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Countess's page

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Looking over this message board defiantly gave me a feeling of nostalgia. Every time I look at old products, or Dragon’s I’m always filled with a feeling of wispiness. Not only for the TSR products, but even when I look at the adverts for the game from other company’s.
I think I’ll probably get in hot water for saying this, but. . .
I think I’m the only 1st edition gamer that actually DIDN’T like the Wormy comic strip. I just found it to be dull. Still, it had its moments, yet I never fawned over it like others I remember. I guess my heart broke when the “What’s New with Phil & Dixie” was cancelled, and I eagerly read all the new ones that came out a few years ago. Moving into the tail end of 1st ed, and the beginning of 2nd ed, I have to say that I loved “SnarfQuest”. I bought the compiled book of the strip, and was slightly PO’ed when it did not include their adventures in space/sci-fi. My favourite artists of the day were B. Willingham, and L. Elmore-especially his full color painting/drawings.
Oh well, just my two cents

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