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Austrailan Diver

Cleanthes's page

755 posts. Alias of Scott LaBarge (RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8).


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1 person marked this as a favorite.

Those all look great! And the fact that you did a small lizard gives me hope that some fair day you may reveal the long hoped-for (by me anyway) shocker lizard mini I've been waiting for all these years. But these look great in the meantime, and I'm always particularly happy to see female dwarves show up. Don't know why you always leave off their beards, though ;-)

Also, in case any interested parties weren't aware that Reaper Minis is presently doing their third Bones Kickstarter, full of unpainted minis goodness, LOOK HERE!!!

Yeah, I was afraid of something like that. And I wouldn't be surprised if Reign of Winter was your worst-selling set to date for reasons like those. Ah well, one can always dream.

And it's great news that neothelids are high on the list, by whatever name!

The riding dog is a great addition, but the stand-out here is clearly the bard. Lovely mini! Let's just hope the face is good.

I know you probably have the next sets planned out 3 deep, but I've been reading through Iron Gods and thinking that a set called something like "Distant Worlds" might be very solid; you could do some more of the Lovecraftian stuff that Paizo seems to have a soft (decaying, unnatural) spot for, and also include some robots/androids, some inhabitants of other planets in Golarion's system, a couple gunslingers, a void dragon, and maybe a Neothelid for the Gargantuan? You'd be able to help round out some more stuff for Reign of Winter along with Iron Gods, and heck, you could even throw in a Leng Spider to check one more Runelords mini off the list. (That list of unsupplied Runelords minis is getting pretty short, really.)

And I just know there are people out there who would get excited about a bad-ass female half-orc wielding a chainsaw.

And there was great rejoicing! Without Robin's minstrels even getting eaten.

If ever we needed proof that you were tuned in to your market's needs, this post gives us proof. Every part of this post is good news. I'm thrilled about the braziers (and am ordering a bunch right away), and I think all 3 minis are great picks that I know I'll use.

Question: is the wagon Large sized? How big is it compared to, for instance, the cart and the horse?

And one last question, which I expect I know the answer to, but what the heck: Any chance of putting the horse on an oval base instead of a circular one?

Whatever the answers, all of this is very good news. Well done!

Anguish wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:

This isn't really the right place, but I can't think of anywhere better...

When the next batch of "dungeon dressing" figures are planned, any chance for an animated object/dancing sword/spiritual weapon figure? I'd often find a use for that, I'm sure.

I'm kind of ambivalent at this point. Pretty much what I expected to happen has happened. They were produced at the rare level, making them effectively only available as part of a multi-hundred-dollar case purchase or somewhere on the grey market.

Know what? I don't need or want a bunch of mimics. A bunch of chests? Sure. Maybe I'm unusual that way. But the lack of availability of these basically removes my interest seeing more I won't ever own.

How do you measure demand for a product where the supply is negligible?

Not to poop on Erik's parade. He's got a lot of pressures and the market is complicated. I'm just a little bitter because as far as the result effects me, WizKids/Paizo didn't release dungeon dressing minis; they shipped a few rarities to folks who bought cases, and figured it's worth mentioning instead of just silently being bummed.

I hear what you're saying, but I also think this might be a bit premature. Admittedly, they're equivalent to rares in scarcity/availability. But that's not the whole story. Not all rares are equal, and not all of them will be equally expensive or hard to get your hands on. You ask how to measure demand for a product under conditions of scarcity? Answer: you see what people are willing to pay for them. (Scarcity is the norm in markets, not the exception.) Some of the dressing pieces will be highly sought after, and they'll get expensive and hard to land. Others won't be such a hot item, and you'll be able to find them relatively cheaply and easily. In this set, it's looking like the brazier's going to be the hardest one to get hold of (and it's the only one I don't have yet -- I only bought a brick, not a case.) This is no different than any other mini that Paizo or anyone produces, whether rare, common, or whatever. There are rares that end up unpopular that go on the secondary market for less than the most valued commons. You may turn out to be right and the market sucks these dressing pieces up, but I say show a little patience and wait to see how things shake out. It's usually 6 months or more before we find out what the market says these things are really worth, and there are always some surprises. (Have you seen what the Trolls and ogre from the last set are going for? Crazy.)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Steve Geddes wrote:

This isn't really the right place, but I can't think of anywhere better...

