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Psychopomp, Shoki

Cuàn's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,044 posts (3,004 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 61 aliases.


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Lantern Lodge

I suspected that, just wanted to be entirely sure.

As for the Vanara, I just love the idea of one of those guys climbing through the riggings. It isn't essential, just an idea I like quite a lot.

As it stands I'm in doubt between a Kineticist, possibly using the Kinetic Knight archetype or a Spiritualist using either the Phantom Blade or the Totem Spiritualist archetype.

Lantern Lodge

Color me interested

What exactly do you mean with familiar races? Would a Vanara qualify?

Lantern Lodge

Here is my character thus far Beorn Kaladir

He still has quite a bit of money and I'm now looking what to spend it on. When it comes to weaponry so far he has two dagger and a handaxe, basically two butcher's knives and a meat cleaver. In addition he has his natural weapons.

As for the future, I intend to make him go fully for charging, overrunning and intimidating. As such he has quite a few of his feats already planned out. In it I'm also looking at a few teamwork feats and am willing to coordinate that to some extent, though I'm also grabbing the Advanced Weapon training that basically gives me the Inquisitor's Solo Tactics ability.

Speaking of that, I'm actually still thinking of grabbing the Inquisitor VMC. Would change my feats up a bit and would also mean I swap out one first level feat.

Lantern Lodge

I decided to go with my third concept but in a slightly different form. I'm not yet sure about the tower shield but I know he'll be heavily invested in the overrun manoeuvre and will be a something of a human, or actually Ragebred, battering ram.

He won't start as such though, in fact he won't start out as a real fighter (though obviously he is a Fighter). Instead he'll be a butcher working in Phaendar and his military training would be limited to being part of the local militia.
He'd be a bit of a local legend for being the only survivor of an attack on the farm where he was born, several miles south from Phaendar. He was a teen when bandits attacked the farm he and his family lived in. When they attacked he was feeding the pigs and returned in time to find several bandits standing over the corpses of his parents and siblings. This triggered his first transformation and he gored one of the bandits to death while the others fled in fear of the "pig-monster". As such the people in Phaendar know he is a Skinwalker but they also know he's a friendly sorts and comes from a good family so they are happy to have him around, even if they are a bit cautious.

While I don't know exactly how the first bit of the AP pans out, all I know is the description of the first chapter. I'd like to have my character be a freshly married man. That would however impact his priorities when it comes to escaping Phaendar and saving people. Preferably I'd not have him lose his family again in all this, once is enough and he deserves a bit of happiness, but that would require cooperation from the GM and maybe also some (passive) cooperation from the fellow PCs.
I'm not looking to hog the spotlight and am perfectly fine with altering this, if need be. It's more about how I see my character than about anything else.

Lantern Lodge

A quick question in regards to my third idea. Would you allow a Skinwalker? I know you didn't list them but I'm asking because the player's guide specifically mentions them (and they are often overlooked).

Lantern Lodge

Obvious dot

I'm torn between two builds.

One is a Ratfolk Opportunist using natural weapons and alchemical weapons.

The other one is slightly crazier. I'm looking at a possible Weapon Master and an intimidate build. It would be either a Half-Orc or a Halfling using the Creepy Doll alternate racial trait.
Oh, and it's fully investing in Charisma because it'd use Starknives and Divine Fighting Technique: Desna's Shooting Star.

Both are switch hitters, though for the Ratfolk that doesn't come in until at least 5th level.

EDIT: I also still have the urge to create a massive armored guy/gall with a tower shield. Slow, steady and unstoppable.

Lantern Lodge

It's here!

The player's guide has arrived.

Lantern Lodge

I actually focused more on what the archetype allows me to do, which is to make a well educated but non magical character. Investigator also gets close to that but the alchemy part is still too magical for my taste.

As for his skills in subterfuge, those mostly come from delving archives. Many of the things he discovered about his grandfather came from New Stetven's royal archives, a place he isn't allowed to be.

So no, he isn't a thief in that he doesn't really steal but he does use his skills to reach places he isn't allowed to be. From there he gathers knowledge, though he leaves the books and ledgers where they are.

As for the sleight of hand, I intend to play him as a fan of parlor tricks, and artefact from his youth. He'll probably end up playing the occasional shell game with other people with his hand sometimes pulling a fast one on him.

EDIT: As for the Rogue's kit among his gear. Most things in there make no sense for him to have under normal circumstances but I figure he'd get what he doesn't already have when he prepares for the expedition.

Lantern Lodge

Here is my submission Paval Fagyaszt, the Unchained Phantom Thief. The crunch isn't quite done yet. Still need most gear, a second trait and to decide whether or not I'll swap out the Skilled racial trait.

The background ended up a bit longer than anticipated.

Born in Port Ice in northern Brevoy, Paval had a very easy and luxurious childhood. He was the son of nanny responsible for taking care of Domani Surtova's youngest daughter, Elena, who was roughly a year older than he was. As such he grew up next to her, learning together and playing together. He had no idea who his father was but it didn't really matter. Life was good.

Things went south pretty quickly when the both of them hit puberty. Paval was about 15 years old when he and Elena fell in love. They had been close for a very long time and the closeness turned to clumsy, teenage romance before they, and those around them, realised. It was Paval's mother who broke the spell. Paval and Elena had the same father, Domani Surtova. They were brother and sister and what they were doing was wrong. What was more, he wasn't allowed to tell anyone that he knew.

Paval, a heartbroken teenage boy, of course could not keep it to himself. It wasn't long before the supposed rumours were suppressed and both Paval and his mother were moved out of the keep and into a house far away in New Stetven. Everything was paid for, house, food and Paval's education, but they were never to show their faces in Port Ice again.

