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Krun Thuul

Ciaran Barnes's page

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Ku-ku-ku-ku-hot for teacher?

The first time I got my head into the skald, I thought of Herger from The 13th Warrior (the sort of old viking with wavy blonde hair).

TGMaxMaxer wrote:
They work, they just don't work like most people expect a magus, since they can't cast while raging until later, and it costs a swift action and an arcane point every 2 rounds.

Why would he rage?

I disagree from personal experience, having watched one advance from 2nd level to 6th so far.

Well done Steve. I have a feeling you guys better get started on that adventure. :)

Pseudodragon oracle?

Needing two ability scores is not a problem, not in the grant scheme of things. Three is tough. One of the players in my S&S game in playing an eldritch scion magus (with 1 level of rogue). He's got weapon finesse and slashing grace, so if you imagine that dressed up as a pirate, its close to what you are building. He's not doing all of your spring attack stuff, but I imagine the characters will still play out similarly. If you're worried about potency - don't. All of our crew have their niche and are better at this or that, but overall he's the most powerful. Good damage output with defensive spells to keep in the fight for the duration. He lands the final blow in most fights. My oracle has good damage and defense, but poor mobility and needs to busy himself with other spells. Without doubt the ranger does the most damage but gets knocked out nearly every fight. Make sure to plan out your spells known ahead of time. You don't want to be picking them at the last second and make a rash choice.

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You asked for criticism, opinions, and advice. Thats what you got, but it doesn't seem welcome.

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It should probably be a d6. If you want 3/4 bab and d8, then change to 6 level casting.

If you're going to have 9 levels of casting and Int-powered casting, you should probably drop the number of skill points to 4. If you insist on staying at 6, then it needs more skills on the list, and you should diminsh the class somewhere else.

Part of the original, I know, but feels out of place.

adding 1/2 his level the skillls (minimum 1) would be easier.

Cast spontaneously and knows all spells on beguiler list? I think a spell known progression is in order.

First off, I would not allow it as a GM, because there is no built-in way to balance this race against the other races the party is playing. However, you have already OK'd it, so...

You should leave the psuedo dragon's racial hit dice in place, especially if you want to keep it's special abilities like blindsense, flight, telepathy, spell resistance, and poison. Have the player begin play when the party reaches 3rd level. The dragon will already have 2 hit dice and then be able to have 1 level in something. Let the player to rearrange all of the dragon's skill points and retrain Weapon Finesse, if desired. If you want to make somewhat of an attempt towards game balance, don't allow the poison and spell resistance to improve unless it continues to acquire racial hit dice.

I'd still prefer to play a normal PC, but just a plain pseudo dragon with extra hit dice might be fun for a part-time player. Another thing to do would be to use the race builder rules to make new 10 RP pseudo dragon that is balanced against the other races, but it might not be very pretty when you're done.

EDIT: never mind using the rules to create a new race. The number of RP would be extraordinarily high. Just being a dragon makes it 10 RP, making it tiny is 4, and that doesn't account for a single one of their abilities. A normal race comes to 10 RP total.

You're more likely to find a magic dagger durring the course of your adventures, than a... whatever that other thing is.

Using Cha instead of Wis for certain kinds of Will saves makes some sense I suppose, and I suppose one could rationalize using Cha checks instead of Con to stabilize while dying - pulling through via force of will. Maybe enemies would try to kill the leaders first (the ones with a greater personal presence). The way you could also look at it is that once a group of people have decided to kill each others, strength of personality doesn't play into things much.

The next idea doesn't have anything to do with Cha in combat, but has more to do with increasing the presence of ability checks in the game. Skills and magic are great, but I think there is also a place the raw stuff that makes up a person. The game has some ways to use Str, Dex, and Con ability checks (I made a list once), but very, very little for Wis, Int, and Cha checks. If your game has enough important NPCs that the PCs have repeated or extended contact with, I recommend a simple DC 15 or 20 Charisma check to make a friendship. Add in circumstance bonuses of course. Diplomacy makes for great introductions, but its not the same as forming a stronger bond with someone.

I'm really unclear on what your idea is.

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Explosions get furious too, apparently.

