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Comrade Anklebiter's page

7,031 posts. Alias of Doodlebug Anklebiter.


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Hmmm. Well, I had a busy week of commie furlough planned, but I've noticed La Principessa's tendency towards emotional breakdowns every 72 hours or so can make maintaining schedules difficult.


Spent a lot of time helping La Principessa with her article on the UE strike and her "lead-off" on the labor movement for her weekly Branch Meeting. Had fun at the latter, talked commie talk, sold some books, squabbled, had Mexican. Found editing La Principessa to be an interesting experience. I secretly fancy myself a better writer than her, but she's got a Master's in English and is very stubborn. She kept putting back all the weak wordings (language-wise, not commie-) that I had struck (??--stricken? Hey, I didn't say I was a great writer!).

Did a paper sale on Saturday in a Queens Metro station. I sold five papers in an hour. The whole branch can go a couple of months before we sell five in New Hampshire! Man, I love cities!

Then, last three nights in a row, boom! She keeps having bad days, so I blow off commie plans to hang around the house, smoke weed and have sex. It's a real drag, lemme tell ya. And what can make La Principessa have a bad day? You name it--a stern lecture from her vice-principal, a tense UFT delegate assembly, my not having enough orgasms (she speculated that her ratio of climaxes to mine is 8:1, he modestly added). Like I said, a drag. On the plus, though, my cooking's getting better, I've gotten a bit of reading done and I've listened to a lot of Gong.

Planning for a myriad of life-changing possibilities, none of which allow me to keep my voluminous library intact, I have decided to model myself after Harvey Pekar and peddle my books at Branch Meetings.

This week I sold:

The Struggle for a Proletarian Party by James P. Cannon
Labour in Irish History by James Connolly
The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. DuBois
Malcolm X on Afro-American History
The Wages of Whiteness by David Roediger

the proceeds of which I thereupon spent at a Mexican restaurant on frozen strawberry margaritas.

I also gave a beat-up thirties hardback of Victor Serge's Russia: 20 Years Later to a dear comrade of La Principessa's that I had outrageously priced at $12, mostly, I think, in hopes of dissuading people from buying it.

In fact, I'm kind of pissed about losing all of them. Why couldn't people buy Capital Vols. II and III instead?

Anyway, in my own reading I have settled on , The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African. Written by Himself.

Turned the voluntary three-day furlough into a voluntary five-day furlough. Would have made it six, but I noticed a woman with less seniority had requested next Thursday off.

"Oh, go ahead, Doodlebug, I was kind of torn. I had already decided I wasn't going to take any more time off, but, then, you know..."

"They offered."

"Yeah. But if you want it, go ahead."

"No, no, no, [XXXX]. I'm not going to bump you. I'll just wait until then and then I'll call out. Why should I take your day off when we can both take the day off?"

Teamster Power!

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
a visit to a car wash strike on Wednesday,

NYT article that came up in my Facebook feed and was more interesting when the headline read:

"Shouting Woman": Giving a Voice to Immigrant Workers in New York

To go along with my finishing reading The Origin of Private Property, the Family and the State:

A commie article randomly spit out when I google searched "punaluan family,"

Lewis Henry Morgan, the punaluan family, the gentes and the defence of materialism

a long talk about

Engels and the origins of womens oppression

by a Britishiznoid SWPer (and for us commie watchers, that's a little loaded with irony) and, finally,

Women's Oppression Under Capitalism,

a talk by 16-year-old NJ High School Student Comrade. What were you doing when you were 16? Sniffing glue and playing Dungeons and Dragons, I bet.

Also, La Principessa will soon have an article on the Ipswich UE strike on the website. They finally signed a contract. Look for a link soon and

Vive le Galt!!!

48 hours of fighting with La Principessa led to tearful reconciliations and mutually amazing phone sex. Relationships are weird.

Anyway, anti-Scott Walker demo was a bit lackluster. 300 or so New England trade unionists marching in a quiet picket line. Lowell carpenter dude tries chanting, cops come out and tell us to be quiet because there are kids in the high school taking their SATs. Apparently, Scott Walker was kicking off his presidential campaign by whispering. Highlight was a Hispanic trade unionist who, everytime we passed him on the picket line, would shout out "Viva Fidel!" or "Che lives!" Was a little disappointed that my sign was the only one that drew the connection between Walker's assault on the unions and the police killing of Tony Robinson, but, whatever.

