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Psychopomp, Shoki

Cuàn's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 984 posts (2,861 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 60 aliases.


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Lantern Lodge

Nice, good to be in.

With 8 that means the siblings are complete so my phantom will not be a dead twin.

That means that, barring any reason not to, mommy dearest will be the phantom.

Lantern Lodge

I'd be interested in this game.

Basic idea is for a Devolutionist Druid devoted to the Infernal Lord Barbatos. The character would be an ex-slave with his devolved companion being his former owner.

Lantern Lodge

Here is Ssarilla. She ended up as a Spiritualist, though I'm not 100% on Phantom's focus yet, either Despair or Fear. If I get in the Phantom will get it's own profile.

That is in part tied to who the Phantom ends up being, which depends on the eventual group composition. If Hurk'Kag joins the group the Phantom is a stillborn sibling and the focus will be Fear. If we are all Drow the Phantom will be their mother and the focus will be Despair.

As far as sibling order goes, I don't mind. Do note that if the Phantom is a dead sibling that will also take up the place directly below my character.

As far as background goes, that will mostly be shared with the others. Her personal part will greatly be determined by the exact nature of the phantom.

Ssarilla has a tall, wiry figure. She has sharp, almost masculine facial features and large piercing eyes. Most of the time she looks tired even though her general demeanour gives no indication of it.

Ssarilla wears functional black leathers, including knee high black boots suited for walking. In her white hair she wears pieces of black steel in the same style as he black, steel earrings, three per ear. She never goes anywhere without her rapier but appears otherwise unarmed.

Suffering from sever mood swings, Ssarilla appears rather unstable. She switches seemingly randomly between highly aggressive and calm and collected.

Those near her occasionally hear her whisper to herself, forcibly keeping her voice down while stuck in a fierce discussion with herself.

Patron: Nobility and either Vengeance (mother phantom) or War and Conquest (sister phantom)

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I thought about that. My idea was actually to have the twin be a stillborn, my character clenching the tiny body of her dead sister tightly to her chest.

Reason I put it like this is the part with the ritual and the curse being placed on seven siblings. Now it could be placed on six but that loses the symbolic nature of the number.

Could work around that though if the first ritual took place before birth.

Lantern Lodge

I actually have another idea, but it would work best if Hurk'Kagg also gets in.

The character would be a Spirit Binder wizard or a Spiritualist whose bound soul is that of her identical twin sister (as part of the septuplet whole).

The reason it would work best with Hurk'Kagg around is that he would take the space of one sibling in the player roster and my character would then explain how that spot ended up free.

The idea is that that one sibling perished due to natural causes (illness most likely) after all the rituals were in place. Due to a combination of those rituals and the strong bond between the twins that soul stayed connected to my character.

EDIT: Without Hur'Kagg the phantom/familiar would probably host the spirit of their mother.

EDIT2: There actually is a nice guide for Chaotic Evil on giant in the playground if anyone is interested. It's found here

Lantern Lodge

I'd still be very interested in this game.

I'm looking at what I'd want to make. My first thought is for a Wizard using the Pact Wizard (HH) and possibly also the Exploiter archetype. The idea is to have his patron be an entity like the Green Mother, which is one of the Eldest.

I've also been thinking about going for a Druid, possibly using the Nature Fang archetype, who venerates Ayrzul, the elemental lord of earth. Maybe even a kineticist with the same patron.

As far as patron keys go, both would have Elemental Earth. The wizard would also have Trickery while the Druid/Kineticist would have War and Conquest as second.

Lantern Lodge

I'd love this, either side really.

If I have to pick I'd say Drow, mostly because I'm not that big a fan of the stereotypical Dwarves which the other side is bound to be filled with.

Lantern Lodge

I'd love to play this game. I've seen several CC games start but they rarely get very far.

I have several different ideas for this game, haven't settled on any just yet. They are, in no particular order.

A Mesmerist using the Spiritwalker archetype. This character would have been an apparent stillborn, with it's mother dying during labour and the midwife having to cut it out of it's dead mother. If allowed I'd love to make this one a Daemon Spawn Tiefling but that isn't a must.

An Unchained Rogue using the Phantom Thief and Relic Raider archetypes. This one would work best as Skinwalker of the Bloodmarked type (there are several families active in Caliphas, Ustalav's capital). It would have been part of a family gang that stole/recovered relics and similar things and then sold them to the highest bidder. It is the only survivor after the whole family got killed by a curse placed on a relic.

A Ranger using the Guild Breaker archetype with a particular hatred of the Whispering Way. It's mother would have been a secret cultist of the Way and would have killed it's father and little sister in a grotesque ritual to help her own transcendence into undeath. It failed as the character interrupted her and she simply died as she botched the ritual suicide that was involved. Since then the character would have been working to figure out what exactly had transpired and why.

