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Comrade Anklebiter's page

8,592 posts. Alias of Doodlebug Anklebiter.


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Irontruth wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
I'm not doing Democratic donkey work for you. Ask Keith.

My point is actually that the Republican senator in charge of any committee that might introduce the bill isn't going to schedule it for a hearing. Mitch McConnell isn't going to schedule it for a floor vote.

You've got my support for it. But there currently is no mechanism to even push it through to a failed vote in either house of congress.

We could also spend time debating what kinds of foods I'm going to eat on my trip to Mt. Everest this year, but since I'm not actually taking that trip, it doesn't seem like a particularly fruitful discussion.

Fair enough, although I asked about any plans to rally around it, not whether you wanted to debate it.

Anyway, ask Keith about it next time he's in town. I think Comrade Jentzen and co. are having a public meeting this evening, but I doubt you'd enjoy it.

Knight who says Meh wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

I didn't detect any glee, but I assume you're reading in to it to fuel your dislike of the Berniecrats.

Will Leaverton's bout with pancreatis is no laughing matter, but Messina's role in the Dems squashing of the public option seems worth a revisit to me.

Anyway, readers will be pleased to learn that Leaverton's GoFundMe has exceeded its goal by $6,000 in less than 24 hours.

Get well soon, Will.

I'm sure there was no glee in your posting that article either.

I know you're new around here, so I'll give you a tip:

When I want to indicate glee, I append a "Hee hee!"

I'm not doing Democratic donkey work for you. Ask Keith.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, I was semi-homeless around 2008-09, or else working seventy hours a week to get out of semi-homelessness, so I don't relly recall how it went down, but this article is full of quotations like "NPR’s David Welna, expressing his incredulity at the time, wrote that while 'Most polls show that a majority of Americans want a health care overhaul to include a public option...'"; and "Rather than exert any real effort into compelling these Democrats to vote in favor of the public option, the Senate leadership caved to this small minority" after examining the Dem-side of the Gang of Six; and, "It’s not like Democrats tried and failed — they scrapped it altogether in an effort to court Republican votes while hoping to keep their seats through reelection — and failed at both. The ineptitude of this strategy cannot be overstated, nor can its effect" after claiming "If a public option had been introduced and passed, the polling evidence suggest fewer Democrats would have lost their seats in 2010, not more." Whether this is true or not, I couldn't say, nor, honestly, do I care, since I hate the f**~ing Democrats.

Who Really Killed the Public Option?
A Look Back at the Losing Strategy that Keeps Hurting Democrats

As I said, I was semi-homeless back then, so let me know if you spot any whoppers. In the meantime, I'm assuming by the lack of responses that none of you are planning on rallying behind Medicare-For-All?

You're right. I'm not a conspiracy theorist. They don't need sneaky operatives. They're capitlaist parties in a bourgeois democracy and they do it all out in the open.

Anyway, you've gone from it's unclear to what role he played, to well, it doesn't matter what role he played, which I will be happy to take as you conceding the point.

Well, the contention of the Paste article is that part of Messina's role was getting Baucus on the committee.

"As The Nation reported back in 2011, Messina used his influence to place his old boss at the center of the health care debate, helping to secure his “gang of six” senators to write the legislation which would eventually become the Affordable Care Act."

If we follow the link through to The Nation artcle it cites, we get

" At the beginning of the healthcare debate in 2009, many Democrats were justifiably concerned about the role that Baucus, chair of the powerful Finance Committee, would play in shepherding the Obama administration’s domestic policy priority through the Senate. Baucus had brokered the passage of George W. Bush’s 2001 tax cuts and 2003 Medicare prescription drug plan, and had spent the better part of the Bush presidency cutting deals with Republicans and infuriating fellow Democrats. Other transgressions included voting for the war in Iraq, the energy bill, the bankruptcy bill and to confirm Supreme Court Justice John Roberts. Among Senate Democrats, only Nebraska’s Ben Nelson had a more conservative voting record on economic issues than Baucus. Moreover, Baucus accepted the most special-interest money of any senator between 1999 and 2005, and had at least two dozen staffers working as lobbyists on K Street, including for healthcare companies adamantly opposed to reform.

Despite these obvious warning signs, Messina emerged as the leading advocate for his old boss during the healthcare debate and the top administration conduit to his office. “He is perfectly positioned to do this,” Messina told the New York Times in June 2009. Messina told the Washington Post he regarded Baucus as a father figure. “Messina will freely tell you that everything he knows, he learned from Baucus,” says Eric Feaver, president of the Montana teachers union."

