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Black Dragon

DM - ARC's page

1,911 posts. Alias of Aiunder.


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The party walks away from the tracks and strikes out along the edge of the river looking for a good place to cross. The detour eats up the rest of your day and you find yourselves returned to the crag just in time for dusk to fall. The shadows of the dark holes deepen and the passages seem to extend into forever, you know it's just a trick of your minds but it's unsettling as it is. Out if the darkness echoesloud bellowing in an old dialect of Skald. "Mynt mín! Aftur mynt mínum! Ég vil mynt mínum! Ég mun finna þig þjófa og þegar ég geri ég mun draga þig í djúpum og hátíð á hugaður eins og þú drukkna!"

Old Skald:
"My coins! Return my coins! I want my coins! I will find you thieves and when I do I will drag you into the depths and feast on your guts as you drown!"

Note to self, target spelling police with meanest monsters first. Lol.

The river is covered in thick ice. This area of the water is so fast and the jagged rocks are all over the place causing the ice to crack and split, leaving sheets of ice of various sizes crashing against each other.

You'll have to cross the waters to get there. You can take your time and find a fiord or risk the broken ice.

Aizubike, you may not be near the rock formation but you do see five holes in the ice with odd footprints heading north past you. The holes in the ice have only begun to close up meaning they're less than an hour, probably less than half an hour old. You would've missed the footprints if not for the slim film of salt barely highlighting the edges of ragged boot prints and bare feet, heavy ponderous. Whatever made these cant be too far away but they're in the opposite direction.

Go ahead.

Congrats on the new born.

Take as much time as you need and I hope everything goes well for your family


After a cold night under the stars you rise to the sounds of the dwarves gathering up around you and preparing to move on. You go over what they know again before heading out.

The first few hours of travel pass uneventfully but somewhere around nine find yourselves confronted by a gristly scene. The snow is a dark red and you can see amongst the mess shattered bones and the tracks of wolves. The snow is still wet and the tracks fresh. Whoever this was, they were attacked and died last night.

Another couple of hours finds you in sight of a rocky formation that matches the descriptions given by the dwarves.

In the distance a jagged spur of rock stands out in comparison to the low and rounded rocks nearby. One side of the rocky outcrop seems pitted and rough overhanging a section of river broken by sharp rocks and icy water crashing against it.

She's finally home and recuperating. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

As a thanks for waiting everyone can have a free stat point

I'm sorry, I've had a week from hell with my daughter in and out of urgent care all week and no sleep. I'll try and update tomorrow night.

...The goblins are eating posts again.

"With those shoes Cragger's point is about a four or five hour hike south of Vlogten, that town, but it south of the river. It's frozen at this point but the river runs fast so the ice can be very thin in places. Can't miss it."

Do you stay the night or risk the trek back in darkness, lit by the occasion ray of moonlight or star light that breaks through an overcast sky?

the dwarf pauses and thinks real hard. "I can't rightly remember but I think it was on a major river. But the story is generations old, more than five hundred years I'd wager."
(the first dwarf)"An old fort on the river? You don't think the stories about the old Cragger point do you?"
(Nurrin)"Cragger point? Isn't that that rock the locals won't go near. They say it's haunted or or cursed or something"

