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Krun Thuul

Ciaran Barnes's page

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I don't now how often scrying comes up in your games, but in any I have played in it comes up very rarely. And if it does, an enemy can simply scry on the knight's allies. I think you should either double the bonus or add something else in. In the spirit of being anonymous, I'm thinking he blends into crowds and doesn't stand out, so perhaps Perception, Sense Motive, and Diplomacy (gather info) checks made against him are more difficult. The problem with this is that it could then be used to pump up his ability to use Stealth and Bluff, which is kind of counter to the whole thing. Not sure how improve it.

I think this bonus will help out in the long run, but at low levels when there are fewer saving throws will not come up much. Its probably fine.

Capitalize Sense Motive.

Forsworn Mount
Like anonymity, this bonus is not going to pop up much - or ever. Maybe at low levels when there gritty survival is still part of the game. I suggest changing this to a bonus to all Fortitude saves and Constitution checks - except those caused by spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities. He won't get the bonus against magic (a big deal), but its broad enough that it will help out with lots of little things, such as poison and stabilizing.

Forsworn Weapons
What happens if a party spellcaster casts a spell on his weapon? Is the bonus lost? Or is this class feature only concerned with permanent magical abilities?

Mucho AC
You've got AC bonuses from two different class features - a rapidly increasing one for shield, and one for armor (assuming their Dex is good enough). I feel like you should consolidate these or drop one. Perhaps just an AC bonus when he's using either armor or shield?

Unflinching Gaze
People always put (minimum 1) in here because if not, at level 1 it technically nets you a +0.

Locking Grasp
The reason I suggest dropping this is that between this and the shield thing, you're really narrowing what builds this class is for. Sometimes this is OK, but in this case I think you're forcing it too much. A better way is to give the class appeal for a sword & board, or a 2-hander, or a 2-weapon warrior.

Iron Soul / Vigilant / Demand
First off, I suggest changing the name of Vigilant to Body Guard. Second, I suggest combining Iron Soul and Demand into a single class feature and point pool named Vigilant.

I suggest dropping damage reduction. I know its part of your concept, but isn't the heart of your concept having a high AC to avoid taking damage? DR is usually part of a class without a focus on AC. Getting rid of this would also give you a little more room to other class features.

In the Kamakiri's entry, there is ambiguity about the claws. They have four arms, but it is unclear what they all are capable of doing. Two of them have claws, good for little more than combat. Does that mean they can or can not hold items in the claws? Can the claws wield a weapon? Thats combat. What about the other two arms. I assume these don't have claws. Do they function like a pair of arms belonging to a "normal" race?

Some kind of thing for langauges. Vague. It should state that they can speak and read their own language, and can understand and read common, but can not speak any others. As for "sign languages", you should give some thought to that. How many sign languages exist in Coria? A simple solution would be for kamakiri and common only.

I suppse on the fly, I would rule that the prone character couldn't stand up while the square is occupied. However, it really depends on the specifics of the situation. Maybe the prone character crawls out of the square and stands up. Maybe he stands up and 5-ft steps out.

I love parchment backgrounds - I use them too for all my homebrew. Because of your reasons mentioned, I would never print them out. But... I'm all PDF so it makes no difference. :)

I suppose you could make a 2nd print friendly PDF, or just attach the print friendly ones on to the end of the color one. Maybe take a poll.

"The unusual nature of the blade makes it harder to disarm" suggests that the wielder gains a bonus to CMD against disarm, but giving a +6 vs Disarm attempts" suggest a bonus to CMB. Which is it?

By the way, -2 to attack makes this weapon about a desirable as a club. I know you want to justify the +6, but making it +2 but with no attack penalty would put it on par with a martial weapon.

You should reorganize the listing of class features so they are in order according to the level they are gained.

Change the wording to match standardized language. Depending on wether or not you include proficiency with tower shields, you can copy & paste from either the fighter or paladin.

