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Roy Greenhilt

Cire's page

231 posts. Alias of CireJack.


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Grand Lodge ****

John, do you have an estimate of when we might expect the first few levels of Emerald Spire being sanctioned or are you going to wait until all the levels are done? Is there any hope of something being done before GenCon? I dont get to go to GenCon. Throw me a bone!

Grand Lodge ****

I never knew about animal companion archetypes. You truly do learn something every day. Thanks!

Grand Lodge ****

Chomm Skee, M.D. wrote:

"You're a cavalier riding a turtle?"

Typically followed by "Your turtle has a 50 foot move speed?"

And soon after "The turtle has the 'sprint' ability?"

Beast master for the turtle?

Horseshoes of speed to bump up to 50?

How do you get it sprint?

Grand Lodge ****

I vote for option 4. Factions are dumb. We should all be working towards the advancement of the Society and not having personal side agendas that detract from our true purpose.

Grand Lodge ****

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Human female negative channeling cleric of Hanspur with a -12 swim score and profession(lifeguard). Name is Notkyra. I get raised eyebrows and I LOVE it. That's the point.

My favorite quote from a fellow player: "Your god is an a**hole"

Grand Lodge ****

Thanks for the opinions. That helps.

Grand Lodge ****

As to one of the secondary effects of the weapon...

"The effect also destroys non-artifact magic items with evil auras within 100 feet, though such an item protected by one of the leather suits receives a saving throw to resist destruction."

Has anyone come across a player that has had an item with an evil aura where this has come into question? I'm specifically concerned about players that might have

one of these items:
ocher rhomboid ioun stone from scenario 4-12 (not sure how they could be using that "inside" of the suit).

sihedron brand from 4-08 (not sure if this actually counts as an item or not)

Grand Lodge

Yeah, my one table of WBG Too! is showing up correctly.

My count is now correct.

Grand Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've personally never had an urge to play a race that can only be gotten via a boon and of the boons I have gotten (maybe 6 now), I have given away to friends because I know they would enjoy them more than me.

If this gives my friends more access to race boons then I'm all for it.

Grand Lodge ****

Human: 5
Aasimar: 2
Tiefling: 2
Halfling: 1
Half Elf: 1

Grand Lodge ****

Would be nice if we could collect all this data and do some mining. :)

Grand Lodge ****

Ranger: 14
Barbarian: 11 + 2 = 13
Sorcerer: 12
Bard: 11
Alchemist 9 + 2 = 11
Rogue: 6 + 2 + 2 = 10
Paladin: 8
Witch: 6
Druid: 5
Cleric: 4
Fighter: 1

Grand Lodge

<Magistry> Athansor wrote:

Right now I show as having 60 something tables of credit, which I'm fairly certain is short about 10 or so tables, but only 2 GM stars. I know I was at 3, working towards 4.

I'm at a convention right now but I'll take a closer look when I get back.

I think it only updates stars when a session is reported. I went to report a session and deleted the session without saving it and the stars updated. You might try that.

Accursed Halls seems to be counting for me now.

We Be Goblins and We Be Goblins Too seem to still not be being counted though (which accounts for the 10 missing credits for me).

Grand Lodge ****

TriOmegaZero wrote:
My party was very unenthused to be babysitters, but I had a fighter whose backstory was specifically a former guard of House Lebeda and managed to convince him to come home 'parading the bandits to justice for the people to see'. The rest of the party gritted their teeth and made snarky remarks along the way.

Second group I ran this for did something very similar. Let him take all the credit for defeating the werewolf and discovering the bandit leader's identity.

Both groups I have run this for have discussed just leaving him in the trunk before even talking to him. One group considered putting him back in the trunk after letting him out.

Both groups wound up making him friendly in the end though. I rather enjoy seeing groups struggle with how to deal with this one.

Grand Lodge ****

When I run games, I try to make sure that at least I can read what is on the tracker and verify at the table if I cannot. I re-write any illegible handwriting.

I have seen some convention organizers enter trackers right there on the spot between sessions. That way you can detect any anomalies and get them fixed. Seems logical to me. On the other hand, why do anything today that you can always put off until tomorrow?

Grand Lodge ****

Sior wrote:

A special can be the Paizo/Gen Con specials or the SP released (most) years for 4-star GM's. Example, two years ago it was the Cyphermage Dilemma. Last year it was Day of the Demon. This year it is Bonekeep lvl 1. To qualify, a GM must run any combination of these 10 times (while they're still specials and not available to run for the general public, just to be clear).

** spoiler omitted **

That is good information! Thanks Sior! I signed up to run the Season 3 special thinking I would get one out of the way but apparently not. That makes getting 10 specials all the more difficult. Not sure its worth the effort, actually.

Grand Lodge ****

Elvis Aron Manypockets wrote:

Still at 41 tables of credit / 2 stars, should be 61 tables for my third star just earned over the weekend.

