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Valenar Nomad Charger

Craig Shackleton's page

Contributor. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,574 posts (1,957 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 14 aliases.

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This is the best DM screen for 3.5


This screen is the most useful and organized DM screen for 3.5. It is large, but I usually just nest the two screens in front of me and switch to the ones I need. It actually has stuff that is useful to have access to, like conditions summaries and skill use DCs. The outside has excellent old-school art, but it's the interior that's important. It is also very heavy duty material, and relatively spill-resistant.

I haven't actually read the adventure, so I can't comment on it, but it's worth the price just for the screen.

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Excellent intro to Pathfinder Society


I played this at Gen Con and finally got to run it today as well. This adventure is well thought-out, well put-together, and lots of fun. There's a good balance of interesting combat, puzzles, and role-playing. The faction missions were really interesting without taking away from the main plot.

A great adventure from a great designer!

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Pure Gold!


Key Largo is one of those games that is designed around a theme that will catch some people's attention more than others. I initially overlooked this gem about deep-sea treasure hunting, and am glad that I got a chance to try it out.

The art and production value are excellent overall, but it is the game-play that makes Key Largo great. Choosing your actions requires not only a good assessment of your own situation, but also the ability to predict the other players' moves.

Hard-core gamers can play Key Largo with casual gamers they know and everyone can have a good time. Highly Recommended!

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Fun-filled Carnage!


I just ran demos of this game for four days straight and had a blast. Actually, several blasts, most of them composed of chunks of exploding mammoths! The concept made me laugh to begin with, and the game-play is equally fun. There's a lot of chaos in the game, but after a few games it became evident that strategy also makes a big difference.

I'll definitely be using this as a pick-up game for game nights while waiting for late players to arrive.

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