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Krun Thuul

Ciaran Barnes's page

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APG's alternate racial features do an OK job of handling cultural variations within the same race. No sense in reinventing that, IMHO.

I kind of like Sphynx's concept of a medium bab anti-magic guy. He looses some ability to go toe-to toe with full bab combatants, but makes up for it with dispelling, spell turning, anti-magic, better saves, effect removal, etc.

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Full plate mail and bow/crossbow looks awesome in artwork, not always so great in a game.

It's great for enemy casters to prepare too. Especially if the party makes a lot of noise before engaging said caster.

Rainzax suggested wu jen, geomancer, and lay line walker. I suppose those could be accomplished by replacing a few class features and adding some hedge talents.

Two bonus feats at 1st level seems excessive.

Not yet. Maybe someday, or if an idea hits me. I started one for the savage lord, but that's it. You're not he first person to suggest hedge mage archetypes.

Apparently your GM is the group's munchkin. ;)

It is the GM's duty to arbitrate these things. What creature was it? Epic mythic dire fiendish manta ray? A flat creature might be able to do it.

I meant ability damage, not scaling 1d6s. I wrote more details yesterday, but it looks like that post was eaten. I'll get back to this when I have more focus.

Have a purpose that relates to completion of the quest. Being a dick is not role-playing - it's just being a dick. So... Role play your character, regardless of alignment. Your motives and methods can still be evil, but if your purpose is only to sabotage your party members' quest or just ruin the campaign, why would anyone want to play RPSs with you?

Lone Ranger and Tonto.

Goblingreen wrote:
I really like the idea of a low level one shot to teach her the basics, but I'm not sure if sending my group on a tangent quest is a good idea. We've done that sort of thing before and its how we ended up switching from a home game to an AP to a different home game.

TPK them in the last encounter, and then have the party in the normal campaign stumble across the battlegrounds and use their higher level characters to avenge their deaths. :)

Goblingreen wrote:
And, I know I should have said something when she first showed up, but we were playing at their house and I felt rather, what's the word, obligated? Yeah, lets go with that, obligated to let her play.

I understand how this would be an awkward situation if you refused. Still, the BF should have talked to the group about it beforehand.

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Goblingreen wrote:
my newest player's girlfriend showed up to play, no warnings given.

This is the point where you should have done something. But, since it seems that is ancient history now, I endorse the lower level game idea, but running perhaps three sessions instead of one. It will make a better learning tool. Are we to assume that the female player has a character made by her boyfriend? You didn't say which other player made it. For this short-term game, do what you can to make sure she makes it herself or that someone with less personally involved helps her. Bearing more responsibility for the creation of the character herself will also help.

Make sure that the third session ends decisively, and that the players know ahead of time that it has a limited life span. If you are intent on continuing this AP (I know I would be), then make sure it happens. No loose threads to follow. TPK might be fun for the noob too. ;)

We had a MP marathon at home ealier this year and the Lumberjack came together pretty quickly, without the normal hassle of stretching a class to 20 levels. Easiest homebrew I have ever done. After that I toyed with the idea of a Knight of Camelot class where dumping mental ability scores actually helped out in some cases, but abondoned it just as quickly.

Take some of the shared class features and start putting them on the class table, such as when the energy resistance increases. Instead of writing each element independantly, I suggest they each have some class features that work similarly - but not the same - so it will be easier to guage the strength of one vs the other.

And upload the updated document.

Move armor and weapon proficiencies to the base class and grant them all simple weapons, light armor, and shields. If you want to give each specialty a couple of proficencies on top of that (such as shortbow and longbow for air), then put that under the element.

If you want to beef up air, I would start by also granting them good will saves. Under wind shealth, what is a simple action? What I think air is missing is the ability to fly without spending an action to cast a spell. What if he was able to fly for a limiited number of non-consecutive rounds per day, by simply using a move action?

My pleasure. I had a solid concept when I began the knave, but it turned into quite the ordeal to stretch it out to 20 levels. Glad you like it. It began as a companion to the brute class, and are both based on generally unsavory personal qualities. There are art of a trilogy and I will spnd day begin the final piece.

I just noticed my typos in the first post. That should say "mastery". :)

I liked the point pool better. However, because of the fiddly part about GP value of actual poisons, I would separate this from those and make it more like the Bomb class feature. Low powered poisons cost a single point, while those with higher DCs or more significant ability damage or are the inhaled type cost more points. I like the idea of harvesting poison to gain some use em or lose em points

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Below are links to PDFs of several of my home-brew creations. I have worked hard to get them into their current state but feel free to critique them, or to use them in your own games.

