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Hmm wrote:

So... I'm new, and I realize that I need to choose a weapon for my strength 7 sorcerer. I've seen a lot of the guides rate Acid Splash as a rotten cantrip, and I've seen recommendations for sorcerers hauling around a crossbow for the first three levels.

The thing is, I can't see why. The crossbow does 1d8, but it's heavy and you can likely only fire it once in a combat.

The acid splash spell with an acid flask does 1d3+1, and you can cast it over and over. What am I missing here?

As a Sorcerer, you're likely to do a fair bit of blasting... if your are thinking of using ray and other ranged touch attack spells consider:

Point-Blank Shot - it adds an additional +1 to hit and damage within 30' (the range of your attack Cantrips for your first few levels) and it opens the way for Precise Shot which is useful when you need to shoot something that has decided to close to melee with one of your friends.

With Point-Blank Shot and an acid flask, your doing 1d3+2(average 4) and kicking it out every round.

Also, don't forget that Acid Splash is a touch attack and a crossbow isn't. That said, if you can acquire a crossbow for cheap, by all means carry one for backup. The 25-30' range on Acid Splash/Ray of Frost has been driving my Wizard nuts in my RotRL game.

Moonshadows wrote:

Just adding that the Advanced Race Guide FAQ states that it's only slings, not sling staffs.

Indeed. The FAQ says it only applies to ye basic sling. That said, for a non-pfs home game I would say totally allow it to apply...

Athaleon wrote:
Why wouldn't your Inquisitor just use a bow, and spend that +2 on (say) +1 and Seeking instead?

Low strength? Likes to fire while prone? Prefers the D10 and 19-20 crit range? Thinks crossbows are stylish? Was told scary stories about elves as a child and has developed a fear of bows? Has a thing for Abadar or Brigh?

Ipslore the Red wrote:
Yes. Wraithstrike did not read your question closely enough. A +1 gauntlet of dueling is a weapon and does not take up a magic item slot. A gauntlet of rust does take up a slot.

I believe Ipslore is correct here... a +1 gauntlet with the Dueling property would count as a weapon for the slot rules not a magical glove/hand slot item.

Now a Glove of Storing on one hand and a Gauntlet of Rust on the other would be 2 hand slot items in one slot and would be a no-no.

Hunters Moon wrote:

Thanks for the responses. Some retorts to the above though.

As per Symbol of Death: "You also can attune any number of creatures to the symbol of death, but doing this can extend the casting time. Attuning one or two creatures takes negligible time, and attuning a small group (as
many as 10 creatures) extends the casting time to 1 hour. Attuning
a large group (as many as 25 creatures) takes 24 hours." Which means you can attune a PC party in one hour, and won't effect enemies. So basically with one day or two of downtime, with it being free, you could easily make a huge number of Symbols of Mirroring for the future.
For default visibility, all you need to do is scribe it on a spear head or staff, amulet, or cloak easily.
In terms of timing, it's mainly only being used in a dungeon or combat situations, and the member has to move beyond 60 ft. for it to start ticking down. Most parties don't spread out like that ever.
However I do like what Peet said, in terms of it supposed to be on a "surface", that it should be a wall, floor, and other pat of immobile surface.

I think you have that backwards... attuning makes it so they don't activate/aren't effected by the symbol.

So, sure: If your party wanted they could exclude themselves from the beneficial effects of this spell.

"This dungeon isn't hard enough... Quickly Debbie... I mean Darkstar! Uncover your glyph of increase difficulty level and lets buff our foes!"

maouse wrote:
Rogar Stonebow wrote:
the point of the whip, is to trade damage for great range. The fact that you can potentially get aoo at 15 feet is pretty awesome.


+5 BAB, WF(Whip), WM, Improved Whip Mastery +5 feet reach, grabbing unattended, grappling hook
Weapon Training(Ex) Flails
+6 Lunge +5 reach, -2 AC

So at 6th level any human fighter can get 25'...

