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Krun Thuul

Ciaran Barnes's page

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Undersized katana?

Are there any amendments to these rules for symbiot or hivemind relationships (alien or otherwise)?

I advocate a frank discussion with him on what his antics are doing to everyone else's fun, since he is oblivious to it ( or is an a hole). On the flip side, why would the other characters travel with someone like this? They could simy leave town without him. :)

I would use a two-handed weapon, plus have a shield and a thrown weapon (you never know).

You still need draw power. My archery experience is limited to one quarter in college, but the more compensating you need to do (steadying to aim, wind speed, dropping over a distance, etc), the less accurate you will be. Obviously though, this fellow is good enough to overcome those things. :)

Everything in the video is just unreal though. I'm blown away.

Ask the "healer" if he will be an active participant in melee. It would be nice to have someone to flank with.

Remember to save your money and buy the best armor and shield you can whenever you have the opportunity. Getting a darkwood heavy shield is a cheap way to keep your armor check penalty. You should decide soon if you wil be a ranger or fighter. If you plan on ending up in platemail, then you won't need a Dexterity higher than 12.

What weapon do you plan on wielding? There are a few routes to take:
-Get a weapon with a critical range of 18-20 such as a rapier or scimitar. The damage die is lower but you'll enjoy getting those crits more often.
-Pick up the two-weapon fighting and shield bash feats, and you'll be making attacks with both the sword and the board. If playing a fighter, you will need to invest more ability score points in Dexterity. Your attack bonus will be lower, but you will have twice as many attacks.
-Pick up the shield bash feat, don't carry a weapon at all, and make two handed attacks with the shield. Your attack bonus will be higher and your damage per hit will be higher.

UMD is unnecessary. Grant the dude the ability to use cure or inflict scrolls and wands (as appropriate) as though he can cast the spell.

Truth in faith should say +1 to saving throws against illusions.

Favored weapon training I completely worse than weapon training. You're gainjbg a bonus to a single weapon instead of the entire group. At least allow it to overcome some amount the DR of good/evil outsiders, depending on his level.

The simplest advice I can give for an evil campaign is to make sure there is something that binds each pc together, such as service to an all powerful being, they all hate the same person, etc. They need s reason to work together or things can spin out of control.

Dominate a druid.

It's spelled deity.

Read the first sentence of favored weapon training very carefully. It doesn't make sense.

Three checks for three courses. Mitigates the problem of one bad roll ruining things. Allow some other rolls to grant circumstance bonuses, such as Kn local to know favorite dishes of the region, perform or diplomacy to entertain the judges(maybe), appraise to get the finest ingredients, sense motive to play to the judges, etc. Maybe each contestant rolls the extra skill once, highest gets the +2.

My ipad can't read your MS document. If you can save it as a PDF, it will be readable on more operating system.

I've done 11 for a single session. That was bad enough.

It would be more thematic if instead of getting a +10 on the check, the ninja cold heal it as standard action. That'd how it works in the movies, right?

The ninja trick is implying that recovering from this ability damage is not difficult. It might be that its a standard action, but I am leaning towards 10 minutes - the length of the time it takes to treat caltrop wounds, etc.

Neither one is posted. The first one is just way too all over the place, so I need to go over it again with a more objective eye and reign it in. The second one is just a concept, not fleshed out.


Weapons Manufacturer should be simplified to a bonus to craft any alchemmical item. Most of them are weapons anyway, and your restriction isn't really reigning in any power level. If you insist on increasing the number of bombs per day, then just list the total number of bombs per day instead of listing the number of bombs that are added to the normal number of bombs. Reducing a cost of 25% is not needed because the cost is already cut in half. Finally, gaining all of these abilities at the loss of Brew Potion does not balance out. Its a limited use feat, and not much of a loss.

I'm looking at Innovations, and thinking it might work better if:
-It is fleshed out more. Look at how many deeds a gunslinger gets.
-Bombs and Innovations are drawn from the same pool. Use the same number of points as a barbarian's rage or bard's performance. Switching over to this system would need a bunch of work. But... now that I've thunk'd it, I will be using it in one of my alchemists!

Void wizard, halp thyself. You already know what you want, and I'm pretty sure you know what you need to do. You just don't want to upset people.

Without getting into the minutiae of how to make that happen, I suggest you work towards a weekly group with the consistant players, and then have another bi-weekly, free-for-all, free-form where you push ahead regardless of who shows up, or how many.

I looked at this because I have worked on two "alchemist" home brews. The first allows the alchemist to "specialize" in one area (bombs, mutagen, poison, potions, etc) and become worse at other things. The other was a full-BAB alchemist with 4-level casting/extracts.

However, losing the ability to make extracts is big turn off. Also, I don't consider the ability to hurl twice as many bombs a great thing. I would rather have more interesting things to do with the bombs.

1) Why is Perception on the list of class skills? Doesn't seem like a natural fit.

