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Cult of Vorg's page

743 posts. Alias of Christopher Vrysen.


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Akhana Aeon. 1/day raise dead plus 3 restorations isn't bad to have in your pocket, and the unlimited cure serious could save some cash too, and the soul siphon could be situationally useful.

I'd want to add a 1d4 bite (+2RP), carrion sense(+1RP), desert runner(+1RP), maybe plagueborn(1) or sprinter(1) if bringing them to 11 is ok.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Cult of Vorg wrote:

Athiesm in Golarion would probably be related to any evidence-avoiding RL belief.

Just needs a selling concept that's preferable to observed reality, social support group, youth indoctrination, claim to historical longevity or popularity, valuing loyalty to the concept/group over rationality.

Anti-theism like Rahadoum, or whatever you call gods are just more powerful me's so why worship when I can become or bargain with one instead, seems much more interesting to me.

Rahadoum's Anti-Theism has nothing pragmatic regarding the gods, it's outright hatred because of the war and misery brought on by two faiths that had an all-out war for the hearts and minds. One day the nation decided it had enough and declared a pox on all divine powers. The only real good portrait of the mindset from an inside view is Jame's Sutter's Death's Heretic.

Weak grammar on my part, those were supposed to be two separate concepts, anti-theist and anti-worship, to contrast with athiest. Death's Heretic is a great read, the best PF novel by far.

Athiesm in Golarion would probably be related to any evidence-avoiding RL belief.
Just needs a selling concept that's preferable to observed reality, social support group, youth indoctrination, claim to historical longevity or popularity, valuing loyalty to the concept/group over rationality.

Anti-theism like Rahadoum, or whatever you call gods are just more powerful me's so why worship when I can become or bargain with one instead, seems much more interesting to me.

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GM wishes to pervert wish attempts. They do so, with great wit and cleverness and PC tears. However, this triggers a legalese grammar arms race with the PCs, until every wish is multiple pages that take hours, in and out of game, trying to close or abuse loopholes.

On topic, the Poison Elves price of the third sin, any wish is granted via theft of objects or energies from entities that the wisher really didn't want to upset..
Or, the Game of Tenses, any slightly vague indication of time is abused, allowing unacceptable delay of service or shortened duration or time travelling shenanigans..
Or, the Homonym-con, any potential homonym or commonly misunderstood words are taken as inappropriately as possible...

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Greater good arguments always tend towards evil. When I think about it, any such argument fails based on the limit of projected consequences, based on the available data and processing power.

Kill 10 to save 1000, but what if saving 1000 provokes the death of 100000, which saves 10000000, which provokes....

I want to try a flying blade 5, far shot 1, weapon master 6.
The monk gives bonus rapid shot (equivalent, but ok with startoss style & starry grace?), quick draw, precise shot..
Swash gives improved critical and range and various other shinies.
Fighter for the richochet and other weapon training goodies. 4 required bonus feats covered, still leaving 11-12 more feats to play with by 12th level.

So, could go with QuickDraw, Precise, ImprovedCrit, WFocus, PBS, StarryGrace or AWT trained throw, Startoss*3, WSpec, Richochet, Combat Reflexes (for the swash stuff), Improved Precise, Greater WFocus, and Iron Will or Greater WSpec or Deadly Aim if you're human.. I think that covers it.. (although getting all of those last 3 would be better, I think the swash perks would make up for it..)

Opportune Parry and Riposte:
(Ex): At 1st level, when an opponent makes a melee attack against the swashbuckler, she can spend 1 panache point and expend a use of an attack of opportunity to attempt to parry that attack. The swashbuckler makes an attack roll as if she were making an attack of opportunity; for each size category the attacking creature is larger than the swashbuckler, the swashbuckler takes a –2 penalty on this roll. If her result is greater than the attacking creature's result, the creature's attack automatically misses. The swashbuckler must declare the use of this ability after the creature's attack is announced, but before its attack roll is made. Upon performing a successful parry and if she has at least 1 panache point, the swashbuckler can as an immediate action make an attack against the creature whose attack she parried, provided that creature is within her reach. This deed's cost cannot be reduced by any ability or effect that reduces the number of panache points a deed costs.

