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Krun Thuul

Ciaran Barnes's page

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alexd1976 wrote:
I always tell my players they can make up whatever story they want for the characters home town.

Great idea.

1) What is it about this setting that makes you want to make it? Is it different from Forgotten Realms, Golarion, Grayhawk, Ebberon, and the like? It is? Great! You don't need a complete idea to get started, but you should have a solid one.

2) This is personal preference, but I like to make a map. It helps me to move the setting from an abstract place in my mind to a "real" place that has forest, plains, mountains, desert, and coastlines. Terrain affects where people settle. History happens in places. Nations fight over land. Later in the process I get around to figuring out a phsyical scale and where the warm and cool places are. Maybe a continent, maybe the whole world, maybe just a large region. Doesn't matter.

3) Again, my prefence, at this point I move from broad strokes to somewhat specific one. Pick where some major cities and important towns are. What is unique about the place? Write up some places and people of interest in each place. This gives PCs something to interact with when they visit, and you don't have to invent 100% of everything when they show up. You just invent 50% of it! You can build details as needed.

4) Pick some places that aren't so settled but are places for adventure.. Ruined cities, abandoned strongholds, ancient tombs, Where are the dark and magcial places in the world?

You're going to improv a great deal as your party explores your world. You don't need completed details, but strong ideas that you can build off of. These are your cues as you improv, and consistancy between the cues will create a more realistic world.

Seems like an awful lot for ability score bonuses for 11 RP. Are you sure you calculated that right?

I played a goblin archer in Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. There were two places in the adventure where we ran into a troglodyte with class levels. They were supposed to be challenging, but on both occasions my goblin won initiative and one-shotted it. No special abilities to do so, just got a lucky crit. He was fairly potent with his singing bow, but there were a few times he had to resort to his small rapier. He might as well have been a town guard with that thing. 1d4-1 damage. Woo!

When our arcane trickster was possessed by a cursed, evil artifact and unknowingly began living a second life murdering street-walkers while he was supposed to be asleep, things finally came to a head and he was caught. Luckily, the cursed artifact was found to be the cause, but because of the he and another party members being implicated and other party members being indisposed or unwilling, it fell to my foul-manners little goblin to plead their case before the magistrate. Sometimes the best things happen when everything starts going wrong.

Later in the game he got himself killed. I forget how. Anyhow, as sometimes happens there was no cleric available - just a druid. The dice said I was reborn into the body of a dwarf. If we knew what ROFLMAO was at that time, thats what I would have said my gaming group was doing when I saw the result and spontanously began speaking as a goblin in the voice of a dwarf. Happily though, we got him back in the right body a few sessions later.

In 4e I played a goblin paladin for a bit. Due to circumstances, it fell to him to serve as his tribe's high priest.

It also would have been good if you asked about this a couple of levels ago.

So, maybe now they have to kill Cthulhu in his lair before he comes to Golarion?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I happen to like playing clerics (and classes like them). But, I don''t like using all my slots for cure spells. If you choose play a "healer" or secondary-healer type class (such as druid or bard), my advice is that you cast spells more proactively. Rather than fixing problems after the fact, cast spells help your allies or hinder your foes before the problems begin. The intent here is to make it so your allies get hit less, or (in a perfect world) your foes never even get the chance to attack. Of course, you will still need to toss out a couple cures because S happens, but its better to make it a only a couple in a pinch, rather than burning all your spells on them.

Clerics are not complicated. Or rather, no more complicated than any other 9-level prepared caster. I recommend that you play a druid, despite your GM. He didn't actually say no, right?

Encourage your allies to use the 5-foot step action as often as they can. They might not get a flank out of it, but it might allow you to move in to a flank on your turn.

I left out some important bits in the changing domain bit (such as that the second domain must also be in the deity's portfolio). Also, when I said she can expand the number of deities, I did not go into detail (perhaps retraining the permanent domain or acquiring "phantom" domains). But I think you figured all of that out.

As another alterate, she has two domains. Each time she prepares spells, she chooses one to keep and any single deity with that domain. She then chooses a second domain in the deity's portfolion. In doing so, the change from one deity to the next is somewhat gradual (each new deity has something in common with yesterday's.).

I like the omnist. I have a suggestion on Domains, because I think it could be fun, and also a warning of a possible pitfall, based on my own experience with homebrew that changes domains.

