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Krun Thuul

Ciaran Barnes's page

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My apologies. I missed those.

50. Bree-yark!

TL,DR = too long, don't read

I went back and added a few details to provide each of the NPCs a relationship with at least one other. Might provide a little intrigue.

Hora Finnidotr is a dwarven blacksmith. Female dwarves are less common that males, and this was especially true where she grew up. There was a tremendous amount of pressure on her to marry well and do right by her family. Unlike the other young women in her position, she did not deal well with such stress and found herself doing things her family would never approve of. One night when at her wits end, she fled home without a trace. After months of wandering alone she arrived in Whistledown. She adopted a new name and hid her past. She wasn't a trained blacksmith before, but she took to it naturally. She has prospered here for two years and is finally happy. She is friendly and cordial with strangers, but typically becomes less comfortable when people get to know her better. The mayor's sister Aethais is her only close friend and the only one who knows her true past.

Moro Vida served in the army for many years before settling down and purchasing the general store in Whistledown. He was a good soldier but not a great one. His duties in later years were to keep the army supplied, so switching to keeping a store well-supplied was a natural and welcome change. He is a decent and fair man in both his personal and professional life, but not sentimental. He has been married twice and is courting the young woman he hopes to make his third. His old wolfhound Tago has been his only constant companion, but Lerius Fortuna has been a good friend to him and they enjoy sharing old stories. Moro has several high quality weapons around that are souvenirs of his younger days and he knows how to use them, but his prized possession is a magical shield that grants him resistance to fire.

Niane brought his family to Whistledown from their elven home long ago on the recommendation of his cousins who live in or travel through the area. Here he plies his trade as an apothecary and alchemist, though he on occasion concocts elixirs with a more magical nature. He has a long and wonderful memory, and is a skilled storyteller, though some feel that he has perhaps been breathing alchemical fumes for too many decades. He is aloof in the way many elves are, but is not without friends. Unfortunately, those who know him best outside of family are his now elderly human patients he has served for many years. His wife Aina is a renowned baker and a celebrated dancer. She is well liked in town. She is well aware of Moro Vida's flirtations with her, but anyone younger that her children is just a child to her.

Lerius Fortuna's family has lived in Whistledown for several generals and as such he has many relations and in-laws here and in nearby towns. He took to the life of an adventurer while still a teenager, but returned home wealthy to start a family of his own. He became sheriff and keeps the public order. The local jail serves as his base of operations. He has a gentle sense of humor and easy-going nature, and is very serious about protecting and providing for his family. He has these same traits as sheriff in regard to those he protects. Lerius has developed a finely-tuned BS detector and thinks that Hora Finnidotr has a secret or two. He makes sure that he or one of his deputies meets every stranger in town. Although now middle-aged and settled, in his heart of hearts he still feels like the devil-may-care youth that left Whistledown in search of fast money, thrills, and danger.

Mayor Olma Gemimlifins comes from an old gnomish family with noble heritage and old money. When her husband passed some years ago, she needed a new direction. Several old family friends petitioned her to come to Whistledown, partly so she wouldn't be alone and partly in order to put her experience and influence in politics and trade to good use. In a few short years she became mayor and it has become her entire life. Now, her personal life is inseparable from her work life, although her politically disinterested sister Aethais is a trusted confidant. She has little patience for indecision but is very good at her job. She was once a practiced painter, and still enjoys the hobby when she has time. Now if only she had any time...

There are the Twigstrums of Whistledown, and then there are the Twigstrums of Whistledown. Of all those who carry the name, only a dozen or so are part of an elite guild of instrument makers whose goods fetch the highest price in near and distant lands. Those in the guild are industrious and innovating - their instruments a wonder to play, hear, and look upon. As individuals they possess are wide variety of personality traits and flaws, but competitiveness is a common one. The Twigstrums were one of the families who brought Mayor Gemimlifins to Whistledown, and the relationship has been mutually beneficial. At the head of the family is Grandfather Zook, and while he would love to spend some private time with her there are a number of social conventions that make it seemingly impossible.

I like that it goes up level 11. Some kind of monster? Ugh. Should have gone with the thing that should not be. I don't see any Dio or Slayer in this.

The barbarian has the same base saves as a fighter. You're talking about the barbarian choosing specific options as opposed to other options - not an automatic class feature. And if you're talking about superstition, that has conditions attached to it.