Anytime an opponent announces a melee attack against the swash, before they roll the swash can spend a Panache and an AoO to parry. The only limit would be the swash's pools of AoO and Panache.

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A flying blade Advanced Class Guide swashbuckler that uses the Weapon Master Handbook startoss style feat chain will be able to hit multiple targets with one dagger throw.

And in addition to 5 levels of Swash you could take 4 levels of Weapon Master fighter to pick up the Richochet Toss advanced weapon training feat so your favorite friendly dagger returns to your hand after.

It might be more complicated or less magical then you're looking for, but it came to mind.

Otherwise, magus will eventually get AoE.. . A Myrmidarch magus could also do similar dagger hijinks without multiclassing..

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Alternatively, read the Deed of Paksennarion.
Or, the Dresden Files books that feature the Knights of the Cross.

Some good tips here, though. I think I'll link that to a GM I know that has problems with paladins.

Gendarme Cavalier is the mounted charge specialist.

Dragoon Fighter, with the feat chain to pick up an animal companion (store-bought buddy until then), and AWT feats, looks like it could be effective.

With the companion feats, Bloodrider Bloodrager, especially if it can pair with Primalist for beast totem, has some perks, arcane bloodline would let his mount share his free Displacement.

With the companion feats, some multiclassed abomination could be done.. Swashbuckler 1 for finessed mounted lance, Dragoon 5 with the AWT that doubles WT damage when finessing, savage tech Barbarian (especially if advanced or hi-tech firearms become available) or Bloodrider or Mounted Fury for the rest?

That's convoluted. It says you ready two attacks. You're assuming that means a full attack, but it doesn't say that, and it doesn't act as a full attack in any other way. The feat does what it says it does, allowing you to ready multiple separate attack actions. Unless you think it's intended to allow extra attacks from haste iteratives twf etc, but wouldn't that have been written closer to: as a full round action you can ready a full attack, instead of what it actually says?

Compare to spells like scorching ray, they allow multiple attacks without requiring full attacks. Or taking an AoO, that also lets you make multiple attacks in a round without a full attack. It's just a strange assumption to make here.

I don't see where overwatch tries to ready a full-round. You use a full-round (instead of a standard) to ready two attack actions (instead of one).

I think the PCs can always make a check. Given the FAQ about spellcasting always having an obvious manifestation, makes sense to me that the symbol would be glowing or muttering.

Also makes sense to me that the reflection would not trigger, or if it did the placement would mean the burst wouldn't affect someone not through the archway, so a mirror on a stick would give the trap finder a chance to DD or create a safe window to get past it.

I find symbols confusing in general, though.

The whole ability replaces stunning fist, has the same uses per day restriction. Just like advanced stunning fist options don't have a separate pool.

Now that Preacher is on the TV, my recommendation is naming it Doom-C*ck, particularly if you're missing some anatomy.

Sensate would let him use any weapon equally well, but no AWT and can't use the weapon training gloves. Still it's one of the best archetypes for a single class fighter, barring mutation warrior which doesn't fit Valeros well.

I believe Brad provokes AoO from Barb for attacking against CaGM, so provokes from Rog due to PO. Same trigger, Brad attacked Barb, so Barb gets no PO additional AoO from Rog.

If Barb damages Brad, then Rog can get their 1/rnd Opportunist AoO. However, Opp apparently doesn't specify that Brad provoked, just that Rog can AoO, so I don't think that PO triggers for Barb.

If we assume that taking an AoO assumes that it was provoked, then Barb does get a PO AoO, because her damaging Brad provoked from Rog, but I don't think that's RAW.