Lantern Lodge

I will step out.

Can't properly get my head around a suitable idea.

Lantern Lodge

The "No Psionics" rule, does that mean no Occult classes or does that refer to the Psionics by Dreamscarred Press?

Lantern Lodge

In that case I'll let this one pass. Not going to be able to finish either character in under 1 hour.

Lantern Lodge

As of now I'm a bit in doubt as to what to make.

It will be either a human Shaman devoted to Qi Zhong who will use the Witch Doctor archetype and the Ancestors spirit.

The other idea is a Tengu Cleric of Kofusachi. This character would be a Jinx Eater, like many other Tengu in the shackles, but would take the job very seriously. I'd grab at least the Luck ddomain and and then either Chaos or Travel(or a sub domain)

Lantern Lodge

I have an idea for a character but I do have a question for the current crew: What is your position on slavery?

I'm asking as I have an idea for a character from the city of Genzei, which lies within the Sublime Shogunate of Ushinawa in the Shackles. As is the standard there, the character would have been raised with a hatred of slavery.

Lantern Lodge

Would you be ok with a Hunter using the Courtly Hunter archetype as opposed to the Urban Hunter? It has an urban/civilized focus as well.

Just brainstorming though, I have several possible ideas.

Lantern Lodge

I actually had another idea I find more interesting: How do you feel about tieflings? Specifically Devil-spawn tieflings (found here or here).

The character would be either a former slave originating from Cheliax or the child of a former slave from Cheliax. He or his parent would have been shipped there with the idea that his infernal heritage would make him well suited for hard labor in the sun and the Chelish wanted to be rid of him.

Lantern Lodge

I've been wanting to play this AP for quite a while now, nice to see a recruitment again.

Would you be ok with a Sylph? I'm looking at going for the Mostly Human (from Inner Sea Races), Air Insight, Like the Wind and Skyspeaker alternate racial traits.
The character would be a Druid using the Desert Druid archetype and would work as a caravan guide. I might dip a level of ranger but I'm not sure on that or how to properly work that into the character unless I start with it.
I'm still debating whether I want a domain or an animal companion. The domain would most likely be Badlands or Desert while the companion would probably be a giant scorpion.

Lantern Lodge

As far as Occult goes, I could personally see three classes working without issue. The biggest thing here is that psychic magic is (mostly) innate, no long study like wizards and clerics. Occultists are probably the one exception to this.

Kineticist isn't that setting dependant if you ask me. It could for instance work with someone who just pretends to have guns to shoot. It would probably be someone who got his ability spontaneously and now just uses it to make a living.

Mesmerist could easily work. A southern belle who's allure isn't entirely natural. An overly charismatic snake oil salesman who could sell everything.

Spiritualist hangs on the phantom and there are plenty of dramatic deaths in western stories. The wrongfully hanged innocent. The ancient native american who got killed to take his land. The hateful bandit who got betrayed and shot by his partner.

Psychic and Medium are a little harder. The most obvious ones would be asian immigrant and native american shaman respectively but I'm not 100% on that.

I think Occultist might just be the only class that isn't that easy to fit here.

Lantern Lodge

This does sound fun.

I'd love to play a Kineticist here who only pretends to use a gun. Or perhaps someone more experimental.

Lantern Lodge

How do you feel about Kineticists for this game? They are rather primal I'd say and would work in a barbarian world.

Toying with two ideas right now. One of them is the kineticist. The other is a Gnomish Titan Fighter who more or less forced himself into a Kellid tribe. They tolerated/allowed it because he's a nice, guy, he pulls his weight and he fights like someone at least twice his size.

EDIT: Not sure on the other end of the gestalt for either.

Lantern Lodge

This sounds interesting

Would you allow a Wildsoul Vigilante?

I know that the Vigilante is generally meant to be a civilized figure but I'd like to break from that.

There are many old tales about two-souled heroes, figures who housed the spirit of some totem animal, ancestor or other spirit in addition to their own. This would be such a character.
Switching identities would basically be akin to allow the spirit of his totem animal to take the reins, or at least that's what he claims.

He'd actually just have the abilities tied to the totem spirit for reasons he doesn't understand and claims he houses the spirit to increase his standing with the clans and become a legend.
This would be his dual identity. People know that he and the spirit warrior are linked but they are convinced that the latter is simply his body being a vessel for the spirit and as such isn't him any more.

Lantern Lodge

I won't be able to make it in time so I'm bowing out. Good luck all.

Lantern Lodge

Javell DeLeon wrote:

@Cuan: As per your scores, you can only take away from one score and add to another. It's a one time thing.

