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Psychopomp, Shoki

Cuàn's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 728 posts (2,257 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 58 aliases.


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Lantern Lodge

How is it vengeance if it's an attack on Andorran? Because it used to be part of the Chelish empire? It could send us to tons of places where Cheliax had holdings. Based on title alone it could be sending us to reclaim Sargava and wrangle dinosaurs.

Lantern Lodge

Why do I have the feeling that the Hell's Vengeance AP has you play the Thrune agents coming into action as a result of the events of Hell's Rebels?

Lantern Lodge

Colour me interested

Does the Core and APG classes clause also apply to archetypes? Just checking beforehand since it's more or less left open.

Lantern Lodge

Could you provide some ore information on the Masked Dead?

How would they work? Do the physical stats come from the possessed body and the mental stats from your trapped soul?
Does sundering the mask instantly kill you?

I'd be interested in playing a Masked Dead Cleric or Inquisitor of Mammon. It seems like a perfect fit for the type of undead as the way of animation is similar to how Mammon himself is a spirit animating the hoards of Erebus.

Lantern Lodge

I know it isn't among the ones you listed bit it's on a similar level: Would you allow a Siabrae Druid (full template here)

I'd say the first tier would be the Blightbond.

Lantern Lodge

Tuva is done and found here

Crunch and fluff are both in the profile.

Lantern Lodge

I'd love to join this game

I'm working on Tuva Millinar, a Human Shaman with the Wood spirit.

A short overview of Tuva's life in Diamond Lake:

She's the daughter of furniture maker who makes good money by making the furniture for the town's wealthy inhabitants and with that by Tuva's five older brothers. Her mother runs the business end of the store and workshop and makes sure the orders keep lining up. She also is Manlin Osgood's sister and Tuva's youngest brother actually is his uncle's apprentice right now.

Tuva herself helps out her father and brothers by making elaborate ornaments as she is an accomplished wood carver. Her biggest accomplishment is one she actually keeps secret as the carving of a rabbit actually came to life on it's own and now serves as her familiar.

Lantern Lodge

I'm very interested in this game

I'm looking at a Human, either a Witch(Herb Witch) or a Shaman(maybe Witch Doctor), and a follower of the Empyreal Lord Immonhiel.

If you'd describe a group of friends as a tribe he'd be the tribal elder. Not because he's older than the rest but because he's patient and cares equally for everyone in the group. He's where people go to for advice or when they have issues with the leader, who likely is a very close friend of my character.

As for his time apart, he would have travelled into Varisia to find out about his family's origin and would have found faith among the travelling Varisians and later had that reaffirmed when he studied with the healers there.

Lantern Lodge

Due to time constraints I'm withdrawing as well

Lantern Lodge

Roidrage, any idea what road you'll take your hunter? Seeing you are preselected I'd like to keep the differences between your character and my Druid as large as possible with the concept I have in mind.

Lantern Lodge

For Maerar his main goal is to restore his world to how it was before the Dwimmerlaik twisted it, despite having no idea what that was as he was born later. The stories tell it was a verdant paradise but it could just as well have been a verdant hell.

In addition he'd want to find out who cut of his world from the Stair. Were it the Dwimmerlaik? If so why did they wait till ages after they left? Was it the Stair itself? Were it the Gossamer Lords in an attempt to contain the Dwimmerlaik contagion? If so, what happens now the world is connected again? Was it someone else entirely?
I have been playing with the idea that it was Maerar otherwise not noteworthy great grandfather Jaerar who did it to prevent further outside mingling with his world, not knowing the citadels already had new inhabitants or what it would do to the stream of souls.

A personal goal would be finding out what he actually is now for he has no idea about his full capability yet and whether he actually wants this power.

Maerar also is a Hierophant/Archmage, with the twist that the Archmage her has been converted to the Psychic spells of the Occult Adventures book as that has no matching Mythic Path as of yet. He will focus on casting but I see him branch out from there, possibly even ascending to become a demi god in his own right. He'd end up in a role similar to the Empyreal Lord Ashava in that he'd be a shepherd of lost souls.