A tough-as-nails bar room brawler who frightens his opponents and fights dirty. An alternate to the barbarian.

This warrior trains relentlessly with weapons, but foregoes armor in favor of heightened agility. In place of a fighter's feats, she gains acrobatic talents, similar to a rogue's.

A spontaneously casting variant of the druid. Incomplete.

Hedge Mage
Much like a wizard, but with less formal training and more intuitive magical ability.

An alternative to the rogue who develops a supernatural master of deceit. Also incomplete.

An axe wielding warrior who cuts down trees, skips and jumps, and likes to press wild flowers. Very Monty Python.

Savage Lord
An thematic infusion of the ranger and the bard, without borrowing any of their mechanics. As capable in the wilds as he is amongst nobles.

Prairie Dwarf
A cousin to the traditional dwarf that have been featured as background character in many of my games throughout the years.

I think you reversed Smite and Lay on Hands. Smite is a 1st level ability, LoH is 2nd. I like the idea, but the class features need some work.

Adopting what? This is the homebrew forum, so it is assumed that you are changing something or creating something new.

Cyrad wrote:
I feel the same way about any thread that asks for feedback regarding house rules. Ultimately, it's the players that judges whether the rules are fair.

Years ago I would create house rules for games I ran, thinking they would add realism or fun to the game. However, I came to realise that I was the only one at the table who cared about the house rules I wrote and others were generally unmoved by their existance. So, I stopped.

From a purely spellcasting point of view, multi-classing is not a good option. You can cover the increase to AC by spending money on mundane equipment, such as armor and shield. Putting a +1 enhancement bonus on a breastplate and light shield will get you a +9 to AC.

However, from the point of view of achieving your character concept, a level of monk will give you a lot. (+2 to all saves, boost to AC and touch AC, skills, some feats) I would search the archetypes for one you can squeeze the most miliage out of. The standard monk will have some things your cleric will have no use for.

I also find a bunch of these to be over the top. What I would do is go over the list with your gaming group and put each house rule to a vote. In the end, it doesn't matter what the rest of us think of them.

A wall of text is difficult to read, which will make people not want to read it. Adding an empty line

between each paragraph or thought will help with that, as will using boldface on special headings.

Your guide is kind of hard to follow. It took my looking over it twice to have an idea of what was going on.

Poison Crafting Times
This isn't really so much a "fix" as it is listing the ways to get the highest possible craft bonus, so perhaps changing the name of this section would be smart. The "fix" is lowering the price of poisons, which is what actual focus of this guide is. Rather than begining the guide with this, I would move it to section 2, and make Examples section 3.

The difference between these is very important. Each must be used to different ways, which I could go on about for paragraphs. In my mind at least, injested poisons should have a higher DC at the normal cost, while inhaled poisons should have a higher cost for the same DC. So perhaps calulating the costs with another factor would take care of that, such as +2 for inhaled or -2 for ingested.

Damage Amount
"Effect" would be a better heading. You undervalue unconsciousness. It makes it possible to take out a target in one simple step. In a way, unconsciousness is reducing one of the target's ability scores to zero. Another creature could coup-de-grace it. According to your guide, more expensive poisons hurt the target but it can continue to act. Your pricing is easy to abuse by creating high DC sleep poisons. If you want to keep it cheap, there will have to be some kind of mitigating factor, such as becomes staggered on the first failed save, stunned or prone on the second, unconscioius on the third (just as an example). I would also modify the pricing for hp damage poisons. Breaking it down to 1d6 increments might be better.

Your example of a group of criminals keeping poison on their weapons "forever, or until used several times" is unrealistic to me. Owning a weapons and being ready to use it at any moment requires handling it from time to time. These criminals would run the risk of poisoning themselves on a regular basis. Also, it seems realistic to me that a poison not stored correctly could go inert after a certain amount of time.

I would drop the power attack prereq and replace it with a minimum BAB. If anything, this would be an opportune place to add some cool feature to the combat expertise feat.

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You can do it to just be a pain in the ass, I suppose, but also if you're a neurotic wizard. As for coinage, you can make the mark invisible.

I also like the idea if using for social networking, but I would consider it more in line with dogs peeing on a favored telephone pole.

Its gonna take money, or getting lucky with the gear your GM hands out. Improved your dexterity, enchant your armor and shield whenever you can, buy a ring of protection, and an amulet of natural armor. Ask your spell caster to prepare a spell that will add AC bonuses. The Dodge feat is considered by many to be a poor investment for the return, but its an AC bonus that stacks with everything else. If you are a dwarf of half-orc, I think Iron Hide is the name of a feat your can take to give you a natural AC bonus.

You should start casting it on everything you own, even your coins.