"Oh, yes,yes come on over and warm yourselves by our fire."
He waves you all over and kicks/nudges another dwarf who startles awake.
"Nurrin, these people have some questions for us. Your sister's married to a Clefthammer right?"
(Nurrin)"Huh? Yeah, I mean no. She married a Heavyshield. They're kin and clan but not born Clefthammer. Why?"
After explaining what you know about the coins you hand one over to let Nurin examine it.
"Aye, this is Clefthammer minted Dyweriklh, uh blood coin. These aren't something you wanna be showing off to dwarves, especially any clansmen of the Clefthammers. It's an old tradition that's dying out. The coins symbolized bad money, ur, I'll gotten coins. Say some human kidnaps your kin for ransom? A dwarves clan would mint coins like this to pay it. But anyone who tried to use these coins with allied clans and such would find themselves... Unwelcome. It didn't happen very often though. Too much hassle and it took time. Hey! What was that story? You know the one about the king's ransom."
(first dwarf)"oh yeah, I know that one. Well most of it." he settles down and takes a long swing of a flask before starting. "A long time ago, probably a dozen or more human generations, there was this human bandit who saw himself as King. Now this bandit king terrorized and ruled the lands and the human clans for miles around but the humans were all poor. There were no varissian merchants to rob or wealthy jarls or thanes, only poor farmers, trappers and hunters. Now this bandit was smart, he had heard about the wealthy dwarves and knew the stories about the gold and silver but he also knew that the dwarves, in their mountain, had a mine of the purest platinum so he set his sights on them and rallying his own bandits and other groups nearby set traps for the dwarves caravans. But they never came. No wagons, no carts, not even a pack mule. So this bandit King is getting desperate because he knows his own men are gonna turn on him soon. Thats what you humans always seem to do. Now all this time he's watched dwarves come and go so he gets the idea to take the next group that leaves and sell them back. So he gets his men ready and ambushes the next group. Now this group was well defended, a dozen longbearded shield guard and hammer bearers protected a young pair of dwarves, but they were out numbered four or five to one. Eventually the bandit won out and took the two young dwarves captive and sends one of his men to tell the dwarves his price. Now I dont remember the next part but either the two dwarves got sick and died or were killed by the bandit despite him getting the coin. So he traded the dwarves two dead girls for the coins and when the dwarves realized this they all prayed to Torag for vengeance and to punish the bandits. Now the story says that Torag couldn't ignore the combined pleas of an entire clan so he cursed the bandits to never know peace and to covet their blood money for all eternity."

The dwarf pauses and looks Aizubike and the rest of you over for a minute before relaxing a bit. The crossbow is still armed and ready but at least it's not pointed at anyone anymore. "What are you investigating that brings you out here, and after U.S.?"

It doesn't take long before you are noticed as you walk up to the caravan. While you are still a distance away you hear the unmistakeable click of a crossbow being primed before one of the forms calls out. "Who's out there? Did you think you could use the dark to sneak up on dwarves?"

No worries. Games usually take a dive around gencon.

Are your from ferelden's circle or Orlais? Orlais circle frequents the courts which would allow you to meet with nobles otherwise you could have had a run in while on a mission or task away from the circle as well.

sorry, had no reception when I arrived at camp

Hustling after the dwarves for the remainder of the day is a long and tiring affair but your perseverance pays off as an hour or so after dark you find yourselves on the outskirts of another farmstead with several low buildings and a high dirt wall around it. Off to the side, along the curve of the road is a caravan of wagons and tents tucked away between the wall and the road. You count two dim fires and three moving bodies there and twice as many moving within the wall itself as the figures walk the perimeter.

"Of course they paid in gold and silver, they tried to use those weird coins they found but I wouldn't take them. Heard they exchanged them at a money lender, Svarrgt I think."

The man happily trades your gold coins, after checking them, for the various gear you ask for.


A little while later as you exit the town and step back into the harsh wilderness beyond the walls the cold wind hits you and tries to work its way into your clothing to steal your warmth. You can see a faint trail or path, no one would call a road, heading roughly north with deep wagon ruts and and sled marks cutting through the shallow snow and ice drifts.

To the south you can see in the distance a small mountainous, rocky region roughly half a days travel over frozen fields.

"Adventurers? Yeah they came by a week ago and almost cleaned me out of my mountaineering section. Plus a couple dozen heavy sacks... Lanterns, chains, long poles and even had me get them some iron bars and a giant metal bear cage. I remember them well, they had gold this time. Before that they tried to buy on credit. Ha. As if I'd be dumb enough to give credit to a travelling band of adventurers. Aside from those, hmm, I think it's been quite a while. We do get some local youngsters that get the idea to make it rich travelling the land looting monster lairs but southerners don't come up here to often, too cold for their delicate skin. He he he."
Youre not sure but he may have been looking towards Anator when he made that last comment

The furs he is referring to are padded, leather, studded leather and hide armours that incorporate cold weather gear. Just add the prices together if you want them,

Only 5g and after travel time and running abou the city it's fast approaching noon

After leaving the guard house you ask around for a bit until you find a trader that deals with travel supplies and or more accurately trappers supplies and gear who stocks cleats, skis and snowshoes for 5g per set. Looking about the man establishment you can see dozens of various traps as well as unusual sleds suspended from the ceiling. "Greetings travellers, can I interest you in some of my fine furs or fur clothing? The wilderness can be a dangerous and cold place beyond the town walls and my gear will keep you snug and warm despite the worst weather... And turn away wolf teeth as well."