Possible Variation
At 1st level, the omnist chooses any one domain of her choice. This is her permanent domain. Each day when she prays for spells, she chooses a deity to pray to. That deity must have her permanent domain in it's portfolio. When she is done praying for spells, she chooses one other domain and gains it until she prays for spells again. As levels are gained, perhaps an ability to expand the number of deities whose power she can call upon.

Possible Pitfall
This is specific to the Animal domain, but there could be others too. One day the omnist has an animal companion, but the next day it does not. What happens? She she is gaining a class ability one day, losing it the next, and regaining it later, does that allow her to choose a different companion without going throught he normal process?

So each class has 1st level broken into two parts?

Aelryinth wrote:

Stand and beat on something SHOULD be better then moving and beating on something. But as iteratives stand, they should apply to mobility, and there should be a bonus to standing still.

As the rules go now, full attack/no move is the baseline, and you are PENALIZED for movement. That's not right. :P

Could you elaborate on this some?

The abilities you mention are limited in use per day. For example, at 3rd level, depending on the training chosen, a fighter could take 10 on an attack or move half his speed once per day. I feel that is in line with a 1st or 2nd level spell. He can't get a 2nd use until mid level.

As for the weapon training 8 hr vs 4 hr thing, its a typo. I have changed this ability a dozen times. I will take a look at clarifying duration, but for all I know this ability will change another dozen times... Hmm. I've been uploading the doc to dropbox every day. Maybe you didn't have the newest one.

As for the armor training DR, the DR maxes out at 5 at high level because of the limitations on how many time a training can be chosen.

When the brawler came out and I saw martial flexibility, I immediately felt that this was the class feature the fighter was supposed to have. If anything, its a better match for the "combat master" fighter than an unarmed warrior.

Lemmy and A,
On the subject of Cha -> Will = MAD, I have mixed feelings. If the fighter invests in skills like Perception and Sense Motive, they yes it creates MAD. If the fighter somehow becomes the party face and needs Diplomacy and Bluff, then it decreases MAD. I don't actually have a problem with the ability to apply Charisma to will saves, but it probably shouldn't be a fighter only ability.

A, I agree with that premside, but also that it should be a change made to all classes - not specific to the fighter. Until that is in effect, I don't feel it is right to single out the fighter.

Heavy armor is fine if you have a low Dexterity. As a matter of fact, Armor Training is pretty uninteresting without a good Dexterity.

Scavion wrote:
Moving impose will and runecraft to 8th level makes them vastly less interesting. Heck moving Phalanx Fighter up to 8th is just plain weird when real life soldiers had similar tactics.

Then maybe each ability should have it's own minimum fighter level, instead of the current arrangement.

As far as phalanx fighting being used in real life, and being the most common formation in history, it was used in a formation when the warriors could stand side by side to protect each other. All attacks were made in the one direction. It wasn't used by a warrior in the middle of a brawl. He would be a dead man if he did.

Lemmy wrote:
With that in mind, I'll say that a few of the listed things are not nearly as powerful as they might sound...

The point is not that each of my bullet points are individually powerful. They must be looked at together. The level must be looked at as a whole, because it is gained as a whole.

Combat Prowess


Armor Adjustment
This appears to stack with Armor Training. Is that intentional? A hole I see in your current scaling is that it starts at +1 and does not increase to +2 until level 10. I would simplify the bonus +1, plus an additional +1 for every six fighter levels. This allows him a few levels to enjoy the +4 maximum bonus. Although by that point it will make little difference. Instead of skill penalty, use the terminology armor check penalty or ACP.

Art of War
Since Combat Prowess is gained at 2nd level, there is no purpose to stating that there is a minimum +1 bonus.

This ability can be selected at 2nd level, but Bravery is gained at 3rd level. At 9th and 12th level, he gains Climb and Swim speeds, even if he has never invested a single skill point into Climb or Swim. If anything, the fighter is encouraged to not invest skill points into them.

Damage Reduction
I would move this to the advanced section

I feel like this one should maybe scale, and not start out as potent.

Fake Surrender
This one is just strange. If I max out Bluff I would surrender multiple times per round, every round. Do they stop falling for it at some point?

Heroic Dive
When the fighter pushes his ally to safety, does the ally move? You should not something about the run-on sentence at the end of this one.

Impose Will
I have used something very close to this in three different homebrews of mine in the past, so I like it. However, I would move this to the advanced section. If this is a fighter ability, you should remove the mention of BAB and replace it will fighter's level. Remember that character class names are not capitalized, saving throw names are capitalized, and the ability score names are capitalized and should not be abbreviated.

