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Corin LaDrock's page

18 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Fromper.

Full Name

Corin LaDrock




Bard 3







Special Abilities

Bardic Performance, Inspire Courage, Bardic Knowledge, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot


Neutral Good


Cayden Cailean, Shelyn, Erastil, Nethys


Born in Cheliax, loyal to Andoran, but lives in Absalom




Storyteller, Adventurer

Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 8
Charisma 14

About Corin LaDrock

Corin was born a Chelaxian slave. His mother died when he was very young, and he never even knew her last name, which should have been his. He was forced to serve in the home of the noble family that had owned her, who were none too nice to their “property”. The kids would often bully him just for fun, and if he tried to fight back, he was beaten by their mother for trying to hurt her precious noble children.

This changed when he was around 9 years old, as he was escorting his mistress in the city’s main market. He was carrying several items she'd bought, which were clearly too much for a boy his size to handle all at once, when he dropped something and invoked her anger. She beat him right there in public, smacking him several times with a stick that she carried for just such occasions, not stopping until she saw blood. She told him to pick up her possessions and come along, then made an offhand remark about wanting to sell him. He often prayed for her to finally follow through on that threat, since she made it so often.

Much to their surprise, a large man in armor with a sword on his belt, approached and asked “Are you serious about selling this boy? I’ve been looking for a valet, and I won’t be here in the city long enough to visit the slave markets.” His mistress was suspicious, but the man made her an offer too good to pass up for just a single slave, so Corin was sold to the mysterious warrior.

The man led Corin away and introduced himself as Dinarek LaDrock, an Andoran Eagle Knight working for the Pathfinder Society out of Absalom. Dinarek explained that he truly hated slavery, and although he didn't come to Cheliax specifically to free slaves, he couldn't bear to see that evil woman beat up on a young boy. Dinarek freed Corin, and gave him the choice of what to do next.

At the boy’s request, Dinarek brought Corin back to Absalom and let the boy live with him. Corin had to learn to be self sufficient, though, so he could take care of himself whenever Dinarek was away on Society business. For the next few years, Corin spent most of his time hanging out at the Pathfinder Lodge, working as a valet for the many Pathfinders who came and went, and learning anything that anyone would teach him.

Dinarek insisted on teaching him to fight, but the beatings of his youth had left him with a phobia of close combat. Dinarek figured that structured fencing with rapiers would be a good way to ease the frightened child into overcoming his fear of melee combat, before moving on to the more physical work of learning to exchange heavy blows in armor. Corin eventually learned to handle a sword, but he never did learn to use heavier weapons, and he still prefers to avoid a melee if at all possible. Wanting to grow up to be a Pathfinder himself, and knowing he’d have to do some fighting eventually, Corin asked some of the other Pathfinders to train him with a bow. That way, he could strike at enemies from a distance, avoiding uncomfortable up close fights.

Dinarek also insisted that Corin learn to read, for knowledge is necessary to uphold freedom. Corin was an enthusiastic pupil, learning quite a bit about a variety of subjects from the many people he met at the Pathfinder Lodge, and whatever books they would loan him. In this way, he received a broad, yet undirected education in almost every possible subject, even learning enough of the arcane arts to cast some magic spells.

He loved listening to the Pathfinders brag about their many adventures, and would often repeat the stories of one adventurer to others. He was good enough at repeating these tales that he earned a reputation as a storyteller. Some of the bards he met through the Pathfinder Society insisted that he’d make an excellent performer, so he worked with them on and off for years. He learned to make music, put on rousing performances, and even to channel magical energy through his performances to inspire himself and his allies to achieve greatness.

Now a young adult, Corin has taken the last name of his rescuer and mentor, to honor Denerik for being like a father to him.

Corin LaDrock is primarily a worshiper of Cayden Cailean, thanking the god of liberation for bringing Dinarek to rescue him from his slavery, and swearing to help others the same way. He is also respectful of the other deities, regularly thanking Shelyn for his performing talents, Erastil for his talent with a bow, and Nethys for his magical abilities.

He is ready to begin his career as an adventurer, working for the Pathfinder Society, but also doing what he can on his own to promote the cause of freedom and liberty to all people of Golarion.

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