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Austrailan Diver

Cleanthes's page

892 posts. Alias of Scott LaBarge (RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8).


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These particular minis look great, though they don't push any particular buttons for me.

I do, however, suddenly find that I really wish we had some minis for Razmiran cultists. If you can do a set with cultists in 3 different robes for acolytes, priests, and heralds, that would be awesome. And given how popular cultists are on the secondary market, I'm sure they would have use for campaign worlds other than Golarion too.

While I'm at it, I've long wished we had a few NPC minis that were old, obese, disabled, etc. Not just hale and hearty people in the prime of life. A couple street urchins would be welcome too!

Yeah, that's a really weird pick for a case incentive. It makes me wonder who's calling the shots over at Wizkids. I would expect both companies to want to make their incentive picks extremely safe choices, and this is the least safe choice I ever remember seeing. Though honestly, I thought the Huges for this set would be safer picks too, since there are so many Huges that haven't been made yet that show up a whole lot more regularly in adventures and have never been made as pre-paints. But Erik has proved to be reliable in the past, and I'm hopeful both the new Huges will do well!

Thanks, Cat-t, but I think it's Swiftbrook you want to crediy with that sentiment ;-)

The book's the biggest winner for me in this reveal, but they all look great!

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Something you should change on a jpg:

One picture gives away too much.:
The Blackjack jpg probably shouldn't have a name that gives away important info.

Mike Selinker wrote:
The Lady's Favor wrote:
To win this scenario, the number of plunder cards must exceed the number of locations.

This is the win condition. Once you have more plunder than locations, you win. No other requirement is needed, and it is impossible to win any other way since no villain is ever in a location deck.

I suppose we could FAQ this, but it seems unnecessary to me. The wording is "To win, do this." So do that and you win.

Fwiw, I just played this scenario with my kids, and we were confused enough about how we were supposed to handle the villain and closing requirements that I came here to the boards to seek aid, and was surprised not to see a FAQ for it. I then had to track down this thread. Based on my admittedly individual experience, a FAQ would be helpful.

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In the meantime, a recent Heroclix set has a Black Cat mini, cheap, very tiny, easy to rebase, and easy to repaint to taste.

Those are both creepy, awful, excellent picks! Excited about both of them, but especially the lemure, which is SO MUCH BETTER than the old one from Giants of Legends. That one's always been kind of an embarrassment. I'll be glad to have a replacement.

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No kidding, Berk! I find so many of Wizards' choices about their minis line incomprehensible, and that would have to be top of the list. The printing on their old minis was worlds better. And they've done it set after set. I just don't get it.

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Berk the Black wrote:
The Celestial Trumpeter has an interesting alternative to a peg to suspend it in the air. I like this approach.

I second this. Flying stands make me soooo nervous. I've had so many break on me :-(

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I think the Hound Archon -- first since the original Harbinger set way back when! -- will be a hit, and I like the Lantern Archon too, especially since it looks like it could be useful as a spell effect or some kind of dressing too. (Maybe a dancing lights spell?) The Trumpet Archon looks great, although I'd bet from past experience with the old Angelfire Trumpet Archon that demand for it will be limited.

Kalindlara wrote:
Berk the Black wrote:
A female vampire is way overdue.

Agreed. The only one we've ever had is the Ravenous Vampire from Deathknell, and she isn't exactly high society.

Fortunately, between Monster Codex and the Bestiary, there are plenty of options. ^_^

There's a female vampire spawn in Dungeons of Dread too, but the general point is well taken.

I don't know, maybe? I can certainly imagine that being the case with angels: Wings? check. Robe? check. Sword? check. And devils tend to be less variable than demons. But with demons you've got that whole "chaotic churning of the Abyss" sort of thing, where it's spitting out new bizarre combinations all the time. Vrocks are very different from hezrous, which are very different from quasits, which are very different from nalfeshnee, and so on. Yet even so, those minis tend not to move as much as others. It's not like these monsters don't show up in adventures either. I don't know! <<shrugs>>

I didn't notice that this thread was still humming till now, but let me just chime in that, while the DM in me is sad not to get more devils in particular, the minis seller in me is glad to hear there will be fewer devils and angels. I don't know why, but most outsiders have moved pretty poorly in the past. You get a brief flurry of interest when a new set releases or a major adventure with a related theme gets published, but for whatever reason, in my experience, people who are just buying minis to get a basic collection going tend to stay away from most outsiders. (There are exceptions: succubi, maybe babau.) I don't know if it's a hangover from the old 80's D&D religious crisis, or the weirdness of a lot of outsider minis, or what, but it definitely seems to be a thing.

