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Comrade Anklebiter's page

7,079 posts. Alias of Doodlebug Anklebiter.


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But, thankfully, there's always communism.

With the exciting news about the ILWU, we are trying to transform our low-wage worker May Day protest into something the whole group can rally behind. New Jim Crow discussion tonight, CAJE meeting on Saturday, then all week to build.

In addition, learned one of the two SNCC speakers coming to UMass this Thursday is the author of This Nonviolent Stuff'll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible.

Here's one of his previous articles I posted a whiles back:

Guns and the Southern Freedom Struggle: What’s Missing When We Teach About Nonviolence

Finish the Civil War!
For black liberation through socialist revolution!
Vive le Galt!!!

Meanwhile, I've read that ILWU Local 10 is going to shut down the Port of Oakland on May Day in solidarity with #Black Lives Matter.

An injury to one is an injury to all!

Vive le Galt!

And better bookmark this here so I don't forget:

Left Forum 2015 Registration -- Early Bird

"Early Bird discounts end the 22nd!" he says, to himself.

I have now reversed myself, totally, and am all in favor of Common Core, even if they did jail all those black teachers in Georgia on racketeering charges.

12. Socialist newspapers.

Should probably promote this page, too--

Massachusetts Labor Solidarity--

even if it's got a Susan B. Anthony quote blazoned across the top.

Run by Lowell Carpenter dude who we've roped into CAJE.

Man, I love front groups!

Nice little Massachusetts International Workers Day FB page:

May Day 2015--Boston

Shameless socialist self-promotion

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Thank you for the update, Citizen Lou.

Went to my Tattoo Artist Former Player and wife's house last night with The Black Goblin and his Pregnant Dreadlocked Libertarian Ex-Welder Girlfriend.

Tattoo Artist presented me with a sheaf of papers, about as thick as a volume of Capital documenting eight years of D&D campaign paperwork--character sheets, maps, inventory lists--and his drawings. He's a pretty talented dude, and I should make some effort to scan them on to the internet, but, anyway, it was amazing and led, inevitably, to talk of putting the band back together...

We're hoping next week and, best of all, I don't have to Dungeon Master!


Fergie wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Three threats of suicide last night over a six hour period, followed by "Had an epiphany: You're a horrible person! Screw you, I'm going to live!"

Relieved, but would still have her committed to a hospital if I could. Instead, called all her friends that I knew (not many) to watch out for her. Desperately hope she gets better, but I think moving to Brooklyn and starting a family might be off the agenda.

Can hopefully distract myself with a day full of commie meetings.

Thank you, comrades.

And good luck, Limey!

In an incredibly ironic stroke, me and Mr. Comrade went to a Take Back the Night rally at UMass Lowell where we held aloft "End White Supremacy" signs and complained about our women being crazy. (In the car, I was all like, "Where's the Black Women Matter sign? Black Incarcerated Lives Matter, Black Children Matter...oh, End White Supremacy? We've got a winner!")

There was an awesome moment when the speaker told the crowd to turn around and start the march. Since we were at the back, they all turned around...and stared at us. We stared back. This went on for a good minute and a half until the CAJE member with us started shouting "End white supremacy! Fight against police brutality!"

I am starting to remember why I stayed single for those long, long years.


La Principessa is not doing well. She had a couple of flare-ups while she was here, but now that she's back in NYC where I can't calm her down, she hasn't been doing well. At all. I am rather scared and have suggested that she ask her therapist about checking into a hospital.

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Comrade are coming apart rather spectacularly. This has been going on since January, and I've come to the conclusion that she's an undiagnosed borderline personality disorder-er. Not that I know anything about psychiatry or such.

Meanwhile, meanwhile, Comrade Omar and The Black Goblin have also fallen out. Which goes to show it isn't just the chicks who are irrational and crazy.

Despite all of this, the class struggle marches on. A whole bunch of low-wage worker and anti-police brutality protests locally and nationlly, but I haven't been following the news very closely (too busy alternately fighting with/consoling La Principessa). I imagine that anyone who's interested has already seen the articles, videos, Facebook memes, etc., etc.

Have been cohering our Lowell group, though. For example, went to a "Green Summit" last night (although environmentalism still bores me to tears) at the UU church and I already knew half the people in attendance! Even got one of the non-commie members of our activist group ("The system is a caje!") to make a speech! Woo-hoo!

