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Cisticola's page

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Gary Teter wrote:
I think I've fixed this problem. Please try it again and let us know if it still doesn't work. Thanks!

All is well now.....thanks for the quick reply.

I have just purchased Dragonroots magazine pdf but cannot download it.

When I go to personalize the file it does not do anything and so I cannot select download.

I have tried it on the other pdfs I have stored there and they work please

My order is : 895231

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

I am producing maps from the 'Whispering Cairn' adventure using the Dundjinni mapping software.

I host these maps on a site and they are free to use by anyone.

My main question is to do with copyright, I do not give out any information about the module or any creature stats....they are just representations of the maps from the dungeon magazines.

Do I need to ask permission before doing this...or is it OK?

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