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Krun Thuul

Ciaran Barnes's page

3,388 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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If you have a good Intimidate and can't make a full-attack then it's not a big deal spending a standard to demoralize.

Are you going to post an updated version of the class?

If the feat is granted by a class feature that says you gain the feat even if you do not meet the prerequisites (or that you can ignore the prerequisites, etc), then you can still use it even if your Intelligence drops.

Oh, and Intelligence is properly called an ability score. In Pathfinder, a stat block is a condensed collection of all of a creature's capabilities, not just ability scores.

Me too.

That is certainly significant, considering. The avatar I mean, not the 1000th post. Gonna take some getting used to.

Maybe you threw out your cookies.

I'm putting together a (partially) new group, after 10 months off. One of my pals might be playing a bravo. It's pretty exciting. How are your conversions working out?

I would pity the player whose role is 'trap guy'. That role consists entirely of -one- skill and possibly a class feature. It's a sub-role. Several classes are capable of covering it.

Lizardfolk and kobolds speak it.

My group always plays 25 point. It's more fun for the players, and I personally don't feel like anything is a cakewalk. Maybe that's GM tactics, maybe it's the lack of dump scores.

I see no problem with a GM making a list of what is allowed and what is banned. That's just good sense.

As for the pre stocked Magic shops, if your players are fine with it then who cares?

Time to retire those dice. Get some sets, plus some extra rad-looking extras. Carefully choose the dice you will use for the session, and -do not- share the dice.

Your post consists of fairly few house rules. Most of your post is what your players should expect in your game.

Do they really need a unique racial language? Pathfinder already has a ridiculous number of languages, including one commonly used by other reptilian creatures.

With those odds they still stand a good chance of awakening them, even if the follow the rules.

I've never purchased a pre painted fig, but that Tiamat is looking pretty awesome.

Skill List
If I were to add only a single charisma-based skill to the monk's list of class skills, I would choose Diplomacy. Its not a big deal, but it fits better with my mental image of the monk.

Focussed Strike
I understand that this is to reduce MAD, but you're saying that an 18 Str monk has no attack advantage over a 10 St monk. You also - in a way - requiring the monk to spend a feat on Weapon Finesse.

Swift Strikes
You'll need to fix some of the language here (and elsewhere in the document). I would begin it with: "When a monk uses the attack action or full-attack action, she can make one additional attack as a swift action. This attack must be made with an unarmed strike or a monk weapon before the end of her turn, and suffers a -2 penalty. Beginning at 11th level, using this ability allows a monk to instead make two attacks." I'm not sure what you meant by "with half Strength/Wisdom". Is that a refernce to damage? If so, that is a direct contradiction to Unarmed Strike.

Iron Body Method
Writing (1/2 monk level) so many times is redundant. Just write it once at the beginning of the class feature.

If you can't find it in print, then it's a house-rule. And house rules are... well, how does your group feel about house rules?

I was always intrigued by the feral gargun, but how the f+#& do you role play that traveling about with a group of tomb raiders?

There was furry, cold-region race in the 3.5 Races of Stone book.

You get one extra hit point per hit die / level that you have. However, you get a minimum of three extra hit points.

Bringing it down to 10 RP would be better. And incorporating something as basic as a bonus to Swim would be great too.

When he gets hit with a crit, some kool-aid should spill out, and he can make free trip attempts against all adjacent creatiures.

The Genie wrote:
Ciaran Barnes wrote:
If I wanted to play a human in the same party as your noble drow, how many bonus feats do I get at 1st level to balance things out?
None i would give you the advanced template.

But you said the spell like abilities can be gained with feats?

The bard is limited in how many rounds his buffs last, and it requires an action to get them going. The grimblade's constant aura is more powerful than that.

Making the townsfolk 1st level commoners would accomplish what you are attempting with 0-HD thing. Also, why are their ability scores all 9s and 10s? You've made them slightly sub-human. A completely average person should have all 10s and 11s.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If I wanted to play a human in the same party as your noble drow, how many bonus feats do I get at 1st level to balance things out?

Studied in the Art
As an alternative, you could say that the spellbreaker does not need to roll for a spell that he has learned and inscribed in his book. This could alleviate the need for a spellcraft bonus.

