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Alastir Wade

DM Arknight's page

104 posts. Alias of Arknight.


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The next few minutes are a bit harrowing with several close calls and ricochets of small rock chunks off of the hull and shields. As the asteroids thin a bit, You notice that the signal beacon has led you to an hourglass-shaped asteroid. Points of light penetrate the asteroid's outer crust, highlighting air vents and repulsor-beam projectors. As your ship circles the spinning chunk of rock, you notice an opening in the asteroid's side. It appears to be a hangar bay, and several figures can be seen moving about within its lighted interior. As you approach, your com unit crackles to life.

"Freighter, identify yourself immediately and state your business."

I'll be moving things along this evening, and if don't hear from Jaarka in couple more days will recruit for a replacement...

Reporting for Duty!

Classes Most Comfortable With:

Desperate Poor, Working Poor: Balthazar identifies most with these folks because he has been there. He knows what it is to struggle and hope for better. It's day to day for them, and he's hoping that he will be able to do something about that.

Classes Least Comfortable With:

Wealthy Outsiders, Wealthy Citizens: In Balthazar's experience these people tend overall to only be concerned about bringing in more wealth no matter what. He does want to be able to be one of them, just so he can help those of lesser station.

As the imperials open up with their guns, Jan throws the freighter into a tight spiral and then a loop to avoid the fire. Green bolts of energy glance off the deflector shields, barely penetrating and not even leaving a noticeable burn on the hull.

As the ship comes out of the loop, one of the opposing fighters drifts right into Kara's line of fire as she pulls the triggers on her cannon and the small vessel erupts like a firework as it is caught dead center. The loss of his remaining wingman seems to startle the last pilot and he swerves away from the pursuit, unfortunately taking him right into Arannis' gunfire. The line of fire from Arannis' guns shears through the port wing of the fighter and it tumbles in a spin for a moment before exploding as well.

The intensity of the last few moments give way to the realization that larger and larger rocks have been hurling past both gun turret, some bouncing within inches of the plexan view ports. Jan's voice comes over the comm, addressing Arannis and Kara in particular. "You folks may want to skinny back out of those turrets. Lots bigger rocks are coming and on the off chance I get too close to one, I wouldn't want it to knock a turret off with one of you in it.

I'm following the beacon to the base, but it looks like it may be a bit tricky to get there. Everyone buckle up!"

I apologize for the rough start as I get used to the combat/initiative, etc.... I'll get better, I promise. :)

I haven't seen anything from Jan, so I'll be NPCing him for a bit, just in case. And, looks like won't need the initiative rolls after all. :)

Kara's shot came close to striking the TIE, but missed just enough that the pilot's reactions threw him right into the path of Arranis' guns. A quick squeeze of the triggers at that moment and the fighter exploded into several pieces.

As the ship exploded, Jan flipped the freighter around in a spiral, heading for the relative cover of the Roche field at full burn. In an instant, the remaining TIEs had pulled tight turns and were in rapid pursuit trying to close the distance to secure a targeting solution.

The fighters are now chasing you at Medium Range. Go ahead and roll initiative, but you get one more round before that'll take effect. This one, you get to go, then the Imps. :)

BTW, this was ready to post about 6 hours ago..... However, my iPad failed to be able to connect to the wireless at work. Go figure.... LoL

Sorry folks, I've been a bit out of it with what's been going on in RL. I know things have been slow, but I'm going to try to speed them up.

Besides, least I can do after watching the latest trailer for VII is try to kick things into high gear. :)

Glad to see you back and over that bug. :)

I started to post some results, and realized that I was missing a couple of things. Everything looks good so far, I've just got to review how to run the starship combat. LOL

You continue flying for several minutes with no response from the Imperials. Their trajectory seems to be taking you further from the asteroid belt. If you were going to do anything, you feel now would be a good time, before they joined with their parent vessel and it was still out of range.

