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Psychopomp, Shoki

Cuàn's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 757 posts (2,312 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 59 aliases.


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Lantern Lodge

GM, have you had a chance to look at the Occultist as of yet? If not, know that it hasn't changed too much from the playtest version. It's mostly tweaking and tuning.

Lantern Lodge

If the Occult material is allowed I'd be looking at making a Dwarven Occultist. He or she would be a historian who is in search of as much information on the glorious past of the Dwarf as he/she is able to find. The character would be about finding the truth though, so while finding things that would bring shame on him/her kin saddens her he/she'd catalogue it nonetheless, perhaps the current generations can learn from the mistakes of the past.

Lantern Lodge

With a deadline of 8/3/15, does that mean that Occult things are allowed as well, as they'll be in print by that time?

Lantern Lodge

Another question: Would you allow the alternate abilities from the table for the Aasimar and if so roll or pick?

Lantern Lodge

The Primal Companion Hunter errata basically says: You can ignore this archetype now.

Starting out with 2 Evolution points instead of 3 is fine as it was kinda crazy but moving to 4 at lvl 8 and then capping out at 6 at lvl 15 basically means you are trading in Animal Focus for a very crappy alternative.

Even if just looking at just ability score increases, you trade a constant +2/4/6 for a temporary +2/4/6. You gain options but trade in quite a bit of potency.

Lantern Lodge

Would a Scion of Humanity Aasimar be human enough for the required human? What about a Half Elf?

Got several ideas tied to the Brevoy Noble houses, just trying to figure out what would work for you.

Lantern Lodge

I'll actually retract my submission. Can't get the multiple personality thing done in a satisfactory manner and don't have the time to work out something else. It's too bad, this game looks like it'll be a ton of fun.

Lantern Lodge

I'm there as well but haven't posted my character yet. I'll be looking at a Kineticist|Psychic named Yela & Teilein (split personality)

Lantern Lodge

I think it was mentioned before, but could anyone who has the pdf verify for me if the Overwhelming Soul archetype for the Kineticist really does use Cha instead of Con for it's class abilities?

Lantern Lodge

I'm still here and still working on my character(s)

Just wade one more tiny switch with the evil persona now being the "older sister" and caretaker while the neutral persona being the naive "younger sister" and the pyromaniac.

Been mostly working on background, which is a story of abuse that starts a bit like cinderella but the wicked stepmother and especially her daughters are quite a bit worse. They are the reason my character's arms and legs are covered in many different burns of various sizes and forced the initial split, splitting her inner child from a harsher, colder part designed to protect herself. They also are the ones that out her in the sanitarium, except for the one stepsister that died in the fire that is.

EDIT: How do you feel about adding archetypes to Occult classes once the book is out? Right now I'm looking at a Kineticist/Psychic for this character and, based on the info I have so far, am very interested in the Overwhelming Soul archetype for the Kineticist and the Mutation Mind archetype for the Psychic (representing the growing influence of the "Other" on mainly that personality)

Lantern Lodge

I've been giving it some more thought and have another question: Would you allow small sized Aasimars?

Instead of the Gnome I'd love to go with a Gnome-born Peri-kin Aasimar for which the two personalities are related to her angel and fallen angel heritage. The angelic part has been growing bitter and resentful and could be considered to have fallen again, if to (chaotic) neutrality, as a result of having to clean up after her mental twin and being judged on that. She ended up being reviled and hated even though the evil part only burned down an empty shed and she found that, in the end, only her mental twin has her back.
The evil half on the other end (who doesn't have a goatee) cares very little about anyone except her "sister" and herself and is very angry about how the world treats her kind and caring sister. The result of this is that she wants to punish the people who mistreat her sister by setting fire to their properties. That this leads to more hate towards her kind half is beyond her comprehension as to her they are separate entities.
Then there is the "Other", the one neither has any control over or communication with. It's a figure that so far has only reared it's ugly head when doing the one thing that relaxes both sisters; painting. They'd start painting and then have a blackout. When either comes to they find their painting finished, often depicting what they intended to paint, but with a sinister, alien bent to it and any figures depicted would appear soulless. Since being committed to the sanitorium it is showing more often and not only while painting, though it always shows it's passing in a visual manner, like a symbol painted on the wall in the blood of a killed bird.