Later that night, went to a CAJE vegetarian dinner/meeting at a professor's beautiful loft apartment in Lowell. She had contacted Mr. Comrade for the first Lowell demo to see if her daughter could give a speech to fulfill a requirement for her bat mitzvah. Until they showed up, Mr. Comrade had no idea it was one of his professors from the previous semester.

Anyway, nice meeting with two working class black women, a (wicked hawt) Nigerian student, two lesbians, an anarcho-syndicalist and three dirty commies, kicked off by a havdalah and ended with the professor's daughters' "Smurf cake."

Activism is fun.

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Older one making the rounds due to the impending Scott Walker visit to my fair state:

You Hate "Right To Work" Laws More Than You Know. Here's Why

Damn it, the suspense is killing me! Was he good for nuthin' or wasn't he?

Actually, even if he wasn't he was. I mean, if he was really good for somethin', he would have been channelling the sites of CIA weapon drops to Nicaraguan contras and Afghan proto-al Qaedans to the KGB instead of deregulating trucking decimating the Teamsters.

F!#&in' Kennedys.

Shoulda known Kennedy was good-for-nuthin'.

Ahh, it was in the Books Thread.

Karl Marx and the American Civil War

A few others that failed to persuade La Principessa (man, she's stubborn):

Reading Karl Marx with Abraham Lincoln
The Civil War: The Second American Revolution--Honor Abraham Lincoln!
Lincoln and Marx

Fergie wrote:
Only three months? That's not so bad!

Four years is quite impressive, Comrade Fergie, and I bow to your inspection avoidance-fu.

I was less concerned about it in years past when I was going to work at two in the morning and only had to worry about the ride home. Now, with Daylights Savings, I have to worry about it both ways. Also, it's affecting my ability to do political work. For example, I don't want to drive to Concord to protest Scott Walker and leave my car on the side of the street for a couple of hours.

EDIT: Oh, also, I've had a copy of The Best of Abbie Hoffman since my teen years. Here in NH we've recently befriended an elderly Jewish man from Brooklyn who claims he was in the Yippies back in the day.

Anyway, fighting with La Principessa about Abraham Lincoln on Facebook. Where's that article about Marx and the Civil War? Hmmm...

Hmmm. Lack of intonation in internet communication strikes again!

It's possible. Hopefully, though, I will be moving to New York soon(ish) and will never need a car again. Also, my father gave it to me. Also also, it has a cassette player and it allows me to tape my records and listen to them while driving around. Otherwise, I'd never get to listen to my albums.

Thank you for the advice on personal finance, though.


I've got to save a couple thousand bucks or so to get my car (made by UAW workers if it's any consolation) to pass inspection (three months late and counting) before I can start saving for boots.

"And if they don't give us what we like/Men, that's when you gotta go on strike!"

Vive le Galt!

That's nice, Alex. I tend to buy whatever I can get for $30 at Marshall's.

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Part that always stands out in my mind when I laud Sancho: when he dreams of being a governor and running a slave empire.


I have a weak spot for amusing, amoral libertines. At least in art; in real life they tend to be a!%%$*#s.

Almost every one of these paragraphs listing the Islamic Republic of Iran's crimes makes me have to back up and make sure I'm reading about Iran.

Anyway, not a big fan of the ayatollahs, but, given the chance, I'd totally sell state secrets to Obama's latest bogeyman, Venezuela.

Well, actually, I'd probably just give them away for free.

Artyom wrote:

Ladies and gentlemen, let me give you some advice here:

Don't. Just don't.

And for those of you who are raging about those 'treasonous' Republicans, you might want to consider the actions of a certain Ted Kennedy. He had actively contacted the Soviet Union to assist in derailing then-President Reagan's policy. THAT is damn close to the legal definition, right there.

Now, THAT'S the kind of treason I can get behind!

