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I'm going to have to drop out of this process for now. Real life has overtaken my ability to add new games. I'll be keeping up with the games I'm in, but getting ready for this one is just going too slowly.

I hope to be considered sometime in the future if you need a new player; until then, I'll be following the game thread like a reader of a serial novel.

And, as a quick look at the landscape, check this out
Russia takes a new look at an old enemy Genghis Khan

Hugs for you Selene.

PM me if you want to connect on Messenger or another chat system.

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Christine Hallquist wins Democratic nomination for Vermont Governor

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Only in America

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Chris Lambertz wrote:
Overall, we'd rather see the options cleaned up, rather than added to.

Thanks for popping in Chris.

Perhaps a FAQ after that's done that says "here's what we think each bucket is for"

Also, someone (I think it was Erik Mona) said that all the Twitch streams will be archived on YouTube, so you can watch them with captioning turned on.

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A resounding "No" from me.

I would hate to pick up a book that expected me to have mastered another game before I could understand the game it was explaining.

That information will be obsolete within a year or so. I'm pretty sure Paizo expects the Core Rulebook to be a viable product much longer than that.

I'm thinking that the scout might be more of a rogue than a ranger at this point.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
playtest rulebook page 303, Sensed wrote:
When targeting a creature that you sense, before you roll to determine your effect, you must attempt a DC 11 flat check. If you fail that check, you don’t affect the target. You’re still flat-footed to the creature whether you successfully target it or not.

Either that "still" doesn't belong there or there's some text missing somewhere, because nothing before that talks about being flat-footed.

It reads correctly if you interpret 'still' to mean 'nonetheless'

graystone wrote:
Now it just has to be downloadable. I tried a dozen times still no PDF for me. That and the final product is going to be a hardback, so any colorblind person might want a non-pdf solution.

I was able to download it, but only by downloading the whole package. I couldn't get the a la carte option to work.

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shroudb wrote:
Yes, I saw the answer, what I asked for, is that I truly don't find anything offensive about a feat that gives you bonuses (or negates penalries) when you disguise as something.

Paizo has made clear how they're going to handle this going forward. Whether or not you find that feat offensive, Paizo is changing it so that they themselves find it less offensive.

If you're uncomfortable with those rules, you houserule something else.

FitzTheRuke wrote:
Seems strange.

Think night-vision goggles and infrared spectrum.

John Mechalas wrote:
the only practical solution is to design for blindness.

Which they are doing.

They've already added a PDF of the Playtest Rules that is useable with screen-readers.

EdOWar did conversions of all the PF1 classes to Beginner Box rules.

This document includes the druid

Class Conversions

Erik Mona wrote:
We are 100% changing this.
Vic Wertz wrote:
Nothing will rely exclusively on the presence of color-coding in the actual second edition. (That was one of the very first changes we committed to making, pretty much right as we were sending it to the printer.)

Staff have already said that colors will not be relied on.

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shroudb wrote:

It's ok to have a villain that's basically a slave trade prince that you try to thwart, but it's not ok to have a woman-hating villain that massacres (or other bad things) to women?

It's ok to have places where non-humans (or non-elves, or whatever) have no rights, but it's not ok to have places where non-males (or females, doesn't matter which) have no rights?
and etc

In your home game, you can do whatever your players are comfortable with.

But in the official Paizo products, no those aren't OK. Here's what staff said earlier in the thread

Jason Bulmahn wrote:

Hey there all,

The feat in question has been brought to the teams attention. There is some unfortunate wording here and is not reflective of our values nor our intent.

We will be looking to change this in the final version of the game.

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Anguish wrote:
The moment you prime their expectations with "this is why I am offended by this", they are no longer able to view the material with a neutral eye. They are looking for a way to interpret what they read as offensive.

The moderators have already created ten different flags, which means that they want us to prime their expectations by using one of those flags for every single post.

We're suggesting that they split one of those options (breaks other guidelines), into at least one more very specific reason, or perhaps two more reasons.

It's not as if they're starting with a blank slate. You can already direct their attention to

BBCode/Markup display problems
Thread is in the wrong forum
Needs a spoiler tag
Double post
Copyright/intellectual property infringement
Offensive/sexist/racist content
Personal insult/abusive

in addition to the catchall "breaks other guidelines".

