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CoyoteOld1's page

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Wickedly delightful!


I don't give any product five stars lightly. I am truly impressed. Our GM just ran us through the beginning adventure, and we had a blast. Well-written, interesting, and well thought-out. We're hooked.

Not to insult the good folks at Paizo (who do make excellent adventures, which we adore), but we actually all agree that this product outdoes any of the adventure path products produced by Paizo. Truly superlative work for me to say something like that.

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Is there a rating less than one star?

*( )( )( )( )

If your character's name is "my guy" as in "my guy hits the monster," or "my guy grabs the treasure," this might be for you.

If you prefer video games to other people, and think interactive storytelling is for wussies, buy it.

But if you're an actual role-player, and especially if you've loved the previous D&D games, buy Pathfinder instead. D&D 4e is the worst pile of drek I've ever wasted money on. I'm taking my copy back for a refund.

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