Lantern Lodge

I'd still love a comment from our prospective GM about my split personality idea.

Depending on that I can actually build something.

Lantern Lodge

How would you feel about a character with a split personality? Each side of the gestalt would represent a personality.

Would you allow the two personae to have different alignments?

EDIT: I'd be looking at 3 different personalities, 2 of which are dominant and more common. They'd be a CN Pyromaniac using the (Pyro)kineticist from Occult Adventures and an NE of yet to be determined class.
The CN would be rash, impulsive and reckless but friendly and generally benevolent. The NE would be cold and calculating, holding no real affection for anyone but herself and her "twin".

The third would be CE and wouldn't have it's own part in the gestalt. This part is the part closely tied to Hastur and both the other personae fear it.It would show psychopathic behaviour. It's this persona that landed them in the sanatorium as the rest could be chalked up to Gnomish eccentricity.

If their shared body would be a car then pewrsona 2 would be in the passenger's seat while nr 1 drives and vice versa. When nr 3 drives the others are bound and gagged and stuck in the trunk.

Lantern Lodge

Oh well, that means I won't make it in time.

Good luck all and have fun

Lantern Lodge

How would Forced Reincarnation work on it?

It's regeneration says it would regenerate in 3 rounds if an effect kills it but this effect instantly gives it another body, a body that doesn't have the regeneration.

Lantern Lodge

It would open up 4 feats, one of which I'll leave out as it is completely useless because I won't have the rock throwing ability.

The remaining feats are:
Born of Frost
Icy Stare
Sure on Ice

In addition it would open up 2 spells:
Ice Slick
Magic Boulder
Though technically they don't require the caster to be a Frost Giant

All other feats require either large size (so would only be active while the character magically grows in size) or the Giant subtype (which I can't get)

Lantern Lodge

GM, would you allow me to get the Racial Heritage feat and say Frost Giant?

Been walking around with the idea of a giant-blooded Brawler for a while now and I'm debating whether I'd want to submit that character or the mesmerist/cavalier I mentioned earlier.

Lantern Lodge

Will you allow the playtest from Occult Adventures, to be changed to the release version once the book is out later this month?

EDIT: The character would be a Mesmerist|Cavalier and would use the Daring Champion archetype for the Cavalier and possibly the Cult Master archetype for the Mesmerist, which was released via ENWorld during Paizocon.

The character would have a prominent name, his/her great uncle being a personal friend of the king, making the fall and the arrest all just a bit worse.

Lantern Lodge

I'm still working on the Occultist(paizo)/X though I now know it'll be a Sylph. Still not sure on the X but I'm looking at something stealthy, skilled and mobile more than anything else. Having either Int or Cha as a big stat (next to possibly Dex) also is important for the concept of the character.

GM Rednal, would you allow retroactively applying archetypes to Occult Adventure classes when the book arrives, 2 days after game start?

EDIT: As for deities, as long as there is a god concerned with the gathering of knowledge as well as trickery my character is in. I was looking at Sivanah for Golarion material but the character wouldn't be too devout anyway.

Lantern Lodge

I thought of that, but the character is focused on items and real stuff so manifesting a mindblade seems rather out of flavour. Mindblades also won't work with the Occultist class features.

If I'd end up going Psionic on the 2nd class I'll be looking at Marksman, Cryptic or a Nomad Psion.

Lantern Lodge

I actually decided to pass on the throwing weapon idea, mostly because the build would rely on the use of an item I wouldn't have access to for quite a while, if at all.