When the next batch of "dungeon dressing" figures are planned, any chance for an animated object/dancing sword/spiritual weapon figure? I'd often find a use for that, I'm sure.

In the meantime, I've found that this Heroclix mini works well for a spiritual weapon, and they have a hammer in that set as well as an axe.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I also hope we get a street urchin or the like....

A wagon or cart might be cool as a Large! And horsey stuff is always useful. I run a Kingmaker campaign, and horses are ubiquitous. There haven't been many party deaths, but the horses might as well be wearing Red Shirts o.O

Other cool potential urban Larges, as dressing or creatures: Fountain. Market stall. How about a mob of townspeople, with a removable piece in the middle so you could plunk a standard Medium-sized Paizo mini in its place, to surround someone with a mob? Guillotine. Gallows. Torture rack. Weapons rack. Portcullis. Forge. Worktable. Alchemist's lab. Sedan chair. Rickshaw. Archery range (a few targets in a row). I wonder if any of these will show up?

Love all 3, but especially the Dancing Girl. I'm surprised that one hasn't been covered in prepaints before! And the digital image looks great. Important to get a good paint job on that one's face, though....

Cat-thulhu wrote:

Toys'R'Us have, pop into google and look it up. Battery operated, and clearly colossal. I hope they come out with a slightly smaller one.

I see what you mean! I wish it had a bit more color. It also looks like they do in fact have a smaller one that comes with a gyro-sphere for it to stomp on. That one might be more like a Gargantuan, although in the pictures it has a square panel cut in its side to show its bloody muscles. Not crazy about that.

Then again, it's not like it's hard to find big t-rex toys models if you look for them....

Also, fellow plasticrack addicts: did anyone else see Jurassic World this week and think to yourself: I hope they make a sweet Indomitus Rex toy to serve as a Gargantuan (or even Colossal) mini?

All three of these are winners for me, especially the Ice Mage! And hopefully they will help to calm the critics who didn't want tavern stuff. (Maybe you chose a couple to show for that reason?)

You asked a couple posts back for call-outs on Paizo art we'd like to see turned into minis, and I saw one just yesterday that looked to me like a great pick. On p. 28 of The Infernal Syndrome (Council of Thieves 4), there's a lovely full-body picture of the tiefling Crosael. She would work equally well as an NPC or a stylish player character, and her combination of well-armored danger and sex appeal would go over very well with a lot of minis buyers, I think. I don't think Paizo has done a female tiefling yet, either.

The same thing happens with the minis promos. Odds are, someone in China who's somewhere in the manufacturing line stuffs a couple in his pocket and takes them home to sell on Ebay. My guess is there's not much Paizo can do about it, unless they think it's worth the trouble to make an issue of it with their manufacturers.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I've got almost every volume in the adventure path series (Giantslayer being the only exception, and I'll get to that soon enough), and I'm a big fan of the adventure paths in general, but I feel like I have to say something about the books themselves. I can't tell you how many times at this point I've had these books start coming apart on me to some extent or other. In the mild cases, it's just a couple of pages. In the worst cases, the whole thing comes apart one page at a time. (In my experience Serpent's Skull is the worst offender, but it's not alone.) I'm gentle with my books and never treat them roughly, but I do expect to be able to have them lie open on the table sometimes (without pushing them absolutely flat, of course) so that I don't have to keep hands on them while I play. I'd say that of all my volumes, at least 20% have had some kind of issue of this sort. I generally think very highly of Paizo and its products, but this troubles me, and I'd like to have more confidence in the adventure path printings than I do. I generally prefer to be positive in my postings, but I'd like to know how widespread this problem is. Am I the only person who has this problem?

Hobbun wrote:
Cleanthes wrote:
Hobbun wrote:

What I would actually love to see is a merchant wagon/caravan with horses. Don’t know how many times we’ve escorted merchants and have gotten into combats on the road or at a campsite.

Hobbun, there's a Kickstarter for something like that that's due to fulfill any time now. Here's a link to it. Once it's fulfilled, I'm sure they'll be available for normal purchase.

Thanks for the link.

I googled his website (TabletopProps) and saw the pictures from the Kickstarters (wagon and tent), but no written blogs or updates saying on what he plans to do.

I hope he does eventually start selling them, as I liked what I saw from the wagon KS (too bad I didn’t know about it). I especially like that you can take it apart. I also like the campfire, we have used pseudo campfires more times than I can count.