I clicked on this because it said paladin/fighter hybrid. I don't see any fighter in this. This is a paladin variant with less of an alignment restriction.

You condition on which Smite is allowed to activate is vague. I suggest making it more like the paladin's smite ability.

I don't think that Divine Strike is neccessary, especially if Syrus's calculations are correct. If you want this to be a fighter hybrid, I suggest replacing Divine Strike with a series of bonus combat feats, perhaps ones that allow him to use his level as his fighter level? maybe at levels 2, 6, 10, 14, and 18.

I suggest scrapping Divine Gift as written, and replacing it with a series of abilities/exploits/talents that are unique to this class. Maybe at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20. The ability to get a permanent 1st level spell has not been thought out. Some would be just too good. Divine Favor is way to easy a choice for +3 to all attack and damage rolls by level 9, and Grace would deny all attacks of opportunity for movement.

At that level someone could get scrolls of superior invisibility or just cast it.. I'm not saying that you should, I'm saying that someone else probably will. There's really no way to prepare for every strategy. It should be absolute chaos. Will everyone be at one table? Is it online?

Another strategy would be to play a sorcerer or something, go invis and fly out of range. Attract no attention to yourself. Let other kill each other for awhile then start picking off wounded enemies once the field has been cleared somewhat.

All good saves, and a class feature that grants bonuses to all saves? The fighter's base saves end up at +17 each. Save bonuses in class features are for classes that have a have poor saves. Completely unneccessary.

You could delay muscle memory, or you could get rid of the 1st level bonus feat. Perhaps maintaining this free feat requires a swift action every turn. For awhile at least.

That seems incredibly more difficult than I would want, and I imagine that what your player would want.

There are two simple ways to do skills.

1) Lets say your class gets 4 skill points and you have an Intelligence of 12. Pick five skills and keeps those maxed out for all time. This is less common in PF I think, but it used to be quite popular in D&D 3 and 3.5.

2) This is a variant of one from a D&D 3.5 splat book. Whatever your class's class skills are, write them all on your character sheet. Your skill ranks are equal to your level, but you don't get the +3 training bonus. Whatever class you play, you will have a pretty broad skill set, but no skill will ever be the highest possible.

My mechanic was a first thought, so not neccessarily right. However, I thought it should still be easier to cast one of your lower level spells.

On a bit of a tangent, I would like PF v2 perhaps to expand on combat maneuvers, in such a way that they are not all Str/Dex based. Feint and demoralize could be included. Cast defensively and counter spell could be in there. Others too.

It you want to make it possibly difficult for spell casters, just make it a combat maneuver. The caster uses d20 + BAB + casting ability mod. Wizards would have a tougher time with it, while 3/4 BAB classes would do better at it. Also, the prowess of the opponent would make a difference. Obviously this mechanic still has problems. Just brainstorming.

If the highest BAB is added to the DC, that would get pretty out of control before long. What about

DC of each enemy = 10 + BAB
Caster rolls d20 + caster level - spell level

There could be miscellaneous bonuses and penalties to attack from conditions, spells, fighting defensively, etc.

This would be more interesting if each one was accompanied by an alternate trait of some kind, such as a replacement for fast movement, trap sense, etc.

Use the same spells known and spells per day, but do new spell levels at levels 4, 7, 10, 13, 16. This would keep the sorcerer just as it is now until level 6, when it begins to get one level behind. New abilities should start there. You could grant arcanist exploits.

My campaign starting next week will have a rogue, hunter, arcanist, and oracle. I think. The one that preceded it was ranger, oracle, alchemist, blood raver. It had a dozen others before that though, but no rogues or fighters. The other one starting in a month or so will be an alchemist, monk, bard, and ranger I think.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I put NG on there twice too. Dang it. Those are both great alignments. :)

You are welcome to modify the list however you like. I just used the 33 Paizo domains that appear on PFSRD website.

It's a lot more explainable than suddenly becoming a wizard.

I have a campaign starting in under two weeks, and I decided to build a ranged character because it's been several years at least since I last did so. On a whim yesterday I took my first look at the classes from Occult Adventures and decided the mesmerist looked interesting because of a theme the group decided on (we're a travelling theater group - don't ask).

So I can see plainly that a mesmerist is not well suited for combat with ranged weapons. I will be using mesmerist spells and class features of course, but I'd like to be able to make some weapon attacks as well. Any advice is welcome.