Normally with a Whip you don't threaten at all. Improved Whip mastery makes is so you threaten at your natural reach + 5'. So a standard non-enlarged human with Improved Whip Mastery would threaten at 10'.

Lunge only extends your reach until the end of your turn... so during your turn you would have a 20' reach with the whip. Outside of your turn you would threaten out to 10'. Still not shabby at all.

Consider going the Bastard Sword/Mithril BP route and picking up QuickDraw and a QuickDraw light shield. Then you can flip easily between Defense and Offence...

If I remember correctly you can even switch modes at the beginning and end of your round. (Posting from my phone, so I can't check)

CyderGnome wrote:

There is also always the Chevalier prestige class...

Also your retooling of St. Fang as an intermediary works well as an explanation... Heck, with all the Empyreal lord lords and other things granting divine power these days it isn't even a huge stretch.

Edit to correct Ephemeral to Empyreal. Darn you spell check!

There is also always the Chevalier prestige class...

James Jacobs wrote:
If you're a paladin, and you're being lawful, then you're devoutly upholding the teachings and philosophies of your deity. If you worship a deity who isn't LG, NG, or LN, you're either shirking your duties as a paladin by straying too far from your LG alignment, or you're shirking your duties to your deity by straying too far from the DEITY'S alignment, which isn't lawful behavior, which means you're ALSO not a paladin.

Gorum is a headstrong and impatient deity, prone to

impulsive and emotional outbursts. His first reaction to
an unexpected situation is typically violence, and when he
spies something he likes, he takes it. He sees no value in
diplomacy or negotiation. His idea of art is blood spattered
on a shield. To him, music is the ringing of metal on metal,
the crack of breaking bone, and the screams of injured
foes. Poetry is the recitation of challenges and the retelling
of battles, victorious or otherwise. He laughs at pacifists,
especially at the fear on their faces as he chops them apart.
He cares nothing for anything but war...

@J Scot Shady: Good luck in your endeavor, I hope you have a blast.

J Scot Shady wrote:

Okay, I have a player that wanted to play a Paladin of Gorum but I had some difficulty in this at first. I tried to find a justification for it and nothing at first came to mind. I even tried to direct him towards possibly being a Hellknight, but that didn't sit with me. Then something struck me and I want to see what some others think about it from a story aspect.

So, instead a directly following Gorum the Paladin will actually (at least in his mind, see further) follow Gorum's ally Saint Fang. As hinted, Saint Fang is a tarnished Silver Dragon that fell into service to Gorum, but to become tarnished he had to once be good (in this case lawful good).

So, back to the character. He was raise worshipping Gorum but always view war as a way of defending good and defeating evil, and there should always be honor in it. The rest of his fellow warriors saw his views almost as heresy against Gorum. Then one day he runs across a grissled old silver haired veteran.

This veteran begins to show him that his views are in line with Gorum's teaching, specifically within the views of Saint Fang. Shortly there after arises the newly empowered Paladin of Saint Fang. His beliefs are fully declared heresy and he is outcast from his homeland and his church.

So, I know it's rough, but what do people think?

It's outside of RAW, not appropriate to the philosophy of the god and nowhere can I find Saint Fang written up as anything but resembling "a spiky silver dragon but is colored like iron".

That said, if you think you can swing it in your campaign and keep things consistent then by all means go for it! As long as you aren't playing in the PFS then Golarion (like any campaign world) is yours to adjust as you see fit. Don't let anyone tell you it's bad/wrong fun, just do whatever you can to make the most memorable and enjoyable experience for all your players.

I'm a much bigger fan of optimization than most of the group I play with... that said, I've discovered that I have the most fun when I pick a fun concept that seems like a mechanical train wreck in terms of power and then optimize the crap out of it.

C- character with A+ optimization ends up being a solid B character that fits right in with all the other B characters and has the advantage of being fairly unique.