Unbeknownst to his mother, their father or anyone else, Paval and Elena kept writing letters to each other. While the situation was rather awkward they had been friends since forever and were siblings as well. Elena would write about the situation in Port Ice while Paval wrote about his life in the big city.

Then, about a year after Paval left, the Vanishing happened. Cousin Noleski became king of Brevoy and Domani became lord of Port Ice. Paval's mother received a letter from Domani that now more than ever they had to keep their heads down. The new king wouldn't want a family scandal on his hands and he might just make their existence very painful if things got out. Shortly after letters from Elena seized coming for almost a year. When they did resume not the wording was different, more careful. Domani had discovered they were still in touch and had forbidden it so sending letters was riskier and Paval could no longer simply send them to the keep's kitchen, as he had done so far. Instead he had to send them to an inn within the city and he also had to find another place she could send her letters to. Things continued to go like that till the present day, though they switched addresses a few times since.

While all of that was going on Paval did not sit still. His education continued and while he missed Port Ice he did find the teachers in New Stetven better and friendlier. He learned a lot about the land he lived in and was particlarly intrigued by the stories of Rostland and it's sword lords. Through he discovered that he, through his mother's line, was a descendant of Rostland's swordlords. In fact, his grandfather had still been a renowned swordsman.

When Paval asked his mother about him she initially wouldn't say much. Her father had indeed been a great swordsman and a minor noble but that was it. When his mother wouldn't tell any more Paval found himself digging through archives. His grandfather had been a noble, even if minor, so his life and death would be recorded. He proved easy to find, Haval Aldaar, descendant of an impoverished branch of the Aldori clan that had found it's way back to nobility under the rule of Choral the Conqueror by betraying the clan. He had married young and had had four children. The entire family, except for the youngest daughter, had perished in what the record claimed was an accidental fire. The odd thing was that in the entire death record theirs were the only cases where the fire was specifically said to be accidental. When Paval confronted his mother with this she simply broke down and cried for hours.

Paval then travelled to Rostland, both to see the ruin of their small estate and to see if he could find more there. The ruin still stood there, blackened by flames and now colonized by plants and vermin. Looking for information in the closest town didn't yield much either. People ether didn't want to talk or were afraid to, only mumbling things under their breath. Eventually Paval found a single person willing to talk about his family. She was old and drunk and claimed to have lost a daughter in the fire, the estate's cook. According to her the fire had been set by a disgruntled student of Haval who had been angry after being kicked out he tried something with one of Haval's daughters and against her wishes. She didn't know who he was other than "some noble brat from up north". She also claimed the ruin was haunted by Haval's disgruntled spirit.

To Paval it all made sense now. The noble brat was a Surtova and his mother got her job as a nanny so far from home as compensation for her loss. She had taken it because she had nowhere else to go.Only the timeline of the "noble brat from up north" and his own birth didn't make sense, he couldn't be the brat's son. Besides, his mother claimed he was Domani's and he wouldn't have been a brat, not even back then. He simply was too old for that.

It was at that point that Paval decided he'd go to the ruin at night to see if he could contact this supposed ghost of his grandfather. It was his only hope of figuring out more.

Initially his trip into the ruin was quite unsuccessful. The rats wren't happy to see him, nor was the one homeless squatter that called it home, but none gave Paval any real trouble. The ghost did not appear though. Paval spend his entire night searching through the wreckage without any success, at least not where ghosts were concerned. What he did find was a sword. It was an old blade but it had kept quite well, protected by the piles of charred wood that laid on top of it.
Only when Paval tried to leave the ruins with the blade in his pack did the spirit show itself. Initially it lurched for Paval but then it stopped, mere inches away from him. It cocked it's head and give him a long, hard look before floating around him while making approving noises. Then, to Paval's shock, it hugged him, or at least attempted to, before introducing itself as Haval Aldaar, or gramps.

The two talked for hours on end. Paval asking his grandfather question about what had happened and about the past and his grandfather inquiring about the well being of his last surviving daughter. When dawn started pressing onto the horizon Paval expressed his dismay at having to leave for New Stetven, wishing he could bring his grandfather along. It was then the ghost offered him a deal. He could come along, bound to someone of his own blood, and offer his knowledge and help Paval with his sword training, which was abysmal according to the spirit. In return his grandfather simply wanted to see his daughter, see his line continued and to, if possible, reattain glory for the family. When asked whether he wanted vengeance for his family's death his dismissed it, leaving would be the best revenge. The culprit had also perished in the fire and his soul was still tied to the rubble. Paval agreed to the deal, without much hesitation, and the ghost launched itself into Paval, settling within his sword hand.

Since then his grandfather's ghost has provided Paval with stories about the past by writing them out. It would also correct him when he argued with his mother, slapping him in the face once she was out of sight and refusing to tell more before he apologized.

Important NPCs:

Zsofia Aldaar Paval's mother
Domani Surtova Paval's father (among others), lord of Port Ice and uncle of the king
Elena Surtova Paval's half-sister and close friend, despite disapproval
Haval Aldaar Paval's grandfather, deceased. Used to be a master swordsman. His spirit resides in Paval's swordhand but is slowly losing his own identity as a result of being bound to his grandson.

Paval is a smart young man. He is very kind but can appear quite haughty as he often fails to realize he was born into luxury, despite his lack of status, and that he had great education. He has become a little nervous since his return from Rostland.

Lantern Lodge

Would you be ok with the Phantom Thief archetype? It's from Ultimate Intrigue and trades out sneak attack and trapfinding/trapsense for being better at skill and having more options when it comes to rogue talents.

