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Lamashtu Worshipper

CrackedOzy's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 664 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.

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Absolutely nothing. Say it again, y'all.

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It's my understanding that the issue with the whole figher/wizard thing is that wizards eventually gain the ability to do amazing badass things a fighter could never hope to accomplish.

So which spells are the offenders and could someone remove most/all of them to alieviate the issue?

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Any chance of us seeing a second one with the classes from APG and such? I know I'd buy it. I'm loving my NPC Codex, I just wish I had these great builds for the other base classes.

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You could pull from 4e and make each save based on the better of two ability scores. Fortitude is Str/Con, Reflex is Dex/Int, Will is Wis/Cha. Giving the option for each character would help MAD builds. Might also lead to more dump stating, but that's a risk.

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joela wrote:
Impression I get is most folks drop their 3.x stuff as soon as their Pathfinder equivalents are available by Paizo or third-party providers with an occasional dip here and there from 3.x.

I'd agree. I think the most use of the backwards compatibility of Pathfinder is in 3.x settings & adventures.

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blackbloodtroll wrote:
I still say exploding dice is the answer.

Really? Because the 3 previous times in this thread you said so left us unsure how you felt.

=P Sorry just had to razz you for that.

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Just spitballing some ideas here. To me, a minion should be able to do the following things:

- 4 of these should equal a CR of the PC's level
- hit a PC about 25% of the time
- be hit by a PC about 50% of the time
- make a saving throw about 50% of the time
- be able to do about 10% of the PC's hp in damage
- be able to take 2 hits before dying, or 1 crit hit
- probably 1 or 2 other minor special abilities (resistances, DR, regeneration, sneak attack, etc)

So what if minions had different rules than a standard monster stat block?

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Neat stuff Cheapy, thanks!

So here's what I think I'm gonna go with. Let me know if you think this seems like a fair trade off of abilities.

01 - Mutagen, (ability to identify potions with Craft: Alchemy)
02 - Poison Use, Poison Resistance +2
03 - (ability to apply poisons as a move action)
05 - Poison Resistance +4
06 - Swift Poisoning
08 - Poison Resistance +6
10 - Poison Immunity
14 - Persistent Mutagen
18 - (ability to apply poisons as a immediate action)


- Apprentice Crafter: At 1st level, an Artificer may use Item Creation feats to create any item, without needing access to particular spells. Spell completion items made by an Artificer may not be used by any other class, except by use of a UMD check.

- Identify Items: At 1st level, an Artificer may identify any item's magical properties as using Detect Magic.

- Artificer Knowledge: At 2nd level, an Artificer adds half his artificer level to Appraise, Spellcraft & Use Magic Device.

- Bonus Feat: At 3rd level and every 3 levels after, an Artificer gains a bonus feat that must be taken from the Item Creation list. He must meet the requirements for these feats.

- Journeyman Crafter: At 7th level, an Artificer may cut the time needed to craft magic items in half. Generally this will mean only needing 4 hours for every 1,000 gp in the item's base price. Scrolls & potions may be finished in 1 hour, if under 250 gp.

- Master Crafter: At 14th level, an Artificer may cut the time needed to craft magic items in half again (reducing it to a quarter of the normal time). Generally this will mean only needing 2 hours for every 1,000 gp in the item's base price. Scrolls & potions may be finished in a half hour, if under 250 gp.

EDIT: Fixed the crafting times, as per Cheapy's post.

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PC: I wish to go up a level.
GM: You are now on the roof.

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Since it has been brought up numerous times that while Eberron has a similar feel to Steampunk, but is technically Magitech, I was wondering if it would be feasible to replace the magitech elements with actual tech.

Here's my thoughts so far:
- lightning rails >> regular trains
- elemental airships >> zeppelin style airships
- artificers >> engineers
- dragonmark houses >> guilds

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

I'd prefer ideas on how to make this work over reasons why it wouldn't.

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LilithsThrall wrote:
What I said is that the goal of the game is to have friends come together to collaboratively tell stories.

Actually the goal of the game, any game is for everyone to have fun.


End of story.

Now, if coming together to collaboratively tell stories is what is fun for you and yours, great. But don't tell others why they play the game. If someone plays for "wish fulfillment" than that is their prerogative. Regardless of in what way the person is ruining the OP's fun, he is ruining his fun. It's not your place to tell him otherwise. Saying it's just "imaginary gold" is a bad argument. By that standard, if we were say playing Monopoly, and I just reached into the bank and took and extra $30,000 you would have no grounds to complain, because it's just "imaginary" and thus doesn't matter.

Also, you keep bringing up the rape of your character, and by no means do I want to diminish how completely inappropriate I consider that action, it too was "imaginary". But consider also that the player was using magic to reach inside the heads of his allies and take knowledge without their consent. Many, if not most, would consider that a form of mental rape. I know I certainly would.

Personally I feel your argument unfairly diminishes what is happening to the OP and his friends by throwing out "Well it could be worse, he could be having his character rape yours".

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Kthulhu wrote:
Thelemic_Noun wrote:
You two are being lazy buzzkills here. For shame.
You asked a question, you got some answers.

First of all, icarr757 is the OP, not Thelemic Noun. Secondly TN's point was that the answers given were not with the spirit of the OP's intention.

Now, for my answer, here's my $0.02 on how I'd handle Epic Pathfinder:

- continue BAB, no modifications, keeping adding iterative attacks too
- continue Base Saves
- do not continue classes past 20, instead require levels 21+ to be multiclassed or prestige classes
- expand spell slots beyond 9, but do not create new spells, simply allow them to be used for higher metamagiced spells (Quickened Wish anyone? LOL)
- new Simple Templates to increase things like DR, etc
- some kind of Epic setting, so as to not populate Golarion with Gandalfs and Eliminsters.

I don't think I left anything out, but if you can point out some aspect I missed, please bring it up.

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Cheapy wrote:
Can you demoralize a vampire?

Yes, tell him Edward Cullen is scarier.

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The Phrenic Scourge has had some major changes, but are obviously meant to be stand ins for illithids.

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Maybe this has been addressed already, but a player of mine asked the other day what weapon it is that Sajan is carrying. Anyone know? I can't seem to match it to any of the list weapons that monks are proficient with.

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When using these rules, do you roll up Abilities as normal and calculate the adjustments by taking the stat subtracting 10 or 11 and figuring out the bonus or penalties, or are you expected to take the abilities as they are and just apply increases as you level like a normal PC?

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