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Comrade Anklebiter's page

6,999 posts. Alias of Doodlebug Anklebiter.


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DSAer in Jacobin on my fave Founding Father. Haven't read it yet, but figured I'd link it anyways.

Reading Paine from the Left

Boston School Bus Union Wins Huge Victory


Forward to communism!

EDIT: Only available to Facebook users?!? Wtf?!? [Goes to gooogle]

[Comes back]

Well, Red Steve got off.


I'm 38 and I still don't know what I wanna be when I grow up.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Elected Officials Arrested at Brooklyn Car Wash Rally

With video

Personally, I had to look up "ostensive." Still not sure what that sentence means. Of course I did drop out of college. Three times.

School sucks!

Put down your cigarette and drop out of BU!

School Sucks!: The Musical Interlude

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Elected Officials Arrested at Brooklyn Car Wash Rally

Struck shop was right around the corner from La Principessa's school. Had a nice time familiarizing myself with New York's labor activists, then marched through Brooklyn, called La Principessa and she ran outside to hold hands and take pictures. God, I love that woman.

Hung out with a young machinist comrade from Pittsburgh who was disgusted. "This is what they call a labor action?!? They pretend to picket and then the cops pretend to break the strike?!? Where are the mass pickets lines that no one dare cross?!?" God, I love that man.

Afterwards we all chatted and then La Principessa went back to work and we went to a Dunkin Donuts. While there, I receive the following text:

"Hey. Thanks for getting me today. Can we talk later? I'm kind of uncomfortable with you calling me 'baby' in front of other people."

I text back, "Can we skip the talk and just get to the part where I apologize for infantilizing you?" and make a mental note to complain about it on

[Shakes head in exasperation]


Pfft. You reason like an Andoran pig-dog.

To Razor Jenni with you, stooge!

Pfft. My vote's for De rerum natura. Bohr-ing!

Personally, I think Quark is shaping up just fine to fit in with the rest of us OTD politroll blowhards.

And, oh yeah, school sucks!

Don't think I've ever linked an article about Swaziland before:

Swaziland steps up police intimidation of workers

If our liberals were more like your ex-Stalinists, I'd probably have less fights with them.

Well, different fights, anyway.

But I don't even know how to properly cleanse my browser history let alone what a f*@$ing ISP is, so maybe I should ignore this thread.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
a visit to a car wash strike on Wednesday,

Comrade Anklebiter's Commie Vacation Thus Far:

Got in Thursday afternoon. Had to deal with La Principessa's depression for a while, then went to her Guatemalan from East Boston Anarcho-Syndicalist Playwright friend's girlfriend's Soup and Art Night (which he renamed Stupid Art Night). She worked on making banya caps; I just drank and ate butternut squash soup until the GfEBA-SPF'sG gave me an "Existentialist Coloring Book" and worked on the page devoted to Jean-Paul Sartre, Intrnet Troll's catchphrase ("Hell is other posters!).

Friday was more depression, some really hawt sex, then a very frustrating evening waiting in Barnes and Noble while she met with another comrade to go over her presentation on the labor movement centered on the UE strike at Weir Valve. Followed by more frustration as we went over her single mother friend's house and they got to talk politics while I had to babysit a hyperactive, ADD-diagnosed seven-year-old who kept farting on me and wouldn't let me play on his keyboard. :(

Saturday we went to the Newark rally organized by our 16-year-old New Jersey high school student comrade. Afterwards, we went to some bbq restaurant where I kept trying convince the hyperactive seven-year-old of the existence of trolls, ogres, and that the upcoming blood moon was a harbinger of the opening of the gates to the fairy realms. Later, on the ride home, I tried to convince him that the delta blues singers on the radio were centaurs. La Principessa kept telling me to cut it out in deference to the communist atheism of the boy's mother, but I protested "If you can't lie to children, then who can you lie to?" and denounced her bourgeois modernity. The boy's mother seemed to think it was funny. Anyway, then we got home and smoked the last of my [bubble bubble bubble] and had even hawtter sex. Twice.