I'm a big fan of the new rage (partially cause its only a bit different from a rage rewrite I did last year). A bonus to attack, etc. instead of bonuses to strength and constitution does a few things. It allows for a barbarian dexterity-based build. It encourages a player to actually do something other that wield a giant two-handed weapon. It ends the "rage ends, I'm dead" curse that has plagued the class for too long. You loose out on a point of damage at low levels, and two points of damage at high levels. Not worth crying over.

+1 on just making a new class, and +1 on modeling it on the arcanist.

The purpose of spontaneously casting sure spells was so that clerics don't have to grudgingly choose cure spells every day. You have hampered his ability to choose good support spells.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Frst off, even though the apparent need to make a playable race of every animal imaginable makes my eyes roll back a tiny bit, I can't argue that I like the general flavor of this one. So, nice job.

Secondly, dump the slapping tail/truck immediately. The prehensile tail is neat, but to me, loading up a playable race with natual attacks just because you can reeks of bad cheese. What you have now is missing out on simple, flavor choices such as a bonus to something wierd like Knowledge (geography), or proficiency with halberds (or whatever). You could makke up something completely new, such as getting a racial bonus where he has a +4 bonus to Int ability checks to remember things.

Thirdly, write up something that has absilutely nothing to do with mechanics. It could be a paragraph or a page, but should be insightful into the elapholk and fun fun the reader.

Good old protection from evil grants a 2nd save (with a bonus) against certain spells.

I can prove with 500% certainty that I am out of shape, and be ok the next day. Certainly s hero need not be hindered for days. You idea is very vague. Please post an exact wording. Is this a feat? Class ability? General combat rule?

So I'm still working on the "extra" class feature, which I have changed from Boons to Prayers. They are like the Boons above, but reworked (a little for the better I think), and are limited in duration and daily uses, instead of always active. Most are based on the CRB domains, but there are are some general use ones as well.

Dezen Haze wrote:
Ciaran Barnes wrote:
You could make better use of those racial bonuses if you start with 14s in dex and con.
I could but I really don't like having stats under 11, personal bad habit of mine I am trying to break

Under 11? Do you mean under 10?

You could make better use of those racial bonuses if you start with 14s in dex and con.

kyrt-ryder wrote:

Just put their spellcasting track on the same pace as the Cleric's. Give them one permanent Domain [Their Calling, so to speak, the Domain that is most precious to their personal faith] alongside the rotating slot and call it good.

EDIT: I'd also suggest automatically granting them certain curative spells known when they gain access to those spells without consuming spells known slots. Particularly things like Lesser Restoration and Restoration and Cure Fatal Wounds [I mean Breath of Life]

I'll consider this. Having one permanent domain and one flexible domain would certainly keep it closer to the CRB cleric but still grant a bit of flexibility.

rainzax wrote:

I think +X to damage/resistance is underwhelming, especially when parceled out by domain.

more ideas:

Whole Faith:
Each morning, the priest selects a domain from among those granted by his god and gains access to the spells and granted powers associated with that domain for 24 hours. He may choose a new domain each day after a full nights rest and a short prayer (15 minutes).

Philosophical Flexibility:
With a prayer (a move action), the priest may gain temporary access to another of his diety's domains, gaining all spells and granted powers associated with that domain. This lasts for 1 minute, and the priest may use this ability 1/day at 1st level, +1/day for every four total priest levels he has attained. This is a supernatural ability.

Broadening Horizons:
Upon reaching 2nd level, the priest chooses a new domain or subdomain that shares a general theme with the domains and subdomains of his deity, hereafter gaining access to that domain using his whole faith and philosophical flexibility class abilities. He chooses another new (but related) domain or subdomain at 6th level and every fourth priest level afterwards.

It is underwhelming, but thats why I threw it out for input! The idea behind the damage bonus was to make using the ability worth the standard action it costs. Not a big boost, just something. Does it seem pointless? The bonus to resistance was just me scrambling for ideas. I know its not that good.

Prayers might be a good name for the extra abilities. Are you suggesting Whole Faith as a replacement for my Domain feature? For Philosophical Flexibility, I don't want him swapping out spells mutliple times per day, but I might combine these two, where he can pray for his domain once per day, any time of the day. Doing so changes the domain, or recharges the X/day abilities of the current one. Adding new domains not in the regular portfolio is pretty open-ended and something I would like to avoid. I could see it being part of a prestige class though.

