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Fiendish Marsh Giant

Cthulhudrew's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter, 2014 Marathon Voter, 2015 Marathon Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,557 posts (2,560 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 alias.


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The way they've been described has always seemed to be a bit on the sinister side, IMO.

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Westcrown can't catch a break, can it?


Regarding Ferdinand-

He's being blackmailed by Mme. Kali. She has some scandalous photos or something on him (I forget which) that she threatened him with a few episodes back.

Premature E-Threadulation?

Troodos wrote:
Secret Six? What class is Bane?

Catman: Hunter

Bane: Brawler
Scandal Savage: Fighter (Unbreakable template)
Deadshot: Slayer
Ragdoll: Rogue Acrobat
Jeannette: Banshee, probably with levels of fighter or bloodrager

Turin the Mad wrote:
Alchemist/Master Chymist. Gestalt Brawler optional. :D

Oooh, crap. Yes. He's got to have some kind of mutagen (I forgot, since I only really knew Bane from Secret Six and he didn't use it much there.) Maybe Mutagenic Mauler?

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Maybe he's a Vigilante. :D

I would love to see Paizo's Southern Garund treatment when they get around to it. What I'm especially hopeful for is a much broader treatment than fantasy Africa supplements often provide; RW Africa is just as much an admixture of different cultures, ethnicities, and geographic regions as anywhere (moreso, really, given its size) and has an incredible depth of history that is rarely explored and appreciated by most, IMO.

Liz Courts wrote:
Chris Lambertz wrote:
zergtitan wrote:
When do you think we will begin to see the Iconics introduction blogs? Next week? The week after?
Soon™. We have plans for them to be introduced before the book's release :)
We have such sights to show you.

Kyton-themed AP Confirmed!!!

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My psychic 8-Ball says 6 weeks before the street date of the book. :D

A Chaotic Evil Antipaladin is kind of a given, but how about some atypical ideas for cool evil iconics for Hell's Vengeance:

Lawful Evil Urban Druid
Lawful Evil Court Bard
Chaotic Evil Oracle (prophet of the "end times")

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I want a stuffed pugwampi. :'(

The two characters fighting the duergar are almost certainly iconics; one is pretty clearly the Psychic; the other (as has been pointed out) is most likely the older woman Spiritualist. The Green Phantom there looks almost exactly like the picture of the Phantom next to the Raging Golem picture (save for the color).

I think that blue aura surrounding their heads is supposed to be a psychic link (likely a telepathic bond spell).

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Arikiel wrote:
Oooo! Who's that Indian style female caster in two of the pictures? She's nifty looking!

That's the iconic Psychic.

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TimD wrote:
Turin the Mad wrote:
What if Hell's Rebels and Hell's Vengeance are the first two of an AP trilogy, in the same vein as any number of film trilogies?
With part 3 being, what? ... the Ihystear Revelation?

Hell's Judgement, the Neutral-Party AP. :D

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xavier c wrote:
Are the sahkil a new race of evil outsiders?

From Wes' post, it appears the Sahkil are the name for the corrupted psychopomps (so not a new race, per se).

MMCJawa wrote:
Mysterious monsters revisited, in their section on Sasquatch, specifically call out a reclusive "half Sasquatch" race as being present in Arcadia. So I am guessing these are the same guys as the new 0HD race.

Good catch!

Maybe they're called Half-Quatches. :D

(Which means, when and if we get an Arcadia supplement, we've got these races at least that are known there: Human, Skinwalker, Halfquatch, and Syrinx.)

This is one class that seems very easily covered by existing classes/archetypes in the game already, and I'm not sure about the alignment shifting, simply because alignment doesn't really seem to have much in-game application (particularly in my games).

That said, I've been quite surprised by what Paizo has done with other concepts that seemingly were already covered (Arcanist, for one) and like more social/RP classes, so I am intrigued. (Appropriately enough for a book called Ultimate Intrigue.)

Ashram wrote:
He already has that in Inner Sea Gods, his religious-themed weapon is a rapier with a beer mug for a hilt with a hole in the side to put your hand.

Unless it holds booze, it doesn't count.

Dragon78 wrote:
Has the name of the 0HD sasquatch-like race been revealed?

My guess is its going to be something Arcadian related: maybe Sas'qets or Skookum or Tsul'Kalu.

Or maybe Hibagon or Yeren? (Tian?)

Owen KC Stephens wrote:
So, what secrets of rapier fighting might Cayden have discovered now that he's a god?

Drunken Rapier Style? aka Sword and Stein - "Dueling Without Spilling A Drop!"

How about a combo Beer-Stein/Rapier?

Robert Brookes wrote:
Found some! Thanks Wolfgang!

They're also in the blog. :D

I had an idea for an adventure where a fallen/corrupted psychopomp was the primary antagonist; looks like I won't have to just slap a "broken soul" template on it now!

Someone posted that the book is said to have rules for creating and modifying weapons in it. That sounds pretty interesting to me (and something that I was pondering ways to do a while back.)

Glad to see some Tian Xia love happening, and the hobgoblin city is a good choice. I had hopes there would be something from the Far East in this book, but wasn't sure.

Samy wrote:
Will Thieves' Cant be covered in any way?

They "cant" do that. :D

Hope it's a Nightmare Dragon, although if not, I imagine you could always make one by applying the Nightmare Creature template to a Dream Dragon.

Myth Lord wrote:
Bestiary 5 is probably teeming with good-alignment creatures, so the evil-AP will have some things to slash about.

