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DJ-Bogie's page

1,788 posts. Alias of Daniel Roy.


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Ahhhhh 2 minutes of pure Bliss!!!

ADD Dog is banned for not chasing the stupid squirrels out of my yard.

I have not won here for a long time, this is how it's done boys!

GM is banned for being Green & Mean

UltraGeek is banned for not coming in to my office to pick up the 24 boxes of contact lenses that you ordered and have not paid for yet.

Battlemap Layers is a Peel & Stick dungeon tile system that can be used to quickly make battlemaps for face to face RPG games like Pathfinder.

These high res map tiles and objects are printed on a durable peel and stick material that is reusable, full color, wet/dry marker erasable, making layerable tiles and objects.

As a contributing artist I made or re-purposed dozens of my mapping objects for this project. You may also recognize a few other objects that were gathered from DundJinni Forums and other mapping sites that were posted as free to use for commercial purposes.
You can check out this Kickstarter by clicking on the link below.


And now I'm gone again, taking the win with me, Bye Y'all!

Random Drive-by Photobomb for the win.
I'm back!

Goat Toucher is banned for the obvious reason.

Apple is great, but Blueberry is the bomb!

No way Finian, he meant me!

Gran Rey is banned for being my old Banned Buddy!

Gone again!!! Bye Guys!

Justice is a Liar!!! It was only 20 hours 28 minutes.

The next poster woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

Captain Spaulding is banned for covering up her red hair with a hat.

It has been a long time coming, but Here I Am, and I win!

Takin' the last train to Winnersville

Schism is banned for excessive conciseness.

Bye Bye

Since I have not posted in a long time I decided I should cruise through and be the last one to post winner.

You can send my award to my PO Box. Thanks.

Lucky 7 is banned for picking on the chunky kid with the lisp.

The true Ban Master returns.

From now on your cat barfs up everything it eats while it is outside, on your bed, specifically on your pillow. If that is not available, then it barfs inside your favorite shoes.

And now you know.

I wish I had a more interesting wish for the next person to corrupt.

Charles, I refute your logic. But when there is no one left, I will show up and win!

You both lose, EYE win!

The Chicken is banned for wanting to release a tabletop mounted Rocket Propelled Grenade.

Not really, it is all an illusion created by the summoning pentagram you are standing in.

It is Sunday, so I win.

Quiche Lisp is banned because I haven't banned anyone in a long time and there you are! BAN bye.

Drives-by, takes win, later dudes!

Speaking of eyes! Eye Win!!

El Dios is banned because EVERYONE looks me in the eye!

I'll throw you a tip: Stop sniffing Haladir's pants!

The next poster has a dog


The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch destroys the Vorpal Bunnies with a blinding flash of religious dogma. Also The Holy Hand Grenade of AntiGreyskull brings the castle down on the VCOB.

Quiche is banned for picking on El Dios.

I was real He-Man, but now, after the surgery, I am a real Eye-Man.

The next poster is eye-candy.

Hair Plug Donor.

Well Well I must say, this is all very extraordinary! And totally unacceptable. Be quiet now while contemplate my win.

...on my wisdom check, I spent my lunch posting here.

I'm the FIRST LOSER!!!

I would if I could.

The next poster will scratch his head for me.

Spin away little Gnome. Eye'm busy winning here.

I couldn't agree more, Mr. Right You R

Problem solved already

Tirq is banned because I ninja'd him

I always believed that humans were descended from Bananas, not monkeys, It makes more sense that way.

The next poster wants to help Lisp dethrone me.

Granted you now have boxes of Madmen cloves, Madmen garlic, Madmen Basil, Madmen Chili, Madmen Turmeric, Madmen Allspice,,,,etc.

I wish Charlie could get his man card back, I hate seeing him cry like that.


Quiche is banned because he is so much fun to ban that I just had to do it.

Chester Copperpot, the early years.

I can make you feel But I can't make you think

But of course I do!

The next poster thinks I will win and wants to be my henchman or henchwoman. ( no discrimination here, move along, nothing to see. )

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