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DM - ARC's page

1,799 posts. Alias of Aiunder.


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Out of the brush on the left of the road slink three, four legged, forms matching the hunters description. A low rumble emanates from their chest as the beast alternates between growling and a strange sound similar to a wheezing laugh. The creatures waste no time as they rush headlong towards the party while everyone is still reacting to the warnings. The first one rushes Eilianne with its slobbery jaw aimed at her knees and snapping shut on air as she deftly twists out of the way. The middle on rushes Alain, ducking under his shield as he turns to face the threat it reaches its teeth towards Alain's sword arm snapping down on the hardened steel of his plated armour but unable to bite in or find purchase as its momentum forces it to release as it spins around to face him. The last one charges in with its head low as it barrels towards Raznar's ankles biting furiously but as Raznar turns, his greaves block the way and the hyena shakes then bounces back a few feet ready for retaliation.

(everyone roll initiative please and declare your action. I'm going to try something new/different for initiative by dividing initiatives into groupings. Each group (1,2,3,etc) will act together with the first one from the grouping posting getting the first action and so on. If it doesn't work out we will go back to normal initiative afterwards.


hyena - surprise charge: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7damage: 1d6 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4trip: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16
hyena - surprise charge: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9damage: 1d6 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9trip: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7
hyena - surprise charge: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16damage: 1d6 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5trip: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5

Will update tomorrow. Got stuck working late.

Destri you still with us?

With your business in town finished you make your way out heading north along the road. It doesn't take long before you find yourselves alone on the road, the disappearances seem to be keeping everyone either in their homes or in town, with the heavy forest getting closer and closer. Continuing to walk towards the farm you find it hard to even maintain an idle chatter and soon the walk a silent weight to it leaving everyone alone with their thoughts. The trip continues like this for quite some time...


You're snapped out of your contemplations by the snapping of twigs and the rustle of underbrush to the left and the faint rustle of leaves to your right

Ealianne and Kestra:

As you walk along, deep in thought your keen ears manage to catch the faint noise of a snap followed by a rustling of underbrush to your left

"Are those the cold hungry things, you know, the ones without feet and can kinda fly. I think we had to deal with one two years ago."

Ustulav shares a border with the river kingdoms. West, right between Numeria in the north and Rasmiran in the west/south west. You're still a long ways away though in the north east of the river kingdoms, maybe three or four days from Brevoy's border.

The group decides to head out again in search of this Hunter. After checking four or five bars you finally manage to find someone matching the description. A man in his mid to late forties sits in a booth slurping hot stew between healthy swigs of ale and tearing into a whole chicken. From head to toe the man is covered in hides covered in mud and dirt and a large pack complete with hanging bear traps, ropes and bundled sets of wooden poles sits on the ground beside him while a worn long bow rests unstrung on the table beside him. He doesn't appear to pleased when you approach him and interrupt his meal nor does he seem interested in company but with six people standing over him he eventually gives up on trying to stare you all away or ignore you. As you question him about the pelt you were told about he grunts and responds telling you he already traded the pelt to a merchant for a few coins and supplies. When asked he agrees to describe the beast if you all agree to leave him to his meal afterwards. He describes a creature with light brownish yellow fur covered in dark brown stripes made of spots. It had shorter front legs and a powerful head and jaws. It was slightly larger than a wolf but slower and stronger. The beast wasn't native to the region so it's pelt fetched a fair purse from a trader named Smits in the southern quarter.

It takes almost no effort to find the trader Smits and as you enter his shop you can see cluttered everywhere folded pelts, barrels of hunting spears, arrows and quarrels as well as other objects necessary to hunting and outdoors survival. When asked about the pelt, Smits is more than happy to sell it to you for the low, low price of twenty gold coins, a steal he says for such a one of a kind pelt. The pelt's colouring matches the hunters story and doesn't look like a regular wolf pelt.

should you buy the pelt you will get a +4 circumstance bonus to any knowledge rolls used to identify the beast

knowledge (Nature) DC 16:

Based on the hunter's description (and possibly the pelt) you are almost certain that he's talking about a hyena rather than a wolf.

Sounds very interesting, low magic games have always been of interest to me.

maybe I'll come up with some sort of inquisitor or rogue/assassin character unless your opposed to either.

I think a one day limit would be better (aside from weekends which usually has poor posting anyways). That way the games pace can remain steady.

