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Cult of Vorg's page

649 posts. Alias of Christopher Vrysen.


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To answer the first part of the OP, some of my characters (not restricted to PF) retirement plans: ascend to godhood, find a way to stay dead, hide their soul in the plane of dreams to dodge the contract on it, stabilize the heretical splinter sect of their faith that they founded, turn a space station into a hedonistic body-swapping heavily-medicated perma-party, get their license to practice medicine restored, make enough profit to stay drunk for a week (then un-retire), protect and raise all the rescued/captured monsters, convince the boss he's bodyguarding to go into a less dangerous career, pay off the gambling debts (and stop losing so much while continuing to be a semiprofessional gambler)...

To the last question, a rank or few in profSailor will usually be useful at some point. Prof soldier or merc can replace some social and knowledge skills in certain situations. Profession barrister/lawyer may let you roll a skill vs DM perversion of wishes or planar bindings.. Prof Wastrel is a good way to keep a party going indefinitely.. Depending on GM and creativity, master craftsman plus craft embroidery or runes might let you use the full variety of crafting feats. Craft alchemy has a variety of uses. Craft improvised weapons could be fun and maybe worth a damage die step on a dedicated imp wpn build..

When I'm in character, it bypasses my social anxiety, allowing me to actually interact with actual people. Then, once I've gamed with people, I feel comfortable around them in a way that would otherwise take months or years of regular interactions.

I get to safely practice and experiment with socializing, learning stuff I can apply with family and at work. (And which failures are funny vs awkward.)

The freedom of converting thought to action is exhilarating. Instead of spending ridiculous amounts of time and energy working up the gumption to do basic life activities, I get to experience going from any visualization to virtual actualization directly.

Words of Power makes the crossblooded sorceror well worthwhile, if you take the Experimental Spellcaster feat instead of going full words. Get a word known each level on time to use those slots as they show up.
Otherwise, as said, only for characters high level enough to use their lineaged specialized to-be-perfected mm'd spell, or as a dip.

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Fun-loving and trickstery paladin (Camwyna or sometimes Paks from the most excellent Deed of Paksennarion) or monk (Bulletproof Monk).

Disciplined warrior, done via Barbarian, rage flavored as some sort of martial hyperfocus.

A peace-seeking wanderer who uses grappling and unarmed techniques to pacify threats non-lethally. Barbarian/fighter.

A badass general, natural leader of men, master of strategic warfare. Bard, of course, inspire courage is a competence bonus deliverable through oratory of good tactical orders, no music fluff required.

Drug-addled charming scoundrel and musician, knowledgeable jack of all trades. Investigator (probably with student of philosophy trait, empiricist for more cha->int skills or psychic detective for charm spells).

Doctor and scientist, leaving behind their legitamite practice and lab after a tragedy, using their knowledge of anatomy and physics to make viscious debilitating strikes, with pockets full of interesting alchemical or Magical devices. Unchained Rogue.

Mindblade might work. Int-based spontaneous caster, so you get the WoP flexibility, and the ability to cherry-pick some normal spells from the psychic list, or pick up word-equavelents depending on your GM.
Thought components would suck for spell combat, though. Maybe rely more on 2handing with spellstrike to cut down on that. Might be better to go scion after all.

Psychic Detective investigator's spell list might fit you better than the
standard extracts.
Starting with barbarian 1 makes up for the missing mutagen a bit, and gives a few rounds of non-precision damage boost, could be worth being behind 1 on spells and studied combat. A 2nd level would be tougher to justify..

Off the top of my head, an archer with the Snapshot line, Combat Patrol with a reach weapon, Wild Shape or other polymorph effects to bypass medium and go straight to large+, long arm spell plus reach weapon..

Saying the grappler must maintain 1/rnd after the first sets a minimum, but doesn't prevent extra maintain actions at any point. So it doesn't say you can't, and the action economy works..