Zotsune wrote:

At level 9 the Two-Weapon Warrior gets the ability ** spoiler omitted ** Does this mean that it can be used with ** spoiler omitted ** and attack with both weapons?

If so then add 2 levels of Titan Mauler and exotic weapon prof. (Bastard Sword) and give him a Great Sword for his primary hand and see what damage you can get out of this feat line!

No. Doublestrike is its own standard action. The Doublestrike action is different from the basic "attack" action called out by vital strike.

Apocalypso wrote:
I'm not trying to start a new thread here. But all clicks on helpful-looking past HiPS threads get shunted to the Paizo store. If HiPS has been definitively FAQ'd, could some kind stranger point me there? Thanks!

HiPS? Not an acronym I am familiar with.

Yora wrote:

Without using spells (looking at bard and cleric here). Cavalier seems to be supposedly made for this, but seems highly inferior to a fighter in anything else. And not really great as a commander either.

I am preparing a game where society is ordered into clans, in which some of the older families have great influence and form a kind of informal "aristocracy". In a group of warriors, these guys would be the "gang leaders", who regard themselves as being responsible for their people and naturally take charge. Be they humans, wood elves, dark elves, or hobgoblins.

What could I do to make these warriors, both as NPCs and as templates for Player Characters who want to emulate them?

The Leadership feat comes to mind, but at the time it becomes available the followers it provides are way out of league with anything that character would be facing. Skill Focus Diplomacy or Intimidate would be a nice detail of fluff, but doesn't really add to their ability to lead troops in combat either.

Bard 1 (Yes, that's one level of wasted spell casting)/Cavalier 5 (Standard Bearer)/Battle Herald X

You get a banner at character L2, scads of battle field command tricks, a lower powered cavalier mount, bardic inspire courage (which doesn't have to be singing - try oratory) and improved leadership and shareable teamwork feats.

Alternately, you could do Bard 1/ Cavalier 4(Standard Bearer)/ Battle Herald X ---- But skipping the last level of Cavalier would keep you from picking up the cavalier's mount.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Queen Moragan wrote:

In your theoretical Swashbuckler base class;

Would the class be proficient in no armor or only light armor?

Would the class be proficient in no shields or just the buckler or small shields and lighter?

Sorry, no book this time:P

I would probably make the class proficient in light armor at most, maybe not even that. They would not be proficient in shields.

I must admit I would be disappointed by a swashbuckler who couldn't use a buckler. That particular shield is the reason for the name after-all.

No snark intended, I've just always liked that particular fighting style.

Xander_21 wrote:

I'm drawing a blank here guys. I want to play something that is thematically cool, but yet also do well in this campaign as well.

Any thoughts or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!


Try a Cleric of Besmara, the Pirate Queen... they get the option to take a familiar instead of a domain.. Your GM should have details as they are part of the AP.

Take the "Catch Off-Guard" feat and melee with your arrows when pressed.

"Why don't I use a normal blade? Once when attacked by a were-beast, I found myself down to my last silver arrow... I swore to Erastil (or other god of choice) right then that if I could fend the beast off that I would forsake all weapons but his own."

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Now, there is an Ioun Stone that grants proficiency with a weapon.

For about the same price, I suppose you could have one that grants proficiency with one suit of armor.

Correct me if I am wrong... (and I'm just going off the top of my head so I might be), but don't Ioun Stones only work for sentient creatures?

Edit: Yep, looked it up, they require a sentient (3+int) creature.

Brad McDowell wrote:
Im a big fan of the Eastern Weapons. The Nodachi can be argued for the best the weapon in the game. What's not to like about the Katana and Wakizashi? Naginata with its x4 crit. Sansetsukon and nine section whip if fighting defensively.

Well... he would get Nodachi, Katana and Wakizashi proficiency via Swordtrained...

Mawgrim wrote:

I have a character coming into game who is amassing a number of various weapons of all different types, and has the quick draw feat. I am yet to ask him about it, as I've only just gotten his character sheet and going over it now.

