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Krun Thuul

Ciaran Barnes's page

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I believe you mean that you have a rogue in your campaign.

My recommendation is that you move around some of that point buy to improve your charisma. It will help your Smite ability, your saving throws, and your charisma skills, if you plan on assuming that role in your party. Finally, do not put your free level four ability score point in a low score. You want to put that in a high score, such as your strength or your 14 dexterity so you can qualify for the next two-weapon fighting.


You numbers look correct.

Either ability score could be rationalized. Your call. I should point out though that the barrier Orc you have in the doc is 11 RP instead of 10. Double check the PM I sent you. Between the first and second draft they gained the intimidate bonus and lost the improved base speed.

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Holy rambling mechanics Batman! Is that the longest feat write-up ever?

Dave Justus wrote:
Conan the Librarian

Don't you know the dewey decimal system?

Wow. I just noticed that that the lesser centaur and barrier orc have identical ability score modifiers. Is that a problem?

The farmers make as much money as you want them to. If you decide the farm is prosperous, then simply say that the farms covers hundreds of acres and that it takes many people to work the land. It does not serve you to decide how many people work the farm of what their skill bonuses are.

He would be at a charisma of 1 if you hadn't double dipped. We've all tried critical fumbles in the past, and most people give up on them at some point. The way that they are most often done, critical fumbles are a worse punishment to martial characters than to casters. Try a couple of sessions without fumbles and see how you like it. I'd bet that the game will still be fun if combatants aren't dropping weapons all the time.

I am not familiar with rage points, but I would have liked a way to spend rounds of rage to perform certain rage powers, such as the "once per rage" abilities. I would like to see this as part of a way to get rid of rage cycling, which I consider cheesy.

There is the barbarian rage power, Strength Surge.

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Ability Score: Intelligence
Skill: Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (history), Linguistics
Feat: Skill Focus

Azalyn is a scribe by profession, but is known best in the settlement as "the foreigner". She had wealth when she arrived and owns a small home in town. She works out of her home, earning an income by writing letters for the illiterate, occasionally translating texts, and keeping detailed records for the local authorities, as it presently lacks a fully fledged administration. At her best, Azalyn is a pleasant conversationalist and an eager teacher. However, daily stress is difficult for her to deal with, so on most days she comes across as distracted, and on the worst as dismissive. She has her own collection of scrolls and books, which she has copied, purchased, and written. It is her hope that they will become a library someday when the town has grown large enough. Although her appearance is considered plain in her homeland, it is considered exotic by local standards, and this can draw unwanted attention. It is unknown why she left her native land.

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Young Tom
Ability score: Constitution
Skill: Swim
Feat: Endurance

Young Tom is a man of little consequence in his 30's who pushes a cart, delivering vegetables and firewood to those who can pay from farms outside of the town. He inherited the business more than a decade ago from his father Tom after Tom was thrown from his horse and the horse ran away. Young Tom had a young wife once, but she also ran away due in part to his meager personality, but more due to his meager ambition and income. He is considered by others to be tolerable, generally trustworthy, and even-tempered. Young Tom is able, though not worldly. Because of the nature of his occupation and his frequent coming and goings Young Tom sees a great many things, but his mind is unadventurous enough for him to not worry what any of it means. Few things stand out to him as worthy of note, but he can remember details if he is asked the correct questions.

Ug. The same cleric I mentioned earlier (Glorivard, dwarven cleric of Graz'zt) was in a tight spot a few levels earlier, where a pair of spell casting stone giants cast rock to mud then mud to rock in the same round, completely encapsulating him in stone. The very same tielfling wizard (Nicodemus), unsure how much time I had and low on spells, cast disintegrate on the rock to free me. The DM mulled over the wording of the spell for some time and we all discussed what would happen. In the end, the stone was gone and every one of my magic items had to make a saving throw. Every single one of them failed and was reduced to ash. I do not know if we handled this correctly. Anyhow, I was a naked dwarf in the underdark and had to prepare a special spell list of spells that did not require a holy symbol. Two days later our fighter realized he had a holy symbol written on his character sheet. We planeshifted home the next day.

