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Krun Thuul

Ciaran Barnes's page

5,294 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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Wow, I guess I'm part of the majority. Mark me down for character options.

These aren't feats, but here is a LINK to a document with all of the trait I have written.

I feel that in some ways you have taken the hybrid thing to much to heart. Its time to leave certain parts behind and continue with more of your original ideas. I see very little of the bard in this class. It's more like an investigator variant.

This list looks pretty familiar, yet doesn't say "explorer" to me in any way. Maybe create your own list of weapons.

Again, write your own spell list. Are those bonus spells added to the list of available spells or to the spellbook? If it's the latter, that's way too many free spells.

Seems fitting, although I think you might want to rethink which skills get the free d6. This is the explorer, not the investigator.

This component of the class doesn't fit in, I feel. Even though he casts spells instead of creating extracts, he can make an extract in 1/10th of the time a real alchemist can. Also, it's basically an extra spell per day. I think you should drop alchemy from the class completely.

Trained scholar
The extra language bit is a bit boring. You have an Int based class, and after a few ranks in Linguistics your language list will be getting pretty big. After that, magic makes languages less of a barrier. If you are going to use skill unlocks, then just call it skill unlock like the new rogue.

Master explorer
For the sake of simplicity, just substitute this will trapfinding. What have written might as well be an advanced talent for the rogue. Your class gets it at 2nd level.

The DC to grant this to allies is pretty low. Maybe if it became harder with each additional ally.

In one of my cleric rewrites, I changed Channel Energy so that it harmed creatures who were at least two aligament steps away from that of your deity. Similarly, you could heal those who were within one step. There were also some options to change how the ability worked. For example, if you had the Good domain, good creatures were always healed. If you had the death domain, living creatures were always harmed.

What do the uncanny dodges replace?

AC bonuses
Obviously I haven done any math here, but you could try adding 1/2 of a character's BAB to their AC. Full martial classes benefit the most, and spellcasters gain a somewhat smaller bonus.

Saving throws
I personally think it's a lot easier to increase saving throws than it is to increase DCs. If it weren't for spells than can end you with one bad roll, I would say scrap these bonuses. Maybe instead of a bonus to all saves, you could get a +1 every so many levels and assign it to a certain save, the way you can choose a bonus hit point or skill point. Just an idea.

Ability score increases
I read an idea on the forums once where the author suggested that every time a level is gained, the character gains one point that could be banked or spent using the point buy system. This would make increasing your highest ability score possible less frequently, but make improving your low scores pretty easy. Is might be a pain to do, but I thought it was clever.

Your barbarian could just use a shield instead. With an enhancement bones, the bonus to AC would probably be higher than adding Charisma.

I'm really only in favor of giving the barbarian an ability mod AC bonus if It has some kind of mitigating factor.

Combat casting is a great feat. Also, you should be taking advantage of your free 5 ft step as often as possible.

I don't think it's truly possible. Since NPC interactions are role playing scenarios it won't need to adhere to logic. It will depend on the two characters and of course the player and GM. It might work, but there too many non-logical variables.

I don't know about this specific way you have implemented things, but why not use combat maneuver checks instead of saving throws?

I'd be happy if all the players provided one paragraph, even if it only says what the character looks like. I like to write a full page that might include background, appearance, beliefs, flaws, motivations, etc. I leave it loose enough that I can adapt to the adventure and improvise as things happen. The details I write are just seeds to start with. However, I find a lot of people just won't write anything.

'cause of this new thing called role-playing.

Is "ooze" the creature type?

Defensive Training
You should really include a mitigating factor here, such as it only applying to certain creature types. As it stands, the ability is the equivalent of gaining the Dodge feat twice, except that the player could still choose the Dodge feat again.

Moon Touched
I'm not familiar with "star stone" as a damage type, so this might as well be DR/-. Pretty powerful.

Superior Intellect
This is steering the race towards Int-based classes far too much for my liking. What if you applied Int instead of Dex to CMD?

What creature type is this? Should we assume it is humanoid? Abberations already kind of cover the "alien" niche.

If you changed the +4 Str to +2 Str, and got rid of Ferocity (which is a terrible ability for a PC), you would have a 10 RP race.

Forget compromising. You told him "no evil classes" (which I assume means no evil characters), and he picked the only character class that is required to be evil. Not only that, but he told you it's his only option. Screw that.

Never mind feats. Think about class features.

Since you are attempting to create it, why don't you post what you have so far?

The link doesn't work.

It's not normal, but if the group has enough money and a big place to spend it then it is certainly possible to spend an entire game session shopping. Some preparation would mitigate this of course.

I thought no the best you could hope for is information on them that appears in other books.

Wouldn't having thick fur make a creature more likely to overheat and get tired while exerting itself? I think it would do a better job of protecting a creature, like natural armor. I suggest changing either the name of the ability or what it does. Aside from that I suggest dropping the spell-like ability.