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Oh, one thought about something to ask for. I don't remember whether I've seen this asked for before or not, but it would be great to see a bloatmage. It's such an iconic Pathfinder character type, it seems a natural one to do, and could make for a great villain as well.

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One more example of how much better work Paizo is getting out of Wizkids than WotC are. This imp looks miles better than the new one in the Monster Menagerie set. Might even be as good as the old Angelfire imp, which is to date is my favorite.

The Giant Eagle looks better than the old WotC one does, I think, though I confess I like the bendy flying sticks on the old WotC minis. I never worry about breaking the old Giant Eagles off their bases, whereas I worry constantly about breaking any Wizkids mini on a flying stick. I understand why Wizkids uses a more rigid plastic, but I still think overall the more bendy plastic from the old Wizkids minis was preferable. Most of those minis are pretty hard to damage, whereas all of Wizkids' minis -- Pathfinder, D&D, Heroclix, Mage Knight, you name it -- break pretty readily.

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Duncan7291 wrote:
I always prefer my hellcats to have a bit of flavor.

Crunchy, with more than a hint of brimstone.

Marco Massoudi wrote:

And finally a Hellcat mini! I´ve been waiting for this for a long time.

There's been a Hellcat on the market for a long time, though it's not to everyone's taste -- basically just a Large transparent lion. This one has a lot more flavor.

Time to stop using a blank base for an invisible stalker, I guess! Actually, I may be tempted to use some inks on that stalker to get some other sorts of effects, too. I agree, looks really versatile!

Idle question: who owns the sculpts of the minis in the Pathfinder Battles line, Wizkids or Paizo?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Pre-primed is indeed a nice feature, although it decreases in value quite a bit if there are, for instance, visible mould lines, so I hope they're careful about that. I think it's a cool development, though, and I'm especially curious to see what dressing they produce.

The fact that both of today's minis are monsters that WotC have released recently and that both of Paizo's look a couple of orders of quality better than WotC's makes me wonder (a) whether Paizo's trying to rub Wizards' faces in their inferior quality, and (b) why WotC continues to use the *same company* (Wizkids) to produce remarkably inferior pre-paints. How is it possible that they have not pointed to the minis Wizkids is making for Paizo and said, "We want quality like this"? I find this baffling.

Last note: Erik's new sign-off is making me nervous. People out there who know him, any recent signs of burgeoning worship of the Elder Gods in Paizo's high command? o.O

That's all well and good, but when's the last time that we saw a normal set with Huges? And when are we likely to see one again? The fact is, there are certain Huges that are going to be in high demand *in multiples* -- elementals at the top of the list -- and I honestly don't understand the thinking that says "stay away from the minis for which there's the highest demand". If the goal is the sustainability of the line and of its ability to deliver Huges, it seems obvious to me that you go where the market is. But hey, I'll be thrilled to get these minis, I'm entirely on board, I hope they're very popular, and I'm confident that Paizo (and expect that Wizkids) know what they're doing.

Cat-thulhu wrote:
I am curious as to the choice of incentives. Why these two? While I love both, some may see them a s a little niche, like the first (and only- sad face) huge set with the ice worm and svarthuurim (which I've weirdly used a few times now)

I'm of two minds about this. I definitely agree that the Svathurim was a strange choice for a precious Huge slot; it's a monster that most people have never heard of and which isn't going to show up in many adventures. The Frost Worm seemed more useful to me. From a marketing point of view, I would think it's in Paizo's/Wizkids' interest to pick Huges that people would want multiples of, which seems to me to point in the direction of Elementals and common giants (a Cloud Giant and a male Storm Giant would seem obvious picks, for instance.) I don't think most people are likely to need multiples of the Clockwork Dragon or the Spawn of Cthulhu, so that seems sort of a missed trick. On the other hand, though, I think both minis are going to have appeal outside of the fantasy sphere, so what they lose in buyers of multiples they may gain in sales to other sorts of gamers. We'll see! But I definitely hope they're successful, just so we get more of them!!!

Mostly just excited to have a new minis blog entry! Thanks for that.

I think the substitution of 2 Huges for 1 Gargantuan makes sense, especially if the price point for the case incentive is a bit less. I suspect both minis will be appealing to players of games other than the typical fantasy RPG's too, especially the Spawn, which could see use in all sorts of games.