He discusses his progress and plans in the comments on that Kickstarter. If I recall correctly, stuff should be hitting the water from China soon, if it hasn't already. I don't think he's going to have a problem fulfilling, anyway.

Hobbun wrote:

What I would actually love to see is a merchant wagon/caravan with horses. Don’t know how many times we’ve escorted merchants and have gotten into combats on the road or at a campsite.

Hobbun, there's a Kickstarter for something like that that's due to fulfill any time now. Here's a link to it. Once it's fulfilled, I'm sure they'll be available for normal purchase.

What if instead of a tavern bar, the piece of Gargantuan terrain had been a Gatehouse? River crossing? Cave entrance? Row of market stalls? Crypt w/ removable roof? Would some other piece of terrain at home in a different setting have been more appealing, or is the problem that folks just don't want this kind of terrain in general? If you'd want any of this other stuff, I expect that would be a lot more likely if the bar does well.
Though I also can anticipate the obvious rebuttal: We'd rather have spectacular Gargantuan monsters. And I can understand that too. I want them both, but if I have to pick, and given how much terrain stuff I already have on hand thanks to Dwarven Forge and Fat Dragon Games, I'd probably go for the monsters.

Do fights never happen in taverns in your campaign?

Let me add as well that I sympathize with your general concern; it's hard to find adventures with age-appropriate materials for the younger set, and I also tend to want adventures where there are options to solve problems without everything turning into a bloodbath. (Serpent's Skull, for instance, is especially bad on that last score.) I've actually been toying with the possibility of starting to write some new adventures specifically targeting this demographic and publishing them at 3rd party publishing sites like Drivethru RPG. It seems to me there's definitely a market!

I'm running Kingmaker for my kids and their friends (similar ages), and it's pretty well pitched for kids I think. There's a lot of wilderness exploration, so the dangers tend to be animals, tricksy fey, and bandits. (And the bandits are relatively straightforward thugs, not gruesome or disturbing.) I think it's not until the 3rd adventure that you get anything sort of disturbing,

like a lich who has captured the souls of a whole town's worth of people.

Also, the chapters of Kingmaker are very episodic, so it wouldn't be hard to start it up, go as far as you like with it, and move to something else when you're ready.
It is hard, though, to get the adventures in print now (especially the first two chapters), so you'd probably want to go the PDF route. You can also get the map folio as a pdf and get the big overland hex map printed and laminated at a copy shop; I'd really advise you to do that, since the kids totally love filling in the hexes as they explore further.

You do a great job, Erik. The internet just brings out people's negativity. Don't let it get you down!
And whatever you're hearing here, I know minis that can serve as non-combatant NPC's are always popular in resale. The old WotC Farmer has increased in value ever since its release. And I love using NPC's as tactical elements; one of my favorite encounters ever was the umber hulk encounter from Shackled City, with the umber hulk confusing masses of bystanders that the party then had to contend with. I did a nice papercraft build of that encounter that you can see here. I used mostly paper minis for the NPCs, but I used prepaints as much as I could, and I'm always happy to expand my prepainted mobs!

What a great debut for the new set! Thrilled to have more NPC's, and all the other picks are great too. G cubes are always in demand, and hey, that bugbear looks awesome. I was also starting to worry that we weren't going to see a post from you today, so I'm just thrilled to be reading something from you, Erik! Thanks for that!

I haven't seen anyone mention Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars novels. I thought the first one, Red Mars, was best of the bunch, but he had interesting stuff going on in all of them, and in some ways they get even more science-y as they go.

My DM had Desna transform my thrush familiar into a lyrakien. Worked out great for all concerned :-)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's all about action economy. A familiar gives you extra actions: holding extra stuff for you, picking things up off the ground, etc. And if you take an improved familiar and invest ranks in Use Magic Device (arguably one of the most versatile skills in the game), you get access to every 1st-4th level spell in the game thanks to wands, which require a flat 20 UMD check to operate. I play a wizard, not a magus, but I don't care what class you're playing -- having a familiar hitting an enemy with a 1st level spell from a wand every round is awesome. Grease, Ill Omen, Faerie Fire, Entangle, Silent Image, Ray of Enfeeblement -- even if the save DC's are low, these spells still can make life harder for the bad guys and turn the tide. Not to mention the option of having it sit on your shoulder with a cure spell wand. Familiars are crazy good.