I played one in 3.5 and enjoyed it, but (unsurprisingly) I found that in situations where I couldn't range attack or faced enemies immune to precision damage I was almost worthless. In PF these problems would not be quite as bad, but it would still steer me away from playing the class again. Due to the steep prereqs, crap skill points, and only gaining the bonus damage with weapon focus weapons, I think the class could be fine as written. Besides, the bonus damage requires a standard action, so is not compatible with of those juicy ranged full-attack actions.

I don't recall seeing a official way to do it, but groups I have played in have most often used a simple Heal check.

It's the GM job to handle corner cases like this.

I agree with you. I would prefer a larger one, as long as it's organized. I suppose it's the same as my preference for large hardcover books over the small paperback supplements.

Well however it turns out, it sounds like a fun character.

You can theoretically build a homebrew bestiary out of anything. I guess I don't understand what you concern is.

The existing rules in this mater are fuzzy. Hence, you get people's opinions. Which you're going to get anyways because this is an Internet forum - wanted or unwanted.

APersonAmI wrote:

@ Ciaran Barnes

Eeeeeh no. That is not how the rules work, and I am essentially already multiclassing, which in general is a bad idea in pathfinder. Therefore, making me feel the pain of 0.75/1 BAB with no casting to show for it, in a way that isn't just not in the rules, but also directly opposite of the rules suggesting extra class levels as you level because monster hit dice is worse than class levels, isn't something I am big on.

Eeeeeh yes. If you want to quote the "rules" then you need to pick a playable race. By playing a magic dinosaur you've already stepped outside of the rules. CR is s guideline and doesn't apply to player characters. Ask your GM if you can have more Hit Dice than your party members. Nothing said in the forums amounts to anything if the GM says no.

It's flavor.

Why would you not be able to? You would still need to critique each creature after using the creation rules.

I'll be in Belfast, Ballycastle, Bunmahon, and Dublin Aug 1st - 15th visiting family. Are there any cool gaming shops in Belfast?

The base ability scores look pretty good, so I wouldn't roll.

In this case I would count the racial hit dice equal to class levels. As a level three character you will have two really high ability scores, 60 ft speed, three natural attacks (two of which have an expanded crit range), low-light vision, scent, +1 natural AC, evasion, leaping charge, and +4 to four skills. Good offense, good saves. This seems like a decent starting package. I might go barbarian or slayer.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I used to house rule stuff, mostly because I enjoyed writing them. But it's been been years since I've knowingly used any.

if you follow the "traditional" adventuring day then I don't think anyone would bother tracking it. Wake in the morning, prep spells, go explore something, make camp, repeat. Only when you get into sticky situations with time a critical element should it require tracking, in which case the GM is arbiter.

I played Skull & Shackles up through 9th level. Since there are rules in the handbook about losing limbs (that we never used), and we had quite a few deaths in the party, I thought we should have done away with raise dead spells and just have the "dead" person pull through and loose a part.

I played in a 3.5 campaign that used taint and corruption. I was hit harder than the other party members, and by the time we were halfway through it was really starting to suck. It started out kind of interesting but that feeling was lost as the penalties stacked up.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Nice variant on the fighter. I made one like this a few years back. There's more alike than not. :)

Agile Fighter (fighter)
Skills: Acrobatics (Dex) and Escape Artist (Dex) are class
skills for an agile fighter.
Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: An agile fighter is
not proficient with medium and heavy armor or with tower

Deft Movement (Ex): An agile fighter gains Dodge and
Mobility as bonus feats, even if he does not meet the
prerequisites. He does not gain the benefits of these feats
when his speed is reduced due to armor or encumbrance.
This replaces his bonus feat at 1st level.

Burst of Speed (Ex): Beginning at 2nd level, an agile
fighter can move his speed as a swift action. He can use this
ability once per day. At 6th level and every four levels
thereafter, the an agile fighter can use this ability one
additional time per day.
This replaces Bravery.

Nimble (Ex): Beginning at 3rd level, an agile fighter gains
a +1 dodge bonus to AC. At 7th level and every four levels
thereafter, this bonus increases by +1. He looses this bonus
when he wears medium or heavy armor or carries a
medium or heavy load.
This replaces armor training 1, 2, 3 and 4, and armor mastery.

There are certain design standards for PF classes I think you should move to. It might seem silly, but I still suggest it. For example, Base Attack Bonus and Hit Die are tied together in Pathfinder RPG with rare exceptions. If you want a full-BAB class, you should have a d10 Hit Die. Also, just give them a saving throw progression identical to the ranger: the Fort and Reflex should be +2 at 1st level and +2 at 20th, Will should be +0 at 1st level and +6 at 20th.