However, 1-round hogtying doesn't sound fun for anyone at a table except maybe that rodeo grappler. So, I'm inclined to be harsher, and say no to that until there's a rule that specifically allows a grappling maintain check more than once a round, instead of just reducing action econ until it would be possible if allowed.

Also, I don't think pinned, with or without being tied up, makes someone helpless. The example of tied up as a reason for helpless I believe would have to be a much more severe case, full restraints not just a little manacle-ing.

If your GM houserules (reasonably, IMO) that the DD advances your BR bloodline, sure. As written, you start developing the Sorceror bloodline from lvl 1, independently from your BR version.

EDIT: Above is absolutely incorrect, I should keep up with FAQs, thank-you Psyren. And unlike sorceror, looks like ragers have bloodline feats as part of their bloodline ability instead of separate, so good to go.

Takes some time to come online, but major magic - chill touch, improved unarmed strike 2wf and/or natural attacks, shadowdancer 3 for shadow and Rogue Trick - ninja Trick - pressure points. It's an alternate revenue stream, str dmg instead of HP.
Granted, Rogue and chill touch are the weakest part of the combo, would probably work better as any number of other classes, except for the Dex to hp damage for dealing with stuff immune to str dmg..

Sniper goggles make me want a rogue archer , but scout 8 is only 1/rnd now so mounted archery is no go.. I don't like the hoops and situationality of shatter defenses.. moonlight stalker with greater feint is also a deep chain, somewhat unreliable, and requires GM allowing ranged feints.. Grtr invis from EH Fey is really high lvl, and wands are too expensive for a core strategy..

It's a shame that pharasma obedience looks so nice, will be unable to resist joining the throng, being able to at last make a functional 2+ dagger Rogue when I finally get to play one.

Last campaign (1-20) I was in was close to an all martial party. A multiclassed oracle/Barb with only 6th lvl spells at 20th, a ranger/fighter 2hander, a fighter/Rogue/shadowdancer, a shieldbash fighter with psychic warrior dip.

The amount of DPR was staggering, anything under APL+4 with max+HP was 1-rounded. The oracle was rarely the MVP. I was surprised at how many encounters were trivialized by the scouting, planning, damaging.

Of course, tactics and UMD and proper magic gear were essential. Characters built and equipped for saves and mobility, not just damage. Everybody had some wands and staves.

2h+reach would be the stronger option I'd think. I have plans for an armored hulk Barb 1, empiricist investigator for the rest. Combat Reflexes, power attack, bardiche, and combat's good, invest means out of combat's good too.

Maybe with studied combat the 2wf could pay off better, eventually.

If you're saving on Dex, you'll want your heavy armor prof too, so will probably want a fighter dip for that and a feat.
I still don't see anything paying off going 2wf. If the offhand hits, the extra weapon and half str is equavelent to the bigger weapon and +half str, half your level damage if the off hand hits is similar to the good power attack.. Enhancements to the offhand weapon balanced by money saved by only having one weapon.. You might get a little better dpr when you're full attacking once you get double strike, but don't think it's worth all the feats and money to get there..

Giving practical tactical advice via Message whispers. (He prefers to never speak out loud where a whisper would suffice.)

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I once knew an arcane trickster sniper, who added explosive runes to the butt of his bolts, added a high-mag scope to his crossbow, did not make himself immune to triggering the runes, and would read them himself through the scope after they impacted his target. A convoluted and dangerous method in attempt to stay viable.

After creating a minefield of runes against an invading orc horde, thwarted by their widespread illiteracy, he gave the scope to a defender that wasn't made immune to the runes, turning the dud mines into LoS remote bombs.

That was the violent thief girl with the pet spaceship, right? Summoner makes sense if you want to emphasize the ship companion. If that's just an artifact / cohort, then maybe swashbuckler / u-rogue?

Unless it specifies character level, class abilities always refer to class level. Fighter WT isn't increasing with barbarian levels, so it happens at fighter 7, aka character level 9..

Nothing wrong with being personally Neutral, or even NE, and preferring to work with good people or encourage altruism in others when possible. Could come from guilt, pragmatism, self awareness without agency, etc.