Maneuver Mastery
This is a clever way to avoid ability score requirements and avoid acquiring feats like Combat Expertise. However, since you already have two 1st level class features to get past that, the perks of this class feature seem redundant.

Phalanx Fighting
Definitely should be moved to the advanced section.

Poison User
The only skill used to interact with poison that I know of is Craft (alchemy). It does seem weird that applying poison suddenly goes from standard action to swift action, bypassing move altogether. Maybe at 6th level, he can use a faster action to get one use out of the poison, or a slower action to get two uses out of it.

You should move this to advanced, and you should work on the wording.

Shield Expertise
The name doesn't up with the ability gained. Change "when attacking with the shield to "when using a shield as a weapon". The last sentence is overly redundant. It would suffice to say "The fighter can ready a shield as an immediate action." Although I would make it a swift action.

Alright, so I want to get back to the dead horse: 1st level. We have:

-Two good saving throws
-A reasonable selection of class skills, two class skills of choice, and finally enough skill points to work with.
-A list of proficiencies that has been called "the best in the game".
-A scaling class feature that helps our hero qualify for certain combat feats. Starts small, ends big.
-Expertise with one group of weapons.
-And finally, we have two bonus combat feats. One of choice, one from a pretty damn good list.

And the last point is where I get back to kicking. I understand providing enough class features to let a player play the character concept at level 1. Its why the alchemist and magus are fun classes, and why the eldritch knight path is lame. But honestly, that is the purpose of one bonus combat feat. At character level 1, the fighter will have three feats to choose from (four if human), but level 1 is not the weak spot of the fighter class. If anything, he shines at early levels and begins to become limited after that.

If anything, I would reduce the fighting style class feature to choosing a single feat from a list that is made up entirely of feats that are used as prerequisites (like the one you have).

Not everyone expects the fighter to have class features for that. Personally, I think that aspect of play is better served by the player being a good role-player or being clever. If I wanted a class with mechical means to support out of combat gameplay, I would choose a different class. Or maybe play a multi-classed character.

But, you're right.

A GM has never told me I cannot use a certain type weapon or anything else so basic to character creation, so I'm a bit confused even wrapping my head around this. I suppose I would make a choice to either switch to another weapon and move on, or to just use my bow anyways. If there is only one magic bow in the game then that is my consequence for not switching. You chose to switch weapons but did not move on, so in a sense this issue is partially your fault. I suggest you make your choice - which one is only important to you - and get back to playing the game.

Alrighty. I bumped Training to 3rd level, when a normal fighter's training class features normally begin.



I could rearrange when training is gained, but so you know this weapon training is not the same as standard. I'm considering lessening what is gained at 1st level anyways. At first level its +1 to attack and damage with a single weapon (but is retrain able). It's not a whole weapon group.

You could do that. 4e did. For me though, it feels weird for a non-archetype fighter to lose out of that heavy armor, and possibly the tower shield (even though no one uses the tower shield). Maybe thats just old fashioned though.

Totally agree on mithril breastplate.

This will be brief since I am typing on my phone.

Storm sworn

Deity specific is no good. At least loosen it to a deity with the air or weather domain.

Storm trance
The damage and save to all within 10 ft will become a major GM annoyance in short order. Add damage to attacks if you must. The current form is too much work.

Any charcater with 1 level of fighter gains tower shield proficiency, not just 1st level characters who choose fighter as their first character class.

I see what you are saying about a dip attractor, but I'm not sure if we're talking about the core rules as they exist, or the core rules as you would like them to be (I'm sure we both have a few things to say about that). Obviosuly, most classes are front loaded, if you think about it. A boost to saves, new class skills, features that help the class achieve its concept at 1st level, a type of damage bonus, unlimited 0-level spells, bonus feats, whatever, etc.

Anyways, I am not rigid in my homebrew. If some one else feels the same way about about the fighter getting a free "lesser exotic" proficiency, I will remove or alter it, no prob.

I have added to the leadership and magic defense training types you inquired about. I hope they are not too terrible. First attempts and wotnot. The new PDF has a streamlined layout, and many changes to the training types.

A, thank you for your continued input. As I have mentioned before (another thread), even though I do not adhere to your fighter concepts, I hope you know that I continue to find inspiration in them.

What if spellcaster has to use a portion of his spellcasting resources to prevent other spellcasters from teleporting in and killing his party one at a time? Sounds pretty sweet.

