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White Grotto Student

Corso Gaczi's page

1,112 posts. Alias of Dreaming Warforged.


Bardic 31/32 | Buffs:


HP 75/75 | AC 23 Tch 11 FF 21 | CMD 24 | Fort +7 Ref +9 Will +8 | Init +6 | Perc +17 |

About Corso Gaczi

Male Human (Chelish/Varisian) Bard 10
CG, Medium, Humanoid
Init +6; Senses Perception +17

AC 23, touch 11, flat-footed 21 (armor +7, buckler +3, natural +1, dodge +1)
HP 75 (10d8 +20 Con); DR --;
Fort +3+2+2, Ref +7+2, Will +7-1+2; cloak
Resist +4 bardic, sonic, language-dependent.
Spcl Def.

Speed 30
Melee +2 Longsword +14/+9 (1d8+7; 18/x2; AS -/+3; IC +4/+4)
Melee Longspear +12 (1d8+7; 20/x3, reach)
Range Whip +9/+2 (1d3+5; 20/x2, reach 15 ft, S)
Range MWK Shortbow +5 STR +8/+3 (1d6+5; 20/x3, 70 ft, P)
Spcl Att. Bardic Performance (MvA; 32 rounds/day; Countersong; Distraction; Fascinate; Inspire Courage (+4 Comp H&D; +4 Morale Charm and Fear (Feat)); Inspire Competence (+5 skill (Feat)); Suggestion; Dirge of Doom (Shaken); Inspire Greatness (+2d10 HD, +4 Comp H, +3 comp For (Feat))), Arcane Strike.

Glibness 1/day (bracers)
4 (DC 18, 2 known, 2 per day, 1 used): Dimension Door, Greater Invisibility.
3 (DC 17, 4+1 known, 4 per day, 0 used): Good Hope, Haste, See Invisibility, Confusion, The Requiem of the Fallen Priest-King.
2 (DC 16, 5+3 known, 5 per day, 0 used): Blistering Invective, Detect Thoughts, Mirror Image, Heroism, Glitterdust, Silence, Bladed Dash, Pageant of the Peacock.
1 (DC 15, 5+3 known, 6 per day, 1 used): Charm Person, Grease, Sow Thought, Vanish, Hideous Laughter, Saving Finale, Cure Light Wounds, Disguise Self.
0 (6+4 known): Dancing Light, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation, Read Magic, Spark, Mage Hand, Sift, Message, Know Direction.

Str 15+2+1+2, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 8, Cha 15+1+2; (20 pt buy, Human, +2 Str, lvl 4: +1 Str, lvl 8: +1 Chr, Belt +2 Str, Headband +2 Chr)
BAB +7/2; CMB +12; CMD 24.
Feats H-Focused Studies (Perform (Oratory)), 1-Noble Scion (War), 3-Extra Performance, 5-Master Performer, 7-Arcane Strike, 8-Focused Studies (Perform (Comedy)), 9-Grand Master Performer.
Traits Savant (Oratory), Reactionary.

