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Crow of The Village's page

129 posts. Alias of gmr808.

Full Name

Crow of the Village


Def 13; ff12; DR4; Lethal ?; Subdual ?


Action Dice 1d4; Accurate, Basic Combat Expert, Bone Crusher, Charming, Damned if you do, Double Boost, Fortunes of War I, Hammer Basics, Hammer Mastery, Hurled Basics, Improved Stability, Misdirection Basics, Shove, Stand Together


Init +3; Blend +1u; Notice +4; Sense Motive +1u; Heroic Renown 1

About Crow of The Village

Crow of the Village
XP: 1250?
Soldier 3
Speed: 30 or 40' depending on where I look

STR: 18
DEX: 12
CON: 13
INT: 12
WIS: 12
CHA: 12

Vitality: 33-14-4-5=10
Wounds: 13-10=3
-3str(-2 melee to hit/dam, -2 lethal/subdual resist, +2 error range)

Melee: +7=+3bab,+4str

  • Ghostbreaker, magic maul +10(2d6+4 force, threat 17-20, massive; +2 to hit; 11 reputation)
  • dagger(x2) +7(1d6+4 lethal, threat 17-20, bleed, hurl)

Ranged: +4=+3bab,+1str
  • dagger(x2) +5(1d6+8 lethal, threat 17-20, bleed, 10'x3)
  • throwing knives(x10) +5(1d4+8 lethal, threat 17-20, poisonous, 15'x3)

Unarmed: +7=+3bab,+4str
  • unarmed +7(?? subdual, threat 20)

Fort: +3=2+1
Ref: +2=1+1
Will: +4=3+1

Defense: 13, FF 12=10+2(class)+1(dex)
DR: 4=+2armor+2FoW(+2 more during dramatic scenes)
Resists: Lethal 4, Subdual 4 (Str mod)

Initiative: +3=2(class)+1(dex)
Action Dice: 3d4

Origin abilities: Class abilities:

  • Accurate
  • Basic Combat Expert
  • Bone Crusher(hammer atk trick)
  • Charming
  • Damned if you do(trick)
  • Double Boost(Str)
  • Fortunes of War I
  • Improved Stability
  • Misdirection Basics
  • Paired Skills(Resolve/Impress)
  • Shove(trick)
  • Stand Together

Skills: total=ranks+attribute+misc
  • Acrobatics +4=3+1
  • Athletics +7=3+4
  • Blend(u) +1=0+1
  • Bluff(u) +1=0+1
  • Crafting +2=1+1
  • Disguise(u) +1=0+1
  • Haggle(u) +1=0+1
  • Impress +7=6+1
  • Intimidate +6=5+1
  • Investigate(u) +1=0+1
  • Medicine(u) +1=0+1
  • Notice +4=3+1
  • Prestidigitation(u) +1=0+1
  • Resolve +7=6+1
  • Ride(u) +1=0+1
  • Search +4=3+1
  • Sense Motive(u) +1=0+1
  • Sneak(u) +1=0+1
  • Survival +4=3+1
  • Tactics +4=3+1

Focuses: Stonecrafting
ACP -0
  • Trade Tongue
  • Dwarven
  • Ancient Literature
  • Mining
  • Yatil Mountains


  • Armor Basics(basic cbt feat)
  • Hammer Basics(melee cbt feat)
  • Hammer Mastery(melee cbt feat)
  • Hurled Basics(ranged cbt feat)


  • Turn the Millstone(stance)
  • Zen Shot(stance)

    Advanced tricks:

    Panache 0
    Prudence 2 (25%)

    Coin in hand:



    Male Strong Human Vanguard Soldier/3
    Init:+3, Blend: +1(untrained), Notice: +4, Resolve: +7
    Defense: 13 (+2class, +1dex)
    Damage Reduction: 4/6 +4 Damage Resistance; fire:3; subdual:4
    Vitality: 33
    Wounds: 13
    Fort:+3, Ref:+2, Will:+4
    Spd: 30'? (40'under cheat, not quite sure why)
    Base Atk: Unarmed +7, Melee +7, Ranged +4
    Proficiencies: Blunt(f), Edged, Hurled(f), Bows