Depending on what abilities you want her to have, ranger makes sense, there's archetypes if you don't want spells or companion, and the background doesn't mention religion or mysterious patrons.

Nothing wrong with elf, the deformity could just be a drawback. Tiefling could work too.

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Philosophy can be done by anybody. It's a roleplay choice independent of race/class.

If you want the PC to be knowledgeable about the teachings of other philosophers, knowledge skills could be useful.

If you have a philosophy in mind that would restrict your character's actions, and want to plan for those restrictions, then please share, as otherwise how does anybody know what you mean by philosopher? Always gotta define ambiguous terms before you can work with them.

If the GM restricted races to human, then you'll probably be sowing some discord by showing up with a clawed and fanged monster, even if it's technically human.

Magical Knack trait just adds to caster level, not your equivalent sorceror level.

So, in this case, you'll still cast spells with CL 6, but you'll be limited to the spell slots and spells known etc of sorceror 5. You won't have those tasty 3rd level spells until 7th level.

Combat reflexes and a reach weapon wouldn't be bad. You can hold the weapon in one hand as a free action while casting, then back to 2hand wielding as another free action.

2 handing can still be a problem if you want to use metamagic rods instead. Gloves of Storing can help with that. If you take Craft Rod you can make your own quicken and other (dazing!) rods eventually.

If you like your burning hands, intensify metamagic can keep it growing with you for a while longer. Spell focus and spell specialization can also help with that, and you can shift that bonus to better spells as you level up.

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Good stats for reach and combat reflexes. Longhammer or bardiche, with a boulder helment for close range. (Dwarven weapons are from the advaced race guide, available on the PRD.)
+1 to steel soul (i believe from advanced players guide).

The student of philosophy trait would help with social skills. (I believe it's from Quests & Campaigns, can find it on d20pfsrd). Gruff and gross, but he payed attention to rhetoric class in pally school.

For a 2hander, any feats after power attack and combat reflexes are gravy, so you could branch out into ranged weapons for switch hitting, or shore up saves and defenses with your feats..

Even the Star Wars movies, I believe they made it a point about having each jedi's fighting style and/or saber design unique, if they weren't supposed to just be a faceless mook Jedi. And now I've thought about SW movies, time to go scrub out my brain. I don't know that there's ever been an interesting Jedi.

I wouldn't enjoy seeing two machine-gun archers in the same group, unless the players where both OK with it. But, a one-shot sniper (maybe spell channeling or mythic vital striking) next to a standard rapid fire build would each give them their own thing. Or say multiple people like rapiers, I'd hope they could each find their own role, fencing grace kensai, sword n board brute, aid-another and butterfly-sting tricks, wielded in a tail for defense while casting or ranging, etc.

Unique combat styles, or approved/acknowledged competition, help to continue roleplay during combat.

It could be fun to have a game where everybody's part of a shortsword infantry unit, with identical combat training and style, and obviously unique personalities, but everybody would have to be OK with it, and if one or more of the group wasn't, we'd have to decide to either exclude them, bore them, or do another game.

How about a permanenced Magic Jar effect on the sword? The soul bound to it is the character. This avoids the weird wealth issues of the intelligent magic weapon thing, as it could be just a normal or mw, or as enchanted as the PC soul can afford.

It means the PC may be able to continue after their body's death, or upgrade bodies as they go, if the other PCs allow it.

In return for possible immortality, maybe restrict takeover range to touch, and maybe add a rider where if the weapon's wielder saves vs their possession then they can command the PC soul with a Geas or Dominate effect.

In addition to these theft/disarm fears, being hedged out of the body by a 'Protection vs' spell could be interesting, depending on how/who the body was obtained. They'd also have to worry about AMFs, sunders, and dispels. Would they worry and obsess about recreating their body-snatching immortality, or would they like the feeling of being normal mortal flesh again?