Also We Be Goblins is giving me a warning that I already ran it for credit - but it should be available for multiple credits (these were applied to 2 different characters).

The level 1 repeatables saying that has been an issue for a long time. That is not a new "bug".

Grand Lodge ****

Duncan7291 wrote:
So, I throw a "pretty" cloak over my torturous actions and call it interrogation? Seems just as morally ambiguous.

How about the use of the "confess" spell? Seems like window dressing on an "enhanced" interrogation technique to me that they intentionally gave to a paladin archetype (Oath of Vengeance).

Grand Lodge

So you changed titles from "Digital Products Assistant" to "Paizo Glitterati Robot"? I hope that was a promotion. Its hard to tell. :)

Grand Lodge ****

Sior wrote:

I don't think mine are coming back until Saturday's games are reported.

Also, apologies if my test posts are annoying anyone. Just curious with nothing better to do, hahaha.

I'm not annoyed but... you know, you can see your stars on your "My Account" page.

Grand Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Providing pancakes gives a +2 circumstance bonus on diplomacy.

Grand Lodge ****

The group I ran for failed most of their spellcraft checks to identify items and being seasoned and very paranoid players declined to use anything they couldnt identify.

Grand Lodge ****

12 sided "roman" d4s are excellent. I use large dice though and I wish they made them in larger sizes. I ordered 10 off of the Paizo site and it took almost a month for them to arrive (due to being back ordered from the manufacturer).

Grand Lodge ****

In terms of trample, it does not require the use of a charge (see overrun). You can trample them anyways. Choosing not to I guess is an option.

The group I ran this for had all seasoned players. Full table and 2 of them chose to play pre-gens (warpriest and swashbuckler). In fact the person playing the swashbuckler fell in love with dodging panache and claimed that they must make a swashbuckler now.

so many unspoilered spoilers in here, I dont know why I'm bothering but here goes:

Pyramid was dispatched via the use of a tanglefoot bag along with a failed reflex save. The small mounted cavalier with adamantine lance then charged and effectively "gutted" it.

The mimic took them by surprise. They were kind of irritated with the "auto grapple from the adhesive ability". Too bad, so sad. I knocked one player unconscious and grabbed and proceed to describe how it was licking its lips in anticipation of a meal (too bad it doesnt have swallow whole). I completely forgot about the fact that their weapons stuck to the mimic without a reflex save so I did make that fight easier than it should have been, oops.

They stealthed up to the chariot room and saw the skeleton archers but avoided being seen. They then proceeded to spend 20 minutes talking about strategy. This was a fascinating process to witness (although in hind sight I should not have let it go on for so long due to time constraints). They settled on "hide from undead", which the warpriest had prepared (no rules I know of say that a pre-gen cannot prepare new spells at the beginning of the next day). I thought it was genius personally.

The tough fight of course was the Pharaoh. He critted a monk in the first round taking him to within 3 points of death. The monk made his save verses mummy rot. I got two other hits off and both made their save (which made me happy because I didnt want to perma kill someones character with that nonsense).

Grand Lodge ****

No modules except Thornkeep seem to be being counted. At least in my case.

They are aware of the situation and are working on it. Patience, grasshopper.

Grand Lodge ****

I have an open event and I just hit report and then deleted the session and my stars showed up again (well most of them).

I think the 16 tables I'm missing are from 8 modules that I have run that are not showing up as GM+2 (they are apparently not counting at all).

Grand Lodge ****

Whatevs. Went from 12 to 50 but still only 1 star shows. Eh. Still doesnt look like modules are correctly reporting as 2 credits. Baby steps.

Grand Lodge ****

Confused. My understanding from reading the rules is that that players may NOT use a regular level 4 pregen.

Please tell me I'm misinterpreting that. :)

Grand Lodge

D_GENNEXT wrote:

I've got 4 tables of this scheduled on Free RPG Day at my FLGS. As soon as we have enough for a table, it's starting and we will do this until either all 4 tables are up and running or we run out of players.

Unless the PFS rules sheets say otherwise, I'm planning on just rotating pre-gen character sheets like We Be Goblins did in the event of death.

What do you mean by "rotating pre-gen character sheets"?

Grand Lodge ****

Ummm, where are the chronicles? They were supposed to be up yesterday. Am I just looking in the wrong place?


Grand Lodge ****

I seem to have all my sessions as well. Says I only have 12 tables (actually 66). Lots of modules are showing as only 1 table though and I have been reduced to 1 star. Not even sure who to contact about it.