You might check out the elementalist schools from the Advanced Players Guide as well. I play an air elementalist, and have loved it through 11 levels. One selling point: you only get a single opposed elemental school, and even that can be removed after 9th level with Opposition Training (the arcane discovery from Ultimate Magic).

The only thing I know of offhand that boosts one's fly speed is the haste spell (which adds 30 feet.)

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Mush as I love Paizo and the gaming it enables, I just don't worry that much about this stuff. My view: All indications are that the company is strong and continues to produce new stuff I want to have, sometimes in ways I wouldn't have predicted. I'm particularly pleased that the minis line continues to prosper. But speaking selfishly, even if Paizo stopped printing anything new tomorrow, I have so much already published stuff to work through with players that I'd have a lifetime of gaming to look forward to. So at this point, from my p.o.v., it's all gravy.

Also what a ring of freedom of movement is for!

Other spells I'd add:
true strike (I like to use it in combo w/ pilfering hand)
locate creature
prying eyes

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GoldEdition42 wrote:

I know it varies from class to class, but as a general feeling what level do you find to be the most interesting to play?

For me: The next level. Always.

I want to second the Large and Small spriggans; that would be SO helpful.
And I also can't believe we've never seen a Red Mantis in prepainted plastic yet. That's crazy. My favorite would be Chivane, the sexy elf mantis leader from the cover of the 3rd Serpent's Skull adventure.
And I'll make my regular plea for a shocker lizard, too :-)

Subscribe to the case, and pay a lot less than $50 for the dragon!

Erik Mona wrote:

LOL passing on the set because of three minis.

One day, I won't be doing this anymore, and a part of me will be very relieved.

If I may be so bold: When you're done, pal, just give me a call. I'm ready! =7

I know there's no pleasing anyone, but given how confident I am that you share the same collecting bug that we do (one of us, ONE OF US!!!) and have at least as long a list as any of us has of minis we still want to see, I imagine it would be hard to walk away.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd also like an official explanation for how low-light vision works in moonlight/starlight, and this thread seems like a very efficient place to put it. There's a throwaway line at CRB 564 to the effect that creatures w/ low-light vision can see by moonlight as well as they can by day, but it's always seemed weird to me that this piece of info is buried at the back of the book and not mentioned, for instance, in the elf's racial description, so I'd like to know for sure that that's the rule. (And does starlight count then as dim light?) Illuminate me!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dave Gross wrote:

While you shouldn't steal the name "Sage Advice," you should absolutely make this a weekly feature that performs a similar function. With beginners entering the game and old-timers returning to a new rules system, some essential tactical essays like this one would benefit many readers.

Or so I think.

I was thinking this too. A whole volume for rules lawyers would find a market, I think.

Ah, that's good to know! I haven't visited that website before, and so didn't realize it was PF official material. That makes it much more of an option!

Though I should add that I'm more worried about their getting the message out than about their reading our thoughts. We don't treat telepathy as a constant detect thoughts effect; if you aren't seeking or responding to telepathic communication, in our game you aren't broadcasting.

We're talking serpentfolk, so they've got telepathy 100', plus they're immune to mind-affecting effects, so I'm not going to be able to mess directly with their minds that way. The spell Cuuniyevo listed is cool, but I'm not going to be able to use 3PP stuff, so I'm out of luck there. I'm thinking that antimagic field is looking like the only option for now, which feels pretty unreliable. (One move outside the radius of the field, and the jig is up.)

My party's getting ready to invade an enemy stronghold where all the critters can use telepathy to communicate with each other, which is going to make maintaining the element of surprise pretty difficult. I know that an anti-magic field will suppress telepathy, but is there anything else (short of unconsciousness and/or death) that will do it?

6 people marked this as a favorite.

I skipped about 50 posts, so sorry if I'm no longer on point, but based on how things look from my admittedly small, distant vantage point on things, the prospects for TTRPG's is pretty good right now. I'm part of a generation that's got young kids now, and we're worried about our kids staring at screens all the time. D&D/Pathfinder give us a chance to a) play with our kids in a way that doesn't (centrally) involve screens, and that they can learn to do for themselves without adult help, and b) spend money on stuff we want to spend money on anyway and justify it as bonding material for the family. ($2,000 for a Dwarven Forge city set? Crazy! But it's for the children? Well, if we must....) (Not that that's me....)
And as a seller of minis on the secondary market, it sure looks to me like things are going great. Lots of new players showing up looking for new minis, and a lot of them are becoming repeat customers. It's got me feeling pretty rosy about the RPG world, though of course that's nothing like a guarantee!

