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Comrade Anklebiter's page

7,191 posts. Alias of Doodlebug Anklebiter.


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And all you reformists, Chardonnay socialists and Democratic Party hacks will be pleased to hear that party discipline required that I go to a Bernie Sanders appearance at Nashua Community College. [Shakes fist]

But while my Boston comrades were saying "We agree with a lot of what Bernie says, we just think he should run an independent campaign" I was saying "Join the fight against racist cop terror!" Oh yeah, and wearing my Lenin t-shirt.

There was some murmurs about me being an ultraleft, but f*%$ 'em.

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Huzzah! Comrade Gersen mentioned that to me before, but I haven't found all the Brust books I've been picking up to see if I have them all in order.

As for the Coloured Princess, well, I am no expert in accents or nothin', but she sounded a lot posher than those dudes in Lethal Weapon 2. Maybe she studied in ol' Blighty? Regardless, it was, indeed, sexy.

Comrade Closet, that's a big long question that I may or may not come back to depending on my mood.

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All your conspiracy theories surrounding human-influenced climate change are wrong, you idiots.

We're doing it with with our weather machines and chemtrails.

Humanz, you've had your chance, now get out!
Make way for the gobbos!
Die, pinkskins, die!!!

Oh yeah, and, Let the Fire Burn film showing tonight. I was supposed to prepare my introductory comments and leading-the-discussion-afterwards points last night, but I was too busy seething in the dark. Better get to work...

thejeff wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Oh, was there an outbreak of politroll threads that I missed? Damnit!
Just a brief climate one. It's been revived.

Oh. Well, the more you longpigs make your planet a barren wasteland, the more we goblins like it. Keep it up, pinkskins.

Humanz Out Now!

Oh, was there an outbreak of politroll threads that I missed? Damnit!

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Black History and the Class Struggle, No. 13: Fight for Black Freedom! Fight for a Socialist Future!

Up to the issues that were published in the mid-'90s when a young Doodlebug was first coming around. Articles on the war on drugs and mass incarceration fifteen years before The New Jim Crow came out. No wonder I liked that book so much.

Yay! I figured out how to post again! Technical difficulties won't keep me out, Paizo!

You/can't/stop the revolution!

Well, looks like I can still post here thus far. Might change after the Left Coast gets up, though...

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Anyway, tomorrow morning, Pack the Courts for Devante Degree! (local kid who's mom is LBW-CW) and, in the evening, candlelight vigil for Charleston....

Not much of a case, I know, but you gotta start somewhere.

Candlelight vigil went pretty well, too. Sold the Nigerian Princess a Spart pamphlet and the Unitarian Universalist pastor said a "Prayer for CAJE"!

We're comin' up in the world!

Limeylongears wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
And 'ere we finish up this round...

Err... We'll urinate on Ezra Pound?

I came out as a Commie to PFPL today. She didn't seem to mind.


And take that, you fascist!

Not necessarily in that order.

Didn't hear any thunder, but there was quite a bit of rain.

Anyway, tomorrow morning, Pack the Courts for Devante Degree! (local kid who's mom is LBW-CW) and, in the evening, candlelight vigil for Charleston. Following day meeting with Boston comrades to go over our disagreements about [redacted redacted redacted] and Friday, Let the Fire Burn film showing.

Ona Move!
Vive le Galt!

And 'ere we finish up this round...

And because I can't find Black History and the Class Struggle Nos. 13 or 14 which I set aside to read and then promptly lost,

Black History and the Class Struggle No. 15: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!

Krensky wrote:
The people’s flag is palest pink...

And our fundraiser in the park has been postponed due to impending thunderstorms. :(

Limeylongears wrote:
Presently got 'Insurgent Mexico' by John Reed open as on-train entertainment

I remember being blown away when my completely apolitical uncle told me that that had been his favorite book as a young man.

Vive le Galt!

Btw, happy Juneteenth!

Going to a march in Dorchester Roxbury tomorrow; looks like there's gonna be a thunderstorm during our fundraiser in the park on Sunday.


Limeylongears wrote:
When he first set eyes on some lovely young Spart on the Boston waterfront, perhaps.

Older gay dude, actually, in Andrews Square, before an anti-fascist demonstration.

He's since retired and now is trying to make a name for himself as a poet.


Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Speaking of which, started in on Aptheker's American Negro Slave Revolts. S'alright.

Current events, alas, won't stay out of my reading:

Terrorist targeted historic SC church on 193rd anniversary of thwarted slave revolt planned by its founder

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
So: Do you have a favorite rendition of The Internationale?