Instead of either of those, am re-reading The New Jim Crow again as part of a reader's circle of Lowell activists.

Last one ended with me getting drunk for free and group hugs. Activism is fun!

The strike ended on December 16th*. They held out against signing a contract with a no-strike pledge until rather recently.

*Which is the anniversary of me putting a catcalling video on La Principessa's Facebook page and, hence, the anniversary of our relationship.

Also, that "reputable" house is the Communist Party USA's publishing company.

More fun with Paizo threads and Thomas Drake

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Irontruth wrote:
Someone famous once said "Trust but verify." I don't remember who it was or what political party they belonged. Senate republicans could learn from that person though.

I preferred "I don't remember."

Scythia wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:

Fox news is the military money making machine. THAT'S what you can't dissent from.

How did we ever hear about Abu Ghraib? Why was Invisible War allowed to be made? How does Bernie Sanders continue to not only live, but be a senator?

I guess I must have missed the quashing.

1) Amnesty International's Middle East Program (Wikipedia)

2) Large sections of even the American Empire are against sexually assaulting American servicewomen.

3) Bomber Bernie?

It's really easy to overstate the case of quashing dissent in the US today, but I don't think those are terribly good counterexamples.

More treason:

1915 – Socialist Women and Youth Declare Against the World War

Finished Malcolm, still working on Sherlock and Walt. Also finished

Black History and the Class Struggle No. 5: Finish the Civil War!

LazarX wrote:
Caineach wrote:
Political correctness was originally a conservative push and has changed meaning since the 90s. That it has now taken over the left and is strangling it is slowly becoming more evident, from the redacted story Entertainment Weekly published on this to the death threats being sent to the pizzeria in Indiana.
It's much more than political correctness taking over the left, right, or any other faction. It's the decline in the ability to disagree with grace. It's a poisonous trend that has been accelerated by the growth of instant response social media.

Fun fact:

"Politically correct" was a term used by non- or anti-Stalinist lefties to make fun of the ever-changing line of the Communist Party USA and those who adhered to it.

It was later revived in the seventies by some on the New Left before it blossomed into the Culture Wars catch-phrase of the nineties.


Fun revolutionary treason fact:

That example comes from the decision of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. in the prosecution of Socialists speaking against America's entry into World War I.

I had.

Limeylongears wrote:

Very interesting article about the influence of Murray Bookchin on free Kurdistan, whose militias, of course, are doing the bulk of the fighting against Daesh/IS at present.

Here in NH, our high school student comrade has prepared a "lead-off" on the PKK, but we haven't been able to get everyone in the same room for awhile, alas.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

I've only been skimming this thread but I just had a "Eureka!" moment when I realized that SJW stood for Social Justice Warrior.

Up until then, I was scratching my head wondering if it meant "Single Jewish Women," which didn't make any sense to me.

Since I failed on that one, here's something completely unrelated to make up for it:

10 Medieval rabbits that hate Easter and want to kill you

Damn it! I forgot to post that one...

Boston comrades in In These Times

Also, intriguingly titled article from The Free Thought Project, which may or may not be internet hipster douchebaggery clickbait:

Man Imprisoned After Filming Eric Garner’s Death, Refusing to Eat, Rat Poison Found in Jail Food

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More labor reporting from Comrade Omar:

GREENFIELD, MA-- On April 1, the members of UE Local 274 ratified a two year contract with Kennametal (formerly Greenfield Tap & Die) that included substantial wage increases and no concessions.

Five years ago, the Kennametal workers fought for nine months without a contract in an attempt to prevent the company from adding tiered wages and personal/sick time for new employees, among other concessions demanded by the company. Eventually the tiers were reluctantly agreed to. Last year, Kennametal closed an operation in Vermont and moved the work to the Greenfield plant, doubling the workforce there. Of course this now meant half the workforce was on the lower tier, and that when the contract came up for negotiations in March, eliminating the tier would be the top priority.

Both top and bottom tier employees unanimously agreed prior to negotiations that elimination of the tiers was the number one bargaining priority. Unfortunately, the excise tax of the Affordable Care Act (ACA/"Obamacare") threw a monkey wrench into those plans. The company already wanted to force workers into its company-wide high deductible health plan known as Flex, the terms of which they would not bargain with the union, nor guarantee the plan would not significantly change during the term of the life of the contract. Besides that the current health plan for Greenfield union employees would exceed the cap when the tax goes into effect in 2018, triggering the 40% "Cadillac" excise tax.