Travel to the eastern and western gate houses is rather easy so long as you travel with the large crowds heading out of town. Breaking out of the crowd so you can stay and talk to the guards, not so much. You manage to break free of the current of pedestrians and are walk up to the guards on duty. After a gruff exchange of 'Get back in line!' and introductions asking to inquire about various issues the guards point you. A door off to the side. Through the doorway is a small guard room and up the stairs you find an office with a sour looking middle aged ulfen with one eye patched over. The man, the current captain of the eastern gate, doesn't seem overly interested in chatting or discussion but with enough encouragement opens up and tells you what he knows.

Diplomacy DC15 or 1g:

The dwarves' caravan did exit through this gate and headed roughly north east yesterday.

Diplomacy DC18 or 1.5g:

(Above info plus...)
The dwarves, twelve in all, were travelling with a pair of heavy carts pulled by oxen so the distance they can travel in a day is pretty small. They claimed to be travelling through several towns and hamlets on the way to... Somewhere.

Diplomacy DC21 or 2g:

(Above info plus...)
Their next stop was supposed to be a farmstead north of here, past a semi frozen river, owned by Sven Svarggt. They said they would stay one day there before continuing onwards.

Diplomacy DC25 or 5g:

(Above plus...)
The captain remembers seeing the adventurers, that everyone keeps talking about, leave town and head south east towards Loc Merren. Loaded down with spelunking gear, lanterns and a nearly empty cart. That was eight or nine days ago.

Knowledge nobility DC17:

The banner hanging on the wall behind the captain belongs to the house of Weiylin. The Weiylin family is famous for piracy and raiding the southern peoples.

Knowledge nobility DC23:

The Weiylin family was almost wiped out almost century ago by bad fortunes and worse luck forcing the proud family to swear service to the local Jarl to survive.

Been swamped at home and work... I'll have a good update up later tonight.

So some of you are heading for the guard houses at the exits to town and some of you want to check the local watering holes?

Its been less than 24 hours so far. You arrived last night so this is yours first day.
With the dwarves coin tucked away from prying eyes you all find yourselves together again. Do you search out the merchants that traded with the adventurers? Or possibly the town guard for leads to their comings and goings? There's also the dwarves merchants you could try tracking down. Or is there another lead you want to pursue?

Inside group
As the three of you are making preparations to leave a young boy walks into the room. "Excuse me Sirs and Madam. I was asked to inform you that there are three adventurers downstairs claiming to have more of the coins. If you would follow me I will take you there." and with that the boy exits the room and waits, taking you down a different staircase where you find yourselves in a form of loading bay. Stacks of burlap sacks rest alongside one wall while the other side of the hallway has more doors, probably storage rooms, with a large double door at the end leading out into an open courtyard fenced in with a sturdy iron lattice and gate. To ulfen men stand near the gate trying to keep their distant from three adventurers you immediately recognize.

Sebastian Salt looks good.

Zachariah needs to finish weapons/equipment

Evander Wulff needs to have talents typed out. Can you also drop ten years, it would make more sense for you not returning to fight the blight that way since you'd still be training (maybe tutored/squire to your uncle which could lead to either Chevalier or Templar later)

Milk needs to start his character now that he's decided on what he's playing

I'd like everyone to make up one or two ties to another character. You can discuss them or just make it up yourself and let the other person amend if they want

Outside group
The two guards are overly wary of Camas' coin purse but don't seem to be lying or hiding anything aside from their fear.
"We don't know anything about cursed coins. And we don't want to."
(the second one)"Yeah, go and make your delivery before I change my mind and lock you out." as he makes a strange warding sign and spits over his shoulder. Which the first guard repeats.
The gesture is obviously some superstitious prayer or ward to protect them from whatever curse you've brought with you and likely both harmless and useless.

