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Korvosian Wizard

Cressida Kroft AKA DM's page

52 posts. Alias of overfiend_87.


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Jerin wrote:

As the group leaves kroft, Jerin lingers for a moment as the others file out...

** spoiler omitted **


"I admit this is something I'm not used to. Tonight was great and as I have been told it was about time I pulled the stick out of my ass but now seeing you leave, is difficult for me to keep my feelings in check." she seems unfamiliar with the emotions of love and squeezed his hand back with a small smile on he face.

It doesn't take long to find Eries Yelloweyes, a second hand fishmonger with jaundiced eyes. She gives a nod as you approch and raises a eyebrow at Llyra as she approches.
"My children said that you had a new recruit and I assume you area all looking for somewhere safe to hide after the queen's dramatic reveal. None of us saw that coming. Please, follow me to the nearest manhole." she walks ahead, moving around behind a shop and into a cut, but first bringing over someone who appears to be non-descript, but was now at the stand to cover for her. She finds a manhole cover, pulls off the top for the entrance into the sewers. "I will get one of my children to escort you." she snaps her fingers twice and you all suddenly here movement down here. "They will escort you to the nearest den. We have many dens scattered through out the city and we know to trust you ever since you spared their lives, despite what foolish Girrigz wanted."

As you make your way you notice that the Gray Maidens are all pre-occupied with the peasants so when you make your way out none of them notice you and you don't run into any problem on the street just yet.

As you arrive at Citadel Volshyenek you notice that the place is still incredibly understaffed. So bad that there is only one guard standing at the entrance who lets you all through with a salute and the rest of the courtyard appears completely empty, with no one training and no one cleaning up the trash or clearing the dust inside. The overall state of neglect is hanging above it.

Cressida Kroft, now that you get a closer look at her appears haggard and tired, but not quite as bad as when you first met her during the anarcy. She ushers you into a new room, keeping a finger to her lips with a serious look on her face. This new room appears to be plain-looking with a single long table and a small closed coffer on it with enough chairs for everyone, including Cressida. She taps the walls purposely to you all.
"No one outside this room will hear what we say. It is protected by a spell the wizard called private sanctum, perminantly." as she says this she takes her position and then gives a sigh before looking over you all and speak in a low voice. "Korvosa is dying. No, strike that. Korvosa is being murdered, killed by our queen. The evidence you've uncovered that links her to the plague is damning enough, but this recent display at her address...Endrin is dead and she's more in control now than ever. I dare not move against her as my guard would be executed to the last man by her Gray Maidens by sundown. She must be stopped and I can think of no one else but yourselves to do this deed." she paises as she visably measures you all up. "Whatever foul magic the queen has wrapped herself in is obviously of the highest order. Endrin's aim was true and she should've died, you all saw. To be honest I had fears that he was going to take matters into his own hands like this, however I hoped that he would have found it within himself to find a better route. If only he could have waited."

"You see, just this morning new information came to me reguarding the queen. I have received a missive from my friend Vencarlo Orisini, the first I've heard from him since Queen Ileosa cut off Old Korvosa and put it in quarantine. It gives me hope as Vencarlo speaks of discovering something of cital importance reguarding the queen. He mentions something about dark magic and a pact with a devil, but until the events of this morning I found his claims difficult to believe, yet now...if Qyeen Ileosa has entered an infernal pact of some sort, we must tread carefully indeed."

"Vencarlo asked for you in the missive as it appears you made quite the impression upon him. He remains in Old Korvosa now, but has asked that I send you to his home where he'll be waiting and will tell you what he has discovered. Ironically, you should be safe in Old Korvosa due to the quarantine that had cut off the island entirely and word on the street is that she plans on leaving it to rot so this will be the last place for her to look as long as you maintain a low profile and avoid confrontations with the Gray Maidens."

"Once you find him you'll need to escape Korvosa, I fear. This city is no longer safe for you or those associated with you. As Field Marshal, I suspect that as long as I comply with the Queen, I shall be safe and will do what I can to ensure those friends and any family of yours are protected, but by remaining in this city, I fear that you put them into more peril. Go to Old Korvosa, find Vencarlo and hear what he has to say. He has contacts in Harse so he'll be able to help you lay low. I shall be in contact with you when I can at which point our plan, I hope, shall be clear. Now, the treasury is nearly empty, but I have a small cache here for you." as she says this she opens the coffer to let you see the inside where you find four potions of cure serious wounds, three potions of lesser restorations, two potions of remove disease, a wand of invisibility (10 charges) and a wand of cure moderate wounds (30 charges). "Please, make haste to Old Korvosa and track down Vencarlo. The queen won't take long to recover before attempting to hunt you all down as you have been seen as a thorn in her side for quite some time, which you Llyra will meet the same fate just for being with you. Before you go I suggest swimming or taking a skiff from the northern banks of the Jeggare, under the cover of darkness to avoid notice. I don't know if you have a safehouse, but I suggest you hide there if you have one or need to get one. I can't help you with that for I will be the first one questioned on where you are and I cannot lie if I don't know where you are, right?" she gives a wink before opening the door for you all. "You are heroes in my heart and I hope a plan will come together shortly."

Jerin wrote:
Cressida Kroft AKA DM wrote:

Marcus nods to Curnach, agreeing.

"I will. I hope my contact gets back to me by then." he raises and leave sfrom the table after finishing the drink and then heading out the door.

Cressida stays with you all, getting to know the new comer and see how everyone is doing. She seems to be acting more out of character the more she drinks and makes sure to sit next to Jerin.

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

The Field Marshall, Cressida Kroft stands up suddenly, taking hold of Jerin's hand.

"Well...the night has been long and I must bid you all good night. Come on you wizard you." she seems to almost pull him out of his chair and marches up the stairs to a room. Thendra looks over, looking confused and a little shocked at the way her friend was acting, but also giving a giggle, looking back to the group before continuing to serve up drinks for all and keep on celebrating the end of the plague and the lives saved.

Will start posting up the new thread now. Look out in OOC and I'll post in links to OOC first and then IC.

Marcus nods to Curnach, agreeing.
"I will. I hope my contact gets back to me by then." he raises and leave sfrom the table after finishing the drink and then heading out the door.

Cressida stays with you all, getting to know the new comer and see how everyone is doing. She seems to be acting more out of character the more she drinks and makes sure to sit next to Jerin.


A few times as she talked, Cressida rubs your leg suggestively under the table.

Jerin wrote:

I assume you all have proof of her treason? You all have written proof of her treason?

If you don't by what authority would you arrest her? You think we could just fight our way past dozens of guards, past Sabina Merrin to do what...kill her.
On what authority, with what proof? Do you think that the noble families would just sit idly by, that the leaders of the churches would just sit idly by and let us do this.
Let me see...
Jerin casts detect magic

I was just checking to see if you had all be feebleminded and reduced to blabering fools.
We would be the ones arrested and put to death for treason. I see nothing right now that gives us a justifiable reason to even attempt this. So Marcus what proof do you have?

After that, who takes control of the city or do we just let it fall into anarchy again?
Jerin seems pretty annoyed that no one has really thought this through in his know he supports getting rid of Lleosa...

