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Psychopomp, Shoki

Cuàn's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 846 posts (2,521 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 58 aliases.


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Lantern Lodge

Are you OK with Changlelings? I'd be looking at using the Ash Hag parentage trait from the recent Cheliax, the Infernal Empire book.

She'd be a Shaman using the Flame Spirit.

She'd be an Isgeri native whose hag mother used to large number of orphans of the Goblinblood Wars to hide her daughter in. She did not count on the child being raised by the Sisters of Golden Erinyes and the discipline that would be drilled into her.
While the sisters did not convert the child to Asmodeus and she had no skill for their brand of martial art they did teach her the mental fortitude associated with it. The sole reason the child did not convert to Asmodeus is that she has had other beings speaking to her since her early childhood. Beings of warmth, light, purity and remorseless destruction. To her Asmodeus is nothing but a powerful fire spirit who has many lesser fire spirits in his employ. As such she appreciates him and honors him but does not actually worship him and he's not the only one for she honors all fire spirits, big and small (basically all deities with the Fire domain are included in her prayers as well as many non-divine beings of fire).
She would have come to Cheliax to get away from her mother's Calling. Not because she feels attracted by it, the nuns' teachings and her fiery companions make resisting the Call relatively easy, but because it's an annoyance that distracts her.

She would be lawful evil, being very disciplined but also cruel and somewhat sadistic. She'd delight in setting things on fire, preferably things she never set alight before, and watch how they burn and what the fire does to them. She is however smart enough to know that going around burning everything is stupid and as such she carefully selects her targets or even works as an arsonist for hire. She'd frequent temples and shrines to Asmodeus and other devils simply because they feel like home to her.

Lantern Lodge

How do you feel about the Spiritualist in this setting?

The idea for the character is someone who is bound to the spirit of a dead warrior who was denied a chance at a proper death by a poisoned dagger in the back and has now latched on to his son in order to get another chance.

Another idea would be for a Changeling, Nordic style (so not from a hag but from the fey/trolls). She'd have been beaten and abused by her human parents as that was supposed to make the fey bring back their real child. They never did. She would have found her home with the goddess Skadi/Skade/Skathi who actually is a Jotunn as well as the wife of Njördr. The character would be an outcast, like Skadi is amongst the gods.
She'd be a priestess of Skadi, goddess of winter, mountains, skiing and bowhunting, and as such would either be a Witch with the Winter Witch archetype or a Hunter.

Lantern Lodge

I'd like to submit Milas Napaciza. The profile isn't done yet (recycling an old one) but I'm working on it.

Step 1:

+ Milas was born in the Napaciza family, Thrune loyalists sometimes also called "The Archers of Cheliax"
+ Like his family, Milas is an accomplished archer
+ He has been a great archer since his early years
+ Unlike his family, he never had any loyalty to Thrune
+ Raised as an Asmodean he secretly turned away from the faith after he had been allowed to take part in religious ceremony for the first time
+ He was never a fan of slavery and the sacrifice of slaves to Asmodeus made him revile both it and his faith
+ He kept his change of heart secret and resolved to help the halfling slaves of the estate he called home escape their enslavement
+ His mother found out and tried to convince him to turn back to the fold before others found out
+ They did anyway and Milas fled before they could get to him
+ He later learned that he had been disowned and excommunicated and his mother, who had married into the family, was now treated as a pariah because she didn't come forward immediately
+ Milas has lived in Kintargo ever since, sure it would be the one place where his past would leave him alone
+ He lived in Kintargo for 5 years without issue, though he almost used up the funds he took when he ran
+ The arrival of Barzillai Thrune messed up his plan. With a Thrune in the city it would be only a matter of time before his family found out and he'd be hunted down for his betrayal.

Step 2:

+ Avoid discovery as a son of House Napaciza by Thrune or it's associates
+ Stay out of the hands of the Chelish government and the church of Asmodeus
+ Turn Kintargo back into the home that he has come to love over the past years
+ Side goal and probably not relevant to the game: Keep his secret activities of his sister a secret, which is another reason he doesn't want to get caught

Step 3:

+ Unbeknownst to Milas his family never brought the news of his "betrayal" to their allies out of shame for their wayward son.
+ What he also does not know is that the contact he worked with to spirit away the halfling slaves was actually a member of the Bellflower Network and they also secretly helped cover his tracks when he fled
+ Milas' sister actually shares his ideas and is continuing his work. She is a lot better at hiding her work though and their family doesn't have a clue.

