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Clouds Without Water's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Marathon Voter, 2014 Dedicated Voter. 543 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.

Marathon Voter 2013, Dedicated Voter 2014

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Because I know the contestants have been anxiously awaiting the tradition they love to hate!

I had 3 easy ins, 1 flawed but great concept, and 4 that took some thought. Some of the bottom 4 votes were based on previous rounds.

Easy ones:
Nicholas Herold — Caliban
Michael Pruess — Egelsee Cocktail
Scott Fernandez — Yellowtongue Hulk

Flawed but great concept:
Sam Harris — Abandoned One

Matthew Duval — Blackwood Drake
Kalervo Oikarinen — Miremane
Michael Eshleman — Bloodroot Vine
Maurice de Mare — Leechlorn

Marathon Voter 2013, Dedicated Voter 2014

As is traditional, my personal fav 5 from the top 32.

In alphabetical order:

Many Layered Veil
Map Of Refuge
Sash Of The Salty Seas
Spell-Winding Timepiece
Wintertide Candle

Marathon Voter 2013, Dedicated Voter 2014

I have read none of them yet.

But Rob wins the Best Title award, hands down.


Marathon Voter 2013, Dedicated Voter 2014

To all six of you!

Christine, Boomer, Jason, Joe, Rob, Russell- You've all done excellent work thus far, and you've made it to this level.

Whatever happens from here on out, you six are all very good at this stuff, and I can see buying materials produced by any one (or more!) of the people who have made it to this round.


Marathon Voter 2013, Dedicated Voter 2014

One of you is working on a demi-lich who un-lives in a tomb full of traps and tricks, I know it.

I like this round, having thought about it. There's a lot of tempting paths of doom in it. Paths of doom that lead to glory, as long as you don't step off said path. Or put the left foot where the right foot belongs. Or really even look away from the path for 5 words.

It's a tricksy round it is, yes.

Marathon Voter 2013, Dedicated Voter 2014

I'm looking forward to letting them loose on their own entries. :-)

Marathon Voter 2013, Dedicated Voter 2014

And it came to mind several times while wading through these 32 entries.

"White space is your friend."

In other words, break up the text and use the layout of the words to your advantage. Don't make it hard to read and decode, spread it out and make it easier to follow.

Use white space to set apart the important points.

Especially in digital format, white space is free, and it can make a lot of difference in the readability of yor writing.

Several of the entries could have benefitted from a bit more white space. :-)

Marathon Voter 2013, Dedicated Voter 2014

I like it, just want to be sure it's right.

Marathon Voter 2013, Dedicated Voter 2014

1 per account? 2, 4? Or perish the thought,16?

In other words, will we be selecting our 1 favorite country, or several?

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