You list "Languages" under skills. This should be a class feature, similar to a wizard or cleric.

The Jump ability in intriguing in principle, but it's also a mess. For starters, how about they get to add their level or 1/2 their level to Acrobatics checks made to jump? Second of all, you make it sound like they get to jump and attack all as a move action. The uses per day is weird, the distance jumped is weird, and the attack bonus is weird. Only the uses per day increases with level. How about this:

Dragoon's Leap (Ex): A dragoon can perform a dragoon's leap a number of times per day equal to 1/2 her dragoon level + her Dexterity modifier (minimum 1). This ability can be used as a move action or a part of a change. When she does so, she rolls an Acrobatics check made to jump and adds her dragoon level to the result. Her jump is treated as though she had a running start. During a dragoon's leap, she gains a +4 bonus to her AC against attacks of opportunity. When used as a move action, the distance she jumps cannot exceed her base move speed. If she exceeds this distance and has a move action remaining, she can use it to jump up to a maximum of twice her base move speed. When used as a charge, she must jump at least 10 feet and the distance she jumps cannot exceed twice her base move speed. If the distance she jumps is sufficient, she lands in the first square from which she can make an attack against the target of her charge and gains a +2 bonus to the damage roll, if successful. She gains a +1 bonus to the damage roll per four dragoon levels she has and a +1 bonus to the attack roll per eight dragoon levels she has.

I know thats pretty long. It would be better if it were shorter.

I agree with Cyrad about the Wyvern. You call it a familiar, but it looks like it is to be used like a melee combat animal companion? And if you call this a dragoon, shouldn't you be riding it at some point? I feel like you need to decide what the Wyvern is and use the base rules for either familiar or animal companion (or paladin's mount or whatnot).

You have multiple abilities that all have a separate number of uses per day. Jump, healing breath, and variation I think. Perhaps a single pool to fuel them all, as well as some of the higher level abilities? There are several existing ways to calculate the size of a pool. The gunslinger, magus, alchemist, and bard all have a different formula. depending on which one you choose, the various abilities can spend a single point or multiple points.

Several of the class features you have written are difficult to fully understand. Why does he have a dragon familiar if he is a dragon hunter?

"Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

Make sure that you have the correct URL and that the owner of the file hasn't deleted it."

"Throwing Knives" could most easily be defined as light throwing weapons. So judging by the SRD that would include brass knife, dagger, kunai, spring blade, wooden stake, throwing axe, light hammer, switchblade knife, starkknife, aklys, flying talon, deer horn knife, and drawven maulaxe.

Sometimes I choose a traditional character class that I haven't played in the current edition yet. Sometimes I choose a new character class I have ever played before. Sometimes I have a cool figurine I am painting and design the character around that. Obviously, party composition plays a part in everything.

Lucky Salamander wrote:
Ciaran Barnes wrote:
This is the homebrew forum, not the use pre-written material forum. You are mean to write new material here.


What, I've worked on this class for 3 days, this class is 100% my own homebrew.

I apologize for resurrecting an old thread. My original post was in response to Juda de Kerioth, not you.

It's not going to happen in every game because opportunities to peel back the layers of a character will not always occur as often as you would like. The best you can do during interactions with PCs and NPCs is to respond in authentic way. Hopefully you have a GM who can make use of part of a character background you write up. Don't blurt out at the first session of a campaign "I'm an escaped slave who fights oppression while searching for his family, and doesn't yet know that he's the heir to a lordship!" If your PC sees a slave he might have strong words with the master, or deliver a beating. Perhaps he mutters something about his past to indicate his past, and to give his allies a chance to respond before he starts a fight. Give it time and see how it develops. Some adventures won't have many opportunities to delve into a character. Sometimes it comes down to the play style of the group. The type of RP you might works best when all of the players are committed.

This isn't the kind of charcater building you are talking about, but I played a noble knight character years ago, and over the course of his 8 or so level career, he never once moved into a flanking position. Not with a move action, not with a charge, not with a 5-ft step. This pissed off the rogue's player to no end. He yelled about it a lot, and I can't blame him. The knight never moved out of a flank, he just wouldn't initiate it.

Yeah, why are sharks smarter than whales? I think you could get more creative than just giving all of the races a strength bonus.

Neither crocodiles nor whales can breathe water.

It's hard to make a "crafting" class and then give it options in combat without just making it a "fighter". I mean I suppose you could give it a bonus to sunder, damage bonuses to objects and constructs, a way to bypass hardness, a way to ignore the AC bonus of armor, or stuff like that.

The Master Craftsman feat allows the character to avoid that requirement.

I'd say that all in all this prestige class is good for crafting, but pretty weak otherwise. It needs a boost. I think this should take on a skill money aspect instead of warrior.

These seem fine, although for the sake of opening it up to a variety of classes I would change the feats to "Masters Craftsman OR any item creation feat".