Step 4:

+ Tobar Napaciza, Milas' older brother and a devoted diabolist and Thrune loyalist. He despises his younger brother for what he feels as betrayal and would love nothing more than to bring him back and sacrifice him in the name of the Lord of Hell and Queen Abrogail.
+ Bini Fizzwinkle, one of the slaves that used to live on the Napaciza estate and one of the last that Milas helped get out. She ended up in Kintargo through work of the Bellflower Network and helped Milas settle in when he arrived. She's still very thankful for his work and the sacrifices he has made for her and other.
+ Mattis Tavishi, an older Tiefling native to Kintargo and Milas' neighbour. Despises the Chelish for abuse during his youth. Is convinced Milas is some sort of Chelish noble and has been nothing but a pain in the ass ever since. Great lover of Kintargo and it's opera (hostile now, possible future friend).
+ Jenna Tavishi, Matti's tiefling daughter. Apprentice maker of string instruments. Only knows Milas from when she visits her father and has a crush on him. Only recently dared to even speak with him. Milas likes her but is unaware of her affection.

Step 5:

+ Milas remembers his first archery lessons at the age of 5 and how he already surpassed his 9 year old brother after only a few weeks of training.
+ The first sacrifice to Asmodeus he witnessed at 12 years of age. It was a halfling boy of his age who had accidentally dropped a stack of plates in the estate kitchen and was deemed a klutz and as such a bad slave. Milas' father forced him to watch the whole thing.
+ How his older sister had approached him after Milas had first stopped the punishment of one of the slaves. She had been working with an outside contact for a while to liberate those they could. It was work started by their great grandmother and after that by several other family members.
+ The moment of his escape and how his mother held up his father, brother and uncle when they came to fetch him. He then fled via the same route he used to help the slaves escape.

I check the forums several times per day and can post at least daily.

As for times active, I'm in GMT/UTC+1 and I tend to be active from the morning till late evening. For US timezones that corresponds to early morning till (late) afternoon.

Lantern Lodge

I haven't, I just really like history, especially the weird parts. I actually had never heard of the book until you mentioned it.

As such my character would also come from a lesser noble house aligned with House Archaos. Having their daughter be the princess' whipping girl would be a reward her parents got for their loyalty. This is based on the idea that the two would become close and the whipping girl would be granted wealth and power by her close friend, the future queen.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This sounds very nice

I'd be looking at making my character the princess' whipping girl, so the person who received punishment whenever the princess deserved it, one would not go about hitting royalty after all. She would have grown up together with the princess and as such would likely be very close friends with her. She would probably even have been present at the attack (knocked unconscious or something, nothing but very vague memories).

I'm looking at going Psychic on one end, not sure on the other. I'd use the default, Vancian system for it simply because many of the fun spells available to Psychics don't exist in the spheres system.

Lantern Lodge

Yes, Tychoi is ready.

Haven't added any special ammo yet but that would be the only thing that could change.

Lantern Lodge

Tychoi does use Intimidate, but it's more of a flavor thing for him. Being a Halfling in Cheliax and refusing to be bullied.

I wholeheartedly agree on the pit fiend example. Only scenario I can think of where it would work is if the fiend is in the employ of a greater power and you have the power to cause it to fail it's assigned order. You won't panic it (which is kind of lame with Intimidate anyway) but you will put it of it's game and most likely make it willing to talk to you and negotiate a deal of some sort.

Tychoi still has a massive budget left (167 gp) but I have no idea what to spend it on beyond simply wasting it for fluff that will never come up in game, like buying a cat. He gets his main weapon for free due to Ranged Weapon Bond. Perhaps I can get some fancy variant ammunition.

Lantern Lodge

Personally I'd say whether you can intimidate a devil depends on how you relate to it on a scale of power.

Threatening to hit an imp with a big shoe should work I think. Sure, it is used to Hell but physical pain still isn't something it likes. If you are strong enough to crush a devil it should be afraid, if only because it will get punished for it's failure after you kick it's ass and it's sent back to Hell. The threat there doesn't come directly from your actions, though I can't imagine getting killed is pleasurable for a devil even if it gets reborn, it comes from the consequences of it's own failure to succeed.

Threatening a Kyton with physical harm on the other hand would probably just rile it up and make it more eager to fight you. I guess they are best threatened with containment and sensory deprivation.