Sunday, we went to the Day School. I was pretty excited because the latest Member's Bulletin had a long document about Black Liberation and Socialist Revolution that discussed Richard S. Fraser (a fave my old comrades) and I was looking forward to some real commie talk, but La Principessa got ill after the first two hours, so we skeddadled, had some Thai food on the offchance that she just needed to eat something, no such luck, so then I got to do my first NYC driving as we listened to a Patsy Cline hour on some college radio station. Then we watched a lot of bad SNL and Snowpiercer which she thought was terrible, but I thought was watchable enough for a Chris Evans movie.

Meanwhile, back in New England, I'm getting updates on our Black Lives Matter coalition work in Lowell. Expect more posts on the future, but in the meantime, I've still got a whole week to spend in this city with little to do. I think there's a branch meeting in Brooklyn tomorrow, a visit to a car wash strike on Wednesday, maybe meet up with a former IBEW steward turned CWA organizer who's Facebook friends with some of my NH labor contacts, meet up with Comrades Freehold and Healer hopefully, but other than that, got little planned. Maybe some more hawt sex. We'll see.

One La Principessa liked:

Teacher Snow Day

Quark Blast wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Go where?
I was assuming you'd pick up on my statement
As Krugman states, the problem is power distribution in the economy.

and run with it.

Vive la Révolution! ...or some such.

Vive le Galt!!!

Good enough?

Go where?

I don't know.


I was walking along Church Avenue in Brooklyn the other day, though, and ran across a movie set, something called Blacklist. Said "Hello, brother!" to the dude in IBT jacket and kept walkin'. Should probably go to my local's Autism Gala one of these days, see if I can meet Matt Damon or Ben Affleck.

EDIT: Looks like it.

Coriat wrote:

The details sound slightly off, but it might be the same case as was involved here, in which post-death unionization attempts had been held up as the university sought a religious exemption from union-busting laws.

(because taking care of faculty in poverty would have been an unacceptable interference with Duquesne's mission to teach Catholic values)

Defend USW 8751! Drop all charges against Red Steve Kirschbaum! Victory to the Oil Workers Strike!

Man, adjunct professors, oil workers, school bus drivers, the Steelworkers really get around these days.

[Breaks democratic centalism]

Seattle Socialist Alternative and the Black Lives Matter Movement

Chicago Charter School Teachers Demand a Union

Remembering Lou Reed, rock'n'roll's favorite a**&@$#

I try to learn from the best.

No, but I don't recall ever telling you less cool people to shut up, so....?

meatrace wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Like I take cool tips off of you.

Maybe you should.

Tip #1: Actual cool people don't brag about how cool they are.

From the Beats to the Velvet Underground: Bullshiznit.

More education activism:


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, In These Times seems to think it was a victory. Good enough, I guess. Four for four, baby!

New England Workers Win Largest Telecom Strike in History

[Reads first section]

Man, what a shiznitty contract.... :(

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Like I take cool tips off of you.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Coriat wrote:

You'd probably like a quote from '56:

Wiki wrote:
As the Ideal-X left the Port of Newark, Freddy Fields, a top official of the International Longshoremen's Association, was asked what he thought of the newly fitted container ship. Fields replied, "I’d like to sink that son of a b$~@@."

Vive le General Ludd!

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Pfft. I've been posting about The Wire my entire time here. Came up in the first politroll conversation I ever entered, back with Comrade Derek back in '0whatever.

As for Wire, the band, c'mon, Comrade Meatrace. I've got ten years working in used record stores under my belt.

I'm cooler than all of you!

Yeah, I've got the first Fri-Sun locked down with rutting and communism, but after that, it's wide open.

I like Steve Earle, too.