I am still holding out for Huge Elementals, though ;-)

And hey Erik, I saw this AWESOME new monster in the recent Down the Blighted Path adventure called the Coryphae, and wouldn't that just make a wonderful mini? Just sayin' ;-)

5 people marked this as a favorite.

I'm betting the incentive will be a set of 4 Huge Elementals. If I were out to make bank, that's absolutely what I would pick!

Though I suppose it could always be two SHRUBBERIES! One a little taller than the other to create a nice tiered effect....

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I think it's great they included a fold-out map; I hope that becomes a standard. I still buy 4e adventures for the fold-out maps when I can get them cheap, even when I'll never use the adventures themselves.

mamaursula wrote:
motteditor wrote:

They're all from the Superstar Top 8:

Occulari (name changed slightly from the original submission)

Looks like Kalervo's dread glutton is missing, but I think that may have made its way into the Occult Bestiary or another book?

Yes, Paizo was able to squeeze both of my monsters into my adventure. I have seen the monster art, I'm very pleased.

SO. EXCITED. Can't wait for this baby to show up in my mailbox.

Now if only I can work on Mr. Mona to greenlight a mini of my monster.... =7

Glutton wrote:
The Farmer holding a Pig from the old D&D minis set is by far the most sought after mini in my area. I've seen 20 exchange hands at once.

Send them my way. I've got a bunch (listed at 3 points).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If a tower becomes a real option, I'd suggest that there be a bottom level, a middle level, and a roof level, and make it so that the middle levels can be stacked as tall as you like before capping it with the roof. That way, though it would take multiple premium pieces, you could stack yourself a really tall tower.

These all look fabulous, but I think that Oloch and Adowyn in particular are going to be a very big hit; they both work really well for archetypal characters that in my experience a lot of players want to play.

Goat's been done (Reign of Winter), so you can already get your own goat :-) There are some nice elk in a variety of colors that Wizkids put out as Mage Knight minis long ago. An ox would be cool, and I'm sure a cat would find a market too (though no doubt Paizo would have requests for an endless variety of promo repaints.)

Have we heard any hints about what the theme of the next set might be? I don't remember anything being dropped after RDI.

Here's some guesses, just for kicks:
-- Wilds of Golarion. We've just seen dungeon and urban sets, so a wilderness set seems the obvious next direction. I'd actually really welcome such a set.
-- If instead they feel like it's time to do another set built around an AP (which I got the impression they're increasingly less likely to do), I'd think it would be one of two things, either Mummy's Mask (which they've supported in lots of ways, including audio books and the next Card Game installment), or Hell's Rebels/Hell's Vengeance, which actually makes a lot of sense since you'd be covering 2 AP's for the price of one, and could maybe even sneak in some stuff for earlier AP's like Council of Thieves or Curse of the Crimson Throne (widely thought the be the single strongest AP, if I'm not mistaken.) On the other hand, such a set would be likely to skew urban, and that might not be attractive right on the heals of RDI.

My own hope is that it'll be a wilderness set. With Shocker Lizards. (SHOCKER LIZARDS!!!) And some fey. How do we not have a nymph or dryad yet? Just look at the Bartender: sexy minis sell. This set could also cover some more stuff from Kingmaker, which would make me *very happy*.

One piece of dressing I really think Paizo would be silly to leave out is a magical Galtan guillotine. Lots of flavor there!

Autoduelist wrote:

Reaper has a nice cube.

And if I can offer my own humble G-cube version....

It's not hollow, so you can't put minis inside it, but it's got some heft and is pretty durable.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The part I don't get about all this is that it's usually cheaper to grab singles of most Pathfinder minis on the secondary market than it is on the Paizo website (especially if you're willing to be patient). Unless you are determined to buy your Pathfinder minis only from Paizo directly, I'm not sure I understand the problem.

I'm a big fan of the Necklace of Adaptation. Combine that with a ring of freedom of movement and a flight spell, and your wizard gets pretty impressive mobility and immunity to a bunch of nasty situations.

On a different note, I haven't seen the whole set yet, but so far the humanoids I've seen have all had good paint jobs on their faces, so that's very encouraging! And I'm still just tickled to have a Bunyip mini at all. Can't quite believe that really happened. Let the detaching of limbs begin!

sanwah68 wrote:
Edit: to be honest, I wouldn't be unhappy with one of the old Freiyas, I can always repaint the face.