Unflinching Gaze
A sentinel adds 1/2 his level as a (bonus type) bonus to Perception checks. When making a check to determine awareness in a surprise round, a sentinel can roll twice and use the more favorable result.

Shield Expertise
A Sentinel gains a +1 bonus to AC when he uses a shield. At 6th, 12th, and 18th level, this bonus increases by +1.

You should consider scrapping this. There are few abilities in the game more likely to put a character into dead, dead negative hit points.

Locking Grasp
I would drop this too. The polearm thing is pretty cool, but its for a niche build, and you can make Steel body a great class feature all on it's own. Maybe you can throw it back in for an archetype.

Steel Body
I suggest improving this feature, if you drop Diehard. At this level a paladin add Cha to all saves, you could add Con to Ref and Will, and grant the sentinel an armor bonus to AC equal to Con bonus, which would be a rare, small perk for when he isn't wearing armor.

Iron Soul
You might as well make it 1/2 level + Constitution modifier Minimum 1).

Its kind of weird granting a Con bonus to your ally's AC. Just make it the shield bonus.

We named our first ship Widowmaker, but it longer we have it the less excited I am about it (partially because I'm the only married pirate on the ship). Our captain - Captain Jack Scrimshaw - is a rogue/magus, and my dutiful first mate Macius MacRacken started calling him Ol' Flankin' Jack. He would cast Spider Monkey from time to time, and one day I accidentally called him The Sea Monkey. It stuck. My hope is that if we get a new ship and call it Sea Monkey, then we can stop calling him that.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

The damage per round at a certain level is irrelevant. The point is that she is significantly more powerful than the other party members, and it is affecting the fun of the game. The simplest solution is to talk to the player about that, and then about rebuilding her character to be more in line with the power level of the other characters. Chances are it will still be a strong character.

Good call Dead Man. Kingmaker was the first one, and Skull & Shackles is the current one. Years ago we played part of Savage Tides with Buhlman, and that was closer to 4 per day, but I still wouldn't say it was standard. Not exactly the same, I know. All the rest of my PF experience is homebrew. Four combats in a day seems like a damn grueling day. By three we're basically hanging on by the skin of our teeth.

Its been many a year since I've been on a proper, old school, multi-level dungeon crawl.

Hm. Not my experience.

Presently I'm playing in my second Paizo AP, and I'm pretty sure that 4-combat days represent a small minority. Do you agree?

UlrichVonLichtenstein wrote:
Ciaran Barnes wrote:
His only level 1 class feature is trapfinding?
Favored Enemy, Track and Wild Empathy didn't seem to fit the character I was going for. But thanks for noticing that. Any suggestions on how to patch that up?

Well the obvious choice is for every instance of Stealth Attack to be gained one level earlier. That would also take care of your dead level problem.

Why does the "bow-thief" not have Thievery as a class skill? Gotta admit I'm not clear on where the heart of this class is, thematically, but I'm not sure Trapfinding and Trap Sense are fitting. Perhaps they should be replaced with an ability that assists them is getting their Stealth Attack damage?

This happened to me in 2nd ed, but only because I played the same kind of games the entire time, and DM'd almost exclusively. Since then, there have been edition changes, some periods where I didn't actively game, and changes in groups and campaign/adventure style.

So I guess I'm on board with breaking up the routine. Trying a different system or edition could do it, but so could some big changes to the game you play now. That could be from joining a different group, changing membership in your current group, or a GM who really starts focusing on innovation (not reusing familiar game elements can be difficult). You could try figuring out what kind of character you normally play - we all have one - and trying something inherently and truly different. Since you're all old school, try putting away the combat map for a session or two.

I wish you luck.

Its probably fine if thats the case. I intentionally left stuff like that out because the fighter still has all of his odd-level feats to use those on.

His only level 1 class feature is trapfinding?

Try to keep the flavor consistent. A sudden appearance by Jim the Ifrit may affect the mood.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
The game is predicated on 4 fights a day...