In addition, would you be ok with the Possessed Hand feat? It's from Haunted Heroes handbook. The idea behind it is that my character accidentally made a deal with the spirit of his dead grandfather, an Aldori swordlord, to bring his family to glory in exchange for help. This help comes in the form of his grandfather's skill with a blade.
For that same reason I'd also like to use the Military Tradition alternate racial trait from Inner Sea Races. It trades out the human bonus feat for proficiency in two martial or exotic weapons. In my case that would be the Aldori duelling sword and probably the longbow.

Lantern Lodge

I'd love to join this.

I'll echo the questions posted by Arianna above me.

I'd be interested in playing an Unchained Rogue using the Phantom Thief archetype.

He'd be the bastard child of Domani Surtova and as such the illegitimate cousin of Brevoy's current king. The Surtova's bought his mother's silence but as that money went to my character's education he has become a pain in the ass to the Surtovas. Basically they want to get rid of him but can't kill him because it would cause a scandal as too many people know too much.

Mechanically he'd be a skill monkey and knowledge guy more than anything else. In combat he'd be more of a control and support guy. If allowed I'd like to take him down (part) of the Possessed Hand feat line. This will help him a bit with combat potency but will mostly function as an rp tool (and an occasional comic touch). The possession would be the result of a plea for aid to his dead grandfather, mother's side, who was a swordlord.

Lantern Lodge

I'll submit Halam Sarini. He's a Nature Priest Druid devoted to the Empyreal Lord Shei but even more than that he's devoted to the (poor) people of Kintargo. The crunch isn't done yet.


Concept and story points
-Born into house Sarini as a nephew to it's matriarch
-Initially looked like a normal baby
-Raised as a Diabolist and Asmodean
-First signs of Tiefling heritage were mild, eyes that shone yellow in the dark and allowed seeing in the dark and slightly pointed ears, and were considered a blessing
-Was trained as an acolyte/altar boy at the temple of Asmodeus
-Transformation started full on at the start of puberty
-Halam hid it all as long as he could but when his skin color started to shift he was caught
-Despite his mother's initial resistance he was kicked out of the family estate with help of the church of Asmodeus
-He ended up in Devil's Nursery after being beaten up by young dottari and was nursed back to health
-Halam stayed there, learned how to help and stayed to help

-Free his mother from the tyranny of his aunt and father
-Help the tieflings of Kintargo "escape" from Devil's Nursery and truly become proper citizens

His own: His origin. To those around him he's just Halam and none know he's a Sarini or that he was an Amodean altar boy. His dramatic change in appearance since then helps quite a bit, as does the denial from his family.
Kept from him: His mother isn't suppressed nor did she defend him. She wanted him dead and his embarrassment erased and it was his father that made sure he was only kicked out.

NPC relations
Countess Urora Sarini: Halam's aunt and the matriarch of House Sarini. Despises and pities Halam but doesn't hate him. This feeling is mutual.
Corinstian Grivenner, high priest of Asmodeus: Former teacher and boss of Halam. Won't recognise Halam if he sees him but will remember his voice. Won't consider Halam worth his time while Halam hates him.
Strea Vestori: Leader of the Cloven Hoof society and the person that found Halam and got him help. Strea is a mentor figure to Halam despite very different interests, talents and goals.
Newt: Trade partner. Halam gets many of the herbs he needs but can't find in Kintargo from her and she buys some of his concoctions.
Iylvana Desdoros: Half Elven headmistress of the Alabaster Academy and childhood friend of Halam. Secured his access to many herbalism that he uses to tend to the sick.
Bonus(because dead): Malin Haace: Old tiefling midwife and healer who patched Halam up and taught him the basics of the trade of the healer and herbalist and inducted him into the faith of Shei. Died of old age.

Key Memories
-The morning he woke up with a stub at the base of his spine that grew into a tail over the course of a week and all his attempt to conceal it.
-The moment his father and some guards kicked him out of the house while his mother was screaming at her husband for him to stop and bring Halam back.
-Opening his eyes to see the kind, wrinkled face of Malin Haace above him, smiling at him the way no one ever had before. It was a warm, loving, motherly smile.

He fears something will happen to his mother or has already happened, that she was punished for her attempts to save him. He regularly has nightmares about it.

Lantern Lodge

After some more thought I actually have another question.

Would you allow a small size tiefling, as per the sidebar in Blood of Fiends? Only difference with a standard tiefling is size.

It would be one of the least envied beings in Cheliax: a halfling-born tiefling.

Lantern Lodge

I'm up for this. Love the AP and never played it beyond the first bit.

I actually have two ideas that I really like.

The first is for a member of one of Kintargo's noble houses or possibly House Jeggare, which is big in Cheliax as a whole but doesn't have a particular presence in Kintargo. He'd be a spoiled brat, a typical bored young noble. He'd initially be up for the rebellion just for kicks but would eventually become closer to it.
Mechanically he'd be a Human Unchained Rogue using the Phantom Thief archetype.

The other idea would be for a Tengu rabble rouser who wants a better deal for his people and is rather sick of living in the shadows. He also realises that his people are outnumbered and violence isn't an option, nor does he desire violent action. Then again, if a rebellion starts and supporting the rebellion can help promote his cause he'd eagerly join.
Mechanically I'd be looking at a Tengu Skald using the Red Tongue and Fated Champion archetypes.

Lantern Lodge

My character changed from a Dwarf to a Halfling and became a she. I'd like to submit Elea Mulberry. She is a Halfling Fighter using the Opportunist archetype.

