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Cy1971's page

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Or can they not target the item because they can't lay on hands the item?

My pc's used the air walk to negate both the monks in the dojo (they were in the rafters) and Goti's attempt to slow them down via create pit.

Suishen is being used by the party magus who was already doing gobs of damage. This is only making it worse. Of course the character is the sister of Ameiko and was using a katana prior to finding Suishen so its not easy to just say you cant have the sword. I may try the, it will only function for Ameiko moving fwd though...

The party is supposed to be 6th before venturing down to the lower level of Ravencraeg but I left them at 5th and they are still mowing through everything. I think Suishen is just going to make things easier.

We let off just before Kimandatsu's sanctum, but I know the airwalk is going to make that encounter waay too easy as Kimandatsu will not be able to get away from them.

We are just starting out and I have a player that is playing a bladebound magus. He took the trait where he is related to Ameiko Kaijitsu and thinks it would be very cool to have his black blade show up at 3rd level and it be some sort of ancestral heirloom type weapon.

Of course as soon as Suishen shows up he will want that.
In kinda mulling over how I should work that in.

I haven't read too far into the adventure path yet (don't get a lot of prep time so I try to focus on reading what I will need for the next session)

I kinda don't want him to have a heirloom sword and then introduce another one. Yet if I just say no its its own katana, not related to the Kaijitsu family, he will be bummed.

I just trying to come up with some cool concepts where he can use his blade bound weapon till they come to Suishen. Or should I even bother?

I find this a pretty short sighted and somewhat frustrating policy.
I was thinking of running Jade Regent with my group next and was planning on buying the 1st two books.

The way it is going now though, by the time we get around to books 3-6, they may not be available anymore.

I know I can get the pdf's but I prefer to have the physical books, I find they are much easier to use.

I understand older items going out of print and am aware of the costs associated with re-printing as well as the carrying costs of items that no longer sell as well. But in this case Jade Regent is the most recent and still yet to be finished adventure path that Paizo has! Add to this that there is clearly a demand for it as it’s almost sold out as fast as its released.

I’m curious what would happen to a new subscriber, they get the last 2 modules in this AP then they are not able to go back and get the first 4? This would just leave a bad taste in my mouth.

It kinda feels like going in to a car dealership and buying a 2012 model car by sections, you get the body and wheels only to find out later that the engine is no longer available.

I dunno, maybe others have no issue with this and I am in the minority? As I mentioned earlier though, it's rather frustrating knowing that it’s buy it now or else!

Id recommend boots of flying. simple item, keeps you out of melee's range, wands with random range spells as a bard you should have a decent umd.

I'm in the same boat, just about to hit 12th level with my controller/buff bard and am trying to figure out what I want to buy.

I believe that the first adventure for the second darkness AP includes an adamantine chisel. I'm not sure if they list a price or not.

Question about suggestion and Spellsong. If i use Spellsong and then suggestion, and will the victim know that they were affected

I have a 6th level bard who just got suggestion.
My question is: While the party is resting I start a bardic performance (sing, oratory, play flute, comedy etc) and want to disguise this as just passing time and not let the part know that I am actually using a performance.

I would then like to fascinate/suggest to a party member without them aware that this is happening.
With spellsong is this doable?

I would think that anyone viewing would get their opposed perception/sense motive and that if they fail they just go along with it as they are enjoying the performance.
Of course if they succeed they would know somethings up.

Is this how this would work? without them being any the wiser?

*note, I want to do this mostly for comedic relief

ok, that makes all kinds of sense. but it is less fun for this spoony bard! :P

What I was getting at more precisely was; when in combat if I was using inspire courage via bardic performance and then threw in a spell while adjacent to an enemy would they then get an AOO if they failed to know a spell was being cast?

Although now that I think of it, the inspire courage would provoke so the whole thing may be moot?

So say I am using spellsong to mask the fact that I am casting a spell. Would an adjacent enemy that fails their perception/sense motive get an AOO?

That would def work. I hadn't thought of using a simple guard that would then give the option of a a bluff check, or maybe even a diplomacy option.


Any more ideas would be appreciated :)

I have a pretty specific set of parameters that I need these encounters to fill.
Any input or ideas would be awesomely appreciated.

Basically I am looking for 10-20 more of these. Each one will take place in a 4 x 6 room and they should be designed with a few options to get past. Ie a strength, intelligence, dex or magic test (or any combo). Some may be straight forward, some may be tricky. These are designed for 1st level characters.
This is a race and each character will encounter these solo and will pull one randomly until they overcome 5 total. The first one to finish wins.

I’m ok with some simple traps that deplete a few hp here and there. The goal is to slow them up and deplete there resources but not kill them. I also don’t want any one player stuck with too much down time, that’s not fun.

So if you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.