It then goes on to say that Baucus chose the Gang of Six.

So, it looks like Messina's role was pretty clear.

I didn't detect any glee, but I assume you're reading in to it to fuel your dislike of the Berniecrats.

Will Leaverton's bout with pancreatis is no laughing matter, but Messina's role in the Dems squashing of the public option seems worth a revisit to me.

Anyway, readers will be pleased to learn that Leaverton's GoFundMe has exceeded its goal by $6,000 in less than 24 hours.

Get well soon, Will.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Fellow UMass Boston attendee makes good

Was just private messaged an article by a Paizonian that I don't think I've ever run into before. Thanks Citizen Wiggles!

DAs say Dookhan drug-tampering case nearing an end

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Democrats edited anti-capitalist, pro-socialist message out of photo in promo image

Comrade Silang of the Party for Socialism and Liberation is a native Lowellian and she came up from New York to help build our anti-Trump rally two Januarys ago.

Always torn about whether to keep links for my commie page or share them with you neoliberals, but I figure this thread gets more traffic, so:

Week from today:

Fight for $15, Movement for Black Lives to Join Forces in Nationwide Protest to Fight Racism, Raise Pay

Similar ground covered in the Boston Globe:

Vermont activists set to post bond on immigration charges

Keith at St. Anselm's in the good ol' Granite State

Mostly posting because it features NH LGBT activist and former Sanders delegate, Mo Baxley.

Last year we hosted a comrade from the Workers World Party to give his slideshow presentation, Red, Black and Queer. It featured a lot of the history of gay caucuses in the labor movement, the Harvey Milk Brigade that went to Sandinista Nicaragua, the Coors Boycot, etc., etc.

Anyway, Mr. Comrade posted pictures on his Facebook page and Sister Baxley piped up to point out how many of the pix featured her.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm glad you liked it, Sir Meh.

I'm not sure what the scare quotes are for, but I assume it's just more snark in service of the neoliberal status quo.

Well, I believe Bernie is introducing a Medicare-for-All bill. Maybe all you Democrats could rally behind that?

Article I just came across:

Former Obama Aide Who Helped Kill Single-Payer in the ACA Solicits Donations for Sick Friend's GoFundMe Page

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Judge denies bond for 1 Vt. immigrant, approves other 2

"Cameron, who is representing all three immigrants pro-bono, said he was shocked by Department of Homeland Security documents showing that [Zully] Palacios had been the target of a Counterterrorism and Criminal Exploitation Unit investigation. The unit generally looks at people with gang or terrorism connections.

"'You don't just get on that list'," Cameron said. 'If there was something to this, it would have come out in court. It is a complete pretext.'"

Duh. Organizing migrant farm workers = terrorism.

Yesterday, I was supposed to attend the DSA NH branch's "Theory Work Group" meeting on The ABCs of Socialism by their hipster wing over at Jacobin.

At the last minute, I got called into work for all day, Sunday overtime, but Young Gay Autistic Comrade and His BF, along with Slightly Lumpen Student Comrade, went and they convinced them that next time they should read The Communist Manifesto.

I'm really happy with my local comrades; they're really coming along.

Remember all that talk about "Democrats need to lie about economics"?
Looks like some of them listened.

Pugh to veto $15 minimum wage bill she said, as a candidate, she’d sign

I remember posting about radical attorney Lynne Stewart a couple of years ago when she was in jail.

Just learned that she passed earlier this year.

Amsterdam News: Community sends abolitionist attorney Lynne Stewart home

[Clenched fist salute]

More my speed:

Momentum Builds for Massive West Coast May Day Strike

Don't know anything about the Seattle People's Party, but apparently they're running a BLM organizer for mayor.

Mayoral Challenger Calls for Rent Control, ‘More Aggressive’ Affordable Housing Demands on Developers


5 people marked this as a favorite.


For a rarity, an event I can only attend because I changed shifts.

Rally to Stop Jailing Farmworkers #FreeEnriqueFreeZullyFreeAlex

Exclusive: 17,000 AT&T Phone Workers Going on Strike

IIRC, their contract expired last year in the middle of the Verizon strike. A bunch of commies called for them going out and having a bicoastal phone strike, but they just had a couple of one-day strikes to blow off steam.