Elea was born in Cheliax as a slave to a particularly nasty owner. He enjoyed pitting his halfling slaves against each other in something similar to gladiatorial matches. Those he disliked or who were to be punished were pitted against his starved dogs to be torn apart for his amusement.

While most of the slaves hated the fights Elea revelled in them from an early age. She'd eagerly step into the ring to do battle and was one of the few that actually trained for the fights. She was merely in her early teens when she won the "tournament" her owner had organised. He then pitted her against one of his younger dogs and she handily subdued the animal. Entertained and seeing the possibility of profit her owner then sent her off to a small gladiatorial school where slaves were trained for organised fights.

The slaves there were led by a Gorumite priest and Elea easily fell in with the faith. She was an eager student who quickly learned to compensate for her small size and lack of brawn by using wit and finesse.

She spent several years among the gladiators to learn how to fight. It was during this period she came in touch with the Bellflower Network. The Bellflowers were planning to liberate slaves from Elea's cruel owner but they needed her help. First they made she she'd get sent back home by throwing several fights and causing undue harm in training bouts.

Back home her owner was less than pleased but instead of throwing a potential prize fighter in front of his dogs he had the animals kill her mother and aunt in front of her. Elea then got kennel duty, caring for the dogs that killed her friends and family. When the time to escape came this actually proved to be an enormous boon.

On the day before the night the slaves would escape Elea poisoned the dogs, making sure they'd be too sick and miserable to get out of their pens. That night almost all of the halfling slaves escaped under the cover of darkness and were moved to Kintargo. Not feeling any desire to stay in Cheliax Elea boarded the first vessel she could find and that would take her along, landing her in Riddleport.

A fairly new arrival in Riddleport Elea is now looking for a job as a guard or a bouncer as fighting is all she has ever really done.

Lantern Lodge

I'd love to join.

I'm looking at making an atypical Dwarven Fighter using the Opportunist archetype.

Basic idea is that he's been disgraced, disowned and cast out of his family home in Janderhoff. The reason for all of that was his alcoholism, gambling addiction and fraternising with the (Half-)Orcs of Urglin. He stopped the drinking and the gambling but his family didn't care.
He now works as a guard for hire and works very hard to resist the temptation of both drink and dice. He found that becoming involved in the occasional brawl helps quite a bit with that.

Lantern Lodge

DM Skull wrote:
@Cuan: That's fine. Not sure when/if the PC's will ever make it to Tian Xia so those changes are fine. I will write about the other changes to the Dragon Empires if the story looks like it's going that way. Just keep in mind that with magical transport gone you are a LOOOOONG way from home.

I know that. My character would never even have set foot there, knowing only stories. He'd be a second generation member of his order, born in the Inner Sea region.

Lantern Lodge

I assume the changes also affected Tian Xia?

I'm asking because I have an idea for a Nagaji Cavalier using the First Mother's Fang archetype.

Just spouting some ideas here:

With the events of the Second Starfall both the ruling naga and the priest caste below them vanished from Nagajor and the land fell into disarray. The same happened in the neighbouring country of Xa Hoi as their draconic ruler vanished. As if the unrest close by wasn't enough an all out war broke out to the north as several countries changed dramatically. Chu Ye and the Forest of Spirits were now mostly empty as Oni and Kami vanished, the former now solely populated by freed slaves, though it didn't take long for the Hobgoblins of Kaoling to take over as the inhabitants of the mountains between the two countries had also vanished. With Lingshen's immortal armies gone the nation no longer stabilized the region and massive wars of conquest began.

Frightened and in disarray the Nagaji fled to the part of their country south and west of their mountain range as well as into the Valashmai jungle. It was then that the decision was made that their masters and their goddess had to be found. The start of that was figuring out what made them vanish in the first place.

In order to achieve this all those of able body and mind were drafted into the order of the First Mother and trained before being sent out all over the globe in order to find answers.

That was almost 150 years ago and the order now has several small enclaves throughout the inner sea region. They are scholars as much as they are warriors and they are still staunch believers of Nalinivati, despite the goddess's silence.

My character would be part of this order. He'd have just finished his training and is in Westcrown on his first solo mission (until he hooks up with the other PCs of course).


3d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 1, 5) + 6 = 18
3d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 5, 5) + 6 = 21
3d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 6, 1) + 6 = 19
3d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 3, 5) + 6 = 16
3d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 2, 1) + 6 = 13

rerolled 1's
3d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 1) = 9 and again 1d6 ⇒ 6

so that's:

I'm actually quite happy with those first rolls

Lantern Lodge

I'll bow out.

I can't seem to come up with a character that both fits the AP and that I'm happy with.

Lantern Lodge

Still working on the Divine Paragon.

I'm just in doubt whether to go for a Human following Erastil and going full archery or a Halfling following Desna and taking a more mixed approach.

I like both, now I just need to make up my mind.

Lantern Lodge

Sounds fun

I will be working on a Divine Paragon Cleric, probably devoted to Erastil.

Lantern Lodge

4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 2, 3) = 15 13
4d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 6, 6) = 19 17
4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 2, 5) = 13 12
4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 1, 3) = 10 9
4d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 3, 4) = 14 11
4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 3, 5) = 14 12

Would you allow an Oversized Goblin? The rules for it are from the Goblin article in the Monster Codex.

Lantern Lodge

Malcom is more or less done. He just need his gear. What are the rules for that anyway? How do we get?

Lantern Lodge

I'm still working on Malcolm Reid, my Sylph Sky Druid. The crunch isn't quite done yet.

