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I hate fumbles because of natural weapons. "Roll to see if your teeth fall out har har har." Every. Time.

You really need to just enumerate every possible combination. If you can say "I will miss with a natural 2 and hit with a natural 19", and assuming crits never confirm (for simplicity), then the percent increase in damage ranges from 5.55% to 100%, averaging out to be an
11% increase in damage.

One player in my group is an alchemist who uses craft (alchemy) to be a bartender on the side.

thistledown wrote:

If you wanted a masterwork ___ to get a +2 on your perform(dancing), should it be an instrument, artisan tools, or tool?

Is tap dancing (to get an audible component) any different from regular dancing (just visual) from a rules perspective? I can see needing to take performance (percussion) instead.

Would the same tools work for both?

There's nothing in the rules for a masterwork tool for dancing. The best you could do would be to homebrew a fancy costume, but even that's a stretch of reality. And tap shoes only work well on certain floors.

I'm not a fan of those roll twice and take the better result talents. In the long run, the feats where you get +2 to two skills are much better. You're better off getting the jumping or standing talents. Focus on mobility and getting in positions for sneak attacks. I chose the magic route. Infinite dispel magic is too good to pass up.

Mechanically speaking, I don't really like the idea of the guile pool. One of my favorite aspects of the rogue is that at the end of the day, when all of the spellcasters have used all their spells, everyone's out of their ki pools or what have you, and the fighters are low on hp from tanking all of the battles, the rogue is still ready to go. The rogue is always at his peak. That's where most of the flavor of the rogue comes from. So change the talents around all you want, but keep in mind the idea of always maintaining peak performance.

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