[Watches The Falcon and the Snowman]

Oh yeah, I forgot, La Principessa's parents retired out in Madison, Wisconsin. She called her father--who did some work in Texas during the later year of the Civil Rights Movement (apparently he's got stories about being chased by the Klan) and later did pro bono police brutality cases in NYC (for which he was awarded some honor by the Bar Association)--for his birthday and asked him if he had been going to any of the demonstrations in the wake of the killing of Tony Robinson. He said he had and La Principessa, excited to have something to bond with her father about, asked him how it was.

"It was depressing, Check" (they call her "Check") "It was really depressing. Here it is forty, fifty years later, and I'm still going to these f+~@ing things."

Speaking of lobbying, article I ran across from First Look:

Immediately After Launching Effort to Scuttle Iran Deal, Senator Tom Cotton to Meet with Defense Contractors

I hope so.

In commie news, lessee...while I was in Brooklyn our NH branch, in coalition with the Black Lives Matter activists and the local 350 activists, have apparently launched a group called Community Activists for Justice and Equality whose acronym, of course, is CAJE. "The system is a caje" etc., etc. [Shudders] Don't blame me comrades, I was in New York. Anyway, cynical hispter negativity aside, while I was gone they held a public meeting (30 or so attendees), a film showing on International Women's Day (again, 30 or so attendees), on Monday, while I was dilly-dallying about, kissing La Principessa good bye before the long trek back, and held a rally outside a courthouse against the New Jim Crow and in solidarity with some black kid who was being unfairly railroaded for something or other (I've been out of the loop, alas).

This weekend we've got a rally against visiting Gov. Scott Walker in Concord that should bring out all the leftie-labor types and then back to Lowell for another CAJE meeting, although I might have to help The Black Goblin move his Pregnant Dreadlocked Libertarian Ex-Welder Girlfriend into the Free NH Goblin Resistance Hideout. 'Tis truly the end of an era, comrades. (Links to come later, maybe.)

In completely other news, my Independent Red Maoist-Inclined Historian Rival for La Principessa's Affections (Since Vanquished) had a review published in a commie journal and he Tagged me in his Facebook post, so etiquette demanded that I say I'd read it soon, so I'm posting it here so that I'll remember to do so:

Tamás Krausz's living Lenin

It may interest the comrades to know that "Enaa" is the name of one of his Dungeons and Dragons characters.

Nerds of the world, unite!

Reminds me of the time I tried to sell top secret package delivery systems to Vlad Korboff.

All I asked for was a complete set of Lenin's Collected Works and a date with Anna Chapman. Alas, Citizen Koroboff couldn't come through or else I totally would've Benedict Arnolded.

Not as much "Fifty Shades sex."

Anyway, article La Principessa was sharing on Facebook:

Forget Education Saviors – They Aren’t Coming

Went to a birthday party for a UFT member with a buncha educators last night. Was disappointed to discover that it was less Teacher Snow Day, more Frat Kid Binge Drinking.

Here's my argument: School sucks!

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March 5 2015: Jury Rules Not Guilty in sham trial of school bus union leader!


DSAer in Jacobin on my fave Founding Father. Haven't read it yet, but figured I'd link it anyways.

Reading Paine from the Left

Boston School Bus Union Wins Huge Victory


Forward to communism!

EDIT: Only available to Facebook users?!? Wtf?!? [Goes to gooogle]

[Comes back]

Well, Red Steve got off.


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I'm 38 and I still don't know what I wanna be when I grow up.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Elected Officials Arrested at Brooklyn Car Wash Rally

With video

Personally, I had to look up "ostensive." Still not sure what that sentence means. Of course I did drop out of college. Three times.

School sucks!

Put down your cigarette and drop out of BU!

School Sucks!: The Musical Interlude

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Elected Officials Arrested at Brooklyn Car Wash Rally

Struck shop was right around the corner from La Principessa's school. Had a nice time familiarizing myself with New York's labor activists, then marched through Brooklyn, called La Principessa and she ran outside to hold hands and take pictures. God, I love that woman.

Hung out with a young machinist comrade from Pittsburgh who was disgusted. "This is what they call a labor action?!? They pretend to picket and then the cops pretend to break the strike?!? Where are the mass pickets lines that no one dare cross?!?" God, I love that man.