Instead I'm working on a character inspired by an older character and probably one of the characters I had most fun with. I'm looking at Occultist(the Paizo playtest one) on one end and not sure about the other as of yet.

The character would be a collector, maybe even a hoarder, who hunts for all kinds of paraphernalia to add to this collection. Basically the only thing she wouldn't do to add something to the collection is kill. Which doesn't mean she won't defend herself if attacked while procuring it in an other way, she just wouldn't set out to murder. It would be a character with a very strong drive to discover new things and push onward at all times.

Just like the 2nd class I'm not sure on race yet, but Halfling, Gnome and Sylph all seem to be great fits. Leaning towards Sylph as I really like them.

Lantern Lodge

I'll bow out, didn't have the time to finish my witch.

Lantern Lodge

I have a question in regards to the Innate Item Bonus rules: How would you treat the items from Ultimate Equipment that give an effect and a stat bonus? Things like the Belts of Mighty Hurling(link)?
As per written they would not be available but that would in turn make the extra effect also entirely unavailable. Would you just drop the stat bonus from them and leave them with just the extra effect?
I'm curious as several of these items could take up very prominent places in a character build and I actually have an idea that would involve such an item.

Lantern Lodge

I'm actually going for either CG or CN. It's his master that would qualify as LE or LN. He chafes under the command of his master and wants to be rid of him, mostly because he thinks that it's shameful what his master does. Those goods could be put to much better use than just selling to the rich and scared for enormous prices, like selling to armies for reasonable prices.

He'd be a follower of the Ossiriani god Sobek, who he considers to be the paragon of his kind. His work as a scribe is just something he does to make ends meet and he gets to see the world while he's at it.

I'm not sure on class but I'm leaning towards Arcane caster.

EDIT: Would you allow the Occult Adventure playtest material by any chance? Not set on anything, just thinking options.

Lantern Lodge

How do you feel about Skinwalkers, in particular the Scaleheart kind?

The idea behind the character is that he's a southerner all the way from Osirion and the personal scribe of a merchant that seeks to use the looming war for his own profit.

Lantern Lodge

This actually looks very nice. As far as interest goes, I'd be up for all except Coral Throne (not a fan of underwater games) and the Iron Gods variants (not a big fan of that AP). For Reign of Russian Winter I'm sure as it could be interesting but I also think Pf isn't that suited for the campaign concept.

Lantern Lodge

Actually, due to some external circumstances I will not be submitting a character after all. I love my concept but simply won't be able to make a character that does it justice before the end of the day. I wish I had seen this thread sooner :)

I wish you all the best with what no doubt will be a very nice game and I'll actually be taking a look at the GM's non-standard AP concepts.

Lantern Lodge

For starters the Infiltrator archetype of the Inquisitor allows me to appear to detection as whatever alignment I want it to detect me. It also allows me to cast spells of any alignment. The idea would be to hide in plain sight, give the crusaders no reason to even doubt my characters devotion to the cause, if anything he'd seem overzealous and somewhat vindictive. The character could probably pass for a devotee of the Empyreal lord Vildeis (which might just be what I'll do)

As far as casting goes, I'm still not sold on what to take besides inquisitor. All I know is that it won't be a class with an aura.

Lantern Lodge

Would you allow an Evil even Chaotic Evil character?

Idea is for a character that worship Chavazvug, a Qlippoth lord who hates demons above all else. The character would be an Inquisitor (Infiltrator/Sin Eater) on one end, still thinking about the other end.

The infiltrator part would mostly be because the character hides among the crusaders, who my character would actually consider allies as they both want the same thing when it comes to the Worldwound. In fact, the character would consider all worshippers of goodly forces to be on the good side of the conflict for their souls will not transform into demons after their death and they fight demons while alive.

As far as motivation goes, I'm thinking the character comes from a point of view that the crusaders are not doing all they can to close the Worldwound. They are pulling punches to save the masses, something the character would not care about any more. What is the death of thousands when an entire world is at stake?