Depends on how much of the campaign you want his backstory to influence.

Occasional assassins from the bro, bounty hunters from the nation, would be one thing. He's accepted his new adventurous life, maybe even prefers it.

Seeking proof to clear his name and claim his inheritance, or bloody intrigue and revenge on everybody involved with his displacement, could become the purpose of the whole game.

Single weapon trick from weapon master handbook, only prerequisite is weapon focus. However, requires light/no armor, free hand, miss by 5, and only works once against a given foe per day.

I'd talk to the GM before assuming the shadow has a natural attack and not its own category, for stuff like haste and jaw spells.

I've always wanted to see a shadowdancer3 working Str damage themselves. Probably a natural attack build to max out Rogue2 for pressure points.

I had an idea for a lost legion game, where every character started with 1+ fighter levels with the same teamwork feats, then could multiclassed as they wished. The game would start with their army being routed and destroyed deep in wild dangerous territory, escaping the battlefield, then deciding how to survive, either get home, or desert and make new lives, or try to complete the mission somehow.

I laminated the Kingmaker maps, then used dry erase to fog it, and let the players draw in their own notes, roads, cities, borders, etc. In character, as it were. Took regular touch ups to fix smears was the only downside.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Savage Technologist Barbarian is designed for this, if allowed in PFS. 5 of that might be better for you then gunslinger, just replace Sword&Pistol with Amateur Gunslinger?

Or double down on a bad deal, go elven dreamspeaker slumber witch. Take up the challenge of having 4hp, -2 Fort, and a 30' range on your best trick. Take a figment familiar, have it make enough noise that you can hope it distracts an enemy into one-shotting it instead of you, then get it back in the morning if you somehow survive the day.

There is a FAQ that basically says they do count as human, elf, and half-elf for FCB and similar options, so that should be fine.

More importantly, that sounds like a painful multiclass, depending on what you want there may be a better way to make it work.

Dwarven Battle Host Occultist, start with mw stoneplate and Toughness.

Oh yeah, there's also choosing ranger favored enemy well, and casting a lot of instant enemy eventually.

If you have a reliable flanking buddy (animal companion?), Outflank is a good extra +2 too.

Still more situational than weapon master 3 - Sentinel X. However, looks like there's no Deific Obedience for Ragathiel, and even if a GM allowed celestial obedience in its place it looks too tough to pull off reliably, so that idea is DOA after all.

So, ranger X is situationally more accurate than sticking with Titan mauler to keep reducing that -8 penalty at 3rd and every 3. Weapon Master 3 is better once gloves of dueling are added, except for further delaying instant enemy and companion advancement if going ranger.

Hamburglin wrote:
@Claxton I get the premise, but that leaves me wondering what the orc bloodline is good for.

Martials with Eldritch Heritage, and evoker/admixture wizards that dip crossblooded sorceror 1.

Need more dex for 2wf unless you're getting it from ranger/slayer combat style. Pretty sure 2wf non-light weapons is -4/-4.
Also might want to prepare for scoffing at the ridiculousness of imagining trying to fight with that much unwieldliness.

Weapon master fighter and gloves of dueling, then Sentinel to get Sacred buffs?

It won't help immediately, but investigator studies plus mutagen eventually make them pretty darned accurate despite the lesser BaB, but you'd want more Int for that.

I definitely suggest you reduce Cha to get some Con.
Are you looking to two-hand, or dual-wield?
The biggest drawback to EK is that if you use Arcane Strike, you won't have the Swift action to use on the spell. Same with any of the bard's swift or immediate action spells. Also, its armor training is unnecessary with bardic armored casting.

I think you'd be better off sticking with AD than trying the EK. By the time you'd get EK spellstrike, you could instead afford a quicken metamagic rod and gloves of storing when you want to swift cast.
If you want to get out of bard after 7th, dragon disciple isn't bad.