With trickery, death, and air I would have done some kind of a bird of prey themed deity. Or a vulture deity driven mad from hunger. Nice write up though.

There comes a time in every young man's life when he must stop expecting others to shower praise for his accomplishments. That time is around age 10. When one of my kids acts out because they didn't get their way, I tell them what I have to say one time. No amount of hollering, door slamming, or stomping around is rewarded.

Even if you are not technically a "rogue", that doesn't mean you can't have some rogue levels. You can focus on whichever other class you like, but adding in some rogue levels will open up your skill list a great deal so you can pull of a couple of those things your party expects of the "rogue".

Those might all be placebo effects. I mean if your wasted all time, the extracts will be mixed wrong, but you'll be sure they are right.

There are some barbarian and monk archetypes you could look at.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I thought I would post this, in case it helps anyone who hasn't tried this yet...
Here is a link to a DICE ROLLER.
1 CG
2 CN
3 CE
4 NG
5 N
6 NG
7 LG
8 LN
9 LG

1 Air
2 Animal
3 Artifice
4 Charm
5 Community
6 Darkness
7 Death
8 Destruction
9 Earth
10 Fire
11 Glory
12 Healing
13 Knowledge
14 Liberation
15 Luck
16 Madness
17 Magic
18 Nobility
19 Plant
20 Protection
21 Repose
22 Ruins
23 Rune
24 Scalykind
25 Strength
26 Sun
27 Travel
28 Trickery
29 Vermin
30 Void
31 War
32 Water
33 Weather

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Maybe 3 levels instead of 5?

The starting cash is half flavor, half for the being able to purchase expected starting gear. For example, a fighter will need a few weapons, armor, and travelling gear. A monk doesn't need armor or weapons, so just has to get some travelling gear. Past 1st level, the charcater are looking at costly magic items and the low price of mundane gear isn't important anymore.

If you were in an adventuring group and played a class with less need for gear, would you give the fighter more treasure than everyone else or would you expect an equal share for yourself? A group of players wil generally go for more or less equal division of treasure, with certain items going to the character who can best use it. But that would be on a case by case basis.

Just leave it as is. I think some of the humanoid sub-types are pretty terrible. How many orcs and goblins will be facing after early levels, except in special campaigns? How many of those sub-types are just a trap? Too many. A ranger doesn't get a lot FE types, so there will still be plenty of non-favored enemies for the character to face without the bonus.

The benefits went from evil-cool to contrived when I saw that the abettor has to get the feat as well. It takes the fun out of it.

There was a video game that one of my friends was playing years ago, but I don't remember the name. Basically, I think you were a convict in prison who has severe mental instability. The game starts when demons attack and there is a prison break. So you're trying to escape. The thing is, when you get into a fight, it could be demons, other inmates, demonically possessed inmates, or you might just be experiencing a mental break and psychedelically experience some kind of imaginary battle. Or a combo of any of the above. Anyhow, I don't know if that helps, but I thought it was an intriguing concept for a game.

Gnome eater sounds more intriguing.

Madness is showing up a lot.

One thing about ability damage, you suffer a -1 penalty to your ability modifier per two points of ability damage. What this means is that even if your Constitution is 14 and you get one point of Con damage, you don't lose any hit points yet. If you gain one more point of Con damage (for a total of two), you would subtract your level from your current and maximum number of hit points.

Also make sure to lower your hit points if you suffer constitution damage or drain.

You could use the half-giant's Powerful Build feature:

Powerful Build: The physical stature of half-giants lets them function in many ways as if they were one size category larger. Whenever a half-giant is subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for a Combat Maneuver Bonus or Combat Maneuver Defense (such as during grapple checks, bull rush attempts, and trip attempts), the half-giant is treated as one size larger if doing so is advantageous to him. A half-giant is also considered to be one size larger when determining whether a creature's special attacks based on size (such as grab or swallow whole) can affect him. A half-giant can use weapons designed for a creature one size larger without penalty. However, his space and reach remain those of a creature of his actual size. The benefts of this racial trait stack with the effects of powers, abilities, and spells that change the subject's size category.


If you made the race small, you would have a better stealth bonus and wouldn't need to spend RP on a measly +1. Also, I don't think that bats are known for their senses outside of echolocation. Not more so than other animals anyways. Not actually sure about that. Also, you probably don't need Darkvison of 120 ft.

I like the +2 Dex +2 Cha version better.

