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Comrade Anklebiter's page

7,406 posts. Alias of Doodlebug Anklebiter.


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More synergistic Facebook weirdiosity:

Video of James Heartfield (author of the Party Animals review) lecturing on Afro-Caribbean Marxists and slavery just came across my feed.

The Slavery Debate: Why C.L.R James & Eric Williams were right

Not that it matters, but Williams's From Columbus to Castro: A History of the Caribbean may have been the most boring book I've ever read.

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Speaking of the RCP (USA), Libertarian (American-style) website reviews recent book about "the FBI's secret war" on the Chairman Bobites.

Reds and Feds:
What the FBI's war on the Maoist fringe tells us about the surveillance state

Limeylongears wrote:
The author seems to be connected to the SWP in some way, so it's not surprising to see them rolled out again.

If wikipedia is to be believed, he was a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (UK) (not to be confused with the Chairman Bobites here) which split from the Cliffites in the late '70s.

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Minimum Wage Protests Outside the GOP Debate

Apparently, today will see New Hampshire's first fast-food workers strike to be followed by a Fight for $15 rally outside the Republican debates at St. Anselm's. Will probably be a mostly Democratic Party affair, but we'll see.

Days Ahead of Primary, Fight for $15 Spreads to New Hampshire

Also, saw an article going around about growing up in the Communist Party of Great Britain, so, thought I'd share it:


Only met Linda little over a year ago. Went to her goodbye party at the IBEW hall in Concord a couple of weeks back. All of the speakers made mention of the stories they couldn't tell which was, to say the least, very frustrating. Wasn't a dry eye in the house. Anyway, she seemed pretty happy. She was probably stoned.

Anyway, video footage of the first time I met her at the 4 minute mark:

Rally For Striking Weir Workers UE(United Electrical) Local 279

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[Clenched fist salute]

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I don't know. He doesn't frequent the same threads as I.

Rest in Power, Rick Sortun: NFL Player, International Socialist

Former St. Louis Cardinals offensive lineman and left Shachtmanite.

Closer to home, we've got a public forum tonight, I was on college radio yesterday (visions of Christian Slater in Pump Up the Volume--"...wearing only a cock ring!") and, oh yeah, CAJE got an office, which came with bookshelves, which I can fill with my books! Huzzah!

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Longtime White House Protester Dies, After Vigil That Started In 1981

Thirty-five years. Damn.

[Takes off hat]

He gets banned, occasionally, and comes back with a new name.

In this case, they're Australian and I hope they're not dying out.

The only time I've ever heard the term "Chardonnay socialist" was from Comrade Dwarf.

Whom I miss.

Get well soon, Comrade Dwarf!

I don't recall at the moment if Comrade Davis's op-ed mentions it, but Comrade Horton is 71 years old.

UPDATED: Worcester activist hospitalized after incident at Quinsigamond Community College

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Activist Friends of Mine in the News

Gordon Davis is the husband of the grandmotherly black woman who turned out to be a lifelong member of the Progressive Labor Party that I met a couple of years ago. We're going down to Worcester tomorrow, but, alas, nothing as sexy as this, just another f+!+ing meeting about Bernie f~~!ing Sanders.


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Kshama Sawant's SOTU response

Don't know, but none of my left/labor friends are optimistic.

Speaking of union teachers, cont'd:

The Latest: Detroit Schools Closed Again in Teacher Sick-Out

Speaking of union teachers...

Short history of the organization of public workers in the U.S.

The Road to Friedrichs--
A case before the Supreme Court threatens to devastate public-sector unions. How did it come to this

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[Shrugs] It was a birthday party for one of La Principessa's friends. When the bill came I almost fainted, but she picked up the tab. Union teachers in NYC make a shiznitload.

Anyway, in the immortal words of "Big Bill" Haywood when mocked for his taste in cigars and suits, "Nothing's too good for the working class."

Was dragged to a fancy restaurant in Brooklyn last night that was owned by Ted Nugent's illegitimate son. Opted for the linguine carbonara with bacon made from boar, the owner told me, from Nugent's ranch. There's a good chance I ate something the Nuge killed!

Amboy Dukes link

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And one from Pakistan before I get off the computer:

Workers jailed for protesting illegal mass terminations at Philip Morris Pakistan

An injury to one is an injury to all!