Is there any rules, or alternatively any advice, when handling this type of "weapon set" and the potential for trying to cycle through them until the weapons are the most effective against the enemy he is going against?

Honestly, this should not be a problem as long as you are playing with at least some attention to weight limits and basic "what fits where" logic. I'm not saying you have to account for every pound on the player, but pointing out that he has enough varied maces and battle axes to move the character near the border of medium or heavy encumbrance may prompt a rethink of just what parts of his kit are important. "So, you are crawling into the kobold tunnels with a lance, a glaive and your usual kit of 8 medium weapons? Are you sure that's wise?"

Encumbrance aside, assembling a reasonable, varied weapon set is time honored common sense approach. If you are a melee combatant you should always try to have a weapon of each type (bludgeoning/slashing/piercing) available. Similarly, as soon as you can afford it, add silver and cold iron to the mix. The key point to being functional while doing this is to overlap - a cold iron morning star covers bludgeoning/piercing/cold iron all in one 6 pound/16gp package.

Dasrak wrote:
Alternately, my suggestion was to use a +1 spell storing arrow to "contain" the acid arrow spell and use the physical arrow as its method of delivery. This would cost 400 GP per arrow (the spell would be stored in the arrow as part of the casting and would not need to be prepared before the battle) for a caster level 12 charge of the "acid arrow" spell. This would work like an ordinary +1 arrow, but if it hits it deals 2d4 acid damage for 5 rounds.

The spell storing weapon enchantment only applies to melee weapons.

eakratz wrote:

Ah but they do stack.

Arcane Pool wrote:
At 1st level, a magus can expend 1 point from his arcane pool as a swift action to grant any weapon he is holding a +1 enhancement bonus for 1 minute. For every four levels beyond 1st, the weapon gains another +1 enhancement bonus, to a maximum of +5 at 17th level. These bonuses can be added to the weapon, stacking with existing weapon enhancement to a maximum of +5. Multiple uses of this ability do not stack with themselves.
I suppose that the part about "existing" weapon enhancement could be argued but by this level the bow itself should be magical making this particular issue moot.

The Arcane Pool would be enhancing the bow... so it would stack with other enhancement bonuses on the bow.

What you need to consider is that the problem is actually that the enhancement bonuses on the bow don't stack with enhancement bonuses on the arrows.

"Ok, I shoot my musket at the BBEG. What do you mean quarterstaves don't shoot bullets?!? I'm a gunslinger gosh darn it! What do you mean I now treat my gun as an improvised weapon equivalent to a quarterstaff? I should have thought of that before I took a level of Monk of the Empty Hand?!?! ARGH!!!"

eakratz wrote:
Let's look at the rule again:
Carnivalist Sneak Attack wrote:
A carnivalist gains this ability starting at 2nd level. The sneak attack damage dealt is 1d6 points at 2nd level, and increases by 1d6 points every 4 carnivalist levels thereafter. A carnivalist's familiar can also deal sneak attack damage as appropriate to foes as long as it is within 30 feet of her (though only Small and larger creatures may flank enemies, as usual).
It is clear that the familiar only gains sneak attack from the carnavalist levels. Would it be out of line to allow them to stack? Probably not.

I must respectfully disagree with your definition of "clear" sir.

Chemlak wrote:

An AoO is most accurately described as a free action that may be taken outside your turn and is only available when provoked: you must be able to act to take them, and they are not part of the Standard/Move/Swift action economy.

Short answer: no.

I fully agree...

That said the absurd portion of my brain just pictured a party with a panther style feat chain focused Evoker who runs circles around his allies to provoke non-lethal attacks of opportunity so he could then substitute blasting spells for his return AoOs. "Quick! Slap Merwin as he runs past so he can rain fire down upon our foes faster!"

Valandil Ancalime wrote:
Meowmix wrote:
ok kool thanks for advice, they are still kinda low level atm, so i probably would give him some scrolls or maybe both wand
Wand of Mage Armor is very cost effective, +4 ac for 1 hour at only 750gp for 50 charges.