Every group I've been in has had a social contact of each character having its unique schtick, and it's poor taste or even offensive for another player to step on that.
Whether it's a combat style, or roleplay concept, talk to the player already on the territory before invading it. If they're not comfortable sharing, are there really no other concepts you can have fun with that don't hurt another player's fun?

It's amazing to me how many posters on this thread apparently don't do this, I thought it was a gaming universal. Like any show book or movie with an ensemble cast, each char is either unique, thought of as a single unit with their similar comrade, full of competitive tension with them, or one of them is only around to die dramatically. Think of which trope would you end up falling into with their character, and be prepared for their reaction of having their roleplay constrained by your choices.

When two characters have the same specialization, it's a lot more natural to compare effectiveness and marginalize the weaker one. Apples get compared to other apples, not oranges.

It's also similar to the drama of bringing in an opposition character. Some concepts don't mix easy with others, paladin v diabolist, slaver v bellflower, etc. The PC that's already there should have a voice, or even veto, on bringing in a source of inherent conflict and/or RP constraints.

Dirty Trick, with a little creativity there's always something you can do against anything.

Trip specialists can destroy trippable opponents, but there's more and more trip resistant or immune as levels go up.

Bull Rush is safely reliable with enough size increase and dedication, and allows you to use the battlefield as a threat unlike most other maneuvers.

Grapple specialists are scary vs single targets, as long as you can beat FoM and incorporeal.

Spell-sunder barbarians are popular for a reason, once every enemy is buffed that greater sunder means every attack is a free dispel. Otherwise situational, as you rarely want to ruin your loot, but it's nice to remove casters' foci or components, or occasional unique threats...

Now that Slashing Grace doesn't allow dual wielding, straight warpriest is a no-go.. Best option for dex-based dual-wielding now would be Unchained Rogue 4.

Depending on how much magic they want, they could make do with just taking Minor Magic (probably Acid Splash) and Major Magic (probably Shield), and the drow magic SLAs..

If they like the sawtooth saber and assassin priest idea, they could go warpriest from there. Divine Favor plus Fate's Favored and maybe Magical Knack is still good, fervored inflict wounds is a better swift action attack now with sneak attack.

If the rogue talents are enough magic, Urban or Unchained Barbarian 1 for the dex-rage and martial proficiencies, at 1st level for the HP.

Warpriest of Achaekek (the red mantis, god of assassins). Level 1: WpnFinesse and WpnFocus- sawtooth sabre (longswords that 2wf like light weapons), level 3 Slashing Grace and 2wf. Level 6 dual enhancement and ? (maybe imp 2wf). It's the anti-drzzt.

Needs Dex>Wis/Con, enough str for encumbrance, enough int for skills. I'd choose trickery and either war or law/evil for blessings. Use fervor for swift divine favor and cure or inflict spells.

Solo games really have to be tailored to the PC. My luck has been best heavily improvising, using challenges appropriate to their abilities.

Make sure they always have an out and/or their enemies have a reason to KO not kill. A dead PC kills the story, an unconscious PC sets up the next chapter.

It all depends on what they want to do and can do.. At 1st level it could be their final test to graduate from their class's school, recovering an appropriate object from a structured course or nominally safe area.. Or getting out of hand celebrating, waking up naked, and having to track/investigate their gear and their forgotten adventures while hungover.. Returning to their village to see it burnt and looted by goblin raiders, and either going to the closest Garrison for help and/or tracking them down and avenging their village.. Travel through difficult territory to get to a mercenary or adventure guild recruiter before the recruiting season ends..

Blockbuster wizard could be fun. Otherwise +1 to alchemist mad bomber and/or Hyde. (There are excellent guides around for these.)

Otherwise, hmmmm... Gozran warpriest conflicts with animal companion and druids, Besmaran warpriest or inquisitor conflicts with swashbuckler and cleric.. Maybe a LoreWarden / ManeuverMaster dirty trick specialist? Or the standard beast/spellsunder barbarian?