Frank Subotka for Secretary-Treasurer!

meatrace wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Me and Frank Subotka agree: Down with containerization!

Also, school sucks!

What? A Wire reference from the gobbo?

I'm impressed.

Possible Contender for Politroll Theme Song: The Musical Interlude

Sounds right to me. I only know about it through reading articles about the International Longshoreman's Association and National Maritime Union in commie newspapers from the early seventies.

Comrade Anklebiter in New Jersey this Saturday! Tremble, ye Garden Staters!

Rally & March for $15/hour Min. Wage in NJ!

Me and Frank Subotka agree: Down with containerization!

Also, school sucks!

Also, Chilean miners are organized in unions.

Was bippin' and boppin' around Facebook and ran into an article that might be of interest to those who remember the Bou Bou Phonesavanh thread:

Sheriff that Laughed about Flash Banging a Toddler, Was Just Shot By Murderous Rogue Cop

Minneapolis: SOLIDARITY APPEAL: 15 Now Leader Fired by Delta For Speaking out Against Low Pay

Which doesn't have any actions listed, but I'm pretty far away and am sure there's stuff going on, I just don't know where.

Get involved! Get organized!

Reinstate Kip Hedges!
For communism!

Boston: March 3rd--Drop the Anti-Union, Frame-up Charges Against Steve Kirschbaum. Pack Dorchester Court!

An injury to one is an injury to all!
Reinstate the School Bus 5!

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Black Lives Matter: Northern New England-style!

Yes, the "Black Power" banner was carried by three white dudes.

For black liberation through socialist revolution!


Did you have a good time?


Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Malcolm X Assassination 50th Anniversary Rally & March

Finish the Civil War!

For Black Liberation through Socialist Revolution!

mechaPoet wrote:
Same, babe. *3*

He won't. Employing internet douchebaggery to point out hipster internet douchebaggery is kind of a point of pride for Alex.

Brief googling:

Low on Resources, Boston Turns to Prison Labor to Shovel Snow

Which led to Suffolk County Sheriff's Department Community Works Program

Which puts it somewhere in between the liberal hipsters at the Daily Kos (serves me right for branching out from my regular communist propaganda websites) and Citizen K(e)rensky's Democratic Party hackdom. For example, I don't see anything about earning time off of sentences, but maybe I have to dig deeper.

Anyway, I was thrilled to death to meet Steve Gillis and Andre Francois (two of the School Bus 5) this morning in the freezing cold outside of the Somerville District Court for the I-93 protestors court appearance. "You're doing a rally up in Lowell?" smiled Brother Gillis. When I offered to distribute leaflets to pack the court on March 3 for Red Steve Kirschbaum's next court appearance he smiled even wider and said "That's great! Now's the time to be meeting people and making contacts!" I almost died of joy!

Mayor Marty Walsh, pro-capitalist ex-labor bureaucrat that he is distanced himself from them during his campaign run because he would rather serve the interests of State Street than stand up for working people. I wouldn't be surprised if he and Citizen K(e)rensky run in the same circles.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Boston using prisoners like slave laborers to shovel snow in back-breaking conditions

Man, I sure can kill a thread.

Education should be a right!
For communist revolution!

School still sucks!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Up real early to get things going for the last day of prep for the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X rally and just saw this:

FairPoint, unions reach deal to end strike

No details yet, but hopefully it's some kinda win.

Partly for selfish reasons: One of Comrade Longears's American co-thinkers (and an SEIU organizer) made a comment a whiles back that my local commie branch is kinda like a good luck charm for strikes; thus far, with a record of three for three (Insomnia Cookies, Lifelinks, Weir Valve), any picket line that we visit wins.

It'd be nice if that kept being a thing.

One day longer/One day stronger!
For workers revolution!

More on Pablo:

Pablo Iglesias is right to evoke the guillotine and the French revolution

"Blades falling on regal necks is powerful imagery."

F~#$in' a!
Vive le Galt!!!

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