I suggest 3/4 BAB and d8 HD.

Saving Throws:
I would be OK with this having two or three good saves.

First off, jack this up to 4 or 6 skill points per level. Second off, every one already has Craft and Profession so there is no need to list those. Using your list as a cue, I would make the class skill: Appraise, Knowledge (all), Spellcraft, and Use Magic Device.

What is an Iron Chef? ;)

This is fine.

Quick Crafting:
The wording is funny so it's not fully clear how it works. If anything I would say "A craftsman crafts non-magical items in half the normal time. Eassentially, the progress he makes each week or each day is doubled."

Bonus Feat?
How about a bonus item creation feat at 1st level? If he has the master craftsman feat, he should also be able to qualify for those. Maybe he has a caster level equal to twice his craftsman level for the purpose of qualifying for them.

Skilled Crafting:
The first part is fine. I'm kind of meh about the second part because he already proficient in most weapons anyways. I might change it to:

Skilled Crafter (Ex): A craftsman adds his level to all Craft skills he makes and to his caster level for the purpose of crafting magic items and qualifying for item creation feats. He also gains a +4 bonus to his CMD to resist combat maneuvers made against items he crafted.

What about a repair ability? I think he should gain either mending or make whole as a spell-like ability, or he should gain an ability to repair HP damage to objects quickly by making a Craft check (or something). If you choose the spells, it should be better than the normal spell. Hmm. Maybe he gains mending as an at-will spell-like ability. As he gains levels he can gains Make Whole 1/day and then Greater Make Whole 1/day.

Master Crafter (Ex): Beginning at 2nd level, a craftsman can create magic items more quickly than normal. Creating an item requires 8 hours of work per 1,200 GP in the item's base price, plus 100 GP for each additional craftsman level he gains to a maximum of 1500 GP.

I like these, and I'm glad that you decided to limit it to one per item. It would get out of hand quickly.

Unneccessary. In Pathdinder, Swim's ACP is not doubled. It is not increased in any way. You could change this though to reduce the ACP to Swim checks by 1.

Could use a boost. How about increase hardness by 1 per craftsman level and HP by 2 per craftsman level?

Quick Enchanting:
Well this pretty much negates my Master Crafter idea. The wording you have needs to be clarified. Read the rules for crafting magic items and make your wording work with those words. This should also be a capstone, not just a level 3 ability.

See Weak Points:
Maybe move this to 3rd level. Is this a constant ability or does it require an action to find the weak point. Perhaps to give this character a little more adventuring ability, he becomes able to score critical hits on objects and constructs.

Ring or Rod:
What if he doesn't want to make these? If he has the ability to qualify to item creation feats, you don't need to hand him one in place of a capstone.

Sorry this post is kind of rambling. It kind of jumps around.

Boomerang Nebula wrote:

@ Brother Sooth any update on this?

What other character classes are you working on? Any chance of a Slayer archetype based on the band Slayer? I'm thinking a metal Barbarian would be cool, when I hear Refuse/Resist I think Barbarian.

Some kind of urban barbarian who opposed corrupt authority with some kind of smite law/smite evil hybrid.

The dim they makes with their pals.

If you want a mix of melee and ranged, then get 14s in everything but Wisdom, or some layout like that. You could instead focus on ranged and forego Srength.

Spells per day, spell level, and DCs will always be behind the curve so it's fortunate that the two lists have a variety of self-buff spells.

Bombs will help you succeed on your Smite Evil attacks. You will have lower bomb damage and lower Smite Evil damage, but I think thay will balance out.

You'll have healing from two sources but will be healing less damage at a time. You'll probably use Lay on Hands (swift action) and save extracts for other uses, so the amount healed will be lower.

I feel like this character will eventually have a great variety of skills, combat options, and spells, will not excel at much and never get to enjoy higher level class abilities the way the other PCs will. I think the character can contribute and even survive, but rarely thrive.

Cutting the likelihood of a crit by 50% sucks, but remember that with these rules you also have minimum HP and will probably loose you armor at some point too. These do sound pretty harsh though. I would have to see the rules in more specific detail. How often do the PCs die?

There's no healing I know of that is part of Wild Shape.

Having a 2nd character to help you flank and who gets their own attacks is a great ability, and it's more powerful than being able to shapechange like the druid. One great benefit of the druid's wild shape is the versatility of choosing a form based on your present needs, in additiion to natural a armor and natural attacks. For example, being able to climb, swim, fly, use scen, gain darkvison, etc.

I guess I would have him choose an animal from the companion list and let him change into that, but following the rules of the beast shape spells, as appropriate foe his ranger level. In additional, I would let him change the chosen animal form in the same manner that a ranger would select a new animal companion, including performing the 24-hr ritual and choosing one appropriate for the terrain.

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