Scrolls or (perhaps partially charged) wands are the way I would go.

Additionally, one of the first items lower level casters seek out is often a lesser extend metamagic rod which can double the duration of 3 spells (of 3rd level or lower for the lesser version) per day. They have a market price of 3k gold, but that price could be reduced as part of a reward - perhaps a grateful hedge mage is willing to sell it closer to creation cost to the adventures who just saved his daughter.

I know I am looking forward to getting one on my lowbie wizard, by 4th level a single casting of Mage Armor would last 8 hours.

Seranov wrote:

Yeah, you can only use an Earthbreaker one-handed if you have a Klar in your other hand. And the Klar isn't like a Buckler, but a Light Shield, so you're required to be holding it.

An Alchemist dip might be a way around that, but that depends on your DM. ;)

Nothing in Thunder and Fang says you can only use an Earthbreaker one handed if you have a klar in the other.

In a previous thread it was pointed out to me that the buckler description specifically calls them out as being made of metal... and thus actual bucklers are not eligible to be made of darkwood.

That said, I think that's really dumb & think most people would be happy to house rule handwave their way around that. If you want to (or have to) be strict about RAW, well no darkwood (actual) bucklers for you - save your cash and buy mithril.

FelwynGD wrote:
I am still new to pathfinder and my DM said when you do an attack with shuriken, you throw multiple shuriken per attack (ex. 1 standard action w/out rapid shot). This would mean my 3rd level ninja could throw 2 shuriken per attack w/out rapid shot. This seems wrong... can anyone clarify the rules for throwing shuriken???

When you make an attack with a shuriken you throw 1 shuriken per attack. You don't throw a handful.

The only "special" rules for using shuriken are:

1) They count as ammo, so you can draw them as a free action without quickdraw.

2) They are a monk weapon, so you can use them with flurry of blows.

Byrdology wrote:
All weapon enhancements on my temple sword would go to defense...

Wasn't there something stating that the defensive weapon properties required that the weapon actually be used to attack each round?

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IejirIsk wrote:

Had an odd thought that is stuck in my head, and think i gonna try to at least build if not play one, but I dont have alot of experience at higher levels, usually stopping around lvl 5 :(

But what is the feasibility of a wizard using only MM as a spell. Before you sit and yell that that is a lvl 1 spell... The rest of the use would come from metamagic feats. I just wonder how usable it would be at higher levels and lvl 20

So, wanted your all's thoughts

"Feldor the Missile Master? Aye Lad, I remember him... he terrorized many a kobold horde with his oddly obsessive mastery of the magic missile spell. For a time it was wondered if any could match his offensive prowess... that is until an apprentice challenged him to a duel, rendered all his spells useless with a basic Shield spell and then drubbed him into unconsciousness with a club."

Ringtail wrote:
You may wish to switch out that darkwood buckler for a regular, masterwork buckler then, since the darkwood buckler isn't actually a buckler, despite its moniker. You can't use the hand using it to use a weapon.

Or... it could be that he is using a buckler made of the special material "darkwood". Difference being that it would have cost 2g.

IlleSapiens wrote:
Suppose that's true. Plus his picture my friend did only has him with the one so it'd be sad to change that. XD Well, anyways. Like I said. Some feat builds would be much appreciated. I really like that little combo, Gnome. I actually looked at the trick feat and considered it back before I bought the vigor scabbard. But the whole combo thing really is good.

Well, even without the ranged combo, still consider Quickdraw. With a Quickdraw shield you can stash you shield as a free action before you make your attacks, 2-handed power attack and then pull the shield back out again as another free action.

Also Quickdraw helps reduce the chance of wasting attacks by letting you draw throwing weapons as part of your attack cycle. For example, if you killed one ghoul on the first attack of your full attack action... rather than waste the rest of your attacks you can draw a dagger/axe/javelin and hurl it at the next ghoul in line.