The one sung by me and a roomful of comrades.

Lou Diamond wrote:
so Regan did not expend any of his political capitol on South Africa as it was not on his top ten list of things to do during the time of his Presidency not because of his views on South Africa.

The Surprising Republican Civil War That Erupted Over Nelson Mandela and Apartheid

Sounds like he expended some capital.

I think Bomber Bernie is a sheepdog for the Other Party of racist American imperialism. No, I'm not voting for him.

Break with the Democrats!
For a revolutionary workers party!
Vive le Galt!

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Anyway, anti-Scott Walker demo was a bit lackluster....Highlight was a Hispanic trade unionist who, everytime we passed him on the picket line, would shout out "Viva Fidel!" or "Che lives!"

Soweto Musical Interlude

Missed the anniversary of the Soweto Uprising.

It's a Marxist dictum (or maybe a Leninist one, I forget) that you only know the world to the extent that you intervene into it, but I have always found that the more activism I do, the less I can follow the news. Hence the lack of links in this thread of late.

Anyway, paper sales, CAJE meetings, internal squabbles, and a visit to the UU church for a presentation by a Veterans for Peace member on "Moving Beyond Militarism: Ferguson, Baltimore, Baghdad and Beyond."

Latter was given by a mild-mannered, friendly black vet who was involved with the Organization for Black Struggle and the Don't Shoot Coalition in St. Louis. During the discussion period, an elderly wizard-looking white man with a lazy eye started talking about Bastille Day and the French Revolution and how he hoped that there would be a peaceful revolution in the United States and, if we all tried really hard, we could replace the political leadership of the country in two years. Mild-mannered friendly black vet sez: "I have to disagree with you. What you're talking about is fundamental change and to get fundamental change in the United States, you're going to need to have a real revolution, and I'm afraid it's going to be bloody. Because, what we're talking about here, whether it's the struggle for peace, or for black freedom, or whatever, is coming up against the power of capitalism."

Looked him up on the internet and discovered, via a right-wing wikipedia page, that he is an American cothinker of Comrade Longears.

Random video of him speaking

Anyway, I shouldn't even have posted that secret SMURF report. Democratic centralism and all that.


La Principessa lost her re-election bid for union delegate last Tuesday. She went into a tizzy of self-loathing despair even though she lost by only five votes and her chapter leader, with whom she had been clashing with, also was kicked out. Seems pretty clear to me that the rank-and-file didn't like their constant bickering so they voted all the incumbents out, but she refused to see it that way and interpreted it as a plebiscite on whether she was a good person or not. Sent me a whole bunch of text messages wildly alternating between "LEAVE ME ALONE! I'll work this out on my own" and "Why didn't you answer the phone? Why aren't you there for me?!?!?"

So, I being me, I skipped work for two days and went down early. She, of course, only remembered the messages that said "Leave me alone!" and accused me of disrespecting her wishes. I said, "Fine, I'll go back tomorrow." She then cried. Then I got her stoned, we watched some Game of Thrones, she climaxed seven times and then cooed, "Ooh, baby, I didn't realize how much I missed you..."

Spent the next five days getting through two episodes of AGoT. She texts me on my way back to New England that she is worried that all we ever do is have sex. I think (but don't text back) that the reason all we ever do is have sex is that everytime I visit she can't leave the apartment because she is either way behind on her grading or else is falling apart emotionally. [Sigh]

Anyway, it was a good visit. Have to remind myself that I'm almost 40 and can't have sex four times a day for five days straight.

Lessee...politics: This month we're having a film showing of Let the Fire Burn and a fundraiser in the park. Should be fun, Mr. Comrade is setting up a "Proletarian Dunk Tank" in which you can pay one dollar to throw water balloons at him in a cop mask. In addition to that, La Principessa ran into one Jeffrey B. Perry at Left Forum and he has tentatively agreed to come up to Lowell and lecture on Theodore W. Allen and The Invention of the White Race. In fact, I'm starting to think that I should train La Principessa to honeypot all the aging male comrades (looking at you, Red Steve!) and corral them into giving us lectures. It's for the revolution, baby!

I'll come back and read through when I've got more time, but article my homepage spit out at me:

Federal judge orders last 'Angola 3' inmate released

Vive le Galt!!!

Vive le Galt!

Speaking of which, started in on Aptheker's American Negro Slave Revolts. S'alright.

Top Secret SMURF Report

La Principessa wrote a "controversial" document for the internal bulletin that's got people running scared.

Meanwhile, our regional comrades are "concerned" that we've gone "ultraleft on the black question."

