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Craig Bonham 141's page

Organized Play Member. 281 posts. 16 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Organized Play character.

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Flavor, glorious flavor!


I'm kinda picky when it comes to new classes. We've seen a grundle of gish variations, umpteen hybrids and a schmorgasboard of interesting concepts defeated by a designer terrified of being called out on creating something 'overpowered'.

So when I find a gem like this one right here I giggle with manic glee.

A magically enhanced melee type who can throw out debuffs, manipulate negative conditions and generally make a glorious horror of him/herself. The mechanics work and are easily enhanced through the use of pre-existing feats, something I very much appreciate considering the number of classes I've seen that desperately need the feats provided by the 3pp and don't really benefit from much in the core books. So we've got decent mechanics, which is nice, but it's the flavor I adore so much. An adventurer who drapes themselves in intimidating and horrific gear but isn't some heinous, evil villain-in-sheep's clothing. Kind of like what a goth might be if they decided that strapping on a chain shirt, pick up a maquahuitl and show those orcs a thing or two about how to be 'really' scary.

Two minor asides; one positive, on nitpicky. The positive. I mentioned maquahuitl because I have an absurd love of the weapon and this character class can actually USE one with their special weapon ability without worrying about the bloody thing shattering into a dozen pieces. The nitpicky. I'm a dad of a 16 year old girl, the fact that the art really leans towards the hootchi warrioress isn't my fav.

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Do you even Mythic?


Not if you don't have this book. I loved the addition of the mythic rules (I know, I'm in the minority) but even at first glance what I really notices was that most of the character concepts I play (Again, I'm one of those weirdo's in the 3pp minority) didn't really fit nicely into the mythic paths offered.

And then this magnificent tome (tome-ette?) came into my life. A massive, MASSIVE expansion on the different types of characters you can play in a mythic game. You want to be a divine-hating zealot, cutting down the faithful and sucking up their power into your hands? God Hunter on deck. You want to restore the concept of the shape-changer back to where it was spoken of with awe and respect? Yeah, Master of Shapes is for you. You've latched on to those AWESOME Masters of Time from Super Genius and you want to know what happens when they get turned up to eleven? The aptly named Timelord will knock your socks off.

And there is more. Super-Genius. Will-of-All. Scion of High Sorcery. Hollow One. World Singer. Overmage. Hive-Master.These paths really let you take Mythic for a spin.

Two other bits: One, the art. Wow. These iconics look mythic not just because they are blinged out to the gills. No, they have...I dunno, an aura, a weight to them that makes them seem like the world shudders beneath their feet. Second, at the end are some nice setting pieces that you could use to make mythic feel more a part of your world and less an exception.

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Crunch, Glorious Crunch.


Here is the thing; I don't use campaign settings. I don't. I make up my own. But what I do love is a campaign setting like this, one that offers up a TON of awesome crunch for use by me outside of the proffered campaign setting but in my own twisted little make-em-up world.

And boy-howdy but is there a bunch here. Great classes like The Entomancer; a druid for you twisted weirdos who don't want to squish every creepy crawly bug you see. The Fallen, a GREAT class for a mangled wreck of a magical catastrophe who wants to do great things alongside those pretty Paladins and fancy-schmancy Sorcerers. You want to be a butt-kicking magical cyborg? Can we say Golemoid? And there is way more. But I don't have the listy-skills to go through the whole bunch.

And we have new weapons, gear, feats, spells and even some kick-butt new monsters.

So in the end, I haven't TOUCHED the campaign setting data, but still have gotten way more than my money's worth out of it.

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Thanks So Very Much


Exactly the sort of thing I've been wanting and someone pointed out to me to my utter delight.

What we have here is a massive list of Favored Class Options for a near complete listing of the Paizo player races (hey, they keep making more!) for not just core classes, advanced classes, and hybrid classes but for 3pp gems like Time Thief, Wilder, Psion and more.

If you like options (I know I do!) this is a great little source for you.

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Excellent Combo of Flavor and Mechanics


Count me a fan. What we have here is a new class, a class with original abilities designed to give us an excellent version of the oft attempted Shadow Warrior. The spell-list has excellent choices from core Paizo options and a good selection of original spells that turn the shadow knob up to eleven. A load of feats great for the class itself or if you want to just use them for Wayang or Fetchling characters. Of of course a great selection of archetypes if you just want to dip your toe in the inky blackness. One of the better 3pp sources for a new class as it includes all the trimmings needed to play the class not just once but several times, with each time through being new.

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