What you know -

Roche Asteroid Field wrote:

The Roche Asteroid Field is a cluster of rocks,varying in size from tiny meteorites to large planetoids, circling a small yellow sun. This extremely old field, located in the Roche system, appears rather orderly for a whirling storm of space debris. Its asteroids travel almost predictable elliptical paths around the system's star.

Of course, within an asteroid field, "almost predictable" still means trouble for visiting ships. Pilots must constantly be on guard against impacting asteroids that suddenly bounce into the path of their vessel, hullpiercing micrometeorites, and dense areas with no room to maneuver. And in an asteroid field, engine
failure results in certain death.

Mynocks and space slugs inhabit the Roche field. The field is also home to the Verpine, a race of insectoid bipeds with a natural talent for ship building and other technological pursuits. These aliens, allies of the Alliance, live within the honeycombed interiors of the larger asteroids.

Two Verpine asteroids have been modified to handle the Rebel project. The Rebel Command Base houses Ackbar and his staff of Alliance engineers. They oversee the project from here. But the actual testing and construction take place at Research Station X, a large asteroid deep in the heart of the field.

TIE/rc wrote:

A variant of the standard TIE fighter, the rc variant is used for long-range recon duties. One laser cannon is replaced with an enhanced sensor package, but this also allows for increased maneuverability. They are often deployed in crowded spaces such as asteroid fields or sent ahead of larger vessels in search of starfighter forces.

Typical deployment is a larger vessel dropping off a flight of TIE/rc and allowing them to gather data while they rendezvous later at some other point.

Sorry guys!

This has been a bad week. Every time I went to advance things, something came up. :(

I'm reading through the latest posts right now. Give me a few minutes...

Look for something later today... :)

You know, I completely missed the 1-1 point buy. :(

I should have my brawling sailor up for review tomorrow.. (My wife might have issue with me working on it while we're away for our anniversary......... You think?... :D )

Just a quick note: I'll be offline until Sunday. Have a couple nights away with wofe for our anniversary. :)

Love the way things are going and hope I can keep it interesting :)

Kellen Tantar wrote:

thanks for the direction. In your case "2 failures" it is easier to write a narrative, but for success how much should we write into our post? Also re-rolled my roll to add average difficulty

Just include however much you'd like. I'm willing to be flexible and if there's something you include that doesn't fit, I can adjust it.

that works. :) I can always add or roll whatever extra is needed. In this case, there's no connection. Most likely due to the comm being off on the receiving end.
As the targeting computer on Kara's gun comes online, it confirms what she and Kellen suspect. It shows the targets as TIE/rc models, a faster, more maneuverable long-range recon fighter, but half the firepower of a standard TIE. They're not equipped with hyper drives however, so there is most likely a parent vessel that they are heading for.

The comm crackles with the response from the vessels. "That's none of your concern. Just follow as you're told and this will go smooth."

As the streaks of light condense back into the star field of normal space once more a couple of items are immediately apparent. First, you've come out a bit closer to the asteroids of the Roche field than you intended. From what you can see this is probably due to the cloud of dust and debris indicating an collision wishing the field of something fairly large.

Second, two lights have begun blinking on the dashboard. One you were expecting as it serves as a beacon to Ackbar's command base. The other however is the proximity alert indicating something approaching fast from the port side. It's not hard to figure out what it is as a sudden volley of blaster bolts explodes across the bow of your ship, close enough to feel the ship rock a bit. In a blink of an eye, the explosions are followed by a trio of TIE fighters screaming over the top and ahead of the ship. The comm crackles to life.

"Unidentified Freighter. You've entered a restricted area. Turn about and follow us for inspection."

Just as a note, as I don't think I mentioned this before. It's not 100% positive at this point you'll have to take Ackbar anywhere. You have a coded, sealed holo-message for him that, based on hints when you were given it strongly suggest it though. :)

As the conversations break up, and everyone begins to move about, the klaxon sounds, indicating the ship's arrival to the edge of the asteroid field.