For uses per round, just skip the part where you use an ability score. Have it start at 1 time per round, and increase it as he levels up. But honestly, how many times per round do you see him needing to use this class feature? I think only a few att higher levels is reasonable. If you want to go beyond that, you could say that each additional use of spellhound in a round incurs a cumulative penalty to the check, in the manner of using Acrobatics to move through threatened squares. There doesn't need to be a limit for simply identifying a spell, but using the feature's bonus should be another matter.

I might copy the wizard's spellbook feature almost word for word. He starts with several spells, can adds two per level, and can add additonal spells through research (scrolls and other spellbooks). Except instead of learning to cast the spell, he has learned how to counter it.

Countering a Spell
You've already talked about gaining a bonus to saves against a spell, but as the spellbreaker advances in level, I'd like to see him doing more than that. He could deflect the spell towards another target or square, he could shut it down altogether, he could use the ability to deliver a devastating attack when he disrupts the spell as it being cast. You should really brainstorm these options and get creative. If you end up with way too many, you can always trim down the list and end up with some really choice ones. Or, you can create a list, and the spellbreaker chooses a new Spell Counter every few levels.

Where are the casters?
I don't know what your gaming groups are like, but in my personal experience actual spellcasters represent a small minority of enemies faced. Make sure that the language of the class feature includes spell-like abilities. And - not neccessarily at low levels - perhaps include a way for the spellbreaker to interact with supernatural abilities. There is no mechanic I know of to learn or identify these, so this will take some pondering.

If the Spellbreaker feat is that important, then it should be handed out as a class feature or as part of a class feature. Not sure what level though.

Would some kind of Detect Magic ability be appropriate?

Identifying a spell with spellcraft doesn't need an action, I think, but doing so to gain a benefit warrants an action of some kind. Maybe at high level it no longer requires an action.

Isn't RP it's own reward? ;)

Seriously though, if you want to implement rewards for RP, then you're going about it the wrong way, I think. As Zahyne pointed out, it can favor the most talkative player.

-Good role-playing can benefit the entire party. A meeting with an NPC might get them special equipment, a feast, spellcasting, permission to go somewhere, information, fame, free room and board, or a favor. It can be almost anything.

-RP can also lead to resolving an encounter without murdering the other creatures on the battle map. This can be a tough hurdle for some players, but once it has happened, it is more likely to happen again.

-If you really want to use RP rewards for individuals, then make sure that the rewards are gained when the player does something new or meaningful or particularly clever. If dealing with NPCs is easy for the talkative player, then he isn't stretching his boundaries. He's just hogging the spotlight.

-Instead of XP, think of something else, such as handing them a token that can be given back to you for a boon, such as the ability to re-roll a skill or saving throw or add a bonus to it? Maybe the token causes a check to automatically succeed.

-Some players write up a backstory for their characters. A reward could be given out when the player makes an important choice based on that, instead of what is convenient. As with the talkative player, don't continually reward a player who does this on a regular basis.

-Some characters love puzzles and impossible situations, and try to wrap their heads around any problem. These kinds of successes aren't resolved by skill checks and spells. Don't forget to reward good ideas.

With the consolidation, are there not enough feats on the revised list? rangers only needs five feats on the list.

Must be lawful. Why?

Starting Wealth
Its not a big deal, but just copy and paste this from another class.

Skill List
Where is it? I find this to be not only a mechanically important component, but thematically as well.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies
Change it to: A spellbreaker is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields).

Spell Resistance
Its been pointed out that the listed SR is too much, but you've had some good ideas since. Lets see them in writing.

Studied in the Art
A simple bonus to Spellcraft would suffice. But I must ask why a spellbreaker would be better at this skill than, say, a wizard? The acquisition of a spellbook that he can add to, without being able to cast from it is easily the most interesting aspect of this class, to me. Where does it go from here though? What use does he have for it? I see something with the next class feature, but I would like to see more.

Just for kicks I might make this an immediate action, and then instead of a flat +2, I would make it a bonus that improves for every 5 by which he exceeds to the DC.

Bonus Feat
It doesn't actually say that he gains a bonus feat, nor does it say that it must be a combat feat (which is suggested by the fighter thing). Maybe its not a big deal, but I am opposed to any class's levels counting as a fighter levels. Personal dislike.

