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Comrade Anklebiter's page

8,446 posts. Alias of Doodlebug Anklebiter.


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Clinton Surrogate Whines About Having A Democratic Party Challenger

"On February 16, Clinton campaign surrogate, Sen. Claire McCaskill complained that she will likely face a primary challenger in her 2018 re-election campaign. 'I may have a primary because there is, in our party now, some of the same kind of enthusiasm at the base that the Republican party had with the Tea Party,' she said in an interview. 'We are seeing that same—and many of those people are very impatient with me because they don’t think I’m pure. For example, they think I should be voting against all of Trump’s nominees and of course I’m judging each nominee on its own merit.'"

"McCaskill’s tone-deaf response illuminates how clueless she and the Democratic Party are with regards to why primary challengers are running against them. It’s not about purity; it’s about serving the public, especially the working, middle class, and low income Americans. The weak opposition to President Donald Trump’s nominees—McCaskill claimed that 'some of Trump’s cabinet picks have been good'—is just one example of the Democratic Party’s ineptitude."

Man, reading The Observer is a bit of a head f&#~.

Damn the Democrats. As for leaving the country to an alleged Neo-Nazi (he's not, but anyway); f!$! that.

Why We Should Strike on May Day

I was pretty tired, sorry.

Anyway, have no idea if this is true or not, but

Standing Rock Will Be Raided Today

I'm afraid with everything else going on, I haven't had much chance to follow the DAPL news of late.

Legal defense fundraiser for Worcester Antifas arrested on Sunday

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Chris Lambertz wrote:
Removed a handful of personally abusive posts, as well as further posts surrounding Milo.

Drats, and I just got home and saw the latest.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
I think the following day's video was released by something called "The Reagan Battalion."

Interesting article about the Reagan Battalion by some website I didn't vet.

Spoiler: They appear to be anti-Trump Republicans who backed Rubio, then McMullin, with possible Dem fundraisers and super PACs involved.

Behind Reagan Battalion: The group that took down EDIT: The Bad Man has ties to Democratic activists

Hee hee!

Just got a weekly email from the NH DSA and their activities this week are:

--Contract rally for newly organized passport workers that I told them about;

--Our "In Honor of Ona Judge: NH Black History" event;

--An organizing meeting for the NH Greens featuring Dr. Jill Stein.

We're totally gonna clean up with these people.

Back to the Running Antifa Subtheme:

As I've said, our young 'uns are all in love with Black Bloc and Antifa and we kept catching them trying to get rides to Worcester on Sunday to attend a joint Antifa/John Brown Militia anti-President's Day event.

We weren't terribly concerned because neither of them have cars, but then they tried to get our black high school student to give them a ride and we had to step in. We didn't exactly use the phrase "white skin privilege" but the implication was heavy, they felt guilty, and, luckily our high school student had better instincts than they and didn't want to go.

Anyway, they went, it was a farce, they narrowly avoided arrest, and they came back saying "You guys were right."

F$~~in' a right, we were.

Protesters who blocked Worcester streets, chanted slogans arrested

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There were plenty of German-Americans fighting on the revolutionary side. There were also Germans from what would later become Germany fighting on the revolutionary side, the most famous probably being the Prussian Baron Frederick William who was commissioned as a Brigadier General by the Continental Congress and died after the failed Canadian campaign.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Hitdice wrote:
Doodles, I just don't want to hear it right now, let's just shave our bodies clean, dye our skins weird colors and burn buildings down 'cause we're all wacked out on PYRO, okay? :P

Eh, I'm not really into shaving.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah, that depraved act was reminiscent of Sower's feel of random, urban, omnipresent drug-fueled brutality. By Talents, when Jarret shows up, they're living on a hippie commune.

Too bad she died before she finished the trilogy. I really wanted to see them in space.

Forgive the repost from the Books Thread:

Parable Of The Sower – Not 1984 – Is The Dystopia For Our Age

Well, I don't know if that's an accurate assessment of Irontruth's position, I think he was just filling in a lull in activity on the thread to tell us about what he's been reading up on about hate speech for some paper he's writing.

Although, I do like the idea of using it against politicians using hate speech to contribute to the war on drugs and mass incarceration. Could we do so ex post facto?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hmm. Well, that link was private. Not sure I understand the point of a private event page, I mean, I just spent the morning putting it in different groups all over the place, what's the point if they can't even see it?!?!?

To calm myself, a comic about Marx on Jeopardy.

