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Psychopomp, Shoki

Cuàn's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 493 posts (1,547 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 38 aliases.


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Lantern Lodge

I'm still working on Leander but I guess he'd qualify as both skilled and arcane, seeing as he'd be going for Arcane Trickster. He would be able to start as both Rogue or his arcane class at 1st level (still not sure whether to go Wizard or Sorcerer), nothing would really change beyond the order.

Lantern Lodge

Rorrix, how do you feel about small sized Tieflings? Halfling born in my case.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It may sound silly, but take a look at Orcish leaders from Warcraft in the Warcraft 1 and 2 era.

Some ideas based on those Warlords.

1: Leader of a cavalry focused warband that rides wolves. Specialises in hit and run tactics where rider and wolf fight in unison. Is a massive and powerful fighter with a bad temper.

2: Calm, spiritual leader who communes with the dead. You could turn him into a full blown necromancer but you don't have to. He basically is the guy that keeps the orcs at home in mind, thinking of his people as a whole and not just his clan or himself.

3: Superstitious, tribal warrior who has a thing for guerilla tactics and forested battle grounds. A survivor more than anything and will abandon his allies if it gives him a chance to survive.

4: Nasty, masochistic warlord who revels in pain (think Kuthite). Has amputated his own hand to replace it with a stump mounted blade. Craves battle more than any other.

5: Strong, aggressive and stupid. Stereotypical Orc made worse. Basically a Hill Giant in an Orc's body. Is Warlord because he is the strongest and most aggressive of his clan.

6: Nasty, conniving and physically weak Orc that came into power through magic and subterfuge. Manipulates others to his own advantage. Might deal with extraplanar entities.

7: Honorable warrior that only joined his fellows warlords out of loyalty to them. Doesn't see the point of senseless slaughter and is only in it to make sure his people come out alive on the other end.

8: 5 but with a brain. Relies more on superior equipment than brute strength. Brilliant tactician.

You could also sprinkle in one or two warlords that aren't actually Orcs but things like Trolls, Giants, Ogre Mages, Hags, demons or fey.

EDIT: You could also think of someone who isn't a true Warlord because they look down on his tactics but who does actually lead a small clan. Think of assassins and poisoners.

Lantern Lodge

Actually, I have another idea that I'd think would be great fun. It does bring with it another question though: Would you allow small sized Tieflings as per the sidebar in Blood of Fiends?

He'd be a Halfling born Tiefling of either standard or demonic descent who was born in Kenabres. I'd be looking at Rogue with either Wizard or Sorcerer and later Arcane Trickster. He'd be a rogue with spell support.

Lantern Lodge

Are the alternate Tiefling heritages allowed, like the devil-spawn?

My idea would be for a Devil-Spawn Tiefling Cleric who is an armiger for the Order of the Godclaw Hellknights that also fight in the Worldwound. He is Chelish and came to the Worldwound because he believes he can be of use and to escape the scorn he received in Cheliax.

EDIT: He'd be a damage dealer mostly, a demon slayer. He'd take either the Theologian or the Mendevian Priest archetype.

Lantern Lodge

I'd be just fine with gestalt though I by no means consider it necessary.

As for what my second class would be, most likely Sorcerer or Bloodrager. I'd have to redo my feats in case of the Sorcerer though.
Then again, if the Spell Finesse 3rd party feat is allowed I'd suddenly have a lot more options.

Lantern Lodge

Meh, stopped watching Once half way through current season, the whole Pan thing put me off. Gold is a cool guy though.

Lantern Lodge

Tirion Jörðhár wrote:
Be a druid who wants to bring society to its knees so that nature can reclaim everything

The one problem with that one is that it's bound to cause conflict with the Asmodeans as they really like civilization.

As for me, as a follower of mistress Ardad Lili I don't care much for coin. What I do care about is attention and men grovelling at my feet. Oh, and power, lots of power.

Lantern Lodge

I'd be very interested in this game

Working on an Oracle with the Metal mystery. She's a devotee of Falayna and trained with the longsword. I'm still debating whether or not she'll become a Mystery Cultist later on. Basic idea is for her to be buffing herself and others.

If the DM is ok with it I'd like to make her Sapphire White's niece.

I was in doubt whether I'd go for this character or an Arcane Trickster, the lack of divine submissions pushed me towards this one.