EDIT: I went for the Arcana path, which I'd say covers all magic and not just the arcane, simply because it seemed to fit as well as any other. Maerar doesn't lean to any of them particularly seeing that his past has mainly been concerned with the souls of the deceased and the spirits of the land. He values Eidolon and Umbra in equal manner, has no particular connection to the Stair, isn't focused on creation (though the life creation part of Wrighting is intriguing) and doesn't care about the true names of things or the ability to control them. Which leaves Arcana, not a good fit either but I could envision it as using the wisdom of the spirits to broaden his abilities, like an extended version of the Spirit Guide Oracle's Bound Spirit.

Lantern Lodge

Would you allow a Druid of Erastil to have the Longbow and Shortbow proficiency mentioned in Inner Sea Gods?

Lantern Lodge

Maerar is finally done in full.

His familiar is still a work on progress. I actually have a problem with the free templates there as I'm going for an Ioun Wyrd, which is a construct. basically that means I can make it Advanced and that's about it since I don't want it to become bigger. I guess I could infuse it with some element, I'll have to check.

Lantern Lodge

Yin, Daughter of Nug wrote:

Cuàn wrote:
Doh, just finished Maerar's background and then pressed cancel instead of save. I'm an idiot.
I know that feeling...sorry to hear it.

It sucks, but it's fixed now.

All that remains for me is the daunting task of fixing my gear. Well that and my familiar.

As for Oneidros, I just want to hit his Touch AC while invisible and send him running for the hills.

Lantern Lodge

Doh, just finished Maerar's background and then pressed cancel instead of save. I'm an idiot.

Lantern Lodge

When was the deadline again? Was it today or tomorrow?

Still need to finish up some fluff on Maerar as well as bits of crunch (skills, last spells & feats and gear)

Lantern Lodge

Working on Maerar here

I do have some questions regarding my Pixie base: Do the SR and the DC of Special Arrows scale with my total HD or just the racial HD?

What about the caster level for my spell-like abilities? The default for that with only 4 racial HD is 8, so what would it be now?

Lantern Lodge

Here are the first bits of fluff to accompany Maerar, my Pixie Oracle/Mesmerist

Homeworld - Lali Mati:
No one knows what the world was originally named but now it's only known as Lali Mati. In ages past, when it still had it's old name, the world was a natural paradise. Wildlife was abundant and the only intelligent life were the fey and the occasional animal or tree that had awakened after it reached an exceptionally old age. Sure, there was death and predation but that is life.

It wasn't meant to last however as eventually the Dwimmerlaik invaded the formerly peaceful world. Initially the inhabitants resisted but those that did were either killed or captured and turned into hideous abominations that were then set loose upon the world to cause as much pain and destruction as possible. Eventually this forced the world's inhabitants into hiding and while the Dwimmerlaik initially hunted the remaining inhabitants they eventually stopped, no longer caring as long as they weren't opposed.

For hundreds if not thousands of years the original inhabitants of the world hid underground in sprawling cavern complexes, the only light and sustenance coming from strange phosphorescent fungi. There the inhabitants either changed or perished, unable to cope with the changed circumstances. The souls of the dead however remained with the living, unable to pass on for reasons they did not know. Some stayed with their living kin but others, turned mad by their passing, fled to the surface.

When after many ages the living inhabitants dared to move to the surface again they found themselves in a world that changed dramatically from what it had once been. Where there were once stood lush, green forests now stood rows upon rows of petrified trees and the vibrant swamps had turned into stagnant, polluted bogs. The few creatures that remained alive out here had become hardened, aggressive and wary, continuously searching for new food and evading predators.

They also found the Dwimmerlaik had erected several black citadels but the Dwimmerlaik themselves seemed to have vanished. What moved in instead wasn't much better though as several clans of Kytons had now taken up residence in the black spires of the citadels. There they conducted experiments on the local wild life and the maddened souls of the dead, strangely intrigued by their inability to move on to the afterlife. Curious about these strange creatures coming from within the earth the Kytons started launching raids into the cavern complexes to capture more fodder for their experiments while the fey attacked the spire to once more liberate their kin and the souls of the lost. The many casualties on both sides only caused an increase in the number of souls stuck within death and afterlife as none seemed able to pass on.

