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We ran this last night with 5th lvl characters, and the 3d6 30' burst 8 times a day (with improved feat) seemed a bit strong imo, but I did make the cleric choose to harm or heal as it were.

A properly designed cleric is a beast in the first place, and this adds to their strength. Undead cease to be a threat when you combine channel energy and crits/sneak attacks.

We are going to be starting LoF in ~ 2 weeks and here is the cast list:

Mshai Watii– Osirion Water Druid - Seeking Adventure

Sadiq Mubarak – Osirion Priest of Sarenrae - Missionary

Khair – Osirion Holy Warrior of Sarenrae - Reclaiming Your Roots

Galen – Varisian Mystic - Earning Your Freedom

Orson – Warrior from Lasthall - Finding Haleen