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Mask Golem

Cry Jay's page

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Wow, good question! This is the way I see it:

Flesh to stone means the subject is petrified essentially, not living nor dead, per the spell. I think that spells such as Bark Skin and Mage Armor would be dispelled since the subject is no longer "Living". They are petrified and with that goes all the consequences that are such.

Havok Hiro got it pretty much right on the dot.

Pretty sure if there's something that slows down your speed you can still charge, but things like holes and difficult terrain would prevent you like Hiro said.

CRB Under Combat wrote:
If you are able to take only a standard action on your turn, you can still charge, but you are only allowed to move up to your speed (instead of up to double your speed) and you cannot draw a weapon unless you possess the Quick Draw feat. You can't use this option unless you are restricted to taking only a standard action on your turn.

Couldn't find anything in there about encumbrance and effects on charge. Being encumbered just changes your base land speed doesn't prevent you on taking actions such as a charge. Check out the additional rules section. It really doesn't say anything about not being able to do actions, just says that base land speed is reduced and DEX or STR checks would come into play while doing skills.

I think you guys are also forgetting that in the wording of overrun. It says it can be part of a charge OR a move action. I think at that point it all depends on the type of move action you are doing depends on whether or not you can move through a friendly space.

You can move through a friendly square but not as a charge action. Ergo, you can overrun through a friendly square, but not if your doing an overrun as a part of a charge.

Nope, the only draw back to this spell is if the cleric uses up all his spells then the other party member cant use the spells that the cleric gave him. (at least that's how i read it.)

Wands are good, but if the recipient isnt good with magic they arent gonna be able to use the wand. This is a good spell to use to give a person the ability to buff them self so the cleric can spend a extra round firing off another spell.


The only problem with is the wording of overrun. It says it can be part of a move action OR a charge. Would this mean if you overrun as a move action you could pass by a friendly but not part of a charge?

It's tough because some players like the fights and some like the talks, but that's all part of making it enjoyable for everybody. It can be tough starting out, but once you get the hang of it it can go pretty smooth.

Best thing to do is not to assume the characters will do something, cause if they don't then you won't be caught with your pants down.

message me if you have any specific questions. Glad to help.

In this case my party always follows rules of physics. A falling object falls at a rate of 32 feet per second right? so that'll help figure out how long its gonna take to fall. The way i see it, you can cast an immediate action as an immediate action. Since its even a spell like ability I'm sure you character would know when its needed and cast accordingly.

In both scenarios, you would still take fall damage depending on the time that you casted feather fall.

Scenario 1: Yes, ready an action to cast it near the ground. Since feather fall slows down your speed this could negate it.

Scenario 2: Same deal, you can immediately activate it but you'd still be taking fall damage if the distance your fell exceeded your caster level.

I agree with Weables. Especially at lvl 1 its gonna be hard to assume what the characters are going to do. It's best to give them a task or main objective and however they get it it is up to them (even if they don't choose to).

I know it can be hard to try and do exciting things at such a low level, but its all about building the characters and seeing how they develop along with questing (personalities, fighting styles, mores and values, and ultimately what drives them as a person).

You have a good idea of where you want the characters to go, but remember the characters may not do what you expect them to do. You cant exactly say that a character can't do something because that's what they're not supposed to do.

Don't fret though, as a DM I've been in plenty of predicaments where the players did things that were WAY off par with what I had in mind. Then again, that's the fun in it.

Just remember: Improve and Improvise.

Jonathan Michaels wrote:

In my game, the DM gave out items to everyone in the party, my sorcerer got a box filled with a swirling energy.

I was gonna do something along those lines and have the sorc be able to learn an extra spell or be able to cast an extra spell. I had the box from Doom3 in my head for some reason. Coincidence?