Lantern Lodge

Crafting? I have Craft Wondrous Item planned for my character at level 3. Beyond that I'm not sure, maybe Arms & Armor if I have space somewhere but I don't think I do.

EDIT: Then again, if others got that covered I might branch out a bit and improve my summoning instead.

Lantern Lodge

Here is my character, Aelena Moher-Barca. It contains the crunch and the previously posted goals.

As far as her crime, it's Witchcraft, though she also murdered her fiancé as part of the ritual.

She was the leader of a small cult of Ardad Lili consisting entirely of vengeful, young women. Together they tortured and killed Aelana's fiancé as a sacrifice for the Kyton they intended to summon. Sadly one of the cultists had talked and the whole thing was interrupted by Balin of Karfeld and his goons. Some cultists were killed, the one who betrayed them killed by another cultist, and other were sentenced to death in common court but Aelena, being the leader, was beaten, taken alive and sent to Branderscar to set an example.

Full background is still to come.

EDIT: As for build plans, the aim is Cleric most of the way but I'm thinking of dipping Sorcerer with Infernal bloodline at some point, representing both a gift from her mistress and a mechanical boon.

Lantern Lodge

While I still work on her background here are my character's goals


Short Term:
- Avenge her father by killing his father(so her grandfather) and her older brother.
- Free her mother and baby sister from the Moher family (her father's side)
- Bring her twin brother into the fold, either as servant of Ardad Lili or another arch devil.

Long Term:
- Humiliate the Moher family, reducing them all to slavery.
- Restore House Barca to it's former glory as Talingarde's royal family.
- Become the power behind the throne, either as queen to a king or as councillor to the king/queen.

Obviously she'll think of new things when old ones are completed.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
increddibelly wrote:

@Cuàn, sorry you see it that way. I'm not going to discuss it any further though.

I understand. Sorry for disturbing the thread with my rant, I probably shouldn't have done that.

I wish you best of luck with the game and the best of luck to all applicants.

Lantern Lodge

Talon Dalkar wrote:
Cuàn wrote:

Similar to Hilde, I'm bowing out.

It sounds more like you want a glorified cohort instead of an actual party member.

Lol ok. We want a specific role filled mechanically, it doesn't mean you're our pet.

The way you described it you want someone to do the traps and other menial tasks and stand back to let the big boys play when combat starts.

The silly part is that you have a wizard, who can do most things a rogue can already and the things he can't do he'll be able to do in a few more levels.

Lantern Lodge

Similar to Hilde, I'm bowing out.

It sounds more like you want a glorified cohort instead of an actual party member.

Lantern Lodge

I'm very interested.

Basic idea would be for a Cleric or Inquisitor of Ardad Lili, one of the Whore Queens of hell. She'd be an heir to human branch of House Barca, the family that ruled Talingarde before Mitra became the prominent god.

Lantern Lodge

The second concept I mentioned would actually fulfil all the requested roles, he'd just have magic to increase his ability. He is a trap detector, a locksmith, a sneak and a scout. Basically he'd be Rogue+ and if he doesn't have to aid in social situations that only means he can focus more on traps and the such. He could do everything a Rogue can and more.

Think of him as a rogue who can actually cast invisibility on himself (via Trickery domain) and create diversions to escape if things turn sour. His magic is there to support his role as a scout and a sneak, not the other way around.

Lantern Lodge

I have another idea for a skill-monkey and party face type character, which you seem to want, but it's not a full Rogue or Ranger.

The basic idea is for a human man who descends from one of the noble houses that got displaced by the Andoran democracy. Originally he got by as a thief but he eventually found his calling in the church of Asmodeus and his been a fervent follower ever since, though he still employs his old tricks. Part of the reason he follows Asmodeus is that he hopes to have his house restored to it's former glory.

Basic idea is for 1 or 2 levels of Rogue, representing his old life, and the rest Cleric. With the skill access provided by the rogue, the human bonus, Fast Learner feat and high int he should be pretty good on the skill front and he has enough Charisma and skill (and knowledge of etiquette) to charm his way into an official banquet.

That is the basic concept.

Lantern Lodge

You do know the Whore Queens are servants of Asmodeus? They are all angels (and one psychopomp) who fell at the same time Asmodeus did. If anything, they are the epitome of ambition because they managed to claim their place in Hell despite the misogynous environment (because yes, Asmodeus thinks women are lesser beings) and they used deceit and manipulation to do so.