I know. I was merely debating which of those two (two 13s to 10 and 16 or 13 and 16 to 11 and 18) I would pick. I don't even have the rolls to do both.

Lantern Lodge

Jenya P. wrote:

Cuan the idea of Vigilante as one side of a gestalt kinda made my head do a full spin!

I figured it'd fit for a Spymaster.

The idea would be that his social identity is basically what people have become used to over time. His vigilante identity would be the identity he'd use when meeting his contacts or when he conducts missions of his own.
The rest of the party and perhaps some key NPCs would be privy to his secret but that would be it.

Lantern Lodge

I'd be looking at making an Investigator using the Majordomo archetype, which is pretty much made for this type of game.

The other end of the gestalt will actually depend on what kingdom role I'd end up in. It would be something intelligence based for this one due to a class feature. I'm thinking of Vigilante if it ends up being spymaster, not sure on others.

EDIT: Oh, and my rolls

5d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 5, 1, 3) = 17 13
5d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 4, 5, 5) = 20 14
5d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 6, 2, 4) = 18 13
5d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 3, 4, 2) = 14 10
5d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 6, 1, 4) = 22 17
5d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 4, 6, 2) = 19 16
5d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 5, 6, 5) = 19 16

Not sure how I'll move things. I'd either turn the two 13's into a 10 and a 16 or turn a 13 into 11 and a 16 into 18

Lantern Lodge

What level would we be looking at?

Any race and class restrictions?

Lantern Lodge

EmEss wrote:
Cuàn wrote:

This sounds fun.

Would you allow a Trox?

The idea is that he has been sold to his current owners by his former Duergar masters who wanted to get rid of an overly rebellious slave. They of course didn't mention this to the buyers.

Tentative yes but I'm going to set a cap of 22 strength after racial modifiers at first level.

Would they start with 1 class level as well?

Not an issue at all. I'm looking at making him somewhat odd for a Trox. Probably a Geokineticist with 1 level of either Brawler or Monk.

Warpriest or Skald might also be interesting options.

EDIT: Most annoying thing is the lack of a proper portrait.

Actually, I've narrowed it down to Skald or Bard. I just love the thought of such a massive being making music. My idea is that he'd sing a bit like Mongolian throat singing but extending in the sub-sonic (which he'd still hear). The Bard version would probably be a Sorrowsoul while the Skald would probably be a Fated Champion.

Lantern Lodge

This sounds fun.

Would you allow a Trox?

The idea is that he has been sold to his current owners by his former Duergar masters who wanted to get rid of an overly rebellious slave. They of course didn't mention this to the buyers.

Lantern Lodge

Sheet isn't entirely done due to a last minute change on my side, reverting back to my original idea.

Name, class, race and alignment are all on the unfinished alias: Minn Thoraminder

In the party Minn takes on a dual role of both a combatant and a caster, though it's her phantom Leandric that has the biggest combat presence.
She will focus on both life and death magic, being able to heal and harm both the living and the dead. She won't limit herself to those two spheres though and I'm likely looking at at least Enhancement, Protection and Time.

She is willing to raise the dead to fight for her and her allies if needed but limits herself to the mindless undead and does not kill people simply to create unliving servants. She has no qualms about taking control over any existing undead though (with the possible exception of some ghosts). I'd call her a grey necromancer.
Her phantom will focus on being a protector and supporter, both for Minn and the others in the group. He will make a good flanking partner.

My character is the daughter of a baron. I left it open whether Tasuc Cer is part of the barony or not.

Minn was born into an easy life. The fourth daughter of a local baron who, to his dismay, only had daughters she lived in relative luxury for her entire youth. Like her sisters she had the best education money could buy but unlike them there was no further purpose for her. While her eldest and third oldest sister were both groomed to marry into other noble families, with her third sister also intended to eventually take over the estate. The second oldest was sent of to join the clergy of Muir at the age of 12.

That left Minn as the fourth daughter. There was no marriage intended for her, no need to send her of to join the clergy and no chance she'd inherit anything beyond a stipend. If she was lucky she would, like her mother, be allowed to live on the estate after father passed but even that was not sure.

With nothing to claiming her future Minn was free to make her own path in life, within bounds. She took to this opportunity by sneaking of into the estate's cellar and, when she fully explored that, the family crypts. It was in these crypts that she discovered parts of her family history forgotten or buried by many generations since including how the family came to own the barony. Apparently her ancestors hundreds of years ago were powerful arcanists, necromancers, and the land of the barony was given to them as a peace offering and in order to keep them away from the cities. This knowledge and more she found within a hidden library and shrine to Jamboor deep within the crypts. A library that wasn't without guardians as she soon found out. But while the first group, consisting of the mindless undead, attacked her the second bowed before her. Finally a mistress of the blood had come down again and the ghastly monitors were all too happy to show her around.