So my thought is that at 2nd level and every four levels thereafter, a priest gains a Boon / Divine Aspect / some other name. Here is my list so far. I think you'll get the idea. Some can be selected by any priest, some require that his deity has that domain. What I am hung up on mostly is what to for numeric bonuses. For now, I have changed everything to "add your Wis bonus", but "add 1/2 level" or "add Cha bonus" are other possibilities even if only for certain ones.

Many of the domain ones are based on the domain's granted powers. If the priest chooses a sub-domain, then in some cases he will loose out on half of a benefit. One solution would be to free every single one from the granted powers, but I feel that doing so would make the entire project much less grounded and the balance between each would become much more disparate. So for now I'm doing a mix

There will also be one the priest can choose to gain a bonus feat, such as a channel energy feat, extra channels, or something else cleric-related.


Improved Domain Spells
Choose a domain that belongs to the priest's deity. When casting a spell appearing on that domain's list of spells, his effective caster level is 1 higher for determining the effects of that spell. The priest can select this divine aspect more than once. Each time it applies to a new domain.

Improved Channel
When the priest uses Channel Energy, he adds his Wisdom bonus to the amount harmed or healed.

Air Domain
When the priest uses Lightning Arc, he adds his Wisdom bonus to the damage roll. Beginning at 6th level, he can add his Wisdom bonus to the amount of electricity resistance he has.

Animal Domain
When the priest uses Channel Energy, creatures of the animal type are always healed of damage, regardless of his alignment, and he adds his Wisdom bonus to the amount of damage they are healed. Beginning at 4th level, his effective druid level of his animal companion is equal to his priest level, instead of his cleric level -3.

When the priest uses Artificer's Touch, he adds his Wisdom bonus to the number of hit points to damage or repair a construct or object. Beginning at 8th level, when he uses Dancing Weapons, the dancing weapon gains a bonus to damage rolls equal to his Wisdom bonus.

Chaos Domain
When the priest use Channel Energy, he adds his Wisdom bonus to heal those of a Chaotic alignment and to harm those of a Lawful alignment.

Charm Domain
When the priest uses Dazing Touch, he can affect creatures with more Hit Dice than he has priest levels. Such a creature can make a saving throw to negate the effect (DC = 10 + 1/2 his priest level + his Wisdom modifier). Beginning at 8th level, when he uses Charming Smile, he adds his Wisdom bonus to the number of rounds per day he can use the ability.

Community Domain
When the priest uses Calming Touch, the creature touched is also healed of 1 point of ability damage. Beginning at 8th level, when he uses Unity, an ally who uses his own saving throw can add the priest's Charisma modifier to the roll.

Darkness Domain
When the priest uses Touch of Darkness, he adds his Wisdom bonus to the number of rounds a creature is affected. Beginning at 8th level, he adds his Wisdom bonus to the number of rounds per day he can use Eyes of Darkness.

Death Domain
When the priest channels negative energy, he deals or cures additional damage equal to his Wisdom bonus.

Destruction Domain
When the priest uses Destructive Smite, he gains a morale bonus to the attack roll equal to his Wisdom bonus. Beginning at 8th level, when he uses Destructive Aura, all attacks made against targets in the area gain a morale bonus to attack equal to his Wisdom bonus.

Earth Domain
When the priest uses Acid Dart, he adds his Wisdom bonus to the damage roll. Beginning at 6th level, he can add his Wisdom bonus to the amount of acid resistance he has.

Evil Domain
When the priest use Channel Energy, he adds his Wisdom as a bonus to heal those of a Evil alignment and to harm those of a Good alignment.

Fire Domain
When the priest uses Fire Bolt, he adds his Wisdom bonus to the damage roll. Beginning at 6th level, he can add his Wisdom bonus to the amount of acid resistance he has.

I'm seeing some unexplained homebrew stuff within your gunslinger, such as tumble as a class skill and gaining a bonus to quick draw.

This document is a huge and difficult to read wall of text. I did not read the whole thing. Please add blank lines between entries to make it easier to read.