Ragebred skinwalkers (were-pigs have the power) are kings of natural attacks, barring synth summoner at higher levels, or that great lake octupus wild shape.

Take the feat to have gore/hoof/hoof.

They don't count as lycanthropes, so you'll need ranger or slayer 2 for the aspect of the beast perma-claws feat, or limited rounds claws by Barbarian beast totem or bloodline ability. Or feral mutagen, limitted by 1hour downtime between uses.

GM call if you can pick up a bite along with the gore, beastiary examples of bite/gore creatures all have gore from head horns not tusks. Plenty of ways to grab it if allowed though.

Mutation warrior, possibly picking up AWT to count your weapon specific feats to all your attacks, or alchemist into Master chemyst, given the permissive claws/arms ruling both seem like good ways to go.

You could also conceivably pick up IUS to downgrade all your attacks to secondary to pick up iterative unarmed, but you'd have to check with GM on how you're unarmed attacking with all your extremities and face tied up with naturals.

Depends on how committed to the rogue class you are, depending on what you want your character to do there may be other classes that do it better. Also, what books are available, is it the Unchained (decent) or core (avoid) rogue, and what level are you starting at?

Investigators are more skillful than rogues, and very accurate at levels 4+ with mutagen and studying, but have little damage for those first levels. Swashtigator (1 level of Inspired Blade swashbuckler, rest investigator) are pretty groovy.

Archaeologist bards with the Fate's Favored trait can do well.

Deific Obedience - Pharasma gives +2 Sacred to hit with daggers, tough to find a better feat to help accuracy. Outflank helps too if you have a reliable flanking buddy that takes it with you.

3 levels of Weapon Master Fighter help with accuracy and feats.

+1 to Slayers, pretty much a pure upgrade to the core rogue. Check them out.

Ninjas are also core rogue upgrades.

I allowed a reversed share spells in a game I ran once, but it was a deliberate boost to the weakest character in the party.
His xbow rogue(scout) 10 / diviner1 mostly used my extra liberal interpretation to have his UMD mephit activate scrolls of Arrow Eruption or True Strike for him on the same turn as his shot.
I can see how on a stronger build it could be abused heartily, but it was a fun way to get this player around his lack of contribution frustration.

Dwarven dorn-dergar comes to mind, but pretty sure that's no diety's Favored weapon.
You could trade your skill focus for ancestral arms proficiency in an exotic, not technically a race change.
You could try to pull the small-sized reach weapon shenanigans to 1-hand a small polearm.
I think Bestow Weapon Proficiency is a 2nd level inq spell.

Alchemical expendables can eat up your gold quick. Smokesticks for defense, acid flasks and alc fire are always good, anti-toxins/plagues can be life savers.
You could waddle around in a swarmsuit.
MW healer's kit can be really useful.
MW tools for anything you want to do.

Sensate's thing is weapon agnostics, so don't see the benefit for an exotic specialist. Un-rogue 4 is a good level, no need to escape until after that.

I assume that military tradition is an alternate racial ability that swaps the bonus feat for 2 exotic proficiencies?

Don't have the BaB+1 for wpn focus at Rogue1, would have to swap that with 2wf, if you actually want that.

2WF with whips is a hefty penalty, you'll want some serious accuracy boosts to try that..

Assuming that by your rogue 3 that you want a finesse build, not Str. If not, if you've got enough attributes for it, str build with warpriest or slayer could be better..
I've been pondering a warpriest of Sekhet with a city-raised half-orc with the tats and Fate's Favored, the WMH war chaplain archtype.

Whip mastery is basically a tax for Improved whip mastery, but iwm is surely worth it.

Pretty sure the official answer is Possibly, if I recall the maneuver blog correctly. If you can describe how it's being done and the GM agrees, you can do a dirty trick with a weapon.