If you like those stats (if those are after the human +2 then it's only 19pts, you can have 11str... I'd consider dropping cha 1 or 2 to get more points for str 12 minimum) you definitely want Arcane Strike to get some damage, and Weapon Finesse to have some attack bonus.

The skill bonus feats are usually pretty weak, especially for bluff considering as a batd you'll be able to cast glibness eventually. Unless it's important to you to make blatantly impossible lies sound plausible asap, at the cost of being a terrible combatant.

Why not bard? Skillful, inspire courage is a competence bonus and not tied to perform skills so can be tactical advising if you don't like music. Arcane strike and inspire courage give some static bonuses.

Sorceror (or bard again) into Dragon Disciple can use that cha, if you're OK with claw claw bite instead of 2 weapons. Can mix with fighter barbarian or paladin if you don't like magic.

Edit: Dual rapiers is really tough to do, especially core-only. Also no dex to damage in core-only. +1 to Str-based ranger.

Ancient Lorekeeper elven oracle, possibly with burning and/or haunted curse, gives a few arcane spells known, for the blended arcane/divine feel. EH too if there's bloodline powers you're hankering for.

Unless what you want is more low-level spells than you can use in a day, but no actual level appropriate spells until maybe 20th level, in which case MT however you like is perfect.

Skipping the DD, sorc and BR bloodlines aren't pick one class and combine levels for effective bloodline, they'd be tracked separately instead.

DD should continue that. If there's no sorc levels involved, technically it would give an effective sorc bloodline level, independent of any BR levels.

It's a reasonable house rule to let DD increase BR bloodline instead, but it would be a house rule.

Maybe you're just looking for Intimidate then, need a way to use Intimidate to influence as a full round or better, instead of a minute.

Don't recall a way to do that off the top of my head, but could suit your needs better than getting into grappling..

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DD requires nothing in off hand, and is flavored as for Saranraens, may allow 2wf with unarmed strikes, some DMs don't allow it with spell combat for some reason, but allows scimitar finesse without a swash dip..

SG works for your pick of slashing 1Hs, but not light, which means whip or aldori barring swash dip, doesn't require empty off hand.

For straight magus, fencing grace with rapiers might be easier, but inspired blade dip is pretty tempting.

Claws are already S/B, why bother with a feat to add P?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Self buffing is only useful if you can get them in play without giving up your combat rounds. Quickened or quicker spells by fervor, rods, arcane bloodrage, prebuffs, etc.

Unless you've got a reach build, where you just move into position and punish anything that provokes, I guess.

If you want the whip, I'd do weapon master fighter 3 for the feats and weapon training.

Shadowdancer pairs great with ninja or rogue 2 for pressure points to get in on the str damage.

Bloodrager would work well if you don't need the extra feats, a lot of bloodlines get cool tricks in the first few levels, lots of options. Not weapon specific, so don't need so many feats. Of course they're MAD as hel.

Tough to beat trench fighter for a gun dip. Otherwise, gunslinger is good to leave at 5 or 7. Grasping Strike could be fun for kiting, doing a doublehackbutt vital strike musket master thing? (Someday I want to see a bouncy goblin using one of those, prone and sliding all over the map.)

It just says hold, not wield or brandish or the like that would require more effort. All my casters end up designing rod harnesses so they can free action shift a free hand to one while casting with the other. Still might need a storing glove to to free up the weapon hand unless the spell has no somatics..

If the melee party focuses on magic that ups their mobility, and UMD for that and utility and post-combat healing, you might be surprised at how effective they are. Big 'if' of course, but the amount of damage they can pump out could turn the game into rocket tag really fast.

They just need to work on scouting or other mundane intelligence gathering means (social skills to get informants or to interrogate captives) to avoid being surprised and to choose their battlefields, and work on exit strategies when things look bad (low level mists and fogs to cover retreats, high level dim doors and teleports to bug out, preferably using spell storing or umd spell trigger).

If their tactics or DPR are lacking, though, there will be plenty of room for replacement characters to fill the holes though.

