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What browser are you using and what OS?

That's a heartwarming response, Cindy. So glad you're being accepted in veteran events.

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Another nitpicking wordsmith comment about "Sea Legs"

As a sailor, you get your 'sea legs' when you learn to balance on a rocking boat or ship so that you no longer fall into things when the deck tilts.

There's even a reverse phenomenon when you start walking on land after a few days walking on decks. Even though your footing is stable, your balance muscles still rock you back and forth.

Please, for those of us who are actual sailors, don't hijack a perfectly good nautical term and use it in a nonsensical way for a game.

I'm on a laptop, Windows 10, FF 60.0.2 and underlining doesn't work there, either,

AFAIK, I've never seen BBCode underlining displayed when I use these forums.

It's not one of the codes listed in the "How To Format Your Text" menu.

To Paizo staff:
If you change this, could you also allow BBCode escape characters so it's easier to post instructions?

According to Google Translate, the Croation spammers have now appeared
[link deleted]

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I'd like to be able to print out an Errata page for each hardcopy I own.

Perhaps a PDF for each book, which you could download and print out. Updating a PDF with FAQs and errata between print runs would be much easier than leaving blank pages in the book.

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I wish that people would give more credence to the 'exploring' in the phrase "exploring my sexuality". So often people's brains seem to substitute 'announcing' instead.

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Birthdays are good! Keep having them!

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What a nice gift from all the fans of Starfinder. Congrats team.

James Jacobs just answered that question

Jame Jacobs wrote:

Page 253 of the Inner Sea World Guide lists coin names for five nations; Cheliax is one of them.

cp = pinch
sp = shield
gp = sail
pp = crown

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Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
I'd hope so, since apparently I should be reading authors that condone and support such bad things and treat their teachings as gospel for "What I can include in a fantasy genre game." It's just an absurd concept.

I'm not following your logic here.

You should be reading whatever you want to read. No one has said anything different.

Some authors "condone and support" bad things. I have read some of those authors.

I don't know who you're referring to who is "treating their teachings as gospel". I don't think it's yourself, since you clearly don't read those books/watch those videos. Perhaps you're talking about the Paizo developers who are creating the new game?

"What I can include in a fantasy genre game" Are you talking about the Paizo developers here, or your own experience in creating such games?

Again, this is most certainly an appropriate discussion for these boards, since different interpretations of "purity" can lead to very different experiences when playing Pathfinder.

My experience is quite different from yours. Both experiences are important in giving feedback to developers about how an item in a game might be labeled in the final version.

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Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
When I've seen the word "pure" or "purity" be used, in a fantasy setting, it's never been in the context of gender favoritism or mass genocide,

Then you are reading a vastly different set of authors and artists than I am.

If we could be sure that only your authors' ideas and meanings influenced gamers, then I wouldn't have a problem.

My concern is with the people who read/view the other comics, books, movies, etc and bring in those other ideas and meanings to Pathfinder games.

The connotations of "purity" that I've experienced make me leary of using that word in a Pathfinder core rulebook that is being interpreted by people who have a different experience than yours.

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Darksol the Painbringer wrote:

Sure, absolution is commonly associated with cleansing of religious guilt, but absolution, in this case, refers to the certainty and unity of a result. Hence why, when people say "Absolutely," they don't mean it in a guilt-removing way. They mean it in a sense of confirmation.


Context is important here, because it's the difference between a discussion of gender favoritism and totem names. Last thing this board needs is more of the former, and quite frankly, it's way out of left field here, when this is all about changing totem names.

No, it is NOT out of left field here. It is central to any discussion of changing terminology in an official rule book.

The word you are looking for that has its root in 'absolute' is "absolutism", as Secret Wizard said earlier. There is no definition of 'absolution' that has the meaning 'the certainty and unity of a result'.

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Hugs many hugs at Rysky, who is so persistent about making sure we all get ours Every. Single. Day.