True grit seems very powerful for a 1st level ability. You'd bonus feat class feature would be much simplified if you said "at 2nd level, a gunslinger gains a combat feat as a bonus feat." and got rid of the massive list of combat fears.

thegreenteagamer wrote:
Because Create Water is way too useful for an orison, so it kinda balances out. Seriously, I pissed off a GM in Skull and Shackles book 1 by avoiding an entire island derail by saying "We don't need to stop for fresh water." "It needs to be enough for the whole ship." "So? I can do this all day, man, and it's gallons at a time." "Look, it's the rest of book 1, can you just work with me?"

Plug whipped us and said he doesn't like the taste of magic water. You missed a fun island.

Quickly healing ability damage seems very monk-like. Lesser Restoration usually has a 3 round casting time. You think gaining the effect as a standard is ok?

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Thank you RZ. I'm not using your effort exactly, but an idea came to me almost immediately when I wrote it. One that is not setting specific, and should be fun. :)

That was supposed to say "when I read it", meaning when I read your list of ideas.

What I'm working on now is where every X levels the priest picks an ability, kinda like how an oracle gains a revelation or a ranger gains a feat. Some will boost another a class feature in some small way, but the majority will be tied to a domain and boost the granted powers or something else related to it. I'm partway through the first draft. There will be lots for you guys to rip apart. :)

The only snag I've spotted so far with domain swapping is the animal companion gained from the nature domain. Does the animal just go away until the domain is brought back?

Thank you RZ. I'm not using your effort exactly, but an idea came to me almost immediately when I wrote it. One that is not setting specific, and should be fun. :)

I know you're right about spontaneous versions having more class features, but it goes against trying to keep the conversion simple. I'm not opposed to it, but how do you think the class could fare as is?

Nothing is wrong with the oracle. This is a spontaneous casting cleric, which is different from an oracle.

You can't edit old posts.

I understand the allure of having access to the entire list, but I am currently playing an oracle and the addition spells per day seem to make up for it. Carefully choosing spells can be a rewarding challenge. Chainging domains grants a -bit- of versatility.

Losing some spells per day was my way of justifying being able to change domain. If you think it's unneccessary though...

I could add a few bonus feats. Since I've done the ranger's bonus feat progression and "combat feats" with quite a few other classes I've done, I may want to devise a list with a category (like the wizard's) or just write a list of specific, mostly CRB feats.


BACK-UP LINK in case that doesn't work. :)

This is essentially a cleric who casts spells spontaneously, without changing a great deal.

4 skill points per level, and added Perform to the list

Spontaneous casting, using the number of spells per day and number of spells known of the oracle. Unlike most spontaneous casters, uses Wisdom instead of Charisma.

This changed a bit. The priest has only one domain, but can change his domain once per day to a domain in his deity's portfolio. Doing so gains him the granted powers, and he adds the domain spells to his spells known. Changing domains reduces the number of spells per day for one day. This is like the oracle's bonus spells from his mystery, but with a little more flexibility.

I think the rest of it is unchanged. Thoughts?

Have you thought about GMing a game instead of playing? Or would that lead to the same result?

When I read "bible" I presumed more than four pages. :)

One-Handed Fighting
Does an unarmed creature gain this benefit? Technically an unarmed attack is a light weapon. What if it has Improved Unarmed Attack or natural attacks?

Two Weapon Fighting
Your list of what gets an extra attack and what does not is very undefined. Does the GM just decide this on the fly? You should devise a system that does not rely on listing every instance.

Ranged Combat
Why did you increase the damage bonus granted by Deadly Aim? Ranged combat is already a powerful combat style. It is easier to full-attack with ranged attacks than it is with melee attacks.

Combat Maneuver Proficiency
Not really a fan of the way you have executed this. You seem to be assuming that no one multiclasses. For example, I am a 9th level wizard, 1st level fighter. I can freely attempt combat maneuvers against a 10th level fighter without provoking attacks of opportunity. That doesn't seem right. You've given me an idea though. Why not allow a character to attempt CMs without AoOs against an enemy whose BAB is lower? Certain classes would use their level in place of BAB for specific CMs, such as a rogue using the steal CM.

Do you mean an archetype?

The biggest problem I see with this is that sacrafice, gaining information, flaying, and cannibalism all sound like abilities used out of combat. What use will these be to a PC?

