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Fiendish Marsh Giant

Cthulhudrew's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter, 2014 Marathon Voter, 2015 Marathon Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,662 posts (2,666 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 alias.


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Pahlok wrote:
There are definitely some strange, nonsensical nerfs as well (such as the Vanara climb speed).

Not really so nonsensical- they clearly wanted the Bestiary 3 entry and the ARG entries to match. (Not to mention the Vanara ARG entry and the Climb racial trait from the race builder.)

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Higher Level = More bumps on the head from all the fighting.

Seems reasonable to me. :D

But I think maybe people aren't sure whether the OP is joking or serious, due to the preponderance of "Paizo Killed My Game! !$%^#@$^!!!" threads proliferating right now.

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Schnappy das kleine Kobold wrote:
I propose a mess of goblins.


I think a Mess of Goblins is most appropriate.

Krensky wrote:

We want to be Steve Rogers.

All too often we're John Walker.
Sadly, we're William Burnside far too often.
And we still have to come to terms with Isaiah Bradley.

I think a lot of people are just Roscoes.

And on a related note, why were two identical threads on ACG errata created?


Freehold DM wrote:
I would have choreographed it differently and not had falcon be able to see him so readily -they never did get into how he detected him, though I am guessing it was by heat signature.

In the comics, Sam can see through the eyes of his falcon, Redwing and thus has the ability to have superior vision. The goggles that Falcon has in Ant-Man are presumably providing him similar ability to distinguish great detail and (from what I gathered) even tiny objects from a great distance. Which made him uniquely suited to fight Ant-Man, of all of his fellow Avengers.

I don't imagine Cap would/could have done any better.

I only just noticed this last night. Found it odd that they put invisibility alarm but not alarm on the alchemist's spell list. I'm guessing this might be a reason.

Joe Hex wrote:
I'm guessing it was intentional that Mel is Lem spelt backwards. :)

I wonder if that means Lem's full name is Lemigaster? :D

Lord-of-Boggards wrote:
I absolutely love distant worlds and I'm really hoping one day to get more about the cool planets in Golarion's solar system! very excellent work! You hit all sorts of pulp fiction stuff i like!

If you're looking for "cool" planets, there's more on Triaxus in the Reign of Winter AP. ;)

I don't see Lem in any of those (maybe I'm missing him?). I see his nasty brother Meligaster, though.

Krensky wrote:
Well, it was closer to Underspace anyway. The Microverse is still a thing in the comics... I think... But they almost certainly can't use the original Micronauts and they probably cant use the name Microverse in the comics, let alone a media the original license did not cover.

I'm pretty sure they can still (and do) use Microverse, as that was a Marvel thing and not a Micronauts thing (it first appeared in the Fantastic Four and predated the Micronauts series and toys by over a decade).

They can still use Bug, Rann, and Mari as well, but they can't refer to them by their Micronauts toy names, nor can they use most of the other Micronauts, either.

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Ruffalo's a good Banner, but yeah, count me in as someone who thinks Norton's Banner was the best so far.

(Well, next to Bill Bixby, anyway.)

Kyudoka wrote:
A shogun is the top general. There would still need to be an emperor or head of state, even if it was a largely figurehead position with the shogun wielding true power, either openly or as the power behind the throne.

I'm not sure that our RW definition of a shogun has precisely the same meaning in Golarion, though. It seems to be just another title of rulership, at least inasfar as Chu Ye is concerned.

For one thing, Chu Ye is listed as a shogunate, with voidlord Tsuneni its shogun. All the (admittedly short) descriptive text of Chu Ye indicates that he is the tyrant, ruling directly with his armies of oni, giants, and ogres. He's even written and implemented his own set of laws (among which are the outlawing of owning of weapons by humans). Even further, the suggestion for how he might be involved after the events of the Jade Regent have him staging an invasion of Minkai; he certainly seems to think that he can take over that nation directly, where whatsisname in JR doesn't in spite of having plied his mind for centuries looking for loopholes in the Laws of Golden Perfection.

That said, one thing that occurred to me that could possibly account for Tsuneni's reign does mesh with your suggestion. That being if we look at Chu Ye not as an independent state, such as the Empire of Minkai is, but as if it is still a subordinate state to the Empire of Lung Wa (or whatever ultimate successor arises over the continent). Perhaps then, in some godly cosmic sense, Tsuneni is not directly interfering with the LoGP by not attempting to take a title of emperor, even if he is interfering directly in man's dominions through his tyranny. Perhaps it is the specific title and rank that the LoGP address, rather than a broader "keep your hands off!" sort of thing.

So, I only just completed my Jade Regent AP and was reading through it recently. Therein, the point is made that the Oni are prevented from directly ruling Minkai due to proscriptions in the Laws of Golden Perfection, and thus in order to take over the nation they have to act through proxies (thus setting in motion the entire plot of Jade Regent).