Lantern Lodge

You can actually get Advanced Weapon Training 7 times, assuming you stick to a single weapon group. You can get it for every weapon training after the first and select the feat every 5 levels.

If you are using the Weapon Master archetype you can get even more times because if you take it as a bonus feat the "once every 5 levels" clause doesn't apply. It does however only work for your weapon of choice and you can't pick the Weapon Specialist (using combat feats for an entire weapon group).

Lantern Lodge

I've slightly changed my plans and am now looking at a character that plays Druid on one half of the gestalt.

To help with him functioning in a group of Asmodeus worshipper and motivate him to help him I'm looking at having him worship either an Archdevil or an Infernal Duke.

The archdevil would be Barbatos. The plus here is that Barbatos himself is very close to Asmodeus. The downside is that the focus of this character would be more on a return to nature, be a brutal, dog-eat-dog version where the strong rule ruthlessly over the weak. Then again, the setting of this brutal world does not need to be natural at all.

The other option is Kalma. He's a servitor of Barbatos and as such not as close to Asmodeus. On the other hand a druid devoted to him would be more amiable to urban society. He would focus on vermin and on decay, his favorite haunts being graveyards and landfills.

Neither of them would really have an issue with the undead. The Barbatos worshipper sees undeath simply as another way to become strong and the Kalma worshipper would sees them just as desperate attempts to escape the end and no different from any other survival urge.

I'm not quite sure which of the would work better with the campaign and a prospective party based on what people have submitted thus far.

Lantern Lodge

This does sound very interesting as I've been wanting to play this AP for quite a while now

The basic idea for my character is for a guy who has been wrongly convicted. Not because he shouldn't be imprisoned and he's a nice guy but simply because he didn't commit the actual crime that landed him in prison. He was framed by his former partners so they could go free. As such he's after more than just the downfall of the Mitra worshipping establishment, he's also in it for sweet revenge.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ah, lovely Jade Regent

Would you be ok with a Changeling?
The idea is that she's a daughter of Peg O'Ness, a Sea Hag living along the coast in Sandpoint's general area (the Lost Coast). She'd have been dumped on Koya's doorstep by the people the hag planted her with as they had realised the child was a Changeling. As such she'd have the Foster Child trait.

At the start of the game she would have recently started to hear the Call and would be eager to leave Sandpoint behind.

Lantern Lodge

I'm still working on Tychoi.

I will be sticking to the Eldritch Archer magus but I'm also looking at adding Hexcrafter to it as well. I'll be using one upgrade to move to full BAB and will most likely use the other to get more skills.

As for my secondary class I'm mostly looking at 3 options:
Fighter: this would be feats at first level and then Weapon training. The idea here is to add damage potential without spells and provide some utility via Advanced Weapon Training and extra feats.
Witch: Utility is the name of the game here. It would add a ton of debuffing potential and utility via even more Hexes than Hexcrafter alone.
Investigator (Lamp Lighter): Thematically very fitting archetype that would actually add more to the flavor of the character than to the mechanics. Then again, Inspiration together with the Initiative mechanics are more than enough already. The added Investigator talents would just be a nice bonus.

I do wonder though, how would a class ability like the Witch's Patron function, since you said no spell casting? Would you just add those spells to your own?
This is assuming your main class can already cast spells already of course.

Lantern Lodge

Another question:

Say I stay with the Eldritch Archer (which I most likely will) and I take Fighter as my secondary/partial class. What happens if I select bonus feats as my class feature? Do I get a single feat or do I get the fighter feature for the first 5 levels (so an extra feat at 1, 2 and 4) including the ability to replace one of them at 4?

I assume it won't be more than the first 5 levels at max simply because of how you ruled on Sneak Attack and because it would be rather silly to get the entire feature.

In addition, if I'd take weapon training would that one weapon group scale as normal? (I'm assuming I need to pick it again if I want a second weapon group).

Lantern Lodge

He is but with archetypes being allowed he might just try going full caster with spellstrike instead.

Then again, depending on how strict you are on it he'd need to grab an arcana at lvl 10 to be allowed to spell combat at all, considering he won't be casting Magus spells.

Lantern Lodge

I'd love to throw my hat in here

I'll retool and maybe redesign this guy

He's a Halfling Eldritch Archer Magus using a Halfling Sling Staff but I might turn him into a Fighter.

EDIT: He was made for this AP but never got to see it.