"You are right Jerin. All we have is certain suspecions and minor evidence that wouldn't hold up in court." at this Macus sighs in frustraiton, but he knows that you are all right. "In such a situation there is a hiarachy. When the crimson throne was empty the most powerful nobility assumed the throne. In this case the Arkonas would take the throne if the queen was taken off the throne. Glorio Arkona to be king with his wife Melyia Arkona as queen. I personally don't trust them anymore than the queen herself."

Cressida starts drinking a bit and at times gives Jerin a wink or two.

Llyra Bjorgan wrote:
Jerin wrote:

A break from all of this creating sound like a good idea. I have nasty ideas for revenge llyra which I am sure you would be interested in hearing...who are these men and do you know where they are located?

A wide grin spreads across Jerin's face, the first one you have seen in a month or so.

I believe the good Field Marshal knows the festering wounds of society whom I seek. At the age of 12 I did not learn any names - but there are four faces which I shall never forget. I take out my whip and carefully stroke it. And hanging bound upside down from the rafters, I can think of many things which will happen to any of these faces unfortunate enough to have survived the plague.

"Gaedren Lamm was one of those people. Two of them have commited suicide after becoming babbling wrecks and the final one has gone missing. I am going to try and track him down." she explains to the group, hoping that they feel that little bit better about Gaedren Lamm being killed.

There is a man off in the distance who appears to be taking notice of the group for quite a while. He is dressed in the Sable Company with a high ranking from the marks on his uniform. He appears to be studying you all silently and his glass appears to have barely been drunk.

Llyra Bjorgan:

The Field Marshall, Cressida Kroft is suggested as the person to talk to reguarding the criminal underworld. When you give her the description she takes some time to listen, though she does appear to have a pile of paperwork. Unlike most law officials she appears to put people's concerns before her own, especially as she seems so intrigued in your story.

"I know one of those men you have discribed died. He and the others split some time ago and it's hard to know what's happened to them. Others have been driven mad in the recent riots and commited suicide, possibly died from their guilt of what they had done so many years ago." she looks over some notes of people she's been keeping track of. "There are two who have been silent recently, but I will try and track them down. I'd perfer if they were brought to justice for their crimes, however if they do attack you then you have no choice but to defend yourself after all." she gave a wink as she says this and then taps her nose.

"I know a group of heroes who may be willing to help you. They have delt with many of the criminal element in the city and stopped catastrophies that would've ruined the city. I'll take you to them now at the Three Rings Tavern." she raises and leads you out of Citadel Volshyenek and make your way to the Tavern.

Some of the things will be made public like how they are heroes who saved the day and so many people are greatful for their service and having saved their life. Group should fill you in on recent events.

Arianna takes up to dancing at the Tavern, having enough of the adventuring life. She smiles to you all and apologises that she won't be able to follow you anymore as she was so freaked out after their final incursion and the appearance of Urgathoa. She is happier just dancing and entiretaining everyone in celebration for the new life everyone feels and in honour of the dead who would not want their families and friends to mourn their passing after the plague has been cured. She is danving on the main stage with beautiful rhythmic movements.

When more clerics from the temple of Abadar continued to appear with the plague it was discovered that a large deposite for fifty thousand silver coins was infected with the same plague. They are in the process of removing it now.

Cressida Kroft enters the Tavern with a young and very attractive woman with medium build, fair skin and long, coppery red hair.
"To be an adventurer. No paperwork, only fun." Cressida smiles down to you and turns to introduce you. "Let me introduce Llyra Bjorgan, priestess of Calistra who was once born here, but recently returned from a long jurney. I will let her fill in the details. Llyra, this young man with the blond hair is Curnach a young man who is one with nature, Krenn a dwarf with such fierce and powerful swings of his Axe that I wish I had one of him in every one of my units and finally Jerin, a enchanter and student from Korvosa's own Acadamae where the best wizards in Varisia are trained." she smiles broadly and then takes a few moments to consider but then sits down. "Think I'll have a drink or two. Not like the paperwork is going to do itself."

Curnach Daveck wrote:

Curnach asks the others to keep the building secure while he reports to Kroft. Once he gains an audience with her he explains what happened and says-

The main levels of the building are secure. We rest before we descend into the depths. They are not aware of us, we kept it quick and clean and triggered no alarms. No civilian casualties. Lots of plague victims in there though; we'll need help for dozens of them so inform the temples too. I think that priest of Abadar owes us a favour so call it in. Only once the building is secure and the citizens safe, will we descend.

Cressida is shocked from what you revealed, especially at how the Doctor admitted how he wanted to continue the spread of the disease and how it was meant to be balance, weeding out the weak from the strong.

"This is most distressing and even though there is no evidence to suggest the queen's involvement. He could've been acting out alone with whatever group he works under." she thinks over for a moment and looks back ot Curnach. "Wouldn't it be best to go down there now? Whoever or whatever is down there might be alarmed if no one has gone down the entire day."

She gets Ishani to the office, relaying everthing discussed and then sending him to gather all the clerics he managed to, following Curnach back to the warehouse. You notice that it is not only clerics of Abadar like Ishani but holymen with flowing black robes and a red trim and wearing the unholy symbol of Asmodeus with the followers of both religions looking at each other with dagger-like expressions, but Ishani's temple needs the extra manpower and Ishani explains that they have signed a contract for the followers of their god of contracts giving them payment in coin and a agreement Ishani does not know of.

The priests go around, helping lift the poorly civilians and getting them real help and taking care. Even though the faithful of Asmodeus don't appear too interested in healing the suffering of others, they find converting those whose lives have been saved by them to be easy, however all the civilians are still too weak from the disease weakening their bodies and are either carried or helped in walking towards the nearest available temple to continue the curative work and making sure to see to the varisians upstairs, one of the clerics of Abadar becoming physically sick at the sight of all this unnessacery surgury. It doesn't take long for the mess to be cleaned up and the wounded, but healthy Varisians to be healed up and escorted out, told to report back to the temples if they are still in pain, however the combination of channeling energy should be enough. After this you are all alone and the elevator hasn't moved at all in that time.

When you all decide to go down, make sure to place the button in the inset to gain access to the hidden area.

So guys, what's the plan? Everyone disguises as Doctors? You'll need to either get copies of the plaugebringer masks or somehow make mundane versions to blend in as part of a disguise. As long as the majority are disguised they're more than likely to think that Krenn or another character is simply sick and allow you guys through. However you could go all american style and go in guns blazing. Still a entire day before acting though and the woman might want to be informed what happened to her brother as she is undouptedly waiting at The Three Rings Tavern.

"Have you come up with a definative plan? I doupt the doctor and those jumped armoured defenders of the crown." Cressida mentions as she doupts they would cause the group much trouble. "You killed vampire spawn and subdued a wererat uprising, what could a hospice full of doctors and personal guards do against you?"