Skills (Class 6, Human 1, Int 1) x 10 = 80
Armor Check Penalty: -2
-Acrobatics* (Dex) 5+0+3+5 = +13 boots of elvenkind
-Appraise* (Int) 1+0+3 = +4 pageant of the peacock
-Bluff* (Cha) +31 versatile performance, pageant of the peacock (+4, may use instead of an Int skill)
-Climb* (Str) 1+5+3 = +9
-Craft* (Int)
-Diplomacy* (Cha) +33 versatile performance
-Disguise* (Cha) 1+4+3+2 (kit) = +10 pageant of the peacock
-Intimidate* (Cha) +33 versatile performance
-Knowledge (arcana)* (Int) 1+1+3+5 = +10 bardic knowledge, lore master, pageant of the peacock
-Knowledge (dungeoneering)* (Int) 1+1+3+5 = +10 bardic knowledge, lore master, pageant of the peacock
-Knowledge (engineering)* (Int) 1+1+3+5 = +10 bardic knowledge, lore master, pageant of the peacock
-Knowledge (geography)* (Int) 1+1+3+5 = +10 bardic knowledge, lore master, pageant of the peacock
-Knowledge (history)* (Int) 10+1+3+5 = +19 bardic knowledge, lore master, pageant of the peacock
-Knowledge (local)* (Int) 1+1+3+5 = +10 bardic knowledge, lore master, pageant of the peacock
-Knowledge (nature)* (Int) 1+1+3+5 = +10 bardic knowledge, lore master, pageant of the peacock
-Knowledge (nobility)* (Int) 1+1+3+5+2 = +12 bardic knowledge, lore master, pageant of the peacock , noble scion
-Knowledge (planes)* (Int) 1+1+3+5 = +10 bardic knowledge, lore master, pageant of the peacock
-Knowledge (religion)* (Int) 1+1+3+5 = +10 bardic knowledge, lore master, pageant of the peacock
-Linguistics* (Int) 6+1+3 = +10 pageant of the peacock
-Perception* (Wis) 10-1+3+5 = +17 eyes of the eagle
-Perform* (Oratory) (Chr) 10+4+3+6+3+2+5 = +33 skill focus, circlet, trait, bracers
-Perform* (Comedy) (Chr) 10+4+3+6+3+5 = +31 skill focus, circlet, bracers
-Perform* (Dance) (Chr) 4+4+3+3+5 = +16 skill focus, circlet, bracers
-Perform* (Sing) (Chr) 1+4+3+3+5 = +16 skill focus, circlet, bracers
-Sense Motive* (Wis) +33 versatile performance
-Spellcraft* (Int) 1+1+3 = +5
-Stealth* (Dex) 10+0+3 = +13
-Swim (Str) 1+5+3 = +9
-Use Magic Device* (Cha) +33 versatile performance
Languages Common (Taldan), Varisian, Draconic, Giant, Elven, Sylvan, Aklo, Infernal, Undercommon.
SQ Bardic Knowledge, Versatile Performance (Oratory (Diplomacy and Sense Motive), Comedy (Bluff and Intimidate), Expanded Versatility (Use Magical Device to Oratory)), Lore Master (take 10 on any know roll, plus take 20 StA 1/day), Well-Versed, Jack-of-All-Trades (use any skill).

EQUIPMENT (start: 60,000 gp; spent 58,842.54 gp)
Worn or carried gear 55,997.8 gp
-Belt of giant strength +2 (4,000 gp)
-Headband of alluring charisma +2 (4,000 gp)
-Circlet of Persuasion (4,500 gp)
-Eyes of the Eagle (2,500 gp)
-Boots of Elvenkind (2,500 gp)
-+3 Chain shirt (9,250 GP, 25 lbs)
-+2 Mithral Buckler (5,005 gp)
-+2 Longsword (8,315 GP, 4 lbs)
-Whip (1 GP, 2 lbs)
-Bracers of the Glib Entertainer (7,900 gp) (+5 Perform, glibness 1/day)
-Cold iron dagger (4 gp, 1 lb)
-Silver Light Mace (22 gp)
-Signal whistle (8 SP, -)
-Cloak of Resistance +2 (4,000 GP)
-Ring of Protection +1 (2,000 GP)
-Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (2,000 GP)
-MWK Composite Shortbow +5 STR (875 gp, 2 lbs)
-Arrows [40] (2 gp, 6 lbs)

Pouch, Belt (1 gp, 0.5 lb)
- GP 182
- SP 4
- CP 6

Handy Haversack (2,000 gp, 3 lbs) (2,069.74 gp)
Adventurer Satchel (20 gp, 3 lbs)
-Waterproof bag (0.5 gp, 0.5 lb) 
-Crowbar (2 gp, 5 lbs) 
-Caltrops (1 gp, 2 lbs) 
-Marbles (0.1 gp, 2 lbs) 
-Chalk (0.01 gp) 
-Earplugs (0.03 gp) 
-2 Sunrods (4 gp, 2 lbs) 
-Flint and steel (1 gp) 
-Disguise kit (50 gp, 8 lbs) (10 uses)
-Grappling Hook (1 gp, 3 lbs) 
-Silk rope (50 ft) (10 gp, 5 lbs) 
-Cigars (1 sp, 0.2 lb)