IlleSapiens wrote:
FYI I was also thinking of taking quickdraw, especially since I'm making use of magical scabbards. I have scabbard of vigor right now, so it'd be handy to sheathe the weapon midfight, use the effect, and then be able to get it back into the fray quicker.

You might consider skipping the two bastard sword route and focusing on the flexibility that a single Bastard Sword gives you. Using a non-light weapon in your off hand is an additional -2 on all your attacks. If you 2-hand a single bastard sword you add 1.5x the damage you would get from both your strength bonus and from power attack.

Pick up Quickdraw, Equipment Trick (Heavy Blade Scabard) and Opening Volley. Then you can whip your scabbard at an opponent as a swift action at the start of combat, get youself a bit of bonus damage and a +4 on your first attack, then charge and hit your foe with a 2-handed power attack. If you find yourself in a situation where you are closing a gap against ranged foes or otherwise needing to defend yourself you can pull your Quickdraw Shield as a free action (and put it away just as quickly). Finally you can carry a few javelins (perhaps pre-wrapped with an Amentum for additional range) for cases when you need more than one ranged attack in a combat.

Seranov wrote:

13 Dex and 12 Int instead of 12 Dex and 13 Int is advisable so that you can grab Combat Reflexes, and be better at locking down areas.

A reach weapon to threaten a larger area.

Grabbing the Sunder feats down the line might be nice, with how Stonestrike lets you ignore hardness.

As a Stonelord you really want a reach weapon. Nothing is more annoying than dropping into defensive stance and having an opponent stand 10' away from you. Also, remember armor spikes... that way you can still threaten close while using your reach weapon.

Since you are a dwarf, consider the Dwarven Dorn Dergar. Sure it's an exotic weapon for everyone else, but as a dwarf it's only martial. Also you can take a couple of feats and be able to use it one handed (and keep your shield) and swap between using it as a reach or close weapon as a swift action.

RuyanVe wrote:
Any idea what they look like?

These are 6-siders, and there are six in the package. They are the color of coffee with just enough cream, if you like too much cream in your coffee like SJ does. They have the Munchkin head in place of the 1.

JasperPD wrote:
I'd appreciate some input on this.

I believe at this point you've had the input you requested.

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Ravingdork wrote:
Having your long time character suddenly snuffed out by a Power Word: Kill spell from the GM? No save, no chance to avoid. Nothing. Just an unceremonious collapse unto death in front of "Enemy Spellcaster A."

It shouldn't give you a pissed off feeling... it should make you feel relieved. Never again will you need to play with that particular GM.

asthyril wrote:
The one example i can think of is a charm person potion, if you can trick the person into drinking it it is as if they are voluntarily failing their save against it. it has been a long time since i read that so i might be remembering it wrong, but i do think the act of drinking the potion means you are failing your save against it.

But wouldn't the drinker also then count as the caster? So he/she/it would be charming his/her/its self?

Umbral Reaver wrote:
gustavo iglesias wrote:
Starbuck_II wrote:

Use activated True Strike don't exist.

Only Command word ones exist.
I'm happy to know. Why, though? Any obscure rule I've forgotten?
Because it's not balanced to let you have a 2,000 gp item that grants +20 to hit and ignore concealment on every attack.

Ah... so opinions on balance rather than rules.

Silent Saturn wrote:

Nicos: any particular reason you picked a Dwarf fighter? They don't really get any abilities that make them better at TWF. All they bring to the table is proficiency with axes, but any fighter would get that (unless we're talking about dual-wielding dwarven waraxes, but those aren't good for throwing).

I mean, yes, for fluff reasons a dwarf would be most likely to focus on axes, but a fighter of any race could wield them, and there are so many races that get a DEX bonus, I'd choose one of them first.

Dwarven Maulaxes are actually fairly nice. They have B & S damage, the range increment of a Throwing Axe(10') and the Crit multiplier of the Handaxe (x3).