Grand Lodge ****

Zrinka Twilight wrote:
I will share my wand with you if you'll share your armor with me. ;)

Ok. Aid Another action (AC). Done. Now heal me. :)

Grand Lodge

Illeist wrote:

The Guide does not distinguish between spells cast by NPCs and spells cast by PCs. If you pay an NPC to cast masterwork transformation on your longsword and your heavy steel shield, only one of those will remain active after the conclusion of the scenario. Likewise, if you pay an NPC to cast an extended duration spell that isn't mentioned in the Guide for you (such as shrink item), that spell ceases to function at the scenario's conclusion.

Since the only method for creating holy water is, at the moment, the spell bless water, there are two ways to look at this dilemma:

1) Items created by spells not otherwise allowed by the Guide cease to exist after a scenario's conclusion. This would mean that holy water, whether PC-created or NPC-created, disappears if not used in the scenario in which it is purchased or created.
2) Items, being neither effects or spells, are not affected by the relevant page 24 clause. Holy water persists from scenario to scenario, regardless of its origin.

If we value rules consistency, we cannot choose to inconsistently apply the spell persistence rule. If this means that the Guide needs to be updated for season 6, then it's good that we're bringing this to the campaign's attention now.

Sidenote: The campaign's current position on infinite wealth schemes is, by all appearances: don't abuse them, and we won't ban them. Blood money has been allowing for theoretical infinite schemes since its publication, and Mike Brock has chosen to let it remain in the campaign until he hears that PFS isn't mature to handle it. I'd imagine that the combination of bless water and False Focus falls under the same umbrella.

Thank you. I'm going to FAQ that post.

Grand Lodge

Andrew Christian wrote:
Cire wrote:

The rule makes NO distinction between a spell cast by an NPC and a PC when determining whether or not it carries over past the scenario (so then your purchased holy waters expire at the end of the scenario too).

Plus bless water has an instantaneous duration which I would think does not apply to the rule.

Reread the rule. Its any effect. Not just permanent effects.

Secondly, the purchased holy waters are not going to go back to water between scenarios.

I did reread it and thanks for the clarification. Still, I see no justification for claiming that an NPC casting of bless water persists past the end of the scenario as the rule is written.

Grand Lodge

The rule makes NO distinction between a spell cast by an NPC and a PC when determining whether or not it carries over past the scenario (so then your purchased holy waters expire at the end of the scenario too).

Plus bless water has an instantaneous duration which I would think does not apply to the rule.

Grand Lodge

Sniggevert wrote:
Hobbun wrote:
Andrew Christian wrote:
Keep in mind that creating holy water in this way only lasts for the scenario as the effect will not carry over from scenario to scenario.

Is that a rule written somewhere for PFS? Limited duration on combined items usually are specified in each item/ability, like combining alchemical items using a Hybridization Funnel specifies it lasts for 1 day.

There is no such descriptor under this feat, however.

Yes, it's in the Guide. There are only a handful of spells that carry over their effects from one scenario to the next. Bless Water is not one of them.


Guide pg. 24 wrote:

All spells and effects end at the end of a scenario with

the following exceptions:
• Spells and effects with permanent or instantaneous
duration that heal damage, repair damage, or remove
harmful conditions remain in effect at the end of the
• Afflictions and harmful conditions obtained during
a scenario remain until healed and carry over from
scenario to scenario (except in specific instances as
noted on Page 22).
• A character may have one each of the following spells that
carries overs from scenario to scenario: continual flame,
masterwork transformation, secret chest, and secret page.

Well hell, every magic item is created using some form of spell... so if that is true, then by the letter of the law your magic items should expire the scenario after they are purchased. :) I dont see how holy water created via a spell differs from say a belt of giant strength.

Grand Lodge ****

Hrmm. Thanks for the link! It appears they fixed the issue where the fillable version was not saveable (I had an older copy that had this issue).

Grand Lodge

A really high take 10 is not overkill IMO. To get someone to reveal an important secret or provide dangerous aid is +10 to the DC. If the GM is applying all the modifiers appropriately, the DC can get pretty high.

I think I wound up with +35 diplomacy on my (now retired) sorcerer but that probably was overkill. I didnt really have any other feats I needed at level 11 though so I took skill focus.

Grand Lodge ****

I'm aware. I wont get to experience the final fight now (at least until I run it).

After having read it now, my interpretation of the tactics is to first get a dominate off then use confusion and other tactics to avoid melee combat. To me that does not mean cast confusion as a readied action as soon as the door opens (like my GM did).

Grand Lodge ****

nosig wrote:
David Bowles wrote:

Yeah. The real lighting rules are found on this website as well, NOT in the published books.

The lighting rules weren't REVERSED, but they just don't exist in the printed books.

I would expect board posting to expand, explain, enlighten, ... not reverse rules. Or if they are reversed, to do it for a short time, until an FAQ comes out or the PDF is corrected.

PDF corrected? LOL. Funny guy.

Grand Lodge ****

Just played this with a barbarian, rogue, witch, inquisitor, fighter, and samurai. APL of 6.