"The armour could make you appear as if you were dressed like one of the doctors. According to these blueprints there are 2 floors if you include the catwalks. There might be a few grey maidens up there overlooking the warehouse area, good spot for them to fire arrows on intruders. I have seen those grey maidens carrying bows so that is a possibilty." she looks back at the group. "This is a dangerous mission, but it is smaller than other places you have all been. It shouldn't be too difficult to clear out as you are all experience and I doupt any of those jumped up personal strike force of the queen are a match for you." the Field Marshall clearly dislikes the queen's answer to enforcing law in the city.

Arianna Rothschild wrote:
Turn to Cressida, Arianna asks "Would you like to 'detain' these physicians or should we? upon further thought I believe we would only need three sets of clothing, as I've not seen any dwarves among these "Queens Physicians". I believe carrying Krenn, as a patient, in a stretcher should get us by the guard nurse."

"If they are willing to surrender they will answer to the firm hand of justice in Korvosa, however if they attack you then I will have no quarrel with them being put to the sword like in Rolth's den those months ago." she nods as she listens to these tactics. "It can be a mix of both physicians and Grey Maidens bringing in a patient. As long as you keep your act up and convince those inside what you are doing then it should be possible, however where you go from there I do not know as the numbers of those inside are unknown to me."

"It appears to me the best entrance is the front way as I'm sure you have all noted. The back might be locked with chains and not to mention it'll be a noisy entrance. The disguise solution sounds the best as I don't want anyone dying." she takes a breath and looks back out across Korvosa. "There are many people inside there with god-knows-what happening to them. This is a problem as they could be used as potential shields."

Arianna Rothschild wrote:

Beware: I have a plan

Arianna turns to the group and says "I have a plan to get us inside but it will require the surreptitious detention of four of the Queen's Physicians" She gives Commander Kroft a sideways glance "With the plague masks on and the heavy coats over our armor we should at least be able to get past the desk nurse with little problem. The only thing worrying me is that they seem to communicate in some sort of sign language. I had seen a pair of them flashing signs at each other the
other day. Without knowing the proper signs our little ruse won't get us very far."

"It sounds like a interesting plan, though from what I've heard both Grey Maidens and the Physicians enter the front and they are the only ones admitted besides the sick. From what I know you have only 1 mask and I doupt they will believe a single physician and only Arianna would meet the 'requirements' for being a Grey Maiden unless you can disguise yourselves as females in the signature full plate, heavy steel shield, longsword and red plumed helm." she pauses for a moment "Of course, I can't condone any attacks on the Grey Maidens of physicians to steal their uniforms in order to sneak in." she gives a surreptitious wink as she says that.

Curnach Daveck wrote:

Curnach smiles.

I too have a plan- the spirits of the city have taught me a powerful trick. he says, closing his eyes after staring at Jerin intently. With a blur and shimmering of his form, Curnach moves to stand beside Jerin- now looking exactly like him.

If we scout the building and find a back exit or a window, I can take on the form of one of the staff and let you all in.

She stares, unable to believe the ability that Curnach has to transform his appearance in this way as he appears to be a perfect duplicate of Jerin.

"A very useful ability indeed. One could dress as a physician, Curnach could use his ability to look like one of the Grey Maidens, Arianna could dress up as one and Krenn could be escorted by the three of you into the hospice." she smiles as she can see a plan coming together.

Jerin wrote:

Or I can go invisible and walk around unseen to see what they are up to as a third option, then there is probably very little chance of being detected. Either of the other options will probably get us in the door but not much further before we are detected.

Of course I don't care if they detect us, I just want to get my hands on the good doctor. Once we have the information for the cure I think he should have an accident...I don't want the Queen getting her hands on him if she is involved in this, I am sure he would just then "disappear" anyways.

"Another good plan. My informant couldn't get a look on the inside, but he did manage to pull up some interesting information." as she says this she reaches into the desk and pulls out paperwork on the Hospice. "Before it became a Hospice, this was the a warehouse for 'Arkona Imports' which was sold nearly 4 months ago, almost as if this was in preperation and was open just as the physicians moved in. Arkona's would never give up their warehouse as it was on the west side and the best location to import and smuggle things into Korvosa, but I've never had the chance to raid their warehouse and now it's a Hospice." she sighs shaking her head and then laying out blueprints "From what I understand, the back doors are large loading doors. It's a back way in, but potentially very noisy."

Blue Prints

"As you can see, these blueprints are only for the construction of the inside and they are several years old. I couldn't get any more recent blueprints and I have been told from my source that there has been some construction made on the inside, but I have no proof as the workers were hired and paid in platinum peices for their secrecy, but this work was done over the past several months when they bought the warehouse and the Arkonas are unhappy about the circumstances, from what I've heard." she paused for a moment and then looked over the plans. "Your help to the city has been invaluable and you are all true heroes of the city. Exposing this plot will make you all famous through out the city. I have no doupt that the queen will reward you for your efforts as will I and the city."

Curnach Daveck wrote:
We'll take you to the field marshall now sir, along with the Elf that attacked you.

"I thank you. I wish to take her head off, but she should be delt with by the law, even though she is clearly deranged." he gets up, wanting to get off and report what had happened to the Field Marshall.

Assuming you all collect the elf woman and carry her unconcious with Ausio Carowyn

Field Marshall Cressida Kroft is surprised by what disturbing news you brought her. As you all explain to her everything that happened she makes sure to have Jolistina Superio gagged when put away as she knows this woman is a sorcorer. She lets one of her leutenants deal with the paperwork for Ausio Carowyn for the cleaning of his mansion and reporting to the families of those who died.

Once he's left she looks over to you with a serious look.
"I have the address where the good doctor has been hiding out. He has been hiding in The Hospice of the Blessed Maiden. This Hospice has many infected within it's walls and my informant has seen many of the Queen's Gray Maidens entering and leaving, but beyond that my informant knows nothing about the inside, but he did manage to find out a nurse stops anyone from getting any further than the entrance." she stops for a moment and looks out the window. "Take a rest for tonight and make sure you are prepared to enter the Hospice. There will be many innocent, suffereing victims of the Blood Veil in there and I would hope none of you cause their deaths, however I understand if there are unavoidable casualties. I hope once you catch this horrorfying doctor we can get some straight answers out of him and a cure to this plague. I wish I could pay you for what you have done, but we have our resources streched."

Eqipment off Jolistina

2 potions of invisibility

2 potions of remove disease

wand of cat's grace (10 charges)

4 smoke bombs

+1 Glamered Studded Leather Armour (was in the fourm of a beautiful ball gown, but can be changed to what the owner wants)

+1 light crossbow

3 screaming bolts

30 bolts

masterwork dagger

2 alchemist's fire

flint and steel


sealing wax

20 sewing needles

150 gp in stolen jewelry.

a wizard's spellbook with some spells (clearly not Jolistinia's)

Spells in book:

4th--Ice Storm
3rd--Dispel Magic, Fly, Haste

You can sell these for cash before the next day.

Arianna Rothschild wrote:

Well that went nicely. Since Curnach/Alex is indisposed should I figure out the split in his place? Arianna would like the Perfumes and Perfume bottles and will make up the difference in her split. Would Curnach want the Wand of Remove Disease and Jerin the Charm Person?