I would think that only a limited number of languages would have a sign language, at least in a fantasy RPG world.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
You say you're an introvert, so realistically you -need- to break that cycle. Take some risks and try some things you're afraid to.
Weirdo wrote:
Break what cycle? Being an introvert? It's not a bad thing, it just means that my ideal amount of socialization is lower than average (and is three social events a week - dinner with local family, game, date or friends night out - really that far below average?)

I have spend a lot of my life in my head as well (moreso in the past), and I promise I understand. Career and family very rarely allow me the quite time at home that I used to take for granted, and it drives me a little nutty sometimes. Introversion is part of what got me into RPGs in the first place. Maybe I understood your post incorrectly, but I inferred that introversion was causing you distress, instead of comfort. *If* that is the case then you need to be less introverted, but how that is acccomplished is something I know not. If I inferred wrong, then I apologize. I did not mean to offend.

If being an introvert has nothing to do with getting attached to your characters, and that is your sole source of distress, then it might be a good time to take a break from the hobby - or take a long term break from being a player. Pick up an AP and GM the entire thing.

Get some of your gamer friends to throw down for a monthly poker night - or whatever game you prefer. Very different from RPGs and board games.

You say you're an introvert, so realistically you -need- to break that cycle. Take some risks and try some things you're afraid to.

Uh... Go on dates? party more? Therapy maybe?

Seriously though, I have experienced this too when a favorite character suffers an inglorious death that probably could have been avoided by another PCs spending one round to help. All you can do is jump back in and try again.

There are satisfying deaths too, such as a cleric I played who, when he was the last PC standing, threw down his shield, took his scimitar in two hands and power attacked a huge blue dragon. He died in the beginning of the dragon's full attack, but it was a good death.

That one has a steep cost, considering loss of cantrips and four opposition schools.

Don't know what a powder mags is, but now I want make a wizard archetype that gets Bombs.

I know what I need. More OCD, less ADD. That's what I get for skipping sentences.

I found something in the assistant section that I am unclear on. Under RUNNING THE BUSINESS, it says that "Each assistant you add imposes a penalty equal to the appropriate Labor Factor penalty on your skill check to determine profits." This sounds to me like a small business with two assistants suffers a -4 penalty, or a medium business with two assistants suffers a -10 penalty. However, under DETERMINING PROFITS it implies that you suffer only a -1 penalty per assistant, regardless of business size. What am I missing?

Looks pretty good on the whole.

Because of the difference in theme between the witch's spell list, and what the 3.5 hexblade got, this might warrant building a custom spell list. Its a lot of work, but might be for the best. I'm not sure I agree with granting access to the highest level spells for scrolls and such. Does a magus or bard gain such an ability? The original hexblade certainly had no equivalent.

Patron Spells
I not sure you need to loose a class feature to justify gaining access to these bonus spells. Its pretty common nowadays for spontaneous casters to gain a predetermined list of bonus spells.

I would actually revert this to the original version and leave it that way. The ability to only cast necromancy seems pretty hindering. If you want the ability to toss out a hex while making weapon attacks, you could write a custom hexblade arcana for that.

Hex Arcana
It might be appropriate to write a list of magus arcana and hexes that he has access to, and then to write a half dozen or so hexblade-specific abilities to augment it.

Hex Magus
I feel like its enough that he gains access to a magus arcana or hex at every even numbered level, and that grand hexes should should stay with the witch. Maybe you can think of something else to put in these levels. Something unique to the hexblade, that is not pulled from the magus or witch.

chad hale 637 wrote:

Why the basic fighter is a complete waste of time:

You have no recovery options.
You have no healing options.
You have no movement options.
You have no skills of any worth.
You have no out of combat utility/contribution.
The fighter is technically worse at using feats then most classes despite bonus feats (I.e. weapon focus - is a mere +1 affecting only one weapon, having bonus feats doesn't really provide the fighter any options, aka "One trick pony").
The fighter has no class ability to buff his companions, lead on a battlefield, or acquire followers.

*Neither do lots of classes.

*Neither do lots of classes.
*Neither do lots of classes.
*All skills have worth. Some are more useful/powerful than others, but its a matter of a player's or group's play style that makes an a class's entire skill list seem worthless.
*Out of combat contribution is the realm of the player, not the character. It is the player who role-plays and devises plans. Having a scrying spell or maxed-out diplomacy does not change that.
*The fighter is technically equal in feat capability to any character with the same feats. The one-trick pony is a player problem, not a fighter problem.
*True, conditionally true, and the fighter has the same opportunity as any other character to acquire followers.