There are ways to push a car beyond it's intended performance, and an RPG is the same. The car relents and will eventually break down, so will the RPG. Maybe daddy takes the car away, maybe you get a ticket, maybe the tow man has to bail you out. Luckily in an RPG, the GM has his own break pedal.

Drive responsibly kids.

If the intention is to lessen the feat tax, consider the following instead of handing out an extra feat. Those feat tax feats still bestow a benefit.

At 1st level, a fighter chooses a feat from the following list: ...... He does not need to meet the prerequisites for this feat. The fighter possess this feat for the purpose of qualifying for prerequisites, but do not gain the benefit of this feat. If he gains this feat at a later time, he can choose a different feat from the list.

This archetype has some strange abilities not explained by the name alone. Perhaps a paragraph of introduction would help.

Why did you decide on an enhancement bonus to natural armor, instead of a bonus to natural armor? It won't stack with barkskin or an amulet of natural armor. Also, although the character pays for this with armor and shield proficiencies, a one level dip into another class will change that. What is your intention with this class feature? If your intention is for the paragon to not wear armor, then perhaps granting him an armor bonus to armor class will do the job better.

The glaring flaw I see with this is that gains a very handy class feature at 1st level, and pays for it by giving up a class feature that begins at 5th level. He gives up nothing for the first four levels. You also let him begin the ability as a move action, instead of a standard.

That is not the only ability that is gained at a different level than the one it is replacing.

Why did you mentin that Strike As One does not provoke attacks of opportunity? (Ex) abilities typically don't. The first words of this ability should be "Starting at..."

I think the format of your document makes it hard to notice changes, especially for someone other than the writer. That the document is one long page makes it -similar to- a big wall of text. I don't know what formatting options you have available to you, but using multiple pages and two columns per page would make it easier to read it IMHO.

I apologize. Apparently I missed a bunch.

iphone and ipad. Not a computer.

Lemmy wrote:

Plese, do tell me if you can't see the most recent version.

...And thank you for the feedback. ^^

I hope this is not the newest version I am looking at, because I can't see any difference. You have been given an extraordinary amount of feedback that you seem to dismiss in many cases, even when getting the same input from multiple forum members. Since you have asked for feeback and have taken every opportunity to thank people for it, I am confused why this is happening.

OK. How would you write that up?

As an alternate, what if I did this:

Advanced Proficiency (Ex): At 1st level, the fighter chooses one of the following feats and gains it as a bonus feat: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword, dwarven waraxe, hand crossbow, net, or whip), Improved Unarmed Strike, or Tower Shield Proficiency.

Have you been uploading newer versions of your document? This thread is up to 100 posts and I'm not sure I see changes to it.

Lil' Yunky was on his way to Absolom, in order to meet a man who has promised to help him write music so that he can achieve his dream of becoming the biggest rapper in the inner sea region. He was aboard a ship that was attacked by pirates, but due to his ability to free-style was given the choice of turning pirate or dying. He has embraced the pirate life, and will continue to do so until he has a fail-safe opportunity to make it to his destination.

Lil' Yunky is a well-intentioned recovering drug addict who desperately surrounds himself with women and riches in an attempt to avoid relapsing, which he has done of several occasions.

Lil' Yunky has abilities like sneak attack and two-weapon fighting, which he uses with deadly ability when backed into a corner. While not as silver-tongued as a bard (which he is not), he makes friends easily, and is capable of using words to avoid a fight or sacrificing his integrity to get out of one. He was raised in a good home but is dismissive of his education. As Lil' Yunky looses all of his friends and struggles with the fact that he may never win his battle with addiction, he develops the means to vanish from sight entirely.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Bob is very emotionally involved in the game, to the point of appearing somewhat bi-polar (I'm not saying that he is, but judging by your words the severity of his feelings resemble those of my bi-polar daughter). I do not encourage you to simply kick him out, because as you said he is a friend. However, Bob is old enough that his friends and peers can expect him to behave like an adult, or at least to behave like an adult when it is important.

If your group is like mine then you have certain expectations of each other, such as:
Show up on time, get along with everyone in the group, do your job as part of the team
Don't sabotage or harm players or characters in the group (don't be a jerk)
Know the difference between fantasy from reality
Be a good sport, practice mutual respect, know boundaries

These gaming expectation mirror those in real life, and we want thes expectations fulfilled a majority of the time. A rationale person shouldn't expect them fulfilled without fail, but maybe some percenatage between 65% and 95%, depending on the people and situation? It sounds like Bob is slipping far down the scale, to the point that you expect him to take the fun out of gaming with your friends. And if gaming isn't not fun, then what is the point?