I honor Dahren's fashion bravery. Not everyone can pull off magenta and orange.

I'd call this reveal a hat trick; all 3 minis look great! Cat-thulhu is absolutely right that most people can't afford the old WotC gibbering mouther in any quantities, and it's a reasonably common monster in published adventures, so I expect there's a lot of demand for it -- and that's without even factoring in just the coolness of the monster and the mini. I also agree that we're overdue for a Large snake. It's always possible to use snake minis that are from dollar stores and the like, but it's nice on occasion to have something sized just right and on a base like the rest of the minis, and this is a lovely scuplt and paint job to boot. And the conjurer is just great. I find myself pitying the office plant he seems about to obliterate, though....

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for the News of Awesomeness +2! That's great. Kudos to you both.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8 , Star Voter 2014, Star Voter 2015

The encouragement is appreciated, Vic! And at a minimum, you got me to check the Superstar forum for the first time in a bit to see what else has been happening there.

Can I just say, it's gratifying that I'm not the only one whose campaigns seem to take forever to finish?

danielc wrote:
April Bowen wrote:
Still hoping for a pack of rare races based on Pathfinder art. We are in desperate need of more Tieflings, Aasimar, catfolk, tengu, etc.

I realize this is just my opinion, but I am kind of glad they don't do too many of these. I had a hard time dumping the tengu that I got in the Skulls and Schakles case. And the catfolk rogue from Shattered Star I had to give away to get rid of them.

While I know there is a small number of people who love these races, I am glad they remain very rare.

I sell catfolk minis with decent regularity. The one tengu from Pathfinder sells indifferently, but the old kenku minis from WotC do pretty well (probably because they tend to run cheap.) There are several prepainted tieflings on the market, and most of them still do well. There are only a couple of named Aasimar, and they sell well, but honestly aasimar are pretty easy to sub for unless you're looking for something particularly flamboyant, and then you're probably going to need to paint your own anyway. But then again, there's the sheep factor to consider, and if you had a couple minis with "aasimar" in the title, that might sell a few extra. (And prevent a few other sales when people who could totally use that mini for their character say, "But my character's not an aasimar!" o.O)

If the requests I get from customers are any indication, the market could use more half-orcs, particularly a couple spellcasters, and ratfolk should get a nod. (Wererats would work if they were smaller.) I also tend to think that a tengu that looked more martial (maybe a magus?) would do pretty well. Maybe a grippli or two would go over well, and some vishkanya would be nice.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yep, I've commented before on the ridiculousness of the Red Mantis not being represented yet. That's inexplicable to me.
And if we're looking for Golarion-linked stuff, *and* we've got dressing items on the table now, a Galtan guillotine would be cool! I don't think there's presently anything like that available, and I know it would be popular.

Those are great! Even though I'm pretty sure I fall into the hard-core collector category, I never mind having more PC's; it gives me a wider range of stuff to use for NPC's, it gives my players a wider range to choose from, and as a reseller on the secondary market, it enables me to satisfy more customers. I particularly love heavily armored minis for exactly the reason you mentioned, Erik: they can often be anybody, elf, half-orc, human, male, female, whatever, so they appeal to players with all sorts of characters.
And as always, I really appreciate the window into your decision-making procedure. It's great to know how things go down, and it's further evidence (if we needed any) how responsive you and your company are to feedback from all the different sectors of the gaming community.
That said, more non-combatant NPC's, please! :-)

Just throwing out an idea here that I wouldn't expect to go anywhere, but is it conceivable that instead of doing a 3.5 AP like CotCT or Second Darkness as a hardcover, they could instead re-release it as a normal 6-part AP, but updated for Pathfinder and re-tooled a bit to smooth out rough edges and fill in gaps? Would people buy it a 2nd time in that format? I know I would, but I'm regrettably a hopeless victim of the completist disease.
If it were to happen, I'd expect it to happen with the largely sold-out CotCT instead of Second Darkness, since they apparently still have so many copies of that one sitting in the warehouse.

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