I changed the wording to:

Cast a spell and apply any of the following metamagic feat to it:
Silent Spell
Quicken Spell
Heightened Spell
Persistent Spell

To activate this, Charges need to be expelled based on the slot that needs to be used for the desired metamagic feat.
- Spontaneously Cast a spell at 2 levels lower than your highest caster level. You may use this ability even though you have used all your spell level slots for the day. Charges are used from the rod dependant on the lvl spell that is being casted.

to OPed? or maybe dull it down more?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

All amazing suggestions, and I agree Drdeth, Arcane is so droll. Its what he wanted to play tho. This is what I'm thinking:

(Scaling) Rod of the Ancients

This orichalum rod has a series of rings that allow the user to rotate the rings to perform a desired effect. By expelling one charge the user can:

Reroll any concentration check, checks to overcome spell resistance, or saving throw. You must take the second result even if it is lower. Treat this as a immediate action.

Cast any spell and apply any metamagic feat to it as long as the user meets the prerequisites. This does not use up a slot of a higher level.

Spontaneously Cast a spell at 2 levels lower then your highest caster level. You may ue this ability even though you have used all your spell level slots for the day.

You cannot use more than 2 charges at a time for a single effect.

Charges = 1/2 Sorcerer level + CHA Modifier?

Playing a homemade game and the party dynamics are: Ranger, Barb, Sorcerer and a Cleric.

My party likes a game where they feel as though they are epic characters and they create them to reflect that. Personally, I have no problem with this and in fact if it makes them enjoy it much more, more power to them.

However, Each of the party characters have a special trait to them:
-Barb is a ogre that has massive str at lvl 2
-Ranger is a demon hunter that in the process of hunting demons helps a lost soul return to heaven
-Cleric found an intelligent glaive in a abandoned temple of his god
-and the sorcerer....

I was going to just give him a low level rod but i don't think it'll be as special.

does anybody have any suggestions on how i can make this sorcerer special? Its a sorcerer with the blood line arcane

Looks Pretty sick! I rocked a CQC Fighter once but (like a rube) made him use a cestus instead of unarmed. Other hand I had him use a shield and Shield bashed whenever I had the chance.

But it looks like you have a pretty heavy hitter here. I know even for RPing it was always great to have just a straight up brawler. Cant tell you how many bar fights i got into and just fought the whole bar a the same time. Which moves me to my next point; UC came out with a brawler archtype. Did you consider using this to help you out in combat?

Over all I think you're gonna have fun with this character in and out of combat. I think the feats that you took they'll help with social situations will make sure of that.

Lamontius wrote:

Was her argument that she could have perhaps done something to prevent the taking if it had been done during the game session? Or was it just more "Stop being such a mean GM/DM, you big stupid meanie"?

See that's part I'm not too sure about Lamontius. It was obvious that a Lord was hitting on her and trying to get in her pants. I gave them plenty of times to see the banners that had "evil" sign on it, they could have made a dozen Sense motive checks in order to see that he and the others were trying to get their guard down, it just didn't occur to them (they're level 9 btw.)

Perhaps I was being a little harsh, but in my defense: we've been playing for 4+ years, They had to have had some idea that something wasn't "right", and perhaps they should have seen or paid attention to such obvious signs.

could she be projecting? and blaming me for her mistake?

Lamontius wrote:

You took her Arcane Bonded item, didn't you?

lol surprisingly not. She's a witch and her little bid was flying around care free.

(as the title hints) At the end of a game a couple of weeks ago, we ended the night with he heroes being tied up and knocked out. At the beginning of the next week i looked at their character equipment and checked off a few things that they were missing.

Surprisingly, there was only one person upset about this: a caster (not the barbarian). Her argument was that I never said that they are taking their equipment. What my argument was, was that a brigade (50-200 people) aren't going to leave your armor and weapons on your person while you're in a jail cell.

thoughts? I think she was just being a little naive. I mean they're knocked out, they're not gonna know if they are missing anything unless its armor or a weapon.