So how is it that the oni openly rule in Chu Ye (and a voidlord is the shogun)? Is there something else going on that allows this? Some loophole in the Laws of Golden Perfection?

(Sounds like something Asmodeus would get involved in.)

Zhangar wrote:

I think most APs assume an at least neutral party.

Jade Regent with an evil party would be bizarre.

** spoiler omitted **

Ah, yes, but still not unheard of...

Don't forget that there have been evil emperors of Minkai in the past who also had the same divine mandate; the party fights something like two or three of them in the final adventure.

Gorbacz wrote:
Yes, but there's a question if they serve Cheliax's masters, Cheliax's masters' masters, or Cheliax's masters's masters' masters, OR the Veiled Masters ;-)

Or the Masters of the Universe.

Lord-of-Boggards wrote:
Hmmm When it says alternate Duergar and Samsarans I wonder if they are just alternate racial traits or actual subsets of those races.

Probably psychic-magic versions of the current races.

Mark Seifter wrote:
Honestly, that's because the less mentioned, hopefully the fewer people will read spoilers before seeing the full story?


Mum's the word, then! :D

I can't believe no one's talking about how the iconic Kineticist has had all her origins spilled before the blog update! XD

I tend to agree with Shin and the other (K)thulhu. :D

While the first movie I ever saw was Army of Darkness, and I enjoyed it, when I finally did get around to seeing the other two, the original is a far superior picture in just about every way. It's actually even scary, whereas they just got campier and campier with the sequels.

That said, if you get a chance, watch Army of Darkness with the running commentary between Bruce and Sam Raimi. I think that's a better way to watch the movie; hilarious behind the scenes discussions with the creators as the movie plays.

I think there is room for some kind of combination of the above, certainly. I definitely think it would be interesting to see some non-combat oriented feats that the entire party could benefit from, that would help to kind of mold them into a team and differentiate them from every other party out there.

Perhaps it would just be some kind of party resource that they could collectively choose to spend on different benefits, like Headfirst's organization suggestions, or teamwork benefits (maybe even some slightly tweaked existing teamwork feats that might be more overall party oriented or something).

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

My goodness. This thread certainly is gaining posts quickly. Did not see that coming.

I'm this close to just mashing the "Duplicate thread" flag on every new "GUYS I JUST THOUGHT OF A NEW IDEA: MAYBE THERE IS/IS NOT A DISPARITY BETWEEN MARTIAL AND CASTER!!!" thread that pops up from now on.

So what you're saying is you really want a dedicated sub-forum to Martial/Magic Disparity threads? ;)

One thing that bugged me about the villain:

There was a reference made by Hope to the Pym particles having helped trigger his madness that didn't otherwise get referenced earlier in the film. Felt very much like a scene or two got cut in editing but they didn't remove that reference where he was exposing himself (ha!) to the particles. Or perhaps it was supposed to be a callback to Pym's declaration that he couldn't wear the suit anymore that didn't get expanded on in the interim between the two scenes.

Samy wrote:
Did you guys ever say how you are solving the "three digit numbers on the spine" problem? Moving to a smaller font? Going sideways?


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archmagi1 wrote:
Dev Confirmed: Mersiel, Kyra, and Lini with Evil Twin Mustaches running around with the Pig Kicker!

Or goatees.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Draco Bahamut wrote:
And now they found the Aeon niche, they are the lords of Karma.

Lords of Karma?

Who's the Satriani fan over there at Paizo? :D

Berselius wrote:
This guy mind controlled his own Mother.
He freaking used to her to improve his own powers. He also tortured his own kinsfolk (some of whom may have been distantly related to him). He is the very definition of neutral evil.

He was trying to use his powers to heal his mother, not to torment her or nefariously manipulate her.

Everyone else, though. Yeah. :(

I've been considering is having "Party Feats"; essentially like regular feats, but every time the party hits a level milestone, they can collectively choose a feat.

Ostensibly, these will be Teamwork Feats that just function for everyone in the party provided they meet the other requirements of placement, but in theory they could be other types of feats as well that grant party-wide boons (not necessarily all combat).

For one thing, it makes these feats more worthwhile and frees up feats for individual choice. It also gives the party reason to coordinate and position themselves better, perhaps even creating certain "group" fighting styles.

I'm not sure if that would be too unbalancing from a mechanics standpoint- possibly- but I like the idea of it. Has anyone else tried this?

Interesting. Equipment tricks make a return.

DeciusNero wrote:
Wonder what that bovine-looking bugger is?

Looks a little bit like a Kelpie.

I've been wondering about some of these very issues raised myself lately, and pondering how to take the "I" back out of team.

One thing I'm considering is having "Party Feats"; essentially like regular feats, but every time the party hits a level milestone, they can collectively choose a feat.

Ostensibly, these will be Teamwork Feats that just function for everyone in the party provided they meet the other requirements of placement, but in theory they could be other types of feats as well that grant party-wide boons (not necessarily all combat).