These days an unstable truce exists between the fey and the kytons where both decided to stick to their own areas in the world. While both occasionally send parties into the wilds of the world's surface to find lost souls the truce holds, at least for now.

Attuned World - M'Tau:

M'Tau is a world with a fairly stable, warm climate that consists of vast oceans dotted by hundreds if of isles ranging from tiny atolls to immense islands large enough to be considered small continents. Living on these isles are at least as many tribes of all kinds of different humanoids, from dragon ruled kobolds to an empire of couatl worshipping humans and elves. War is one of the few constants in the ever changing world and peace treaties never last longer than a few generations.

The one exception to this all is an isle called the Centre of the World. This massive island was formed untold ages ago as a long dead volcano rose above the sea. Now the only truly peaceful and quiet place on the world is covered by a dense forest though many paths lead from the coast to the interior of the isle. There, in the middle of the caldera lives the oldest inhabitant of M'Tau, known to it's inhabitants only as Mama M'Tau. This mountain of a woman descends from a group of humanoids that lived on M'Tau ages ago but have long gone extinct, with the sole exception of Mama herself. None know how old she is but all respect her, even the haughty dragons bow down in her presence even though she herself does not mind. All are welcome to listen to her as long as they keep the peace and they do. If at all possible warlords come to her at the onset of large scale battles or wars, hoping to glance information from her cryptic visions and prophecies.

Notable NPCs:

The first three

Laerar Maerar's father, named according to the odd naming convention among the Pixies Laerar was the son of Kaerar who was the son of Jaerar. Part of the council of Elders that rule the Fey on Lali Mati and the fey responsible for brokering the peace with the Kytons.

Terekh Zar Kyton demagogue and the one responsible for brokering the peace on their end. Heavily scarred by acid spores from one of the fungi guarding the underground passages. Firm believer that the kytons are the descendants of the Dwimmerlaik.

Mama M'Tau Prophetic giantess of unknown kind. Unknown to all but herself she is a former Gossamer lord who gave up her power over the Grand Stair in order to safeguard her world from the Dwimmerlaik.

Lantern Lodge

The talk of Mythic Psionics actually got me thinking: How would you handle getting Mythic for the Mesmerists Psychic spells? I'm looking at Hierophant already for the Oracle end but if I'd Dual Path, which I most likely will, what would be the way to go for Psychic Spells?

Lantern Lodge

After some further thought, would you allow the Mesmerist from the Occult Adventures playtest? Of course assuming updating the character when the book releases.

I'd be looking at Oracle 13|Pixie 4/Mesmerist 9. I forgot I get Longbow proficiency from being a Pixie.

Lantern Lodge

Well, the Ogre isn't from the same world as my pixie, she's from the pixie's attuned world.

I'm not quite sure on the nature of that world yet, just that the Ogre will be the only truly intelligent Ogre in that world, even if she's slightly insane, and that she has lived for untold ages and her skin looks more like tree bark than like skin these days. Her place within the world would be that of an oracle and a visionary and she'd be consulted by the denizens of that world on many different subjects, from war to childbirth.

As for the world where my character comes from, that is a formerly Fey-ish world corrupted by the Dwimmerlaik. It's now mostly bleak and barren with a few patches of old world hidden away among petrified forests and twisted mountains. The most common uncorrupted places actually are underground caves lined with phosphorescent fungi in many colours.

Lantern Lodge

I actually also have a preference for the Pixie and as such will build that.

Would the Pixie take up one or both sides of the gestalt? Asking as both sides would be quite a bit problematic on the Oracular end of things.

The enlightened Ogre will be one of character's notable, and friendly NPCs and will be from the attuned world. Thing someone who has no actual access to the stair but does receive visions from tons of other worlds without actually knowing what they are.

Lantern Lodge

I'd be looking at at least Oracle on one end something archery focused on the other. Hunter, Slayer and Ranger are the most likely options.

Thematically the character would come from a world that used to function as a Dwimmerlaik stronghold until they packed up and left. Very few races survived their presence, the pixies being one of them due to their reclusiveness. The changes to their world changed them though and they are like shadows of their former selves.

Another, and very different idea I have would involve a smart, some would even say enlightened, Ogre. It would more or less rely on whether you accept this version of the Ogre, toned down by 3 rp if needed. I'd also at least slap the Giantkin template on it.