Harrison wrote:

While looking over some Rogue archetypes that might be interesting to play as, I had an idea for the Swashbuckler Rogue, but I'm not fully sure if it's a legal move.

The Swashbuckler's Martial Training ability reads: At 1st level, the swashbuckler may select one martial weapon to add to her list of weapon proficiencies.

Well, shields can be used as Martial Weapons, so if you pick shields as your one "Martial Weapon", does that basically give you proficiency with that type of shield as if you had the Shield Proficiency feat?

Even without proficiency with shields, you can pickup a darkwood buckler or shield without penalty.

NeoSeraphi wrote:

Im going to start with a one-level paladin dip for martial weapon proficiency and Smite Evil.

I'd say go with 2 levels of paladin... As a summoner you are going to be stacking Charisma already, so the save bonuses from Divine Grace will be great and Lay on Hands will just be gravy.

Kimera757 wrote:
Wilbur35 wrote:
so i have a character and i'm having trouble calculating the damage. he is lvl 4/2 fighter/cavilier, 16str 1d6+4 with a +1 lance. I do have spirited charge so my normal damage is 3d6+12. If i power attack would the damage be 3d6+24?
Don't lances do more than just 1d6 base damage?

Small lances do 1d6, medium lances do 1d8. Small sized mounted characters are very popular because their medium sized mounts fit inside buildings and dungeons.

I like how with the "Earth" version of Variant Channeling you can throw up a 30' radius of difficult terrain at a moment's notice. Real nice when you need to do some crowd control and keep the bad guys bogged down.

This should probably be in "Rules Questions" rather than "Paizo Publishing - General Discussion".

Starbuck_II wrote:
CyderGnome wrote:

A Scrollmaster's weapon scroll counts as a short sword. A Bladebound Magus's Blackblade has to be either a slashing weapon, a rapier or a swordcane. A Short sword is a piercing weapon. So no, all other considerations aside (and there are a bunch) it wouldn't work by RAW.

And that doesn't even begin to start hammering out how the scroll's spell level could scale, what would happen if you used the spell, etc.

A Sunblade counts as a short sword too, but it is slashing. Just because it counts as it doesn't mean its weapon type is the same.

Ah, but a Sunblade also counts as a bastard sword. It is called out as a special unique snowflake of a weapon and thus has an entire paragraph dedicated to its special hybrid status.

If you can find something in the Scrollmaster's weapon scroll description that says it also counts as some weapon type other than a short sword I must have missed it.

Edit for "its" vs "it's" grammar correction.

Michael Radagast wrote:

I was going to put this in Rules, and then I thought maybe's not really Advice. Ultimately, I figure if someone wishes to move it they will.

So what do you folks think? Would you allow a Scrollmaster Wizard to multiclass Bladebound Magus, with her scroll blade doubling as a black blade? I know the scrolls change, but supposing that the magic animating them is the same? I don't see any particular reason why not, although I haven't looked very closely.


A Scrollmaster's weapon scroll counts as a short sword. A Bladebound Magus's Blackblade has to be either a slashing weapon, a rapier or a swordcane. A Short sword is a piercing weapon. So no, all other considerations aside (and there are a bunch) it wouldn't work by RAW.

And that doesn't even begin to start hammering out how the scroll's spell level could scale, what would happen if you used the spell, etc.

Nazard wrote:
Well, for revelations, I'd suggest: Skill at Arms for the weapon and armour proficiencies, Dance of the Blades to negate the movement penalty from the lame curse, and Armour Mastery (to negate the movement penalties associated with medium armour, as well as the Dex penalties). The Iron Skin one is also kind of cool (and useful for a melee fighter with d8 hit dice), and worth an Extra Revelation feat.

Well, as a Half Orc he is already proficient with a Falchion... so I would be less concerned with Skill at Arms.

Have you considered dipping into Barbarian Qutoes? The ability to ignore fatigue that comes with the Lame curse makes it easy to flip rage on and off repeatedly in battle when needed.

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