Short Background:

He is the son of two human parents on Mediogalti Island who didn't quite know what happened to them when their young son started manifesting strange abilities and his appearance started to change (before then he had just been a pale, skinny boy with very light blond hair). They started to hide him, fearing his appearance would draw unwanted attention from the Red Mantis assassins.

The result was that Malcolm ran away from home at the tender age of 9 and fled into the jungles, never to be seen again. At least not for a very long time.

When he returned he was very much a changed man. His parents had already passed away of old age so there was nobody to return to, as far as he knew. Shortly after he showed himself in town and introduced himself as Malcolm Reid the news spread to the Red Mantis and soon he was ambushed within the room he rented at a local inn. The goal however was not to kill him but simply to obtain some of his blood.

Unbeknownst to Malcolm his parents had more children after he vanished, twin girls to be precise. Neither of them displayed the elemental blood he did but both did join the Red Mantis. Upon hearing there was someone claiming to be Malcolm Reid they decided they had to know if it was the older brother they never knew and so required some of his blood for use in divinations.

When they found he was in fact their brother they tried to approach him again, more friendly this time but found he had already left the isle, afraid the Mantis would come for him again and actually kill him.

Malcolm fled to the Shackles where he ended up amongst the Tengu of Port Peril.

That background takes Malcolm to Port Peril. I do wonder where the Wormwood is at the current stage of the game? The way I see it he could have been press ganged earlier, but being a Sylph he'd stand out. If the Wormwood has only been on open sea so far it's rather difficult for him to get there.

Lantern Lodge

This sounds interesting.

I'd be looking to join with a Sylph Sky Druid, which I'll make later today. The character would have a heavy caster focus but would function in melee if needed.

That or maybe a Nagaji Cavalier using the First Mother's Fang and Luring Cavalier archetypes. He'd be a mostly ranged character with some switch hitting potential.
Strictly speaking this character could also be of any other race but the thematics of the First Mother's Fang fit Nagaji best.

Lantern Lodge

This sounds very interesting. I have a fighter idea I'd love to play and an all fighter group would work out fine.

Lantern Lodge

I'd love this

Considering the Asian feel, would you allow Wayang? They seem to be a perfect fit with "Indonesian" Half-Orcs already in the mix.

That and there are no small races yet.

Lantern Lodge

A Dutchy here

So Netherlands, Europe

Lantern Lodge

Helena's crunch is done. I got her a falcon mostly as a flavor thing but it could double as a messenger bird.

I might also add that while outside Helena always wears a closed helmet with her armor. According to those that know her she no longer lives in Kintargo and she'd prefer them to think that as long as possible.

Lantern Lodge

The crunch isn't done yet but I'm working on a straight up Fighter, though she'll make a lot of use of both the Weapon Master's and the Armor Master's Handbook. I ditched the Darechaser as I simply couldn't get it to work in a way that I was happy with.

From a mechanics point of view the character will be a master of the Heavy Blade weapon group, using different weapons for different situations. She'll start out with a focus on a single type though, probably the Estoc. I aim to make her a mobile and versatile melee character.

Her name will be Helena Henderthane.

Short Background:
She would have come to Kintargo about a year before Barzillai Thrune to live with her fiancé, the eldest son of House Tanessen's patriarch. She herself comes from a noble family that's very prominent within Chelish politics (they are Thrune's mayor armsdealer and my character's aunt is Lord-Mayor of the city of Ostenso). As the daughter of a mayor armsdealer she grew up surrounded by weapons and was taught how to use the merchandise at a very tender age.

She moved to Kintargo in hopes escaping the Chelish politics and most of the influnce of the House of Thrune. Her engagement was more about finding a life away from the scheming and infernal influence than it was about love.As such she was not happy with Barzillai's arrival.

She convinced her fiancé that it would be best for both of them to move to Korvosa. While he initially agreed he was then persuaded by his father not to go and instead lend his support to the House of Thrune. When he tol Helena she broke of the engagement, packed up and claimed she'd leave for he family's estate again.

She didn't leave Kintargo though. In the last year she had grown attached to the city and it felt like her only home. Back with her family she'd only find that which she feared was coming here. There was only one conclusion: if she wanted to live her life without the infernal shadow looming overhead she'd have to fight for it.

Lantern Lodge

I'd like to join this game. I love Hell's Rebels but so far the games perished.

My idea for my character is a Halfling or Human devotee of Kurgess who made the city his playground. He used to do parkour there with a small group of friends but recently all but him have been arrested for disturbing the peace.

ideally I'd go Swashbuckler using the Courser archetype and then go for the Darechaser PrC as soon as I can. If you'd rather not have a Swashbuckler next to the existing Daring Blade Cavalier I'd probably go through Unchained Rogue instead.

In combat he'd be a skirmisher, weaving in and out of melee. He'd be very mobile, both in and out of combat.

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Chengar Qordath wrote:
My LG Skald in Kingmaker didn't really need to worry about losing all his class abilities when the group decided to hang several captured bandits. A Paladin ... well, depends on the GM. I've certainly known ones who would take a dim view of a Paladin imposing the death penalty.

I'd love to see those GM's react to a Paladin devoted to Damerrich. That's the empyreal lord of executioners, those who perform (just) executions so others can keep their souls "clean" and remain "innocent".

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KujakuDM wrote:

I feel I made the right call.

I may have forgotten to specify, the other PC blasphemed not against the paladin, but against the NPC cleric.

She was the only way for the other PC to survive. This was known and she went to kill a villain rather than save a life.

I call that Wrath.

Also, a falling paladin isn't a big deal. She did a small quest and got an atonement. She played the same PC later in a planescape campaign where she met the dead PC in the afterlife. Was good stuff.