Lantern Lodge

I'm very interested in this

How would you judge the Pixie?

I'm thinking of giving my own twist on the creature, using the pixie as the basis to build on.

Lantern Lodge

I can't make the android in such a way that I'm happy with it and have too little time to change my game and as such I bow out.

Good luck too all and have a good game

Lantern Lodge

Keeping the same basic concept of a Numerian that strayed too far, would an Android be admissible?

Lantern Lodge

A quick question: Would you allow a kasatha from Numeria that got lost in the World wound?

Been looking at what to make for this for quite a while and hope to slip in in time.

Lantern Lodge

Took me a little longer than intended but here is Taera Ironblood, Warpriest of Varg/Gorum who is convinced they are the same entity, just like she's convinced the other orc gods are orc versions of other deities.

Taera was conceived during one of the Flood Truce festivals. There her father, an Ice Tooth Half Orc, and her mother, a Steeleater Orc, met and ended up hooking up for the duration of the festival.

Taera grew up with her mother amongst the Steeleaters where her plae skin was something to be ridiculed when she was young and envied as she grew older. While initially considered nothing but a freak she grew beyond the stature of almost all other tribe members. That, combined with her pale skin, made many in the tribe come to the conclusion that the Ice Tooth bastard that sired her didn't only have human blood but also frost giant blood running through his veins.

Her strength and force of will landed Taera a place as an apprentice to one of the tribe's many journeyman smiths. Like her mentor, Taera soon had to underplay her skill as a smith to secure her own safety. Knowing she will not be able to continue hiding her skill for longer periods of time she is determined to find a way out of the Steeleater tribe and into a position of freedom. Her best shot would be finding her father at the next Flood Truce festival and joining him and the Ice Tooth.

Short Term:
  • Finding her father
  • Escaping the Steeleaters

Long Term

  • Becoming the best smith of Belkzen and possibly the entire inner sea region
  • Founding her own clan/company
  • Lantern Lodge

    I've got a question: How much downtime will there be in this game?

    I'm asking because I'm looking at the Forgepriest archetype for the Warpriest but that feels rather wasted if there is no opportunity to craft my own gear.

    I'm looking at either Forgepriest or Divine Commander.

    The basic idea for my character itself is that (s)he is a Three-Quarters Orcs, technically a Half Orc, born of the unlikely union between a female Steeleater and a male Ice Tooth Half Orc who met when the two tribes got together to trade weaponry for beasts of burden.
    The Forgepriest version would take more after mother while the Divine Commander version would take more after father.

    Lantern Lodge

    I'd love to join this game

    I'm looking at a Forgepriest Warpriest of Varg/Gorum. Basically he is convinced that Varg is simply the Orcish persona of Gorum with more Orcish values projected on an otherwise human god.

    Lantern Lodge

    Here is Yulani Merilar, my Aasimar Mesmerist|Slayer.

    The character is a predator and in more ways than one. Her crime is murder though that murder is just the only they could tie her to.

    I haven't done the gear yet, but that isn't needed at the start anyway.

    Born as a member of House Merilar, a halfling family raised to minor nobility for their support of House Darius, Yulani was considered a blessing. Her celestial heritage became apparent very soon after her birth when her parents noticed her cat-like pupils. As soon as she got her first teeth the sharp canines stood out, as did her pointy ears. Recognising in her the touch of their family symbol her parents celebrated her.

    When she became older it became apparent that she didn't only carry the good characteristics of the House's Leonal ancestor but also the bad. It started with her sneaking up on members of the staff and scaring the living daylights out of them. This playing went well for a very long time, until Yalina scaring an old maid actually induced a heart attack. Unwilling to have their blessed daughter arrested for what surely wasn't intentional Yulani's family had the corpse vanish.

    When something similar happened again, though this time as a result of a falling bookcase, her parents once more destroyed the evidence of any possible action by Yulani. Even when she turned from personnel to local villagers they still removed evidence and bribed relatives. When the deaths started to come from claw attacks rather than apparent accidents, right at the time Yulani started to develop claws, her parents locked her up in the manor.