EDIT2: The "borrowing" of the class features, can those come from archetypes? I'm thinking of the Eldritch Archer's ranged spellcombat/spellstrike.

Lantern Lodge

Tychoi's sheet is now completely finished, including background, appearance and personality.

Lantern Lodge

That puts a bit more pressure on my work on this guy

I turned my character around quite a bit and instead of a Human Archer I'm looking at a Halfling Slinger who makes use of the Eldritch Archer Magus. He can be found here.

@DM Crustypeanut:
I'm still keeping a link to the Victocoro estate, if that's OK. The idea is that the connection to the events of the night are both more personal and less public.

My character would have no personal connection with any of the Victocoro family. He knows of them but he doesn't know them.

The fire didn't only kill the family but also the family's staff, which included my character's mother and sister. They were the family's cook and cook-in-training respectively and both lived at the manor.

My character had moved out roughly a year ago to live with his father, who was fired from his job at the manor and separated from my character's mother due to a drinking problem (dad is a freed slave, still has traumas). He moved in with his father in an attempt to get him clean and succeeded. Now with his mother and sister dead his dad has turned back to drinking.

Lantern Lodge

He would indeed have his father's last name, so Napaciza. He's also likely to only have seen his aunt a few times in his early childhood, so it's only the knowledge she's his mother's sister that connects him. It's something that closely ties him to Kintargo and it's well being beyond just a desire for freedom.

Another reason few would connect him is that his father's family actually consists mostly of Thrune supporters. This also makes the whole thing even more personal as supporting the rebellion more or less means breaking with his family and his past.

As far as the character goes all I'm sure of is that he'll be an archer. I'm not sure whether that'll be as a Hunter, a Magus(Eldritch Archer) or a Fighter (probably Lore Warden).

Lantern Lodge

I'd love to join this game

I read the Kintargo primer in the first part of the AP and based on that I have a question:

How would you feel about me playing someone related to the Victocora family? The idea is that he's a nephew of the baroness that got killed during the Night of Ashes.

He'd have come to Kintargo both to honor his deceased family members and to figure out what exactly happened.

The plan is that his mother is the younger sister of the baroness and the two had a falling out when my character's mother married a man from House Napaciza and became a devout Asmodean.

He'd be sent by his mother who, despite everything, still loved her sister. Part of this is also because she has started to doubt her past choices.

My character himself would never have taken to the faith in Asmodeus in the first place and instead has always identified with Ragathiel, a wayward son of Hell.

Lantern Lodge

This sounds intriguing

I'm looking at a character emphasising the more feral side of Acheakek and as such am looking at either a (Verminous) Hunter or a Nature Fang Druid. The latter would probably grab Born of the Citadel.

It's basically working as a tag team with his Red Mantis AC or focusing on being the Mantis himself. It's a shame vermin wildshape is only for desert druids, which makes no sense for this game.

Lantern Lodge

I'd be very interested in this game

The basic idea is for someone who partakes in all of this as an envoy of Geb. The basic goal is to keep an eye on the proceeding and try to ensure an alliance while at the same time trying to make sure things don't get out of hand as that could result in unwanted attention.

The idea for the character itself is that he/she is a follower of the infernal duke Kalma.

The thing with that though is that I'd love for my character to acquire a (flightless) cricket familiar, but that isn't in the rules. Would you be ok with using the house centipede for this but ditching the poison and dropping size to diminutive?

Lantern Lodge

The issue with saying you have to act your alignment is that basically makes it impossible to ever change alignment without magical aid. We all know that isn't true.

As far as I'm concerned alignment both describes how you act and how you should act. It does not say anything about how you actually will act. It has historical and predictive value but doesn't necessarily impact on how one acts in the now.

That does not mean one can simply ignore something like the aforementioned cursed mace. It should impact you. You get the mechanical effects of the CE alignment, as all seem to agree on, and it also messes with your character's mind. It very strongly pushes them towards a specific type of behaviour but that does not mean one can't resist or avoid behaving like that. It does not wipe their memories or their personalities but only tries to direct their behaviour. It would give a normally kind person the sudden urge to kick puppies and drown kittens. It doesn't mean he will.

Lantern Lodge

Daniel Yeatman wrote:

The act of cannibalism taints your soul and turns you into a ghoul or a ghast upon death, more often than not. In the real world I'd also argue that simply eating a fellow human to survive, especially if I didn't murder him, isn't evil, but in Pathfinder it's pretty well established that it's an inherently evil act, no matter the context.