Heres 4 sample rooms I have already done:

Let sleeping dogs lay.
Metal chimes fill the room and a sleeping hell Hound lays in front of the exit.

Again any ideas would be greatly appreciated and the more creative the better :)
Trying to avoid the chimes is very difficult: dex check - full move dc 20, half move dc 15 quarter move dc 10 if you wake it will paw you till you pet it for 2 rounds then it falls back asleep letting you pass. Or a dc 15 handle animal will also let you pass.

2 and a half kobolds
2 weakened kobolds occupy this room, as well as a rotting kobold corpse. 1 of the 3 has the key (roll randomly) to leave. The pc can fight the kobolds then spend 1 round searching each corpse till they find the key or they can attempt a diplomacy dc 10/intimidate dc 15/bluff dc 12 to get the kobolds to give up the key.

Break in case of emergency
There is a clear case in the middle of the room. Floating in the center of the case is a key. A Pc will need to key to open the exit from the room. Case hardness 5, hp 15. There is also a padlocked lid disable device 15. the spell open will also work.

simple noose trap. reflex save dc 15 to avoid. if caught dc 15 escape artist or a slashing weapon will get the pc free.

Again any ideas will be greatly appreciated. The more creative the better!

Quick question on the subject of Geas.

Would the victim of a geas know that they are compelled to carry out the task?
Say a fighter with no ranks in spellcraft was geased and failed his saving throw. Would he not still know that he was under the effect of a spell?

I know this may not be totally germane to the original post but I thought it kinda fit in here :p

Ok so it seems that the general consensus is that the destruction Aura is a party buff and not intended for a front line fighting cleric.

That leads me to another question though. What kind of an action does it take to "turn off" an aura?
The aura clearly states that its use does not need to be in consecutive rounds, so it is meant to be turned off and on. Again this leads to my previous point, and that if it is a standard action to turn it off then it is even more clearly meant as only a party buff as the cleric will rarely ever get to use his own aura. If you can turn it off as a free action, then I guess that would be ok as you could activate and have your party attack and then deactivate before the enemy gets the benefit of it, correct?

If it does take another standard action to turn it off, it is really a pathetic 8th level domain power.

Liquidsabre wrote:

I think you are referring to the War domain's Weapon Master (Su) ability. How does this apply to the Destruction domain? Most abilities that provide bonuses to other characters (as a buff) requires an action to perform.

Btw doesn't the Battle Rage (Su) ability in the War domain only work for other characters? I don't quite see how a cleric can use that on themselves.

I was using the weapon master ability as a guide. It was clearly errated and I would think that the destruction domain ability should also follow similar rules. It seems to me that the idea of the ability is to allow the the cleric to cause more destruction.

Also when you consider the fact that a cleric with the destruction domain will most likely be a front line fighter it really seems even sillier that by making it a standard action, this 8th level ability (that is supposed to be a benefit)is actually a benefit to his enemies rather than him or his allies.

One could argue that the cleric could stand back and just give his allies the bonus, but that really seems to not be in the spirit of this domain, especially a domain that under a god such as Gorum.

Dire Mongoose wrote:
Not necessarily -- the cleric isn't the only person who can benefit or suffer from the Destructive Aura.

This is a valid point but what that means is that the cleric that activates the aura receives the benefits of it for 1 less round than any others. Unless they try to use it multiple times in a day. In that case it gets worse.

Say an 8th level cleric wants to use their Aura of destruction 3 times over the course of the day, he/she would only get the benefit of it for 5 rounds instead of 8. This seems to not be in the spirit of the ability. Especially when you consider that the destruction cleric with an aura of destruction that tries to use it to destroy only destroys their own ability to cause destruction.

destroy. In case I didn't fit enough destruction in that last sentence

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

I have a cleric of Gorum that has war and destruction domains.

I see that they errat'd destruction domain so that the 8th level power now reads: Weapon Master (Su): At 8th level, as a swift action, you gain the use of one combat feat for a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive and you can change the feat chosen each time you use this ability. You must meet the prerequisites to use this feat.
This make sense as taking a standard action to activate the ability would effectively reduce the use of combat feats by 1 round each activation and makes trying to use them individually and situationally useless, yet the 8th level destruction domain has no such update.

Shouldn't the destructive aura follow similar rules, whereas activating it is a swift action?

We argued about the mechanics of how charge works tonight.

My Monk C with 50' move could not charge from here to to the bad guy A as the wall is in his way. If he was located at B he could charge from a dead stop.
How does this make any logical sense that he could not charge from (C)? He could easily make it to B and then charge A and still have move left. I argued that as long as you have 10' in a straight line and used your full turn and also took the -2 to ac that you should be able to charge from anywhere.

Am I wrong? And if that is the case why? It makes no sense to me.


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