Jaarka wrote:
DM Arknight wrote:
Midwest? I'm in St. Louis and you just described our weather perfectly.

Specifically, about 5 hours southwest of you in the northwest corner of Arkansas. Rogers, Arkansas, next to Bentonville and just north of Fayetteville, home of the Razorbacks! :)

Djebelle Torr wrote:
@GM: great! Also, please can you let the weather outside know that it's frickin' springtime?

LOL I wish it would listen! It was mid seventies and sunny on Monday, and now it's low fifties and rainy.... I prefer this over snow though... LoL

I've been meaning to get your ride posted....

Kessel’s Folly
(YT-1930 Class Freighter)
Hull Type/Class: Transport/YT-1930
Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 12
Navicomputer: Yes.
Sensor Range: Short
Ship’s Complement: 1 Pilot, 1 Co-pilot/engineer
Encumberance Capacity: 300
Passenger Capacity: 6
Consumables: 4 months
Cost/Rarity: 135,000 credits / 4
Customization Hard Points: 4
Silhouette: 4
Speed: 3 Handling: -1
Defense: 2/1 Armor: 6
Hull Integrity: 25 Strain Threshold: 18
Medium Laser Cannon (Fire Arc Dorsal Turret; Range Close, Damage 6, Critical Hit 3)
Medium Laser Cannon (Fire Arc Ventral Turret; Range Close, Damage 6, Critical Hit 3)

While generally marketed as a new design, the YT-1930 is actually a commercial variant of the venerable YT-1300. Like many later entries in the YT-series, the YT-1930 has the cockpit placed in the ship’s center, nestled in between the twin forward prongs, with the other major design change being the inclusion of two aft cargo pods, resulting in a drastic increase in how much cargo the ship could carry. Other significant changes included upgraded shields and hull plating, as well as an engine design that proved to be even more resilient than the YT-1300’s even if the sublight drives were only marginally faster. While it was never produced in large numbers, the YT-1930 did prove to be a resilient design, and many of its innovations were incorporated into the YT-2000 transport. In spite of its low production volume, many starship enthusiasts considered the YT-1930 to be the pinnacle of the YT-series.

I want to let everyone know that things are rolling on as expected and I love the direction everyone is going. :)

I'm tempted to set up a campaign at Obsidian Portal in addition to a Word doc I'm putting together. What's your thoughts on that? The word doc will be on my Dropbox share so anyone can check it out, but I want to get it to a certain point before I share it... :)

I'm looking through the thread today to be sure I haven't missed any questions or concerns, and may get something rolling more in the gameplay later today or tomorrow. (Maybe get things going to start with the start of springtime. :) )

Still here.

I think I've done a 180 with my concept though. :)

Will be going with a Rogue (Knife Master, possibly Scout).

All, I have to say I like everything I see. :)

I appreciate the help you're giving each other, and I love the interactions over on the gameplay thread while we get things rolling. ;)

As a plus (and you can modify your stuff with these as well) here's a couple of additional attachments/mods for your items. Most are lightsaber based, but the Modular can apply to any ENC 1 weapon.

I welcome input and comments on these. :)



While the majority of weapons are constructed to be a single piece, some wielders find that being able to break the weapon down into two or more components is conducive to keeping their presence a secret until such time as necessary.

This attachment can only be applied to weapons with a base Encumbrance of 1 or less.
Base Modifiers: A weapon with this attachment requires an incidental to assemble, and a maneuver to be split into its separate components. Increase the difficulty of Perception checks by one to detect this weapon when concealed and split into its separate components. Drawing the weapon while separated requires a single maneuver.
Modifications: None
Hard Points Required: 1
Cost: 250 credits; Rarity: 5

Connected Hilt
While the double-bladed lightsaber is a potent weapon, there have been times where it would have been more advantageous to wield two separate lightsabers instead. To that end, this attachment enables the wielder to disconnect the two halves of a double-bladed lightsaber into a pair of functional lightsabers for when the situation warrants.