For one thing, it makes these feats more worthwhile and frees up feats for individual choice. It also gives the party reason to coordinate and position themselves better, perhaps even creating certain "group" fighting styles.

I'm not sure if that would be too unbalancing from a mechanics standpoint- possibly- but I like the idea of it. Has anyone else tried this?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm assuming that's General Eiling at the table with Waller.

If they were going to cast someone who looked like Clancy Brown to play General Eiling, why didn't they just cast Clancy Brown as General Eiling?

Arachnofiend wrote:
They don't have the same spellcasting, though. The Warlock casts as a hybrid like the Arcanist while the Zealot is a true spontaneous caster like the Inquisitor.

Ah, true. But the table is the same for both, aside from the Known/Prepared wording. I just can't help but think that it would be more beneficial to combine the table, but maybe I'm underestimating people's ability to understand how the table is supposed to be applied to the specialization's casting ability.

Just out of curiosity, why not have the "Spells Per Day" tables condensed into just one table, since both the Warlock and Zealot have the same basic sort of spellcasting, with the same numbers of spells prepared. Seems like it would save page space that could otherwise be used (or just reduce word count).

Shisumo wrote:
Omnitricks wrote:
I assume the King is his dad? Lol.
"...with the accent of a northern barbarian."

Oh, dangit. I missed that part.

Obviously can't be Elvis, then, 'cause that boy's a Southerner sure as shootin'!

Ross Byers wrote:
Hrmm. It says Eramsmus had five siblings. Who is missing?

Pete Best.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Saved from imprisonment by... Elvis?

Enjoyed this one. The backstory reminds me a little bit of the Gloom card game or the Haunted Mansion; I kind of find it amusing that- given some of the commentary about the iconics always having tragic family backgrounds- Erasmus' story takes it to the extreme. :D

@aberzombie- Lyle was referring to his being Jewish, which Victor learned last week when he said a prayer before battle.

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Dragon78 wrote:
I noticed they didn't say what next weeks preview will be.

Or did they, but then wiped your memory of that knowledge?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Robert Brookes wrote:
Erik Mona and I are both huge fans of aeons. We have slightly different views on what makes them great and why we love them, but we are both passionate about seeing them make it into print. So aeons definitely have "champions" among contributors and staff alike. I worked very closely with Erik on some things for this Bestiary. Whatever correlation you put between those sentences is your own :)

I read this as:

Bestiary 5: In Strange Aeons


I think it odd that the Natural Mount ability needs to be granted by a Cavalier archetype, and isn't just an inherent ability.

Gisher wrote:
Blog wrote:
This is also the Pathfinder RPG's first Intelligence-based fully spontaneous caster...
*cough* Wildblooded Sorcerer (Sage Bloodline) *cough*

I'm sure they meant by default, not by option.

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You know, I'm sick and tired of evil getting such a bad rap all the time.

If there weren't good, then there couldn't be evil. So all you "good guys" get at least half the blame for the moral depredation in the world. :p

I had a similar question about whether an enchanted arcane bonded item should count against an NPCs Wealth By Level since it shouldn't function for anyone else if he's killed, but never got a definitive answer.

EDIT: And also, this:

PRD wrote:
A wizard can add additional magic abilities to his bonded object as if he has the required item creation feats and if he meets the level prerequisites of the feat. For example, a wizard with a bonded dagger must be at least 5th level to add magic abilities to the dagger (see the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat in Feats). If the bonded object is a wand, it loses its wand abilities when its last charge is consumed, but it is not destroyed and it retains all of its bonded object properties and can be used to craft a new wand. The magic properties of a bonded object, including any magic abilities added to the object, only function for the wizard who owns it. If a bonded object's owner dies, or the item is replaced, the object reverts to being an ordinary masterwork item of the appropriate type.

Yay! New disciplines!

Dream and psychedelia in particular sound really awesome. I imagine rapport is the team's telepathic strategist.

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"And what is your alibi for the night the Sanitizer unlawfully struck down a respected- if morally ambiguous- member of our city council, Cthulhu?"

"I was half-dead and leagues beneath the ocean waves at the time."


Maybe we need an "Aeons Revisited" book. :D

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Dragon78 wrote:
So nobody finds it weird that she uncovered the evil plots of her father's advisers and didn't do anything with that information or even seem to care?

They aren't her father's advisors- they're his boss' (he's a minor functionary to the rajah).

I'm not sure what more she could have done; it sounds like the rajah was counseled against them (as Zhangar notes, he probably didn't want the mind-reader around either).

I also wouldn't be surprised if their thoughts and fears weren't entirely evil, per se- just your standard run-of-the-mill jostling for position and dark thoughts all of us have at times.

I think the Aeons look really cool, though I do see the argument that they don't really do anything, and aren't terribly interesting.

(I think good-aligned monsters are kind of in the same boat, in a lot of ways. They tend not to have much mileage in most campaigns, unless you use one of the many ways of turning them evil/templating them as bad guys/etc.)

Like it. Very good story.

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