The one I think of is Eiseth, Whore Queen of Wrath and Vengeance and the original Erinye.

As for my character, I had two idea but one is impossible due to the alignment restriction on Arcane Trickster (idea was a Gnomish Illusionist/Assassin who gets his thrill from the kill).

The other idea is for a fallen Aasimar of the Plumekith variant who feels wronged by the society she originally chose to protect and has come to the conclusion they are not worthy of her. Now she hunts them for sport and to release her anger. That character would be a Ranger with Assassin levels who specialises in bow and arrow combat and uses poisons. Not quite sure how many Assassin levels as I'd like the animal companion to actually be useful.

Lantern Lodge

I'd be interested

I do have some questions though:
Is it ok to worship something other than Asmodeus, like one of the Whore Queens for instance?
How much leeway is there on the classes? Can I take some levels in something else as long as I keep true to the archetype? For instance, could I grab a level or 2 of Shadowdancer or turn the Rogue into an Arcane Trickster?

EDIT: Just realised the Arcane Trickster requires you to be non lawful, so that actually is out of the question unless you're ok with waving that requirement.

EDIT2: The rolls
Roll 1: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8
Roll 2: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
Roll 3: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
Roll 4: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16

What is focus and what is foible will depend on the answers to the questions so that also means which stat goes where will change, but this is the order.

Lantern Lodge

What is the position of Elves in your setting? I'm not intending to play one but I am looking at Racial Heritage - Elf to get into the Ancient Lorekeeper archetype.

If they are a thing of the past that would be an absolutely phenomenal fit and otherwise I'll have to think of something else.

Lantern Lodge

To better fit with her deity and due to the overflow of similar ideas I made Maena an Oracle instead of a Hunter.

If shoehorning her into a story archetype think of her like the blind seer, except she's a lot younger than most characters fulfilling that role.

She herself is on the way, working on her background and coming up with a suitable trait.

Lantern Lodge

While I work on Maena, here is the goddess I see her following.

Teesha is the goddess dreams, wisdom and the stars but also of the dark arts. She is often depicted as a young woman whose face is obscured by shadow of her hood. Some say that if one would come close enough to gaze under her hood he'd see nothing but stars.

She is an absent-minded goddess who cares not how those serving her use their gifts only that they use them. To not use the powers granted by her is seen as an insult of the grandest kind. As a result she is followed by many who seek only power, through knowledge, magic or both.

Her favored servants are either the Aranea or the Naga, depending on the legend. In truth she favors both but also encourages the rivalry between them in order to see who is most worthy of her favor. Accordingly she prefers snakes and spiders when it comes to normal animals.

Alignment; Lawful Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Magic, Scalykind, Void
Sub-Domains: Aeon, Arcane, Inevitable, Loyalty, Memory, Stars
Favored Weapon: Sickle

Lantern Lodge

I'd be interested in this game.

Could you tell me more about the three gods?

Could you also give me an idea of what the fauna is like in the area where the game takes place? I'm asking in regards to possible animal companions.

As for a last question, would you allow the Hunter from the ACG playtest?

Lantern Lodge

There also is one more CE option: Worship a Qlippoth Lord. While the Qlippoth hate all mortals they hate the demons even more, especially the Qlippoth lord Chavazvug. I think it's perfectly in line for one of his followers to use one enemy to help destroy an even greater enemy.

Lantern Lodge

I'd be very interested in this AP

The idea is for an Elven Ranger aiming to go for the Lantern Bearer PrC, a Cleric/Inquisitor of the Elven god Ketephys or for a (Half) Elven Oracle with the Ancient Lorekeeper Archetype and the Lunar mystery. All options could also be done as a Scion of Humanity + Racial Heritage Aasimar, though I find the option mostly interesting for the Ranger/Lantern Bearer or the Cleric.

In case of the first I'd go for either the Looking for Work or the Into Enemy Territory traits while the latter two options would go with Into Enemy Territory.

Lantern Lodge

Such a shame I only found this now, it looks great fun.

Lantern Lodge

Why do I feel the need to create a Sobek cult consisting fully of Kobolds? I mean, fertility and military prowess are right up their alley and I could easily see them identifying themselves with crocodiles instead of dragons. In that comparison they'd probably view themselves as two different ends of the spectrum: Crocodiles are big and strong but stupid and they are smart but physically unimposing. Oh, and they are both ambush predators.
The only thing that doesn't fit is Sobek as CN while Kobolds tend to be Lawful. Not that big a deal though.

