that you've got combat expertise listed in your AC, but you don't have combat expertise. Also, it seems like your gear is incomplete. (900 go is too much and you've got some wizards stuff in there.)

Magical lineage . . . Are you planning to take levels in spell-casting classes later? And the martial artist can already be neutral good, do you don't need your adopted trait.

Everything looks good so far. I'm fine with rough and ready. Haven't read all of your background yet, but no questions so far.

Recruitment thread is up.

GM Armadillephant wrote:
I will warn that it might take a bit

That's alright. As long as it's not a year or something like that I'm good.

The idea if running an AP on these forums has been rolling around my head for a while now. Finally, I've decided to start. I'll be starting up a Skulls and Shackles game. Recruitment will run for a week depending on how recruitment goes. However, I do guarantee 24 hours notice before closing though.

Character Creation:
•20-point buy
•All Classes and Archetypes from CRB, ARG, UM, and UC available
•Any race from the ARG, but the more rare the creature the better the background needs to be
•Any non-evil alignment, but lawful PC's should follow a personal code of conduct which still allows them to steal and plunder (remember you're pirates)
•2 Traits (1 from the Skull and Shackles Player's Guide)
•You can roll or take average gold, your choice

No application is complete without background. You don't need a profile, but I would prefer one, as it is easier to access.

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