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Cornielius's page

553 posts. Alias of niel.


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I have returned, but I'm along for the ride for now.

I'm attending a training conference for work for the next 2 days.
My attendance may be spotty or lacking.
I will return.

That is all.

Combined attack:

-attackers delay to the same point in the round
-attackers make separate attack rolls vs. the target
-take the largest save modifier of the attacks that hit
-for each other attack that hits, add +2 to the save DC

-each attack must use the same type of save (usually Toughness)
-each attack must be within 5 points of the save DC of the power they are adding to

-4 attackers hold until the slowest one's turn; let's say the attacks are a energy blast power rank 12, a punch power rank 10, a pistol shot power rank 6, and a mental blast (will save) power rank 10.
-the mental blast could not combine attack as it uses a will save rather than a toughness; the pistol could combine attack with the punch but not the blast, as the blast is more than 5 ranks away
-if the energy blast and the punch connect, the damage save would be 12 + 2 for a T save DC of 29; if the pistol and the punch hit, but the energy blast misses, the combined damage would be 10 + 2 for a save of 27

Are we still here?

Reckless wrote:
Think I'll be working on a child of one of Amber's princesses and one of Grimjack's incarnations.

As in John Gaunt/James Twilley/one of the clones?

Are you saying someone other than me remembers that comic?

Also Cynosure/Amber makes an in-ter-resting mix.
Very in-ter-resting.

Similar in that you can get a cup of coffee at one of the many coffee shops, though they sell just as much chocolate.

There are cars, trains, planes, and busses, but the use of smelly fossil fuels is not the norm.

People grow up, go to college, get jobs, spend money, pay taxes, etc., but their neighbors might be satyrs or dance naked around ancient stones in the moonlight.

The real stretch is mostly peaceful, benevolent monarchies, fewer wars, and peaceful expansion.

Should be a real shock to encounter political infighting in the royal family while the kingdom suffers.

Viscount K wrote:
First, each player starts with 100 points and gains the basic Pattern Imprint power for free

As in the points for basic Pattern Imprint is paid for and you still have 100 points for the auctions/ goods/ positions?

Edit: I'm thinking Brown and Silver, with a Trump of James leaning on a boar spear, with tall spires standing above trees behind him. Or something like that.

Viscount K wrote:

Cornielius: The loose impression I've gotten of Jim thus far is an Amberite who's not very interested in the politics of Amber itself; relatively young, a bit of a loner, still experimenting with his abilities. Sound about right?

An odd question: are you from the Shadow Earth that's familiar to much of Amber (our Earth), or some variant?

Yep, I'm going for young, new to the true reality, but not new to power/life.

Someone who doesn't quite realize what he's gotten into.
He understands duty and feudal responsibility, but he's new to being on the royal side of the equation.
With a 'dead' mother and an Aunt who stays out of the limelight, he's not expecting what's going to happen to him.

I would say an Earth that is similar enough to our Earth that Amberites would be comfortable there, but not one known to more than a few.
This shadow earth is mostly peaceful, with benevolent monarchies rather than colonial powerhouses.
More agrarian, with magic known and part of society, with fewer past wars and more peaceful expansion.
Perhaps a Castle Falkenstein meets Redwall meets Star Wars cantina.

Jim Willys:

Raised by his single parent, Cullum, Jim spent his early years traveling with his father as he switched between assignments in the King’s Forest Service.
Eventually, they settled down as Head Forester in the Central Preserve, near New London, in the Colonies.
While he never knew his mother, he heard many stories from his father of meeting her, their courtship, her departure, and her eventual return, child in hand.
The stories carried with them a magical feel, with many implied details which were impossible in the stable world James was raised in.
It was no surprise to Cullum when Jim grew differently from the children of the other Foresters in the compound, and he always made Jim feel accepted and normal.
The other children never warmed completely to Jim, though they learned his value when team events or school contests were won by his efforts.
Jim expected to follow in his Father’s path and join the Service, but Cullum always said his mother would send for him.
It turns out Cullum was wrong- when someone came, it was an aunt, not a Mother, and she brought word his mother Deidre was dead.
Aunt Llewella explained that Diedre had left her a letter, explaining where Jim could be found and asking that he be introduced to the family by Llewella if anything happened to her.