Sorry Anator, I guess my response edit got eaten. I thought I answered you beforehand...
"No, I'm not your leader. I am here as a guide and mentor if you will. My role here is to get you all on the right track and prepare you for future missions. To pass on my hard earned wisdom as well."

Eilianne, Kestra and Raznar
Through cross examination and clarification you manage to secure several more bits of possibly useful information from the priest. The incidents all seem to be happening on or near the northern road that cuts through the forest towards the town of Marvensburg and passing through no less than three villages and hamlets on the way. The last missing person, a Hadley, disappeared some time last night because he never returned home and his bed was found empty by his brother this morning. The farms and hamlets all seem to branch off of the North road, either directly or indirectly. The last bit of information the priest can offer is that a couple of days ago a local Hunter bagged a strange wolf. He has no idea if it's related or not but the Hunter frequents the northern woods. You may be able to catch him at the inn or possibly at one of the local traders if he hasn't alrady left town.


As you make your way back into town you find yourself being watched by everyone which makes you nervous at first until you realize that they're not watching you so much as staring at you with mild curiosity. After you calm yourself you start asking around for direction to a Pharasman church but the only church in town is a communal church dedicated to Erastil and several other deities. Deciding any church is better than nothing you make your way over and wait for one of the two priests to come speak to you. Several minutes of idle fidgeting later you are greeted pleasantly by the priest who takes you aside to talk. The priest is more than happy to tell everything he knows to an adventurer hoping that you and your friends, since adventurers never travel alone, will be able to do something to help the township and its plight. Day and night families come to the church to pray for the safe return of family and friends who have gone missing over the few months. At first there were only one or two missing people that disappeared after heading into the forest nearby but then the town lost contact with the other nearby settlements. Farmers weren't coming in to town to trade and the paddlers that ply the roads between the town and the more remote farms and hamlets didn't return. Then the people sent out to look for the farmers and settlements disappeared too. Most recently people have been coming to the church to pray for people who have gone missing after leaving the town as well.


When you (re)enter town and walk the streets looking for a tavern or inn you attract various curious glances, none overly negative, and several townsfolk actually nod or greet you politely as you pass. A few minutes of walking finds you in front of a large and busy looking inn. Past the entryway you can hear the sounds of locals and travellers alike talking and laughing. Making your way to the bar you almost miss a post-board near the entrance with dozens of missing persons posters, some well illustrated while others are crude and there is at least one that seem to have been made by children, the board is dominated so dominated by them that no other messages or posts can be seen. When you finally take a seat the bartender, an obese old man with greying red locks, comes to serve you and comments on your surprise at the board. After buying a few drinks the man tells you all about several farms being abandoned on the outskirts of town, no sign of the people who lived there and no signs of them preparing to leave. Food on the hearth, clothes on the line and horses and other livestock left in their pens. But what's worse he adds are the more recent disappearances. People are leaving the town and never being seen again. Just two nights ago he claims a young woman went missing leaving her two children alone at home until a neighbour heard the children crying.

From what you can gather from him and his stories he seems to be telling the truth or at least believes the stories himself and despite his cheerful facade you catch him cleaning the same glass several times in an almost nervous fidgeting way

Oops forgot to add that part to an earlier post. Shaeleila seems to be some variant of a Ghaele Azata

"Well I can't say for others but the most common problems I've dealt with are usually necromancers or curses causing large surges in undead but a couple times I've had to deal with a demon or two stealing souls."

"Here we go. We can probably get all of the information from the town we just past through, or a least enough to point us where to go next. And before you say it, I know it's odd to leave town then go back but wouldn't it be easier to walk in like normal adventurers rather than have to explain how a sea faring ship shows up on a river then disappears before dawn? Why not split up and gather some information then meet up in a few hours?"

Let me know who you plan to talk to and make your roll to see how you do. You can team up as well in which case I'll take the best roll and add a bonus (or a penalty) based on the other roll.

"We never know what we will run into when we leave the ship. That's part of the fun, kinda like a new adventure every time. maybe it'll help if you look at it a different way. If you were hired by a member of the church or maybe a rich merchant to investigate losing contact with a distant church or farm or whatnot where would you go to gather information?"

"Oh yeah. We're somewhere in the disputed areas inside the River Kingdoms."