Within those subterranean halls and with the aid of those undead servants she found many of the secrets hidden within and made them her own. At first the undead were reluctant to let her go out, having missed a master for so long and being tied to the depths themselves. Some of the lesser monitors, mere ghouls, even tried using violence to keep her there but were torn to shreds by the others. The others let her go after she promised to return to them and she made good on that promise day after, week after week, year after year.

Her day long absences and new skills did not go unnoticed though and before Minn knew it she found herself face to face with her older sister, now an inquisitor in service of Muir. Minn had been observed using foul magic, death magic and her sister demanded to know how she learned those things, which foul fiend had been tainting her mind. She told her sister that these new found skills were entirely her own, that no one tutored as was in fact true.
When he sister saw mean descending into the crypts the next day she figured she knew enough and called for others of her clergy to come and assist her.

Several days later, while Minn was studying down below, they descended. Paladins and inquisitors in service to Muir determined to wipe out whatever it was they found down there, including Minn should that be necessary. The first few spectres had the element of surprise on their hand and managed to take out several of the intruders but after that none were as fortunate. It was only through the actions of the eldest of the servants, a wraith that had gone by the name of Leandric in life, that Minn managed to escape with as many of the ancient tomes and records as she could carry.
Once outside she found that it was her sister that blocked her way, demanding she'd hand over the foul manuscripts and surrender herself to the church of Muir so she could atone for her crimes. Knowing that surrendering likely meant torture and the loss of herself for the sake of what was "good" Minn did what she could. She feigned surrender and when her sister turned her back on her, figuring her little sister harmless, she knocked her out with one of the metal scrollcases she carried.

Then she ran.

She soon found it wasn't just scrolls and tomes that she had taken from within the tomb. Somehow Leandric had managed to shear off part of himself and attach it to his mistress. He had hidden away within her mind and only made his presence known the when she made camp for the night after running for over 36 hours hours.

At first she was shocked, baffled and afraid the ancient soul had merely used her as a way to escape his prison. When he claimed that wasn't the case she shouted at him, saying she wanted him gone. Then he vanished.
But instead of being gone entirely the spirit had made it's way back to Minn's mind, tied to his mistress by a bond forged centuries. Eventually both adapted to this new situation and they set out together. Leandric had forgotten most everything when he left most of himself behind in the crypts but Minn still had been questions for him that he could answer. In return she got him up to speed on what the world had become since the moment he had shed his mortal form.

Lantern Lodge

3d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 1, 4) + 6 = 16
3d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 2, 3) + 6 = 15
3d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 6, 3) + 6 = 21
3d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 4, 2) + 6 = 17
3d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 6, 4) + 6 = 22
3d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 5, 1) + 6 = 18

Rerolling the two 1s. First will be for first set, second for 6th set.
2d6 ⇒ (6, 2) = 8

that results in: 17, 13. 18, 15, 18, 17

Not quite sure what I'll pick up but Unchained Rogue is likely.

Lantern Lodge

Any information on Gnomes?

I'm still debating what to do, though I have narrowed down the class options to 2 (Soul Weaver on one end with either Spiritualist or Rogue (Phantom Thief) on the other).

Lantern Lodge

Are there any specific things on the plane touched races within the setting? I assume Tieflings and Aasimar follow the usual pattern (first one reviled, second one admired) but what about the elemental ones and fetchlings?

Like I said I'm looking at someone who comes from a long line of powerful arcane casters so interplanar mingling seems likely.

As for the family's arcane power, I'd figure the real power is all in the past (perhaps there's lich somewhere, but that's up to the GM) and these days they're mostly decadent nobles. They're defined by spells/effects like prestidigitation, mage hand and unseen servant, not really anything bigger.

EDIT: As for the combat options, I assume that also means you qualify as if having the feat? To qualify for other things that is.

Lantern Lodge

How will you handle the spellcasting stat for gestalted sphere casters? The site you linked says pick one of the two if you have multiple but I guess that's intended for multiclassing and might be too powerful for gestalt.

Lantern Lodge

Right now I'd most likely be looking at an Unchained Rogue using the Phantom Thief archetype on one end and (Sphere) Spiritualist, Incanter, Soulweaver or Thaumathurge on the other end.

The idea behind the character is that he/she comes from a noble family that produces many arcane prodigies (Arcanists and Sorcerers). My character wasn't among them. While displaying a penchant for learning and a great devotion to Jamboor magic did not come easy. As such he was an outcast within his own family, though none would say as such.

Lately many within his family have converted and now follow Belon the Wise. My character would, as a result, have gone only deeper into the study of Jamboor and there he would have found his magical powers. It comes from knowledge and practice rather than a gift he was born with.
He would have had a tutor in the form of the spirit of an ancient ancestor. If he goes Spiritualist that ancestor is the phantom.