I'd use a knowledge check instead of survival. The DC should kind of tough, but managable for someone with the dedication. Base the skill DC on the DC of the poison (+5 maybe?), but also increase it for inhaled poison. After that, I would still require some manner of GP investment and a craft skill check before the poison is usable. We can just assume that it needs to be stored properly or something needs to be added to keep it from breaking down and becoming inert. I would skip the craft check if its being used on the spot.

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Adding Bravery to straight up Charisma checks is pretty clever actually.

Paulicus wrote:
I don't know if I'd call Belakr a good example here :P

Belkar is learning to be a good example. He finally realized that he had to, if only to serve his own desires.

In the 2nd edition Player's Handbook, there appeared in two places the story of a theoretical adventuring party that had one character of each of the nine alignments. One passage was about a battle and the other was in regards to how the survivors wanted to split up the loot. It was preposterous that it could ever happen, but was pretty interesting to read.

Its been a really long, long time since I read it, so I can't relate all of the pertinent details, but I do remember that while the LG character chose to charge the foes and fight them, the NG character saw that the captive villager was left unattended, so instead chose to free the villager. (The character of each alignment chose differently)

It is not proposed that you follow this as a guide, but that you weight the values of each character you play. Good vs evil is easier to comprehend in theory (if not in practice), but law vs chaos is slippier to get ahold of. For starters, think of it as "how" your good or evil nature happens.

I wouldn't include age modifiers for undead in a game I ran, not in the manner we are discussing at least. But I might see fit to create a new age category chart for undead, one that takes a much longer time to advance on.

Hmm. You definitely need to drop the racial language. There are too many as is. You can use aquan as their racial tongue.

Bigguyinblack wrote:
You are right. But I'm not trying to make the best Wizard. I'm trying to make the best Blaster Wizard.


Renegadeshepherd wrote:
Ciaran Barnes wrote:
I would keep one magic missile spell in reserve at any wizard level, but I think you will find your long term return for full investment in either spell lacking.

I don't get this at all. If metamagic fireball is found lacking at levels before 15 then I want to know what is good!! I mean your saying that quickened scaling AoE attacks from 400+ feet away is lacking? By this logic any AoE blaster, channeler, bomber/alchemist, and so on should NEVER be played and we just stick with sword and board tactics.

For reference, a theologian cleric with a dip of sorcerer at level 6 is going to be doing 10D6+30 ish damage to all in his blast radius as a level 3 spell. What's anyone else got that significantly outshines this? Yes I know we can add a few dice with say gnome pyromaniac or something similar but this is a baseline not min maxed. And that cleric is casting that fireball 3 times at this level :)

Where be the let down?

It seems like a waste of a wizard's capabilities. Pumping one spell to incinerate critters all day seems an unwise choice compared to a wizard diversifying his spell list.

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jocundthejolly wrote:
Ciaran Barnes wrote:
I would keep one magic missile spell in reserve at any wizard level, but I gjinkbuoull find your long term return for full investment in either spell lacking.

Yeah for real. We might need a FAQ on gjinkbuoull, unless it's already in the FAQ.

I would keep one magic missile spell in reserve at any wizard level, but I think you will find your long term return for full investment in either spell lacking.

There sure is an Extra Rogue Talent feat. You can take it as many times as you like.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Drop the level 1 SR. You could introduce it at a higher level, or give the class some kind of limiter, such as a duration or SR vs a specific opponent.

You should include a prereq to prevent a rogue from getting 6th level spells to early, such as ranks in knowledge arcana.

The stat block are shorter. The races as they appear in the crb would not be that brief. You answered my question though. That wasn't a critique, just a question.

You simplified what each race gets. Was that intentional?

You could try playing a magus. Multi classing seems to be a thing in your group though.

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Sounds like you have nothing to be worried about then.

But, since you brought the question up, I will suggest that a gentleman would not not cross certain lines with a woman unless she does so first, or she says its OK. But if you already know that a line is OK to cross before a particular woman lets you know it is, then you don't need to be asking advice from people on the internet.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

If you are all friends, then I wouldn't be worried about anything. Girls are people too. If you do not know one or more of them well, it would be courteous to at least act mature until you have a rapport. Basically, don't be the first person to blurt out "That's what she said."

So does your party consist of 8 players or 8 characters?

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