    It did not take long before Yulani escaped the manor and moved far away to a place where her parents would not restrict her, not realising they also protected her. Despite the lack of protection Yulani could continue her killings in the city as she mostly aimed at the poor and downtrodden, people nobody missed or cared about. She lured them into dark alleys using her budding mental ability and would then slay them. As this name game also quickly became boring Yulani switched to increasingly difficult marks. This would prove her fatal.

    Not quite knowing who he was she one night lured a man into an alley. There she attacked him but the man fought back. It took her quite a lot of skill and effort but eventually she got him down. In her excitement she was too late to realise it when the guards closed her in. Apparently she had just killed a member of House Darius, a second cousin to the king.

    It was thing murder that landed her in Branderscar, something she still considers funny seeing the number of other kills on her name.

    Lantern Lodge

    In addition to my question on alternate racial abilities, would you also allow small sized aasimars/tieflings?

    Lantern Lodge

    Do you allow the aasimar/tiefling alternate racial ability tables? If so, roll or pick?

    Lantern Lodge

    Well, I've been walking around with an idea for an evil druid for ages but it requires quite a bit of home ruling so I'm loath to suggest it. The basic idea is for a druidic necromancer, or at least that's what he appears to be. In fact he'd be creating skeletons by using vines to control the things and do the same with zombies, only using maggots and similar vermin. Logically he'd be limited to mindless undead and would actually frown upon creating "real" undead.

    I know the Shade of uskwood feat allows something like that right now but that not only requires one to worship Zon-Kuthon(odd choice for a druid if you ask me), be an albino and be from the Uskwood in Nidal, which quite a bit out of the way for a Kingmaker game.

    The only other patron for a Druid that would also be ok with building a society would be the Infernal Duke Barbatos. The society would be quite nasty though.

    Shaman actually have a similar problem to Druids in that they are more suited for small, rural communities than potential kingdoms.

    As far as Witches and Slayers go I'm not quite sure. Slayers are a rather obvious choice but for some reason they feel(at least to me) more like henchmen to me when coming from an evil perspective (that or murdering psychopaths) and I don't think people want to play a henchman.
    Witches seem a logical choice and are, fluff-wise, fairly common in the River Kingdoms as well. I do think evil witches suffer from the cackling crone stereotype though.

    Lantern Lodge

    I tend to find that, with the exception of Rangers, evil woodsy types are rather unfit to build a nation while neutral woodsy types do not get along with evil nation builders.

    Lantern Lodge

    I'm very intrigued by this

    Would you allow the Occult Adventures playtest?

    Lantern Lodge

    I'd like to submit Thaliar Medevin, Mastermind Investigator and devotee of Sivanah. All the crunch is in the profile.

    He is True Neutral but has somewhat evil tendencies in the form of selfishness and greed. More than that, he is willing to turn a blind eye to more severe things, only requesting he'd be left out of the actual dirty work.

    As far as kingdom roles go I personally think Magister, Spymaster or Grand Diplomat would work best but he could also be Treasurer or Royal Enforcer or even Marshal, though he wouldn't be to fond of the last role.

    Born in the River Kingdom of Cordelon, Thaliar had a quiet youth. Being one of the few remaining full Elves in Cordelon meant that the people respected him and welcomed him wherever he went. This would have probably convinced him to stay if the place hadn´t been so incredibly dull.

    When he was only 43 years old, still young by Elven standards, Thaliar left his parents and Cordelon to travel north. He had heard stories about the human swordlords who lived there and, curious as he was, decided he had to see them for himself.

    Not quite sure where these swordlords resided Thaliar ended up in the small kingdom of Pitax instead of his actual destination, Mivon. Intrigued by the absurdities of the kingdom Thaliar ended up staying for several years. In this time he fell in with a band of smugglers who smuggled all kinds of goods from Pitax to Brevoy and the other way around. Eventually there was a falling out within the gang and Thaliar ended up on the losing side. Unlike his compatriots who decided to lay low for a while Thaliar decided it was time to move on and journeyed further north and east.

    Once more missing Mivon on his route, Thaliar eventually ended in Brevoy, in the lands of House Medvyed. There he once again found the same welcome and respect he had had back home, only this time there were still plenty of things to do. It was not long before Thaliar managed to ingratiate himself with House Medvyed and ended up in their service. While initially working only as a liaison with the various fey of the Gronzi Forest the family eventually requested him to change his work and become a teacher for the younger generations of the House.