Lantern Lodge

Yes, I noticed they avoided that and simply gave some classes some spheres in order to push them in that direction. Like how the Shifter could go for anything but would seriously cripple itself if not heavily incorporating Alteration.

As for the official archetypes, I don't know but it's likely. They already made one for the Medium.

When it comes to the spirit associating with a specific sphere, that would require more alterations to the Spiritualist as it normally has a fixed phantom and as such a fixed emotional focus. That means no spirit/phantom and as such no sphere swapping.

Then again, the entire restricting thing wouldn't be necessary, it was purely a thematic thing anyway. I would stick to such a thing though, whether required or not.

The linking of a class feature to a sphere would probably be more for the Occultist. I took a look at converting that as well but that would take quite a bit of work.

Lantern Lodge

Would you be open to retooling the Spiritualist for Sphere use?

My idea would be mid-caster with thematically restricted sphere access (No Weather sphere for instance and Nature only with Nature Spirit drawback). Perhaps with opened up sphere options depending on Phantom emotion (Destruction only available to those with Anger or Hatred phantoms for instance).

The idea behind him would be to make him an old school Jamboorite that actually seeks to bring focus back towards the spirits and death part of his portfolio with Belon moving in on the magic part.

Lantern Lodge

Downside is he's more like if the boy from the 6th sense grew up to be a wizard. He used to do things with the dead but now it's all magic every day.

I'll see what I can do, maybe throw out the idea entirely.

Lantern Lodge

That's a shame, I had hoped I finally found a proper death god that isn't all evil and nasty. Like the Greek Hades.

And no, Pharasma doesn't count, she's more about the cycle than about death.

Lantern Lodge

Does that book offer more info on Ades as well or is he a blank space beyond name and description?

Lantern Lodge

My character, Leander Palacin is almost done. Just finishing up gear.

Parts below are also in the linked profile.

Born in wealth, Leander's future looked very bright from the day that he was born. His family had both wealth and power and a vast army of servants to see to their every need. Thing were not meant to last however as the Kesadrian Empire invaded Neralus.

Initially the estate was left alone, though the surrounding farmlands were taken. One noble family was of no consequence and as such they were left alone. When the first Kesadrian emissary arrived to ask the Palavins to join the empire he was sent packing. While riding for his life he shouted back, his voice amplified by magic so that all could hear; "We will return in one week. Join us then or all shall be killed."

The servants pleaded with their masters to surrender, fearing for their own lives and those of their families. The Palavins refused to bow. None of their ancestors had ever bowed down to the demands of some oppressive overlord and they'd always survived. These Kesadrians were just some new thing and they be gone soon as well.
None of this lessened the fear of the servants and when the emissary returned backed by a small strike force the head servant strode out with a bloody bag. In it the heads of the lord and lady of the manor, Leander's parents.

Most servants didn't entirely betray their loyalty though. As the head servant offered the heads and their surrender at the front gate other servants made sure the remaining family members could feel through the backside of the estate with enough gold to last them many years. Together with his grandmother, aunt and older sister Leander fled his ancestral home at the tender age of two.

They walked for days on end, moving from town to town. Initially their main worry was not to be recognised by the locals but as they moved further and further from the estate the worry shifted to bandits. Two women and two children were easy targets.
Eventually they reached the small town of Whispering Falls, many miles away from their ancestral grounds. It was there that they chose to build a new life.

The new life was hardest on Leander's grandmother. During his early years she was the most important teacher for him and his sister. She learned them how to write and count while their aunt earned money making and repairing fishing nets. Grandmother also told them about the greatness of House Palaver. How they would rise from the ashes of the Kesadrian Empire many years from now. To Leander these were just stories.

When Leander was 14 years of age his grandmother passed away. His aunt had remarried a local by then and his sister, who was his elder by 4 years, was engaged to Kesadrian junior officer stationed near Durmstadt. Leander himself made his way on the streets, helping others in exchange for some cash. In this way he helped the fishermen to get their cargo ashore after a good week on the lake, helped the loggers sort the wood and occasionally he run a message to Durmstadt. It was in Durmstadt that Leander first got in touch with the game of dice and his own uncanny luck.
From that day onward he rarely worked as both dice and cards seemed to work for him. His family did not approve but as long as he kept winning Leander wasn't worried. Initially he won so much that he attracted the ire of the other players, resulting in him getting mugged on the street later that night, but eventually he learned to throw a game every once in a while to give the others a sense of hope. He'd still clean them out but when they though they could offer some resistance they took it a lot more graciously.
There also were those others just out for his money and with no care for the game. They were the reason Leander started to carry weapons and to eventually make sure he always had one handy.