Just curious. According to who?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Craftsman (Fighter archtype)

Professional (Ex): Craftsman gain an additional 2 skill ranks each level. These skill rank must be spent on Appraise, Craft or Profession skills. Appraise is considered a class skill for a craftsman, and once per day he can roll twice when making an Appraise check, using the higher result. This replaces the his proficiency with tower shield and the bonus feat he would normally receive at 1st level.

Consummate Craftsman (Ex): Beginning at 2nd level, a craftsman gains a +1 bonus on all Craft and Profession skill checks he makes. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels beyond 2nd. This replaces bravery.

Master Craftsman: At 4th level a craftsman gains Master Craftsman as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. If he wishes, any item he creates is affected as though he cast arcane mark on it, except the duration is permanent. He can use Appraise or the appropriate Craft or Profession skill in place of Spellcraft to determine the properties of magic items, as though he were using detect magic. This replaces the bonus feat he would normally receive at 4th level.

Swift Crafting (Ex): Beginning at 8th level, a smith can create a manner of armaments and equipment with astounding speed. It takes a craftsman half the normal amount of time to create non-magical items with Craft skills. This replaces the bonus feat he would normally receive at 8th level.

Legendary Craftsman: Beginning at 12th level, the benefit of a craftsman's Master Craftsman feat improves and he receives a +2 bonus to any Craft of Profession skill for which he has at least 5 ranks. He also counts his craftsman level as his caster level for the purpose of qualifying for any item creation feats. When creating a magic item, he must use his ranks in the appropriate Craft or Profession skill to determine his caster level. This replaces the bonus feat he would normally receive at 12th level.

Rynjin wrote:

I've never made a PDF before, but I'm planning to dump a full class re-write (sans table) into a Google Doc soon-ish. Of course, I don't have Word right now either.

I'm in a weird spot where all my word processing and stuff discs are in storage because I moved and then had to buy a new computer, and hadn't expected it to take this long for me to be able to get my stuff back.

For what its worth I do all of mine on a tablet, with only the internet, a $10 app, and my wits. I don't think its unreasonable to say that they look pretty good, so a decent document with limited means isn't out of your reach.

strayshift wrote:

Fate is a powerful tool.

CuChulainn must obey a request from a Druid, even though it leads to his death. Oedipus's father ultimately cannot avoid his fate. There is no reason why great heroes (the pcs) cannot be bound by prophesy or fate.

The AD&D 2nd edition Complete Fighter's Handbook presented several role-playing archetypes, and there was one - The Doomed Champion - that was more intriguing to me than any of the others. Basically the character knows despite all his best efforts he doomed to die (due to a curse, prophecy, disease, take your pick). He still fights for good, but the fate hangs heavy on him. I've always wanted to try this one out, but haven't had the right opportunnity.

Could you possibly increase the font size? I can just barely read it. I'm viewing this on an ipad and can't do so myself. For that matter, arranging it into two columns per page would help a bunch too.

This encompassing quite a few changes, and its hard to talk specifics when we just have ideas. Could you whip up a PDF?

The class feature Bomb declares that bombs are weapons and follow the rules for Thrown Splash Weapons.

That's true, but I was referring to all the slutty unmarried dwarves.

A Wis of 13 gets you a +1 to certain things, such as will saves and perception. A 12 gets you the same thing. If you dropped your Con and Wis to even numbers then you wouldn't need to dump your Int and Cha. Leave the Str where it is because when you get to 4th level you can raise it. If you get your Int to 10 you will have a few more skill points so you can at least get a training buns to some of your other class skills.

Oh, and weapon focus does not raise your BAB. It raises your attack bonus. Not the same thing.

I like the concept.

Whoa. Poor old Tolkien would roll in his grave.

AC at level 10. I'm not sure what magic is expected to be in use at this point, so I'm just guesstimating.