Disclaimer: I love the Amber books, as well as Zelazny's other books and would love to play in his world.
I am already in 2 Mutants and Masterminds games and am wary of joining another play-by-post, but can't stop myself from doing a character.
I have not found myself to be particularly good at conniving and back-biting, so I expect to end up being manipulated by players and game.
So be it.
Jim is based loosely on the boy from Zelazny's 'Dark Traveling'.
My intent is to make him only slightly familiar with the politics of Amber, but have spent some time in several Shadows other than his home.

Torbyne wrote:
you get to make great use as the "EVA guy"

Yep, EVA guy is actually the plan.

It seems the away-boat-captain/pilot wasn't on the crew list until I asked who was doing it.
So I'm taking the job.
(It'll give me a chance to try the driving rules, though I haven't been told what skill will be used to pilot it.)

The other players got ahold of an away boat.
Some sort of rocket, with lots of air leaks and a saddle/driver's seat behind the boarding hatch.
It doesn't match the ship (but it's engine works better), though it's much smaller.

2ndGenerationCleric wrote:
Cornelius, did you make a decision?

Yes, I did.

I will be running a straight Kineticist, going void/aether/void.
For the early levels, I will have an ability from Void that lets me no longer breathe and exist in vacuum.

To fill the gunner position, I will add a feat for a siege weapon and leadership for crew, then get more advanced siege weapon feats, if necessary.
I spoke to the GM and he is not planning on making guns easily accessible.
He's going for more of a boarding raider feel than full on banks of cannon.

No guns, means no gunfighters, even siege gunner.

Thanks for all the help, folks.
edit: we're doing space by feel, with some of the characters coming from Golarian, some from the planets, and some are displaced gamers from earth, somehow 'translated' to the campaign.
We have scavenged a semi-working ship from the local wrecks.
We have a Buck Rogers style rocket, powered partially by magic and containing clockwork construct systems.
Our other choices were a undead crewed standard Captain Hook ship or a living, sea-shell looking ship, with fully organic systems.

No weapons past hand weapons as yet and we need to get to a nearby world to get the ship running better.

Debbie wrote:
Short version, please. I need to be home by dinner.

No fair- I had to explain to my wife why I was laughing so hard.

Also, Rigor, thanks for the offer but I'm at my limit for pbp's.
It sounds fun, though.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

This is the spell description for mythic flame blade.

The blade's damage increases to 2d6 points of fire damage + 1 point per caster level (maximum +20). The blade threatens a critical hit on a natural 18–20 as if it were an actual scimitar.

Augmented (3rd): If you expend two uses of mythic power, the blade threatens a critical hit on a natural 15–20, and bypasses hardness, fire resistance, and fire immunity.

It spells out that flame blade does get a crit range once it's mythic.
Strongly implying that it does not from the basic spell.

My opinion has always been the language referring to scimitar in the base spell description is to enforce that a druid can use it without non-proficiency penalties as they are proficient in 'scimitar' but not 'sword'.

Could someone explain Draining Infusion to me?

Draining Infusion:
You can drain elemental energy and matter from your foes to strengthen your next attack. When you use this infusion, your kinetic blast affects only creatures with a subtype matching your kinetic blast's element (for instance, a fire blast would damage only creatures of the fire subtype). Against such creatures, your blast targets touch AC (if it requires an attack roll) and always allows spell resistance. Because you are draining energy from the target, your blast doesn't apply your elemental overflow bonuses or Constitution modifier. The target can attempt a Fortitude save to take 1/4 the normal amount of damage. Draining infusion ignores any damage reduction, resistances, and immunities the creature might possess. If at least one creature fails its saving throw against your draining infusion, you can reduce the total burn cost of any one blast wild talent used before the end of your next turn by 1, or by 2 if you have the supercharge ability. If you use draining infusion again before applying this reduction, you still deal the damage from that draining infusion, but the burn reductions don't stack.

You spend 1 Burn, can now only affect creatures with your blast's element, hit vs touch AC, give it a Fort save for 1/4 damage, get to ignore DR, resistances and immunities, and get to reduce the cost of one blast before the end of your next turn by the 1 burn you spent to do this.


I can see the use of the touch AC (sometimes) and like the ignoring bit, but still, wha?

Also, for my guy, what creature has the aether, gravity, or negative energy sub-type?

Unless this means I can damage undead with my neg. energy blasts.