The night passes far too quickly and before you know it you are awoken to a soft rapping on your doors. "We'll be landing in just over an hour and a half make yourselves ready and meet me on the deck. Don't forget a cloak the weather doesn't look too friendly today."

True to his word, a little under two hours later, the Mourning Maiden slips quietly up to a dock before dawn in a sleepy port town. The ship's approach is masked by a deep fog that rolls in from ahead of it and you can watch lights wink out and hear shutters snapping closed. The crew slips off the ship quickly and secures the moorings while others ready the gangplank for you. Before retreating back up onto the ship.
Alain leads the way and carefully deposits seven gold coins, minted with Pharasma's image, on the closest mooring post before waving everyone forward out of the town and into the woods beyond. As soon as you pass out of sight of the town he stops and turns to face you all. "Okay, from here on out things are both easier and harder. Thanks to these brooches we're alive just like anyone else," as he adjusts the lantern brooch holding his cloak, "But the blessing only lasts for a short time. This time I'd wager at no more than two days. You kinda get used to gauging how long you have after a couple times. Now this is the important part. We have to be back on the Mourning Maiden before the light goes out; Otherwise our material form fades away and we're left as nothing more than ghosts. All we need to do is track down the disturbance and take care of it. The question is how are you going to start?"

The chest can be locked but doesn't come with one.
Can all memorized spell casters lost the spell they're preparing for the day as well

Alain leads the way back out through the door and into the swaying hallway of the ship. Outside is one of the crew, a short skinny boy probably in his teens fidgeting and wringing his bandana. "Beggin yer pardon masters... Er and uh ladies. The captain would like the please of your company for dinner tonight. Thanks you." and then turns around and rushes back outside. Once the last of you exit the room and the crew member leaves he closes the door and reaches for a ring of keys. Unlooping six keys he hands them out randomly, "These rooms are where you will stay. Pick whichever one you want, they're all the exact same. Well aside from that one." he points to the left door closest to the stairs, "That one we use for storage, and this one is mine." pointing to the one next to it.
The rooms are sparsely furnished with only a bunk secured to the wall, a long desk opposite, a sea chest and a closet. The rooms are ten foot by six. While everyone sorts out their rooms Alain covers over the various rules that are in place on the ship which includes; a ban on carrying weapons unless you are embarking or disembarking the ship, a curfew preventing you from being on the deck after dark or six past noon, no gambling (which Alain doesn't seem to happy about) and to limit the fraternizing with the crew, especially the girls (said in Alain's best imitation of the captains gruff tone)"Because it's hard enough to keep order with a crew that hasn't felt the touch of a woman in over a century. I don't need you flaunting your womanly ways causing chaos!" (then added under his breath something crude about a wig and a board with a hole in it but you don't quite catch it all)

That night you dine with the captain in a very stuffy and rigid atmosphere wherein the captain is civil but nothing approaching friendly as he discusses the pleasantries and inconsequential things like last years weather and how it will affect the Taldese vineyards.

Afterwards Alain suggests everyone get as much rest as they can because your first task starts tomorrow.

(Shaeleila)"Just as mortal dangers range from the lowly beast to mighty dragons, so do the dangers interfering with the passage of souls. To attain your restored life you much accomplish more than just slaying threats. You must improve or restore the flow of souls. How much is beyond my ken and lies at the sole discression of Pharasma herself. she pauses and looks at the door, "Alain, I think it is time you returned your companions to the ship. One of the cursed has been waiting outside the door for some time."
(Alain)"Right. Thank you Lady Shaeleila, I think it would be easier to show them anything more." he pulls up the map again and looks for a moment before pointing towards one smaller unlit area. "I think this one will work. It's newer and still small but growing as time goes by."
(Shaeleila)"Then now is the time to decide. If your wish is to earn your place and be returned to the mortal realms then go with Alain, otherwise wade into the pool and I shall carry your souls to Pharasma's realm where your final judgement awaits."

Not exactly Destri, it doesn't mean that you've already accepted merely that Pharasma is giving the chance. Whether you take it is still up to you.
Lady Shaeleila is obviously some form of extra planar being like and angel or azata

(Alain)"Yeah well Cheliax, and even to an extent Ustulav, are special situations... Wait did you just say Aroden?"

No worries.

Raznar you still with us?