That is about the most naff hook in this section of the AP. However, what comes next will more than make up for it I hope :).

Cressida Kroft was quite amazed at how you managed to bring in these thugs to be locked up. The evidence for her wrongdoing being the proof you have shown that the cure has no effect on plague victims and the one you tested on in front of other nearby guards Ishanti had cured the woman and these testimonies are enough to bar Vendra.

The guards were holding masterworked saps which you took, but the same as the other guard have average chainmail armour and 20 gp each (40 gp total)

Vendra was also wearing +2 bracers of armour, 2 doses of giant wasp poison and a pile of silver and violet jewlery worth 50 gp.

"I am amazed at the effectiveness of you all. First you helped quell anarchy and now you're all saving us from the plague and shalontons." she sighs and then rises from her desk, looking out of the window. "There is another problem. A woman, named Deyanira Mirukova who keeps begging for the guard to search for her missing brother, Ruan Mirukova. I have not given her much attention as we are far too busy at the guard helping escort the doctor's men and being ordered about by the Grey Maidens shortens the amount of men I have available even more." she gives a short sigh "She appears to have left for now, though I have no doupt she will return in the morning. If she does, shall I send her to the Three Ring Tavern to meet with you?" She she says this she looks at you all hopeful that you are willing to help with woman. "If money is a issue, she is of a noble family and finding out what happened to her son will put you all in good strides with the upper class not to meantion the coin she may reward you with. For now I'd suggest resting. It's getting late and you have all done a good job."

After a few moments she checks the outside of her office and turns back to the group.
"One of my contacts has seen the Doctor making his regular trips. So far all I know is that he visits an area close to the citadel near the dockside. I don't know who he is with, but he is often occompenied by a few people in robes, women the best my contact could make out. If I have anything solid I will inform you all immediatly."

Curnach Daveck wrote:
Do you believe this report in Racker's Ally can wait until tomorrow? I have used much of my power today, and am somewhat drained.

"Certainly, I would perfer you all be at 100% before tackling this as you have proven things have not been what they seem." she nods understandingly as she had no problem letting you all rest for a day.

Arianna Rothschild wrote:
"If I might suggest, do not arrest the 'good'doctor just yet. If he has compatriots arrestinf him too early they may go to ground and we would never be able to track them down. Place someone you trust to surreptitiously keep an eye on him and find out who he has contact with. Then we can round up all the conspiritors in one fell swoop."

"That's what I was hoping you'd say. The last thing I want to do in a time like this is let those responsable know I'm on to them." she smiles as she looks over the group. "I hope the payment I gave you for those potions is all the reward you require, but what you have brought me is invaluable. I will make sure all my men treat you all with great respect. I'll find someone to spy on this doctor."

As you open the coffer with a little effort you find a collection of ledgers, invoices and the deed to the ship named the Direption, all noted as "B7", titling one "R. Davaulus" with ownership of the ship and a cargo noted only as "specimens."

These papers are clearly very incriminating and the Field Marshall looks taken aback at this this revelation.

"This is damning evidence, but I will need time before making an arrest. I've seen paperwork like this." she seems to leer at the deed. "I've found many forgeries out of the company mentioned here. It's a dummy name. For now I'll keep a much closer eye on the doctor and his assistants. I have recently recieved a disturbing report." seeing this as a perfect oppitunity to hide the evidence away, casting a suspecious eye at the door to her office.

Turning back to the group she reads off one of her reports.
"One of the most disturbing reports I have found is one converning Racker's Alley. People have reported that some of the lazier plague carters aren't delivering their bodies to the gray district as ordered, but are merely dumping them in the alley. If this report is true then I am disgusted with such treatment of the dead and will punish those responsible. I will need you all to investigate this when you can." she puts that report down and takes another suspecious look at the door.

"The queen's orders are to not mess with the Doctors, but I feel this evidence is heavy enough for me to act if you so wish. I will need your assistance if he attempts to make a run for it or his men try to protect him." she sighs as she looks to her swordbelt, making sure it's secure "The most I can do now is hold him in a cell until the end of my investigation over these papers, which will take some time as I cannot research legitimately, but I have a few sources who can confirm my suspecions of the deed. If these suspecions are confirmed then we are dealing with something far worse than the doctor and his lackys."

The Field Marshall looks over these items as Arianna reveals these items, the mask looking exactly like the doctor's mask and magically made to be immune to the very disease that hasn't yet infected the city. She looks at the unholy item, recognising it and nodding.
"This is all very suspecious. A mask just like the other doctors and the unholy symbol of Urgathoa, goddess of disease from what I've heard. The presance of this unholy symbol is disturbing as is the mask and the ship being devoid of supplies." she looks back to the group with a serious look and a nod. "I'll take a closer look at this doctor and his activities. If I find anything else I will inform you all. Was there anything else you found below?" she asks looking over the group, staring back at the unholy symbol in disgust.

"I see." she nods and turns to the doctor. "Do you mind leaving us?"

She takes this argument into consideration and sighs as she appears to be in deep thought for a second.
"What you ask is difficult. I have been using my own money to by potions to remove the affliction I have caught once already, but I can dip into the funds. Less guards have been showing up due to catching the blood veil so funds have loosened. I hope that you can shed some new light on this epidemic and find out who is behind this." she rises back from her desk "Wait here. I'll head to the treasury and see what there is." she heads off and leaves you all alone for a little while. You notice that the doctors appear to take interest in you all and there is a air of creepyness as they stare at you through those break-shaped masks.


Cressida returns with the fonds, handing them to the group.
"I know this will be worth the cost as you have all proven yourselves loyal to this city and to helping the guard bring those to justice." she smiles softly to the group "I am very glad you avoided the deaths of many innocents. Even though my job is the protection of those above the surface, I have no hate for those who live in the sewers. Please bring me back any details and evidence you find down there."

According to the PDF you guys should be 5th level. So level in OOC, standard things like either rolling or average for hitpoints.

On your way to the citadel more people appear to be contracting the plague, growing rashes and pustuels. Some men in the guard appear to have them too.

As you arrive at the Citadel, you find the Queen's new Gray Maidens are growing in number and many of the guard appear unhappy under their command. A group walked past and even though the greet you, the gray maiden turns her head and starts barking orders at them to stay in marching formation.

As you arrive into Cressida's office you find the entire barracks are still catering to the Doctors who are examining some of the guardsmen who are having their pustiels examined with strange looking sticks they that open sours with to examin the body, giving silent hang signals to other doctors as their silent way to communicate.

Cressida welcomes you, though looks about as she sees the Doctors are still nearby.
"I'm surprised you have arrived. I have not asked for your help, but I've heard you healed one of my men earlier. I've been sending people out to get these boxes, but none appear to be left behind as I'm sure many people have taken them already not knowing their danger, but we know that they are a small black boxs. Do you have any news on this epidemic?

Kroft turns around hearing this message and then talks to one of her aids who then decide to run towards the group.
"Greetings, I work for the Field Marshall. Please, follow me." he leads the group into the citadel, the other guards are all pleased to see the group and smile in your direction, however the woman in fullplate appears to leer in your direction and barks at the guards she's commanding for not remaining in disciplined position.

