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Grundhu the Derhii

Critzible's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 293 posts (2,584 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 20 aliases.

Just a shot in the dark, any one out there wanting to start up a hackmaster 4th edition game on here?? I would love to get my Gnome Titan Battle Mage on.

Hi all i would love to play in a Kingmaker campaign i've heard good things but have never been through it my self, wanting to do a cleric of Shelyn to spread the goddesses faith to the land!

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Am making a character of 20th level and was taking levels in Duelist, and had the Crane style feat tree was wondering if the abilities of both stacked, is Crane Wing and Crane Riptose, with the regular suelist class abilities??

The Cleric concepts i have is either a cleric of Shelyn, or Calistra to try and replace my paladin that will have to depart do to horrible shift of my parties alignment, One started evil, another was a monk died reincarnated as a boggard, now an elemental and is evil, and a former gnome turned Garuda who was shifted evil... I have a chance to change a few of them yet the Witch who is unwavering evil I'll have to fight...SO any ideals for what cleric i should bring in so we have a full healer?

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Currently I am in a campaign that is cresting most PCs past 20th level I am currently a 19th level Paladin of Shelyn, I am trying to think of what class to go into once I crest 20 and have narrowed it down to Oracle of Life or Djinni Blooded sorceror. I will probably crest 40 when our adventure is over with as the main dungeon is only a quarter way explored and it is a nasty thing full of save or die traps, riddles, and boss monsters. Not to mention the evil BBEG is a couple centuries old Bard/Wilder from the onset of 3.5 as a game. Currently my stats are Str: 14,Dex:14,Con:18,Int:16,Wis:12,Cha:24, I am the groups Primary healer and tank, So I'm looking to agument my abilities. I have no issue with armor as my armor can be summoned unsummoned at will. Any suggestions.

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Now before you go on about the Stating Gods rants, I'm not talking about that, What i'm talking about is taking alot of the already published materials, ie like that of the Kingmakers indepth look at Erastil or Jade Regents Shelyn. Though nicely detailed I'd like a little more depth as well as the God s divine agents stated and maybe a few unique monsters or outsiders that are diety specific. Also I'd like to see more feats, unigue spells, magic items, artifacts. Also I'd like examples of powerful NPCs, maybe some cool fluff like favored colors, scared animals,gems,colors etc. As well as manifestations and more detailed prayers and rituals. I'd also like to see possible differances between how divine casters work or behave between each other, possible orders/dominations/philosophes

Basically I want more detail, akin to that of the 3.5s' Faiths of Faerun.

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I was just thinking if you casted Anthropormorphic animal on your familiar and then permancy it would it work, would they still be your familiar, would they gain there current intellegence score? Was just wondering?

Any thoughts, ideas, offical rulings?

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In my current campaign i was playing a 19th level paladin of Shelyn, until he started going insane about not truely exsisting is out of place in time, and then before i could fix him I lost him.

So my DM is allowing me to play a Psion (telepath) to see how i differ from the big baddie. We are currently effulencial members of the metropolis many of us council members and such, and are gearing for a war with lizardfolk, be fore our mysterious baddie teleports us back to the dungeon for another round of her game.

So I'm coming in with this Elan psion 12th level sent to research the psionic anomilies that our occuring here by my psion circle called the Brotherhood. Well they are gonna send me with a bodygaurd, and have me inflitrate the cites higher ups, with my abilites as well as establish not only my own school of the mind to expand the Brotherhoods numbers but that of the Brotherhoods bodygaurds, the Brothers of the Silver Sash, or the Silver Band for short.

For the Silver Band I was thinking Cavaliers or Samurai, hopefully without mounted options? If any one has any ideas for this and maybe a better name for the Bodygaurds please post I would appreciate it

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Seeking advice on what would be good for an Elan Psion (telepath) that will come to a city in desperate need of a master of secrets, and a member of a Psion enclave who sent him there to investigate strange Psionic disturbances.

My main character is a 12th level elan psion(telepath) who is coming in with a 7th level bodygaurd ( provided by his society the Brotherhood) and is looking to establish himself As the cities master of secrets as well as a teacher. I need though Ideas for my sidekick, one that is devoted to him and will train others as devout warriors of the Brotherhood.

As for agents was planning on using bards, rogues, ninjas and psions as my field agents for my guys eyes and ears for the city. Unless anyone else has any ideas?

Grand Lodge

Why can't thier be an alternative class or archtypes to change the cavaliers reliance on a mount, I mean I really liked the Hound Master it made sense, any one else want to see something like that for the offical rules i know I would. and please pardon any grammar and spelling errors

Grand Lodge

As said above does any one know? Cause i would like to i play alot of tengu as i like them and a few of my fellow PCs like them aswell.

Grand Lodge

Have a dwarf bard, current stats str11,dex14,con12,int16,wis12,cha16

don't have much else to go on any suggestions on were to go from here

Grand Lodge

Have a newbie DM who is more a strict rules follower and is gonna start us all out at 1st level. Two PCs will probably be simple fighters as they themselves are newbies. the remaining four are a wizard ( race unknown), a dwarf cleric, a gnome barbarian, and probably a rogue elf. As for me I don't know what to play I'm thinking a summoner but am unsure as I am unsure about race as well I'm thinking dwarf or elf, but I can't decide. I'm asking for opinions and personal notations on this matter as I'm trying to be nice and not do something completely weird like a tengu monk(zen archer), or a grippli rogue/ranger!

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I was wondering if the races in Dragon magizine and the Dragon compedium were OGL

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