Inside Group
"Well if you intend to visit Clefthammer lands you've got a long trip ahead of you. At least a week or even two depending on weather and the condition of various fjords. Longer if you don't have good northern horses. I don't know if they could help you but there's a small Dwarven merchant clan that was in town recently, they may not be related but if they are nearby they may be able to answer your questions. As for the adventurers they left town a while ago, laden down with many supplies, out the east gate. Where they went from there I do not know. Go ahead and take one of those coins. Consider it an investment or enticement so that you pursue this matter to its completion. Stories about monsters and curses are bad for business.". The old man collects two of the three coins, nods and leaves the room

Inside group
You haven't heard anything approaching legends concerning 'Blood coins' but you do remember hearing references about dwarves sometimes using the term to refer to ill gotten gains or ransom.
"The broken hammer my dear, is the symbol of an ancient Dwarven clan that lives in the mountains at the northern border of these lands. The Clefthammers. Something about a hero breaking his hammer over a dragons skull or killing a dragon with his fathers broken hammer or something. As for the number, well, that's how many coins those adventurers had when they came to me."

Outside group
"I'm confused. You said you were delivering a cursed item and now you're asking about cursed coins?" the one talking scratches his head, "Are you sure you're in the right place? This is Master Svarggt's place, a moneylender and land owner."
The second one pipes in, "If someone's dealing cursed coins then Master Svarggt won't be pleased. I'd hate to be them if he finds em."

Sebastian looks pretty good but you may want to swap out a spell for healing unless Dream's Mage is gonna take it.

Inside group
The old man scrutinizes you as you explain your presence. Peering long and hard, never losing eye contact until you finish.
Apparently satisfied with Aizubike's story and efforts to tell the truth he reaches into his robe and produces a pouch which he opens and pulls out three square platinum coins roughly two inches to a side and minted with a strange symbol on one side and a broken hammer head on the opposite. He doesn't stop you from reaching out and handling the coins but the two guards watch you carefully when you do. The coins are old with signs of dust and aging on the surface but free of rust proving that they are pure platinum. Another interesting thing are the edges, they are hard and smooth showing no signs of use or wear. These coins have not likely seen circulation before they were found by the adventurers.
"There were originally thirty seven coins like these brought to me by those men. These are the last that remain. The rest have either been used as payments to merchants or purchased by the Jarl. He has a fondness for Dwarven relics."

Dwarven rune:


Inside Group
The man sits down across from you, "Alright. I will give you five minutes. In that time you will tell me how you know about this situation and how you plan to resolve it. Should I like what I hear I will assist you."

Inside group
You are left waiting for several minutes before the door opens again revealing an elderly Ulfen man in extavangent robes and furs and large quantities of gold jewellery flanked by a duo of stern looking younger Ulfen in heavy armour. The two guards stand beside the door in a relaxed posture, hands resting on the heads of their battle axes in a casual, yet confident way that says don't mess with us but isn't meant to intimidate.
in a practiced and almost accent free common "I've been told that you three have come to deal with the 'situation' that our fair town has found itself in."

Outside group
the two Ulfen back away a half step when the word cursed and looking at each other quickly fumble with the locked latch and let you in. "Go on, we dun wantin da curse."

I've put creation rules up as well as character template and an example

Outside Group
The two guards look at each other for a minute before shrugging and walking to the gate. (Ulfen)"Um, þar er Karfan þín ?" both men are standing roughly one foot inside the gate, one is resting his hands on it while the other just leans in slightly. Neither has reached for their weapons or look menacing.


"Um, where's your cart?"

The two guards wait a moment for a response before one laughs me shakes his head, "Utlanders, I thinken you'd lost your cart. How can you's be delivery wit no cart? Forgot where you's parken it?"

Inside the building
The man pauses and thinks about your comment before sighing. He waves over a boy in vest with the same symbol and says something quietly. "Follow the boy, he'll take you to one of our meeting rooms. I'll take your request to Master Svarggt."
The boy takes you past the desk and through a door, up a flight of stairs and past three other doors before unlocking the fourth room and ushering you inside. The room is simply furnished with a large polished table and six chairs as well as paintings and other decorations to make the room more inviting. The boy waits outside the doorway while you settle in and a serving girl brings some refreshments in the form of biscuits and water before leaving the three of you to wait.