How does wrath lead to falling? Paladins of several deities (Ragathiel is the very first to come to mind) are pretty much divine wrath made flesh.

I'd say it would depend on the situation. If the paladin knew or could have assumed that letting the villain go would lead to widespread suffering and death then letting one person perish in order to prevent that isn't a fallable thing. It's not ideal but it certainly isn't evil.

The greatest good for the greatest number of people is a pretty fitting thing for Lawful Good.

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Weirdo wrote:
Where is a fighter getting 1,500 gp for full plate at level 1?

Or the fighter isn't a fighter but a Battle Host Occultist and gets his Hellknight plate for free.

EDIT: On topic. It all depends on what kind of campaign you will be running. If it's more of a dungeoncrawl then open world I'd say the roc is actually a bad option. That is assuming there aren't that many large open structures within the dungeon of course (though that wouldn't be much of a dungeon anyway).
Similarly, in an urban game I think the roc would be a less than ideal choice. City guards will not be happy with that giant chicken.

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Mangenorn wrote:

Ok, I'm going to do this by alignment:

** Neutral spoiler omitted **

He isn't the only one to live in the Maelstrom though. Sivanah also has a floating domain somewhere in the Maelstrom. The exact location isn't fixed though. Something with hiding from proteans who rather dislike her.


Kerney wrote:
MageHunter wrote:
Generic Villain wrote:
Razmir. He's successful and very very rich. If you worship him, you'll win so much you'll get tired of winning. He has the best words and a big, beautiful palace. Winner. All of the women flirt with him. Razmir's many enemies are really not very smart people and are just jealous of his success, and by the way, he is an amazing beautiful god, believe him.
He builds beautiful staircases...
And his cult is gonna be HUGE!

And some of his faithful get their powers from Sivanah!

(yes, I'm a bit of a Sivanah fanboy)

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Sivanah. I just love the mystery and layers upon layers of intrigue that come with her. Even the gods don't know who she is and how she got there. And then comes her lending power to Razmir's followers in his stead. Nobody knows why, might just be for fun. The fact she's also Zon-Kuthon's, or at least Nidal's, greatest enemy is a nice bonus.

I have a thing for trickster gods as well, so the Lantern King and Sunwuko are high on my list as well(Picoperi is their goody-two-shoes cousin and as such less interesting)

I'm also quite fond of Vildeis. She's an odd one, a wholly good entity who nevertheless has more in common with some of the evils she fights than with some of those on her end of the spectrum.

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I'd love to join with Xandra Farcini. She's a Gnome Oracle raised in a Varisian caravan. She's a devotee of Desna and her shadow, the Black Butterfly.

Background is under construction.
Basic idea is that she was found when she was little more than a baby by a Varisian caravan that raised her as their own. As she was found with a pendant of Desna's holy symbol around her neck she was raised by the troupe's elder. When the elder passed away she moved to another troupe's elder. This happened half a dozen times and as such Xandra feels more connected to the Varisian people as a whole than any caravan in particular.
In her late teens she started getting visions of her goddess, or more accurately of the shadow of her goddess. Desna herself was always just out of sight. This also was when her other abilities started to surface, abilities a simple Gnome had no business having. Like the ability to see in the darkness.
These days she fell in with a group of Sczarni. While she isn't involved in any criminal activities herself she knows they are and they are in trouble. She's now in Sandpoint for two things. First to take part in the Swallowtail festival, which is sacred to her goddess. Second to contact an old friend of her new family in the hopes he can help them out.

She has the Deaf curse, but I understand that that one has quite an impact on the game and also affects the rest of the party. If it's too much I'll swap it out for Haunted.

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Now I'm thinking of a silly, comedic character.

A Goblin Hunter who finally wants to deal with those pesky hobs. He also fails to understand the concept of guerrilla warfare and thinks it involves gorillas. One can guess what his animal companion is.

Could also just play a Vanara or an Orang-Pendak(B5) and put the gorilla in guerrilla that way. The Vanara could legitimately be nice though.

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I'm actually looking at playing a member of the Tanessen noble family, a family that follows Thrune rule.

My character would have had doubts about Thrune's rule of Cheliax for several years. Raised as a faithful Asmodean he ditched the Lord of Hell years ago and has since joined a small cult of Ragathiel within the city of Kintargo. His family knows but dismissed it as juvenile silliness.
With Barzillai Thrune's arrival and the events of the night before that his doubts would have been replaced by a steadfast determination to free Kintargo (and maybe all of Cheliax, one can dream) of the Infernal influence. His family wouldn't know this at the start of the game.

Mechanics wise I'm going Slayer using the Deliverer archetype and later moving to the Crimson Templar PrC.

As mentioned before, he would be Lawful Good but considers the laws imposed by Thrune and his agents to be unjust. Besides that, he's a divine killer devoted to a god of wrath that wants nothing more than to protect the good and bring Hell down.

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I'd love to join the rebellion.

Right now I'm looking at an actual Lawful Good character, a devotee of Ragathiel heading into the Crimson Templar PrC.

As far as being lawful in this game, my character is fiercely devoted to removing the taint of Hell so any laws imposed by Hell and it's cronies don't mean a thing to him.

He will respect proper authority, will honor any word given in earnest and is a man of discipline and order. However, he only bows to the laws of Heaven and never to the laws of Hell. The devotion to his goal is even more important though and sometimes one of Heaven's laws needs to be bent or tread (though never broken) in order to achieve it.
Another thing is that he doesn't expect his allies to see things his way. His burden and task is his alone and it isn't right to force it upon anyone else. Still, anyone wiling to walk with him is more than welcome.
Another important thing for a character like this: He isn't stupid. He is devoted and zealous but he won't be an idiot. Patience often leads to better rewards than rash behaviour, even though it might be hard.