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

The Sudden But Well-Deserved Fall of Rahm Emanuel

Democrats: The other party of racist scumbag plutocrats

Chicago Teachers Union Joins Demand for Rahm Emanuel, Anita Alvarez To Resign

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Kullen wrote:
"You're out of your element! -- When do we bowl?"

"It's like Lenin said..."

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RT footage

I was on the outside. It was f$@~ing cold. There's some footage at the end, but it's at the end of the debate when the crowd had dwindled to about forty or fifty. At its height, I'd guess it was about 200 people.

Excellent speeches by Mr. Comrade and Comrade Who Was Published in Jacobin, as well as a great speech by a dude from near-by Lawrence, Massachusetts' ROGUE. I have no idea what that stands for, but they appear to be a similar CAJE-style organization that we weren't even aware of until a month or so ago. Two speeches by Party of Socialism and Liberation (PSL) members, one speaking for the Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition, a Methodist preacher, a 16-year old #BLM Cambridge member who was recognized by the police and ejected before she even got through the doors and a 350 member. Completely a propos of nothing, the young PSL members were all extremely hawt, even the dude. Also were a couple of elderly Revolutionary Communist Party USA (Chairman Bobites) members, one of whom was eager to meet us because he had recently retired to the area and, I must imagine, it's quite boring for a retired Maoist in suburban northern Massachusetts.

What else? It was a bit discouraging to watch 9,000 people file by to see Trump, but I am consoled a bit by the knowledge that there were at least some among the crowd who were there just to see the spectacle for themselves. Most common taunt from the Trump supporters was "Hillary sucks!" to which we usually replied "We know!"

Best non-commie sign on our side was one held by a young lesbian that read "I'd Bang Her, Too...If She Wasn't Your Daughter!" Runner-up was an allusion to The Big Lebowski: Shut the F$*+ Up, Donny!"

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Donald Trump repeatedly interrupted by protesters in Lowell

Was told he was disrupted more in Lowell than he's been at any of his appearances thus far.

Yay us!

The upcoming protest has been covered in all the local bourgeois press, Mr. Comrade gave an interview to al-Jazeera today, there was an undercover cop at the civil disobedience training yesterday, the Party of Socialism and Liberation sent up three of their organizers from Boston and New York and our Facebook event page is attracting legitimate fascist trolls. Woo hoo! CAJE is coming up in the world!

CBDunkerson wrote:
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

The Sudden But Well-Deserved Fall of Rahm Emanuel

Democrats: The other party of racist scumbag plutocrats

Eh. There are racists, scumbags, and plutocrats in both major US political parties. However, it is not accurate to describe the totality of both parties as being all three of these things. For example, while plutocrat pretty much IS a requirement for a national GOP politician, it remains optional for Democrats (e.g. Bernie Sanders). 'Racist' is subjective enough that by some definitions it can be applied to the whole human race. Including Rahm Emanuel in the positive set doesn't go QUITE that far, but is a wide enough reading of the term that again nearly all Republicans and many Democrats would qualify. Scumbag is, of course, completely subjective.

Eh. While I am not wedded to the idea that the Democratic Party is comprised, in totality, of plutocrats (as opposed to serving plutocrats, an idea which I am wedded to), I am not sure citing a guy who's been a member of the party for, what?, three months?--and who joined said party to wage a, imo, quixotic campaign to inspire a grassroots rebellion to "take the party back" from the plutocrats--is very good evidence.

Not Really Activist People That I'm Not Actually Friends With On Youtube

So, I have never met him, but Lowell-area rapper D-Tension has been all over the Facebook page for the anti-Trump rally. Apparently, Ex-Mrs. Comrade used to work with him in the studio. Anyway, here's some tunez from over the years:

Los Wunder Twins Del Rap--"The Feast of Steven"

D-Tension--"Why I Love You"

D-Tension--"Retro Futuristic Backpacker Special"

D-Tension featuring Ad Frank--"Can You Stand It?"

He makes funny videos, even when the music's not so great.

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The Sudden But Well-Deserved Fall of Rahm Emanuel

Democrats: The other party of racist scumbag plutocrats

Activist Friends of Mine in the News

Two attendees at the last CAJE meeting, although, one of them only Skyped in.

Comrade Nino: Boston protest targets Tamir Rice decision, police brutality

Sister Alexis: We will continue to fight for your King Tamir

As a historian, Kautsky would not have been able to deny that bourgeois parliaments are the organs of this or that class; but now (for the sordid purpose of renouncing revolution) Kautsky finds it necessary to forget his Marxism and he refrains from putting the question: the organ of what class was the Constituent Assembly of Russia?

