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Grey Maiden

Crusader Merisa's page

3 posts. Alias of Wendy-Ann.


Silver Crusade ****

I too will join you on this crusade Pingo. We must defend the prople of Varisia and defeat those who would threaten and oppress the innocent citizens of Varisia.

My mount Silver and I vow to protect, defend and bring the ideals of the Silver Crusade and the Order of the Dragon to this endangered land.

We must and will triumph

Merisa, Cavalier of the Order of the Dragon and Cleric of Kurgess

Silver Crusade ****

Merisa turns to greet the newcomers to the hall, "it is so inspiring and encouraging that such a variety of people are willing to devote their lives to spreading peace and goodness. Welcome to you all," with that she bows to each new arrival.

Silver Crusade ****

A slender pale, silver blonde woman enters the hall, dressed in a black dragonhide breatplate and carrying a silver coloured helm adorned with a plume of silver horsehair. She smiles broadly and relaxes slightly:

Well met indeed sisters and brothers, I am Merisa, a cavalier of the order of the dragon and a cleric of Kurgess. It is wonderful to be in the presence of those who follow the same path, those looking to defend the weak, free the enslaved and bring light and joy to those who need it.

I do hope that I will get to journey with some of you in the future, my horse, Silver, and I would consider it an honour to bring our skills to your assistance.

If you come across a young Ulfen cleric of Serenrae named Freya, I ask you to help as you can. She is young in inexperienced but working to follow our path. She sometimes feels a little lost among the other pathfinders who follow different paths and would appreciate any encouragement she can get.

May the light shine on all your endeavors.

:She bows to Lady Ollysta and then all others who are present

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