As you meet up with Cressida Kroft she forces a smile and seems guarded in her current, unfavourable company, Davaulus's doctors appear to unnerve her just as much as they do the other men of the guards.
"Dr. Davaulus, these are a few assistants have helped me with keeping the chaos to a minimum last month." she says to Dr. Davaulus who smiles conently.
"I have heard some great things about you four. Managing to solve so many problems without spilling blood, very surprising." he does seem genuinly interested and impressed by the group."Since I assume you will be involved with helping this city again I'll give you this new public announcement." as he says this he reaches into his bag and pulls out the public announcement on paper, one of many paper announcements that will be soon spread throughout the city.

Public Announcement

Ishani steps forward.
"Can I be of service in coordinating the efforts of the Grand Vault of Abadar with you and the rest of the city." he says hopefully and his participation is welcomes and he heads inside with the group. "Before I go, thank you. I'm surprised, but hope the queen's new plans work." he smiles over to the group and hands a bag of coins.

200 gold each, in case you forgot so it's 800 in total.

Kroft looks to the group almost not wanting to have this meeting with the doctors, but knowing she must for the good of all of Korvosa.
"I will tell you if I need anything. For now you can rest or help with the plague and save people's lives." after she says that the Doctor appears to wrinkle his nose, but doesn't say anything and follows her into the citadel.

Curnach Daveck wrote:

Curnach reports what he has learnt.

Sorry, too tired for a better reply...

That's why I went to bed after typing that lol.

"This is very worrying. I'll send out some men to try and ratrieve anymore boxes, but I fear the damage has already been done. If this disease is spread as you say then all those coins she had were infected and spread to every other coin in someone's coinpurse or cash register." she sighs looking out the window. "Korvosa is a big place. Those coins have probably already changed hands five times now. I'll make sure to pick up any more boxes to stop the spread. I hope this will nip the problem in the bud." she says as she is about to leave the room but stops suddenly, handing the letter on the desk over to the group. "Vencarlo told me to give this to you and only you. He didn't tell me why."

Arianna's post appeared just before this post/

"You are right, Arianna. Not to mention we can't walk in and confiscate coins claiming they're diseased."

The letter is sealed in wax and she leaves the room before you open it.


I need your group's assistance in a urgent matter. Please come the Orisini Academy with only yourselves, no one else.

Vencarlo Orisini
You all know where Vencarlo's place is as one time some of you escorted him there before heading to Eel's End. It's his swordsmanship where he teaches the fine art of fencing.

Ishani appears quite frightened as Curnach says this and shakes his head.
"This is just like Scarlet Leprocy in Vudra again." he sighs and looks back to Curnach. "I'll inform them, but I am only a lowly priest and they most likely won't listen to me."

On the way to the Citadel

As you approch the citadel you find that there are many more men here than in the past. Since things have calmed down the guards are back to training openly, standing guard, keeping watch or the occassional guard snoozing as you enter the Citadel. No one stops you as you all have a name for yourselves helping overcome the chaos in the city, though you aren't household names, you are popular amungst the guard and sable cavelry.

Cressida is surprised to see you enter as she was just finishing off a report and had a letter on her desk. She rises from her desk assuming you aren't simply here for tea and biscuits.
"It's been a while has something happened? Everything has been so quiet I was hoping to catch up a bit more on my sleep." she eagerly awaits for oyur news though, almost excited as the past few weeks have clearly been quite slow for her.

Cressida Kroft offers the sack of 1000 gold as promised once you hand over the body.

"I will take care of...him. Head over to the castle. I have told the guards to be expecting you."

Might've said this already but you will be allowed to sell items. Also robe of bones won't be difficult to sell since necromancy is allowed in this Lawful Neutral city, but Rolth crossed a line with cutting up people and making constructs.

Looking to krenn she nods.
"I'm glad to hear. If you hand me the body I can take it to Thousand Bones and try to mend ties with his people so we don't have a worse riot on our hands." she explains to Krenn and then looks over to Curnach as he mentions that he would like to attend the execution.

"I was just getting to that. I want you all to attend the execution, this whole thing doesn't sit right with me as you have brought your evidence to me I would've assumed they would let her go. I want you all to attend, also, because I fear a riot may start up." as she explained this she looks over you all. "You will take the best position by being with Korvosa's nobles. Here is your payment and remember to get there before sunset. The queen will address the crowd at the same time and as I have to deliver the Soanti boy's body to his grandfather and fill out the paperwork I won't be able to attend."

As you return to the group and explain they are free to go the people sigh and thank you. Some managed to smuggle a few coppers and offer it as payment as they have nothing else to offer you, but Tiora had nothing on her now to offer to you, but she smiles and promises you that she will pay you all back somehow.

As you exit and make your way through the city you all hear whispers and open shouting in the street about the news. The trail of Trinia Sabor is concluded and the queen herself has announced the execution for at sunset.

As you arrive at the Citadel Cressida Kroft meets you all at her office.
"I assume you have all been successful in retrieving Gaekhen?" she asks as she looks at the group and notices the visable wounds on some of you. "I am sure I have a medic nearby if any of you are seriously wounded?"

Krenn Weststone wrote:

You have been most fair to us, Lady Cressida. I am certainly willing to pursue this on your behalf. Do we have any leads? Does anyone know where to start looking for a way down to where he's supposed to be?

Anyone have a decent Knowledge Local to lead the way?

“Good thing I know where to look. We have the man who sold Gaekhen’s body to Rolth in custody: a simpleton named Elkaris. He spilled everything when we told him what was going on and how much trouble he was in. In any event, Elkaris says he delivered the body via wheelbarrow to a partially collapsed mausoleum deep in Potter’s Ward, near the southern edge. A toppled and headless statue of a sword-wielding gargoyle lay in the dirt near the mausoleum’s entrance. He was told to leave the body behind the gargoyle."

"This location matches where Thousand Bones believes the Shoanti burial grounds called the Dead Warrens used to be located, so that’s the best place to start the search.”

Field Marshal Kroft walks over to you all, shaking her head.
"I apologise for his behavious, but I admit I agree with his assessment. Someone tied to Korvosa needs to find the dead Shoanti's body and return it to his people as a gesture of good will or things will quickly go from bad to worse." she sighs and shakes her head "Normally I would contact the church of Pharasma to orginise the epedition into one of the warrens under the city graveyard, but you have proven yourselves capable as you have too, Arianna for helping in the capture of Trinia Sabor. Also, I nominated you all first for the problem due to your skills so far and it will be look better if I sent out the heroes of Korvosa. If you can do this, there is another one thousand gold coins. I would like you all to start again, however I will answer any and all questions before you leave."

Ahh, there we go, done.

Assuming you guys enter the citadel to find the Marshall.

As you find the office of Marshall Cressida Kroft you enter to see that she is in the office with a tall, rail-thin Shoanti man of 60 winters. He leans heavily on a walking stick, the polished femur of some giant beast crowned with a firepelt cougar's skull. He wears a shirt decorated with countless jangling animal bones, many painstakingly scrawled with dozens of tiny symbols and glyphs.