Thanks, Rysky

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Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
The first two points are a non-sequitur that will lead to a can of worms far worse than debating what to name an anti-magic totem. I will not debate those points because there is no merit to do so, for either side, and they do nothing to aid the topic at hand.

Which is precisely why "purity" is not an appropriate term to introduce into gameplay in PF2.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
how is absolution not there? Absolution means the subject, and nothing else. The more pure something is, the less of anything else being there. If an entity is of pure courage, there would be no fear or doubt present, as the absolution of courage eschews the other aspects entirely. That is absolution, which is also purity.

You need to look up the meaning of "absolution"

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NimbleW wrote:
I can't see how it's derogatory to group people by the direction they are in.

If the people to whom it is applied think it's derogatory, it doesn't matter at all whether or not you understand. Their opinion about how they are describe is what matters.

It's not up to you to approve their decision.

If someone asks you not to use a specific term when referring to their culture, race, gender, or anything else, the polite response is "Sorry, I didn't realize that was offensive. I won't use it again in the future."

It's horribly tone deaf to argue with them that they're wrong to be offended.

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From my perspective, there's a horrible gender-skew to "purity".

"Purity tests" are almost exclusively applied to women.

It's never about "absolution" and almost never "positive".

"Pure" is not an adjective commonly applied to male characters, no matter what the genre.

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This notice sent to exhibitors today from Disney #incredibles2 “INCREDIBLES 2 contains a sequence of flashing lights which may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photo sensitivities.”

Brew Bird wrote:
You mention you didn't get to "see firearms in action". Are firearms going to be in the playtest? I was under the impression that they weren't (though I'd personally be happy to have them in the core rules).

Firearms aren't going to be in the Core Rulebook.

Check out this Know Direction interview with Eric Mona and Logan Bonner

Everything You Want to Know about Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest

None of the BBCode escape codes work on this site.

Heck, even the underline code doesn't work.

Xathos of Varisia wrote:
Oh, there's money in it for Paizo. A lot of money in it. They need to attract new gamers. They've pretty much ran for 10 years on the premise that their game is superior to anything put out in the RPG market. However, the market is telling them that another product is drawing more interest and gaining the larger and younger demographic which will result in long term sales for that product. Paizo cannot coast along anymore. They have to be proactive or else they will become a niche company.

Conflating "total market" with "niche market that wants to play exclusively in Pathfinder Society games" again.

This expensive computer system and attendant staffing is only relevant to the group of gamers who always want to play within the strict subset of Pathfinder rules allowed by the Society. Even PFS players sometimes want to use the rest of the official ruleset.

There are a lot more Pathfinder products than just what is sanctioned by PFS. PFS is one marketing tool. It's not their whole marketing plan.

The druid's grove is not the whole forest.

Leveler02 wrote:
It looks like the map was made using javascript and a template

Did you notice that you're replying to a 6 year old thread?

There's a whole forum for PbP recruitment
Recruitment Forum

and a specific thread for PFS recruitment
Pathfinder Lodge Online

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Xathos of Varisia wrote:
a robust, dynamic reporting system would be another way to attract players in the RPG market.

You're confusing "the RPG market" with the "sanctioned play market".

A robust dynamic reporting system has nothing to do with the RPG market. Only the subpopulation that wants to play under the aegis of an "official Paizo club" cares about that.

What version of Firefox are you using?

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Remember that there won't be a lot of new books for PF2 for a couple years.

The first new book will be published in August 2019, and we don't have a schedule for what will come after that as far as hardcovers are concerned. But obviously, there won't be a lot of new hardbacks in the 3 months before 2020.

So, if you want to wait a couple years for new stuff, then sure, stop buying PF1 material now. But if you want to keep playing withe they write and publish the new material, then you may want to keep acquiring PF1 publications.

And, as others have said previously, they aren't planning on a simple cut and paste reprint. It's new material for the new game. If it's flavor stuff and not simply rules that you like, then buying PF1 materials for the flavor would be a good strategy. Who knows how long it will take staff to work their way through all the current publications and cover all the current material?

They aren't going to convert 10 years worth of material and shoehorn it into 18 to 20 months of publications.