Not sure on base class but Fighter is a likely option, with the Weapon Master archetype if so. Probably combined with levels of Slayer or Vigilante, but there seem to be a lot of those already.

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I'd love to play this AP beyond the very first encounter for once.

My idea is for a Varisian Oracle serving both Desna and her shadow, the Black Butterfly.

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GM DeathbySuburbs wrote:

I couldn't get the link to work.

That is because I changed my mind due to the lack of proper Brits within the current group. Though actually it was mostly because I couldn't figure out how to make the mechanical concept I had for the character work in a world with very limited access to magic items.

Instead I'll be submitting Malcolm Reid. He is a Witch using the Alley Witch and Hedge Witch archetype who is truly in touch with the city (basically London is his patron). He'd fill the young doctor role though he also uses his magic to heal people, hiding his magic using the Conceal Spell feat.

His gear isn't done yet but the rest is. His familiar is a somewhat scruffy red cat.

Malcolm was born into a lower middle class family as the second of four children and his parents' only son. His father was foreman in a factory while his mother worked as a nurse. As was expected, his sisters also all went into healthcare, with two of them becoming nurses and one working as a midwife. Malcolm was expected to follow in his father's footsteps but after merely a year of working at the factory after finishing primary school Malcolm stopped showing up for work.

Instead Malcolm spent his hours either on the streets or performing odd jobs at the King's College Hospital, where his mother worked. There he'd help clean the halls or eavesdrop on the classes where the nurses in training, including his older sister, were taught.

Eventually he returned to the factory floor but with a very clear goal in mind: he wanted to become a doctor and needed the money to pay tuition. What he hadn't counted on was that he'd also need more education beyond his primary school years before he'd be able to enrol at King's College.

Even after being rejected by the King's College for lack of education Malcolm bluffed his way into lectures. While he got the jest of things and easily surpassed any first year student on subjects like anatomy and proper treatment of common illnesses he soon found he could not comprehend the theoretical lectures nor did he have the patience for them. He wanted to help people, not learn about obscure diseases found only in darkest Africa.

So he stopped going to the College and he stopped going to the hospitals. Instead he started frequenting the poorer, seedier parts of town. These were the places where the people truly needed help and where they were least likely to get it.

It was there that his strange abilities first manifested. He was treating a baby girl with a bad case of whooping cough and he feared for the infants life. As he was trying to make the child as comfortable as it could be, a red cat settled at Malcolm's side. Initially he wanted to shoo the feline away but something about it made him hesitate. Then, as the cat rubbed up against Malcolm's legs his hands glowed. Shortly after the light went from his hands into the infant and then back into he hands before fading. The child had stopped coughing and instead smiled happily but now Malcolm was coughing in her place.

Malcolm found that, with the help of his new found feline friend, he could channel some sort of power, magic perhaps, from the city itself, though he surmised it would only work if used for the betterment of the city's populace. He hid his abilities as well as he could but sometimes people still caught glimpses of what he did when treating the sick and soon rumours spread about a man working miracles, curing those children that had already been given up on.

Malcolm Reid is a kind, soft spoken and gentle man. He made helping the children of London's poorer parts his life's goal and works tirelessly to improve their situation.

As such he has little patience or understanding for those who would treat children unkindly, especially if for their own gain.

As a result of his tireless work there is very little time for him to actually make money. Many parents are very thankful for his work but they rarely even have enough money to feed themselves. All the money he does make is by selling his services as a medic to those of higher social status with illnesses they'd rather keep out of the public eye. For them he makes a myriad of ointments and tinctures to treat whatever ails them.

Malcolm is somewhat chubby young man with sleek black hair. He wears glasses with a simple wire frame. He often wears a grey woollen waistcoat over a simple linen shirt together with woollen pants matching the waistcoat. Outdoors he often wears a heavy, long, brown leather coat over it all in order to keep dry.

He almost always carries a doctor's case with him, filled to the brim with all kind of tools to help him with his work as well as a large assortment of simple herbal remedies.

Malcolm is always followed by a large, scruffy, red cat. This cat, which he named Hopkins, is entirely red with the exception of a white sock on his front left paw. The creature's bright green eyes seem unnerve adults while children adore the friendly cat.

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I decided to go for a very different kind of character. He'd also be exotic but in a very different way.

Considering the Britsih Empire is still very much alive and kicking by the time of the game I decided to use that for inspiration.

Meet Caelan Singh (The profile isn't done yet).

He is the youngest son of a Scottish officer stationed in what was then the Punjab region of India after the Anglo-Sikh wars. After fighting closely together with a Sikh unit during the later Indian Rebellion of 1857 Caelan's father converted to Sikhism and married a Sikh woman. As such Caelan was raised as a Sikh and carries the last name Singh instead of his father's original Reid.

Recently his father passed away and Caelan was sent first to Glasgow to inform his grand parents and some aunts and uncles and now to London to inform the rest of the family as well London's East India Club (a gentleman's club) that his father joined shortly before departing for India.

The character would be a familiar stranger in a wholly strange land. He has grown up far away but looks mostly like a Scotsman, including a red beard. People tend to frown at his style of dress, which is according to his faith, especially combined with both his Glaswegian accent on his English and the fact he is fluent in Punjabi.

As far as the character itself goes, the idea is that he brings a different view to what's happening in the city. He on the other hand would be thrust into a society that he only partially understands while they expect him to be right at home.

