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Psychopomp, Shoki

Cuàn's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 615 posts (1,869 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 59 aliases.


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Lantern Lodge

I'm more or less waiting on the GM's response to my story feat question.

That and no one has reacted to Bjaern so not much to say.

Lantern Lodge

If you ask me it's all been quite hypothetical so far. Mostly what ifs and it might all just have been talk brought on by a mix of sorrow and beer.

Lantern Lodge

Wow, the RP thread is very active. I'll see if I can jump in later today.

I'm building a Tattooed Sorcerer with the Deep Earth bloodline. Basic idea is for him being the great-grandson of the last king, though being the youngest son of the youngest son of the king's youngest he's quite far from the throne. That and he doesn't really care for it, though he'd take it if needed.
For this character the tattoos are more about racial lore than anything else as they are rune patterns and important symbols from the past of the Dwarven race.

The character will be a transmuter and a builder who is used to dealing with other races as he grew up one of the biggest human cities where his father, some of his siblings and he himself work in architecture and civil engineering. The other siblings work as gold and silver smiths with his mother's side of the family. They are all very proud of being Dwarves, though in their cases it focuses wholly on their skill and craftsmanship.

I do have a question: Would the Monument Builder story feat be of any use? In addition, would you allow his work as architect to help him qualify for it, despite not having paid for it himself?

Background is a work in progress, though the blurb above gives the basic idea.

Bjaern is quite slim by Dwarven standards and of average height. He wears his auburn hair short and his beard in a mix of Dwarven and humans styles with braids along the sides.

His clothing generally conforms to the style worn by most humans though it's clearly a Dwarven interpretation of it with runic patterns and earthy colors.

Bjaern is young enough to be enthusiastic and full of life but old enough to know that such spirit can not go unbridled for too long without wearing yourself out and that enthusiasm sometimes needs to be tempered by patience.

He loves his work as an architect and enjoys going to the construction sites to see the builders working and give direct instructions. Due to his genial nature and clear love of his work this is generally appreciated by those he comes across, though some think him too pushy.

Bjaern loves his family but, like some of his siblings and friends, is not content with their lot in life. They have all heard the stories about the past grandeur of their people and most would love nothing than to experience it again.

Relation to the Tharnhammers: Bjaern is a Tharnhammer, born and raised. He knows he is a descendant of the royal line from father's side and another noble line from mother's side but this all means little to him. If he however could use these traits to help unite and rebuild a proper Dwarven nation he will not hesitate to do so.

EDIT: As you can see, the Dwarven Xenophobia isn't really a fit for him personally. It's an aspect of the Dwarven nature that has always baffled him, which in turn might make him a good counterpart for more xenophobic Dwarves.

Lantern Lodge

Kalderin Tharnhammer wrote:
I'm surprised we have no ranged fighter yet. (Or at least my cursory overview of other people's sheets haven't revealed one.) That's a role that I would think would be very useful. Though I understand why it's not too popular in a group of Dwarves.

I'm actually looking at making a ranged character but it's a bit iffy with Dwarves. Bows don't really fit them, guns aren't allowed and both crossbows and thrown are just bad, both for their own reasons.

That said, I'm still working on it. I've benched my Investigator as I'll save her for the type of game I originally invented her for (something like MM or SS)

Lantern Lodge

I'd love to play a Dwarven Investigator, most likely going for Clever Hands score set combined with the Relic of the Dwarven Smithy trait. Not so sure about the first as while the Int bonus is great losing Cha hurts and Dex isn't that interesting when you wielkd a battle axe. She'd more or less be a self taught historian who is collecting information about the Dwarven people.

She'd be the brains of a group though she can handle herself in combat just fine. She's a logical thinker as well as a tinkerer, though the latter is more of a hobby for her. If I'd grab a deity for her it would actually be Bharnarol, empyreal lord of invention and creativity.

As far as roleplaying hooks go, only the xenophobia doesn't really fit her, growing up surrounded by other races and all.

Short Background:
Dahlia grew up among humans and her family more or less behaved like humans, even given their children human names. It was her grandfather, a stodgy old man, who still clung closely to the family's roots but he was more or less seen as a senile old fool by the rest of the family.