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Is it possible to train the AI once on the first training set, and then have the trained AI start in on the 2nd set?

Staff responses



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holds breath
A truly worthy data source.

Duskrunner1 wrote:
I'm not exactly looking for a virtual tabletop to play. Thanks anyways. Appreciate it.

Well, you don't have to use their mapping feature in order to use everything else. And it does have everything else you're asking about. And it's free.

Hope the travel includes some fun and isn't all work

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"Your mother had called the power"
"A wizard must not pause jamang"

So true!

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Most of your issues with high level play rest on the assumption that the math is broken (1).

3) Most campaigns end by 10-12: Perhaps the broken math is the cause
4) The ‘vast majority’ of games take place in the level 1-12 range: Perhaps the broken math is the cause. (and btw, this is exactly the same statement as 3)

1. Low-level modules sell better than high-level ones (significantly so): Perhaps the broken math is the cause.
2. The 6th installment of an AP typically sells far less than installments 1-3. Perhaps the broken math is the cause (and btw, this is exactly the same statement as 1)
4. Pathfinder Society tops out in the level 12-13 range: Perhaps the broken math is the cause

does it make sense from a business standpoint to devote ½ your development effort and page count to something that (for example’s sake) only 20% of your customers will use? Perhaps the broken math is the cause
If Product A is selling more than Product B, barring trying to recoup costs, most companies try to sell the hell out of A rather than continuing to devote resources to Product B.Perhaps the broken math is the cause.

If you're a company that sees broken math as the primary cause for a lot of the problems with a product, why not try to fix the broken math and solve all those other problems at the same time?

If you fix the broken math, look at how many of the issues you cite disappear.

Well, you're using the 'enterprise' version (esr) rather than the 'personal' version.

You may want to go to the Firefox site and look for the personal version.

I always use the "stable release" version, and not any of the more experimental ones. If you like bug hunting, you can get versions that have been released for general testing and feedback, but they tend not to have all the bugs worked out.

I'm confident that Paizo staff will ask for the kind of feedback they find most useful, and will make sure the method they use to collect that feedback works for their needs.

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Kohl McClash wrote:
how will paizo garner playtest feedback? Forum threads like on the forums here or website surveys with email login or IP address?

Paizo is pretty strict about people only having one login on this site. If they discover the same person has more than one account, they take action.

So, forum threads here are just as secure for the one-person=one alias as email addresses are (you can't create more than one account with an email address).

And IP addresses are useless for identifying posters. Three different people posting from the same coffee shop would show the same IP address. IP addresses are also not locked to a single geographic address.

I can change my home IP address just by rebooting my router. My ISP uses dynamic address assignments, so the IP address I have today could be in use by someone else tomorrow.

It sounds like you're worried about one person having a lot of aliases and voting multiple times. This site already polices that just about as well as anyone can.

I'm using 60.0.2, which is the currently supported official release.

Yours is an earlier release that's still supported, but will reach end-of-life in September.

Is there some reason you haven't updated to a more current version? Do you need the esr (extended support release) because of your work?

I use Firefox as my primary browser and am not seeing that notice at all.

What version of Firefox are you using?

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NetoD20 wrote:

There are two solutions to that, either you accept you're a muggle and have fun with it, or you do what PF2nd is doing and make everyone magical at high levels (even if you don't admit it).

I think it would be fine if they gave me a line or three or four about how legendary feats are not mundane abilities.

You think they're not mundane abilities.

And the rest of us, who think they *are* mundane abilities are simply not "admitting" it?
And Paizo needs to confirm your thinking by adding words that turn mundane abilities into magic abilities?

There's another solution:
We don't admit anything
Paizo doesn't add any lines that change legendary mundane feats into magic.
You admit that mundane abilities aren't magic abilities.

We accept we are muggles who have legendary mundane abilities. And Paizo doesn't have to change anything for that to be true.

Joana wrote:
As mentioned above, if you subscribe to the book lines, you get 15% off cover price of everything and the PDFs for free. If you really want to own everything, it's the easiest way to do so.