Article I read said that the hate speech thing was Section 130 and the tv host under Section 103.

At first, I figured it was just because it was an article about free speech in Germany, but now I'm wondering if the latter is just a typo. Anyone?

EDIT: Different EDIT EDIT: sections. One about hate speech and one about insulting foreign leaders.

Well, if you're as rich as Trump, you get to smoke the real good shiznit, I bet.

Anyway, rally for newly organized passport workers who Comrade Omar worked with shortly before passing.

Contract Support Rally Portsmouth, NH. UE Local 228

Running Subtheme: Communist Witches

Article shared by a communist witch about an anarchist witch's feud with another witch, but what kind I don't know, but I'm sure you guys do.

Two Of The Greatest Comic Book Writers Have Been In An Occult War For 25 Years

Hee hee!

I did the same google search, Citizen Freire, and I bet I found the same article. IIRC, he was prosecuted under a different section of the German criminal code abridging speech.

Just got back from the second meeting of the newly formed New Hampshire branch of the Democratic Socialists of America meeting. About thirty people, none of whom I had ever seen before, all of whom had joined since the election. They didn't really have any idea what they wanted to do, and listened, jaws agape, as we rattled off all the stuff going on in the area.

Anyway, we had heard a lot about some fabled "left-wing" of DSA that was anti-Democratic Party, but it wasn't much in evidence tonight. They told us to get involved with our local branches of the DP, any one who shows up can take over, etc., etc. I turned to one of the few people in the room who has been active for more than four months (Green Party, like us, not DSA) and said, "Just walk in and take over the Democratic Party, huh? You ever hear that before, Keith?" "Yeah," he deadpanned. "I've heard that before."

One of their members in attendance, but from Boston, who has been in for six months, piped up and said, "Well, actually, in Boston we don't work in the Democrats, we do other stuff, but in New Hampshire, unique opportunity, blah blah blah" and later returned to some vague, anti-Democrat comments. I ran straight over and threw some names at her and, of course, it turned out that she is a protege of Ex-Mrs. Comrade.

Anyways, it was fun. They all thought we were great, we invited them to our Anti-President's Day Black History Event (it's not even on President's Day, that's how anti it is) and hopefully we'll recruit some of the more promising ones.

I know I've always maintained an anti-anything to do with the Democratic Party position on these boards, but I've changed my mind: All you "take the party back" Democrats should go join DSA so I can recruit your friends.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
In Honor of Oney Judge: NH Black History

Was just contacted by an unpublished author about Judge. Most pertinent fact: her name was "Ona" and that "Oney" was a slave owner's cutesy diminutive.

Have changed event title accordingly.

Also, finished off our mini-game yesterday.

Epic fight against a squad of leveled ratmen. Party is victorious, we go into the next room and find a ratman ritual going on. Big ratman dude tells us that he has just ingested a piece of the Titan Chern, and that the return of the Scourge is nigh.

We are told to go be his emissaries; to let the world know of his coming.

We are all like, "f+*# that" and try to attack, but the DM makes it known that that would be suicide. My characters says, "f!%$ it" and leaves. The rest try to put up a fight, but also give up.

Afterwards, the DM is all like, "wasn't that cool? The return of Chern?"

And I'm all like, yeah, I guess that was a pretty cool plot development, but, you know what? Dungeons and Dragons is supposed to be an interactive game where the players help make the story. Robbing the players of agency in order to bring about cool plot lines is kind of anathema to how the game is supposed to be played....and he's all like, "Yeah, but it's the return of Chern! How cool is that?"

Whatever, I got to use the bear traps I was lugging around all game.

(Grimmy if you're out there, hit me up!)

Today, in labor history:

Anniversary of the murder of Karen Silkwood

"It wasn't dying that made Karen Silkwood great - it was how she lived that made her important for us and for the rest of labor.

"She made a conscious decision to place the interests of humanity and of her fellow workers above the interests of her job. And, as some of your officers have pointed out at this convention, that is something that the workers alone can decide to do.

"No politician, no union official can change the world today; only workers can do that...

"So I dedicate this mural to Karen Silkwood - because she showed us how to live and how to extend solidarity in real life, by building her union.

"I present this mural to you, the elected delegates of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union, who represent the great rank and file of this union and those who, in the future, you will organize into its ranks.

"The bosses killed Karen Silkwood, but they can't kill the union, they can't kill our movement - Karen Silkwood will rise again."