So their attention is really very, very primed from the moment you flag a post.

You may believe that they shouldn't want to do it that way, but in reality, that is their preferred system

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Colette Brunel wrote:
[Sorcerers and wizards are untrained in unarmored defense.

Staff have already corrected that

Jason Bulmahn wrote:

Fifth, there are a few pieces of early errata that we need to get up immediately.

  • All PCs are trained in being unarmored.
  • Both Alchemists and Druids should be trained in 3 skills (+ Int Mod) each (instead of 2 and 4 respectively).
  • Alchemists can use Quick Alchemy for any alchemical item in their formula book.
There are a few more coming as well

Zoroastrian names
Old Persian

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Matthew Craver wrote:
At the very best, this is a way to increase make-work for staff and at worst it is a way to passive-aggressively mark another forum participant as requiring a virtual slam on the fingers to "win" an internet argument.

No, at the very best, this is a way for those of us who are not involved in the argument to direct staff's attention to the crux of the issue.

I too would like something that lets me flag "edition warring" as a separate issue. That's become more frequent since the Playtest was announced.

And the concern trolling/baiting is by far the most frequent reason that I use "breaks other guidelines".

Staff could probably do a quick count on the backend to see what *their* judgement has been with 'breaks other guidelines' reports, and then create a new flag that skims off the most frequent issue into a new category.

I sometimes find myself using the 'breaks other guidelines/community email' two-step, but mostly I hope staff see the same things I do. Which means that I'm hoping *staff* are the mindreaders, not me.

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It has its own thread


Ok, I'm not much of a rules person, so whatever is decided is fine with me.

That does mean, though, that I'll need someone to check my build carefully, and then I may need a bit of coaching through the first couple encounters.

I'm good with Core, but beyond that, I'm clueless.

Mudfoot wrote:
they also bloat it out to 35MB which slows the PDF reader down considerably.

You can now download a minimalist version that has all of that extra stuff removed. Look for the "screen reader accessible" pdf version on the download page.

That works!


"Daily Life In The Mongol Empire" George Lewis. 2006

Highly recommended by David Morgan, author of "The Mongols"

It appears to be on the shelves of my local university. I'll take a look tomorrow. I've also put in an Interlibrary Loan request, so I'll probably get it in 3-4 weeks

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A quick clarification:
There is a huge difference between "At Will Employment" and "Right To Work"
What Jessica seems to be referring to is most likely "At Will Employment", which allows any employer to fire anyone for any reason (except legally protected ones).

"Right To Work" legislation is about not having to join a union, or pay any part of the union's dues if you are hired by an employer who has a contract with a union.

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Jason Bulmahn wrote:
Even more will happen through our twitch stream, after each part of the playtest is finished.

A request: Could we get either

a) closed captioning on the stream
b) a transcript somewhere of the episode

Sebecloki wrote:
I found some excellent handbooks on this period, and posted links to pdfs in the campaign info page.

Those are wonderful sources, thanks so much

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Whisper To Jessica:
Did you see that Missouri voted to rescind the state-wide Right To Work legislation.

Would love to discuss "Right To Work", but Paizo doesn't allow. There's a Facebook group that a bunch of us migrated to, if you'd like to join. Comrade Anklebiter and I wanted a place to keep talking. PM me for an invite.

You may have missed the staff announcement that that was already in the works

Staff said

Jason Bulmahn wrote:

Folks, I just want to note that throughout the playtest we will be giving quite a bit more insight into our design process for this game. It's a lot easier for us to do now that it all out there to be examined. Most of this will come from blogs and through our twitch streams.

Stay tuned...

Gorbacz wrote:
Oh no, please no notifications on deleted posts. I don't like my inbox flooded.

I'm with you. Too many quotes-within-quotes threads for me to EVER want to get a notification each time they were taken down.

Reynard-Miri wrote:
Vlorax wrote:
Everyone starts with unarmored defense trained, was already posted in an Errata.
Wait, what? Where is this errata?

Jason Bulman said:


Fifth, there are a few pieces of early errata that we need to get up immediately.

All PCs are trained in being unarmored.
Both Alchemists and Druids should be trained in 3 skills (+ Int Mod) each (instead of 2 and 4 respectively).
Alchemists can use Quick Alchemy for any alchemical item in their formula book.