    Melee: Ghostbreaker +10 (2d6+4 Force/17-20), dagger(x2) +7 (1d6+4L/17-20), bleed, hurl:+5 (1d6+8)
    Ranged: dagger(x2) +5 (1d6+8L/17-20), bleed
    throwing knives +5 (1d4+8L/17-20)
    Str: 18, Dex: 12, Con: 13, Int: 12, Wis: 12, Cha: 12
    Carrying Capacity
    Light Load: 350, Heavy Load: 1,050
    Lift/push/drag: 2,010


    Skills: Acrobatics +4, Athletics +7, Blend(u) +1, Bluff(u) +1, Drafting +2, Disguise(u) +1, Haggle(u) +1, Impress +7, Intimidate +6, Investigate(u) +1, Medicine(u) +1, Notice +4, Prestidigitation(u) +1, Resolve +7, Ride(u) +1, Search +4, Sense Motive(u) +1, Sneak(u) +1, Survival +4, Tactics +4
    Knowledge Check: +4
    Languages: Trade Tongue, Dwarven
    Studies: Mining, Yatil Mountains, Ancient Literature


    Special Abilities
    Accurate Each time you spend an action die to boost an attack check, you roll and add 2 dice.
    Armor Basics(basic cbt feat) Defense penalty -1, ACP -1, Speed penalty -5 ft.
    Basic Combat Expert You're considered to have 2 additional Basic Cbt Feats, for abilities based on the # of Basic Cbt feats you have.
    Bone Crusher(hammer atk trick) Target must make Fort DC (10 + Strmod + # of melee cbt feats) or take 1 pt. Con impairment. Not below 6.
    Charming 1/session, improve Disposition of 1 non-adversary NPC by 5.
    Damned if you do(trick) When attacking an opponent who has hit you in this combat, increase your Error Range by 1 to gain +2 to damage. You may use this ability a # of times per combat equal to the number of Basic Cbt feats you have.
    Double Boost(Str) You may spend and roll 2 action dice to boost Str based skill checks.
    Fortunes of War I gain DR 2; during Dramatic scenes this increases to 4.
    Hammer Basics(melee cbt feat) hammers gain AP 2; Gain a stance (Turn the millstone)
    Hammer Mastery(melee cbt feat) You inflict double damage vs. objects or scenery with a hammer. Gain a trick (Bone crusher)
    Hurled Basics(ranged cbt feat) Double Str modifier for Thrown weapon damage. Gain a stance (Zen Shot)
    Improved Stability You’re considerd to be Large for carrying cap, resisting Bull Rush/Trip
    Misdirection Basics Your threat range with attacks vs. Special chars is +1. You count as 3 extra chars for numerical advantage.
    Paired Skills(Resolve/Impress) Each time you gain ranks in Resolve, you gain equal ranks in Impress. Impress may not exceed maximum ranks.
    Shove(trick) When you hit a M or smaller opponent, push back target 5 ft. You may move with.
    Stand Together You gain a +2 morale bonus to Defense and Saves when adjacent to 2 or more humans.
    Turn the Millstone(stance) Each time you hit an adjacent opponent with a 2 handed weapon, you may move them into any empty square adjacent to you.)
    Zen Shot(stance) targets' cover worsens by 2 grades. you may not move while in this stance, but may take Bonus 5 ft. steps as normal)


    Studded Leather w/ light fittings (DR2,fire3,DP-1,ACP-1,disguise-4,10lbs)
    Ghostbreaker, magic maul (massive, exotic damage(force);+2 to hit, 11 reputation, 12 lbs
    dagger(2) bleed, hurl, range:10'x3, 2 lbs
    throwing knives(10) poisonous, range:15'x3, 5 lbs

    balm(heal vitality at 2x rate for 1 day; 3 uses); 1 lb
    booze(decreases shaken by 1 grade; 3 uses); 2 lbs
    rations(feeds 1 char for 1 day; 7 uses); 5 lbs
    salve(heal wounds at 2x rate for 1 day; 3 uses); 1 lb
    tonic(1 immediate save vs. poison; 3 uses); 2 lbs

    bedroll(cold 4); 3 lbs
    candles(10) 1 hour duration; 1 lb
    candle lantern(faint light 30'); 1 lb
    grooming case(+1 Appearance bonus); 2 lbs
    purse(holds 200 coins)
    sack, large(hod 1 small or more smaller items, max 25 lb); .5 lbs
    shovel(+4 Str for clearing rubble, improvised pick); 5 lbs
    tinderbox; (fire in 1 round); .5 lbs
    waterskin; 5.5 lbs


    sp: 70-1

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