Shiroi, I found a description of Mover on N. Jolly's thread that looks like what I want.

I like void/aether/void for the No Breathe and blasts from void and then TK from aether.
Having No Breathe to start will help as our ship (a recovered Forbidden Planet style explorer) has problems with holding air pressure.

N. Jolly, I'm thinking that once I have added aether, I'll take Kinetic Blade and use a busted blunderbuss to bash people with (at least until Kinetic Whip becomes available) or 'shoot' from it with blasts.
I'll worry about guns when the crew has some.
And getting a gun with conductive after that.

I can fill the Gunner position on the ship's crew by having K:Engineering and having an Int bonus.
Actually being able to use a siege weapon (having the feat) can wait until one is available.

For Traits, I was thinking of taking Awakened from Stasis (as thematic) and either Reactionary or one of the Will save bonus ones.
I considered a trait to give me K:Engineering as a class skill, but that may be giving it too much focus.
I'll lead the gunnery crew by example when I'm blasting.

I did not ask if it's guns anywhere or not.
I will ask.

If not, Siege Engineer needs proficiency with a siege weapon (which proficiency guns would give for cannons) and ranks in K:Engineering.
Any good way to get them other than a dip?
I do want to contribute to the team.
And I like the idea of a cigar chomping Hobgoblin gunner on a starship powered by mixed magic and science.

As there about 8 or 9 people in the party, I don't really need to be massively efficient with my build.
From memory, the is a human alchemist, an android unchained rogue, a dwarven cleric, a Grey with no class levels (aiming for mesmerist), a human magus, and 2 or 3 others.

edit: No, guns require exotic weapons proficiency for this setting, as the GM doesn't want all the players carrying guns.

But he liked the idea of using Void.

That cleans up choosing class levels and I don't have to squeeze in Gunslinger.
I'll just need an Int bonus and the K:Engineering skill to contribute to the gunner position.
Neither of which help with Kineticist.

I missed a couple of my Saturday games when they wrapped up the last campaign and started the new one we had been talking about.
I need to build a 4th level character, 20 points for stats, and, for story reasons, I am required to build a non-core race (Hobgoblin, naturally).
The game is ‘Pathfinder in Space’ and the set-up and first game have occurred.
Since I had been talking about trying Kineticist, I was told that’s what they figured I would run.
Then they said the only position that was left on the crew was head gunner (sort of like how Kingmaker does positions, the ship has crew positions), unless I want to back up one of the other players in their position (I don’t).
I’ve been looking and it seems like Void is the most appropriate element form for a space born hobgoblin, even though it’s limited.
I am thinking about a dip into Gunslinger for Engineering, guns, and story line.

I need advice for a 20 point build for a 4th level Hobgoblin (1 additional bonus feat at 1st level, 2 traits allowed), in a pathfinder in space game, using Kineticist (Void) and including Gunslinger (or something), aiming to include siege weapons.
Position on crew will be Master Gunner.
Books are open to what’s on the PRD or Archives of Nethys.

Both classes are new to me.

OK, here's a weird question.

On a table top, each time I roll a d20, set it aside and use another die for the next roll.

My superstitious affectation is that 'dice get tired and need to rest before the next roll'.

(And it gives an excuse for handfuls of dice.)

What's the best way to transfer that over to a pbp, using the Paizo dice roller?

(Not that my system has ever given noticeably better die rolls. Ever.)

No problem for me- it's literally a defining part of the genre.

I'd like to point out that while I grew up in a rural area with cornfields (though not mid-west sized fields), I've seen more 'children of the corn' style movies than I care to remember (my wife is a horror fan).

Unseen kid's voices in a cornfield are creeping me out.

Proposed alternate power (25 pts available):

PF: Dimensional added to vision (1 pt)

Super Movement R1 (Dimensional Movement)PF: Subtle R2 (4 pts)
linked to
Super Movement R1 (Dimensional Movement), Extras: Attack +0, No Save +2, Perception Range +2; PF: Subtle R2 (8 pts)
linked to
Morph R6 (+30 disguise) (only to duplicate target of attack), Extra: Continuous (12 pts)

total = 25 pts

To use:
Make a normal Notice roll from the NeverNever to normal reality (normal range modifiers apply).
Use a standard action to activate the Dimensional Movement attack and switch places (and dimensions) with the target of the attack (who cannot resist).
As you take his place, you physically shift to match his appearance but otherwise do not change traits (Notice DC 20, possibly with modifiers for familiarity).