Dahlia always was intrigued by the stories of old but always considered them to be just that, stories. That all changed when her grandfather passed and left her a set of old keys. One was for a chest he had stuffed under his bed and the other she didn't know, only that he held it close at all times. In the chest she found notes from her grandfather and stories about the fall of Dammerhall and how her great-grandfather had witnessed it as he saw his home go up in flames along with most of his clan. It also held a note saying that the last key supposedly fit in a door somewhere down in Dammerhall.

Amongst the contents of the chest she also found an axe and documents detailing the lineage of her family, denoting them as retainers of the royal Tharnhammer family and also connected to them through marriage on several occasions. The contents of were all that remained of her family's legacy, all her great-grandfather could hold on to.

When she showed this to the rest of her family they dismissed it as irrelevant and her as a dreamer. She refused to just ignore all this and instead set out to learn more about her people. The more she learned the more intrigued by it all she became. In the end she decided she'd need to find others who could tell her more, old people like her grandfather who got the information first or second hand but also younger people like herself who were intrigued by their people's past.

What the second key leads to would be completely up to you.

Lantern Lodge

Here is my Witch|Bloodrager, Khayalani

I grabbed the Orcish language instead of one of the standard Aasimar ones due to her history.

Lantern Lodge

GM Master of the Abyss wrote:

Cuan, the Scarred Witchdoctor is allowed for an Aasimar descended from Orcish stock!

In about 24 hours, I will select characters!

Cool. Just as a side note, since I figured it wasn't quite clear from my post: She was born an Orc but became an Aasimar when Vildeis revived her and infused her with some of her own essence.

Lantern Lodge

Khenbish, my Arcanist|Cleric is done and has a ton of money left to spare. He simply doesn't need it.

As far as my second entry goes,, I´m still working at the details but I´m looking at a Witch (Scarred Witch Doctor) || Bloodrager with the Celestial bloodline.

If allowed I'd like to make her an Angelkin Aasimar born from Orcish blood, thus explaining her Scarred Witch Doctor archetype. If Not I'll go Half Orc.

Basic idea for the background:
Khayalani does not remember anything about her early life. The only thing she remembers is that she should be dead as she remembers being sacrificed to a demon lord in the Land of the Mammoth Lords, where she comes from. The rest begins after waking up in a bed in Kenabres where she was found by crusaders, wrapped in red silk with a pure white porcelain mask on the face. While they should have been scared by the odd appearance the clear celestial nature called them and caused them to bring her in. When the healers unwrapped the silken bandages they found her entire body covered in scars that suggested dismemberment and evisceration.

When she awoke she carried within her a need for vengeance against the demon cultists and a deep hatred of demon kind. In addition she started receiving visions from and about the empyreal lord Vildeis who encouraged her in her new found hatred for demons.

Associated plot hooks:

- In her past Khayalani actually was the Orcish head of a demon cult devoted to Sifkesh. Her death was a ritual suicide forced upon her when her pupil took control of the cult.
- Vildeis pulled her soul from it's path towards the boneyard to prevent her from ending up empowering Sifkesh and remade her, turning her into a vessel of her own cause.
- The cult has moved into the Worldwound and works from there now to corrupt any remaining pockets of barbarian resistance.

The story feat will be Arisen and the she'll be Dual pathing, going mainly for Champion but supplementing it with Archmage abilities (boosting hexes and bloodline).

Lantern Lodge

Karu the Kobold Strider wrote:
Wednesday is only twelve hours away, right?

Depending on where you live, it's over 17 hours for me. If the GM is from the US it's at least 23 hours and that's midnight.

Lantern Lodge

Still here and ready, Yuelthea has been done for some time.

Lantern Lodge

GM, would you still allow my 2nd concept to be entered?

Lantern Lodge

Khenbish will be found here. The mechanics aren't done yet but I seek to complete it over the coming days. It's a bit of a pain without access to all my own stuff since my computer perished but I should be able to get most of it done (maybe not the arcanist part, but I'll try).

Mythic Path: Will be a Archmage/Heirophant via Dual Path. Guy is a Riftwarden Orphan so Archmage could be viewed as the main path even though the trait choice was purely for flavor reasons.