You or another member of the party must talk to Bob again one on one. Before the talk, you must accept that removing him from the party must happen if he cannot get his act together. Judging by what have written, Bob has not taken the feedback he has already received seriously. Let him know that he is harming other people's fun in the game, and that if he doesn't get his act together he will not be invited back. Obviously, you should say it in your own words. I'm not telling you to be confrontational, but if he doesn't take it seriously then the words are worth nothing.

Thank you for youre comments A,

I have mixed feelings about allowing a class to choose additional skills as levels are gained. While it exists, it is not something well represented in the rules. I did consider trimming down the skill list by one or two. Maybe the disciplines can include an option to pick one skill associated with the ability score each time one is chosen, like bandw2 suggested.

As you noted, this is still a work in progress. While I know I this rewrite does not address everything you and others see as issues, I do feel like I am working on some new stuff. The feedback helps.

I put +2 to the ability score instead of the mod because I hoped someone could (for example) choose a discipline multiple times and the bonus would atck for each one. If I went with +2 to mod, I would want them to not stack.

Still working on Weapon Training. I know, I know. I'd like to work on it more before abandoning it.

I'm surprised anyonw notices the mention of bastard sword and waraxe. I included those because they are kind of lame compared to other exotic weapons.

I can improve the healing from the Con discipline. Figured that making it a swift action was worth something. I was trying to guage it against other choices, and it's hard to know how many HP is equal to rolling two dice on a stabilization check or gaining an armor bonus when not wearing armor. Do you have a suggestion on how much healing?

Oh and there is an "anti-magic" option. First draft anyways. I will make sure that I have the most recent uploaded.

And thank you Stuffy. I have never been clear on that.

I have implemented several changes, including:
-Moved Training to 1st level. This was actually an idea inspired by a post in Lemmy's fighter thread. I did not implement the Training "rank" system, but I am continuing to edit the wording. I have worked the most on weapon training, but I completely agree that it is still confusing.
-I know I probably have too many training types, but I can always dump some of them later.
-I am considering lowering the bravery bonus to +1 at 2nd level and every three levels after that. At 20th level, that ends up being 3 points lower than +1/2 level.
-Resilience has been toned down, but I think its still good. I decided against Scud's suggestion of a list of +1s, because I tried something like it in my last fighter rewrite (the repertoire fighter) and eventually abandoned it. I didn't like the way it turned out.
-Continued to fiddle with Disciplines.

First off, thank you for your feedback. Second, that post above wasn't supposed to appear. Sorry!

In revisiting your suggestions I have become aware of a giant hole in my current wording for Training. By the current wording, a fighter won't be able to take the second training of a specific type until he picks his fourth training. Not the intention. The intention was to be able to spread it around or to alternate between two. That has to get fixed right away.

As far as weapons training specifically, I intend that there are no more weapon groups and no more choices you are stuck with. I want the fighter to be able to practice with a new set of weapons every day if he wants, while the the spellcasters are prepping spells. I will revisit this as well and see if I can improve the wording.

I can remove the no more than half bit from discipline. No biggie. As far as the other thing, I'll think on it. Maybe the pseudo ability points will only be gained once per ability score.

At level 18, the character will have acquired Training six times, and there are currently 4-6 training types. Four are in for sure, while the othert two are up in the air. Regardless, maybe I should make the requirement that it is a training he has selected at least once.

On the "no more than half" wording, I completely agree. My first try was some more like "The fighter cannot choose the same training twice in a row" but it was even more clunky. I will see what I can do about improving the current one.

This one has some things new, some things old, and some things borrowed. And... a few things not filled in yet.

Mostly looking for criticism of and suggestion for the Discipline and Training class features, but feel free to repond to any portion of it.


Replacing 4-level casting with other class features is a managable task. 6-level casting is pretty integral to the class. You should think about looking at this as a new class or a ranger variant.

Compared to neutral, an evil character wouldn't go through emotional turmoil for causing others to suffer. However, if the character is also lawful, those made to suffer must deserve it according whatever constructs he or she uses to justify causing suffering.

Thats one way to play it anyways. If you are intested in bringing your alignment to life then you will need at least the seeds of a back story. Humanize your character.