Note: Since the Morph effect is Continuous, John has no way to turn it off without using extra effort or having the effect dispelled or otherwise canceled.

It may take me awhile to get the alternate figured out.
I have to combine seeing/attacking into the real world with a castling dimensional effect with a morph effect and I won't be able to sit down with the rule book till tonight or tomorrow.
In regards to hero points, I believe I have one available, but I'm willing to be fatigued from this effect, if necessary.

Thanks for the update.
(It makes following a bit easier to keep in context what level the characters are.)

Imagine, I noticed this:

When you make an attack you can take a penalty of up to –5 on your
defense bonus and add the same number (up to +5) to your attack bonus.
Your defense bonus cannot be reduced below +0 and your attack bonus
cannot more than double.
The changes to attack and defense bonus are
declared before you make the attack roll and last until your next round.

Minions (LexCorp Elite Security) stats: Attack: +4

And with a normal Def of 2, their present Def is either -3 or -2.

I'm guessing LexCorp won't be needing to pay out their retirement benefits, though they might have to pay off on their life insurance.

Much would depend on the scale and scope of the campaign you are in.

If the campaign runs till level 12, with 15 pt buy or level 20 with 25 pt buy and mythic, the answers will be different.

For a basic answer, in my experience, full druid pulls away from melee primary as levels go up.

As a full spellcaster with unique spells, you begin casting, casting buffs, then melee.

Druid 4/ Ranger x leads to a more melee/wildshape for utility feel for me.

Feral hunter I have not tried.

Wildshape as your melee is very possible, but lends itself to different gear and style than swordfighting melee.
Druid takes out all metal armor, while wildshape only gets armor from the Wild enchantment.
(Be sure and check out the Faq about druids wildshaped while wearing armor.)

A campaign that includes Mythic will give options like using mythic flame blade in melee at low levels.

What are the details of your campaign?

I'd feel better if we did.

Evidently there's some halfling sling/slingstaff based feats in the weaponmaster book.

Maybe combine them with inquisitor, bard, magus archetype, or cleric to provide a ranged support type?

It's not reach, but themed halfling instead.
If you do druid or ranger, your animal companion could be his melee partner.

I'm thinking out loud, too.

Speculating about the world adds to my characterization (such as it is).

I see what you're saying about powerful members being off the table, but with all the other members on the roster, it might feel like auditioning for the team if front of more experienced heroes.

I once signed up for a supers game using Marvel where we built original heroes in a home-made world and the GM showed up in the first adventure as Batman as a mentor being condescending about our abilities.
I think that last a few posts further til he quit.

I don't expect anything like that from tumbler, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I feel the same way about villains taking hostages in a supers game because of the situation having come up in another game.
Hostages with no way to beat the situation are a very, very frustrating occurrence.


Thanks for the update, Chris.

tumbler, if that was too much or you want rolls for this out of combat stuff, let me know.

I'm thinking those transformations were at the edge of OJ's ability and took multiple rounds.
They might have even required a hero point for a more accurate alternate.
Your choice.

John is worried another youngster is going to become trapped, activating his (evidently strong) mother hen instincts.

It seems there might be too many members and reserve members to have the JL just disappear, even over time.
And, while Capt. Robo and Fozare (even Sinter) are naturals for membership, calling in Luthor's daughter, a yellow lantern, and an alien college student implies great need.

Although it could be a secret test by an aging batman who wants to provide heroes for the future.

Of course, being DC, it might just be colliding alternate earths again.

I'm trusting tumbler with the set-up; I'm along for the ride.
(If I were really good with set-up, planning, and the big picture I would run more than I do rather than play.)

I am hoping for a big event where we can save the earth- maybe from invaders or kaiju or something.
You know, big time hero stuff to justify the PL.

I admit, I haven't come up with a likely secret, yet.

from the wiki:

Shadow of the Demon Lord is played by using a d20 and a d6. Instead of using a scaling set of numbers to model easier and harder tasks, the game uses banes and boons. For each different positive circumstance that could help you succeed, you have a boon. For each different negative circumstance that might prevent your success, you have a bane. Banes and boons cancel each other out. When attempting to complete a task, for each bane or boon, you roll a d6 with your d20. Of the numbers rolled for boons, you add the highest number rolled to the number you rolled on the d20. Conversely, of all the numbers rolled for banes, you subtract the highest number rolled from the number rolled on your d20.