(Alain)"Um. I really have no idea about that one."
(Shaeleila)"Yes, I can see the shade clinging to you. Whatever happened has left her broken but it is not impossible to restore her soul." then to Aizubike,"No the unlit areas are shrouded, the light of Pharasma has been blocked."

"That's a fair question." he looks to the centre of the water, waves his hand and you see a vague image form within the water that appears to be a rough map of Golarion in whitish blue. Several spots on the map are unlit and a few are actually large dark marks. One recognizable dark spot covers much of what should be Cheliax. "Before us is a kind of map of Golarion. Don't ask me how it works though, I have no idea. My mentor told me that it represents the flow of souls from the material world and into The Lady's domain. The bright, white shows areas that are stable and souls can flow freely where they're supposed to go. The unlit and dark areas are disturbances. Something or someone is messing with he natural order and preventing souls from passing into Pharasma's realm. The job of a Lantern Bearer is to figure out what is causing here disruptions and relight these unlit and dark areas by restoring the proper flow of souls. And to shepherd any lost or wayward souls we find along the way. From what I know the order is made up of several independent groups guided and supervised by One of her agents." he stops and bows deeply to the water, "Lady, would you do us the honour of greeting us?"
The centre of the pool bubbles and churns as a slim form begins to rise out of or possibly from, the water. As the water runs down it reveals a feminine form half again as talk as human clad in armour the colour of sea foam. Large bird wings made of water rise from the entities back and bright eyes can be seen peering out of a faceless helm.
"Greetings mortals. You may call me Lady Shaeleila. Your predecessors did."

"Im not sure what you mean. If you're here you've been offered the choice."

Switchscythe will be fine I think.

They are a secret organization that most have zero knowledge of. Members of the church may have heard rumours and such but even that is slim. Anator knows a bit more due to being in contact with them before
"Not exactly. It would be more apt to say that The Lady, in her gracious wisdom, has deemed you all fit for a second chance. But let's take this conversation inside so we don't interfere with Captain Sturne and his crew." with that he nods to the stern man at the helm and leads everyone down below decks. As soon as the door shuts he continues talking, "Alright, let me begin again. The Lantern Bearers are, like all of you, dead. We are made up of people, frequently adventurers, who are members of Pharasma's flock who prayed or called out at our death and either one of her Agents, or possibly even The Lady herself, heard. You all possess some potential or ability that will be useful to the order." he pauses at the end of the corridor and unlocks door but pauses before opening and turns to face all of you. "You have been granted a great boon. In exchange for service in the order Pharasma will restore your life completely. But only if you take up the responsibilities involved. Right now your souls have, paused, in your journey before your final judgment. If you would rather you are free to continue your journey to your final resting place."
He then opens the door wide and ushers you all in.
Stepping through the wooden door you are shocked as you suddenly find yourselves in a stone circular chamber. Dominating the far wall is a massive statue of Pharasma with arms wide and reaching out openly. The centre of the chamber has no floor, in its place is a swirling, glowing, slow moving vortex of water. The edges lap peacefully at the surrounding stones. There is also a small wading pool closer to the door with a still, calm surface unperturbed by the current of the larger pool.


Your keen senses catch a glint of something just below the surface of the water in the large pool. Concentrating you can just barely see a form below the surface and bright eyes watching the group from middle of the pool.

My apologies, my inter webs were out last night so I'll update today at lunch.

A sudden lurching shatters your peaceful repose, quickly followed by a rush of sensations flooding over a sense of numbness. You can feel the sting of cold air and colder water on your skin and the feel of your clothes weighed down with cold water. You can hear the drip, drip, drip of water running off of you and pattering onto the wooden deck. Your numb hands slowly begin to feel the smooth wooden planks beneath your palms, the subtle grains grating on your flesh as you begin to push yourselves up. "Well, well. Look what the tides drug up." tilting your heads you find yourselves surrounded by a large group of unkept sailors. One of which is crouched down uncomfortably close to Ealianne. "Hullo poppet."
(A second, almost velvety male voice)"That's no way to greet your new guests. Now is it? I mean afterall, do you expect the Lady would approve of your treatment?" a large section of sailors parts to reveal a clean shaven and well kept Andoran man.
(A deeper and harsher male voice farther away)"Enough of this. Get back to work you lay-abouts!"
As the crew begrudgingly but quickly disperses you can see a tall thin and angry looking man holding the wheel while the Andoran walks up to you all.
"Welcome to the Mourning Maiden. I'm Alain Martin Westburg a fellow Lantern Bearer."

