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Pathfinder #1 - no spoilers

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I received my first comic yesterday and was pretty excited to open it and read. I must say I'm a bit disappointed. In my opinion, the anime art style was not very good:
1) The characters did not maintain a consistent look throughout the book
2) The scenes seemed way to cluttered
3) It was difficult to tell with any detail what was going on
4) One character at one point looked exactly like a certain adamantine, claw wielding, hero (who shall go unnamed)

The story was a very typical beginning to any random adventure and mostly ho hum in my opinion.

The book was put together well on quality paper etc, although mine had a couple of smudges (light spots) on the front cover.

I'm not planning on dropping the sub in hopes that as the title matures, it will increase in quality.

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Not a Fan

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it erases nicely


map does not fold up correctly, nor does it lay flat (not very flippy)

i could barely see the lines I drew and I had to redraw the scene during the same gaming session.

I had high expectations after reading the other 5 star reviews, and I must say that I am not very pleased with this product, and I'll not be purchasing another Flip-Mat. Buyer beware.