I've spoken to someone who has the pdf and he is very excited about the game.

There's more info at the wiki and at the old kickstarter site.

I ordered my hard copy last night, as soon as I saw this blog.

Character design sounds interesting.

I'd rather not yet be working with the League and get the call to come help out, but either way works.

If the old guard is away somehow, there's more space to be the new top of the heap for protecting the Earth.


Captain Robo: ranged blasting, super science, some control

Shadow Star: ranged blasting, some control/scrying, weird dimensional effects, alien/space worthy

Sinter does ranged attacks and is hard to hurt.

Imagine is cute. And also plays with your brain. And can change into invisible electrons. And also is cute. ;D

Forzare can ranged and melee, and is hard to hurt. He flies a plane great, drives a car well, and can pick locks with his brain. Minimal computing skills. He also has a range of special movement modes. Speed, swimming, wall crawling, etc

shudder is a yellow lantern user that can control fear

That explains it.

Capt. Robo has a defense of 22?

Why so much?
Did you have to get to sustained first, then add aura?

Doc, did you see this extra?

A touch range power with this extra automatically affects anyone touching you, including anyone you touch or strike with an unarmed attack.
The aura and the unarmed attack affect the target separately.
You can turn your aura on or off as a free action and it is Sustained in duration (the power’s effect has its normal duration, so a Stun Aura’s effect is still Instant and Lasting in duration).
You can change your aura’s duration with Duration modifiers.
You can apply the Selective feat to control what parts of your body the aura covers.

I didn't remember this was available in 2E, but it might do what you wanted with your touch/strike power.
In 3E, you would have to have a reaction power to do this.

On the plus side, since Panic dropped, we won't have to go through explaining why DC 27 or 30 is bad or why having resurrection on an alternate power that must be switched on is a bad idea.

Sir Raymond, just post your concept and we can help in the thread.
No problem- I like working on character builds.

Character Mechanics:
Darkaal Character Sheet

PL 12 (= 180 power points)

Abilities 20 + Combat/Saves 59 + Skills 14 + Feats 18 + Powers 71 - Drawbacks 5 = 177

Str 10 (0 pts)
Dex 12 (2 pts)
Con 22 (12 pts)
Int 12 (2 pts)
Wis 14 (4 pts)
Cha 10 (0 pts0
Total 20 pts

Attack 6 (12 pts)
Defense 10 (20 pts)
Toughness 6 (0 pts)
Fort 12 (6 pts)
Reflex 12 (11 pts)
Will 12 (10 pts)
Total 59 pts

Notice 16 rnks = +18 (4 pts)
Search 16 rnks = + 17 (4 pts)
Stealth 12 rnks = +3 (3 pts)
K (Civics) 6 rnks = +7 (1.5 pts)
K (Theology and Philosophy) 6 rnks = +7 (1.5 pts)
Total 14 pts

Luck R 6
All-Out Attack
Power Attack
Attack Focus Ranged R6
Favored Environment (shadows, darkness) R2
Benefit R2 (Alternate Identity, Wealth R1)
Total 18 pts

Darkness Control Array (38 pts for Obscure + 6 pts for 6 Alternates)
(listing to come once I type it all out)
Immunity R10 (Life Support, Own Powers) (10 pts)
Super Movement R1 Dimensional Movement (Plane of Shadows) (2 pts)
Super Sense R2 Darkvision, PF: Innate (3 pts)
Device R1 (goggles: Immunity R5 Dazzle effects) (4 pts)
Devices R2 (Armored Suit: Protection R6, Amulet: Morph R1 (human) and Comprehend R1) (8 pts)
Total 71 pts

Disability: Light Blindness (Uncommon, Major) -3 pts
Vulnerability: Light-based attacks Minor (+1 DC), Common -2 pts

Still need complications, final point tweaking, and super name.

edit: How about ShadowStar?