That's fine.

Also Gameplay is up

.... I detest gnomes so I don't own that book.

What are the differences? I'll probably allow it anyways as long as it's not outrageous.

...what Rynjin said.

Also since everyone has picked traits already everyone can keep two but I dont use disadvantage or drawbacks.

I can't find the switch scythe on pfsrd but everything else seems okay Destri.

Provided everyone is finished I'll start tomorrow.

You don't have to worry about inputting the classes and levels though

Aizubike you need to update your racial trait on second page.. They're still half orc ones

I'm fine with you trading rapier for wakizashi proficiency or staying ninja. I'm all about fluff over rules so I've been known to ignore rules or change them, from time to time just because it's more fun or better fit a character. After all fun is why we all play. wizard and sorcerer work fine. If you want an idea for a bonded item you could use: a fang necklace with one of the naga's fangs as the centrepiece, a whale bone ring carved to match the scale pattern of your teacher or maybe one with a semiprecious gem with a colour that reminds you of the naga's eyes or scales.

Thanks Aizubike that reminds me, can everyone put your defences and perception in your title bar for quick and easy reference like this...

Welcome to the Mourning Maiden.

I'd like to take a bit to go through everyone's crunchy bits before we jump in.

Raznar I see you picked martial weapon proficiency (great axe) as a feat, you could choose Extra Revelation: Skill at Arms which would give you full martial proficiency and heavy armour as well. You've also picked still spell which doesn't benefit you all that much right now.

Anator, I think you'll get more mileage out of the Repose blessing over the death blessing

Aizubike, I can't find your character sheet anymore. Can you put it in your profile please.

Ealianne, a few questions for you. Weapon based arcane bond requires you to have your weapon in hand or held to cast spells or suffer the concentration check. Would a ring or amulet work better as far as subtlety or discretion is concerned? After all if you want to cast a spell unhindered in a city you'd have to basically brandish your sword. Your idea of using your body as your primary spell book is neat but doesn't quite wok for me so how bout a compromise. You carry a normal spell book and I let you keep a couple spells as tattoos in a form of backup or emergency spell book? Also, why wizard/ninja? Wouldn't sorcerer/ninja have more synergy and not need a spell book.

Destri I just need to see your crunch.

Kestra can you clarify your equipment? I can't tell how many scrolls of each type you have.


After far too much deliberation and flip flopping I have finally made my choices in no particular order.

Antor Kintash






Thanks again for everyone who submitted characters

Recruitment is now closed. The results should be up later tonight. Good luck to everyone that has submitted and thank you.

Ealianne I'm still looking over your stuff and I'll get back to you.

I will be closing recruitment this time tomorrow so if you have any submissions or adjustments to make you still have some time.

Updated application summary
Good to go(Doesn't mean 100%, I'll go through crunch in detail after I've picked the team)
Phylotus -> Kestra (Inquisitor) } Good to go
Oceanshieldwolf -> Antor Kintash (Warpriest) } Good to go
The Little King -> Raznar (Metal Oracle) } Good to go
CaptainFord -> Orn Longclaw (Juju Oracle) } Good to go
Rynjin -> Aizubike (investigator) } Good to go

In Progress
NostrusUK -> Destri (spiritualist) } No crunch yet
Alynthar42 -> legolamb (Druid) } no backstory/answers
William Nightmoon -> William Nightmoon (wizard Necromancer) } no backstory concept yet
PDXcook -> Camas (fighter) } looks good so far but I'd like a bit more about himself
GrinningJest3r -> Cole (bard) } fun concept I'd just like a little more about himself
Thunderbeard -> Wojtek (a bear) } doesn't really fit campaign

I think that everyone, I'm sorry if I missed someone

editted to correct autocorrect

Aizubike looks good. I also have no problem with that feat. If you're worried about potential you could use the Aldori Dueling sword instead which could get you Dueling Mastery later on (after a few more feats) which helps your defence and its higher damage or the estoc. They would cost you a feat to make best use of but they're options.

....And Im a big fan of the Aldori

I'll respond to your post as soon as I get a chance to read it over Camas.

Finally found Investigator... Was looking through the occult play test for some reason. I like the looks of the investigator so feel free to post background/fluff and answers to questions. I'm looking forward to it.

Destri looks good. I'm still reading through the spiritualist.