2) I'm nopt so keen on Warmage Edge scaling with level. The damage from spells already scales with higher spell levels.

3) Arcane Pool has a singular use, and that is to add enhancement bonuses to a weapon. About how many times per day do you expect he will he need to do this? Especially since eventually he will have enough spells that he won't need to make weapon attacks at all. A magus at least has other ways to spend the points. Perhaps some of you class features can key off of this, such as Sudden Metamagic, Spell Focus, Intensify, Penetrating, etc.

4) The Spell Focus class feature seems like overkill, considering how many evocation spells he has access to, and that there are two feats that will stacck with this.

5) If you keep Arcane Pool and Spell Focus, I would make this class a 6-spell level caster.

This is pretty obviously the Disguise skill, but Bluff could be needed when he opens his mouth. Taking a multiclass level to gain all of the appropriate weapon and armor proficiencies would nearly negate the need for skill checks to deceive.

I am firmly against using Perform (acting) because when using this skill correctly, the other creature should know it is being entertained.

I was hoping this had something to do with Bob Seger.

I don't know if I would allow any standard action, but it does sound like it added a fun new dimension to the game.

I think its time to move on and get a new character in there. Opportunities were given.

I will adress those two questions!

There are more forces at work in the outer planes than those of fiends and celestials. Eons ago, the great deceiver set to creating war between the Aesir and the Vanir, thus weakening their combined strength. He was successful in this and all the worlds connected by Yggdrasil were set into a time of conflict that culminated in the near destruction of the Bifrost.

Satan was now free to move his attention to earth. The events described in your history took place and he grew powerful. However, far away and over many centuries, the Aesit and Vanir made peace and set to rebuilding the Bifrost. He was forced to once again turn his gaze upon them. In triggering the events of Ragnarok to defeat them, Satan was forced to violate a clause of the Lex Infernus. Having does so, the pact was regotiated.

But Hoenir managed to survive the apocolypse, in a manner of speaking. When the Bifrost is permantly destroyed, his divine essense is drawn through the gate, drifts through the planes for a time, and finally inhabits the newborn human form on Earth.

How many players are in the adventuring party? If its four or more, then ditch the GMNPC idea altogether.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I just saw this for the first time in the past week too. Bob had worked for the better of society because he's good. After the prologue but before the major events of the story take place, he only broke the law when people were in danger of getting hurt. When he lost his job and was doing "super" work for Mirage, it was outside of the laws of his country ( I think).

Yes, he broke some rules, but NG is allowed to do that too.

I have played in a 20th level spell caster duel, part of a tournament at a gaming shop. It was a necromancer cleric (me) vs a necromancer wizard, but I think the general stuff still applies. It was a game of rocket tag, where each of us took to the air and started lobbing save or die spells every round. Our defenses were incredible, and since no one was rolling very low on saves, no one was dying. Even when he hit me with a few enervations spells, it still wasn't enough to really hinder me. I finally cast anti-magic field and we both fell to the ground, but (comically) neither one of us even carried a melee weapon, so we were literally punching each other. I dropped that strategy and the save or dies kept flying, until he finally rolled low and turned into a pile of dust.

At that level in a duel scenario, I'd call even the best strategy a crap shoot. I'm not saying I had a good strategy, but this is a team game and at 20th level the difference between life and death can literally be one bad roll. I suppose if I did it over again, I would go with spells that avoided saving throws altogether.

In place of mercies and spells, give them 4 skill points and rogue talents. ;)

chaoseffect wrote:
Secret Wizard wrote:

I think that those two feats are the price you pay for using a weapon with a huge range increment that requires no weapon proficiency other than simple, no?

What issues remain after Ammo/Juggle?

I wouldn't call 50 feet a huge range increment and the argument of "hey it's pretty good for a simple weapon!" kind of falls flat when you consider that you are spending two feats just to make it into a worse version of the bow... especially as you could just spend one feat and use a bow.

There are many times when 50 feet is sufficient, and there are many times when someone doesn't have a strength bow that matches their high strength. Not optimal, but decent. I prefer javelins myself.

Well... The strength of 8 doesn't help you at all, but you should be dealing damage by using sneak attack. You should be flanking at every opportunity you can, and talk to your team mates about helping you pull that off. Sometimes an ally needs only use a move action of 5 foot step to strategically place themselves in a position where you can in turn get to a flanking position. When this is not possible, then use vanishinng trick as a back up. Teamwork.

Eh, you're already getting to make melee attacks with your ranged weapon. Besides, I don't think a rifle would make as good an anti-cavalry weapon as a pike.

If we're talking about using real-life tactics with fantasy game weapons, that could be a forum all to itself.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I stand corrected, although we're still halfling-centric. I will amend that to "Considering anyone with a light crossbow can do it with one feat, slings should also be able to do it with one feat."