    Thaliar had been teaching for about 80 years, mentoring several generations of Medvyeds, when he was contacted by smugglers from Pitax. The son of a Dwarven member of his old gang was trying to start fresh, opening new lines of trade with eastern Brevoy, an area untouched by the current gangs. He agreed, slowly getting bored with his teaching job, and started to run the Brevic part of the operation.

    For almost two decades Thaliar managed to keep his illicit activities hidden. Recently however one of his old students found out while he himself sought to acquire the services of the smugglers. Yet instead of bringing him in this old student, who happened to be one of the sons of Lord Gurev Medvyed himself, arranged it so that Thaliar could get away while the rest of the gang was mopped up. This was Thaliar could remain free while the family would not have to be ashamed by one of their favorite teachers turning out to be a criminal.

    Thaliar accepted without much of a doubt, knowing this was not only his chance to get out but also a chance to move to somewhere new, a change of venues. The next day he was already on his way to the Stolen Lands, charter in hand, ready to forge a new future.

    Lantern Lodge

    And I won't be able to finish it in time, so I won't be competing for a spot after all. Good luck to you all

    Lantern Lodge

    The paizo approved classes, would that include those from the Occult Adventures playtest? If so I'd be interested in making a Mesmerist. If not I'll take another route.

    Lantern Lodge

    When is recruitment closed exactly? At the start of Thursday or on Thursday? I'm still working on a char and it will be finished today but not yet.

    Looking at a Foulspawn Tiefling Primal Companion Hunter focusing on archery. She'd be of Kamu Tulita origin but an outcast due to her tainted blood.

    Lantern Lodge

    I'm very interested in this game

    Working on an Arcanist or Investigator of as of yet undecided race. They guy would be a LE/LN worshipper of the Infernal Duke Mammon, the Argent Prince.
    The guy would be a watch/toy maker who is used to cater to the rich and powerful and now wants a chance to become rich and powerful himself.

    Most fitting kingdom role would be Treasurer or Spymaster, though he could become a Magister or even Grand Diplomat if needed. He'd prefer one of the first two though.

    Lantern Lodge

    I'm interested, always wanted to do Kingmaker but most games fizzle during part 1

    Are there any restrictions on races and classes, as I can't seem to find anything on it.

    Lantern Lodge

    Any comment on whether or not you are ok with Kasatha?

    Lantern Lodge

    Would you be ok with Tieflings, Demodand spawn to be precise?

    In addition, would you allow the alternate abilities and if so, pick or roll?

    Lantern Lodge

    Alkaid wrote:


    there are no templates used

    Ah yes, I see now. Refluffed Aasimar. Got confused as Half Succubus also is a variant of the Half Fiend template.

    On another note then, how do the GM and current players feel about Kasatha? Basic idea would be for a Ranger(Bow Nomad/Trapper)|Barbarian(Invulnerable Rager/Primal Hunter).

    The character would be a stray kasatha who has been on Golarion for quite a while but has laid dormant in some sort of Thassillonian stasis chamber for many years. Basically he was stored for later examination and dissection when the empire fell. He woke under what is now Kaer Maga when an exploration mission found him.

    Lantern Lodge

    Phylotus wrote:
    On the subject of mesmerists, will you (GM or player, or both) be going strictly off the playtest document, or will you be incorporating the changes in the playtest forum as well? I remember that Jason put forth some changes for the playtest that seemed to make it stronger as a class (in my opinion), specifically adding its own kind of sneak attack (painful stare) and making the hypnotic stare slightly better

    There already was an ok to this on page 2. The precision damage part still isn't that good thing, mainly due to the once per round thing. It's the buffs to Hypnotic Stare and to Mental Potency that do it for me.

    Lantern Lodge

    I'm intrigued.

    How do templates and races work here, since you have a Half Fiend running around?

    Lantern Lodge

    My Changeling Mesmerist, Alenza Taliani, can be found here

    As far as posting goes: At least daily, more if the game allows it. I'm very much against posting just to meet a count though, so if there is nothing to add I might just pop in on the discussion instead.