Make a diplomacy check Aizubike to convince him (with a +3 bonus)

"Master Svarggt doesn't run a museum. His property isn't here for every eager eyed ragamuffin to come in off the street and gawk. Why should I show you those coins when I've turned down dozens of others?"

Group in behind the the building:

The back of the building leads onto an alleyway with a small gated off area most likely used to receive deliveries. There are two guards inside that look uncomfortable, almost like they don't want to be there or maybe they're afraid to be there.

Use here to plan characters and out of game chat

This is a closed game for old friends to get together and play again after a while

As the three of you make your way into Sven Svarggt's establishment you find yourselves in a waiting room with a grouchy looking older man, possibly varisian, standing behind a desk sorting papers and lineup of what appear to be farmers and labourers waiting to speak with him or sitting on a bench against the wall. A minute or so after you step in he looks up and spotting you amongst the locals and says in common, "You three. Yes you. Do you have business here?"

Svarggt's establishment is dominated by a large sign with a bag of coins spilling out around wheat and corn stalks. The building appears better maintained and built than the rest of the town you've seen so far. The lower portion is brick while the second floor is painted a dark brownish black colour. It is quite busy as lesser merchants and villagers can be seen coming in and out of it.
One particular patron catches your eye as a short yet hulking ulfen exits the building and heads left at a quick pace. The man wears a greenish cloak with the hood hanging low over his blond hair and thick beard. Underneath his jerkin you can see he wears scale armour and has a heavy round shield strapped to his back while a bearded axe hangs from a loop at his belt; but the most notable feature is the twisted red braid of thick leather hanging over his left.

Nella comes out with furs and blankets for everyone and clears space around the central hearth. The room would be nice and cozy if not for the two wolf hounds sleeping at the foot of the stairs occasionally growling or chuffing in your direction.

The next morning Haymitch and Nella take you into town, a brisk walk about two hours away. The town is little more than a built up village or hamlet with a rough stone wall surrounding it at chest height. Dozens of small wooden buildings sit crammed between larger stone ones, sometimes even touching, with a variety of simple signs painted on the doorways or for the more prosperous hanging overhead. Signs for a needle and thread, boots, horseshoes, bushels of fruits and many others crowd your vision as various merchants stand nearby or walk the streets in gaudy livery hawking their wares and deriding their competition. Nella eagerly points out several stores to avoid and many more to try while Haymitch keeps to himself, only pointing out a few buildings as likely places to check into. He also recommends talking to the local Huntsmen, when he says it is sounds more like a title than an occupation, and the town elders before bidding farewell and turning Nella back towards home.

Quietly, enough so that Nella doesn't seem to hear him, Haymitch has one final warning. Avoid the men wearing red braids on their shoulders and absolutely don't fight them. He seems like he wants to say more but he stops as several locals are looking at him and at all of you so he shakes his head and turns to catch up to Nella.

(Haymitch has suggest you check out Lowry's Iron, a local smith known for his skill in edges weapons. Sven Svarrgt, a money lender and farm owner believed to have traded the platinum coins for silver and gold. Pollux's an unsavoury inn and tavern the adventurers stayed at and frequently partied. Last Herrod's Emporium, where they were seen frequently bartering for supplies from before their windfall.)

Braids are frequently used by the Ulfen people to show status as warriors. Coloured braids like Haymitch was describing are probably a way of showing warriors who belong to a particular warrior society or culture. Unfortunately, you're not familiar with any warrior societies from where you grew up that used a red braid on their shoulder. A warrior society to Ulfen is a form of brotherhood more than an organized group. Warriors with similar ideals or styles come together to both prove their methods are effective and to establish a form of social standing based on skills rather than birth.

Yay. Paizo finally loads for me. I've been getting errors trying to log into Paizo for the last three days. Fingers crossed it stays fixed.