The Hook There are several:
- The nature of his conection to the Aeons and the Monad
- He seeks to bring Tabris, the fallen angel who wrote the Book of the Damned and became neutral, into the fold
- The Oni that hunted his parents and are the cause they moved to Avistan
- His strenuous connection to the Crusade, who aren't sure what he wants or if they can trust him

Khenbish was born on the run. His parents, both Riftwardens based in the Dragon Empires who specialised in hunting Oni, where being hunter by a large cadre of assassins. While normally this wouldn't be much of an issue the Oni had received help from the Blackfire Adepts and were now block attempts to banish the Oni spirits from their mortal form.

Khenbish birth happened during a blizzard while his parents were crossing the Crown of the World. They named him Khenbish which means "Nobody" in an ancient Tian-La tradition to ward of evil spirits. The fact he was born a Samsaran was a sign of hope for his parents who knew the Samsaran to be benevolent beings that opposed evil at every turn.

Initially the family fled through the Lands of the Linnorm Kings to Varisia but there they were quickly found by other Blackfire Adepts coming from Nidal and Cheliax. Eventually they fled through Nirmathas and found a temporary home among the templars of Lastwall. Having ditched their pursuers they lived there in hiding for several years, teaching their son about the world around them and nurturing his magical talent.

When a group of crusaders, disillusioned with the fight against Belkzen, marched for Mendev his parents could no longer resist and answered the call, leaving their son in the care of a friend and ally, a local priest of Nethys who they were sure would teach their son all about his magic. They assumed the stories about the Samsaran's goodly nature to be a trait they were all born with and had no doubt he would follow their path to fight the evil in this world.

What they hadn't anticipated was the influence this priest would have on their son. Not because of what he taught him but because of who he was. Born of a Peri heritage, the man was an aasimar who had struggled for a long time with the warring aspects of his heritage. Being the progeny of fallen angels that later redeemed themselves left it's mark on the man yet he had become stronger because of the struggle. It was this balance that intrigued Khenbish for through balancing the two opposite parts of his nature the man became stronger. It wasn't long before he starting seeing the same balancing act in the outside world as well. Lastwall and Belkzen were a great example as the fight between the two always ended in a balance and it was that balance that forced both sides to be stronger than they would be without the other's presence.

It was several years later, after Khenbish had progressed quite far into his studies, that news came about the disappearance and assumed death of his parents. They had gone missing fighting in the Worldwound and had supposedly been killed by a Blackfire Adept there. While Khenbish himself had since converted to become a follower of the Monad, the essence of the multiverse and the purest manifestation of balance, he decided to go to Mendev and find out what happened to his parents. On the road there he figured out that, while his goals were different, he would be able to finish their fight for while they only saw the great evil of the Worldwound it was also the greatest threat to the precarious balance that existed on Golarion.

EDIT: If I get to it I might actually also whip up a second entry being a devotee of Vildeis with one side being Scarred Witch Doctor and the other either Monk or Warpriest. She'd be a crusader who'd make paldins look like wusses when it comes to devotion and zeal.

Lantern Lodge

My computer has more or less died recently and until I either manage to fix it or have a new one my presence here will be spotty at best.

Enjoy the vacation DoctorEvil

Lantern Lodge

The character I'm building actually also has a big support part, that and controlling the battlefield while preventing the control from the opposing party.

I'm going to be a tad slow on my posts here for a bit as my own PC has more or less died on me so I'm without most of my material at the moment.

Lantern Lodge

I'm still interested in the Taoist, if mostly as a source of inspiration. The Magpie less so I guess, on second thought I'd like to try to keep the mental imbalance at bay.

As for story feat, I'm probably going with Prophet, though Apotheosis would also be interesting. In the latter case he'd probably end up as a physical form of the Monad.

Lantern Lodge

GM, would you allow adding archetypes to the ACG classes once the book is out? I'm asking because the archetypes listed in the preview as well as the possible archetype linked to the picture look to be very intriguing.

My idea so far is to go for Arcanist on the second track which represents my character's goal to bring balance to the world outside as well. The part would focus on control and both limiting and reversing damage done by other casters.

Lantern Lodge

That would be cool, yes. I'd like to take a look, even if it's only to get more ideas.

Lantern Lodge

That does sound interesting. Any idea where I could find the Taoist and the Magpie, I'd love to check them out.