Since the union made clear they would not agree to the "Flex plan," nor would they agree for the members to incur all costs of an excise tax on the current plan, the company, wanting to avoid a showdown on these issues, suggested a two year contract. While this would avoid a big battle over health insurance it would also prevent the union from being able to close the gap in the wage tiers over the life of the contract, especially after the company insisted from day one they would NOT eliminate the tiers under any circumstance.

Instead the union committee, which consisted of all top tier employees except for one member, concentrated on getting large wage increases for the bottom tier in this contract. Assisted by membership activity, the committee was able to negotiate a 4.5% general wage increase for bottom tier workers in each year and a 2.75% lump sum in each year for the top tier-- closing an over 12.5% gap to within only 3.5% in only two years, hopefully making the job of closing the gap entirely in the next contract much more manageable.

In addition to the wage increases, employees kept their present health insurance plan without design changes, and only modest increases to the payroll contributions. Sickness and Accident benefits also increased, and the union and company negotiated the terms of a new weekend shift to help the company get caught up on its backorders in a way that was also beneficial to UE members.

The bargaining committee consisted of [redacted redacted]

Because Russia--before, during and after the Soviet Union--was poorer than the Western powers?

[Composed pre-edit]

More studious? I dropped out of college three times.

Anyway, I just spent 20 minutes typing variations of "Soviet Union, USSR, Gini coefficient, income inequality, etc." into the search engine but I can't find it. Did I dream it?

I remember (dreamed?) that you threw down a number like .something or other and I google searched it and came across a source with the same number that included a disclaimer that said it didn't take into account such things as cradle to grave health care, free education, etc. and I remember Comrade Jeff chiming in, something about "Has there ever been a time in American history when the top only made 7x the amount of the lowest," etc., etc.

Any of this ring a bell? Or am I hallucinating?

Sissyl wrote:
The income cleft in the USSR was bigger than the worst of the US periods.

Heaven knows I hate to fuel a communism derail, but where was that past thread, Madame Sissyl, where I asked you about this claim and you couldn't substantiate it?

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Alright, class struggle fans, sorry I've been away, but, uh, can't really say I'm sorry.

Anyway, as near as I can tell the strike at Weir Valve was an almost complete success* with attacks against seniority and subcontracting being warded off. The economic gains were modest (5%, 3%, 3%) but, I think, only by ultra-left standards, and, as the striking workers stressed over and over to everyone who would listen, it was never about the money, it was about the language.

The history of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (UE) can best be illustrated, I think, in the following anecdote:

I was standing at the rally, beaming, being introduced to 150 New England union activists as "Commie [Doodlebug]" when Comrade Omar pulls out his smartphone and laughs. "Some right-wing troll just buzzed the 279 page. She's goin' on about 'Did you know your union was kicked out of the CIO during McCarthyism because they were led by Communists?' And Jimmy McBagodonuts just writes back 'Hail Mother Russia!'"

Anyway, in other news, I have no f*#!ing idea what's going on in the world. The CIA raped boys in Abu-Ghraib? Los Estatounidenses normalized relations with Cuba? DiBlasio turned out to be a right piece of shiznit, like Comrade Anklebiter predicted? I have no idea, I've been up all night four nights running talking to la Principessa.

But I am going to a FairPoint rally in Concord today.

One day longer!/One day stronger!
For workers revolution!

*Ultra-left quibble: The workers accepted increases in health care. As they spun it, they "successfully controlled" increases in health care. Normally, I wouldn't be so pedantic, but: When I initially announced victory via union-rally/catcall video on Facebook, the contract hadn't officially been signed yet. It was done so later in the week, but before that, a certain comrade may have scoffed at the strike, adding, "It sounds like they didn't really win anything." When this was relayed to me second-hand, I fumed and shouted "Oh yeah?!? Go do...

So...the contract here (with the raises of 5%, 3%, 3%) is not the same as the contract in the article. Weeks after I reported this, I discovered that Comrade Omar was talking about an entirely different shop altogether. I, uh, neglected to run a correction.

Look, I ain't no f@$$in' journalist, I'm a goblin!