Until now, it seems.

Why the attacks on Migrant Justice affect us all

1 person marked this as a favorite.

May Day: Seattle Educators Moving Closer to Strike by CALVIN PRIEST

Did some googling.

Foxconn is a Taipei-based company (I believe you call it Taiwan, or the Republic of China). Taipei hasn't yet signed on to the RCEP (unclear whether the PRC would allow it) but it was a signatory to the TPP.

EDIT: No, it wasn't. It wanted in, but same pressures from the PRC.

So, unless things change, or have already changed since the articles I read, it looks like Foxconn will have less influence under RCEP than it would have had under the TPP.

EDIT: It wouldn't have any more or less influence than it did before.

Justicia Migrane/Migrant Justice FB page

We have learned that they are being held in the Stratford County Courthouse in Dover, NH. Kind of off our beaten path (about an hour east), but happily we've been making all kinds of friends on the coast (Occupy Seacoast, Seacoast Young Socialists, Democratic Socialists of America) so maybe I can spur them into organizing something.

Posting to check out later:

Watch 70 Movies in HD from Famed Russian Studio Mosfilm: Classic Films, Beloved Comedies, Tarkovsky, Kurosawa & More

Students for Bernie Find Their Home in Growing Socialist Movements

Comrade Mosgrove decamped from our party to go join the DSA. Which wasn't a surprise; years ago he was telling comrades he was voting for Marty Walsh. He's also the one that I posted about years ago who tried to tell me that Django Unchained was racist and then turned around and tried to bureaucratically roll me over when I pointed out at a meeting that their leaflet calling for "fully-funded voluntarily integrated schools" which they handed out in SOUTH BOSTON ON MOTHERF#+@ING ST. PATRICK'S DAY was capitulating to racism.

They later had a discussion on busing in Boston and decided that I was right. Have fun in the Democrats, Ryan!

Comrade Brown was one of the Fight for $15 organizers that we made contact with during the Jeffrey Pendleton demos.

Got the heads up about this last week from one of Comrade Omar's Vermont union sisters. Didn't really pay attention to it because it was all the way over in Vermont, but I saw today on Democracy Now! that they are being held in New Hampshire and that caught my attention.

Organizer: ICE Detention of Immigrant Rights Activists in VT is Clear Case of Political Retaliation

Demand the release of detained human rights leaders Enrique and Zully!

Montpelier Rally to #FreeEnrique #FreeZully #FreeAlex

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

After Professor Sue helped us celebrate International Women's Day, she asked if we'd help organize an event on campus for a visiting Khmer former garment worker and president of the Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions. We were, of course, more than happy to help.

Women Workers Resist: Cambodian labor leader Sophorn Yang speaks

And this was cancelled last night by Professor Sue.


Just spent a couple minutes looking for the "Fort Lauderdale method" that I remembered Comrade Fergie posting a few times over the years.

Of course, it wasn't the "Fort Lauderdale method," it was the Miami model.

I agree. Paranoia is a killer. You get infiltrated, you make the infiltrator do paper sales and all the other work. You get actual evidence they're an infiltrator, you kick them out.

For clarity, I wasn't at Ft. Lauderdale in 2003; the organization was.

In 2003 I was in the beginnings of my commie sabbatical, working at the used record store.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

For something lighter, Young Gay Autistic Comrade, who has taken it upon himself to run the world's most popular communist furry page, found a bronie adaptation of the Teamsters logo.


EDIT: Never mind, can't make the link work.

EDIT 2: Here we go.

Yeah. We'll see, I guess. Fortunately, we don't do anything illegal (low-level controlled substance abuse aside, and even that's pretty much decriminalized around here now).

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Well, that was, by far, the oddest contact session I've ever attended.

Big, beefy guy started showing up at some of our events last summer. Talked about Lenin on the national question, later mentioned that he used to be a local union president. Talk to him later, ask him what union he was with and he shamefacedly says that he used to be the president of a small town NH police union local. Says that he first ran into us in 2003 at an anti-Free Trade of the Americas march in Fort Lauderdale...while serving in the riot squad.

Article about it in Mother Jones

Since then, he left the force, became a social worker and started reading Marxism and wants to join up.

Had long conversations about Marxism and the state and he regaled us with stories of racist cop abuse, rousting homeless people, domestic violence among the cops that he has served with, a cop that he served with who is now on death row for killing a prostitute, etc., etc.