Watch out on that. Supposedly, the problem with the old Feiya isn't just the paint job. The paint job was a result of the sculpt on the face, which simply didn't have the features necessary to make the paint job look right. So it might be a bit more tricky to make a good-looking one than you might expect.

That looks awesome! And I'm glad that Feiya and Irovetti are going to be relatively easy to grab. That's good news.

As for sitting tavern-goers, if you're not afraid of painting your own, you could look here.

Vic Wertz wrote:
The parrot was not designed to be removable.

Well, that doesn't need to stop someone with an Exacto knife and some superglue :-) It looks like it would be relatively easy to make the cut, though some of that will depend on where the tail feathers fall on the back.

How to get tons of crates and barrels. There are similar papercraft ones available through sets made by Fat Dragon Games and Dave Graffam. Dave Graffam also has nice sets with cargo bales of various types and lumber and haystacks. For little price and a bit of effort you can print and glue together whole warehouses' worth of trade goods.

Edit: Let me add, I also use lots of solid crates and barrels from Hirst Arts, Mage Knight, and Dwarven Forge. But if you need tons, the solid ones get expensive really fast, and papercraft becomes a very attractive option (with very attractive results, too.)

Wizkids once did a couple of sets of prepackaged terrain for their Mage Knight line (called Artifacts, if I remember right.) I have no idea how they did in the stores, but I know they're still very much in demand on Ebay. The first set they released in particular had a lot of really useful pieces (including a table and 4 chairs.) The second set was considerably more niche.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

For people wanting cheap tables and chairs (and beds, and bookcases), 2 options, both of which require a bit of work on your end: (1) make your own out of cardstock. Fat Dragon Games' village sets (for instance) have tables and chairs that you can print out, cut up, fold, and glue together ad infinitum. When I made my cardstock version of the Lucky Monkey Inn I made tons of furniture, which I can now reuse for whatever.
Or, (2) you can buy the new tables, benches, beds, and other furniture pieces that Reaper just released as Bones. They're pretty cheap, and they're as easy to paint as it gets. (I myself use 3 colors -- a base coat and 2 dry brush layers -- and a sealant for the tables and benches, but you could get by with a single color if you like.) You don't even need to prime them. Heck, I bet you could "paint" them with a brown sharpie! (Though I haven't tried it myself.)

I made a gazillion tables and chairs out of printed cardstock when I made the Lucky Monkey Inn in 3D (for the old Shackled City campaign), plus I have loads of Dwarven Forge, Mage Knight, and Bones furniture (painted up some more just this afternoon!), so while I'll be happy to get some furniture with this set, I probably won't be one of those people who's eager to buy a dozen more pieces down the road.

All 3 are solid picks! And I'm sure the aristocrat will be popular; he looks very versatile.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Kalindlara wrote:
Cleanthes wrote:

All 3 are really cool, but the Beast of Lepistadt is the big winner!

I'd be happy to see the Scarecrow from RotR show up eventually too, which seems not impossible considering how steadily you've been working through the whole list of RotR minis....?

I totally thought we had a Scarecrow... but I was thinking of the DDM line again. ^_^

(Unless you're talking about the flesh golem of that name, I suppose.)

Yeah, I'm specifically thinking of a unique named flesh golem from a classic Paizo adventure.

All 3 are really cool, but the Beast of Lepistadt is the big winner!
I'd be happy to see the Scarecrow from RotR show up eventually too, which seems not impossible considering how steadily you've been working through the whole list of RotR minis....?

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8 , Star Voter Season 7, Star Voter Season 8

I remember that feeling very well last year, and how bummed I was about it. And to my great disappointment, I've been one of those who has disappeared this year; I'm in the thick of my academic quarter now, grasping to find time for all the stuff I have to attend to, and Superstar just got kicked to the curb for me. But I'm still going to try to find time to look at the encounters!

Oh yeah, let me add my thanks to Mike as well! I don't think I knew of your role before, but you've done great work for Paizo. Good luck in whatever's next!

Love the elf, love the mercane. I doubt the goblin is going to see a lot of use at my table, but if I ever need exactly that mini, boy will it be cool to have it!

Erik Mona wrote:
I thought I'd put a link to the job opening here in the blog, in case some of you miniatures stalwarts might consider a change in career.

Get behind me, Satan! (Besides, I doubt you're looking for a crusty old grognard in that role ;-)

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