I think what would also be a goo thing to do is to kind of mirror an ability of a charater that I like form the Series Vampire Hunter D, more specifically, te movie blood lust. The charater Grove Marcus. At certain points in the movie he takes this form of almost a Avatar and is able to shoot rays of light, its a pretty cool thing when you first see the movie and are pretty young.

kinda goes along with your "unique form" idea. but personally when i think of an Agent of Good or Evil, I think of a person that is generally broad or bland, but has a odd tick to them. Like Chigurn from No Country for Old Men, rather then a person that is decked out in Black spiked armor or jet white cloaks.

I guess it would depend on what kind of Battle you will be doing. I had a straight cavalier and he was epic when it came to mounted combat/charging from mount. I think if you're gonna be a gunlinger than it may be better to go druid. Mounted combat is great, but i think its more useful if your doing melee damage.

druids are good boosters, and i think that'll give you a little bit better of a advantage. the other thing is doing ranged combat from a mount can give you some pretty heafty penalties.

Possible to do both? role play atop it and not when in combat?

I know what I do whenever I introduce a new character, I try to see if the player has a background story. If so, I can then have the new PC have the same or similar goal or end game result. Alternativly, the new PC can try and prevent the party from acheiving that goal.

I know the easiest way for me is just to give them the same goal. Easy Peezy.

Game Mastering Guide has a big section with this.

Here's a fairly abstract question:

So i have multiple players in the party. Some of them enjoy having a casual session in which they dont really want to be challeged but do some fun things and partake in some fun situations. They like the feeling of being More-than-human kind of people, A natural hero. The others want a challege and want to be on the verge of death when they win a battle, something that they really have to work at in order to defeat a creature.

How do I balance the game play between PC's? When i make it relaxed just to have fun, the one side looses interest. Then when i do the opposite, the other side just gets frustrated with how tough or complicated it is. Any help?

Did you want a prefabricrated one?

Thankyou guys! This helped out a ton! Fire vs. Airship... round 2....

Got a quick Questions about the rules for fire. I couldn't find the sppecific rules that talking about the effects of fire (spread of fire, damage of fire etc.)

From my past understanding, fire damage is just a one time thing. But how about like if a ship gets set on fire?

Well, I read it and I interpreted it as if it is being used in place of a bull rush or a drag (so you're gonna hve to be next to them/in contact :-/).

As far as bull rush, you cannot push a person past a solid object. With bull rush, you push them straight back, same thing with push. As far as throwing them over the railing, Id say thats up to your discretion.

I know there is a monk feat that allows you to throw an opponent. I didnt check that out though...

I'd check under the skill "Escape Artist" that should give you an idea of the DC's and the modifiers. It's kind vague as far as the actual modifier, but im sure you can get creative with the difficulty.

Keep in mind: larger creatures, Equipment going through, etc.

Your cave Fighting Scenario sounds interesting. Bottle neck ambushes and things like that, always a good time.

I think the most simple way is to bind/gag them. This takes away somatic and verbal spells that they need to cast. Moreover, spell casters absolutly suck when it comes to actual physical things, so if you take proper precautions you can easily handicapp the spell casters and let the rogues shine.

As far as the Anti-Magic field, and depending on the charater level, its a pretty high spell, especially to make it permanent. I'd use caution becuase the story may not seem beliveable if there is an anti magic field in the middle of a goblin dungeon. (Catch my drift?)

Oh man. As a Spell or straight up character ability? I Know there are a couple dozen spells that allow you to do that. But I've never heard of a character that can creat it willingly, unless its a 3rd party class. I dont mess with those Min/Max things.

Michael Foster 989 wrote:
Most character sheets have multiple weapon boxes have her fill them in as follows remember to include all the damage bonuses as well in each box

Foster Said it the best.

I know what also helps is to use dice to keep track of spells and attribute that are active for any number of rounds or minutes.

I also know Combat Manager is a HUGE help. It can keep track of Spells, Charater Attriutes, and qualities that can be detrimental or beneficial to the Charater.

That's an interesting perdicament. Ussually people overlook something like the animals reaction to a spell, I know I have.