Rings of Protection and Amulets of Natural Armor start at 2000 GP, take up an item slot, and are (more or less) considered AC bonuses that are normal to have after a certain level. By the formulas, you could creat a Insightful Hat +1 for 2500 GP or Lucky Boots +2 for 10,000 GP, but there's got to be a point where the number of AC bonuses available is too abusable.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Bacon666 wrote:
Item crafting says that (ac bonus (other) * 2500) ^ 2 should work...

I think you have a typo in the order there. ;)

Its the bonus squared, multiplied by 2500.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Considering how long it takes to reload a crossbow, and what Rapid Reload does, I'm surprised there isn't a way to reduce how long it takes to load a sling.

Schrodinger's statue, kinda? The party just so happpens to find a statue shortly after the player's new character is ready. Touch it with a magic scepter of some kind, and bammo. Instant party member.

I think it is weapons, not weapons per ally. However, as you advance in level, you shouldn't be needing to enhance every weapon in the party. Consider also that it is a level 1 ability, so has limitations like a level 1 ability.

Prof Sailor checks in a game like Skull & Shackles are used to determine if an action is successful, not to determine profits. If part of your game involveds digging through the earth to retrieve an artifact, build a prison for an outsider, find the heart of the volcano, or whatever, then go ahead an use Prof Miner checks. If you're looking to use it to make money, then I suggest using the standard Profession skill rules, and assume that the character ends up with a week's pay, not gemstones of a certain size. But, you might be wanting to do just the opposite of that, and give the players gemstones. I can support that if there are story reason, such as trying to get silver or diamond dust for a spell, special gems for a magical scepter, or obtaining the ransom for an NPC. Not for plain old profit though.

_Ozy_ wrote:


Gee, once a day enlarge person for 4000gp

Or, 40 potions that will run you half that cost, and used 1/day will last you well into your Pathfinder career.

You guys are kinda nuts. Seriously? A 1/day item should cost ~ 800gp. That's 50gp more than a wand, which would have much more utility in 99% of the parties out there.

A potion requires two actions AND a free hand. A wonderous item like a hat or crown requires one action and no hands. A wand has it's own requirements above and beyond that of a potion or wonderous item.

Because of the obvious benefits, I feel that 1/day would be reasonable for 4000 GP.

ROCK SLINGER (halfling rogue)

Secret Wizard wrote:

Just put a Google docs document or link a PDF.

By the way, we work on a request basis.

I see. Well, I suggested a halfling slinger on the previous thread and someone gave it a like, so I decided to write it. I wanted to run it through you to match your style. Its all good though. I'll post a link later. Hopefully you have some input.

If I have one to submit, how should that be done? I clicked on your profile and don't see a way to send you a PM.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

What I have done with kobolds in my home games for the last 15 years or so is this. Kobolds in game represent more or less the least dangerous foes that PCs game face, more or less. Rather than die in droves when they ambush, many have ceased hostilities and maintain a truce of sorts with whatever communities they live near. Some earn money in and around towns taking less than desirable jobs, scavaging, and trading.

With humans, dwarves, and elves on the decline in your world, who will orcs and hobgoblins turn to for cheap labor in their mines? Kobolds of course! Those little bastards are talented at is, work for cheap, and can fit into small places. Since goblins are gone, kobolds probably maintain the sewers as well.

boring7 wrote:
Evasion is...worth its price. It is not "super excellent." It's negatives are apparent with the fact that you have to MAKE the reflex save, if only blocks HP damage that you were (presumably) going to survive anyway, and it is really expensive. But a chance for no damage is pretty cool.

A cleric I played into high levels ended up with one of these and made great use of it. Sure his Dexterity was 10 and his Reflex save progression was poor, but the proper applicatiion of spells and magic items made the saves passable.

Thank you for the sarcasm.

Needle Throw
The idea behind attacks that deal precision deal, such as sneak attack, is that it isn't multiplied because it is already like a critical hit. Its already bonus damage. As far as range goes, "sneak attack range" is not a term defined in the game. Range penalties should still apply as there is already a feat to reduce them.

Desperate Shot
Once per day abilities from rogue talents obviously have a precedence, but generally I don't think they are a good ability. Balance wise, I guess its not terrible, if you consider what the true strike spell does. Finally, use "to attack" instead of "to hit". "Hit" is a possible result of an attack.

Considering what most skill boosting feats do, this really seems like overkill. If a character has maxed his Acrobatics skill, adds his level to the check, and cuts the DC of jumps in half, he can basically jump 4X further than normal. I would cut one part of the feat or the other, and add a prerequisite. Or, change it to add 1/2 level to Acrobatics. Or, Add level to Acrobatics checks made to jump. Also, check on the name because Agile might already be used for something else.

Another thread about cosmetics?

The Spellcraft skill does not create the armor. It makes the armor magic.

If you have enough players at your table, then do not do this thing. Use your creativity to role play great NPCs instead.

Getting cleaved and magic missled and maced and dying by the dozen.

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