Lantern Lodge

I'm withdrawing. I simply do not feel the character the way I want to if I am to play it and as such don't think I can give it and the game the attention they deserve.

In hindsight I shouldn't have let the race recommendation hold me back and actually gone with the Tiefling Cleric I've been walking around with for months (in this case, former Mitran clergy, indoctrinated because they feared he'd turn and he turned anyway)

Best of luck with the game.

Lantern Lodge

Icyshadow wrote:

Better late than never!

Reccomended Deities: Cayden Cailean, Chadali, Desna, Kurgess, Rowdrosh, Sarenrae
Reccomended Environment: Urban, Rural

The size, strength and generally aggressive temperament of a minotaur makes raising one an increasingly dangerous endeavor which may require multiple caretakers and a lot of preparations, all of which will pay off if all goes as planned. As they tend to form communities with a clear pecking order, it is highly advised that a given caretaker takes the top rank in the eyes of a minotaur before a situation can turn violent. Once the hierarchy has been set, the minotaur should be raised to slowly shed away this world-view of "the strong and the weak" in favor of a more egalitarian one as well as one less focused on the use of brute force.

Making use of the minotaur's fascination with complexity is highly reccomended, as a more intellectually inclined individual could spend quite a lot of time debating the nature of a riddle or solving a difficult puzzle. However, one should always have some healthy outlets for aggression nearby due to the general temper of the beings. Failing to solve a problem can lead to frustration, a feeling that a minotaur is likely to vent out with violence if the issue is not addressed early.

As many minotaurs have shown sympathy to beasts of burden, giving an individual the responsibility over a herd of cattle or sheep has been used as a way to give the minotaur both a way to spend time productively as well as teach it about coming to the defense of those in need. Where a normal shepherd would stand little chance shielding his sheep from a hungry wolf pack, a minotaur would have a much easier time doing so. These links to livestock also make both Rowdrosh and Erastil attractive options as deities for a minotaur, even more so if the individual has been raised in a more rural environment where their worship is common.

Since minotaurs are known for their great strength as well as a nearly...

The one thing I'm missing here is Torag. It may be somewhat stereotypical but minotaurs would make great smiths of any kind and could do with the structure provided by Torag. He also is a god of strength, combat and respect, working on their nature but giving it a positive twist.

I also think a reformed minotaur would make a fantastic fit to be caretaker at an orphanage housing orcs, bugbears or other more physically inclined species.

Lantern Lodge

<<Sometimes, beings of immeasurably power, like Kalak, retain themselves in the Grey and wreak havoc. Sometimes the desires of others bring them back to their senses. I speak to my mother in there and I found her because I sorely wanted to. All I say is that it is possible and may not end with his death. There may be an increase in nightmare beast attacks once Kalak is gone.>> With the last words she sends an image of an enormous, twisted beast stepping on a shack as if it's nothing.

<<Will the others like Kalak not move on to try and take his city?>>

Lantern Lodge

I sadly won't have the time to finish my sheet or write out my background as I'm already falling asleep behind my desk here. Sheet is mostly done, just gear and familiar missing

Char is here

Background is in bullet points as I can't properly write anything with my sleepy head right now.

Background in short:

- Not born in Talingarde, came 55 years ago
- Was exiled from home for reason he can't or won't remember

- Landed in Daveryn
- Started working as a taxidermist, same as in his homeland
- Got fascinated by anatomy but was limited in his studies to dead animals that were brought in or strays from the streets
- In his frustration he starts hearing dark whispers, though he dismisses them at first
- Find himself drawing holy symbols of Barbatos while trying to make notes of his studies
- Urged by dark whispers to take his studies further and study human anatomy
- Kidnaps homeless people from the streets to cut them open. Goes unnoticed as no one misses them.
- Makes a mistake by taking the youngest son of a nobleman in the city when he wants to research the difference between child and adult morphology
- Gets caught when flushing a dissolved human body into the harbor. Dead child is found upon searching his house

- Sent to Branderscar
- Sent to salt mines instead of beheaded to compensate for the family's loss
- Spends months there, surviving on insects and the scarce vegetation
- Devices a way to infuse himself with body altering mechanics using what he find in the mine
- Doesn't quite go as planned and develops a growth that eventually becomes a separate being, though still part of his body
- Uses the monkey shaped growth to surprise a guard and kill him with a pickaxe
- Retreats into mine tunnel, collapsing it one guards that come after him
- Works his way out of the supposed collapse at night
- Set fire to one of the barracks that housed prisoners for it to serve as a distraction
- Snuck out behind the guards who were busy with the fire.