His success wasn't all positive though. Many inns and taverns banned him, either from gambling in their establishment or from entering at all. Even in the inn his new brother-in-law opened after resigning he was not allowed to gamble any more. Most patrons there were Kesadrian soldiers and they did not look kindly upon a local beating them in a game and taking their money.

Recently Leander made his return to Whispering Falls from Durmstadt. His niece, the eldest child of his aunt and her new husband, would soon reach the age of 16. It was as good an excuse as any to see his family again.

Leander has black hair that, to his dismay, recently started to slowly recede. He has grey eyes and ears with a very slight point, supposedly hinting at the intermingling of Elven blood many generations ago.

His clothes are well taken care of and of high quality yet in no way flashy. He prefers to wear a long, black cloak with matching pants and shoes. Depending on where he is going he wears either a white blouse or his leather armor under the coat.
Leander always wears spiked gauntlet on his left hand which he claims brings him luck. The thing is painted a dark red with only the palm of the hand having the original color. He also carries another spiked gauntlet for his right hand but only wears it if he expects to use it.

Leander has the tendency to push people away and not let people get too close, not even his family. While generally of a kind and friendly disposition he is still mainly concerned with himself and his own well-being and expects other to behave like that as well. The one exception are children and he will go out of his way to help them though he often tries to mask this.

Leander ignores or evades authority as much as he can and feels very uncomfortable around figures of authority. When he does get into trouble he tends to talk his way out of things and when that fails he'd rather pick up and leave than let things escalate.

Lantern Lodge

Sounds interesting.

Per your list of gods I'd be interested in a devotee of Ades. As he seems rather blank I'd love to make him more like the original Greek god. Which would mean he wasn't evil at all, just cold, distant and heavy handed but also fair. He'd also desire to keep the dead in the underworld so I'd suspect him to despise intelligent undead. Non-intelligent undead are just moving corpses without a soul so he wouldn't care for those.
It would mean he would also have the bounty of the earth in his portfolio, meaning everything that is mined.

It would also set him apart from other death gods as his focus would be on the Underworld and the dead as opposed to death itself.

Lantern Lodge

I'll be going with a Human Unchained Rogue (Sharper), though I'm looking into multiclassing as well (Inquisitor, Fighter and Ranger are high on the list). He'll have at least 4 rogues levels though the multiclassing might happen as early as 2nd level, depending on which class I go with.

He'll be a devout follower of Gilden though he doesn't really show it (as a side note, please tell me Gilden's favorite animal is the magpie).

He comes from a family of former nobility that used to own large swaths of land and was generally rich before the invasion. They resisted the rule of the invaders but were initially mostly ignored due to being of lesser importance.Their servants and other employees actually killed his parents in hopes of getting in good graces with their new overlords.

My character was a baby when this happened and he and his sister were raised by their grandmother. Grandmother lived in denial of the changed circumstances and raised as if they were nobles. As they grew older they learned the truth but continued the charade for their grandmother. When grandmother passed away, my character was 15, the siblings went their own way. His sister married a Kesadrian soldier who had quit the war effort and opened an inn. My character made his way as a gambler and eventually was banned from gambling in several inns, including his brother-in-law's, because he won too much.

EDIT: As far as traits go I'll be going for either Orphan of the War or Vagabond.

Lantern Lodge

The money roll

4d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 6, 6) = 19x10=190

I had some questions which you seem to have missed.

How do you feel about the Snoop archetype for Rogue, also from Ultimate Intrigue? (here for ease of access)
I'd be looking at either a Sharper or a Snoop Unchained Rogue.

The other question was how you feel about Ratfolk? The idea is that they used to be one, if not the only, peaceful connection between the monstrous peoples and the humans of the land, trading with both.
The Kesadrians considered them vermin and wiped out all but a handful of clans who still hide away.

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I'll actually get my rolls in now

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 4) + 6 = 12
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 3) + 6 = 10
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 6) + 6 = 18
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 5) + 6 = 17
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 1) + 6 = 10
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 4) + 6 = 13

A bit lopsided but perfectly doable. It does make a caster more interesting.

How do you feel about Ratfolk? The idea would be that they were a race from before the invasion where they used to form a peaceful link between the humans and the monstrous races as they traded with both. The empire branded them pests and decimated them so now only a few small clans remain.

EDIT: In addition, would you be ok with the Snoop archetype, which is also from Ultimate Intrigue? I'd be looking at playing an Unchained Rogue using either the Snoop or the Sharper archetype.

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I'm not looking at anything specific just yet but it is actually limited to things from Ultimate Intrigue, with the possible exception of the Promethean Disciple Alchemist Discovery.