Magic and Alchemical Consumable Items (775 gp)
-2x Potion of Air Bubble (100 GP)
-2x Potion of Touch of the Sea (100 GP)
-2x Oil of Magic Weapon (100 GP)
-10x Vermin Repellent (50 GP)
-2x Potion of Feather Step (100 GP)
-2x Potion of Spider Climb (100 GP)
-2x Oil of Magic Weapon (100 GP)
-4x Potion of Long Arm (200 GP)
-4x Potion of Endure Elements (200 GP)
-4x Antiplague (200 GP)
-4x Antitoxin (200 GP)
-2x Powder Bag (Flour)
-5x Alchemist fire (150GP)
-5x Alchemist frost (150 GP)

Corso is a tall man in his early twenties. Lean and fair, he carries himself in a proud way, a flash of defiance in his slanted grey-black eyes, a tell-tale sign of some Varisian blood in his lineage. His skin is tanned and shows the subtle signs of numerous fights and long days in the sun. He keeps the top of his skull free of hair and wears a pony tail and beard in the style of the Chelish bravos.

He favours dark brown tunics of leather or thick wool, cut at the shoulder to allow fluid movements, under which he wears ample white shirts, worn to the neck, with a "cravate" of white silk. Over these, a fine dark cape sporting sinuous strands of silver-green, a treasured gift of his former lover, protects him from the weather and hides his duelling sword. He favours strong coffee and smooth leathery tobacco, but shuns alcohol.

A still rapier is all but useless without thrust; its only fate is to rust.

Born of a minor noble house, Corso lived an easy and careless youth, in the East Shore district of Korvosa, until he accidentally injured severely his friend Kevan Bromathan during a drunken duel, taking the lad’s ear off. His father, Falko Gaczi, tried as best he could to manage the relationship with the powerful Bromathan family, but eventually decided it would be best to send his son on a long trip, far away from Korvosa.

For many years, Corso traveled Avistan, discovering the world, its wonders and perils. In Razmiran, under the tutelage of the high priest Karzham, he studied the arts of oratory and logic, spending hours shouting in front of the crashing waves on the shores of the formidable Lake Encarthan. In Kyonin, the elven master Daolia taught him the arts of remaining unseen and of the silent and swift kill. There he also witnessed the power of the ideal, the rebirth of a once proud nation. In Taldor, at the foot of the Fog Peaks, he studied under Del Federico the subtleties of royal politics and court intrigues, and how nations grow and break. He even spent some time in Isam, capital of Galt, where Flana Fondel took him as her lover, showing him, the ways of manipulating the heart, the basis of overthrowing a government and how to harness the power of the mob. Finally, he studied in Almas, the Aldoran capital, where his world was shattered by the liberal teachings of the gnomish philosopher Codoroso.

It was his failing relationship with an Aldoran priestess of Desna that led to his realization that it was time to come back. His heart longed for his beloved family, for his beloved city.

But the recent upheaval and its accompanying martial law prevented him from entering the city. Rumours of plague, riots, and quarantines reached his ears and he managed to get words across the walls to his family. According to his sister Djana, his father was now in prison for trying to smuggle goods into the city, which was obviously impossible! The rest of the family had to keep to their house, as venturing outside, between mob, plague, and grey maidens, had become perilous at best.

Primary Motivator: Recognition
Secondary Motivator: Honor
Emotional Disposition: Excited
Moodiness: Labile
Outlook: Optimistic
Integrity: Conscientious
Impulsiveness: Spontaneous
Boldness: Intrepid
Agreeableness: Agreeable
Interactivity: Engaging
Conformity: Conventional
Sense of Humour: Gleeful
Favorite Topics of Conversation: Himself, Tales, Politics
Quirks, habits, and Oddities: Name dropping, cleanliness, taking the side of the royalty and nobility
Hobbies and Enjoyments: Theatre, gambling, signing, philosophizing
Favourite Quotes: "I just can't help myself!" "En garde!" "The Queen save you!"

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