I'd love a Rahadoum AP. Would be great to see the challenge involved with the lack of standard affliction removal and healing. Would probably end up giving support for anti-theists in PFS as well.

It'd be tough to make though, restrictions on available classes and gear would probably limit the customer base a bit. Maybe would need a mini-game for tracking how divine characters and abilities stay secret to avoid pulling priest-hunter aggro..

I'd hope to be focused against Rahadoumi antagonists too, rise of another arcane lich-king or the like, rather than over-using the outerplanar antagonism. Or maybe a bourgeoning civil war? Also hope it would support Rahadoumi players, to avoid the Jade Regent problem where the eastern AP doesn't support eastern PC concepts for the first half.

I think the most fun and reliable maneuver is Dirty Trick. A Lore-Warden with a dip into that half-orc Skulking Slayer rogue does that very well.

Lore Warden 3 / Maneuver Master 1 is a great base for anyone that likes maneuvers. Can go pretty much anywhere you like from that.

Your best defense is a strong relationship with the party. Get them as friends instead of latent enemies, all though that ship may have sailed. Also, the best way to get to the end of any adventure is to avoid over-stressing the GM or annoying the other players. Those are more likely to end a campaign than the trifling matter of your character's death.

Also not seeing anything I'd call non-optimized, outside of the RP choices. Given the channel focus already, Quick Channel seems extra good, get more of your abilities into play every round. Same with Craft Rod for Quicken Rods, if there is enough downtime; I'd see how CWI goes.. Depending on how often you're enlarged, combat reflexes might be nice.

You might be missing options vs undead, so versatile channel or turn/command might handle that. Temporarily controlling undead then putting them down is just tactics, unlikely to provoke PC rage like your animated undead slave army. Then again, might be easier to just melee them and maybe prepare command/halt undead.

1st level barb means 4 extra HP, and starting at BAB +1 for weapon focus. That's important for going Dex if you want slashing or fencing grace along with the free finesse at 3rd, and weapon versatility at 1st (since dex-to-damage feats all lock you into a specific weapon).
That controlled rage is the same combat bonus as invest4 studied combat, albeit very limited rounds, but can also boost str/con-based checks when needed.

Empiricist/inspired, no need for that 12 cha (min 1 panache from each stat), you could shave that to get con 14 and some more str for encumbrance. Fencing grace and weapon versatility are required.

Student of philosophy trait from Q&C helps with int to persuading and lying, which empiricist is missing.

I'd hate to have less than 14 con, so no elf. Half-orc would be my choice, dark vision and that bonus to saves (especially with fate's favored as your other trait) is worth more than any bonus feat. Plus, dapper half-orcs are groovy.

Edit: given house rules, free finesse plus an extra bonus feat, don't know that swash is actually worth it. WF and WV at 1st, FG at 3rd. Human would give you CR, but no parry.. Parry is tough to use anyways, though, having to use it before the roll. Urban barbarian for 1st would probably be a much better dip, fort save and more HP and a few rounds of controlled rage.

+1 minimum before adding abilities, so that's actually a +1 animated arrow catching heavy steel shield, making it +4 equivalent.

Inspire Courage is a competence bonus to attack and damage, so I prefer to play it as good tactical advice, via perform oratory.
After a couple of levels, you have message up constantly, providing your unit with comm gear and oversight, and never need to speak louder than a whisper. Knowledge skills mean you've got useful Intel on whatever your opponents are.
Plenty of bard spells help with the calm competent advisor vibe rather than silly entertainment magic.

You could play a bard as a magical cheerleader, but I think their abilities work better as a competent military officer.

Slayer or ranger do make good sword&boarders, early access to Shield Master is pretty amazing. Slayer is more versatile damage (and more fun in general imho) until ranger gets instant enemy, ranger is brutal against their favorite favored enemy.