Possible archetypes I'd be interested in in: Metamorph(Alchemist), Sorrowsoul(Bard), Skinshaper (Druid), Guild Breaker (Ranger), Phantom Thief and Sharper (Rogue) and the Intrigue Oracle mystery.
Of those only 1 rogue talent and the Phantom thief use anything from the Vigilante at all and even then there is no identity switching or anything like that.

As you see I'm still figuring out what I want to do exactly but I'm leaning towards a melee combatant with decent skill support.

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Out of curiosity: Intrigue classes and Occult classes, does that also include all archetypes from the associated books (not talking about psychic casting archetypes from OA, those are obvious)?

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Caela should be done for now. If I get in I'll make the second profile for her Vigilante side.

Everything is in the linked profile but I'll post background and 10 min background here for ease of access:

She was more a toy than a slave, given to a girl a few years younger than her to function as a living doll. The girl was cruel and sadistic, any my character suffered all kinds of abuse.
The other side though was that she was the only one the little mistress could always count on as her parents were often absent or otherwise occupied and, being the youngest by almost a decade, her older brothers had little time for her. As such my character's influence over her young mistress grew swiftly over time.
It was my character who introduced her mistress to the handsome son of the master of the stables. It also was her that encouraged them to start dating and to keep things secret. It was her that consoled the girl after the girl's mother forbade her to ever see the boy again after she found out, as my character intended. She then used this slight to widen the gap between mother and daughter, advising the girl that the best way to hurt her mother was slander their family reputation. It didn't take the girl long to earn the nickname 'Harlot of Corentyn'. When the girl finally realised she hadn't just ruined her family but most of all ruined herself she took her own life, after some encouragement from my character.
After that it was a simple thing to convince the mother to tear up the ownership papers for my character. She had done her thing, their daughter was dead and she had many scars from their daughters abuse. Besides, she knew all the details of what her daughter had done and how she did it and there was no need to further blemish her daughter's name. It all made sense to the mother at the time and by the time she came to my character was gone.

In fact she was reborn. For the first time she had a name, a real name and not 'doll', 'dolly' 'slip' or 'slave'. That name was Caela.

Initially Caela simply laid low, hiding in the old, abandoned buildings that dotted the poorer parts of Corentyn. Every day she had to move again as it appeared many of these buildings were not abandoned at all and those that were unsafe due to risk of collapse. She got by by taking food from markets and stealing purses from drunken bar patrons. She always had to be very careful as while she was no longer a slave she also wasn't a registered citizen and being caught could mean being sold back into slavery.

It were these thieving habits that brought her into contact with Corentyn's one official, halfling run thieving guild, the Tin Wisps. They made here a simply offer: join or be handed over to the officials with all associated consequences. As an initiate within the guild without much experience beyond talk and picking pockets Caela was often sent along as watcher, making sure the others could do their work undisturbed and warning them should danger approach. In return they arranged the paperwork to turn her into a proper, free Chelish citizen.

It was from her fellow guild members that she heard of this one old building that was in good condition but still empty. Supposedly it was haunted, sending people's own shadows after them to kill them. Deciding it was nonsense Caela made her way to the building. Inside she quickly set her eye on an odd room. There were no beds there, but she had her own sleeping bag, and there was hardly any other furniture. On some places the lacquer on the wooden floorboards had worn away and all these places were inside some circle that seemed to be scorched into the wood. It was strange, slightly scary but also strangely exciting. She decided to sleep inside the circle, in the very centre. There she did what she often did when she was alone and stressed out in order to relieve some tension, closing her eyes as she did. When she opened her eyes again she found that she was surrounded by shadowy apparitions all watching her from just outside the circle and she passed out.

When Caela came to several seconds later the shadows had made room for a clearly feminine figure. She was almost like a succubus but, like those around her, made of shadows. Unlike the others she didn't just stare, she talked. She told Caela how her actions just now had pleased the mistress, how it had been decades since anyone dedicated themselves to her at this shrine. Most of all though she offered Caela power and knowledge for continued dedication. Initially Caela was scared, saying she did nothing and didn't dedicate herself to anyone only to be pointed to the symbol that had started to gently glow on the mantelpiece in front of her. It glowed a pleasant pink.
Before Caela could object any further the female shadow demon rolled out caela's options; either she'd live her life in misery and then be sent to the realm of the demon named Sifkesh after she died due to her previous actions and have her soul consumed. Or she would continue down the road she stepped on now and serve Our Lady in Shadow and, if she did right, be rewarded in the hereafter after leading a fulfilling life. It took Caela mere seconds to pledge her life to Nocticula.

The weeks after went by in a blur. Caela spend her time either working for the guild or studying with her demonic tutor with little time for sleep in between. Once her teacher was content with what Caela could do she told the halfling to gather all her belongings. Soon she'd depart for another part of Cheliax for the Mistress had sensed an opportunity to further her own agenda and Caela was to be her agent.