It requires 2wf with a tankard and either a rapier or another light weapon.
I've been pondering a 2 tankard build, but don't think you can enchant them as weapons so that sucks. Maybe warpriest could work it with their sacred weapon and buffs.
The lack of enchants means it's really only useful for the blinds and buffs. Maybe rogue or slayer could use it for more reliable sneak attacks.
The 'other liquids' bit seems to work for extracts barring a faqrata. It would have the hassle of loading the tankards until the upgrade. Maybe quick draw required and just store everything in covered tankards.

Also, pretty sure that battle tankard is not allowed in PFS, in case that's relevant.

A) I love Rahadoumi anti-theism! Wanting them to offer tangible alternatives instead of just freedom from god-slavery is tougher though..
Healing patron witch. They bargain with extraplanar entities as an equal, not a slave. Ley-line guardian if they hate familiars.
Alchemist. Chirurgeon gives free cure infusions until he has room for the discovery. If they don't like bombs, there's vivisectionist. Empiricist investigators are cool too. Science(pseudo)!
Occultist with some conjuration focus works too. Real mortal magic is within and around us, no need to serve other planes for it.
Bards make strong debaters. See the Carla Profane post for some perks. Voice of the Wild and possibly Songhealer could help with status removal.

B) Bard bard bard, any will do, see above again. Mesmerist could work too, possibly Cult Master even. Haven't seen it yet, but vigilante social talents might work. Rogue would be more work (make sure to unchain) but seems doable too.

C) +1 to Slayer, or Barbarian (maybe just a Savage Tech dip). Possibly a Sensate fighter, but just not enough skill points.

MoMS gets their multiple styles up by switching styles and letting the prior style persist. So you start combat in one style, and then on your turn with this feat you use free actions to activate new styles until you're done.

GM is free to impose arbitrary limits on how many free actions you can take in a round, but I think 3-5 is usually safe.

Depending on how much you need your initial swift action, or if you want to use different styles during and between turns, could be worth it.

1 level of wizard means you have a caster level of 1, and can take feats that have that as a prerequisite.

Brew Potion normally requires CL 3, and doesn't specify that alchemists can use it despite not having caster levels. So no you can't qualify for it with wiz1, and even if you could shenanigan it somehow, your extracts wouldn't work with it.

Edit:ninja acknowledgement.

It's like a clouded vision oracle, but starts off better. Playing one of those, I tasked a party member to relay out-of-range descriptions to me, and eventually picked up a familiar to take care of that.

A relation of one of the PCs track them down.
One of the best RP experiences I've ever had was a new player that came in as my angry ex-betrothed that wanted blood and/or answers on why I'd screwed up the arrangements with the party's actions.
I've also seen the little sibling chasing after their sempai, or protective parent or hired bodyguard coming after their runaway.

The rescued PC thing is usually easy to work in.

The competition. PC is found from another group in the area on the same or related mission, rival adventurer, government agent/soldier. Whether last survivor or assigned to liason the party or fed up with or by their old group..

Displaced PC can work. Basically the new guy falls out of thin air in front of the party, like from a portal trap or malfunction, a teleportation mishap, or plane shift bad roll. Can take more doing to get their motivation in line with the party.

Wow, savage tech Barb is a great lvl 1 dip, don't know how I've missed that! Keeps the fast movement unlike Urban..

With that and the right stats, you could skip the rogue's dex damage, aim for weapon training and the advanced training (also WMH) that doubles WT when you dex to hit with str to damage..

Unfortunately, my first post was wrong, normal swash doesn't work to make falcatas finessable unless you take Slashing Grace, so have to use the falcata swash and give up derring-do.

So, Barb(ST)1, Swash(F)1, then maybe Fighter(Weapon Master)5 for the above and probably the skill ranks advanced trainings.. Leave some feats open for Extra Rage if you don't go back to Barb, and you'll definitely want Iron Will.