I realise this probably doesn't meet the standards you're looking for atm but I wanted to finish it.

Lantern Lodge

He'll be an Alchemist yeah, Beastmorph/Vivisectionist to be precise

1d8 ⇒ 4
1d8 ⇒ 5
1d8 ⇒ 3

Lantern Lodge

If you'd be ok with it I'd like to shift things a bit.

Moving the 9, my last roll, from Int to Wis, making Int my Focus and keeping Cha as foil. The idea is to turn my character into an Alchemist.

Lantern Lodge

Actually, I'm swapping the focus and the foible around, so Wis is focus instead of foible and cha is foible instead of focus.

By the way, do the characters need to be devotees of Asmodeus? I have an idea for a follower of Barbatos but will twist him to the old goat if needed.

Lantern Lodge

Very interested as well.

Focus: Cha
Foible: Wis

Str: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12
Dex: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17
Con: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
Int: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9

A little bummed about the Int but very workable

Lantern Lodge

No problem Aran. Zouf's profile is still rather lacking though, am still busy with a more detailed background.

Lantern Lodge

May I introduce to you, Zoufbal Tashidar (here)

Gnomish Druid closely tied to House Medvyed for his father is the steward of Lord Gurev Medvyed's (Head of the House) manor.

He is the family oddball, with his elder sister training to eventually take over their father's function. He himself dove into the noble family's history and beliefs and considers himself somewhat of a scholar on the matter of fey and the natural world.

His companion, which isn't in his profile yet, is his pet allosaurus whose egg he bought thinking it was a dragon egg.

The guy has ambition to eventually make Grand Druid of the River Kingdoms and as such will most likely take the Green Faith Acolyte PrC.

Lantern Lodge

Ah yes, time. GMT+1 here

Zouf has been updated and should be done. He still resides here

Lantern Lodge

My Gnomish druid, Zoufbal Tashidar, is found here. The sheet isn't done yet but that'll be fixed in time.

Zoufbal is on the tall side for a Gnome standing at 3'7". His black facial hair, consisting of a moustache and a goatee, is always precisely styled using some sort of wax while the hair on his head usually is a mess. His eyes are a pale violet color and seem to always look at the world with wonder and amazement.

His dress style could be seen as a mockery of the sophisticated style worn by nobles. He wears a burgundy leather coat together with a green top hat and combines that with purple pants and brown boots.


Zouf hasn't so much procured his own charter as much as he has been given one by his father's employer, Gurev Medvyed lord of House Medyed, simply to be rid of him.

Zouf accepted it, not even seeing that it was a blatant attempt to get him out of the manor house and far away. He himself saw it mostly as an opportunity to see the world beyond the Gronzi forest and an opportunity to study the local wild life for he was more or less done with Gronzi by now.

As for the Greeneblt, it's as good a place as any to start his research and gives the opportunity to restock.

Lantern Lodge

A late entrant here

Will be making a Gnome Druid who considers himself a man of science and wants to go to the Stolen Lands to study the wildlife and doing that without bandits roaming around is a lot easier than with.

I'll post the details sometime soon.

Lantern Lodge

Perfectly fine with me

Best of luck to all for the last bit of waiting

Lantern Lodge

Meninite Omishman wrote:
Cuàn wrote:

Yamatsumi is from the Dragon Empires Gazetteer. There is some info on the PF wiki (here) but I find it rather lacking as it only contains the mechanical info, not anything about who he is.

As for the feat, that's fine. I'm not used to it as most only use the feat for the variant ability list and not for the variants based on heritage, bringing them on equal footing with Aasimars, Dhampirs and Skinwalkers, all of which also don't need a feat to get a racial variant.

I made a mistake it was errataed that you do not need to take the feat to get a racial variant.

Didn't actually know that. It does make my character's life easier though.

Lantern Lodge

Meninite Omishman wrote:
Cuàn wrote:

How about Theologian Cleric? Is that ok?