Lantern Lodge

How is it vengeance if it's an attack on Andorran? Because it used to be part of the Chelish empire? It could send us to tons of places where Cheliax had holdings. Based on title alone it could be sending us to reclaim Sargava and wrangle dinosaurs.

Lantern Lodge

Why do I have the feeling that the Hell's Vengeance AP has you play the Thrune agents coming into action as a result of the events of Hell's Rebels?

Lantern Lodge

Colour me interested

Does the Core and APG classes clause also apply to archetypes? Just checking beforehand since it's more or less left open.

Lantern Lodge

Could you provide some ore information on the Masked Dead?

How would they work? Do the physical stats come from the possessed body and the mental stats from your trapped soul?
Does sundering the mask instantly kill you?

I'd be interested in playing a Masked Dead Cleric or Inquisitor of Mammon. It seems like a perfect fit for the type of undead as the way of animation is similar to how Mammon himself is a spirit animating the hoards of Erebus.

Lantern Lodge

I know it isn't among the ones you listed bit it's on a similar level: Would you allow a Siabrae Druid (full template here)

I'd say the first tier would be the Blightbond.

Lantern Lodge

Tuva is done and found here

Crunch and fluff are both in the profile.

Lantern Lodge

I'd love to join this game

I'm working on Tuva Millinar, a Human Shaman with the Wood spirit.

A short overview of Tuva's life in Diamond Lake:

She's the daughter of furniture maker who makes good money by making the furniture for the town's wealthy inhabitants and with that by Tuva's five older brothers. Her mother runs the business end of the store and workshop and makes sure the orders keep lining up. She also is Manlin Osgood's sister and Tuva's youngest brother actually is his uncle's apprentice right now.

Tuva herself helps out her father and brothers by making elaborate ornaments as she is an accomplished wood carver. Her biggest accomplishment is one she actually keeps secret as the carving of a rabbit actually came to life on it's own and now serves as her familiar.

Lantern Lodge

I'm very interested in this game

I'm looking at a Human, either a Witch(Herb Witch) or a Shaman(maybe Witch Doctor), and a follower of the Empyreal Lord Immonhiel.

If you'd describe a group of friends as a tribe he'd be the tribal elder. Not because he's older than the rest but because he's patient and cares equally for everyone in the group. He's where people go to for advice or when they have issues with the leader, who likely is a very close friend of my character.

As for his time apart, he would have travelled into Varisia to find out about his family's origin and would have found faith among the travelling Varisians and later had that reaffirmed when he studied with the healers there.

Lantern Lodge

Due to time constraints I'm withdrawing as well

Lantern Lodge

Roidrage, any idea what road you'll take your hunter? Seeing you are preselected I'd like to keep the differences between your character and my Druid as large as possible with the concept I have in mind.

Lantern Lodge

For Maerar his main goal is to restore his world to how it was before the Dwimmerlaik twisted it, despite having no idea what that was as he was born later. The stories tell it was a verdant paradise but it could just as well have been a verdant hell.

In addition he'd want to find out who cut of his world from the Stair. Were it the Dwimmerlaik? If so why did they wait till ages after they left? Was it the Stair itself? Were it the Gossamer Lords in an attempt to contain the Dwimmerlaik contagion? If so, what happens now the world is connected again? Was it someone else entirely?
I have been playing with the idea that it was Maerar otherwise not noteworthy great grandfather Jaerar who did it to prevent further outside mingling with his world, not knowing the citadels already had new inhabitants or what it would do to the stream of souls.

A personal goal would be finding out what he actually is now for he has no idea about his full capability yet and whether he actually wants this power.

Maerar also is a Hierophant/Archmage, with the twist that the Archmage her has been converted to the Psychic spells of the Occult Adventures book as that has no matching Mythic Path as of yet. He will focus on casting but I see him branch out from there, possibly even ascending to become a demi god in his own right. He'd end up in a role similar to the Empyreal Lord Ashava in that he'd be a shepherd of lost souls.