I'll pass on the Psion, I'm simply not to fond of playing Psionics (with the exception of the Aegis and the Dread, which I love, but neither fits this character)

I've checked all the 3rd party stuff I could find on the d20pfsrd but there is nothing there that would both fit and not have the same feel and functionality as my Cleric levels.

Lantern Lodge

Jingo, do note that the Samsaran's Mystic Past Life only allows you to add spells from a single class to your list, not of two distinct classes. There is a post from James Jacobs about that somewhere but I can't seem to find it.

I looked at the Moon Child but despite the fact that it's really awesome I don't think it fits my character. If anything it's a class that disturbs the balance more than anything, especially the admittedly pretty cool Devouring Void House, as it's about distorting time and space more than anything else.

So far I'm still stuck with either Monk, via trait tricks, Void Wizard, the Void there is actually the connecting 6th Element (Asian system) as opposed to the devouring void of the Moon Child, and the Arcanist, who seems a lot of fun.
The first two fit the whole staying balanced better while the latter's ability to take apart and rebuild magic fits better with restoring balance as arcane casters tend to be the biggest (mortal) disturbers.

The Theosophist Cleric actually already fills the maintaining your own inner balance, considering it's a religious philosopher, and as such I'm not sure if that part needs more or that I'll focus on bring balance to the world with the other half.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I wonder what the people here think of Bad Touch Cleric using Chaos (especially Protean) and Madness domains. Those guys are basically kings of debuff and don't even allow saves to shake the effect off.

I mean, at lvl 10 Madness can give your target +5 to all skills at the cost of -5 to all saves and attacks.

EDIT: I sort of agree on Slumber, but one save against it fixes it with the 1/day/target limit. Then again there are plenty of opponents at all levels that are immune to it, like vermin.

Lantern Lodge

I'd love a link to that book. So far top of my list are either Void Wizard or go the cheap way and take the Adopted trait with the Enlightened Warrior trait and go neutral Monk. I'll just say the one who raised him after his parents died/vanished was an Aasimar.

EDIT: That or the Arcanist, who is supposed to more or less pull magic apart and rebuild it from scratch to suit his ends.

Lantern Lodge

By the way, do note that in the PF setting the cthuloid stuff isn't the weirdest and scariest there is, that honor goes to their abyssal friend the Qlippoth who hate the demons anyway. Those are also the ones that seek to destroy all sentient life while the elder ones just want to be free and do whatever their (dark) heart desires, which doesn't always mean killing.

Still working on Khenbish and still haven't figured out side 2 yet. Basically the guy seeks to restore balance to the world and the Worldwound is, at the moment, the biggest threat to that balance. Cheliax (too LE), Galt (too C) and Nidal (too LE) are later entries on the list, considered lesser threats because they either are more contained or move slower.

Lantern Lodge

Ah yes, only sure part for me is that one side is Cleric using the Theosophist archetype. Still not sold on the other end.

Lantern Lodge

You actually missed me on the list of pending characters

Name will be Khenbish, which actually is a Mongolian name meaning "Nobody" as it's intended to ward off evil spirits. The guy's parents come from Hongal in the northern part of the Dragon Empires. His parents were Riftwardens who specialised in hunting Oni and in return the Oni hunted them so the entire family migrated to northern Avistan where they eventually joined the Riftwardens in Kenabres. Khenbish was a little kid at the time of the move.

Lantern Lodge

I'm a tad late but here is Yuelthea

Born in the Elven city of Crying Leaf, the main Elven community in the Mierani Forest, Yuelthea grew up under the threat of Drow and monster attacks. For her early years this fact was hidden from her but during puberty there was no more hiding it from her as the mother of one of her best friends, who worked as a town guard, was found dead from Drow poison.

While she spent most of her years keeping her friend calm and preventing her from charging off to her own death she eventually could not prevent her running herself into the ground. She did not kill herself but instead left Crying Leaf for the human city of Riddleport where she eventually died of alcohol and drugs. When Yuelthea came looking for her it was already too late as her friend was slowly wasting away, the Half Elven Desnan priest who cared for her powerless to do anything.

Yuelthea blamed the Drow for the loss of her friend and shortly after joined the town guard. Considering them to not be active enough she often gathered other, like minded individuals to go hunt for Drow scouts and assassins.