(Excerpted from the dedication speech by Mike Alewitz, to the 1994 convention of the Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers International Union)

Readings in Engels' The Peasant War in Germany are fun stuff full of medieval German revolts that I don't know much about. Some I have some vague idea about (Anabaptists, Hussites) some were complete revelations.

For example, the Taborites, a radical Bohemian Hussite sect that apparently seized the gold mines around the city of Tabor and led a primitively communist society for almost a generation until crushed in 1437 at the Battle of Cesky Brod by another Hussite sect who had already capitulated to the Emperor Sigismund.

Or something like that. It's kind of hard to keep track of them all.

Haven't even gotten to the actual Peasant War the book's supposed to be about and it's already full of secret peasant leagues called cool shiznit like "The Union Shoe" or "Poor Konrad."

Anyway, I was looking for more about the stuff above and found an old Kautsky book on the internet that I wanted to look at later so am linking here, Communism in Central Europe in the Time of the Reformation.

Ice-T on the Class-Identity Politics Synthesis

Body Count, ‘No Lives Matter’ – Exclusive Video Premiere

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Got my book back last night. Huzzah!

Professor Bob and one half of the Kindred Project made a video:

Black History In Lowell

I thought only Russia did stuff like that?

I'm shocked, shocked, gambling, etc.

Dear Comrade Seas,

I agree with the above brothers and sisters that Milani would best represent Liberation Theologists.

But that's probably because that's who I have under my deity tagline.

La lucha continua y Vive le Galt!!!

...And NH House rejects so-called "Right to Work" 200 to 177.

Takes the sting out of the South Carolina Boeing defeat.

Well, not really.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Here's a 1917 centenary website.

John Riddell is a pretty well-established Canadian Russian Revolution scholar, mostly known for his collections of original documents, e.g., his The Communist International in Lenin's Time of which, I think, I only have the volume covering the Congress of the Peoples of the East in Baku.

Anyway, he's got a weekly feature on his website reprinting centennial commie leaflets, so that's pretty cool.

#1: Appeal to revolutionary students, December 1916 (Bolshevik)

#2: ‘The day of the people’s wrath is near’ (Social Democratic Interdistrict Committee [Mezhrayonka])

#3: ‘Only a provisional government can bring freedom and peace’ (Menshevik)

#4: ‘For a provisional revolutionary government of workers and poor peasants’ (Bolshevik)

This form of heresy was joined in by the dream visions of the mystic sects, such as the Scourging Friars, the Lollards, etc., which in times of suppression continued revolutionary tradition.

--Frederick Engels, The Peasant War in Germany

The SFs and the Lollards each get their own footnote, that between them take up two pages.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

I saw an interview with Comrade Kshama on Al-Jazeera that our party ranks have increased by 30% since the election.

It means you got 5 more people to join? :)

We've gotten 5 more people to join in our little backwater branch. I believe we had hit a thousand before the election, so I'm guessing about 300?

Kshama Sawant: Anti-Trump protests a 'historic' chance

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Well, I don't know what Citizen Moonrunner's on about, but there was a union-busting angle to "workfare" that was much commented upon at the time, at least by us reds. Seems to have gotten into the NYT at least once:

Many Participants in Workfare Take the Place of City Workers

thejeff wrote:
I don't know. It sounds like some here will still be on the "destroy the Dems, build a pure third party" bandwagon.

I saw an interview with Comrade Kshama on Al-Jazeera that our party ranks have increased by 30% since the election.

Meanwhile, our "let's-reform-the-Democrats" trendjumper rivals over at DSA are reporting a growth spurt taking them up to 15k.

Anyway, I prefer to call it jumping on the socialism train.

DM Klumz wrote:
Scythia wrote:
Brexit vote ended in a victory for the nativist, anti-Islam, right wing position

Really? I mean, really???

Scores on the left voted for Brexit, simliar numbers on the right voted to remain. Most MPs, irrespective of their party, were in the remain camp. Our current PM was pro remain, and the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, did not come out and offer much support for the EU. Brexit cannot be described as a victory for the right or left in British politics.

The "Lexit" position didn't get much airtime on this side of the pond.

Scythia wrote:

So to summarise thus far, Democrats need to:

1) Stop using the language of social justice.
2) Focus on economic issues.
3) Embrace the far left.
4) Give a different message to every region.
5) Lie to coal and manufacturing workers.
6) Support unfettered free speech, even involving ideas that are harmful, blatantly incorrect, or meant to encourage violence/harassment.
7) Completely dump free trade for fair trade.
8) Maybe stop talking about civil rights.
9) Cut all corporate ties and go full socialist.