--V.I. Lenin, The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky

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Old business settled

"Dec 23, 2015: After over two years of hard fought battle our militant fighting rank and file, USW 8751, Boston School Bus Union, with solidarity from the Community and forces in the labor and political movements, have won a stunning historic VICTORY.
Last night the membership, 400 + standing room, unanimously and jubilantly ratified the tentative agreements negotiated by the Team Solidarity leadership and International representative, Joe Carlson, which includes a new 4 year contract (fully retroactive) with improved wages and benefits and protects 40 years of collective bargaining progress and union rights, the immediate reinstatement of illegally fired President Andre Francois, Vice President Stevan Kirschbaum, Financial Secretary Steven Gillis and Grievance Chair Garry Murchison! Also Agreements to resolve the backlog of nearly 700 grievances as well as an Agreement to protect the integrity of the pension and a Job/Union Security Agreement from the City to 2019 guaranteeing full union and contract rights regardless of who manages school bus transportation (another Vendor or the City itself). USW 8751 and our fighting rank and file have defeated Veolia/Transdev/City union busting and have emerged stronger than ever!

"Thanks to all who extended true “Solidarity in Action” to us during this historic fight. You have lived the time tested union motto that “An Injury to One is an Injury to All” and proved that a victory for one is a victory for all!"


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I take a month off for work, go to the CAJE meeting and discover that we're allied with #BLM Cambridge and (possibly) the Massachusetts Coalition Against Police Brutality in welcoming Donald Trump to Lowell next Monday.

!!!BLACKOUT!!! Donald J. Trump at the Paul E. Tsongas Center

Gonna have to make a "Break with the Republicans and Democrats! For a Workers Party!" sign.

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Best Facebook birthday greetings, from Comrade Longears:

"What a myriad of dins! What shouts, roars and clamours echo down Lev Lane and up Bronstein Boulevard! What's the occasion - has Klistomerces a new mistress? Are the Mingols invading? Has Sanders announced that he's joining the Ray O. Light group and changing his name to Barbara?" Fafhrd rested Graywand on one burly shoulder and glared quizzically down at his small friend.

"No, you great glacier-brained lumpkin", replied the Mouser, amiably. "It's [Doodlebug's] birthday, and a very Happy one too, with any luck. Here, take this jug and have a swig - a good one, mind! - in his honour"

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thank you very much, Marilyn Toenibbler!

[Stuffs face with cake and turns to Citizen Closet]

You know, [chomp chomp], I don't think I was ever issued a membership card in my current party. If I root through my attic [chomp chomp] I might be able to find my membership card for the Boston Spartacus Youth Club. [chomp chomp]

This cake is great, Pillbug!

[Ulp, La Principessa's off the phone. I'm outta here!]

Cole Deschain wrote:
Finished Alistair Horne's A Savage War of Peace: Algeria 1954-1962.

I remember that being really good.

Merrimack, NH.

2.3 C

When I was a teenager, there were three communists in the high school, which meant that, at the time, we gave Berkeley and Cambridge a run for its money on reds per capita.

If I substitute the nearest city, Nashua, .7 C.

Of the ancient sources on the struggles within the Roman Republic only Appian tells us clearly and distinctly what was at issue in the last resort--namely, landed property.

--Friedrich Engels, Ludwig Feuerbach and the Outcome of Classical German Philosophy

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I'm not familiar with them, but they sound like race traitors.

Anyway, a Christmas comic:

A Visit from St. Marx

Precisely Russia and the United States are missing here.

--Friedrich Engels, "Preface to the Russian Edition of 1882", Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto

Which I read again with a new recruit.

Finished the book on the Napoleonic years. Despite the very last section being about the creation of the Byronic Bonapartist myth and its selective relationship with reality, I still feel ardent.

Will spend the rest of the week reading Hawthorne and Poe but, honestly, La Principessa's coming up tomorrow night so we can drive out to Plymouth Rock and protest Thanksgiving with Native Americans, so I doubt I'll be reading much.

I've read that one is reported dead and the other in "rebel hands" but I was only glancing the headlines so I'm not sure which rebels.

Edit: Damn ninjas.

He was a dues-paying member of the Teamsters. I wonder if he got his withdrawal card before he went to prison.

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