EDIT: I went for the Arcana path, which I'd say covers all magic and not just the arcane, simply because it seemed to fit as well as any other. Maerar doesn't lean to any of them particularly seeing that his past has mainly been concerned with the souls of the deceased and the spirits of the land. He values Eidolon and Umbra in equal manner, has no particular connection to the Stair, isn't focused on creation (though the life creation part of Wrighting is intriguing) and doesn't care about the true names of things or the ability to control them. Which leaves Arcana, not a good fit either but I could envision it as using the wisdom of the spirits to broaden his abilities, like an extended version of the Spirit Guide Oracle's Bound Spirit.

Lantern Lodge

Would you allow a Druid of Erastil to have the Longbow and Shortbow proficiency mentioned in Inner Sea Gods?

Lantern Lodge

Maerar is finally done in full.

His familiar is still a work on progress. I actually have a problem with the free templates there as I'm going for an Ioun Wyrd, which is a construct. basically that means I can make it Advanced and that's about it since I don't want it to become bigger. I guess I could infuse it with some element, I'll have to check.

Lantern Lodge

Yin, Daughter of Nug wrote:

Cuàn wrote:
Doh, just finished Maerar's background and then pressed cancel instead of save. I'm an idiot.
I know that feeling...sorry to hear it.

It sucks, but it's fixed now.

All that remains for me is the daunting task of fixing my gear. Well that and my familiar.

As for Oneidros, I just want to hit his Touch AC while invisible and send him running for the hills.

Lantern Lodge

Doh, just finished Maerar's background and then pressed cancel instead of save. I'm an idiot.

Lantern Lodge

When was the deadline again? Was it today or tomorrow?

Still need to finish up some fluff on Maerar as well as bits of crunch (skills, last spells & feats and gear)

Lantern Lodge

Working on Maerar here

I do have some questions regarding my Pixie base: Do the SR and the DC of Special Arrows scale with my total HD or just the racial HD?

What about the caster level for my spell-like abilities? The default for that with only 4 racial HD is 8, so what would it be now?

Lantern Lodge

Here are the first bits of fluff to accompany Maerar, my Pixie Oracle/Mesmerist

Homeworld - Lali Mati:
No one knows what the world was originally named but now it's only known as Lali Mati. In ages past, when it still had it's old name, the world was a natural paradise. Wildlife was abundant and the only intelligent life were the fey and the occasional animal or tree that had awakened after it reached an exceptionally old age. Sure, there was death and predation but that is life.

It wasn't meant to last however as eventually the Dwimmerlaik invaded the formerly peaceful world. Initially the inhabitants resisted but those that did were either killed or captured and turned into hideous abominations that were then set loose upon the world to cause as much pain and destruction as possible. Eventually this forced the world's inhabitants into hiding and while the Dwimmerlaik initially hunted the remaining inhabitants they eventually stopped, no longer caring as long as they weren't opposed.

For hundreds if not thousands of years the original inhabitants of the world hid underground in sprawling cavern complexes, the only light and sustenance coming from strange phosphorescent fungi. There the inhabitants either changed or perished, unable to cope with the changed circumstances. The souls of the dead however remained with the living, unable to pass on for reasons they did not know. Some stayed with their living kin but others, turned mad by their passing, fled to the surface.

When after many ages the living inhabitants dared to move to the surface again they found themselves in a world that changed dramatically from what it had once been. Where there were once stood lush, green forests now stood rows upon rows of petrified trees and the vibrant swamps had turned into stagnant, polluted bogs. The few creatures that remained alive out here had become hardened, aggressive and wary, continuously searching for new food and evading predators.