10 (base) + 2 (Dex) + 3 (Cha or Wis base) +2 (Cha or Wis additional) +2 (shield) +2 (shield enhancement) +4 (misc) = AC 25

vs a Paladin

10 (base) 8 (armor) +2 (armor enhancement) +1 (Dex) +2 (shield) +1 (shield enhancent) +4 (misc) = AC 28

Or the paladin can loose the shield (AC 25) and increase damage output with a two-handed weapon.

I blame auto-correct. That was supposed to say "Using cha wouldn't be a terrible choice."

A bomb is clearly called out as a Thrown Splash Weapon. I'm not sure if that answers your question though.

Using cha would be a terrible choice. Maybe if he had been a wiser paladin he wouldn't have fallen. ;)

Did you roll ability scores or use point but? Are you able to adjust the scores? If so, would reconsider how many odd numbered scores you have.

Your wisdom only increases your perception by 1.

A small great sword deals 1d8.

You understand that your speed is 15 without armor training, right?

If it is core only, then you do g get a bonus feat at 3rd level. And core does not include traits.

Ooh! Just checked it out. Thats a beautiful map. It's better than any I ever found. Make sure to hit the download button (arrow pointing down) to get the full-sized JPEG.

I never had the books nor PDF but I looked online for some decent KM-specific hex maps that I could modify as we explored and developed the area. The lack of satisfying results is what led to hand drawing on blank hex maps.

So are you saying that the Paizo maps lo-res? Thats seems strange. I'd think theirs would be the best.

Healer should be an aspect of a character, not the definition.


I like the 4-class comparison. Some of it leans towards finding your desired results when the other classes have to pursue specific options to gain ability in a certain categery, but I get the idea that those classes at least have the option.

Anyhow, I thought this bit below was amusing, since you didn't even mention the fighter's d10. :)

Aelryinth wrote:

Hit points?

Paladin: D10, gets lots of in-combat extra healing.
Ranger: D10, out of combat healing.
Barb: d12, with class DR and in combat hit point boosts, minor out of combat healing options.

Fighter: No.

Have the player choose skills as a 1st level character, give max HP for 1st level, get rid of all feats and class features (except maybe cantrips?), and limit proficiencies to maybe simple weapons and shields. I dont know who is in your party, so you'll have to go about it on a case by case basis.

The characters will be pretty crippled, so make sure it's story driven. You don't want to accidentally kill one of them... Awkward.

(I just noticed all the typos in my last post! For example, the opening sentance was supposed to say "This is not addressing your actual questions, but I wanted to say". Pretty bad.)

Ah. Two hour online sessions changes it up a bit. I don't know what kind of set-up you have but if it features shared documents you can all view then the GM keeping them up to date does seem smart. My expereince was several hour bi-weekly sessions at a table. At the beginning I would read the log of the last session to get us all up to speed (a page or two). Later in the campaign when our 5th player dropped out, I took over her map duties, glued together blank hex maps, and hand drew two new full-color maps (one artsy, one with writing) that showed all of the towns, roads, et al.. I like writing and drawing though. We would set out the maps any time travel happened to dtermine how far we could make it before hurrying back to run the kingdom.

This is addressing you actual questions, but wanted to say...

I don't know what your group is like, but see what you can do to encourage your players to play characters that actually have a home and feel like they grow over time. Kingmaker is a rare type of campaign where the characters will be in one area for years (literally). Basically its a chance for the party to be the opposite of a bunch of murder hobos.

I also suggest that some of the players are charged with certain tasks:
-One player can be in charge of the hex maps and keep notes on them. Eventually it will be important to know what is in each hex - such as roads, farms, towns, NPCs, etc.
-Another player can keep the kingdom sheet to track all of that info (although as GM you may also want to keep one of these). This person tracks the build points, bonuses to kingdom running checks, who is in each kingdom role, etc.
-Yet another player can keep all the little maps that detail what is in each town.
-And someone to keep track of a calendar/timeline. Perhaps each in-game month they summarize what happpened. So you would include that you founded the town of such-and-such and explored the tomb of so-and-so, but you wouldn't document how many houses are in the town or how many skeletons you battled in the tomb.
-Finally I recommend someone to keep a journal. This person writes down in short- or long-hand what happens durring the sessions. This can be purely to document the story, or to keep track of side quests, NPCs, or whatever works for your group.