The town's council wasn't happy with the situation and while they initially were unable to do anything about it as she had too much support amongst the populace. When the blot appeared in the sky and it became clear it was somehow related to Riddleport it was the chance the council hoped for as they sent Yuelthea to figure it as she still was in contact with the Desnan priest. While she didn't like it, she had no choice but to follow her orders and as such left for Riddleport.

Yuelthea considers the races other than Elves to be interlopers. She'll begrudgingly agree they have a place in the world, perhaps even more than her own people.

She is also part of the group that sees the Drow as the dirty secret of the Elves. While she sees the elimination of the Drow as the highest priority she also thinks that the knowledge of the existence of her race's secret shame should be hidden at all costs.

Yuelthea is a patient woman by human standards though her fellow Elves consider her rash and impatient. She is one to carry a grudge for years but also one to remember her own debts to others.

While generally kind she isn't too fond of the other races. The exception to this are Half Elves, who she considers to be lost children, and Dwarves, who she has a very deep respect for.

Lantern Lodge

Cuàn wrote:
As far as Domains for the Monad go, I have no idea beyond Knowledge with the Aeon subdomain.

Now that I think of it Void, with Stars subdomain, and Magic, both Arcane and Divine subdomains, should also fit. Perhaps Protection as well, accompanied by it's Solitude sub domain.

Lantern Lodge

I have two questions:

Would you allow the Theosophist archetype from Kobold Press (found here)

The other is, would you allow my character to worship the Monad? The Monad basically is the one thing all Aeon come from and return to when they are either done or are killed (short description at the bottom of this page). The idea behind it would be that my character, a Samsaran, considers himself a humanoid representation of the Monad (despite that not being true).
As far as Domains for the Monad go, I have no idea beyond Knowledge with the Aeon subdomain.

Lantern Lodge

I'm thinking of going for the Envoy of Balance PrC on one side of my character which would be strengthened by the Beyond Morality mythic ability.

Basic idea for the character is that he/she seeks to bring balance to the world and the Worldwound is, at this moment in time, the biggest threat to that balance.

Not sure whether I want to take the Divine or the Arcane route to the PrC and I'm not sure what I'd take on the other end either.

Lantern Lodge

Cuàn/Marchesa from the other thread here

I'm not entirely sure what I'd like to play here yet. More or less in doubt between a (Half)Eleven demon hunter who came to the Worldwound to prove himself capable to be selected as a Lantern Bearer be sent into Tanglebriar and a more evil character, perhaps a servant of a Demon Lord who hates Deskari and wants him out of the picture.

Beyond that, it's 25 point for point on an 8 basis? That's kinda sucky with MAD character that gestalts are bound to be. I mean, a 12 costs double the number of points in this system and it only evens out at a 15. It's a system made for one trick ponies.

Lantern Lodge

My character is still on her way, should be there later today

Lantern Lodge

While RotRL is my preference it's only CC and RoW I'm not interested in of those you listed.

Lantern Lodge

I'll be looking at making an Oracleor a Warpriest, probably a devotee of Andoletta but I'm not sure yet. Now lets see how the dice gods treat me

1 point pb roll:
4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 5, 2) = 9 8
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 5, 2) = 11 10
4d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 1, 2) = 8 7
4d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 2, 3) = 12 10
4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 5, 6) = 17 14
4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 2, 1) = 13 12

4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 4, 5) = 15 12
4d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 3, 5) = 15 13
4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 3, 3) = 8 7
4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 2, 5) = 13 11
4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 6, 6) = 21 18
4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 2, 6) = 17 15

How I hate 7's. Still, 26 pb and perfectly suitable for either Oracle or Warpriest.

Basic idea is that the character functions as sort of teacher to street kids, trying to get them working on getting off the streets and build an actual future that does not involve crime. As such Lamm is a constant enemy.

Lantern Lodge

I'd be interested to get in on this, never had a Curse game that survived the very first combat encounter

Lantern Lodge

This indeed does sound interesting. I have plenty of ideas for evil characters that would normally not see the light of day.

Lantern Lodge

I'd like to join with Marchesa, the Neutral Demodand Spawn Tiefling Abyssal Bloodrager who should, by all means, have been a Half Elf if it wasn't for the strange curse on her mother's line. Her story feat will be Accursed.
The profile isn't done yet.