That could be a Lacedon, Draugr, Mummy of the deep or possibly a form of wight

(This is a very small and remote community so your exploits aren't likely to be common knowledge here but in the larger town she talking about someone may have heard of you Raznarr)

"I don't know what they are but they're not lycanthropes. The tracks are wrong, too light and small. More humanoid and then there the salty smell. I swear their tracks smell like the sea or salt water and every time in investigate a sighting they alway start and stop near water, even frozen ponds and such.". He pauses as he searches for something then pulls out a rough drawn map of the area forty kilometres around the farmstead. Laying it out and pointing to several spots along the river and one near a pond. "The sightings I know about and have been able to check out were around here, here and here. If these are connected to the coins you'll have a hard time getting anything outta the adventurers they're worried someone else will find something so they're keeping where they got them to themselves."

1 person marked this as a favorite.

"Oh I don't have any of them. If you wanted to see the coins and talk to someone about it you'd be better to head into town in the morning and talk to the merchants, probably old Garm first since he runs the local smithy and more than likely tended to their gear while they were in town. That or one of the ale halls."
A short while into the conversation you all hear the door open and as you turn you hear deep growling from a pair of throats. Stepping into the hut is a man in dark furs carrying a long bow and followed by two angry and threatening wolf hounds. The man pauses for a moment before patting the wolf hounds on their heads, which causes the growling to die off, and resting his bow on a stand near the door. "Nel, I see we have company. No wonder the lads were so put off."
"Well, I couldn't let them just sit in the barn and freeze could I? Besides these folks claim to be here on account of the trouble of late."
"Nel. You're going to get yourself in trouble one of these days."
"With who? Cobb? The twins? You know that they're all talk and beside my father always keeps an eye on me when you're out ranging.
"Fine, I give, I give. You'll just do what you want anyways so there's no point in arguing"
Haymitch then turns to all of you as he sheds his many outer layers, "So you lot think you can pick up the pieces and fix whatever those other dolts messed up? Well good luck. I've been tracking on these lands for over a decade and I can tell you what I can. Who knows, maybe you'll figure this mess out and fix it."

Two gruff looking Ulfen reveal themselves and take possession of your relinquished weapons before they store them away inside a storage shed and tie the door shut against the wind (Should you choose/need them, you can force the wooden door easily, cut the ropes or use disable device). While the two men are taking your weapons a young woman comes up to you and offers you a chance to stay out of the cold with her. She takes you to a larger hut and leads you inside. The hut is sparsely decorated in the main room, little more than a trio of benches, a wide hearth with a roaring flame, a cozy kitchen tucked into the far side and a steep set of stairs leading to a second level below. The air in here is somewhat heavy with smoke but comfortably heated. "Warm yourselves by the fire while I get you al some broth to drink." As she points to several pegs at the door where she leaves her own coat before shucking off her fur boots and slipping into satin slippers. She then busies herself in the kitchen area nursing a cooking flame back to life under a cast iron cauldron.
By the time you've made yourselves comfortable the ulfen woman is coming around with wooden mugs full of warm broth. "Please don't bear the others any ill will. They all believe the troubles we've had lately have been caused by adventurers like you. Not that they're wrong mind you but I've a more open mind, after-all I married one. Haymitch was quite the adventurer, hunting monsters and raiding ruins, before he settled down with me of course. Now he protects this farmstead and its fields from wolves and bandits more than anything else" she pauses to see if anyone wants more before continuing her idle chatter. "'Course that was afore all the troubles lately. Strangest things. A couple o' weeks back another group of adventures, more troublemakers than anything else, show up in town gloating about a long lost treasure and start buyin up everything with these square white coins. Haymitch said they were platinum and the money lenders and merchants were eager to take 'em. Next thing we know, farmers and such are seeing strange men wandering through their fields late at night, sniffing the air like dogs and scaring the bejesus outta everyone. Everyone says those adventurers woke up something unwholesome and now us regular folk are paying for it but I dunno how much is true."

Happy Father's Day to my fellow fathers. I'll have an update ready tonight

"Bah, fleiri ævintýramenn. Þú ert góður munt ekki finna velkomnir hér en við munum ekki snúa þér í burtu til að frysta til dauða. Þú getur haft skjól fyrir nóttina ef þú samþykkir að fara vopn utan."

You can hear a bit of rustling atop one of the lookout towers and more behind the barricade.


"Bah, more adventurers. You're kind will not find welcome here but we won't turn you away to freeze to death. You can have shelter for the night if you agree to leave your weapons outside."

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