This attachment can only be applied to a double-bladed lightsaber.

Base Modifiers: The wielder can spend a Maneuver to separate the two halves of a double-bladed lightsaber into a pair of basic lightsabers, or a Maneuver to re-connect the two basic lightsabers back into a double-bladed lightsaber. If the weapon would be destroyed as the result of an opponent spending AA on their attack roll, the wielder of this weapon can flip a Destiny Point to only have one end of the weapon destroyed and allowing the weapon to otherwise function as basic lightsaber.
Modifications: 1 reduce the type of action from a Maneuver to an Incidental.
Hard Points Required: 1
Cost: 800 credits; Rarity: 7

Electrum Detailing
Once used by the Jedi Order as a sign of the owner’s mastery of the Force, electrum detailing was a purely cosmetic feature and as such was generally restricted to high-ranking Jedi, though that did not stop several Sith Lords from using the same process to make their lightsabers all the more distinctive.
Base Modifiers: When making a Charm or Coercion skill check while the lightsaber is clearly visible, add Advantage to the user’s result.
Modifications: None
Hard Points Required: 0
Cost: 2,500 credits; [b]Rarity: 8

Guard Shoto Hilt
A variation on the typical shoto, the guard shoto extends the hilt while adding a secondary handle at a 90-degree angle, which in turn allows the wielder to better intercept an opponent’s attack. To counteract the exposed portion of the hilt, the guard shoto is often constructed using phrik alloy or a similarly light-saber resistant material. This attachment can only be applied to a shoto lightsaber.
Base Modifiers: The weapon gains the Item Quality (Defensive +1).
Modifications: 1 Item Quality (Deflection +1) mod.
Hard Points Required: 1
Cost: 1500 credits; Rarity: 7

Synthetic Kyber Crystal
During the time of the Emperor’s rule, most of the known sources for Kyber crystals were either destroyed or kept under strict Imperial surveillance. In response to these draconian measures, those students of the Jedi looking to construct their own lightsaber often fell back upon the practice of growing synthetic crystals. And while they are easier to procure, the difficulties that come in properly forming a synthetic crystal often lead them to being of an inferior quality to most naturally occurring Kyber crystals.
Base Modifiers: Installing this crystal changes a lightsaber’s base damage to 5 and critical rating to 4, and the lightsaber gains the Breach 1 and Sunder weapon qualities. If the crystal is ever removed, the lightsaber loses these qualities and reverts to its previous base damage and critical rating.
Modifications: 2 Damage +1 Mods, 2 Decrease the weapon’s critical rating by 1 to a minimum of 1 Mod, 1 Item Quality (Vicious +1) Mod.
Hard Points Required: 2
Cost: 3000 credits; Rarity: 8

Ah, one question. :)

I see Karl Urban would be Jan'Tar, but who would be playing our other parts? :)

Jaarka wrote:

I just realized that we haven't discussed a ship or any of the other starting options! I assume we're going with the EotE ship option since Star Wars Rebels was listed as an inspiration.

Anyone have a ship they're dying for Jan to pilot? Or is this something the GM has already chosen for us?

I actually had it in mind that you all were in a modified YT-1930. But I'm flexible if prefer something else. :)

F. Castor wrote:
On another note, we seem to be four now. Should we try for more while doing some RPing in the Gameplay thread? I could ask around but I am hesitant to do so without an answer by those that Jaarka has already contacted and/or our GM's permission.

I'm fine moving ahead and if any more that have been contacted or want in, can work in a couple more as go along....

Glad to see you xyro :) looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

Jaarka wrote:

Oh, forgot to bring it up when I was formulating the character:

Even though I chose a career from Age of Rebellion (Ace), I think it would be more appropriate for Jan'Tar to have an Obligation of Addiction to Adrenaline instead of a Duty. I don't really wanting him to start as a diehard Rebel, but he's an adrenaline junkie and he needs his fix... that's why he's such a successful pilot (if not a little too daring). Would that work for you?

sounds good to me. It fits. :)

DM Arknight wrote:

Correct. :) +20 to starting XP, then 80 as if earned after that to reflect recent off-screen jobs, adventures, etc...