Not sure if we're being infiltrated or not; but, have to admit, he talked a good game. Never heard of an ex-cop commie before. Ex-soldiers, ex-Marines, ex-Pinkertons, etc., etc., but never an ex-cop.

There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, etc., etc.

From last year, but the best article I found after fifteen seconds of looking on the internet:

Anniversary Of The Paris Commune, 1871

I stated above that I wasn't really a science guy, but this article just blew away my go-to consolation: it'll all end one day.

No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning

Scene from Annie Hall

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It won't, unless a new plan redistricts Texas into Appalachia.

Two more articles:


and one I have to read for a Day School on Sunday, about 1905, not 1917,

1905 Russian Revolution - When workers gained a glimpse of power

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
thejeff wrote:
Assuming of course that there really is such a good/bad cop scam. Which I think is bull, but if there is then the only path to doing something about it is outside the political system they control.
Hear! Hear!

How Brazil responds to budget slashing and pension reforms

National Day of Strike and Struggles puts General Strike on the Agenda

Badly translated from the Portuguese by the Morenoite comrades, but it's one of only two English-language articles I can find on the subject.

All out for May Day!

Guy Humual wrote:
When I was a kid I could sing both English and French versions, although I mostly knew the French version phonetically. I wonder, seeing as it was a Toronto show, if the kids were trying to remember the bilingual version of the song that shifts to French for a few bars?

Couldn't say. It was on Saturday morning, it was some kind of Canadian Sesame Street, sketches intermixed with cartoons, although I don't recall any puppets. But you get the idea, a variety show.

For twenty years I took it as a healthy comment about Canada's relative lack of nationalist fervor. Didn't realize the anthem was bilingual. Makes more sense, but, gotta say, kinda disappointed now.

Guy Humual wrote:
Canadian stuff

Thanks for the reply. All I'll add is that the last time I visited Toronto, probably around two decades ago, I stayed with comrades with children and was mightily impressed while watching some children's television show by a sketch about asking Canadian children to sing the national anthem. None of them knew the words past the first two lines, until the end of the bit, when two adorable Asian children belted out "O Canada."

I might have told that story before, but, if so, it's probably been years.

thejeff wrote:
Assuming of course that there really is such a good/bad cop scam. Which I think is bull, but if there is then the only path to doing something about it is outside the political system they control.

Hear! Hear!

Citizen Humual, in the interests of conversation, whereabouts in Canada do you live and how do you vote?

What's the layout of the Canadian Parliament these days? Where's the NDP at? What's Quebec's array of parties look like these days? How's Sexy Trudeau holding up? (All I read is bad stuff, but that shouldn't surprise anyone.) And do all the liberal ladies up there clog your Facebook feed with Sexy Trudeau memes like they do down here? (There's a lot of French Canadian-Americans here in the Merrimack Valley.)

Pan wrote:
Thanks to comrade linking this story, I now have this song earwomrming....

Fixed first link

Dicey the House Goblin wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Random Paizo Politroll Nostalgia

It's kind of amazing that five years later, it's pretty much the same posters saying the same things to each other. On the other hand, it becomes obvious that these conversations aren't a complete waste of time. For example, I would never have voted at all in 2012. So yay! for you, although, I consider this a rightward drift on my part.

Can't believe I'm letting you liberals rub off on me.

As I said at the time, I'm calling that one a win, Doodles.

I'm amazed at the things you find amazing; you were also amazed at the number of posters in this thread, weren't you? I mean, why would you be amazed that the thread has a small number of participants, or that we have the same opinions that we did then? Those two things sort of exemplify the function of internet message boards IMNSHO.

I was blown away that so few posters were making so much noise. I was, later, amazed that the random page I found (which turned out to be very little about Obama's offers to cut social spending and more about guns, probably should have included the post number in the url)) that almost every one on that page that hasn't disappeared or been permabanned is in this one. I find it amazing that in five years we haven't found anything better to do.

Interestingly, and (I admit) atypically, the Kentucky bathroom bill and "religious freedom" (to discriminate against homosexuals) bill were introduced into the House earlier this year by a Democrat to the consternation of the Tea Party governor and GOP House Speaker, mostly because they were concerned about the economic ramifications of a boycott blowback.

To be fair, the rest of the state Dems denounced the bill, but, nonetheless, interesting story.

Since then, I believe, the Republican-introduced senate bathroom bill has passed; don't know about the House bills.

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