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Soulbound Doll (Bear)

Cuddles McGee's page

18 posts. Alias of Trinite.


V-Neck Chesterpecks.






Sail to the Moon




Granted! From now on you are incapable of saying any word that doesn't rhyme with the last word you just said. Too bad there aren't more words that rhyme with "interesting."

I wish to have great success in the new job I'm starting on Wednesday.

Maelstrom Smoothie

Cheerful Chin.

You're no longer freaking tired...instead you're tired of freaking. You resolve to never again do so as long as you live.

I wish my wife was home from Germany.

My blog is a log.

The next poster isn't bragging if it's true.

Granted, you have all three of those objects, and nothing else -- in a locked room with a ticking timebomb. Hope you're MacGuyver!

I wish I was MacGuyver.

You can never step in the same river twice. Especially if it's a river of lava.

DJ Par

Professor Pince-Nez.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wait, TOZ and TriOmegaZero are the SAME GUY???

TOZ...TriOmegaZero. Ooooooooooh.

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