But of course you are referring to mechanical tools that the fighter has available. All the above can be helped by your fighter focuses, traits, multiclassing, or allocation of non-combat feats.

chad hale 637 wrote:

What do I do?

1. Bump skill points to 4+int mod. Use the "Tactician" archetype skill list, plus Bluff. Fighters should be encouraged to utilize traits that grant access to an additional skill as a class skill. Fighters should be encouraged to use the preferred class bonus skill rank.

Suddenly, the fighter can TALK!
Suddenly the fighter can THINK!
Oh thank the heavens, no one *HAS TO* be a bard!
Suddenly the fighter eases out of being one dimensional.
The fighter gains a non-combat role, and can apply a variety of skills as combat tactics.

*4 skill points per level is great and your expanded skill list is good, but I could make an argument for a skill list closer to a ranger's list than your bard-like list. Thats just a matter of a player's preference. Encouraging a player to spend his or her build resources on things like traits is not within the realm of class design. They exist to cater to customizing a character. The same advise you have given to the fighter could be given to literally -any- other class.

*Talking and thinking are what the player does. Class makes no difference. The character is only the filter through which these things happen.
*The bard is a good class, but I don't see it in play any more than I do other classes. Its true that no one has to be a bard, but your fighter fix has nothing to do with that.
*One-dimensionality is an aspect of a player, not a character. A wizard has ability equal to the fighter to become one-dimensional.

chad hale 637 wrote:
2. Lose tower shields to pay for some of this. lose armor training, lose bravery. no special access to heavy armor, no first level fighter can BUY Plate! A fighter must buy the feat to become proficient with heavy armor.

Really not on board with losing heavy armor and armor training. IMHO it is/has become a hallmark of the pathfinder fighter to be the best at wearing armor. I would rather push it forward to actually achieve that goal instead of just dropping it. Similarly, bravery is great thematically, but sub-par mechanically. Could also use an improvement. Losing these things should be in the realm of archetypes, not core fighter.[/quote[

chad hale 637 wrote:

3. RULE CHANGE: Fighters ignore BAB requirements for fighter bonus feat purchases as part of a feat chain. This ability does not carry over if you multi-class, I.e. access to the advanced feats is lost until you purchase the Feats that the fighter style allowed you and you meet all the all requirements. This also prevents "one level dipping" to "Steal" all the fighter's cool toys. No rule afterward can ever change this or apply the fighter class special access benefit to any other class.

A flat-out ability to ignore BAB requirements contingent on not multi-classing sounds like sloppy design. I would have to see the exact wording you have in mind to make up my mind on that. If a class feature is so good that it shouldn't be allowed to those who dip for 1 level, then it shouldn't be a 1st level class feature. Rather that flat-out ignoring it, I would like much better counting as having a higher BAB for the purpose of qualifying for feats.

chad hale 637 wrote:
4. Fighter focus: select one focus at first level and gain an additional focus every 2nd level thereafter (3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 19th).

Some of these look pretty cool. You could leave armor training and weapon training, and allow these to be taken in place of bonus feats or to be taken in place of the bravery bonuses. It depends on how potent you make the focuses.

And finally, if you like getting feedback from people on the forum, you should be less defensive. I'm not judging you, because I've been there too. Many of the people responding to your idea have been giving feedback on classes, etc. for years - some have written their own fighter classes. I'm not saying that someone's else opinion on how to fix a fighter is more valid than yours, I'm saying that people are taking time out of their day to read and think about something you made, and you should accept that they -might- have good reasons for the responses they have given you.

One more "and finally"... Quoting someone and "fixing" what they wrote (such as what you did to Cyrad's response) is kind of rude, IMO.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Lune wrote:
You missed "way" in your topic.

The OP could have meant "The most interesting-to-play tanks".

Once your begin an archetype, the class is permanently changed. You can't go back to the unmodified version of the class. All levels you take in that class will have the changes dictated by the archetype. As for variant multi-classing its still new and I am not as familiar. I would guess it is the same thing: once you begin it you are all in. You'll have to read the page in Unchained and see what it says. Of course, you should really talk to your GM and discuss what will happen. Some people don't mind a house rule.

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