We had to run away via teleportation. All my gear dropped to the floor and no one spent an action to pick anything up.

jimibones83 wrote:
I could have sworn you couldn't use the ashes left behind from disintegrate as the body part requirement to cast raise dead. Is this correct?

This brings back bad memories of my cleric casting discintegrate on a villain who had a scryed me and prepared spell turning. I blew the save and was turned to ash. It was fortunate I guess that our tiefling wizard was adjacent to me and some of my remains stuck to his fur. The DM let that count as remains. Lost my entire level 15 equipment list.

I'd like to try my hand at role-playing a character with an intelligence score of 4, but trust this will not be the person you would want to break you out of jail.

If you increease the activation time to a move action, I would consider changing the level 1 bonus to +2, but change the way it stacks from multiple sources.

And yes, change the name of the feature to Bodyguard.

Whatever a crit is supposed to represent, sneak attacks and other forms of precise damage are the same thing. Basically a sneak attack is already a critical hit. I like Petty Alchemy's suggestion though.

I don't claim to have a good idea on balancing prestige classes, but I feel like a full BAB, two good saves, full spell casting, and class features every level is too much

Special: The requirement is fine, but I wonder what happens to a queen's guard who renounces his vows? Can he still advance in the class? Does he lose abilities? This information should be detailed at the end of the class, like the paladin.

Skills: 3 + Int? Just pick 2 or 4.

Defenders Charge: what kind of action is it to declare a charge? Since there is no entry requirement for this class to be a magus, I would remove the thingy about spending arcane points. I would move the ability to the end of the paragraph and do something so any caster can use it. For example:

Defender's Charge: A queen's guard is devoted to protecting those under her care. She can declare a creature as her charge as a swift action. The charge gains a +1 to AC as long as the queen's guard is adjacent to it. The queen's guard also gains a +1 bonus to weapon damage rolls and rolls to overcome spell resistance against creatures who threaten her charge. These bonuses increase by 1 at 3rd level and every two levels thereafter. Once per day, she can cast a spell with a range of personal on her charge.

Whats the difference between a bonus feat and a free feat?

The only time I've seen a group of grown men's player characters turn tail and run at the mere sight of a monster was when an underdark beholder floated 'round a corner while we were mopping up his minions. We didn't know they were minions at the time, and every single one of us was off the combat matt in one round. There was no discussion or tactical withdrawal, just full-round withdraw actions. This is of course due to each of us growing up reading about legendary monsters like this one, and never actually having to face one until then.

In Pathfinder though, I can't say I've experienced anything quite as dramatic as this. In Kingmaker, which my former group played from 1st to 10th level, there were a couple of fights we ran away from, and a couple of others I wish we had.

The number of 6-level casters out now has probably increased the usefulness of a spell like this, limited wish included.

Let it go. At higher levels, its the Fort and Will saves that truly ruin a characters day, not Reflex. Also, if you have a rogue of high enough level to have Improved Evasion, you must have a spell caster of high enough level to do things far more amazing than avoid damage from a spell.

Specific searches are for when the character only spends a couple of seconds looking for something, such as in the middle of combat.

Do you want the party to find the door? If so then go with the most favorable choice.

Ack. This is the point at which I would carry on role playing MY character and disregard the GM. A player would have to stomp on his alignment pretty bad for me to take issue, such as murder motivated by boredom or using no actions while watching innocents burn to death. Play your own character.

A different issue could be how your party feel about your hit and hide tactics, if it causes you save your own ass at the cost of not contributing to combat. IMHO you are obligated to try to contribute an amount acceptable to your peers. RP with characters is on one side of the coin, and being decent to your teammates - the actual players at the table - is on the other.

A barbarian must use rounds of rage to out perform the fighter. Perhaps it is a small thing, but the barbarian is limited in this way.