Afterwards we all chatted and then La Principessa went back to work and we went to a Dunkin Donuts. While there, I receive the following text:

"Hey. Thanks for getting me today. Can we talk later? I'm kind of uncomfortable with you calling me 'baby' in front of other people."

I text back, "Can we skip the talk and just get to the part where I apologize for infantilizing you?" and make a mental note to complain about it on

[Shakes head in exasperation]


Pfft. You reason like an Andoran pig-dog.

To Razor Jenni with you, stooge!

Pfft. My vote's for De rerum natura. Bohr-ing!

Personally, I think Quark is shaping up just fine to fit in with the rest of us OTD politroll blowhards.

And, oh yeah, school sucks!

Don't think I've ever linked an article about Swaziland before:

Swaziland steps up police intimidation of workers

If our liberals were more like your ex-Stalinists, I'd probably have less fights with them.

Well, different fights, anyway.

But I don't even know how to properly cleanse my browser history let alone what a f+!@ing ISP is, so maybe I should ignore this thread.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
a visit to a car wash strike on Wednesday,

Comrade Anklebiter's Commie Vacation Thus Far:

Got in Thursday afternoon. Had to deal with La Principessa's depression for a while, then went to her Guatemalan from East Boston Anarcho-Syndicalist Playwright friend's girlfriend's Soup and Art Night (which he renamed Stupid Art Night). She worked on making banya caps; I just drank and ate butternut squash soup until the GfEBA-SPF'sG gave me an "Existentialist Coloring Book" and worked on the page devoted to Jean-Paul Sartre, Intrnet Troll's catchphrase ("Hell is other posters!).

Friday was more depression, some really hawt sex, then a very frustrating evening waiting in Barnes and Noble while she met with another comrade to go over her presentation on the labor movement centered on the UE strike at Weir Valve. Followed by more frustration as we went over her single mother friend's house and they got to talk politics while I had to babysit a hyperactive, ADD-diagnosed seven-year-old who kept farting on me and wouldn't let me play on his keyboard. :(

Saturday we went to the Newark rally organized by our 16-year-old New Jersey high school student comrade. Afterwards, we went to some bbq restaurant where I kept trying convince the hyperactive seven-year-old of the existence of trolls, ogres, and that the upcoming blood moon was a harbinger of the opening of the gates to the fairy realms. Later, on the ride home, I tried to convince him that the delta blues singers on the radio were centaurs. La Principessa kept telling me to cut it out in deference to the communist atheism of the boy's mother, but I protested "If you can't lie to children, then who can you lie to?" and denounced her bourgeois modernity. The boy's mother seemed to think it was funny. Anyway, then we got home and smoked the last of my [bubble bubble bubble] and had even hawtter sex. Twice.

Sunday, we went to the Day School. I was pretty excited because the latest Member's Bulletin had a long document about Black Liberation and Socialist Revolution that discussed Richard S. Fraser (a fave my old comrades) and I was looking forward to some real commie talk, but La Principessa got ill after the first two hours, so we skeddadled, had some Thai food on the offchance that she just needed to eat something, no such luck, so then I got to do my first NYC driving as we listened to a Patsy Cline hour on some college radio station. Then we watched a lot of bad SNL and Snowpiercer which she thought was terrible, but I thought was watchable enough for a Chris Evans movie.

Meanwhile, back in New England, I'm getting updates on our Black Lives Matter coalition work in Lowell. Expect more posts on the future, but in the meantime, I've still got a whole week to spend in this city with little to do. I think there's a branch meeting in Brooklyn tomorrow, a visit to a car wash strike on Wednesday, maybe meet up with a former IBEW steward turned CWA organizer who's Facebook friends with some of my NH labor contacts, meet up with Comrades Freehold and Healer hopefully, but other than that, got little planned. Maybe some more hawt sex. We'll see.

One La Principessa liked:

Teacher Snow Day

Quark Blast wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Go where?
I was assuming you'd pick up on my statement
As Krugman states, the problem is power distribution in the economy.

and run with it.

Vive la Révolution! ...or some such.

Vive le Galt!!!

Good enough?

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