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Unikatze wrote:
Like an Alpha and a Beta?

Remember that Paizo staff have been playtesting this for a couple years.l

We're in the Beta, if not Gamma, phase of testing at this point.

Drac'gnar the Unforgiven wrote:

So here I am, out at a retreat, wondering if books have arrived at my house and are now sitting on my porch or something with daily thunderstorms.

I'm worried sick the books are gonna be ruined if they are at my house, and I have no way to track all of this.
Second because now my books could be ruined if they have been delivered.

Please, take a few minutes to telephone someone to pick up your books and hold them for you until you return. Surely you know at least one neighbor or acquaintance who would be willing to do that.

Roll20 Staff Thread

You may want to post in that thread if you want the attention of Roll20 folks.

Roll20 Staff Thread

You may want to post in that thread if you want the attention of Roll20 folks.

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bugleyman wrote:
unless they were to push the release date.

Vic said that was a possibility if they needed to rework too much stuff.

Vic Wertz wrote:
If the overwhelming response from playtesters was that we we needed to rethink the entire action economy, we would. And if it turned out we couldn't make our deadlines because of that, we would delay the launch.

Yes, please Timeskeeper! Anything you can point me to about medieval Persian customs and culture would be amazing.

Thanks much!


Where are you finding this cultural stuff? I'm looking for info on daily life, culture, customs, etc.

Sebecloki wrote:

Would the persian archer perhaps be a prisoner to the mongols?

I like that idea

The Secret History Of The Mongol Queens : How The Daughters Of Genghis Khan Rescued His Empire

Weatherford, J. McIver.

This looks like a possible sourcebook

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There weren't any new rules in the Beginner Box. They simply streamlined the learning by removing some of the old ones.

Personally, I had great luck introducing people to PF using the Beginner Box rules, especially the small 64-page Heroes' Handbook.

I seriously hope that the Starfinder Beginner Box is created using the same design principles. A quick-start set of rules; all the pawns, dice, minis and maps that you need to run a game, and a GM manual designed to teach you how to teach other people to play.

It was an awesome intro; I hope Starfinder gets something similar.

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Warped Savant wrote:
doc the grey wrote:
Maybe make the feat something like "Nondescript" or "Doppelganger descended" and just expand it. Say something like, "Your features are so androgynous and/or nondescript that you have far greater ease disguising yourself as others." then just give the bonus to all other ones in the same size category.
I really like this idea!


A question:
Some of the sources have maps of the extent of the Mongol empire.

Is it accurate that they never controlled Istanbul/Constantinople? And can you give us any sources for people with know knowledge of this history and geography?

I'm thinking of a Persian character, perhaps a ranger/scout skillset, but a mercenary.

[I'm more of a 'design the character and then put together the game mechanics' kind of person, so I want to read up a bit to get the best historic flavor.]

Epic Meepo wrote:
In fact, aside from Close Match, there are no game mechanics tied to gender (based on a search of the rulebook for the word, "gender"). Close Match really stuck out like a sore thumb when I read it.

Check out this thread

Non-Binary Gender Inclusion but with a Contradiction

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When I scroll through a forum, I can easily see which threads I've posted in because there is a dot next to the title.

It would be helpful, especially in rules threads during the playtest, to be able to quickly find threads were staff had made comments, or perhaps even answered a question with definitive information.

Based on the run-up-to-the-playtest forum, I don't think it's realistic to expect anyone on staff to keep a single thread updated with all such announcements and corrections. (For instance, the 'everyone is trained in unarmored defense' issue, which seems just to be an errata issue.)

With, perhaps, the exclusion of the "posts removed" comments

ApexCarnie wrote:
There is a working mechanic for gender so I have to disagree with all of you.

Page? Quotation?

Or are you just pointing out that this feat exists?

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I'd also like to see the "Gender" designation removed from the character sheet.

There's no room for skin color, or hair color, or eye color, or height and weight.

The first page is cramped trying to make room for all the data that make a mechanical difference in the outcomes of the game. Why is gender there?

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Dairian wrote:
As grognard, I can say with certainty that this edition, as presented, does not appeal to my people.

Your people?

Care to explain who "your people" are?

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