If so I'd like to submit Iza M'Halen, Oni-spawn Tiefling Cleric of Yamatsumi and close friend of Koya Mvashti. If Theologian isn't ok I'll rework her to standard Cleric.
It's the same char I submitted for the other tread.

As for your question:
** spoiler omitted **

A few things:

1. In order to take Oni-Spawn(Which is fine) you need to take the Fiendish Heritage feat at Lv1.

2. I can't seem to find the deity Yamatsumi where is it from?

3. Theologian is fine

Yamatsumi is from the Dragon Empires Gazetteer. There is some info on the PF wiki (here) but I find it rather lacking as it only contains the mechanical info, not anything about who he is.

As for the feat, that's fine. I'm not used to it as most only use the feat for the variant ability list and not for the variants based on heritage, bringing them on equal footing with Aasimars, Dhampirs and Skinwalkers, all of which also don't need a feat to get a racial variant.

Lantern Lodge

How about Theologian Cleric? Is that ok?

If so I'd like to submit Iza M'Halen, Oni-spawn Tiefling Cleric of Yamatsumi and close friend of Koya Mvashti. If Theologian isn't ok I'll rework her to standard Cleric.
It's the same char I submitted for the other tread.

As for your question:


1: Yes, been playing pbp for the last 8-10 years now
2: GMT+1, but I tend to be a bit of a night owl
3: Daily should be doable, more times a day if the game and my schedule allows it. I do have an aversion against posting for the sake of posting if there is nothing to add.
4: Herring, a sturdy one to chop down the biggest tree in the forest

Lantern Lodge

I updated Iza to the Theologian version.

Lantern Lodge

And here is Iza in full

This version is assuming you do not allow the Theologian archetype. If you do allow it Protection domain will be dropped, Str will go down to 14 while Int will go up to 13, Power Attack will be replaced by Spell Focus (Evocation), Hp will go up by 1 as Favored Class Bonus is changed from 1 skill point to +1 HP and for prepared spells Divine Favor will be replaced by a second Burning Hands.

Lantern Lodge

You ok with the Theologian archetype for Cleric Lugos?

Lantern Lodge

I decided to drop the Samsaran and instead work a different angle, though I'm still going for a Cleric. It will however be a cleric of the Tian god Yamatsumi instead of Tsukiyo.

The name is Iza M'Halen, a Lawful Neutral Oni Spawn Tiefling Cleric. If You allow the Theologian archetype that's what I will go with.

She is linked to Koya Mvashti via the Friend of the Family trait.

Iza was born far away on the Wall of Heaven in Tian Xia. Her parents, Oreads like the rest of their small community, were forced to leave their home upon her birth for she was born bearing the taint of the Oni. Knowing that that would make them unwelcome guests in all of Tian Xia they crossed the roof of the world with their newborn baby.

Reaching the other side of the treacherous area proved to be easier than expected as they had the luck to start their journey during the spring and finish it before the start of winter. Yet winter in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings where they landed wasn't much friendlier than it would have been on the Crown. Yet they travelled further south, seeking the seclusion of a mountain home like the one they had left behind. A place where they could raise their child to be the best she could, despite the curse running through her veins.

When they reached the Kodar Mountains they thought they had found what they sought; a large mountain range with high peaks and deep valleys. Their first choice of a home wasn't a success though as they found themselves chased of by a duo of young red dragons. Driven into the lowlands beyond the mountain range it wasn't long before they came into contact with other, more civilised inhabitants of the area. There they encountered a small caravan also hailing from the Land of the Linnorm Kings. Among this caravan was a Varisian Seer, a woman named Niska Mvashti. With her help they found a home within the Red Mountains of western Varisia.

In the years that followed they kept in touch with Niska and, once she was born, her daughter Koya who Iza lovingly called "little sister". Several times per year either the M'Halen family would visit the Mvashtis or the other way around. When Iza moved away from her parents and settled in the Malgorian Mountains about 30 years ago the connection between her and both the Mvashtis only became closer.

Now, with the recent departure of Niska Iza has temporarily moved to Sandpoint in order to stand by her life long friend.

Lantern Lodge

GM Lugos wrote:
@Cuan: What do you mean by varient channeling? As in the feats or through an archetype?

Ultimate Magic presents an option for a different Channel Energy in it's bit on the Cleric. It isn't really an archetype but it does tread close to archetype territory.

The PRD has it here

EDIT: To be precise I'm interested in the Madness channel.

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