It was only a few hours later that Caela found herself on the road to the town of Longacre. Apparently the guild needed a contact in that area and Caela was to be that contact. She knew better though. The guild would never contact her there, this was the work of her Lady.

10 minute background:

1 - Caela's social identity is a gentle but cheeky person. It showcases all her soft sides and how she envisions herself had she led a better life. Sometimes parts of her vigilante identity do shine through.
- Her vigilante identity is harsh, manipulative and mean though not cruel or merciless.
- She abhors slavery and would rather die than be a slave again.
- To her Nocticula is more a mentor she doesn't want to disappoint than a mistress she needs to obey
- Caela dislikes humans, especially the Chelish, but realises she has to deal with them for the rest of her life. Result is she's less likely to show mercy to humans than to those of other races or species.
2 - Caela wants to find a way so she no longer has to hide who she is. She wants to be proud and show it.
- I'd like to see her get torn between her two identities, between who she is(vigilante) and who she secretly wishes she was (social). This could perhaps include having her vigilante identity shift to Chaotic Evil.
3 - Her secret is that she orchestrated her own freedom and the death of her mistress, as written in her background.
- What she doesn't know is that Nocticula has greater plans for Caela than she could ever fathom. She seeks to, via Caela, increase her influence among the Chelish population and perhaps broker a deal with the Hells.
4 - Alena Ciucci, the mother of Caela's old mistress and part of a lesser noble family. Now assumes Caela is somehow involved in her daughter's fall and subsequent death but isn't sure and wants answers. Doesn't know anything about Caela after the moment the owenrship papers were torn.
- Horpin Burnicle, halfling member of the Thin Wisps. Has a crush on Caela and is the one who brought her to Longacre. Still looking for an opportunity and a reason to go to her again.
- Yunti Pumpernickle, Gnomish herbalist from Longacre's outskirts and Caela's main supplier of all kinds of herbs. Friend with occasional benefits. Secretly worships the Green Mother, one of the Eldest.
5 - Tends to play with one of her knives while idle. In her social identity knives are replaced by hairpins.
- Has a tremendous sweet tooth and finds it hard to resist cakes and similar baked goods.
- Talks to cats, dogs and other household pets

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My character, Caela can be found here, the background that I'm working on.

Her crunch isn't done yet but that's in part because I'm not sure if I should make separate profiles for her two identities.

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I made some changes to the character idea I had before. She will be a Halfling Vigilante using the Cabalist archetype.

The idea behind it is that she is an ex-slave who arranged here own release from her former owner.

Background - some dark themes ahead:

She was more a toy than a slave, given to a girl a few years younger than her to function as a living doll. The girl was cruel and sadistic, any my character suffered all kinds of abuse.
The other side though was that she was the only one the little mistress could always count on as her parents were often absent or otherwise occupied and, being the youngest by almost a decade, her older brothers had little time for her. As such my character's influence over her young mistress grew swiftly over time.

It was my character who introduced her mistress to the handsome son of the master of the stables. It also was her that encouraged them to start dating and to keep things secret. It was her that consoled the girl after the girl's mother forbade her to ever see the boy again after she found out, as my character intended. She then used this slight to widen the gap between mother and daughter, advising the girl that the best way to hurt her mother was slander their family reputation. It didn't take the girl long to earn the nickname 'Harlot of Corentyn'. When the girl finally realised she hadn't just ruined her family but most of all ruined herself she took her own life, after some encouragement from my character.
After that it was a simple thing to convince the mother to tear up the ownership papers for my character. She had done her thing, their daughter was dead and she had many scars from their daughters abuse. Besides, she knew all the details of what her daughter had done and how she did it and there was no need to further blemish her daughter's name. It all made sense to the mother at the time and by the time she came to my character was gone.

In fact she was reborn. For the first time she had a name, a real name and not 'doll', 'dolly' 'slip' or 'slave'. That name was Caela.

I still need to figure out how she ended up in Longacre but that's the core of it. The character from that spoilered part is my character's true nature and is her Vigilante identity. Her Social identity is that of the good slip, a kind, humble creature who spends her days making ointments and tonics to cure everything from haemorrhoids to love sickness.

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Would you be open to using the Psychometrist Vigilante archetype instead of the Occultist? It keeps the power derived from items but ditches spellcasting.

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Sounds intriguing

Would an Occultist work? I know it's a 6th lvl caster but it's power fully comes from the objects he has. A historian focused on things like the lost continent of Atlantis, the Akkadian Empire (Babylon etc) and the parts of Egypt that where already ancient when the Greeks were around.

Flaw could be something like an intellectual greed, just having to have those pieces with great historical value.

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