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Golden Orb

DM Beckett's page

7,603 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Beckett.


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About DM Beckett

I just wanted to take a quick moment to explain how I run combats and games in general.

Below is a typical example of the Initiative Roster.

Player 1 (), Player 2 (), & Player 3 ()
Thug 1 (), Thug 2 (), Thug 3 (), & Thug 4 ()
Player 4 ()
Thug 5 (), & Thug 6 ()
Player 5 ()

You may notice that everyone has a () near their name. I simply use this to give an indication of any pertinent conditions that might apply, as well as to show any damage that everyone has take over the entire combat. (PLEASE NOTE, THIS DOES NOT INDICATE A CHARACTERS CURRENT HEALTH< JUST THE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE THEY HAVE TAKEN THIS COMBAT). So, later on, the Init might look more like:

Player 1 (Readied Attack), Player 2 (-7), & Player 3 (-16, Dazed)
Thug 1 (Prone), Thug 2 (-2), Thug 3 (-23), & Thug 4 ()
Player 4 ()
Thug 5 (asleep), & Thug 6 ()
Player 5 (Charged)

In this case, it means that Player 2 has taken 7 points of damage, NOT that Player 2 is at -7 HP and near death.

You might also notice a few conditions or notes in there, like Thug 1 is prone and Player 5 charged last round. It's just to help everyone remember some of the things going on, round by round.

Another thing I do is that everyone that is BOLD is currently up next. I do roll everything out in the open. So, everyone whose name is bolded can act. It's okay to post out of order, and I will go through and place everyone's actions in order as we go through the round, either making minor alterations or asking you if you want to do something different if something changes between the time you post and your actual turn comes up.

Now, that being said, it does help A LOT, if everyone can offer an alternative action if there is ever any questions, and also to be as descriptive and proactive as possible. It also really helps if, when anyone uses any spells, or even uncommon Feats, if you could make a quick link to it on the PRD or a similar site, and also include things like what Save is involved, what is the DC, and what happens on a success/failure. I understand that this is not always easy to do, at work or from your phone, so it's okay to not do it ever single time. But, if you can, please do. At the very least, post the Save and DC, as well as the intention.

For example: Inflict Light Wounds to the Face!!! (Will DC 14 for Half)

DM Beckett wrote:
<Party Bless, +1 Att/Save vs Fear -> R7>

I also try to add these in when I can, and the effect is not too long or complicated, as a reminder to all. Typically, I expect everyone to remember and apply all the buffs affecting them, but if you forget, that's fine. I generally do not mind rewinding a little bit to fix things. Now, that being said, two combats back is a little too late.

I also try to be pretty open as to what is allowed and options that are a little outside the box. If I ask for a roll, and you feel that you have another option that may work better, there is no harm in asking. The best way, and by that I mean the fastest way to do so and keep things moving is to first off, make the roll I asked for, (because sometimes the answer will be no, but that's generally because the Scenario specifically says so and I can't control that), and then to both ask if you can do something else instead, and then also make the appropriate rolls for that alternative option as well.

If at any time you have a question, please feel free to ask. :)



Initiative: +

HP: ( Currently)

AC: (+ Dex, + Armor)

BaB: +
CMB: +

Weapons and Armor:


Fort: + (, + Con)
Refl: + (, + Dex)
Will: + (, + Wis)

<- Armor Check Penulty>
Acrobatics: +
Bluff: +
Diplomacy: +
Intimidate: +
Knowledge Religion: +
Linguistics: +
Perform Dance: +
Sense Motive: +
Spellcraft: +
Use Magic Device:




Special Abilities:

Orisons < Known, DC 1>:

1st Level </Day, DC 1>, used:

2nd Level </Day, DC 1>, used:

3rd Level </Day, DC 1>, used:

4th Level </Day, DC 1>, used:

5th Level </Day, DC 1>, used:

6th Level </Day, DC 1>, used:

7th Level </Day, DC 1>, used:

8th Level </Day, DC 1>, used:

9th Level </Day, DC 1>, used:


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