    Dark Secret:
    Alenza is being hunted. Her mother, a reasonably powerful Annis Hag wants to capture her. She has no idea yet what to do with her daughter as she both hates Alenza and finds her incredibly intriguing. She blocked out the conventional means a hag uses to lure her daughters in and has managed to evade her mother for years upon years, which infuriates her but also is a feat she has to respect. Her mother is also afraid that if she succeeds in turning Alenza into a hag that her daughter will be vastly more powerful than she is from the very start.

    While Alenza doesn't know all the details she does know that her mother hunts her and that she has to keep moving if she doesn't want to get caught. She also knows that as long as her mother lives her mother forms a threat to her and everyone around her.

    Alenza knows very little from her early life and what she knows comes from stories she heard from others. She knows her mother is a hag and ate her father. She also knows that the people who raised her, who thought she was their daughter for many years while in fact their infant child had been consumed by the same hag, loved her dearly and she them.

    As far as her real father goes she knows very little. From the time she spent with Professor Lorrimor, who studied her after learning she was a Changeling that some how learned to completely block out her mother's calling, was that she apparently looked a lot like an old colleague and friend of the Professor who had gone missing roughly a year before Alenza's birth. It still is nothing but conjecture, but the thought her father actually was a good and smart man is somewhat soothing to her.

    Alenza grew up to Varisian parents. The woman she regards as her real mother is a Harrower while her father makes shoes. She grew up in a warm family with four other siblings, all boys and all older than she so as a result she lived a very sheltered and protected life until the moment she heard the Calling. At first unclear what it was it was her adoptive mother who figured it out as the Harrow spoke to her. Knowing her family could not keep her safe from this threat she started to figure out a way to deal with it on her own. She quickly came to the conclusion that by focusing her mind she could completely negate the normal effects of her mother's calling but could still hear it. She hoped this would be enough.

    Sadly it was not. One night, when walking through her home town with a friend, she suddenly saw an enormous, crooked form coming at her. Instantly realising that was she saw was the hag responsible for the sounds she heard, so her mother, Alenza and her friend turned to run but the hag effortlessly caught up with them. With a single smack of her clawed hand Alenza's friend was flung through the air until she crashed against a building, instantly killing her. Alenza herself managed to escape, but only barely. At the time she had very little control of her abilities but somehow she manifested a cloud of fog around herself which allowed her to escape while at the same time implant a thought in her mother which sent her scrambling through the cloud and in the wrong direction.

    It was that moment though that made Alenza realise she wasn't safe and that doesn't around her weren't either. In order to prevent her family from getting hurt she ran. She moved from town to town, always moving on the moment she heard her mother's calling.

    It was this behaviour, combined with sightings of a hag after Alenza had passed, that eventually attracted the Professor's attention. He requested she'd join him at Lepidstadt University, sure that Alenza's mother would not follow her there. There they talked about what she did to evade her mother and the burgeoning skills she was developing. It only lasted for a few months though as Alenza heard her mother again on a very misty night and actually saw her standing outside on the university's grounds. With the help of the Professor she fled again and evade her mother.

    After fleeing for several years Alenza eventually settled in Caliphas. For some reason unknown to her her mother did not come near to the city. She could occasionally hear her mother calling but it was distant and weak, never so close that it was threatening.

    Then came the letter about the Professor. Alenza knew she had to go there to pay her respects. She also knew that this threatened to expose her and she was taking a risk. Eventually her mother would notice she left Caliphas and she would come after her again.

    As far as party role goes, Alenza obviously is of an Occult bend. In combat she's mainly a support character. Starting out as a controller and a debuffer she can also dish out some damage. At later points she'll also be able to help buff allies.
    Out of combat she'd be great as the party face and can also function as a scout, to a certain extent.

    Lantern Lodge

    Congrats to those that made the cut, have fun

    Lantern Lodge

    I could easily focus the character more on helping out allies overcome mental issues. There also is a Bold Stare enhancement to have the Hypnotic Stare affect monsters immune to mind affecting effects starting 3rd level and it even gives a chance to use mind affecting spells on those targets.

    In addition, if you'd be ok with the offical changes found here that would also help with potency against such foes.

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