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A monk has physical skills, some "rogue" skills, a couple of knowledge skills, fighting ability, the potential for strong defenses, and self-healing. I say go for it. The need for social skills (or any other mechanical element) is completely dependent upon what kind of game you want to run. Perhaps social encounters are decided completely through role-playing, with no dice. If you want to include rolls for social skills, to encourage learning of the system, you could let her choose some traits.

As for a story, I would gravitate towards beginning the story in a monastery, if you think your daughter would find that appealing. She nears the time when the masters can teach her no more, and before she is allowed to spend the remainder of her years in meditation and then teaching, she must walk the earth, that she may have experiences to contemplate in the future.

This conversion is less ambitious than originally planned. I decided to leave as many of the class features as originally written as I could. The changes include:

-Sneak Attack now includes a level based attack bonus. I devised this as a feat a couple of years ago, then saw it included in someone else's conversion and thought that was an even better idea.
-Trapfinding and Trap Sense have been rolled together and expanded to include ambushes and surprise rounds.
-Cunning is a limited use feature to avoid failure due to a crappy roll.
-Ambush is a feature that to improve performance in surprise rounds.

***Here it is!***

When I think of an advenure at a dam, I think of the 1st level of Goldeneye (1997).

DominusMegadeus wrote:
Aelryinth wrote:

Is that a proper English jibe? :) It ain't 'dwarves'.


Just simple minded amusement on my part. Talking about Pathfinder, someone says dwarfs, laugh like an idiot. You know how it is.

I don't know if Tolkien invented the spelling with a "v", but i read about his publisher "corrected" dwarves and elves to dwarfs and elfs in early printings of LoTR.

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Rynjin wrote:
Armor Training included. Additional Feats hard to account for. Should've put that under Misc.

It seems that you are quite right. I have always assumed that Armor Training increased the armor bonus as well. Maybe it should!

Armor training for the fighter. Also, I'm sure you're not accounting for several additional feats for the fighter.

They have absolutely no class features.

Play nice kids.

I like it, but I would change it some.

1) Militant Expertise. I love it because it's 90% flavor, but could be hugely helpful in the right campaigns.

2) Martial Flexibility. It this identical to the brawler feature? Looks fun.

3) Endurance. Between this, the combat style feat, and martial flexibility, you are essentially giving out three feats as level 1. I would delay this until 3rd level or so, or remove it entirely.

4) Combat Style. You've justified handing out even more feats by limiting the selection. The fighter already has no shortage of feats, especially your fighter, due to martial flexibility. I don't like this because the fighter's "gimmick" is that his bonus feats can be literally any combat feat, and you're changing that. Just a personal preference.

5) Maneuver Training. Could be cool, but not entirely necessary. Bonuses to combat maneuvers are already easy enough for a fighter to get with his bonus feats, and in my experience a character either uses combat maneuvers or does not. There isn't much middle ground. You could drop this and turn combat maneuvers into one of your combat styles.

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Kitty up and scratch me through my jeans

In real life, relationships with people develop over time (with new experiences). So just add in what you like. People's personalities aren't static.

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A spontaneous casting version of the Druid, as flavorful as the sorcerer or inquisitor. I was working on one two years ago but abandoned the project.

One meta magic level per three caster levels?

What if there was some language included in Scythia's version that basically inhibits unintended uses, such as sneak attacking twice in a surprise round. You could say that it using the ability prohibits casting another cantrip in the same round, or in a more extreme form from casting another spell at all in the same round. Or, if "abusing" the feat a half dozen times or more per day is a concern, then limit it to 3 times per day (no extra uses for casting mod). Honestly though, the original form is going to be just fine 90% of the time.

My thoughts are... extra paperwork. I like some nods at realism my games, but there is already a great deal to keep track of, so no thanks.

Maybe this is a hardline approach, but if a temporary Constitution bonus gives you real hit points that can keep you alive, then I would say that temporary Constitution damage takes away real hit points and can kill you. Otherwise, what is the point of an expensive poison that inflicts Constitution damage?

4 skill points is fine. I suggest adding more skills to the list of class skills.