It would seem that the defining factor for deciding if eating something is evil or not would be if that creature was sentient. Therefore, eating an orc is evil, just as an orc eating a human would be evil, from how I understand it.

That still doesn't cover the very neutral and very cannibalistic Lizardfolk. They'll eat you but attach no other value to it. Meat is food, why waste any?

Same actually goes for animals and, to a lesser extent, other animalistic beings. They can kill you and eat you but that doesn't make the crocodile evil.

Lantern Lodge

So if we assume you can retrain to Cosmopolitan, that brings us to the next part: can it now speak?

I'd say it can't, even the Raven, Thrush or Parrot. They are simply physically incapable of speech. It's like how you can get them the feat to wield a Greatsword but almost all of them still couldn't.

The speech on those 3 birds is supernatural and part of their nature as a familiar.

Lantern Lodge

Is Leadership allowed?

If it is I might just split my idea up in two and relegate the Vanara to cohort status.

Lantern Lodge

It is on both, though on PFSRD you'll need to go to the druid archetype tab as it's not listed in the table at the bottom of the druid page.

As far as race goes, I'm also looking at Vanara as there just is something about sentient apes on pirate ships.

Lantern Lodge

This sounds interesting

I'd most likely be looking at a Kraken Caller (Dirty Tactics Toolbook) Druid of as of yet undetermined race, though Undine looks nice. Also not sure on animal companion yet (such a shame that all cephalopod companions suck due to no air breathing).

Lantern Lodge

GM Aest wrote:

@Cuan: Which dinosaur do you want?

I actually have several options in mind, some already established in Eberron, some not. I'll add the Eberron name in parenthesis if they already have one or suggest one if they don't.

Allosaurus (Bladetooth), B2
Ankylosaurus (Hammertail), B1

Not established:
Diplodocus (Whiptail), B4
Ceratosaurus (Hornhunter), B5
Therizinosaurus (Scytheclaw), B5

Starting level 7 I'd add the Stegosaurus as it'll grow large then. Before then I don't think you could fit even a small character between the plates on it's back in a decent manner.

Lantern Lodge

House Ghallanda it is then

In case you missed it, how do you feel about a dinosaur for the Oracle's Bonded Mount Revelation for a Talenta Halfling?

Lantern Lodge

I have two questions:

Would you allow a Halfling Nature Oracle with roots in the Talenta Plains to pick a dinosaur for the Bonded Mount Revelation?

And second, how do you feel about characters being members of Dragonmarked houses? Does it make a difference whether the chracater itself carries a Mark?

Looking at making a Halfling member of House Ghallanda who was sent from Gatherhold to Sharn in the Last War to ensure safety.

Lantern Lodge

Understandable. I'll shelf the idea for possible later use and come up with something else.

Does make me curious whether any potential Gnoll encounters are with Znir Pact or other gnolls, seeing the former broke pretty harshly with the latter and are basically a clan of (shamanistic) hired muscle now.

Lantern Lodge

This does sound very interesting

A question: I know you didn't list them but would a Znir Pact Gnoll be allowable?

Lantern Lodge

I'd be interested in this game. I have an idea for a young Sargavan, a child of loyal, Chelish colonists, coming to Cheliax only to find it's not the utopia he heard about from his parents. The ship was the first opportunity he got to leave again and actually do something exciting.

4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 3, 5) = 14 13
4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 4, 5) = 15 14
4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 3, 5) = 13 12
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 3, 6) = 13 12
4d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 4, 2) = 13 12
4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 5, 4) = 19 15

That seems rather, well, odd. No high rolls but also no low rolls, let's see what I can do with.

Lantern Lodge

As it stands I'm a bit in doubt on what to make.

I either want to make a Saurian Shaman Druid, a former member of Mediogalti's Thunderscale clan. He'd eventually move to also awaken some small and flying dinosaurs to become part of the crew. He'd venerate the big dinosaurs of the jungle as gods and see the smaller ones as kin. Dragons are just special dinosaurs in his book.

On the other hand is the Psychic. He's one of the few kobolds to really take pride in his work and inventions beyond just the deadliness and seeks to emulate his ideals in his work. He'd be a shipwright and would eventually want to pimp the ship (think Korean turtle ship or something like that). He'd also be a Thunderscale but he'd have left voluntarily, thinking the clan and the isle were too small for someone who was has, in previous lifetimes, been a dragon and a dinosaur god (and other, less worthy beings).