Sin: Envy:
Being raised among the Elves for most of her early childhood Marchesa has known ridicule and scorn from the moment she set her first step outside her mother's home. The Elves called her "The Ogre" because of her appearance and the fact she wasn't as smart as the Elves. The result of this is that she has been jealous of Elves and Half Elves (who represent what she should have been) for as long as she lived. This is pure physical envy, based on outward appearance.
Later she joined her father, a Shoanti warrior of the Shadde-Quah. Even though they were more welcoming and appreciative she never was a true part of the clan. As such she harbors some jealousy towards people who do have a group or organisation to belong to for she has never had that beyond her own family (as such, immediate family's don't count for this jealousy). This envy isn't as intense as the envy of Elves and their kin though.

Virtue: Zeal:
The same things that caused Marchesa to become very jealous of others also caused her to work harder for recognition. To this day she always goes the full length simply to prove she is worthy. Over the years she also came to enjoy giving all to achieve what she wants.

Being born of a temporary union between a Mirkwood Elf and a Shoanti Warrior Marchesa should have been a Half Elf, but fate would have it otherwise. Instead of the blood of Elves and men the blood of fiends runs through her veins, a curse that originates many, many centuries ago when her Elven ancestors made a deal with some demodands who were supporting the enemies of the Elves. The result was that the demodands abandoned their supposed allies mid fight, allowing the Elves to vanquish their darkened kin and drive them back underground.

Initially Marchesa was raised by her mother and for a while all was well. As she grew older the taint upon her blood became more domninat and her features started to shift. The result of this was ridicule from the Elves around her, the younger ones calling her "The Ogre" or "Dwarf-kin" simply because she was larger, burlier and just slightly less intelligent than the average Elf. Her grey, rubbery skin only added to the image.

Once she was old enough to do so, around the age of 15, she left the Elves, sick of their ridicule and scorn, and decided to join her father's people. They were proud warriors who appreciated strength and skill and she had both so it should be good. It was good, at least to a certain extend, for while she was appreciated more and did not meet any scorn or ridicule she also could never truly become part of the clan. The most symbolic parts of this were that she was forbidden to shave her hair like the Shoanti and she was only allowed the tattoos of her family line, nothing that identified her as part of the Shadde-Quah or any other group.

Eventually she grew tired of this as well for no matter how hard she tried or how many times she proved herself she could never truly be a part of the Quah.

Instead she wandered, hiring out as a mercenary to any who would have her, which were very few people. She now finally has a place to stay, even if temporary, as the priest of Desna in the town of Sandpoint has hired her to guard their Swallowtail Festival. Shee knows he gave her the job out of pity but at the moment she'll take anything that pays and allows her another chance to prove she is worthy.

Lantern Lodge

I'd love to join this game

Idea so far is for a Demodand spawn Tiefling Warpriest of Ashava. She'd be in Sandpoint to visit her great-great aunt Niska Mvashti in hopes of receiving some guidance to deal with the curse running through her veins.

Virtue: Humility (though she might push it into the negative)
Sin: Envy (directly related to the negative aspect of the humility)

Lantern Lodge

My character is still on her way.

Considering the apparent lack of divine characters I will adjust my character without changing the identity: A Warpriest of Calistria instead of a Slayer devoted to her.

Lantern Lodge

Would you allow the ACG playtest classes, updated once the book releases? I'm specifically looking at making an Elven or Half Elven Slayer who eventually becomes a Lantern Bearer. It's an idea I've been walking around with for quite some time.

Lantern Lodge

Ah yes, the extra round is indeed from the favored class bonus.

As for the second favored class, that would be Fighter as I might dip 2 levels of either Lorewarden or Rondolero Duelist

Lantern Lodge

Sorry for being a tad slow, but Andras is complete now. Everything is there, I'll just write out stuff like bardic performance under special abilities so I don't have to look them up elsewhere.

Lantern Lodge

I'm very interested in this game. Personally I'd love to play an Elven Slayer (ACG) in this AP with the aim of going Lantern Bearer at later level.

