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Arcane-Blooded Sorcerer 4 (AC: 12 [T: 12 FF: 10](+4MA, +4 Sh) | HP: 32/32 | F+2, R+4, W+5 | Init +2 |Perc +1)



About Copper Fratello

Copper Fratello (Male Varisian Sorcerer 4)
NG Medium Humanoid (Human)

Init +2 Senses Perception +1
Harrow Points 4; Card: Demon's Lantern (book 1); The Mountain Man (book 2)
AC 20, touch 12, flatfooted 18 (+2 Dex, +4 Mage Armor, +4 Shield)
HP 32 (4D6+11); CMD 13
Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +5
Speed 30ft (30ft base)
Base Atk +2; CMB +1
Melee Dagger +1 (d4-1/19-20)
Ranged Light Crossbow +4 (d8)
Spells Known (CL 4th, Concentration +14)
Level 2; 4*/day: Scorching Ray Used: 2
Level 1; 7*/day: Grease, Identify, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Shield, Sleep (DC 15) Used: *
Level 0; At Will: Daze (DC 14), Detect Magic, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Read Magic
Str 9, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 18
Traits Focused Mind ( +2 Concentration), Tortured (+1 Ref Save)
Feats Toughness, Eschew Materials, Expanded Arcana, Combat Casting
Skills Appraise +6, Bluff +9, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (arcana) +9, Knowledge (local) +8, Sense Motive +2, Spellcraft +8, Use Magic Device +8
Languages Common, Draconic, Elven, Varisian
SQ Cantrips, Arcane Bloodline(+1 to DC on spell with increased level from metamagic ft), Arcane Bond* (may cast any one known spell, once per day), Perm Class Skill: Knowledge (local), Metamagic Adept (1/day, use metamagic feat, do not raise casting time)
Equipment dagger, light crossbow w 10 bolts, Wand of Color Spray (7 charges), Wand of Enlarge Person (43 charges), Wand of Magic Missile (13 charges), 2 wrist sheathes
Other Equipment explorer’s outfit, backpack [bedroll, winter blanket, water skin, trail rations (1 day), compass, flint/steel, needle/ thread, chalk (3 sticks), sack (full of coin)], Thassilonian translation texts
Money 115pp, 206gp, 3sp


Copper was born into an average merchant family. His childhood was filled with fun and games, until he was kidnapped in the middle of the busy market square while on a trip with his father. After several years of captivity, his magical powers began to flourish slowly. He honed his skills on some of the less intelligent guards who were selected to keep watch over him and his fellow captives. When he awoke one morning, he found he was clutching a small platinum band in his left hand. Having no idea where it had come from, he took it as a sign from Nethys, the god of Magic, that he was ready for the task he had been preparing for.
Copper's plan succeeding in freeing him, along with most of the other captives, though a few lost their lives in the escape. He tried to bring the men responsible for his captivity to justice, but a few escaped.
Copper spent a few years trying to find his family, but was never able to locate them, even after searching Korvosa high and low. To get by he had been doing whatever little work he could find, all the while trying to locate the men that escaped capture that day. Unable to locate them, and growing impatient, Copper has been preparing to travel to some new location in Varisia and start a new life; to where, he is not sure.


Despite everything he has been through, Copper has a rather cheerful attitude, and most people find him very likeable. He is very sympathetic towards children because of his past, and is more likely to trust them than most adults, though once his respect is earned, it is not easily lost.
In the wake of the outbreak of a new deadly disease spreading through Korvosa, Copper seems to be unsettled by the close proximity of those who are or even might be contagious.
The runic tatoo that seems to spread from his ring and up his left forearm seems to have a growing fascination within Copper's mind. Casting his regular spells do not seem to have any effect on the tatoo, but tapping into the power of the ring seems to make it spread further across his body.


At 19 years old, Copper appears to be closer to 15, and uses his youthful appearances to aid in his search for those who would kidnap children, in order to bring them to justice. He stands just shy of 5’8’’, and weighs a mere 125 lbs. His skin fair, his hair shoulder-length flowing blonde, and his eyes are a piercing blue, with a strange runic-looking circle surrounding his irises. He is dressed in traditional Varisian attire, with a small platinum band on his left pinky finger.
Almost as if they are coming out of the ring on his right pinky finger, a tatoo of runic fire runs down to the tips of his fingers and up towards his elbow.