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Clint Freeman's page

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Our Price: $13.99


Perfect for a group ship!


The Nova Eclipse here is perfect for an adventuring group's ship. You get both decks and a hull shot. Plus it docked for loading on a map that fits into the other Mass Transit maps. Goes great with the Boarding Action map for added options with this ship.

Highly recommended.

List Price: $13.99

Our Price: $12.59


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Great maps!


The boarding action map is simply awesome. Whether its a customs check, prisoner transfer, rescue mission or assault, there are lots of options with this beautiful map. The other deck of the cargo ship is included in a different map pack from the mass transit series. A great map like this can really make an encounter or whole adventure gel.

The strike carrier map is really neat, but I haven't used it yet. Next military themed adventure will probably see it as a drop ship. The fact the ship is designed to split in half and function as two separate ships is really cool as well. This one fits into the "track system" of the other Mass Transit maps.

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