Lantern Lodge

Andras isn't done yet

His background however

Andras was born a few miles north of the small town of Heldren in what remained of the once so grand estate of the Sagine family. His mother was the second daughter of the last scion of the family, a man who would be the last as his wife only bore him daughters. Yet, due to the dwindling coffers of the family, he thought that to be a better end to his family than the shame of bankruptcy. His father, Andras' grandfather, had hoped to revitalize the house by marrying an Elf and adding Elven blood to the line but that hadn't mattered at all, if anything his age old Elven wife had proven a further drain on the coffers.

His father's side offers a very different story. Coming from a long line of Ulfen Guards his family circumvented the rule of needing to be at most a second generation Ulfen to be able to join by sending every second generation back to their homeland to raise children before resuming their work in Taldor. That way every single generation qualified to become one of the Ulfen Guard. The same was true for his father, though he diverted from the planning of his family by marrying a Half Elven woman and having several children with her. The fact that of these only half ended up truly joining the Ulfen Guard was another painful fact.

Andras joined the Guard at age 16 after being trained by both his father and his mother, the latter focusing more on etiquette while the former paid more attention to his martial training. He left for Oppara and stayed there for several years but the official training did not sit wel with him. His Elven blood had gifted him with a knack for the arcane, a gift either not recognized or not appreciated by his trainers. Despite their efforts to have him give up his attempts to weave his magical skills into his swordplay he kept training, even if it was in secret. The fact that he also preferred the Taldan sword over the Ulfen axe only made things worse.

Recently they sent him away to join the patrols along the Qadiran borders, hoping the hard work would teach him more appreciation of martial skill. While that worked to an extent he still prefers to blend the two.

Recently the news has reached him that his family had moved from the estate to the town of Heldren as the costs of living on the estate were to high. Now the lands around the estate have become farmlands. The bigger new though was that his eldest brother, who had joined the Ulfen Guard several years ago, had retired after losing a hand in battle and he and his wife were moving to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. He could ignore what probably was the last chance to see his brother for the foreseeable future.

Lantern Lodge

I'm actually stepping away from the Slayer and the Half Orc and build a Half Elf Arcane Duelist Bard instead.

The border patrol part stays as do the Ulfen father. His mother however becomes a Half Elf and member of Taldor's lesser nobility (as in only the name is still noble, no lands no nothing)

Still working on the crunch (it's quite late here already).

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The character idea I have is quite different from Ashe's, both mechanically and story wise.

Mechanically he's a smarter fellow and I'll most likely go dual wield with him (if only there was a real world equivalent of the saw tooth sabre).

Story wise he's quite different as well. His entire family and clan still lives, as far as he knows, he simply chose to part with them and go his own way. He also is a bounty hunter and tracker for hire more than a hunter of a specific group of beings. If an ogre offered him a job to kill another ogre or a (evil) human underling he'd take it. It's just that he won't help oppress people or hunt the innocent. As such most of his work actually consists of tracking down wanted criminals.

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The Slayer is indeed from the ACG playtest (found here if you don't have it). The book will release this august, at which time I would update the character to the release version.

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GM Elton wrote:
Cuàn wrote:

I'm curious if there is any group more akin to the Mongols in this setting?

The idea is for a sell sword with no clan attachment.

Yes. Yes there is.


Which leads me to my next question: Would you allow the Slayer? Thematically it should fit I think, bounty hunters and sell swords fit most every where after all.

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Would you allow the Slayer? The PFS list of additional resources says the playtest classes are ok but how do you feel about them?

Basic idea for the character is a Half Orc of Ulfen origin, his father being one of the Ulfen Guard. He himself is works as part of the border patrol along the Qadiran border. He'd be back home in Heldren due to something like his sister getting married or the such.

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I'm curious if there is any group more akin to the Mongols in this setting?

The idea is for a sell sword with no clan attachment.

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I'd love to join this

Basic idea is a Viking archetype Fighter or a Slayer from Taldor. He's a Human, Half Elf or Half Orc (undecided as of yet) who was refused as an Ulfen Guard due to his blood being too "thin", as in the last full Ulfen in his bloodline was his grandmother, which is considered too far away. The fact that he's actually still half Ulfen since both his parents were half Ulfen is only more reason to be angry about it for him.

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Is it just me, or is this a Half Orc Mikaze will love, if only for his birth.

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