4-6 characters is what I was aiming for, so I'll take an extra interest or two. :)

I almost forgot, with the 80Xp, you also have 4000 additional credits to spend. :)

F. Castor wrote:
Umm... Do you mean we get +20 added to our starting XP for character creation and after we are done with that we get another 80 XP to spend as if gained through play (i.e., they cannot be used to raise characteristics)? If so, I do have certain changes here and there to make, I think...

Correct. :) +20 to starting XP, then 80 as if earned after that to reflect recent off-screen jobs, adventures, etc...

4-6 characters is what I was aiming for, so I'll take an extra interest or two. :)

Well........ It appears that the board issues last night ate my post in response to FC's questions.... :(

1) everyone looks good. Have 20 bonus XP for all (as if still beginning XP). :) (then spend an additional 80 (no skill ranks over 3) )

2) beginning Obligation/ Duty will be 10.

3) correct. Same 1d100 starting funds for all.

Looks like we lost Rorek55 due to RL issues and I haven't heard back from either of the others yet :( I'd like to have at least one more solid player before we start, but like you I'm anxious :) If you want to banter back and forth a bit in the gameplay as if you were on the ship getting ready to arrive in the Roche system, I wouldn't stop you. :) current ship is a modified YT-1930 called the Kessel's Folly

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I actually found it on one of the FFGforum threads. I think it's the one that OggDude had shared. You should be able to download it from my Dropbox and open it in something like notepad to edit the text. :)

Sorry, I did miss that. :(

USM is fine, as all the races I've seen are fairly well balanced too. :)

Jaarka wrote:
DM Ark, from the opening crawl it seems that we're focusing more on being Rebels or sympathizers. Is that the case, or are we just taking the higher bid in a more Edge-style game? Just trying to make a character with the correct mindset. Thanks in advance.

I see it as in the beginning, the Empire, in one way or another, has rubbed you the wrong way. So that even if you're not outright a 100% member of the Rebellion, you can understand why they do what they do (and especially if those rumors of Alderaan being destroyed by the Empire themselves and not Terrorist Rebels like they say are true). And to that end, their money and goods are as good as anyone else's when it comes to deals. :)

I can shape the adventures however you want. You all are the Stars, and as the director, I'm here to guide you through the story. :)

No rush. :)I know how it goes :)

Try this direct link to the web install for the OCG:

It has worked better for me than the dropbox version...

OGGM, I completely agree. :)

BTW, who has not used Oggdude's Character Generator for their characters? :) I believe this last release or the release before has it including everything through Fly Casual, so it's a good resource. I've had no problems at all so far with it.

Old Guy GM wrote:
I'll have a character ready tonite. Expect a soldier type, heavy on the combat, some piloting.

Sounds good, I was hoping there would at least be one heavy hitter. :)

Jaarka wrote:

Nice! I was thinking along the lines if a theif/street rat Force Sensitive. It's been a concept I've had forever, but now looks like an Ezra clone...curse you, Disney!

I'll work it up and maybe an alternative character as well, I'm looking forward to seeing how the group shapes up.

I Know, Right? Seems like that was a common concept, probably why Disney came up with it too. :)

Looks like shaping up to an interesting group. :)

Good questions. :)

No, no changes to character creation. I do ask that the players do fall under the 'good guys' banner though. They can still be edgy, but overall on the good side. :)

One thing I thought about is giving 5 bonus XP for details on a Friendly, Neutral or Unfriendly NPC with a connection to your character up to 15XP max. I'll also offer 5XP for a good background with possible hooks/connections I or anyone else could use. :)

I'll read that over, thanks Castor. :) In my mind, the Force Users should have Morality and one or both of Obligation/Duty. Non-Force Users are able to choose from Obligation and/or Duty. XP or Funds can only be gained from one of your selections, not all three. :)

Does anyone have any thoughts on what they've found to be difficulties or things they've enjoyed from previous games?