A bearskin cloak is draped about his bony shoulders and warpaint in the shape of a skull decorates his face. The Shoanti’s eyes are milky as if he were blind, though he sees better than most men half his age. He has a regal red-feathered razor crow sat on his shoulders, looking down at you all.

"Here are the people I was talking about. They have been saving this city and the city is still together thanks to they're actions." she nods in your directions, however Thousand Bones looks unimpressed and solemly nods towards you all. "We have a problem which could make the mayhem worse in this city. This man is Thousand Bones and is the ambassador of his people here in Korvosa, the Shoanti. In the riots of yesterday his grandson was, Gaehken was killed. He was killed in a fit of misplaced vigilantisim by some racist thugs. Thousand Bones wishes to ask something of us. Please, all sit down and I'll let my guest here explain the situation."

Jerin wrote:

To Trinia, We will do what we can for you Trinia. Once the Queen uses her own magic's she is sure to find out the truth and set you free! he hopes...walking back to Croft's office, I have spoken with the young lady and through magical means truly believe that she had nothing to do with the killing of our king. Croft do you believe that the Queen will also use the magics at her disposal to determine the truth? If so Trinia should be freed once the truth comes out.

EDIT: sense motive 1d20+1

Cressida nods towards Jerin

"I see...The queen will have to see this herself with her own spell casters, but I will tell her men you have already gotten the proof from her innocence and I believe the law will prevail." she forces a smile "Just think of this as a successful mission. For now the word is spreading and people are calming down. She will be taken securly to the castle and when the real killer is found they will be executed in public. I suggest you all give yourselves a pat on the back and head to the tavern. Most likely something would've happened in this panic so please return tomorrow, Korvosa will still require your assistance."


She seems uncertain about the law ruling but you can tell she hopes that Trinia isn't put to the axe and that this will all be cleared up.

Curnach Daveck wrote:
Indeed, let us drink and forget the failure of the justice system for this poor girl... This is not what I expected from you Croft. You would throw a girl to the wolves without a trial.

"This is not my choice, Curnach." she shakes her head "I represent the law. If the Queen wills it, I must obey. She believes the castle is a safer place to keep a eye on her than the citadel..." she remains strong with her words.

DC 18 sense motive:

She tries not to show it, but you can tell that she doesn't believe this is right neither but wants to uphold her duty.

Sorry just missed everything with all that unpleasentness. Jerin only found the wand, potion of somekind and the armour which she was of course still wearing as he said he wouldn't try and remove it and it was under her cloths ;)

"Strange...Are you sure there was nothing in her apartment at all?" she asks as she clearly doesn't like the idea of giving her over. "I'm sorry Curnach, but I can't do that. She is to be taken to Castle Korvosa where the queen and her guard will be interrorgating her and passing judgement. I have no power over what goes on in the castle and can do nothing about it. I unhold the law in the city, not the queen's castle." she expressed to you all and

Hmm...well I assume Jerin would've taken the potion and wand. The rest I'm not sure though. You all notice she has no actual money, only two bronze bracelets and a bronze necklace.

As you arrive at the citadel, Cressida Kroft is happy to see you all and smiles as she notices Trinia.
"I assume you are Miss Sabor?" she asks and the girls nods. Cressida passes a bag of gold to the group for her capture. As she promised, it's 1,500 gold coins. "Now, since she will not be needing her equipment I suggest we keep hold of her personal items as she will be taken off to Castle Korvosa for interrorgation and execution, if found guilty." she sighs, not seeming to want to do this, but she has to for the good of the law and the queen she serves.

Trinia looks downcast, but she does not fight as she is manicled and Cressida, not wanting to have her embarressed, had her taken into a private room to remove the armour without being exposed to anyone else. The shining magical armour is placed aside along with her other items before then turning to the group.
"Did she have anything else on her? A vial of questionable liquid, a exotic looking plant? Anything?"

Curnach Daveck wrote:

This throws up some serious continuity problems for me- Cressida just ushered a complete stranger who we just met into a top secret briefing and revealed the address of the most wanted woman in Korvosa to her- no wonder it won't take long for the mob to find the address with the watch so careless... Will attempt to find an in character fix...

Curnach sighs in frustration at Cressida, not having the courtesy or the tact to mask his irritation.

Yes, just one. Will you perhaps stop to say hello and ask who the new girl is before ushering in a total stranger into a discussion of this magnitude? Now that Arianna Curnach says, gesturing towards the woman without looking knows the address she is a risk. To Trinia, to herself and to the chance of the truth about this assassination ever coming out. You have implicated this poor woman into a plot that may be well over her head- you should be ashamed of yourself.

Turning to Arianna and sizing her up slowly and carefully, Curnach asks her in his usual, softer voice- Are you capable? You have the look of one who has travelled far to be in this place- and I assume you know how to use the blade concealed in your scarf. One of our number recently disappeared in the chaos of Korvosa and we could use all the help we can get- but if risk and adventure are not your preference, I must apologise but we will need to tie you up for the duration of the night.

Aside from the discussion about Arianna, Curnach shakes his head in dismay at the news. I think perhaps there was something to Tapestry's suspicions. The queen has allowed this chaos to reach the streets for her own motives.

"I am sorry, but I just assumed she was with you and I am worried about what will happen if the mob manage to catch her." she sighs, seeming very nervouse and worried over this whole ordeal.

Skender Ghaelekin wrote:
Skender pins Kressida Croft with his steely gaze. 'You're actually asking me to deny the people their chance at vengeance for the death of their king?'

"Mob justice is not true justice." she stares at Skender "What if she were innocent? What if you were in your position and the ream murderer had pinned this on you? Would it be vengenance then or justice for that atter? No, it wouldn't and we need to bring her back safely so she can be questioned under magical means to be sure." her command of the law appears strong and she remains ferm on this case. "You will be compensated. I will pay you 1500 gold if you manage to bring her to one of my men where we'll keep her safe. If she is guilty trust me, she will be executed publicly."

Just as you all find the room Cressida enters , flanked by 4 guards and appearing better having possibly slept the last few nights and standing in her gleaming and impressive armour.
"We need to talk, into the private room." she simply says, looking dead serious and heading over to the private room making sure to get everyone inside and stationing 2 guards outside the door to stop anyone from overhearing and marching around the room until she is able to turn and face you all.

She looks over to the new member of the group breifly
"Sorry I can't make introductions, but this is serious and urgent, I hope you understand." she sighs as she looks to the rest of you, keeping her dead serious face, but her eyes show a deep worry.“You’ve doubtless heard the stories that the king’s killer has been named. Yet there’s something more going on here, I’m afraid. Queen Ileosa could have quietly had this Trinia Sabor arrested at any time, yet the way in which she revealed the information to the city seems to me like she wants the riots to come back. Certainly, with the mob and the Hellknights out on the street, the girl doesn’t stand a chance at a trial—they’ll lynch her the moment they find her. And even if she did kill the king, mob justice isn’t the way. Worse, if she’s innocent, the real killer can use this distraction to throw us off the trail forever."