The golem fight was tougher than expected due to disarm but we prevailed. The final fight with a greater invisibility level 11 bard with confusion and dominate person? Just too much. In round 1 I had rolled high enough perception to locate her and then the inquisitor played some kind of trick involving flour to make her visible. It didnt matter. By that point everyone in the party was confused and locked on another member of the party. We took each other out due to confusion lock. It was a slaughter. She took over 30 damage at the end, but it was too little, too late.

We had to pay for rescue party and raise dead. Two characters took permanent death. It was an all around ugly experience. It had noting to do with the judge. He ran the scenario masterfully. It was just a dumb encounter IMO.

Grand Lodge ****

Probably. The last couple of modules for Free RPG day actually required the use of the pre-gens (mostly because they were goblins). In this one though, I doubt that you are forced to play them since you are not required to be something you could not normally be anyways.

Grand Lodge ****

No way I am carrying around my 40 pound alchemist lab. I'd better have some place permanent where I can keep it.

Grand Lodge ****

Bob Jonquet wrote:
Mini poker chips are awesome...I cant wait until we have mini hologram generators where I can just create the NPC on the fly when its needed rather than carrying around a tackle box full of miniatures
Another option is the Bestiary tokens. They are not only easier to transport, but the ones that come in multiples are color-identified around the token number. For example, the skeletons in the Bestiary I box have four different colors. Also, if you use the pfd and print your own, it is very easy to just mark the token with a number (or whatever) to keep them organized.

Ive seen nosig do something very similar, but with fender washers. Takes some effort to do all that printing, cutting, and gluing though.

Do the pawns boxes come with tokens (ones that lay flat)? I dont like the pawns themselves (which you stick on plastic bases). That is why I have been reluctant to buy them (well that plus the cost!).

Grand Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Mini poker chips are awesome. Thanks for gifting that set to me nosig. I use letters on mine though rather than numbers.

I cant wait until we have mini hologram generators where I can just create the NPC on the fly when its needed rather than carrying around a tackle box full of miniatures. Of course by then will we still be playing this silly game?

Grand Lodge

According to the rules:

"A burst spell affects whatever it catches in its area, including creatures that you can't see. It can't affect creatures with total cover from its point of origin (in other words, its effects don't extend around corners). The default shape for a burst effect is a sphere, but some burst spells are specifically described as cone-shaped. A burst's area defines how far from the point of origin the spell's effect extends."

My question is, is a burst effect blocked by an illusory wall that the caster has not disbelieved?

Grand Lodge ****

nosig wrote:
YogoZuno wrote:
That's great, and assumes that anyone turning up will use Warhorn. We also use Warhorn, but there are several regular players who are either not capable of using it, or refuse to use it, for various reasons, despite being asked to on numerous occasions. So, just about any time we play, it's a crapshoot as to how many tables we will end up running. And the store we run at has a standing policy that everyone who turns up gets a game, every time, without fail. If we have to reorganise the predesignated tables to do so, then so be it.

Actually, where I game, almost no one signs up on Warhorn.

I know there is games tomorrow at my local shop - there are even two listed in Warhorn - Three is you could the Open Library slot. There are 2 judges signed up ... and zero players. I plan to go out also - as I am sure they will need another judge (more than likely), as they will have 3 to 5 tables ... mostly full.

Well, it sounds like YogoZuno plays in my area! Full disclosure, I play in the same area as nosig and quite frequently I play at his apartment. The main difference is that it's not a store policy that everyone who shows up gets to play, it is kind of ingrained into the philosophy of almost everyone who plays here. We will dynamically reconfigure what is being run if it means we can seat more (and hopefully all) who show up. If folks signed up in advance though and show up, we try to honor those games.

A few of us GMs do use warhorn but signups are very spotty at best. We will keep trying though.

As for 7 person tables, I leave it up to the players. As a GM, it is all the same to me. But as a player, it means you typically get to contribute less on average.

Grand Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Phosphorus wrote:
James Krolak wrote:

Just got and read through the new scenario 5-19 The Horn of Aroden. There's something that's confusing, though:

- In the Conclusion section, first paragraph on page 19, the last line says that "Each PC earn the Horn of Aroden boon on his or her Chronicle sheet."
- Under the Faction Notes section on that same page, though, it says, "If Taldor faction PCs accomplish both goals, they each receive the Horn of Aroden boon on their Chronicle sheets."

Which is correct? The Chronicle Sheet itself doesn't offer any further clarification.

I asked Mike Brock about who got the boon, and he confirmed that the boon was for Taldor PCs only.

It would be nice if Mr. Brock could post that himself.

Grand Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I roll separate initiatives for each enemy combatant. If they need to act in tandem, then I will liberally use delay and ready actions (such as a rogue waiting for a flank).

Grand Lodge ****

The Harrowing module.

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