So your cost would be

.85(23*0.5)+ .85(15*0.5)+ 25 + .85(25*0.16) = ~$45

And the PDFs would be free.

Here's a link to the subscription page. There's also a page of FAQs that you can access

Paizo Subscriptions
Paizo Subscriptions FAQs

Captain Morgan wrote:
Don't they do subscriptions for this kind of stuff?

Subscriptions don't tell you ahead of time how much it will cost. They just automatically ship and bill your credit card when it ships.

It's not like you pay $X per year for a subscription

But, IIRC, if you subscribe, you get the PDFs for free.

Mantriel wrote:
I am guessing 150$ a month? And 100& if I buy the pdfs?

You can get a good high-end estimate by looking at the PF1 books published in 2016 or 2015. (I'm skipping 2017 because there was intense focus on launching Starfinder).

Total up each of those categories and see what your costs would have been.

Since that was before they were producing Starfinder material, it's likely to be a bit more material than PF2, especially in the first year.

Shaudius wrote:
I'm really not trying to make every thread about the NDA, but Tonya has made very clear what the NDA you are under does and not cover.

The NDA is not the sole legal document that controls what can and cannot be posted here on Paizo forums.

See this previous post

If Paizo wants to avoid spending money on lawyers and court fees for cases they are not even a party to, they need to manage far more than just posts covered by the NDA.

So do the people with knowledge of the situation. They can't just post what they think without being very very sure that is is appropriate to do so.

It's not just about the NDA

Why not create your calendar based on that information, with the warning that, as the start date gets closer, staff may make adjustments.

Heck, the staff may make adjustments even during the playtest, no matter what they tell you today. They have already said that they may be testing more than one version of a mechanic, based on what happens during the playtest.

Some stuff during the playtest is contingent on what happens during the playtest. You're not going to get a guarantee about timing.

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Just confirming that the problem didn't get resolved between my earlier post and just now.

Thanks for your sweep of the forum today Chris.

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I am LOVING this. Keep going!

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
Too many VTT conventions will dilute the physical pool of conventions as well as discourage the investment in time of such a venue by players.

I don't understand why you think VTT conventions will dilute the physical pool of conventions or discourage players.

If people prefer to play VTT or PBP, why limit their enjoyment? Why do you want to force them to pay for hotels, mobility (whether they drive their own vehicle, or travel some other way), restaurant food, etc.

Let me rewrite your argument:

Please note I am NOT against VTT physical conventions.

However, they do not bring in all players, but only those who have the Internethotel rooms, a means of accessing said Internet traveling to said hotel room, and the time to do so.

The gaming community is a large and diverse group, and setting an arbitrary goal-post of 'Must have Internettravel funds' and 'Must have Internet capable of running 'X' system' paid vacation time to attend conventions is a hurdle that some folks cannot breach.

Sure, it's easier to access -- for those who have the means.

Please weigh carefully the needs of the entirety of Organized Play, and not one particular subset when laying out future concerns, but likewise please do not penalize or overly reward one means over another.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
Unless you believe that every online convention means that one physical convention must be cancelled, I'm not sure what your concern is.

Is there something beyond the fact that some people can't afford internet access, but can afford travel and vacation expenses?

"Having means" to travel is really not so different from "having means" to access the internet.

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I don't think it's a good idea

By putting a searchable word in the title of every problematic thread, you make it possible to search for every problematic thread.

I don't think the benefit of avoiding disappointing some people who want to get in on the conversation is balanced by the benefit to trolls who would prefer to find every single hot top in one nice list.

Are people really so upset by not knowing that they can't post in a thread until after they get to the end that we need to solve that problem?

An unsearchable icon (like a closed lock) might be ok. Otherwise if you're all fired up, all you have to do is ctrl F through every page looking for "censored" posts to be outraged about.

I think it would work to have 'locked' in the title for the "temporarily locked" or "in review", but not once the thread is permanently closed.

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