“Before Trinia is executed, we need to be absolutely sure she did this thing. And that means we need to catch her before the mob. We know where she lives—a flat in Midland at 42 Moon Street—but soon, so will the mob. The Hellknights don’t seem to care as much about catching her as they do about containing the mob—something about the “order of law” makes it a greater priority for them to contain than a possible assassin. I can’t say I disagree completely, but the problem is, the Hellknights are only making it worse. The mob’s covering most of Midland now, and Trinia’s flat is near the middle of the mess. I’ve got all available guards at work keeping things from getting any worse—and if I were to send them into Midland, they’d trigger a riot."

“I’m sure you can see where this is going. I need you to get into Midland, find Trinia, and bring her back to me so we can deliver her, safe and sound, to somewhere where she can be interrogated—preferably with magic, so we can be absolutely sure about her role in Eodred’s death. Get in there, catch her, and get out without letting the mob get its hands on her. I’ll have agents and officers nearby. If you can get her to one of them, we’ll be in the clear. Any questions?”

She stands there looking to you all as she waits to hear what questions you may want to ask her.

Couldn't remember this as I was away from laptop and using my blackberry to write the post.

"I also present you with 'The Pseudodragon's Mark' and all those who look upon you all will see you as champions of Korvosa" she smiles as she presents each one you a single medal that appears to be made of gold.

They can be either sold for 400 gold or you can keep them, wear them proudly which will grant you a +2 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy when talking to a citizen of Korvosa. These are very special medals that you might want to keep as they identify you as champions of Korvosa.

Skender Ghaelekin wrote:
Would I know Cressida Kroft?

yeah, i believe i had written your character is as being introduced to the group by her.

After having a brief look at the letters. She blushes as she sees that these letters are quite scandelouse and hands them over to a clerk.
These letters will be used if ever the time arises we should need some leverage. These letters are of a married female noble who writes some very...unlady-like things between them. For a reward. I will give you 900 gold." as she says that she gives you a large purse of coins. I have nothing else for you today so I'll see you tomorrow when I have new work for you."

close to the end of the ap so everyone gains a level. 3rd level now and you can spend the rest of the day buying items or being merry.

lol, scaley chicken

As you leave no one stops you leaving Eels End and you manage to arrive with no issues in your way.

At the citadel you enter to see Field Marshal Cressida Kroft sitting there and looking up with interest as you all enter.
"Did you manage to get the evidence?" she asks as she looks up at you all hopefully.

Going to let him out once you're far enough away from Eel's End?

That sounds fine, though the interior would've changed just for sanity's sake.

Although he doesn't leave right away, but seeing what the dwarf says he bows in respect and leave the room, showing a spring in his step and a twinkle in his eye that hints at the vibrancy of a man half his age.
"If indeed you do not wish to me accompany you I will be on my way. Continue to do your great work for the city my lords and lady." as he says this he gives everyone another respectful bow before leaving.

DC 20 Perception:

You notice that the last two fingers on Vencarlo's right hand are smaller than they should be and appear to be stiff too. Where normal fingers would bend, these do not.

"Please take him with you. I would rarther not fear something happening to him on the way to his acadamy and I can't spare the men to escort him. He is truly a dear friend." she sighs knowing that she can't force you to do anything you don't want to.


"I will keep this safe, however I have not heard the case of Mr Pestico, but I am sure I will hear of it sooner or later."

"Some people would say everyone from Cheliax are corrupt, but then again Varisa was once under their grasp as was this city but I do not believe all are bad. We have many Cheliaxian citazins who have moved here afterall and many are upstanding nobles." she looks to the door where Vencarlo left from "I would like this delt with soon, but I understand spellcasters and their need for rest. As I have said I do not know if Devargo is a stirgin or kraken. He might take the money and do as we bribe him or turn on you. If you feel a lot more safe from resting, then by all means you can rest as your work for the city has helped quell the chaos from how bad it could've become.

At the mention of Verik she sighs but nods.
"Yes, but I do not believe he will tell you anything. He believed he was doing a great justice for the city however you all revealed that he was fooled into it and the men he hired were simply thugs. You may talk with him, he's in cell 309."

Forgive the random pointless breaks between her talking, the AP gives it as a massive wall of text but I assume that's too painful to read so I thought this would make things easier.

"Yes I was going to say, Vencarlo has often come to me with news of important changes on the streets and this is no different-indeed, what he's learned could degrade into sanctions, embargos or even war against Cheliax is we don't act now. This problem is a man named Darvayne Gios Amprei. You might have heard of him-he's an ambassador from Cheliax whose disdain for Korvosa is well documented, and yet he's taken great pleasure in what our city has to offer. Even before this recent unrest, his man was ready to recommend to his government a sanction on trade or perhaps even an embargo." she points this out quite seriously.
"Vencarlo has learned though his own considerable sources that Ambassador Amprei's actual goals are to undermine Korvosa's economy to the point where he can buy up large portions of the city from desperate landholders and establish himself in a position of power here. Whatever the ambassador's reasons, we can't let his bias or personal plans hurt Korvosa. Yet neither can we take drastic action-not only would killing him be wrong, but it'd simply martyr him in Cheliax's eye."

"Fortunately, Darvayne has his foibles. Again, Vencarlo has learned that Ambassador Amprei has been making fairly regular visits to a place in Old Korvosa called Eel's End. This den of vice is run by a dangerous man named Devargo Barvasi, better known in Korvosa's alleys as the King of Spiders. I'd love to put Barvasi out of business, but he pays his vice taxes regularly and never causes any problems-in fact, since he keeps his business constrained entirely within the five ships moored at Eel's End, he's actually one of the least of my worries."

"Truth be told, I can’t decide whether Devargo is a stirge or a kraken. He seems like a bloodsucking pest most days, but sometimes I fear just how far his tentacles have wormed their way into our great city. In this case though, his insidious web stretching across Korvosa’s underworld might prove to our advantage. Devargo would never let someone he recognizes as an ally of the Guard into Eel’s End, but your group’s a different case. I’d like you to pay a visit to Eel’s End and secure an audience with Devargo. Find out what he knows about Amprei, get proof of any illicit goings-on the ambassador might be involved with, and bring that proof to me to use to undermine any forthcoming attempts by him to get Cheliax to cut us off. Devargo might not be willing to part with his information easily. I’ll supply you with some gold to bribe him, and whatever’s left over you can keep for yourself. Remember: the man is dangerous, but so are you—if things get violent, I wouldn’t mourn his passing."

She hands over a coinpurse over to you, placing it on the desk.
"This is 1000 gold coins to bribe Devargo. You can find him by-

As you make your way into the marshall's office you find that this time she is not alone. Sitting in one of the chairs at her desk is a handsome man who smiles as you enter.
"Glad you all made it. Let me introduce you to a old friend of mine, Vencarlo Orisini. at this he stands and bows deeply as he is introduced, giving a dazzeling smile towards Tapestry as he stands straight again. "Although Vencarlo is a bit of a critic of Korvosa's government, he has always been a great friend and trusted advisor, especially in these dark times as he has been informing me about the general temperment and moral of the citizens which has gotten better thanks to you, however-

DC 15 Knowledge Local:

Vencarlo Orisini is one of Korvosa's most well respected teachers of the honourable arts of fencing and swordplay.