Before SM, you use a light shield off-hand. With SM you use a heavy shield main-hand, and a light crit-fisher (best=kukri, or maybe cestus if you go fighter(brawler)3 for feats and more damage after glorious lvl 6) off hand. That and and using shield enhancements instead of weapon (+5 bashing, everything else is gravy), means access to that feat at 6 instead of 11 is huge.

Shield Slam and Greater Bull Rush is a great combo, if you have friends in melee with you. Every hit with that shield provokes AoOs from your friends. If you're solo on the front line, you don't need those BR feats, but SS is still groovy if you can knock foes back enough to deny them full attacks.

Shield spikes stacking with bashing enhancement is debatable, I believe they overlap instead of stacking, but base damage dice don't matter much with all the static bonuses you can pick up.

Shadowrun pacifist pushed too far:
Had a happy little free spirit in Shadowrun, always working towards non-lethal or altogether avoiding violence on runs, lots of comic relief and hippyisms.

Old enemy hired us for an epic Arcology run, so I foolishly vowed if he betrayed us I'd be forced to kill him.

Party got split, and only one PC ends up with this Johnson/CEO and the much beloved GMPC. GMPC has beautiful self sacrificing scene, Johnson comes out in a coma and is whisked away by security detail.

To avoid being slightly embarrassed, PC witness lies, not only hiding that climactic scene from everyone, but also saying GMPC died because Johnson betrayed us.

My char asks if they're sure that's what happened, sighs sadly and says OK, then astrals out. Goes out and abuses to the bleeding edge various abilities, tracks the guy to a warded jet, overpowers the massive wards, ignores all the bodyguards while decapitating coma-Johnson, and explodes the plane on the way out. Brings back the severed head and drops it in the living room before going to his lodge to cry it all out.

Dedication against violence does not equal a lack of talent for it, and paladins looking for a reason to fall, etc..

Ulfgrim vs Ravenloft:
High power party goes to Ravenloft, realizes it sucks to be there, and decide to go home. Things get increasingly epic going on redonkulous, with escalating soulwrenching horrors inflicted on us and ours.

We eventually figure out that there's an upcoming grand conjunction thingy, where the demiplane itself would coalesce in prep to expand and absorb Faerun. If we can occupy its attention for about 10 rounds while calling on the faerunian gods, they might be able to calvalry in and sucker punch the plane into nigh nonexistence..

Also, my Ulfgrim, Tempurian Battleguard, decides that the most effective weapon vs fear/despair/atrocity is laughter.

He starts stockpiling ways to instant true res and otherwise recover from all manner of deaths, and starts secretly practicing secret stuff in bags of holding and other planar pockets.

When the time came, and the party of heroes stood insignificantly before the massive thing of primal ugly darkness, Ulfgrim kept forward, tearing off his gauntlet to reveal the secret weapon on his hand... A sock puppet! (This was before Banjo ever existed, dammit.)

Much like Tribute by Tenacious D, to this day I cannot recall the hilarity that spewed from our lips (me doing Ulfgrim's brute voice doing the sock puppet's screechy voice). I remember my friends losing it. I remember Ulfgrim dying 1-3 times a round, but the party or my preps instantly bringing him back again. I remember in the last round casting some sort of exalted holy rain spell fluffed to look like laughing sock puppets, while I screamed "sock puppets never die!" I can't remember the jokes and lines I rattled off for the life of me, and I know i've never been that funny before or since, but I get a big goofy grin every time I think about it.

Holy Burner. Blackened oracle, either flame mystery, or perhaps heavens to use patterns for when burning is not appropriate.

The Spider. Massive amount of natural attacks, enough rogue/ninja for pressure points, and shadowdancer 3 for the buddy, throw some chill touch or the like on there too. Str damage instead of HP, an alternate revenue stream.

Furtive Pygmy. Small mounted hunter or scout, either melee switch-hitting between lance charges and crit/aoo sharing. Or ranged using rogue/scout 8 to sneak attack full attack every round.

One Free Man. Rahadoumi anti-theist, self-sufficient, devoted to both personal freedom and morality. The ends are the means, never justification for them.

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