I present to you

Darkaal is the son of Mikaal Tomas, a native of Talok III, who were sent to Earth to scout the way for an eventual invasion.
Mikaal smuggled his lover, Lyysa, with him when he suspected her life was in danger because of her outspoken resistance of the warlike regime.
With her by his side, he found he could not follow the directives of his military commanders and instead, protected his new world under the name Starman, using the powers granted him by the Sonic Crystal bonded to his chest.
For a time, he was a member of the Justice League.
When his ex-commander Komak followed him to Earth, he learned a civil war between multiple warlords had started on his homeworld.
He returned to Talok III with Komak after taking Lyysa to the nearby world of Talok VIII for safety.
While Mikaal fought to save what he could of the Talokites, Lyysa gave birth to their son in the caverns which would later become known as the Caves of Shadows.
Previously unknown, the Caves contain portals to the Plane of Shadows and the new-born was born into their energies.
Blind in normal light, Darkaal is, in many ways, an avatar of that plane.
Raised to be a protector to the refugees Mikaal re-located to the world, Darkaal’s parents have sent him to Earth to learn to govern his world without resorting to the war-like ways of Talok III.
Using some of his father's leftover scouting equipment to pass as human, he has been studying governing and political philosophy at several of the world's best universities.

Panic, the ritual feat allows you to take time and develop a mystic ritual to have temporary use of a power, using the inventing rules.
It takes awhile, sometimes a great deal of time, which might cause you to miss out on an adventure.
Another way to do this that would be more appropriate to a higher Power Level is to use the magic power and have a stash of hero points (represented by the Luck feat) to cast on-the-fly alternates of that power.
Unlike the base Magic listed in the books, you do not have to have blast as the primary power.
Pick a power you think Tabby would have, making sure it costs enough points to be able to afford useful alternates.
When you need to do something, use extra effort to have an alternate, then spend the Hero Point to avoid fatigue from the effort.
This is what the Magic Power does, but you would pick the powers you want instead of the listed ones.
The difficulty with this is that you need a really good knowledge of the rules and have GM approval that each power you chose is acceptable to him and your place in his world.
The base Magic Power takes does this by setting you up with alternates already paid for by power points which the GM has already approved.

You would still need an attack bonus, defenses, and saves in addition to your magic (and, for you, alternate form).

Edit: There is a Succubus demon listed on page 86 of the Book of Magic.
You could base your alternate form on this if you like- it's already PL 10.

I totally agree with Echos.
In a super powered game each character should have 4 things.
An Attack or at least some way of imposing his will on the world.
Some sort of defense.
Movement powers.
And disadvantages.
(I started with V&V and Champions.
What makes a character interesting and not a list of powers is his disads.)

I've finally had a chance to point up a character, at least mostly.

Concept is an alien, probably from the same world as Shadow Lass of the Legion, whose powers deal with darkness, being sort of a merger of the Shade and Shadow Lass. Sort of.

Has light blindness as a drawback, as his eyes are sensitive to light- though he wears goggles to counter the drawback most of the time.
Also takes slightly more damage from light based attacks.

I need to go over (and probably correct) points, finish his background and gear, and finalize a reason why he's on Earth.

Name is likely to be Dweller in Darkness, Shadowman, or something similar.
Maybe ShadowJak or NightWatcher.

Panic, this is how the Occult Investigator (modeled after John Constantine) is described in the Book of Magic, the mystical supplement.

"A detective of the mystical, a mystery-solver rather than a warrior or potent arcane guardian.
Apart from sheer skill, the Occult Investigator's greatest asset is the Ritualist feat. With a +12 skill bonus, the archetype is routinely capable of rituals with a DC of 22 by taking 10, sufficient for effects with a cost of 12 power points."

He is a PL 6 character and spent 22 points on skills, 11 points on feats, 1 point on powers (super senses R1: Mystic Awareness), 22 points on combat (attack 5 and defense 6 with a +3 from feats), and 10 points on saves (toughness 3, fort 4, reflex 4, will 8).

Some damage save info (this is for non-lethal damage).

Succeeds = No Effect
Fails = Bruised
Fails by 5 or more = Stunned + Bruised
Fails by 10 or more = Staggered + Stunned
Fails by 15 or more = Unconscious

If the DC of a Toughness save is so high the character cannot possibly
succeed, even with a 20 on the die roll, the Toughness save is still rolled to determine the effect (the amount the save misses the DC). A natural roll of 20 means the character suffers only the minimal result of failing the save, regardless of the DC. Fate intervenes to spare the character from otherwise certain doom.