EDIT: As far as role goes, I guess he'd fit in the Investigator to some extent. Beyond that it would be closest to the one familiar with darkness, only it would be the occult and esoteric in general instead of darkness.

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This sounds interesting.

I'd be looking at a character that mixes several of the concepts you mentioned, in that he'd be a holy person with some connection to darkness and a knack for information.

He'd be a tiefling with prominent infernal features but also heavily decked in Christian relics. Inspiration comes, in part, from the likes of Hellboy and John Constantine but also from Penny Dreadful.

I'm not sure on the class yet, list so far are Cleric, Inquisitor or Occultist using the Reliquarian archetype.

EDIT: The idea for part of the background would be that he does most of his work in the poorer neighbourhoods where he is actually accepted and actually loved for all his good work. Outside of those areas he tends to keep his features hidden.

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I'd be interested in this.

Idea so far is a Ranger(Guildbreaker)|Magus(Eldritch Archer). As far as race goes, I'm not sure yet. Maybe Aasimar or Samsaran.

My character would be a follower of Eiseth, one of the Whore Queens, and she would have turned to her after feeling/being betrayed by the good guys (still figuring out which organisation it would be). Crimes would at least be Heresy and I'll have to decide on the other.

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thelizardwizard wrote:
could you link me the swarm monger? I've not seen it.

It's not on d20pfsrd or archivesofnethys yet (both sites seem to have slowed down quite a bit the last few months). I could provide it to you over PM if you'd like, but that's about it.

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I'd be interested in this one as well.

Basic idea so far is for a Devil Spawn Tiefling from Karcau. The character would have been born as a result of the Infernal meddling of the cult of Alichino there.

I do have a question though: Would you allow me to take the Swarm Monger Druid archetype with this character? The archetype is from Blood of the Beast and under the Ratfolk section but it isn't mentioned to be Ratfolk exclusive.
I figured it would be a nice fit for my character since she lived in Karcau's sewers for many years after fleeing the cult at the age of 6.

Alternate ability rolls
1d100 ⇒ 37
1d100 ⇒ 76
1d100 ⇒ 90

EDIT: I'm thinking of naming her Victoire, to add to the Vic/ktor mix.

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SheepishEidolon wrote:
Cuàn wrote:

Isn't the easiest solution just playing a Gnome within the Golarion setting?

They don't die of old age at all.

Sure, there is this little detail of surviving the Bleaching but that isn't old age. Add to that that Bleachlings don't die of old age (most are already old or venerable when they get there) and Gnomes are solid.

Hmm, according to Gnomes of Golarion they are not immortal:

Of all the civilized races, only elves live longer than gnomes, giving rise to the popular misconception among other races that gnomes are immortal save for the Bleaching. In truth, gnomes age the same way as the other humanoid races do, only more slowly, growing older and weaker until they finally succumb to disease or failing organs.

Of course, hundreds of years is better than what humans get. You pay with the need to experience new things all the time - few gnomes survive the transition to bleachling:

The Bleaching is almost always fatal—gnomes eventually become so bored that even breathing and circulating blood seem burdens too great to bear.
A gnome trying to avoid the Bleaching ends up pretty much in the same situation as a vampire - which is immortal, but driven and endangered by its needs.

Ah yes. I knew it was too good to be true.

Still, if you manage to survive the Bleaching (I think the required saves also were in Gnomes of Golarion) you do reach a state in which you no longer die of old age and in fact stop growing older entirely.

While the average Gnome rarely survives the Bleaching it's very possible for a PC.

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Isn't the easiest solution just playing a Gnome within the Golarion setting?

They don't die of old age at all.

Sure, there is this little detail of surviving the Bleaching but that isn't old age. Add to that that Bleachlings don't die of old age (most are already old or venerable when they get there) and Gnomes are solid.

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I'd like to present Yatsik Tarvalloi, Ratfolk Wizard (Conjurer/Extradimension). Sheet is still under construction.

Yatsik would enter the game with three NPCs, two of which functioning solely as part of his intro and they, a caravan guard and a wagon driver, could either hang around or pack their bags. The third NPC would, if allowed, eventually become Yatsin's cohort.

Coming in as a merchant with a wagon, Yatsik would also provide an easy entrance for the other character joining.

In short

He'd be a former Kalistrcrat and born in Druma. He quit the country and the Prophecies because he got sick of all the rules and the Kalistocracy ruling every aspect of life so he packed up and left, taking along some of the family's business to trade elsewhere. In this case elsewhere ended up being Razmir. Not willing to risk government actions he had heard of before Yatsik went underground and most of his goods became illicit, at least for a place like Razmir.

Eventually one of Yatsik's associates was interred for an unclear reason so Yatsil figured it was time pack his own bags and leave once more. This time he made his way to the Stolen Lands, though mostly because he could not reach the harbour due to the guard presence.

In the stolen lands Yatsik simply picked up where he had left off and became a trader and smuggler once more. He also found religion in the form of Hanspur. The devotion is limited and so are the gains but it works for him and keeps many bandits along the Sellen River away for him.

He fairly recently got his hands on one of the invitations for the Stolen Lands mission. It was traded to him by a former military man who needed money to pay off his gambling debt. Now Yatsik is looking for a new home, a new place to settle down and a new way to make money.

Roles Treasurer would be the very best fit but Spymaster and Grand Diplomat also work.

Build Yatsik will be a utility and control focused Wizard. He is a Conjurer with Necromancy and Enchantment as prohibited schools. In addition to Conjuration he will also have a pretty heavy focus on Illusions.

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