Of course, your group may split up these tasks differently. Most importantly I feel it is best to keep them all involved.

Don't forget wants-to-cook-food-during-game guy and every-character-is-a-(pick a race or class).

The exact numbers don't mean a whole lot, but I like that higher level magic it hard to find by. I guess the only change I would make is that in a given village, town, city, etc. a particular level of spell may or not be available depending on the level of literacy and education, relative safety, prosperity of the settlement, etc.

I didn't notice any changes in the current draft, but here goes.

Integrated Weapon
Hmm. I'm really not sure where to go on the two-handed issue. My gut say to not allow it, due to the imagery of flurry and the weird image of using the second hand to get a better grip on an integrated weapon. It sounds like something that could be in a bad sci-fi or fantasy movie. I would make the following change to Integrated Weapon: "Melee: The integrated weapon has the statistics of a light or one-handed melee weapon of the artiforged's choice. A one-handed integrated melee weapon cannot be wielded in two hands."

Also, does the artiforged need to purchase/provide the initial weapon that is integrated? If not, its probably not a big deal, but it is a bump in the starting gold for a 1st level character.

Armor Upgrade
Change the second sentence to: "In addition, integrated medium armor no longer reduces the artiforged's movement speed." I think it's a little more clear.

Climbing Attachments
Its might be kind of slick to say that he gains a Climb speed of 15 ft, plus 5 ft for every 5 ranks in climb he has. Same for the Swimming Attachments.

"The artiforged rigs his armor to better support his tactile movements. He chooses one Dexterity- or Strength-based skill check. When using this skill, he can ignore his integrated armor’s armor check penalty. He can select this upgrade more than once. Each time it applies to a different skill.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

You can take a dip into Chosen One Paladin, for a familiar.

Oracle and Paladin mesh very well.

I'm currently playing an oracle with the nature mystery. My GM is letting me choose a familiar in place of the Bonded Mount revlation, so I think I know exactly what you're getting at. :)

I don't know if THIS is quite what you had in mind, but here is a spontaneous cleric i whipped up this morning. Only spent an hour. Sorry for typos.

You could also look at the oracle class. Every oracle chooses a "mystery" which is thematically like a domain. Oracles get to choose very few spells that they can cast spontaneously, but in additional to the spells they choose they can also cast "bonus spells" granted by the mystery (1 spell per spell level). I think a mechanic like this could be uses for your class, with some adaptation.

Does the player have a copy of the CRB, and is it open to the barbarian pages during combat? I think the cue cards could work because they would have only the relevant info, but learning to use the rule book is also important.

Maybe during a combat you could ask the player to look something up for you, such as "Hey would you look up the Acrobatics skill and tell me what the DC is to move through a threatened square?" I'm thinking that looking up something specific could be more helpful than "learn the rules".

This does not look fun. Having only three spells per spell level to choose from removes the ability to be versatile. Also, I can't think of single domain that has 9 good spells on it. Most have only a few you'd want. So choosing between three domains you -might- have one good spell per level.

Str to AC and initiative. :)

Speaking of skills, how many dex skills are there? I know there's only two strength skills. Strength and dex skills both suffer from from being rendered obsolete by magic, but it's worse for strength skills.

Everyone makes one dexterity check per battle. How often are we making str checks? There are many ways but they are often ignored. Encumbrance is also often ignored, and overcome by magic.

I am ok with resource taxes on making dex more useful. And I must also say I am personally tired of super agile, dancing scimitar wielders.

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