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Krun Thuul

Ciaran Barnes's page

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One of the Santa I used in a game was only 2 hit dice, because it fit the story (The PCs had to rescue him). Another Santa I used was an epic level outsider, carried a rifle that shot streams of dragon fire, had the agility of prequel Yoda, and travelled through the demonweb pits to deliver gifts and glad tidings to a civilization of enslaved dwarves... because it fit the story (Sadly, the PCs were to help him but that halt came to a crashing halt when some of them tried to kill each other and some of them tried to kill Santa).

You cross a 5 foot space. You would still use 10 feet of movement though.

Either. Both. :)

There are still a few errors, but looks like you have another 40 minutes to fix them. Looks 10x better! The boldface makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Sack of toys, huh? Maybe he should drop a present when he scores a critical hit.

Thats true, but you can add formatting to your post. Look below for "How to fomat your test", and click on "Show".

Another thread

It's a villain class.

Glee is missing its DC.

It would have been nice if you made the write-up a little easier to read, such as by adding boldface to headings and/or extra spacing.

Individuality - community/family


I was looking at Strong Stroke. I don't know if you're interested, but in some of my homebrew I started removing references that refer to losing at ability due medium and heavy armor or encumbrance (for example), and replacing it with "when his speed is not reduced in any way, such as from armor or encumbrance". It may be a silly difference, but the ability retained by creatures like dwarves, who are not slowed by heavy armor. There would be other effects too, of course. Anyhoo, not a big deal.

I copied and pasted the level -3 from SRD. I will double check my physical copy of the Core Rule Book. I believe that paladin and ranger's caster level in 3.5 was equal to half level. I'm not opposed to full character level, just want to keep it in line with whats normal.

As for her source of magic, I see it as inherent magic akin to that of the sorcerer or bard, but delayed.

So, I made it spontaneous. Did you get a chance to look at the spells per day and spells known I came up with? Does it seem ok?

Try this.

I have no idea how the math would work out, but that looks like the monks turn will take forever! (at high levels anyways)

For talents like Canny Observer, you should change modifer to bonus. The effect is that if the Int mod is negative, such as through poison damage or whatnot, then she isn't taking a penalty. An ability score bonus never goes under zero.

For you numerous reference to a numeric value increasing per sneak attack die, it might be easier to instead add 1/2 the rogue's level. This is a matter of personal preference of course, and also assumes that the rogue gets SA at each odd-numbered level.

No it's fine. You're right of course. I haven't seen a 4 level spontaneous progression before. Is there one existing already? If not, I have an idea. I'll use the bard's number of spells known, but three levels behind, and add 1 to each value in the existing spells per day table.

Do you realize that you suggested Cha for spellcasting? :)
It's highly irregular, and something I wpuld point out in someone else's homebrew, but is it actually wrong?

Skill points at 6 sounds good.


The layout is really easy to read. Thats a huge deal. I like the knacks too, but think they will need some fine tuning. For example, using Climb in place of CMB to grapple may be too easy to abuse, and tumbling should be rephrased to moving through threatened squares.

The NEW VERSION is up. The link at the top of the page brings you to the same PDF.

ranzax, you willl notice changes reflecting your suggestions, though not identical to them. :)

I was refering to the original, and how yours (especially the improved one) is an improvement.

Well that's s good question. Frankly, I have a hard time thinking of the ranger as a spellcaster.

My intent for the knave was to have very few options. Hence a preset spell list. Like many things, a fine concept but poor execution.

Defensive roll was an ability i always liked the flavor of, but saw as one the rogue would have to use on a save he would probably fail. At least one isn't once per day.

Thank you rainsax. I'll work this tonight. Funny thing, I thought about changing the associated ability scores in such a manner as you suggest.

I actually changed the bluff thing so its any single charisma skill. What is grokked?

Yes, you may use/rewrite it.

Once your have the Beastiary, you will have all of the "most core" books. Anything after that will be a matter of where your group's interests lay. If your game is set in Golarion, then pick up the Inner Sea Guide. This campaign world doesn't have the depth (yet) of other more established settings like Forgotten Realms, Ebberon, and Grethawk, but Golarion is pretty diverse with lots of flavor. Just about anything can find a home there.