The Marshall looks a little crowded in the room and makes her presence known.
"The Tavern would be better suited for these discussions. I have paperwork to work through, noting down your accounts including this-" she pauses, using her quill pen to prod the creature. "-thing. If we do get mounting evidence against the family we can refer to this later, yet I have no idea why they would do this if it was them and Virmanda wasn't acting alone. Come to my office tomorrow and I may have something new for you to deal with. There are still many headaches for me dealing with these problems and getting them under control. Grau is still looking for work if you feel that you want to persue something else before tomorrow."

Tapestry wrote:

Stepping over to Jerin, Tapestry gently lays a hand on his cheek and cracks one of her most... suggestive... smiles,

'You'd be amazed at what I can get just by asking nicely,' she purrs softly, adding, 'although I can be nasty too, if that happens to tickle your fancy...'

She takes a step away, turning as she does so in a manner which emphasizes the sway of her hips... and the swish of her arrow-head pointed tail,

'In any case, how do you expect to serve the crown if you're scared of approaching the people who may threaten it? Besides, I doubt that powerful noble families, in general, go about bumping off agents of the crown just because they're a little annoyed... at least, not openly...'

"..." she remains silent at the mention of them potentially knocking off agents of the crown when they were a little annoyed. "As Jerin says, this family will not want to see you. They only deal with the rich or potential customers. If they did create a creature like this, I dare not think about what kind of creatures could be there. Afterall, it might make you a target. She might not even be there." she shrugs and looks over at Tapestry when she makes the suggestion about being too scared to investigate this and how the crown would be interested. "The nobles are close to the crown. To suggest them or anything would be like suggesting the crown was up to no good. In this time of chaos that's the last thing we need."

Tapestry wrote:

'Possibly,' Tapestry agrees, but adds, 'although the Arkona family are known for their importing of items from Vudra - which could mean that the dagger was given as a genuine gift, without Virmanda realising its nature. A coincidence, to be sure, but it's probably best not to burn any of our bridges until we've had a chance to talk to the young lady ourselves... assuming, Marshal Kroft, that you'd wish us to quietly follow up on this potential threat to the crown?'

She shakes her head at this.

"Unfortunatly it's not enough proof. I would have to have proof this thing could transform into the dagger and the word of a guard who became a traitor would be worthless. They could easily say he is only willing to point out someone high up so that he could get out of his sentence. Then there's the Arkonas..." she sighs and shakes her head. "They are the oldest living family in Korvosa, supported the crown for many years. It would be impossible to get any one of their family members in court without having rock hard evidence, reliable and unflammable witnesses and a untouchable and uncorruptable jury. They could easily shift the blame to any of you and claim that one of you created this thing. As I've said, they are the oldest and most powerful family in Korvosa. They aren't going to get their hands dirty but if it means anything, I believe you."

The field Marshell jumps out of her seat upon seeing this thing.
"Wh-Where the hell did that snake come from?" she asks, clearly not occustomed to seeing small sized snakes dumped on her desk. It has black skin, red eyes, horns and looks like a hooded viper of somekind.

As you all leave you feel a satisfaction in the work you did, even though you did leave 2 of the men unconcious, it can be assumed you summoned guards to take them away.

Althon says he wishes he could stay, but he wishes to sign up for the guard to help maintain a semblance of order in the streets and stop chaos over-running this place. The time together was fun and he wishes you all luck.

Walking down the street with Verik didn't seem to cause as much trouble as you imagined it would. Most people stay out of your way and as you arrive the Marshall is there to greet you all, surprised you managed to bring Verik with you and in the room with her is a young wizard, dressed from the Acadamae.
"Well done everyone. You have all gone beyond the call and brought him back alive." she then calls for a guard who escorts Verik to his cell. Even if the spell is still working or not, he goes along compliently. "He will be sitting in a cell, waiting for desertion. It's sad for me to say, but the queen had recently raised the penalty and as he has no next of kin that I know of, you may have his items and affects." she pauses for a moment and raises, then realising Jerin was there.

"Oh yes, here is Jerin. He helped calm the chaos down in the city and since we are all looking for any able hand, I thought you might like to have him join in your group as you are missing one." she then leans down and pulls out a large pouch that she puts on the desk for the group. "The agreed payment. I suggest you head to The Three Rings Tavern and spend the night. You've earned it. I've heard Grau is looking for help if you want to get something done before you all rest up. I still can't spare any men and you have cleared up one of the many things that has been causing me a headache."

As a moment she remains thinking before raising her hand.
"Before you go, did you discover why he left the guard? This will save me time when I interrorgate him later tonight." as she says this you can see the waryness in her eyes from the days without sleep piling on.

Pouch contains the payment of 1,500 Gold coins as she said she would pay if you brought him back alive, which you did.

She nods at them all being at agreement.
"As I said, I will send word to Three Rings Tavern and you should all have a line of credit when you get back from your mission. I have nothing further to add than to stress the return of Verik, Welcome to the guard." she offers out her hand for everyone to shake before leaving. Once this done she sits back down to get back to her paper work, sighing deeply.

She sighs as the point Tapestry makes and puts up her arms.
"Fair enough. To start I of course mean you will be compensated in the same was as the Queen compensated you. Now...this task." she sighs again heavily and puts her head in her hands "Korvosa's Guard has enough troubles as it is without my own men going rogue on me. As much as this pains me to admit, though, this has happened several times already. They deserted their posts, more concerned about friends and family than the city which I can understand, yet not all of them have family. Many of them are using the riots as an excuse for personal gain. One such man is Verik Vancaskerkin who is not only a lone deserter, he's convinced a small group of fellow guards that Queen Ileosa is going to ruin the city. Wether she does or doesn't, that isn't the point-right now, we've got a city-wide crisis on our hands and I need all my guards working with me to see us through." he paused to rub her temples "A deserter is worse than a lost resource-it's an infection and I can't afford to pull any of my other patrols off duty to deal with Vancaskerkin and I'd rarther not expose any of them to him anyway, since I neither want Vancaskerkin to infect more guards with his talk of secession, nor do I want some overly patriotic guard killing him outright. I need impartial, skilled talent. Like you. If you accept you must bring him to me. Alive he's worth one thousand five hundred but dead he's only worth half of that. I would like to know exactly why he deserted which is why I need him alive, for interrorgation. If there is more to it than simple politics and if you find out I will need to know immediately. Vancaskerkin and his men have holed up in an abandoned butcher's shop up in Northgate called All the World's Meat." after saying this she stand up once again and puts out her hand "So, do we have a deal? You all get to be heroes and you will be well rewarded for it. Not to mention, I will put in a good word for you with Theandra Darklight. She owns the Three Rings Tavern in Five Corners. I'm willing to put up rooms here in the barracks for you and I've worked with adventuring groups before in and out of the city so I know you'll want your own personal reasons for...whatever reasons you wish." as she says this final part she looks over at Tapesty, seemingly recognising the symbol of Calistra on her shield.

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