Arcane Mark
School universal; Level magus 0, sorcerer/wizard 0, summoner 0, witch 0

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S

Range: touch
Effect: one personal rune or mark, all of which must fit within 1 sq. ft.
Duration: permanent
Saving Throw: none; Spell Resistance no

This spell allows you to inscribe your personal rune or mark, which can consist of no more than six characters. The writing can be visible or invisible. An arcane mark spell enables you to etch the rune upon any substance without harm to the material upon which it is placed. If an invisible mark is made, a detect magic spell causes it to glow and be visible, though not necessarily understandable.

See invisibility, true seeing, a gem of seeing, or a robe of eyes likewise allows the user to see an invisible arcane mark. A read magic spell reveals the words, if any. The mark cannot be dispelled, but it can be removed by the caster or by an erase spell.

If an arcane mark is placed on a living being, the effect gradually fades in about a month.

Arcane mark must be cast on an object prior to casting instant summons on the same object (see that spell description for details).

If the play experience is anything like the 3.5 Spell Compendium, then including this book will be lots of fun for the players (the core rules spell selection has some weak spots). Fun it an important consideration, and you should weight it against how increase in power that the spell casters are going to experience, and how much work will be required of you to accomodate it. Allowing it might offset whatever measure of balance your game currenttly has. I encourage you to rewrite the spell lists of NPC spellcasters using the book, especially if they come from a published adventure.

You have to wear funny looking pieces of armor, and wield funny looking weapons and tridents. Oh. And you might have to be enslaved.

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Cyrad wrote:
With that logic, it should be evocation because you're invoking energy. Also not a bad idea.

"I cast Positive Energy Bolt. Every creature in this 30 foot line si healed for 10d6, save for half."

"I cast a quickened Magic Healing Missle. You're healed for 5d4+5 - no attack roll needed."

If you have a good Intimidate and can't make a full-attack then it's not a big deal spending a standard to demoralize.

Are you going to post an updated version of the class?

If the feat is granted by a class feature that says you gain the feat even if you do not meet the prerequisites (or that you can ignore the prerequisites, etc), then you can still use it even if your Intelligence drops.

Oh, and Intelligence is properly called an ability score. In Pathfinder, a stat block is a condensed collection of all of a creature's capabilities, not just ability scores.

Me too.

That is certainly significant, considering. The avatar I mean, not the 1000th post. Gonna take some getting used to.

Maybe you threw out your cookies.

I'm putting together a (partially) new group, after 10 months off. One of my pals might be playing a bravo. It's pretty exciting. How are your conversions working out?

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I would pity the player whose role is 'trap guy'. That role consists entirely of -one- skill and possibly a class feature. It's a sub-role. Several classes are capable of covering it.

Lizardfolk and kobolds speak it.

My group always plays 25 point. It's more fun for the players, and I personally don't feel like anything is a cakewalk. Maybe that's GM tactics, maybe it's the lack of dump scores.

I see no problem with a GM making a list of what is allowed and what is banned. That's just good sense.

As for the pre stocked Magic shops, if your players are fine with it then who cares?

Time to retire those dice. Get some sets, plus some extra rad-looking extras. Carefully choose the dice you will use for the session, and -do not- share the dice.

Your post consists of fairly few house rules. Most of your post is what your players should expect in your game.

Do they really need a unique racial language? Pathfinder already has a ridiculous number of languages, including one commonly used by other reptilian creatures.

With those odds they still stand a good chance of awakening them, even if the follow the rules.

I've never purchased a pre painted fig, but that Tiamat is looking pretty awesome.

Skill List
If I were to add only a single charisma-based skill to the monk's list of class skills, I would choose Diplomacy. Its not a big deal, but it fits better with my mental image of the monk.

Focussed Strike
I understand that this is to reduce MAD, but you're saying that an 18 Str monk has no attack advantage over a 10 St monk. You also - in a way - requiring the monk to spend a feat on Weapon Finesse.

Swift Strikes
You'll need to fix some of the language here (and elsewhere in the document). I would begin it with: "When a monk uses the attack action or full-attack action, she can make one additional attack as a swift action. This attack must be made with an unarmed strike or a monk weapon before the end of her turn, and suffers a -2 penalty. Beginning at 11th level, using this ability allows a monk to instead make two attacks." I'm not sure what you meant by "with half Strength/Wisdom". Is that a refernce to damage? If so, that is a direct contradiction to Unarmed Strike.

Iron Body Method
Writing (1/2 monk level) so many times is redundant. Just write it once at the beginning of the class feature.

If you can't find it in print, then it's a house-rule. And house rules are... well, how does your group feel about house rules?

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