You're not the only person to say that. I guess I should work on a 1-2 paragraph version to replace the current 4 paragraphs.

Taking the better of two dice drastically reduces your probability of getting a very low number, but you high end result is still capped at 20. Your players will be able to use their skills more reliably. However, getting rid of the +3 reduced the highest result possible... By 3. I think either system has merit. But they are not more or less equal. They are two different, viable options.

I have not played in PFS, but I fid play in 13 sessions of a 4e D&D Encounters season. I was the only person who was at every session, and only a few players showed up for maybe half of them. What i did not like about organized play was:

1) the GM is on a schedule and needs to complete certain parts of the story before running out of time. This can relegate things like exploration and role-playing to low priority parts of the game.

2) with different players every week, I don't get one of my favorite parts of gaming, which is developing a reporte with the other pcs. The chemistry of a group is important and takes time to develop.

3) GM fiat is a great tool to use, as long as its not abused. I understand the purpose of society play's strict adherence to the rules, but much prefer the GM's option of ignoring or altering something that detracts from the game - on a case by case basis of course.

Improved unarmed strike of completely different from proficiency. I believe that all characters are proficient in unarmed attacks.

I haven't played them all, but just about any of the 3/4 BAB, 6-level casting classes are pretty diverse (which is fun).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Any character that is fun to roleplay.

There have been a number of revisions, including changes to the names of some class features, but the higher level abilities are still kind of shakey. I'd love some input.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ah dang. Too late to fix the link in the original post, but here is the

I apologize for the semi-thread necro, but I have fiddled with it periodically this year and think it is done. Or at any rate, its probably never going to get any better than it is now.

I would allow someone to use a craft or profession to appraise items or services specific to their trade, but the appraise skill should remain superior. I would prefer appraise was renamed to something more broad, and did what Alaryth suggests. Buying, selling, bartering, trading, raw materials for crafting, certain aspects of kingdom running. The benefit of the skill doesn't need to be significant, but should be worthwhile to someone who invests in it. When you compare appraise to broad skills like perception and acrobatics, its pretty lame.

Add "and" before Swim.

It would be simpler if it were all martial weapons.

The wording is clumsy. How about: "When using the charge action, a sephyrus deals an additional +1d8 points of damage on a successful attack. This additional damage does not multiply on a critical hit. At 3rd level and every two levels thereafter, this additional damage increases by +1d8." Also, you should decide whether or not you want to include wording on how this ability interacts other abilities, such as Pounce and Spirited Charge.

You spelled it "height". Change it to "A sephyrus adds his level to all Acrobatics checks made to jump." Keep out the part about vertical and horizontal. It is redundant information.

Good start but you should work on it some more. For example, a 90 degree turns seems abrupt. Maybe he first he gains the ability to make a smaller turn before learning the 90 degree trick. Ignoring all difficult terrain should be a higher level ability. A lower level ability could be the ability to charge even when there is difficult terrain. I would also move the 17th level "withdraw/charge" ability to 13th level.

Keep the concept but change the wording, maybe to "Beginning at 4th level, as a full-round action, the sephyrus can make an melee attack that deals an additional +1d8 points of damage. This additional damage does not multiply on a critical hit. At 7rd level and every four levels thereafter, this additional damage increases by +1d8.

I recommend bard. Just go with the standard bard unless you see an archetype you're really excited about. The undead sympathy you have can simply be role-played. Not everything in your character back ground needs to be grounded in a mechanic. As for the tower shield, you get gain proficiency with a feat or by taking a level of fighter.

It might be fun to tie Prestige into the Order's Edict/Code of Conduct. If he fails to exemplify his chosen order, then he prestige falters and he cannot use the ability until he is again in good standing. Obviously, things like this are subjective and can be a pain to arbitrate.

Martial Flexibility

Fighter's Training

Guarded Life
Seems like a good replacement for Bravery. However, the write-up of the class feature needs to mention the number of uses per day, and to be fair the name Guarded Life has already been used in Pathfinder for a barbarian Rage Power.