Your literary references are great examples of what we should strive for in our RPG narratives. Setbacks such as those two heroes experience should not always lead to death or "losing". While such consequences must be possible, they should be but some of many possibilites. We need to be mindful of the growing PC vs GM sentiment that has grown in RPG culture over the years.

Dagwood96 wrote:

Thanks, Ciaran. I hope the application of feats should counter the monster empowerment using my version of the grapple rules.

I know the ability to use one-handed weapons will take some edge from the PCs, but from what I know of medieval grappling, it was developed for when the fighting became too close to use normal weapons. Thus allowing players to attack normally with longswords, or axes, and in some cases even bastard swords, seems too odd for me. Such weapons need room to be used effectively.

Obviously PC grapplers will use the same rules, and have an advantage over other enemies.

When I envision grappling in-game, it is not neccessarily wrestling. My character could just be grabbing an enemy's collar with a free hand to keep him in one place. We could still swing longswords at each other, but the guy with a dagger would have an advantage. Perhaps attacking with a one-handed weapon would impose an attack penalty, or would provoke an attack if the enemy had a light weapon out, or the guy with a light weapon can full-attack. There are many ways one could go with this, but I think simplicity must be considered.

I thought allowing attacks with one-handed weapons was a great improvement from 3rd edition. You rule mods seem to favor monsters over PCs. I do like the ability to make an attack instead of simple dealing damage on a successful grapple check. Making an attack roll would allow the grappler to use Power Attack and other feats

Blymurkla wrote:
Ah, right. I assumed that the subdomain would still give you the powers of the full domain that the subdomain don't replace, even though you didn't have access to the full domain.

It will grant the whole thing, if you are the GM.

It is sufficient to just say "The fighter's class skills are" instead including the business about ability scores. No need for it. Put a space in between each "Knowledge" and parenthesized type of knowledge skill. Perhaps it is just personal preference, but the ability to choose additional class skills should be part of a class features, not the list of class skills.

The name of this class feature does not accurately describe it's content. The feature allows the fighter to choose two feats that have nothing to do with combat, if he chooses. Also, existing classes that grants multiple bonus feats at the same level do not generally give choices in what they are. A 1st level alchemist, for example. A 1st level monk has a narrow selection.

I am not aware of any prestige class that have ability score requirements. Can you point one out to me?

I'm not sure, but adding 1/2 level to AC seems like a lot. The game already has ways to get AC ridiculously high.

I hope you continue to refine these. The ideas for features like these can come easily, but deciding what is more powerful or less powerful is more difficult. For example, in your basic combat prowess section, you have one that grants Skill Focus, some that grants two feats, some that could be considered a class feature, and one that grants two class features. All different levels of desirability.

Since "mind-control" is not defined in game, I suggest changing this to "compulsions".

I don't love the wording of this class feature, and it should scale based on fighter level, not BAB.

I like the intent, but some of the benefits are almost too specific. The fragile weapon and ghost touch things seem like they should go into Combat Prowess instead.

I appreciate that you consolidated the wording. I like the brevity. Hope you didn't accidentally remove any important bits though.

My only criticism is that the key thematic element of Bravery becomes obsolete after four levels.

Interesting name, but I think you can do better. The major flaw I see in this feature is that you have given him ways to excel even when he is surprised, but no way to avoid being surprised. I would rethink this one.

I torn between thinking this fighter level should be raised a bit, and suggesting it move to Combat Prowess.

These also seem like they should be in Combat Prowess

The first benefit means nothing, because it is already granted at 7th level. The second benefit is basically meaningless because of Armor Training's reduction to ACP.

Extending the benefit to all weapons in his weapon groups seems like too much, but I suppose at 19th level it doesn't really matter anymore. Is the fighter supposed to choose one weapon group that cannot be disarmed? This part is vague.

This one could use less brevity, and more explanation. Does the fighter need to have Whirlwind Attack in order to use it as a standard action?

Aelryinth wrote:

I 'built up' to seven points per level by giving an additional skill point per point of bravery, and additional class skill per point of bravery. Fighter starts with 4 class skills + 2 of his choice, and improves AS HE WANTS TO from there, eventually ending up with all the skills he wants and are appropriate for the campaign, and more then the Ranger.

It made him the perfect scaling character as far as mundane skills went. Only the Rogue got a similar ability.


Lumping that in with bravery doesn't make thematic sense to me.

My instinct is to allow this only when using a summon a creature from a lower level list, in lieu of summoning multiple.

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