They also found the Dwimmerlaik had erected several black citadels but the Dwimmerlaik themselves seemed to have vanished. What moved in instead wasn't much better though as several clans of Kytons had now taken up residence in the black spires of the citadels. There they conducted experiments on the local wild life and the maddened souls of the dead, strangely intrigued by their inability to move on to the afterlife. Curious about these strange creatures coming from within the earth the Kytons started launching raids into the cavern complexes to capture more fodder for their experiments while the fey attacked the spire to once more liberate their kin and the souls of the lost. The many casualties on both sides only caused an increase in the number of souls stuck within death and afterlife as none seemed able to pass on.

These days an unstable truce exists between the fey and the kytons where both decided to stick to their own areas in the world. While both occasionally send parties into the wilds of the world's surface to find lost souls the truce holds, at least for now.

Attuned World - M'Tau:

M'Tau is a world with a fairly stable, warm climate that consists of vast oceans dotted by hundreds if of isles ranging from tiny atolls to immense islands large enough to be considered small continents. Living on these isles are at least as many tribes of all kinds of different humanoids, from dragon ruled kobolds to an empire of couatl worshipping humans and elves. War is one of the few constants in the ever changing world and peace treaties never last longer than a few generations.

The one exception to this all is an isle called the Centre of the World. This massive island was formed untold ages ago as a long dead volcano rose above the sea. Now the only truly peaceful and quiet place on the world is covered by a dense forest though many paths lead from the coast to the interior of the isle. There, in the middle of the caldera lives the oldest inhabitant of M'Tau, known to it's inhabitants only as Mama M'Tau. This mountain of a woman descends from a group of humanoids that lived on M'Tau ages ago but have long gone extinct, with the sole exception of Mama herself. None know how old she is but all respect her, even the haughty dragons bow down in her presence even though she herself does not mind. All are welcome to listen to her as long as they keep the peace and they do. If at all possible warlords come to her at the onset of large scale battles or wars, hoping to glance information from her cryptic visions and prophecies.

Notable NPCs:

The first three

Laerar Maerar's father, named according to the odd naming convention among the Pixies Laerar was the son of Kaerar who was the son of Jaerar. Part of the council of Elders that rule the Fey on Lali Mati and the fey responsible for brokering the peace with the Kytons.

Terekh Zar Kyton demagogue and the one responsible for brokering the peace on their end. Heavily scarred by acid spores from one of the fungi guarding the underground passages. Firm believer that the kytons are the descendants of the Dwimmerlaik.

Mama M'Tau Prophetic giantess of unknown kind. Unknown to all but herself she is a former Gossamer lord who gave up her power over the Grand Stair in order to safeguard her world from the Dwimmerlaik.

Lantern Lodge

The talk of Mythic Psionics actually got me thinking: How would you handle getting Mythic for the Mesmerists Psychic spells? I'm looking at Hierophant already for the Oracle end but if I'd Dual Path, which I most likely will, what would be the way to go for Psychic Spells?

Lantern Lodge

After some further thought, would you allow the Mesmerist from the Occult Adventures playtest? Of course assuming updating the character when the book releases.

I'd be looking at Oracle 13|Pixie 4/Mesmerist 9. I forgot I get Longbow proficiency from being a Pixie.

Lantern Lodge

Well, the Ogre isn't from the same world as my pixie, she's from the pixie's attuned world.

I'm not quite sure on the nature of that world yet, just that the Ogre will be the only truly intelligent Ogre in that world, even if she's slightly insane, and that she has lived for untold ages and her skin looks more like tree bark than like skin these days. Her place within the world would be that of an oracle and a visionary and she'd be consulted by the denizens of that world on many different subjects, from war to childbirth.

As for the world where my character comes from, that is a formerly Fey-ish world corrupted by the Dwimmerlaik. It's now mostly bleak and barren with a few patches of old world hidden away among petrified forests and twisted mountains. The most common uncorrupted places actually are underground caves lined with phosphorescent fungi in many colours.

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