If you're dumping Cha, no worries about the low panache, just go Swash5 and take a Dare to benefit from the empty pool, or take Extra Panache at some point instead.
If you want dex damage and like the rogue class despite its problems, go for it instead. Savage Tech's Str boost will be useful until rogue3, and possibly for str skills or non-falcata damage after that.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Urban barbarian 1 for dex rage, the new WMH falcata swashbuckler 1 would make it finessable and give prof, & un-rogue 3 for dex damage that works 2hand or 2weapon unlike slashing grace, then either back to Barb or anything more fun for the rest?

If ok taking h-elf trait to get prof, any swash would give you dex to hit. If not going dex, then I'd avoid the rogue and go for static damage and skills elsewhere..

Are you looking for ways to contribute out of combat, or tactics in combat other than full-attack?

Either way, off the top of my head, I believe there's a feat to gain a familiar with iron will as a prerequisite, could open up some RP as well as give some extra tactics, especially if you're allowed to take improved familiar and have ranks in UMD.. Even without the familiar, UMD can open a lot of utility once you can hit dc20 with some reliability..

I believe there's ranged maneuver feats in the ranged tactics tool box that could add a little variety to your combat rounds.

Warpriest arsenal chaplain could give you some minor spellcasting and buffs, and open up AWT feats at 5th, I'd be torn between the bonus skills (UMD!) or the sacred damage (could stack all effective fighter levels to give you base 2d6 damage at that level)..

Deific obedience feat could open up evangelist prestige, trade good BaB for skills and abilities..

Rogue(Unchained) gives you skills, slightly more damage melee option vs those nasty wind spells, and debuffs, just need a way to reliably SA and then greater sniper goggles pay off with only a few dice, but that's all easier said then done..

Paladin code is a forced RP challenge / conversation starter.. Same with Oracle's curse, especially with a mysterious patron..

Slayer, or Bard or Skald even with that Cha, give some skills and buffs, but it's take a long while before action economy would let you use the buffs effectively..

Edit: took too long to type, good ideas up there...

Paul S Kemp's spiderqueen novel (the only one of the series worth reading IMO) has a great archmage duel in it. It starts with them and their minions spying and researching each other's usual buffs and tactics and gear, heated surveillance and counters during and after morning memorizations, and flurries of counters and quickened spells, full of the extra broken Faerun spells.

Just don't know what you're getting out of Monk. It would delay your magus progression.. Wearing light armor gives you access to the excellent brawling enchantment, that plus arcane pool means you're AoMF won't be subpar lime other unarmeds. You won't be able to flurry when you're using spell combat. If you don't like the look of armor, haramaki or darkleaf leathers aren't armor-like at all.

If you must, instead of unchained, master of many styles could work, you could have two active styles with one level dip, and the style master feat makes them free actions, and you don't have to give up your brawling armor or over invest in wis.
Outslug is excellent, with no penalty lunge and the 3rd feat you'd often be able to avoid having to cast defensively.. You could mix that with crane or dragon or snake, or maybe even djinni to get a bonus to all electric damage instead of just with elemental fist like the other ele styles.. This would tie up most of your feats, though..
If not MoMS, Sohei would let you armored flurry when not spell combatting, and always act in surprise round doesn't suck..

TK blasts are hitting people with objects wrapped in your mind stuff. It doesn't specify a minimum size, though, so some allow any speck of dust to be the object, or maximum size, although I'd houserules limited to your basic TK weight... It also doesn't say if your mind stuff is visible or not.

KB for TK doesn't make the purely cosmetic shape that the other energies do, just lets you wield it like melee instead of the normal blast. So, you could ask GM if your mindstuff can be visible and 'saber shaped, concealing that you're just smacking them with a rolled up newspaper or granola crumbles. Or use any sword or weapon that you wield as your blast, not as whatever it is.

For a light saber look naturally, air-electric, or maybe a 3p light element, could work better.

Doesn't EA gives up up all the utility wild talents, including even the Basic? Doesn't seem very Jedi like.

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