There are plenty of good-aligned creatures in the previous 4 Bestiaries, so not really any more need for a disproportionate amount in B5.

-Steve Johnston- wrote:

Killing a puppy?

I was interested, until I read this. I think this AP is not for me.

What if it's a Hellhound puppy bent on tearing out your PC's throats?

EDIT: Ninja'd by Samy.

Lord Snow wrote:
There's a lineup of individual adventure names and authors? Where can I find it?

I think that's the only one known/announced so far.

That's a good guess, David, and would fit with Erik's conjecture that Throne and Asmodeus aren't getting along.

My other notion is that perhaps it is Cheliax getting revenge on one or more of their wayward imperial nations that escaped their grasp- such as Andoran (which had its own recent sourcebook)- and bringing them back into the fold.

I think I've seen wishes for Greys on the forums before, but the usual response was that Derro were more or less the Golarion equivalent of Greys.

It's been said elsewhere about the Hell's Rebels AP that the Kintargo revolution is just one of many such uprisings taking place across Cheliax, and Hell's Vengeance looks like it will be another such, just taking place from the perspective of those who are seeking to maintain the status quo, rather than overthrow it (and Erik Mona posted something to support that idea earlier today as well).

So, for instance, if the PCs in Hell's Rebels are overthrowing the House of Thrune in Kintargo, then perhaps the PCs in Hell's Vengeance will be fighting an uprising in another city of the realm, or maybe even- given the recent Andoran book- reclaiming a portion of Andoran that slipped from the Empire's grasp in recent years (such as Augustana); that would certainly fit with the notion of "Vengeance."

Dragon78 wrote:
I am sure that the dream dragon is one of the esoteric dragons but what could be the names of the others. Maybe astral, chakra, ethereal, esper, psychic, mind, spirit, life, nature, arcane, sacred, akashic, mystic, chi/ki, blood, bone, aether, quintessence, axiom, lore, and/or chaos.

I'd love to see a Nightmare Dragon, though I suspect the Dream Dragon is as close as we'll get.

Zhangar wrote:
huh. Though now I'm intrigued at the prospect of a Devils Revisited written with the prospect of those guys being your allies.

On the other end of the spectrum, all those stats for Angels, Agathions, and other like-minded good creatures won't be entirely wasted (save for the addition of possession or templates making them evil creatures to be fought).

MMCJawa wrote:
Deep Ones are listed in the product description

D'oh! So they are. I was looking in the wrong section of the description.

Presumably the Dream Dragon is one of the Esoteric Dragons. I wonder if there will be five (in keeping with other dragons), and what they will be?

Did they mention Deep Ones? I thought Skum were enough of a Pathfinder equivalent.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

It does mention other planets and planes, so I'd bet Castrovel gets some love. Hopefully the First World does as well. :D

Interesting. I wonder what this will have to offer that we haven't already gotten in the likes of the XX Tactics books or Inner Sea Combat. Curious to know more.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to find it fairly easy to play Hell's Vengeance as good guys with some modifications.

With a Fastachee, hopefully that means more Native American inspired monsters (I'd still love to see Katsinas as a monster type, although that may be treading a little too close to active real world religions for Paizo to want to deal with).

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Ooh! Ooh! A Fastachee!

Hopefully not the only Native American monster in this book! And hopefully a harbinger of Arcadian news on the horizon!!!!

From things that were said about Hell's Rebels, I believe there are other revolts going on in Cheliax- not just Kintargo. As a result, Hell's Vengeance could very easily still be a "flip side" to Hell's Rebels but taking place elsewhere in the nation.

I was wondering how they were going to fit all of those spirits into this book and still have room for everything else. Now I know.

I was just going to point that out. My recollection was that they'd moved all the other players out of the room by that point and needed someone to ask the "dumb" question. Daemonprince's memory jibes with mine.

In retrospect, they should have kept at least one of the other three there, but I think they needed Eddie and Iris elsewhere to do the whole "Screw the future! Marry me!" thing, and Joe was... I'm not actually sure why he wasn't around at the moment.

To build on your idea, I could definitely see where there might be some (insane?) ship captains who would specialize in traffic along that route. Maybe they've developed special techniques or magics that allow them to handle it better than standard ship traffic.

I heard the next AP is going to be a combination space-travel/classic dungeon crawl/mystery of Nex/ninjas and dinosaurs/and dragon AP.

That's just what I've heard.

In my head.

<_< >_>

I'm guessing he means using only Occult classes.

Yes, but they are not without their own dangers (see Tempest Rising).

phantom1592 wrote:
As for Lucifer? I will be shocked if this even makes it one season. At it's core it's still a show about making the devil the hero and that is a HARD sell on a good day. Claiming that it's based on a comic isn't going to make it sit better with the average viewer who's never even heard of the comic.

I'd say all you really need to do is make the devil the protagonist- there are many shows where the protagonist is not really a hero, and in fact has many despicable qualities (Breaking Bad, for instance). That would certainly be in keeping with the source material for Lucifer.

However, given the trailer here, I'd say you're pretty spot on in that they do appear to be trying to make him eminently a more heroic protagonist, and that certainly could pose problems with selling the narrative, particularly on a network show.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Quick use of the search function comes up with this for the Ghostbusters Easter egg.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Cpt_kirstov wrote:
*I think the big cannons captured by the Gorilla King have been removed to fit Golarion's Firearms level.

Those are still canon (ha!). They are referenced in the ISWG, and possibly elsewhere. (Though I think it may only be one cannon, not two?)

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