EDIT: I'll add though that the Psychic will most likely also end up awakening dinosaurs for the crew. The Rebirth discipline allows for fun things like that.

Lantern Lodge

Hello again

Sadly I couldn't finish my submission in time for the original recruitment and I would love to try again

Would you allow me to use my old rolls from the original thread?

Lantern Lodge

This does sound very nice indeed. Not sure what I'd make

Would you allow an Oversized Goblin?

Lantern Lodge

Leandric is done

I ended up going for the Dex build and starting out as Rogue using the Charlatan archetype. His next two levels will be Fighter (Lore Warden) and after that I'm not sure which of the two I'll progress first.

Lantern Lodge

Here is the alias for Leandric. He isn't finished as of yet but I'm working on it.

EDIT: For whatever reason the url above isn't working. He can be found here

Only thing I have yet to decide is whether I'm going Str or Dex as main focus for him. This also impacts whether I go Rogue or Investigator.

What it basically comes down to is that the Dex version takes a little more time to come into it's own and, as the character will be using Dirty Trick manoeuvres, comes with an extra feat requirement in the form of Agile Manoeuvres. It does however mean better AC, better Reflex and more AoO's via Combat Reflexes.

Lantern Lodge

Wouldn't the sacred weapons form their own, special weapon group? Sure, it means some Advanced Weapon Training options don't work (the skills for instance) but the others should work just fine.

You could even rule that if one of your scared weapons is, for instance, a heavy blade you can get the skills for heavy blades but you'd only get them when wielding a sacred weapon that meets the second requirement (being a heavy blade).

Lantern Lodge

If Rego worked in Egorian that would also work, yes. My character was pretty much stuck there and would not have travelled beyond what he could traverse within a day.

Lantern Lodge

Thank you

I thought about Inquisitor but I don't think it really fits. For starters my character is very secretive about his devotion and being a divine caster kind of goes against that. I also don't think his relation to his patron is suitable for it. He worships Titivilus because he does what he does, he doesn't do those things because he worships Titivilus. And lastly, I view him more as an intelligent man than a wise man. Besides that, he also pays homage to several other infernal lords and gods when engaging in specific pursuits (Asmodeus, Baalzebul, Dispater, Mammon and Norgorber come to mind)

Also been looking a bit at backgrounds and how they could connect. My character works as a civil law notary and while his mentor works for a single, very wealthy and powerful client he works for many different people on different occasions.

As far as classes go, I'm more and more leaning towards multiclassing involving at least Fighter (Lorewarden) and then either Unchained Rogue or Investigator (Psychic Detective).

How far north would his work go, would it include Egorian? My character (who is as of yet unnamed) mostly works from there. I could see the two having at least passing knowledge of each other as my character could probably have overseen the paperwork for some of Hiram's clients.

Kind of hard to link them, seeing she is from Korvosa and my character hasn't been there before the game begins.

As for his opinion on slavery, he thinks it's part of life and the system. He has done paperwork for slave trades and did the bookkeeping for a slave owner so him they are just another asset and he never had to deal with them directly. He himself is uninterested in having slaves and he's opposed to hereditary slave status (aka, automatically becoming a slave if your parents are).

The same as Vinexa really, the geographic distance would mean previous contact would be hard. Perhaps there could be a tie with my character because he worked for some Chelish branch of your family but that would be a thin line at best. Perhaps he saw your name when working on a testament of an uncle or something.

They could find some common ground within the domains of their gods but beyond that any knowledge of each other's existence seems unlikely, partially because Hellknights have their own scribes.

Nothing really seeing a way their paths could have crossed in any way that would involve an exchange of names. They seem to share the fact they care more about Cheliax than about the House of Thrune but that's about it.

A likely link here would once more be my character's work. As a fallen noble house I guess that what remained of the estate would be handled by someone from outside and I could see my character's mentor doing some of that work.
Alternatively, and perhaps more interestingly, I could my character's mentor working for a rival of Tellis' family who had laid claim to some of his family's assets. In that case my character could have been sent along to oversee the proceedings. If Tellis was present during this their relation could be somewhat hostile but, at least from my character's end, not personal.

They have similar professions and I could easily see them striking up a conversation on the details of written contracts. My character's line of work is more about writing testimonies and checking contracts than he is about writing contracts.

I could easily see my character's mentor and later my character having had dealings with your family's company. This would mean he'd recognise your name but nothing beyond that, especially since you're from Cassomir, which is quite the distance from Egorian.