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Also, La Principessa will soon have an article on the Ipswich UE strike on the website. They finally signed a contract. Look for a link soon and

Vive le Galt!!!

UE Workers End Successful and Militant Strike

That's my girl!

Also, it tickled something in my THC-addled memory. Hold on a second...

This is the crime that this government has committed, and if you don't do something about it in time, you are going to open the doors for something to be done about it from outside forces.

--"The Black Revolution," in Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements

No, he neglected to mention that.

Soviet Woman Combat Pilot Fought Nazis: In Honor of Nadezhda Popova

Sorry, Comrade Pugwampi, I don't follow the logic. Furthermore, although I have a fondness for succubi, I can't get behind any campaign of racial genocide. (Unless, of course, it's of the filthy pinkskins*.)

[Rejects Citizen Rysky's application for membership in the Commonwealth Party of Galt (M-L)]


Die, pinkskins, die!!

Article I much preferred about the recent experiment in decriminalization of prostitution in Canada:


Alright, guess I should go back to New Hampshire now...


Huh. I didn't even know La Principessa's UFT caucus had a webpage:

Movement of Rank and File Educators

Anti-Cuomo education reform rally in Manhattan earlier today:

Pinko Bingo score: 7 (American Cliffites-1; CWI--1; Freedom Socialist Party--5)

No Sparts, alas. :(

Was supposed to leave directly back to New England, but decided to stick around for another day.

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Weather forecast looks likes it's going to snow tomorrow, which would make moving The Black Goblin's Pregnant Libertarian Dreadlocked Girlfriend difficult. Maybe I can squeeze out another day in Brooklyn?

I already helped The Black Goblin move his new gun safes into the Free NH Goblin Resistance Hideout, soon to be renamed something more domestic. Gun safes, it turns out, like everything else have brand names. One was dubbed "Revolution" and the other was "The Ammo Can."

"What is that?" I quipped in between exertions, "The title of the biopic they're gonna make about your life?"

[Hollywood trailer narrator voice]

"He was an anarcho-syndicalist Teamster, she was a Ron Paul-voting welder; together their love was going to overthrow the government! Coming this April to a theater near you, Revolution and the Ammo Can!

Hmmm. Well, I had a busy week of commie furlough planned, but I've noticed La Principessa's tendency towards emotional breakdowns every 72 hours or so can make maintaining schedules difficult.


Spent a lot of time helping La Principessa with her article on the UE strike and her "lead-off" on the labor movement for her weekly Branch Meeting. Had fun at the latter, talked commie talk, sold some books, squabbled, had Mexican. Found editing La Principessa to be an interesting experience. I secretly fancy myself a better writer than her, but she's got a Master's in English and is very stubborn. She kept putting back all the weak wordings (language-wise, not commie-) that I had struck (??--stricken? Hey, I didn't say I was a great writer!).

Did a paper sale on Saturday in a Queens Metro station. I sold five papers in an hour. The whole branch can go a couple of months before we sell five in New Hampshire! Man, I love cities!

Then, last three nights in a row, boom! She keeps having bad days, so I blow off commie plans to hang around the house, smoke weed and have sex. It's a real drag, lemme tell ya. And what can make La Principessa have a bad day? You name it--a stern lecture from her vice-principal, a tense UFT delegate assembly, my not having enough orgasms (she speculated that her ratio of climaxes to mine is 8:1, he modestly added). Like I said, a drag. On the plus, though, my cooking's getting better, I've gotten a bit of reading done and I've listened to a lot of Gong.

Planning for a myriad of life-changing possibilities, none of which allow me to keep my voluminous library intact, I have decided to model myself after Harvey Pekar and peddle my books at Branch Meetings.

This week I sold:

The Struggle for a Proletarian Party by James P. Cannon
Labour in Irish History by James Connolly
The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. DuBois
Malcolm X on Afro-American History
The Wages of Whiteness by David Roediger

the proceeds of which I thereupon spent at a Mexican restaurant on frozen strawberry margaritas.

I also gave a beat-up thirties hardback of Victor Serge's Russia: 20 Years Later to a dear comrade of La Principessa's that I had outrageously priced at $12, mostly, I think, in hopes of dissuading people from buying it.

In fact, I'm kind of pissed about losing all of them. Why couldn't people buy Capital Vols. II and III instead?

Anyway, in my own reading I have settled on , The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African. Written by Himself.

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