Hee hee!

Indeed, CC! Next time we'll bring the Nigerian Princess; she was upset that she didn't get a crack at your books. She had to attend her sister's wedding. Yeah, I know, right, where are her priorities?

I've got so many new books I don't know what to do with them! Anyway, yeah, let me know when you are settled.

Didn't get to go to Left Forum and, while my back was turned, Red Steve Kirschbaum put the moves on La Principessa.


Reinstate the School Bus 4!
Red Steve Kirschbaum: Hands off my girl!

In other news, after the CAJE meeting on Saturday, Mr. Comrade and I were sitting around waiting for the Nigerian Princess. "What are you going to do tonight?" I asked. "I don't know," he replied. "You should kidnap her and bring her up to NH to play D&D." "Oh, no..." he said. When she got in the car, Mr. Comrade suggested a variety of plans, all of which she wasn't excited about. Then I said, "You wanna come play D&D with us?" and she lit up. "Oh, yes, I've never played, I would like to see that."

So we bring her and it turns out The Black Goblin couldn't play as he had domestic preparing-for-baby-goblin plans (mostly putting together a cage), so the Nigerian Princess played his character, after having him transition gender-wise. Then her character had oral sex with Mr. Comrade's character (can't wait to tell The Black Goblin about that). It must have been exciting because later that night they had oral sex irl for the first time.

D&D will get you laid!

(Unfortunately, I can't tag the photo of me using an archery target to re-enact The Mad Hermit's pitiful encounter with the bear cub.)

CAJE stuff all week. Had a movie showing last night for a documentary called The Color of Fear but I didn't get to watch it because I was too busy sitting outside texting La Principessa and (not terribly successfully) trying to console her through a pretty bad fit of depression and anxiety.

Anyway, there were about 30 attendees and all the 350 activists were jealous of how quickly our group is growing. Vive le Galt!

Funny bit from earlier in the week:

There's this middle-class black woman, a poetry professor at the local community college, who started coming to stuff. She mainly shows up because she's friends with the "anarcho-Zionist d@**," but after a while, she decided that she wanted to try and get with Mr. Comrade and started getting involved. Then she discovered that Mr. Comrade and the Nigerian Princess are into each other and the poetry professor started regressing to catty teenage girl petty aggression. Shortly after this, she posts an agenda for the next CAJE meeting on Facebook with "Ground Rules" and "Privilege Workshops" as points. I start getting worried; most of the women of color in the organization are well-off professionals, students, a Nigerian princess, etc., etc; the white men in the group are Teamsters, out-of-work carpenters and steelworkers. This could get very, very ugly.

Mr. Comrade and I were worrying about it when, all of a sudden, the lone working-class black woman in the group posts on FB about how privilege workshops are a bunch of nonsense and feelgood bullshiznit for rich people and, furthermore, who the hell are you, newb, to start proposing agendas? Mr. Comrade and I sigh in relief and high five.

Later, Mr. Comrade and the LW-CBW are chatting and he tells her how much he liked her post. She responds, "Yeah, I read that and thought to myself, 'Who is this biznitch?!? Stay in your own f!&%ing own lane!'"

God, I love the working class.

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Also...half-dozen chapters to go in The Whispering Swarm. Hope to finish it today.

To quote from a Facebook post earlier today:

"Coming in on the end. Enjoying it quite a bit. Was a bit worried, for the past couple of chapters Moorcock has teamed up with Prince Rupert of the Rhine, Claude Duval and the Three Musketeers to rescue Charles Stuart from Cromwell's headsmen. Happily, though,

they fail.

"Remember the fate of Charles I!"

Later surprise twist reading revealed that the traitor was...well, the traitor was pretty easily guessable, but what wasn't really guessable was that the traitor turned out to be

Andrew Marvell!

Farrakhan is a sinister demagogue whose "empowerment" rhetoric and program match that of the Reaganite right, from black businesses to "anti-drug" repression.

--"L.A. Flashpoint U.S.A.: Racist Cop Bonapartism vs. Minorities, Immigrants, Labor" in [i]Black History and the Class Struggle No. 9: Los Angeles Explodes--There Is No Justice in Capitalist America

Samnell wrote:
The Causes of the Civil War edited by Kenneth Stampp. Never read anything of his

The Peculiar Institution was the one I read in sophomore-level American history university courses. Remember it being alright.


Black History and the Class Struggle No. 9: Los Angeles Explodes--There is No Justice in Capitalist America

Also, re-finished The New Jim Crow and just regularly finished the China book, half-dozen chapters to go in The Whispering Swarm. Hope to finish it today.