I'd think this is a case where my character would know of yours but not necessarily the other way around. The way I see it my character's mentor works for the Chelish branch of House Jeggare so he most likely has contact with the scribe/notary working for House Chartagnion and as such I wouldn't think it's unlikely if his professional opinion had been asked on the draft of the paperwork that sealed Edmund's future. That would most likely also mean my character has seen it as part of his training, his mentor showing him a "work of beauty" based on how thorough it would be in denying you just about anything.
As such they could strike up a deal where my character would look for ways to bend or work around the contract, find loop holes and what not.

Lantern Lodge

Hello all. I'd be very interested in this game

I'm not entirely sure yet on either class or race (though the latter will most likely be either Human or Half Orc).

The character himself has been orphaned in Isger during the Goblinblood War. He ended up in one of the Asmodean orphanages but was quickly 'given away' to the scribe that did the books. With him his job was somewhere between an apprentice and a slave. When his boss got called to Egorian to serve as the scribe of one of the Queen's confidantes my character moved with him.
Eventually he became a scribe himself and was most likely would have been assigned to the group to report on the group's proceedings.

Like his mentor he also secretly is a follower of the Infernal Duke Titivilus and uses his access to information and his position of trust to improve his own station through both legitimate and illegitimate means.

Class-wise I'm looking at a Fighter (Lorewarden), Unchained Rogue or Investigator (Psychic Detective). It would be a relatively high intelligence character who fights dirty and is used to being able to talk himself out of any trouble he's in.

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It's a sad thing that only the Style itself works with any kind of Sling though. For some reason those are in the thrown group but attacking with them isn't a thrown weapon attack.

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I'm very interested in this

Looking at a sling wielding Halfling Warpriest of Chaldira Zuzaristan

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Silver Surfer wrote:
Go to Archives of Nethy....... progress is arcane.

Not really. Text trumps table and the text does not mention a type of magic.

As for the familiar part, it starts saying you can select a Zhyen as a familiar replacing the familiar he had, if he had one.

Now whether it was intended to be purely arcane is a very different question. As it stands, it isn't.

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This sounds very interesting

A question: I know you disallowed the Spiritualist but, assuming that's because of the Phantom, would you allow one with the Ectoplasmatist archetype? It gets rid of the phantom in all it's forms.

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What is the setting?

If it's Golarion there are quite a few other factors impacting it. For starters, while the Qlippoth hate all Demons with an enormous passion they would, most likely, hate lawful invaders of their ancestral homes even more.

If the cosmic balance starts to shift then the Aeons would also come into play, working alongside (not with) the demons in this case.

The Daemons, who created the first demons, would probably also make a move though what they would do I'm not sure of.

What also might cause some issues is that both sides would actually have a full fledged deity on their side.

As for the material plane, do note that while Asmodeus has an entire country devoted to him Lamashtu actually counts many monstrous races among her followers and she has many cults as well.

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Diego Rossi wrote:

A question about multiclassing: what happen when multiclassing get my classes out of sync?

magus 1 fighter 1 Level increases BAB +1 (fighter) Fort +2(Magus) Ref +0 Will +2 (M)
magus 2 bard 1 Level increases BAB +1 (M) F +1 (M) Ref +2 (Bard) Will +2 (B)
Magus 3 bard 2 Level increases BAB +1 (M/B) F +1 (M) Ref +1 (M/B) Will +1 (M/B)
Magus 4 bard 3 Level increases BAB +1 (M/B) F +1 (B) Ref +0 (Bard) Will +0 ()
Magus 5 bard 4 Level increases BAB +1 (B) F +0 Ref +1 (B) Will +1 (B)

Total BAB +5 Fort +5 Ref +4 Will +6

Going on this way the character would have a BAB of +1/level and potentially very good saves.
It is working as intended?

As far as I know you don't add the sides like that but look at each side separately and take whichever is higher.

So Magus 5 has BAB +3 F+4 R+1 W+4
Fighter 1/Bard 4 has BAB +4 F+3 R+4 W+4
Meaning you have +4 in all of those


Still looking at what I want to run exactly but thinking of a Loa worshipper coming in from the east as a merchant.

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I'd once again be interested in this. I'd be looking at Spiritualist(Ectoplasmist) on one end and at least 4 levels of Unchained Rogue (Scout) and possible switching to Slayer or Fighter after.

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