Of the nineteen Paizo core and base classes, nine of them feature Perception as a class skill. If you think that this skill is thematically appropriate, then include it. My point was that, as someone who looks at many home brew classes in the forum, almost every one of them has perception as a class skill. Any character benefits from Perception. That doesn't mean that everyone can be good at it.

Clarifying by assuming the reader isn't familiar with the Summoner class. Or, if it is intended solely for personal use, then it doesn't matter how you write it.

Your skill list looks a little slim for a 4 skill point class. I would take those Knowledge skills from the the Phenotype class feature and simply put at least some of them on the skill list. This is especially fitting for the scholar Genus. Shouldn't the scholar have access to Knowledge skills? And, as a personal nit-pick, is there any reason Perception is on the skill list, aside from that it seems to appear of every single home brew class's skill list?

Shapeshift needs to be clarified. As written, you are assuming that I know what evolution points are for, and how eidolons work. Eidolon isn't even mentioned until the end of the class feature.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

No. Natural weapons follow slightly different rules. Regardless of your BAB, you will only ever have one attack with a natural weapons. However, if you had multiple natural attacks, they are all at your highest BAB. Note though that secondary natural weapons suffer a -5.

My only criticism regards the skill bonus. To my mind, one of the purposes of a level based skill bonus is to allow the character to put skill points elsewhere. So, allowing untrained nobility checks on the one hand, and then granting a bonus only if it is trained seems counter intuitive to me. Also, the bonus is strangely specific, so I would amend it to the following:

Skills: An Order of the Seneschal cavalier adds Knowledge (local) and Knowledge (nobility) to his list of class skills, and he can make Knowledge (nobility) skill checks even if he is untrained. He adds his level to Knowledge (nobility) checks involving his sovereign or his sovereign's domain.

Your suggestions have been implemented.

Thank you for your response.

The speed bonus is an enhancement bonus, so that it doesn't stack with magic items, spells, etc. I took pains to make sure that heirloom bonus types were of the usual sort that magic items have.

For warrior's calling, I see what you're saying. This is something I have gone back and forth on. Should I let it become a swift action to activate at a certain level (probably 8th, maybe 6th), the way bardic performance does? Maybe I work it so that (at the approproiate level) he can activate as a swift, or as the haste version as a move?

I know what I consider ability-based checks, but the game's definition is not 100% clear, as evidenced by forum threads where it is argued. I wrote it that way because when similar effects list the specific types of checks they affect, I feel that they can become useless certain kinds of characters. And I like brevity, sometimes to my detriment.

To me, ability based checks include ability score checks (str, dex, con) and skill checks. It also included some other specific abilities that are also ability checks, such as initiative, stabilization, wild empathy, and some others. This ability previosuly included attacks, but I removed it. I forget exactly why. Should I remove "ability-based checks" and write it out more specifically? What do you think about the inclusion of attacks?

The name is a little strange. Reading your opening description, I think the name Explorer would be a better fit. On the one hand it seems to be a wilderness class, on the other a treasure hunter, possibly? I'm having trouble getting a good read on your vision for the class. Maybe a little more detail here.

The skill list looks a little funny, but I can't put my finger on what it is. Is it meant to be like the bard list?

Why did you choose to grant proficiency in all martial weapons? I can't think of another 3/4 BAB class that does. taking a cue from the rogue or bard, you could grant simple weapons and also a short list of extras.

Advisement is a fairly weak ability with a long write-up, with the exception of the attack bonuses. If I were writing this, I would shorten this up and provide more general benefits. Bonuses to environmental hazards and disease are pretty narrow in focus.

Traveller's Lore is fine in concept, but the list of skills is too long and scattered IMO, and I would follow the convention of adding half level to skills.

Allowing the choice of any bonus feat doesn't sit right with me. Every class that gets bonus feats has a restriction on what can picked. Fighter has combat feats, ranger has combat style, rogue talents grant access to only a few different feats. I would prepare a list of feats that you think are thematically appropriate or define what kind of feats can be picked.

I like Improved Saves, but would be inclined to simplify it to a d6, regardless of level.

cricket sounds...

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