Sounds pretty doable...

11) Be swept into the dustbin of history.

Yeah, that's him. Two things I took away from all the reviews when that book came out:

1) Despite the title, Piketty has never read Marx.

2) A little bit of income inequality is good and spurs growth, but there's too much right now and something must be done.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Fergie wrote:

The same voters who elected a black guy with the name "Barack Hussein Obama" when he was promising to renegotiate NAFTA and bring back coal jobs?

So.. lie?

I believe that was the advice of the Liberal Redneck, a comedian that I wouldn't pay much attention, but all the gay male comrades like sharing his shirtless porch rants. This one, alas, isn't shirtless.

Reaching Rural America

Fergie wrote:

Good article in The Intercept.

Tom Perez Apologizes for Telling the Truth, Showing Why Democrats’ Flaws Urgently Need Attention

Oh, thanks. I saw an Observer article on that, but didn't want to link it because it was from the Observer.

Hey-o, quick question, I just saw some comrades duking it out over on Facebook on that fake future Native American map meme going around.

Imaginary Borders

One commie nerd thought it was a map from Shadowrun. Anyone know?

(Never mind, article answers the question. No rpg connection, alas, just alternate historical fiction.)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

On War, by U.S General Smedley Butler (1933)

I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country's most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.

I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.

I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.

During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.


Plus ça change...

I did not.

Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:
I liked the world-building, which was very good.

Yes, that's what I liked the most. Most Marxist world-building I've ever seen in sci fi books. Also, I liked the "League of Extraordinary Gentleman"-ness of it. For example, it was years after I read it that I realized Sylvia is from a Benjamin Disraeli novel.

One book? Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! You're cute.

As part of a campaign to get the comrades to read more books instead of Facebook posts, I have introduced a "Reading Is Fundamental" point to all branch meetings. At one of them we introduced something called "The Booth Method" named after a unionized clerical worker at Harvard comrade, a long time member (30+ years) who built our Worcester branch from two to about thirty people in the course of the last few years. (We also call getting really mad and vituperating, "Boothinating".)

"The Booth Method" consists of meeting up with every comrade, every week, for an hour to go over what they've been reading. It also consists of a four-book tour through Marxist classics. It runs:

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels--The Communist Manifesto
Karl Marx--Value, Price and Profit
V.I. Lenin--The State and Revolution
Leon Trotsky--The Transitional Program for Socialist Revolution

I would add Trotsky's The Revolution Betrayed but it's technically part of the Booth Method.

It sure is!

Two commie nerd articles from the Winter issue of International Socialist Review to read while listening to that Yussef Kamaal album, one written by Independent Red Semi-Maoist Historian Rival for La Principessa's Affections (Since Vanquished).

The latter, I must report, was last seen trying to organize a reader's circle under the name "Winterfell Marxists." What a nerd.

Sapronov and the Russian Revolution

(I don't know who that is.)

The critical communism of Antonio Labriola

(I vaguely know who that is.)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In Honor of Oney Judge: NH Black History

Also, four days to go and only four hundred and thirty-four dollars to raise for Devante Degree's legal costs. Not too bad.

Stand with Devante!

Knight who says Meh wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Squeakmaan wrote:
They've spent the last several decades inventing a false reality in order to not have to vote for democrats, I have no confidence they will suddenly be swayed by any democratic argument.

This last bunch of posts, I'm all like, stay out, Doodlebug, you don't care if the Democrats ever win back the "white worker" vote, don't get involved.

But this is some real bullshiznit. Decades? How about last presidential election?

"But a deeper dive into Obama’s numbers shows huge regional differences. In 2012, Obama convincingly won the white working-class vote in New England, essentially tied with Romney in the Midwest, and ran competitively in the coastal West and Mid-Atlantic states, according to the polling group Democracy Corps. Only in the Deep South (where he won 25 percent) and the Mountain West (where he won a third) did Obama crater."

But I shouldn't be surprised. Back in the sixties, the Democratic Party establishment used to blame their dragging their feet on civil rights on poor white trash, too.

Just because reality occasionally peeps through, doesn't mean they're not frantically trying to close the blinds...

It's neat to see how the classist bullshiznit lines up with the Hillarybotness.

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