The way I see it, combat trained is specific to the actual things that it can be taught under the skill "Handle Animal". However, I think what you're putting forward would be up to the DM and the player to deem what they would see as appropiate. I think in the least, you should at least train your mount to get it used to that kind of combat (a horse doesnt know how to fly, a fish doesnt know how to fly, a bird doesnt know how to swim etc). I think the same thing would be appropiate for that kind of barding. Does that make sense?

I know in my campaign we try and see those kinds of things in perspective from the players and the things that are being affected. At one point a player animated a tree and the tree walked trough the village not knowing it would have been attacked. Long story short, the village got burned down. The tree didnt know that the people of the village would have an adverse affect to it, being as the tree knows only what a tree would know

Mauril wrote:

Creatures cannot fly while wearing medium or heavy barding. From the Equipment section of the rules. Barding is armor fitting for a non-humanoid body.

"A medium or heavy load counts as medium or heavy armor for the purpose of abilities or skills that are restricted by armor." From the Additional Rules section of the rules.

Well, I checked it out and Mauril was right. The book does take you in a big loop as far as flying and carrying weight and all that.

I yeild Mauril (Althgouh i think that rule is crap :-P)

That's a tough one. I would consider some of this.

If they are flying with a light load, I would give them no penalties. Interestingly enough, There are flight penalties when you are a creature of a large size or greater, you take a penatly to your fly check. I would probably go with that. Maybe as as added penalty, you may also want to drop their Dex Bonus depending on the kind of load they are bearing.

I know this may be rough, but you could also drop their flying manuverability if they are encumbered.

The thing is I would consider when adding penalties like: Fly Speed, Manuverability, Dex Penalties, is the nature of the flight. Flying adds a whole new dimension to movement. You gotta do fly check (and maybe ride checks) for everything. It's gonna make it tougher, If it was easy every creature would be able to do it.

I hope that helps.

I like it! I for one think they're aren't any really strong fighter prestige classes and this is the one that could be really fun to play.

Ran into a little problem last night with my party. I had them swim under freezing water in order to solve a problem. Under the spell "Endure Elements", it says that you can survive the elements that you encounter surviving in cold to hot weather. But it says that it does not protect you from environmental hazards. I was planning to have them take cold damage and save from hypothermia, but they kinds foiled that.

do you guys have any thoughts on this? would Endure Elements protect you from swimming in freezing waters?

Siege Campaigns are hard, not gonna lie to you. But nonetheless, they are fun to play and fun to see how the leadership of the PC's come out. Here are some of the trouble areas:
1: Time consuming. Sieges are long, long battles, that usually end when either the city runs out of food to sustain, the attacking party dies off, or anything in the middle. Keep in mind this won't be a one or two day thing. Make sure your PC's know that they are gonna be in for the long haul and plan accordingly. Food supplies can run short, diseases can take the city, fires break out. There's a whole gambit of problem that can happen
2: A lot goes on. sieges have quite a few elements that can get confusing as far as spacing out time frames. Not only is there the simple aspect of the attacking army, but there is the problem of thieves, murderers, smugglers, traitors, spies etc. As a DM, keep your mind open to the different things that happen during a siege. Watch movies, they'll give you plenty of ideas.
3: Command/leadership. its common that one player may have a better grasp on what the other may have. In that case, it may be better to have people lead separate groups or be responsible for separate areas of the kingdom. (political leader, head of the guard, head of defenses etc.)

Most of all, have fun with it. Its good to see how a good team can come together when defending a city.

You can also learn the spell Lesser Restoration or a similar spell. It automatically eliminates fatigue or exhaustion from sleeping in armor.
I know whenever I play a cleric, I have no problem cause one of the domain skills allows you to remove it as a standard. Its one of those little things that can just annoy you when you get interrupted in the middle of sleeping and have to fight in armor without proper rest. I also know the spell Nap Stack would help, but i'm not sure if a pally can get it.

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