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Zenobia Zenderholm

Coffins by Shi's page

4 posts. Alias of LB.


sunbeam wrote:
Why don't your guys use antitoxin or the resist poison spell? They've been hit with enough poison and it seems like a theme?

That requires intelligence and forethought, which the party never carries in abundance.

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Velcro Zipper wrote:
That they've never accused me of being a sadistic, unfair or cruel GM has led me to believe some of them might be masochists.

You're a sadistic and cruel GM. There it's been said. ^_^

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:


Tragic, but narratively satisfying deaths. The naga must pay!

On the plus side, Shi is still just fine!

Pfft... lucky shot?!? Try L33T Neeja Skillz! For years I have wandered... first I trained with the Monks of Mt. Dew in the East. Then I traveled West and learned from Sir Loin. Then I went to the south and learned even more skills from Master Card. Lucky shot. Hmph!

Now if you'll excuse me, those guards PROMISED me that there was a carnival somewhere in here and I'm going to find it!!

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