Characters get Money + pack + MW weapon

As for when recruitment ends... Probably Friday but earlier if I find a team I'm excited about.

Starting off having lost levels was merely one characters concept. Anyone could have attracted either Pharasma's or one of her agents attention, after all who says that their past is actually what they noticed. Pharasma was also known for prophecy as well.

Anyone could be devoted to Pharasma enough to get her notice. A soldier that prays to Pharasma before battle in hopes that should he die that it would be quick rather than slow and agonizing, then prays that the souls of those he killed have a safe journey to their final resting place. A trapper that takes up his bow and with his trusty hound hunts down and slays any undead he can find after loosing his family to them could pray for Pharasma's aid in his endeavour.

Okay so here is a list of applications so far (In no specific order)

Phylotus -> Kestra (Inquisitor) } waiting on answers
Oceanshieldwolf -> Antor Kintash (Warpriest) } waiting on crunch
The Little King -> Raznar (Metal Oracle) } Looks good
Alynthar42 -> ??? (Necromancer wizard) } concept needs rework to fit
NostrusUK -> ??? (medium)
Thunderbeard -> Wojtek (a bear) } I honestly can't tell if this is serious or a joke lol
CaptainFord -> Orn Longclaw (Juju Oracle) } neat concept and idea
William Nightmoon -> William Nightwing (Necromancer Wizard) } needs concept

Sorry if I missed anyone.

Interesting how there are basically only two kinds of characters submitted so far, divine casters and necromancers

Thank you for everyone who has shown interest so far.

For those interested in submitting a character I'm interested in concepts and fluff first. Please look at the questions I posted in the character creation spoiler.

I also added a note about races due to the number of nonstandard and monstrous races submitted so far.

I've never actually seen the play test Nostrus. If you can link me the class on pfsrd or something I'll look.

I've added some info including creation guidelines in the main tab.

Please ask questions if you have them..

Alynthar: Considering Pharasma's opinion on undead I can't see how a Necromancer would work but if you have a great idea and reason feel free to pitch the character

Also there is a special archetype/domain that I will be posting tomorrow for Pharasma clerics

Here's a bit more info, I'll post more once I get home

What is a Lantern Bearer:
-A faithful of Pharasma adventurer who has died
-Offered a chance by Pharasma to live again provided they help her cause
-Each wears a lantern brooch that gives them a false life but only lasts for a certain amount of time, when time runs out they 'fade' away and lose their physical form
-While not on a mission they will reside on a "ghost ship" that acts as their transport to the different adventures and base of operations. Also where their brooches get recharged
-Acts in all ways as a living person, not undead or otherwise

What is a 'Disruption':
-A location or event that interferes with the flow of souls from the physical world to the afterlife
-An upswing or increase in undead or negative energies
-A sudden loss or disappearance of souls

A thick fog rolls in across the water as dusk settles over the sleepy port town. Through the fog a dim blue-white glow radiates and shutters and doors can be heard latching bolting tight against the unknown and unwelcome light.
Shadows begin to collect and form a shape deep in the fog that slowly solidifies around the light into the shape of a lantern. A lantern raised high by a wooden carving of a beautiful but stern woman. As the light gets closer, the woman resolves into the prow of a ship that slides gently and silent into port.
Quickly shadowy and indistinct figures descend from the ship and secure moorings while others ready a gangplank for a group of hooded and cowled figures waiting above. As the cowled figures descend from the ship and make their way across the docks the shadowy figures retract the gangplank and retreat back onto the dark vessel.
The hooded figures walk slowly down the main street and head out into the wilderness beyond, their cloaks and hoods clasped shut with a golden broach in the shape of a lantern that seems to glow when it catches the light.

Lantern Bearers:
The Lantern Bearers are a secret order composed of adventurers that have died and are given a second chance by Pharasma herself. Given temporary life to seek out and confront/solve/eliminate interruptions and obstructions to the natural order of life and death and in exchange earn the opportunity to be restored to life.