With the closing of the Baltimore thread, I decided I needed to repost this pic here cuz it never showed up on my Facebook page:

Me and Brother Cobb


"On a side note, I asked them today why they jumped straight to killing, and this tiny, soft spoken blonde girl shrugged and said, 'One less mouth to feed.'

"It took me several seconds to speak."

Those who shall not work, they shall not eat!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

La Principessa was upset because her vice-principal reamed her out for not getting her grades in. Then she told me about the following (quoted from Facebook):

"So today I did the lesson I got from [redacted] (it's also available on the Zinn Ed Project site). In it, we're trapped in the classroom forever and I own the machine that makes the only food. They were divided into workers and unemployed. Five minutes after I used the unemployed to drive wages down and brought out the anti-union contract, the class decided to 'stab me to death with a pencil' and take over the means of production. The kid who had the plan got $1 more a day, but otherwise, everything got split evenly.

"I'm proud of the understanding of social unity and concerned about the bloodthirstyness at the same time. They didn't even TRY to imprison me!

"Maybe next year I'll do it BEFORE we read Animal Farm."

Personally, I think it shows that La Principessa is an awesome teacher and instilling her kids with good class instincts.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
BigNorseWolf wrote:

Yes and no.

Whites commit crime on whites at roughly the same levels that blacks commit crime on blacks. This isn't a matter of learned behavior, it simply drops out of the defacto segregation we have in this country which concentrates african americans in cities where ALL that's around them is other african americans. If you're a criminal you'd statistically have to commute a fair distance into unknown territory to commit crimes , and the vast majority of violent crime is a crime of opportunity.

Was re-reading The New Jim Crow where she points out that, like everything else in America, drug crimes are rather segregated. Blacks sell to blacks and whites sell to whites. I know I usually get mine off of fellow ofays.

Anyway, commie article:

Break with the Democrats! For a Multiracial Workers Party!

Baltimore: Racist Cop Terror and Capitalist Decay

Read this one yesterday:

From the Archives of Workers Vanguard--13 May 1985 MOVE Massacre--“Philly Inferno: Racist Murder!”

--May 13 marks 30 years since the Philadelphia police firebombed the MOVE organization’s Osage Avenue home. Eleven black people, including five children, were burned alive and an entire city block was incinerated. We reprint below excerpts from our article “Philly Inferno: Racist Murder!” (WV No. 380, 31 May 1985), published soon after this atrocity.

The bombing culminated a 12-hour siege by Philly police on the MOVE commune for being a supposed public nuisance. Police water cannons pumped 1,000 gallons of water per minute at the house. Cops then fired over 10,000 rounds of ammunition before dropping a satchel of explosives (provided by the Feds) on the roof, which ignited the firestorm. As they let the fire burn, the police shot at anyone who attempted to flee. The sole adult survivor, Ramona Africa, spent seven years in prison for managing to escape. (For more, see “Let the Fire Burn: A Powerful Documentary on the 1985 Bombing of MOVE,” WV No. 1034, 15 November 2013.)

From the day of the bombing, the Spartacist League has solidarized with MOVE. In contrast, our reformist opponents, while denouncing “excessive” force, rushed to the defense of Wilson Goode, Philly’s first black mayor, who ordered the assault. For example, Workers World Party insisted that Goode was “merely informed” of the massacre and “not a participant in the plans.” For its part, the Socialist Workers Party participated in a liberal coalition that debated whether to censor the “far out” MOVE members at a May 30 demonstration called to protest the bombing. The SL was prepared to commit considerable forces to this event, but when MOVE understandably pulled out, in solidarity we did so as well.

In July 1985, the SL held a public forum in New York City where MOVE supporters spoke and were able to express their outrage and pain. During discussion, a League for the Revolutionary Party (LRP) member denounced us for not polemicizing against MOVE, which would have been obscene, to say the least. The LRP later blamed the MOVE victims for their own massacre, writing: “MOVE’s isolation opened it up for a police siege” (Proletarian Revolution, Summer 1985).

The Partisan Defense Committee—a class-struggle, non-sectarian legal and social defense organization associated with the SL—began providing monthly stipends for Ramona Africa and the MOVE 9, who were imprisoned on frame-up charges of killing a Philly cop during a 1978 cop siege of their Powelton Village home. The PDC continues to provide stipends to the seven MOVE 9 members who remain incarcerated today, two having died behind bars. Free all the MOVE prisoners!