Bruised means the character has been battered and bruised and is in less
than top condition. Each bruised condition imposes a –1 penalty on further Toughness saves against nonlethal damage, putting the character
closer to being taken out of the fight.If a Toughness save fails by 5 or more, in addition to the normal effects of the condition, the character is stunned for one round: unable to take actions, losing dodge bonus to Defense, and suffering an additional –2reduction in Defense. This lasts until just before the attacker’s turn in the initiative order on the following round.

A staggered character has been badly beaten, barely holding on to consciousness.
He can only take a single standard or move action each round
(not both).

An unconscious character is knocked out and helpless. Further damage
against an unconscious character is considered lethal.

Edit: Oops. I missed Stunned.
Stunned: The character loses any dodge bonus to Defense, takes a –2 modifier
to Defense, and cannot take actions other than reactions.

Tabby's powers:

Mystic Blast
Alternate Powers include:
• Mystic Binding
• Element Control
• Healing
• Mind Control
• Nullify
• Possession

Most, if not all of these require to hit rolls of 10 + the defense of your target.
With out PL of 12, you can expect to see targets with defenses of around 12.
Which means you can't hit with out rolling a 20.

Choosing to have zero saves and defenses is one thing, but not being able to use the powers you have is another.

Dr. Strange routinely cast spells against his foes and defends against their powers.
He has spells for that.
You don't.
Constantine gets by with knowing what to do rather than having blasts bounce off his armor, but his will is strong enough to resist most effects.
Yours is 5.

Also, there's this:

professor Tabitha Constantine wrote:

Tough: +0, Fort: +0, Ref: +0, Will: +5

Totals: Abilities + Skills 5 (20 ranks) + Feats 21 + Powers 116 + Combat 0 + Saves 0 + Drawbacks 0 = 172 Left = 8

You saves are horrible and you have no bonus to hit.

Your spells give a damage bonus of 15, but your to hit bonus is 0.
You have no defense and you're listed as a professor, but have skill ranks of only +5.
edit: except K (arcane)

Rynjin, I've been browsing the DC Universe Wiki's for info and background.
While the references to various universes and versions are complicated, there's a lot of basic information.

Also, what if the plane/spacecraft he was testing had a TK drive and he was given enhancers to boost his minor ability so he could interface with the vehicle?
There was an accident/ it was misunderstood technology/ cosmic coincident and he 'absorbed' the drive.

edit: I'm still not seeing a breakdown of how the points were spent on your TK.
I'm guessing Rank 12, damaging, touch with 2 ranks of reach, but that doesn't come to 28 points.
Is there an extra for flight there somewhere?

drbuzzard wrote:
Did the alternate power thing on blast, but it wouldn't let me do it on flight.

Did you try to alternate flight off burrowing or burrowing off flight?

Since Flight R10 cost 20 points and Burrowing R7 costs 7 points, it only works if flight is the base and burrowing is the alternate.

You might also want to try entering the powers individually, instead of using the Alternate Form heading.
That may keep you from having to match all the durations and may save you some points for skills.
(At PL12, a skill rank of 4 or 8 is pretty low.)

edit: Is burning touch supposed to damage people who touch you?
Because that would require a power with Reaction as activation.
The way you have it now, you would do that damage when you strike, but nothing when you are struck.

Rynjin, could you break down the point cost on TK?
It seems off.
Also, did you add the damaging extra on your TK or not?
I couldn't tell.
Additionally, what is your movement normally?
I saw swim, quickness (which doesn't help movement as far as I know), and some special movement like slow fall.
With Immovable you lose some effectiveness if you move unless you take an extra, but I couldn't tell how you did it.

Evidently, there is an Earth 13.
That's where you can find Arcane Green Lantern, Arcane Harley Quinn, Arcane Supergirl, and Arcane Zatanna (??).
In this world, Merlin rocketed a baby Etrigan to Kamelot, where he grew up to be Superdemon and defend this gothic universe alongside the League of Shadows.

Dr. Buzzard, you could built the same character without using alternate form, just buy each power individually.
Then you wouldn't need to buy any powers up to permanent unless you wanted to.
And you could use alternate powers to reduce the cost.
Dazzle could be an alternate of blast and burrow could be an alternate of flight.

In regards to team points, if we are just getting together, would we have excess points to pay for group stuff?
Usually, that sort of thing comes out of experience so this should be tumbler's call.

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