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Durkon Thundershield

Cloister Flock's page

17 posts. Alias of Joe Wells (RPG Superstar 2010 Top 32).


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Eldritch Gizzard. That is all.

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Remember: this is not a competition, it is only an exhibition. Please no wagering.

Can my character be Upper Middle Class? I really liked Upper Middle Class.

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You can also get one by doing battle with The Thing In The Corner Of The Warehouse, armed with a butter knife and a copy of Dragon: Monster Ecologies. You don't have to defeat it, you just have to survive.

RPG Superstar 2010 Top 32 , Star Voter Season 6

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I'm just letting my cat decide. Like most of us, she hates backstory and poor grammar. She's a real sucker for inventiveness and originality, but don't even bother with anything canine related.

yellowdingo wrote:
8'11" - Robert Wedlow



James0235 wrote:

What is a Festering Spirit? Where can I find it?

It's a spectre with the Spooky Green template.

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What are they thinking? You never put the wizard in the back of the marching order.

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Yeah, these are OK I guess. But what kind of city watchmen are we getting?

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Adam Daigle wrote:
I love huge monster fans!

How do you feel about very large, aggressive, wind-making devices?

Fan golem for B4!

And sparkly ones too!

(oh, maybe that's just me)


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Evil Lincoln wrote:
Oguleth wrote:

A Tarrasque line of gamer snacks?

Tarrasque Snaques?

They could have a Jabberwocky line of gamer snacks called

Snicker Snacks.

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Book of the Damned 4: Ultimate Quasit

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They're not bad, they're just drawn that way.

Ok, yeah, they're actually bad.

LilithsThrall wrote:
People who want official rules for epic play eat little babies for Christmas.

I hear by declare that veal is a tasty, succulent dish to serve for your Christmas festivities.

Mmmmm. Christmas veal.

I believe that High-level/Mythic/Epic/20+ support for Pathfinder will be the catalyst for world peace.

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