Deadbeat Doom wrote:

Point Buy:_________18=18
etc, etc, etc

Max Load:____________45,875,200 lbs

Burdenless Armor:_x1.5=___68,812,800 lb Capacity
Belt, Heavyload:____x3=__206,438,400 lb Capacity
Huge Quadruped:____x6=1,238,630,400 lb Capacity

It would be more impressive with a gnome.

Weapin and shield is a well rounded build, but I would use a heavy shield if you can. You won't deal as much damage, but you'll avoid more attacks and will still do respectable damage. Are your ability scores rolled or point buy?

I agree on ranger for skull & shackles.

Analytical vs intuitive?

No matter what how we define the two ability scores, some will dissent. Is knowing that intelligence or wisdom? Hmm.

Sounds like clever problem solving. I would normally try to reward that kind of thinking, but I can see how a problem could arise here. Maybe an earth elemental tries to inhabit theory of the construct?

dragonhunterq, it's not adding up for you because you are putting your own interpretation into it. You're really reaching here. You want someone to prove that you're wrong, but no one yet has agreed that the ACP is -0 and you haven't proved that you are right.

Bring your PFS rogue to the table and then ask your GM what the ACP is. Your GM's ruling holds a lot more weight than what actual strangers on the internet say.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

What a mess. You need to trust the people you game with, but you don't want to resort to "punishment".There is absolutely no reason for a player to look in the AP without explicit GM permission. It's permission I would never give. It's extremely pretentious to even think that your party actually found every piece of treasure in a campaign.

Tell him that if this is his first and last warning. If anything somewhat fishy happens, he has to get the boot.

An Orc riding atop a worg seems like a good fantasy trope to add to a battle, and indeed these is an "Orc Warg rider" monster that appears in a 3rd party book. One problem is that an Orc is a medium creature and so is the standard worg. It doesn't say anything about needing a special large-sized worg.

There is the rule of cool, of course, but there is also the rule of "it doesn't make sense if you actually think about it". :)

It's -1.

But you're free to run your home game any way you like.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I like a mix. I like a gaming sessions to get at least a few legitimate laughs amongst all at the table, but it also pisses me off when the game grinds to a halt because a gag is drug out too long. I don't get to game every week anymore, so it's important that the game continues to move forward.

Ri'ifu Pavg (random letters in order, added a couple more to make it pronounceable)
Neutral deity of the preservation of reptilians

Domains: Scalykind, Trickery, Weather, War, Madness
Sub domains: Venon, Deception, Storms, Blood, Nightmares
Symbol: Outstretched claw on field of swirling colors. The specific colors of the claw and field vary. For example, the symbol belonging to an assembly of basilisk-taming lizard folk would be different from that of kobolds led by a dragon.

This insular deity encourages her children to sever all ties and protect themselves from non-reptilians, and to instead give glory to her and all scalykind. Ri'ifu Pavg's influence would seem to make her followers dangerous and unpredictable, but she bids them make no aggressions against those who give them wide berth - doing so would steal time away from performing the rituals that increase her power. But without exception, she demands the utter extermination of all who do not. No methods that fulfill this wish are frowned upon. Her follows learn no outsider languages or history, they seek neither trade nor alliance, and all they require must be provided by their own abilities and resources. They must attempt to exist as though outsiders simply did not exist.

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Intrigue - more typical splatbooks, the main things most players get from these are the 3 new base classes (magus, gunslinger, and investigator), class archetypes (especially in UI), and feats.

Magus, gunslinger, and vigilante. :)

The adventure paths (published campaigns) seem to be a widely celebrated thing. I have really enjoyed the two I have played in.

Well the difference between a buckler heavy shield is only 1 point of AC. Both can get enhancement bonuses. The fighter can have a shield bonus and gets a +2 "parry" bonus on top of that. How about call it a +1 shield bonus when he has a hand free, and then increase it by +1 every X levels. The bonus should have some kind of mitigating factor, such as when immobilized or helpless.

Yes, all bonuses.

Some of these are just too powerful.

It's a case of descriptive text in the opening of the ability, and the unfortunate choice of a word. Maybe the enemy is surprised that the gunslinger is attacking with the wrong end of the gun? I would ignore the word "surprise" completely. The only difference between the pistol butt and a club is that the gunslinger can spend grit to knock the creature prone.

Madness makes it more interesting. Gods can be contradictory, and mortals accept them as they are.

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