Through the MOVE prisoners, in the late 1980s we learned of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a former Black Panther and award-winning journalist known as the “voice of the voiceless” who exposed the racist cop vendetta against MOVE and was later framed up for the December 1981 killing of a Philly police officer. Mumia spent three decades on death row, and he remains condemned to life in prison without parole. He is now gravely ill (see box). Free Mumia Abu-Jamal now!

We will not forget the May 1985 massacre of MOVE and on this anniversary we continue our fight to sear it into the collective memory of the working class and oppressed.--

Comparing their intro with my posts, I was forced to wonder how differently my life would have been if I hadn't run into the Spartacist League at 16...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah, DuBois was a soft red. I've still got to read Black Reconstruction one of these days.

The leftie book club has decided to speed through the rest of The New Jim Crow (I think everyone in the group has already read it). We were taking suggestions for the next one and I was surprised how many people didn't get it and suggested novels.

Best recommendations thus far were James Baldwin, Notes of a Native Son and bell hooks, Ain't I a Woman?: Black Women and Feminism. Already read the latter, but wouldn't mind reading it with a group.

Did some commie shiznit, too. Met up with some incompetent UFCW organizer to hand out flyers in front of the Wal-Mart, did a paper sale in downtown Lowell, New Jim Crow readers circle. Couldn't make it to the Haitian Independence Day (?, I think) march in Mattapan, but Mr. Comrade organized a half-dozen CAJE-ers to attend as part of the Mass Coalition Against Police Brutality contingent and marched behind Red Steve Kirschbaum's flatbed truck which was decked out in posters of Toussaint L'Ouverture and other leaders of the Haitian Revolution. Mr. Comrade reported that the leftists in that contigent were the only white people in the whole march and people kept coming up to take their picture as some kind of novelty.

Too bad I had to work. :(

One of these past days was the 99th anniversary of the execution of James Connolly, too. No handy link at the moment.

More anniversaries:

45 years since the Jackson State killings

"MOVE, this is America!"

My old comrades used to say that it was our duty to sear the memory of the MOVE massacre into the consciousness of the American proletariat. Whether or not the MOVE members were good neighbors or "peaceful, innocent victims" (including the five dead kids?) may be an interesting subject for liberal stooges of the plutocracy to discuss among themselves, but that sort of victim-blaming kinda makes me feel ill.

30 years later, MOVE's lessons still not learned

30 Years After MOVE: Law Enforcement Didn’t Learn Anything From One of America’s Worst Cases of Police Brutality

'Guilty of Embarrassing Government': CIA Whistleblower Gets 42-Month Sentence

Saw the headline, thought of a thread, went looking for thread, found thread, discovered thread was about Iran, didn't want to revive that thread, decided it'd be fun to maybe revive THIS thread, hence the post.

If by "the buck stopped at his desk" you mean "he gave the green light" then we are in agreement.

We are also in agreement that Rizzo deserves to burn in hell.

The Powelton Village shoot out was in '78, though. Mumia was convicted in '82. Don't know if that's what you're thinking of or not.

On a Move!

These types of exchanges always make me wonder, though, where you are/were a Democratic Party functionary, Citizen K(e)rensky.

Article from the 20th anniversary

At dawn on that day, with the neighborhood evacuated and 500 police in place, Police Commissioner Gregore J. Sambor grabbed a bullhorn and announced: "MOVE, this is America! You have to abide by the laws of the United States!"

The police had warrants to arrest the adults on weapons charges. Sambor gave them 15 minutes to surrender. They replied through a bullhorn of their own: "You be sure you call your wives and your family, 'cause you ain't coming home!"

Shortly thereafter, a wild gun battle broke out. In the next 90 minutes, police fired 10,000 rounds of ammunition. And teams of officers, working from adjacent homes, used small explosive charges to try to penetrate the headquarters.

The assault failed. There was no Plan B.

As the hours passed, Sambor and Managing Director Leo A. Brooks, a retired Army brigadier general, came up with what Sambor later called, without irony, "the safest and most conservative plan." That was the bomb, the goal to destroy a makeshift bunker atop the house and blast a hole for tear gas.

From the command post, Brooks telephoned Goode and told him of the idea. The mayor was at City Hall; he had not gone to the scene all day. One reason, he wrote in his 1992 autobiography, was that he had been told that "unknown members of my own police force had targeted me for death."

Goode gave his consent, although he said a few days later that he didn't consider the device a bomb or know about any helicopter: "If . . . someone called on the telephone and said to me, 'We're going to drop a bomb on a house,' would I approve that? The answer is no."

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