Another item for thought is who would play your character if this were on the Big/TV screen? :)

A little something to help inspire. :)

Adapted for Star Wars from work by Floyd C. Wesel of “A Wolveshead Rules Engendering”
• Your name is? (Why is your name this? How’d you get it? Any nicknames or titles?)

• What do you look like? (How old are you and how old do you appear to be?)

• What is your style and attitude? (How do you dress and talk? Are you cultured or back birth?)

• Do you have any quirks we should know about?

• What kind of impression do you think you first make?

• Where do you hail from? (Where were you born? Where did you grow up? What was your childhood and youth like? What does your family think about you?)

• What is your best quality as a person? (What is your worst quality as a person?)

• Describe your personality in only two words.

• Describe your favorite and least favorite things (food, drinks, books, music, assault rifles, ect.).

• They say you can judge a man by the enemies he makes and the friends that he keeps. Who is your nemesis and who are you allies?

• What is your romantic life like? (Orientation? A Virgin? Has there been “a great love”?)

• What do you fear? (Do you have reoccurring nightmares or dreams?)

• Who do you look up to? (If there isn’t anyone now, was there someone in the past?)

• What offer would be irresistible enough for you to betray your friends or crewmates?

• What principle matters to you most?

• What is your most treasured possession? Why?

• Who do you value most in all the ‘Verse?

• What are your ambitions? (What are your social, professional and romantic goals? What do you wish you could do that you can’t?)

• Where do you picture yourself 20 years from now?

• What other kinds of work have you done to pay the bills?

• What are your political and religious beliefs, if you have any? (Do you have any prejudices?)

• What were you doing during the Battle of Yavin? (How has the rebellion affected you? Have you served in the conflict? Which side? Did you lose anyone you cared about?

• Do you have any hobbies? (How do you pass the time away?)

• What event in your life that you did are you most proud of? Most shameful of?

• What have you been doing the last few months?

• If you the player could give your character a piece of advice, what would it be?

Opening Crawl

Jaarka, One more should be fine. :) Hop over to the Discussion and jump in.

One thing I would like to touch on are the type of adventures you would prefer. A couple of ideas I had was to do something like the old Dawn of Defiance campaign or run a mix of old modules with custom adventures and FFG created ones.. :)

In terms of character creation, anything goes for FFG stuff. I'm open to any type of character including Force users, as long as willing to face the consequences of force use in the Empire. :)


As a matter of fact, the discussion thread is here. :)

OGGM: Thanks for the link to your game. I borrowed just a bit of your info as you can see. :) (Also, I'd love to play when you have an opening. ;) ) I really do appreciate the input too. This is going to be a first for me, so please let me know any hints or suggestions you may have.

We can go ahead and take the rest of the discussion over to the OOC thread. :)

For general discussion and character development. :)

OK, sounds like we've got enough interest. So the following people are part of the game as far as I'm concerned. :)

Old Guy GM
F. Castor

The setting is as the book, very shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star. So, yes, Force Users are legal, but have potential issues with revealing their abilities.

I've liked this to a campaign page where the Die Roller link is located as well as a sample code for the roll itself. When you roll, copy the result to the thread and remove the die images. :)

Looking forward to this. :)

Sounds good. :)

I'll open an official recruiting check sometime tomorrow where can hammer out character details.

@DM Locke: how advanced are Lantanites in terms of Firearms? Still Emerging?

Sounds like have enough interest for me to actually pull something together. :)

I do want to give it that Firefly/Serenity feel, but with the thing that make Star Wars Star Wars. This would be maybe sometime doing things for Hutts, somethimes for Rebellion, and usually for selves. However, it seems like there is a bit of the Force involved, so that splashes in as well. :)

Thoughts on type of situations you would enjoy?

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