I'm looking to see if there is any interest in players looking to help me tell this story. I haven't finalized creation guidelines but I figure somewhere between second and eighth level. The various challenges to be overcome will include investigations, research, political/social interactions and various combats. Expect to confront undead, outsiders, evil spell casters and other entities that can gain power from souls.

initiative order
Witch 21
Julien 19
Chain monster 17
Anastasiya 16
Thorvald 14
Skallangbiorn 13
Jediah 7
Zethyris 7
Rutilux 6

In a last desperate effort the witch princess draws forth an inferno that sets the ground ablaze and burning the area to ash. Unfortunately her spell though powerful fails to finish anyone off and she finds herself pierced again by Julien's arrows causing her to lose focus and fall to the ground. The chain creature stops and sniffs the air.

Infernal Tongue:
"You have failed spawn of the Hag Queen. You cannot perform the ritual now. You are in breach of our pact."

Looking up at the monster in terror, (The witch)"No! No! It's not over! I can still finish it. I can fulfill my end of the pact!" the last few words coming out more as a shriek than actual words as she holds up her hands defensively against the creature. The chained monster turns away from everyone else and ignore further attacks as its torso opens up into a flaming maw and chains burst forth latching onto the Irrissen princess and drag her screaming inside it before the chains that make up its body catch fire and begin to melt into the ground.

Slow clapping starts behind everyone from the side of the encampment and turning around you find yourselves staring a the form of The Margrave, wide self satisfied grin spread across his face and still slowly clapping. "Well done, well done. Colour me impressed, I never thought you'd get this far. So how does it feel heroes? Charging in and saving the day at the last minute while a full out war rages around you." seeing the obvious aggression painted on your faces, "Calm down. I'm not here for you. I'm here to collect something she stole from me, and besides the lot of you look like you're gonna keel over any minute."

I am back from a sudden but urgent family/personal issue that had me out of contact for a while. I will be finally updating tonight.


initiative order
Witch 21
Julien 19
Werewolves 18
Chain monster 17
Anastasiya 16
Thorvald 14
Skallangbiorn 13
Jediah 7
Zethyris 7
Rutilux 6

"Nonsense? You're right this is nonsense. To think that you and your friends could stand in our way, ha!" She quickly tosses a burst of energy at Anastasiya that rips off Ana's highest level spell. [/b]"Soon Grandmother will arrive and this petty uprising will be crushed and then the whole world will be..Gack,"[/b] he sentence is broken as the head of an arrow blooms in her chest cutting her short. (Julien)"You've all been up here this whole time and still haven't finished her off? Looks like you need me to show you how it's done." a he steps out of the shadow of the tent. The werewolf on the ground twitches and begins to move slightly. The last remaining upright werewolf moves in again to stop Skallangbiorn from casting but this time can't connect. The monster of chains lashes out and spiked and sharp blades of chains slash and carve at those near enough to reach Ana takes 12 damage, Thorvald takes 7, Jediah takes13). Anastasiya seeing the flesh and blood monster and having no way to banish it so she hurls her own dispel at the witch that causes the glow around her ring to fizzle and vanish. Thorvald finishes off the downed werewolf before it can get back up causing an explosion that misses everyone. Skallangbiorn follows Ana's lead and attempts to strip the magic wards on the witch managing to strip off some form of defence. Jediah steps in slightly and slashes at the mound of chains in the form of a human managing to connect with his first strike but missing his second. Zethryis dives headlong towards the creature avoiding the first counter attack but suffers a long grating slash across his back (7 damage) as he closes in. His strike is true however and manages to find flesh between all the coils of chains. Unable to reach the witch Rutilux charges the monster burying his lance in its chest several feet deep.

you were able to tell that she didn't cast a spell to summon the creature! she used a magic item of some sort that released it from some form of containment which means it cannot be dispelled only banished to its home plane. The creature is an extra planar entity probably a demon or devil by appearances


dispel magic: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (20) + 12 = 32
sneak attack: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (15) + 11 = 26damage: 1d8 + 1 + 4d6 ⇒ (3) + 1 + (5, 4, 3, 2) = 18
chain attack: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (17) + 11 = 28damage: 2d4 + 2 ⇒ (2, 4) + 2 = 8
chain attack: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (6) + 11 = 17damage: 2d4 + 2 ⇒ (1, 1) + 2 = 4
chain attack: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (15) + 11 = 26damage: 2d4 + 2 ⇒ (4, 1) + 2 = 7
chain attack: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (19) + 11 = 30damage: 2d4 + 2 ⇒ (2, 4) + 2 = 8
chain attack confirm: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (19) + 11 = 30damage: 2d4 + 2 ⇒ (2, 1) + 2 = 5

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