Bonus Feat
Martial Flexibility takes the place of the 1st level feat, but I would return to the fighter his "schtick" by changing bonus feats back to every even numbered level.

I would remove this.

The layout is better, and the blue-backed headers are tasteful and provide a good contrast. Still, I would go a little further. Merge some cells (like you did for Role) to turn the skill list and your class features in paragraphs. Try to arrange the information into the order that it appears in a Paizo character class.

Keep in mind that some of the following feedback is purely taste.

Class Features
You should copy and paste the class features that you borrow, instead of simply referencing them in your table.

Skill List
I have said many times that far too many home brewed classes have Perception as a class skill. Yes, everyone wants to have Perception, but not everyone does. I think this is a class that should not - like a fighter, paladin, or cavalier. I think you could also add one or ore more Knowledge skills to the list, such as geography, history and/or local. Adding Heal would be thematic as well. Historically speaking, becoming a knight was a full-time job, so removing Profession might be a nice touch.

Chivalric Bond/Signature Weapon
Since this is a non-Paizo, 3rd party feat, either list the source or simply write out the benefit. Also, if Signature Weapon is the only option, drop Chivalric Bond and simply call the class feature Signature Weapon. Although much like a wizard, paladin, druid, or ranger has an option in it's bond, I would still allow a choice. If you allow a choice, use the original wording or chivalric bond and still list the source for the feats. On the other hand, feats are not great class features. Use them sparingly.

Challenge, Armor Training, Bonus Feat, Immune to Fear
List the details of this class feature

List the details of this class feature, but you can skip listing the actual orders to save space. Let the reader know where details on the orders can be found.


You can do better than simply slapping on a bonus feat.

Defensive Challenge
I think naming it Defensive Aura would be more fitting, and I also think that 12th level is awfully late to gain this class feature. I would personally drop chivalric bond and use this as your 4th level feature, then have it improve as levels are gained.

All in all, I think you just took your favorite parts of fighter and some other classes. Its OK to borrow, but this would be much more interesting if there was some more original content.

I have to scroll to the left and right to see the whole thing. The table is very wide with lots of emtpy space. Also, your new class features appear to the right of the table, instead of under it.

This might be an issue with viewing the file format of your document on an ipad.
Here's what I see

Generally this is true. However, I knocked out my Monty Python Lumberjack base class in a few hours. Obviously, I refined it a bunch after that, but I knew exactly what I wanted it to do from the beginning and finding inspiration wasn't an issue. Every one of my original concepts, that another story. They have all undergone significant rewriting. Some never feel finished, some have to be put away for months so you can return more objective.


Really, really hard to read. Can you make everything less wide?

Because magic pants are very silly, and RPGs are serious.

I wasn't a big fan of the Lethal Weapon film series, but the ending of part 4 has a great fight were Riggs and Murtaugh have to fight Jet Li (as Wah Sing Ku). Neither one of them is anywhere near being a competent enough hand to hand fighter to beat him by himself, but they double team him, get the s+@+ kicked out of themselves in the process, and just barely manage to win.

It takes two commonly used action tropes - "the hero can defeat any enemy" and "martial arts master can fight a dozen foes at once" - and does away with them. As awesome as Jet Li's character is, he can only defend himself so well against two opponents. They just need to keep from getting killed long enough to wear him down.

Oh, and Link and Zelda vs Ganon.

Hey bud, I think part of your post is missing.

I run would run with the spider concept, but dump some of your class features. I would incorporate a way to bind or trap opponents, include some way to ascend and descend quickly, and devise a sneak alternate that delivers damage to those without dex bonus and immobilized creatures.

You should list some specific examples of spells and effects this would apply to. I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around this.

Its just a fact of life that people with powerful personalities become leaders. Its alright though. Your level and other modifier will outweight a mediocre Charisma modifer.

For the price of a trait, I would have a 1/day limit, or I would say that the caster level stays at 1.

For the combat styles, you should clarify. Does the fighter gain combat style fears in addition to bonus feats? I assume not, but the class feature still needs clarity.

It would be helpful if you moved the table so it appears on a single page.

I think your critical chain I'd too much. By 20th level, he could easy have a 15-20 x5 crit.

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