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Krun Thuul

Ciaran Barnes's page

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A basic form of power attack could simply be -1 to attack for +1 to damage (and scale it of course).

Rule of cool?

Silly me, thinking I could just show up and find parking within an hour. At least the pedestrians are more interesting than normal.

End of handle is hollow for an inch or two, cast light inside the hollow space. That would focus the illuminated area but not extend it. I don't know if the range of magic light it increased by mirrors.

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All of those feats have a niche IMO, but (obviosuly) some of them fail to deliver value on par with other feats.

Like it or not, some people very much like Sill Focus. Not many though. Endurance is a feat that would be great in the right kind of campaign with the right GM. However, that style of play isn't very popular and such hardships becomes less threatening as characters advance in level.

Precise Shot though, I have seen that one used many times over many years.

Ah, the golden ages of cinema! Its remarkable what each generations deems acceptable kinds of sex and violence (and prejudices for that matter). Can you imagine what a 60s audience would think of Bond films like those of the last 20 years?

This thread, even with its varying opinions, is much more cohesive and civil that any Batman alignment thread I have ever seen. Bravo!

Not all monsters of the same CR are equal in potency, some are much stronger when grouped with a specific other monster, some are better or worse when the party possesses or lacks certain capabilities. There is no exact formula for CR, but in a perfect world there has been a bit of play testing to make a monsters rating more accurate.

Talk to your GM. Maybe you can choose what happens.

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Drejk wrote:
Anyone noticed that the original post is over one year old?

This must be what it's like to be undead. Slightly amusing for others, but devoid of the hopes and dreams of he who gave it life.

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What, is Ratty too obvious? Then maybe Rata-tat Tat? Mr. Whiskers? Ratdalf? Ratagast? Dumblerat?

Simon. It's perfect.

Arrius wrote:
Ciaran Barnes wrote:
There was an optional skill system in 3.5 that could be easily adapted to PF: instead of applying skill points, you simply gain a +1 to each of your class skills per level you have, but you do not get a +3 training bonus.
Was it under Arcana Unearthed or another variant rulebook?

Close - Unearthed Arcana.

There was an optional skill system in 3.5 that could be easily adapted to PF: instead of applying skill points, you simply gain a +1 to each of your class skills per level you have, but you do not get a +3 training bonus.

You can make your armor out of mithril.

That's going a bit far.

kestral287 wrote:
Ciaran Barnes wrote:
I'm playing a melee oracle in my current campaign - my first spontaneous caster ever! It's challenging picking spells but the larger number of spells per day make things easier. The only downside I am experiencing is that with strength and charisma as my best ability scores I have mediocre saving throws. Not a single one stands out.
Take Divine Protection?

I didn't know about that feat. Guess I know where most of my skill points are going when I level up. :)

I'm playing a melee oracle in my current campaign - my first spontaneous caster ever! It's challenging picking spells but the larger number of spells per day make things easier. The only downside I am experiencing is that with strength and charisma as my best ability scores I have mediocre saving throws. Not a single one stands out.

I hear this sentiment a lot, and I sometimes wonder if am playing the same game as the people who say it.

The companion aspect calls to mind the films The Brothers Grimm (2005) and Maleficent (2014). Is this great for a PC? Maybe, maybe not. It certainly gives good mechanical support for role-playing a certain type of character.

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The -8 is the problem. You've fighting uphill now to fix your AC. The name reckless abandon kinda implies that you've made a conscious choice to tank your AC.

Use a heavy shield, and get the best enhancement bonus you can afford. There are some feats you can take to increase your AC.

The importance difference is the character must decide if the attack is being resolved as a touch attack or not.

Some players believe that a GM has a responsibility to only introduce challenges that the party is capable of overcoming. Some players will talk to "monsters", and others see only "us" and "them" once minis are set on the map - no middle ground. I could go on, but you will need the learn the play style of your group, and changes to their attitude towards combat will more likely occur if you talk to them about what you would like to change.

Power of persuasion
Sounds better than it actually is. Because of the high DCs, the first part is almost useless at 1st level.

Cult of personality
I like the general idea, but uou need to work on the clarity.

Great leader
I think you can devise a better class feature than just handing out a feat that is saddled with contention.

Combustion Source
You have built within your body a furnace that contains a smoldering fire. It consumes the fuel and combustible material you place within it, which creates heat and expanding air to power the other augmentations you have made to your body.

Class Skill: Knowledge (engineering).
Source Modifier: Constitution

Source Quirk: You have developed a superhuman tolerance to fire. You gain fire resistance equal to your artiforged level + your Constitution modifier. You are otherwise still susceptible to damage and other effects caused by long-term exposure to heat, such as from high temperatures.

Source Powers:
As a standard action, you can ignite an object made of combustible material that you touch. During a power surge, your body radiates enough heat to cause harm to others. On the beginning of it's turn, any creature that is carrying you, grappling with you, or has swallowed you whole takes fire damage equal to your artiforged level + your Constitution modifier.

Beginning at 5th level, during a power surge, your unarmed and natural attacks deal additional fire damage equal to your Constitution modifier.

Make a Blood Magic arcane school. Or, drop the arcane school altogether and use a Con-based point pool similar to Grit.

The reason I ask about creature sizes is that I think you should change the scale of the game mechanically. You're familiar with the reach rules for tiny creatures, right? Well if most every thing is tiny, then it makes no sense for them to be five feet apart with a reach of 0 feet.

For example, represent a tiny fairy on the battle map with a medium figurine and five it reach of 1 square. Instead of a square represting 5 feet, say tha it about 1 foot. The area of effect of spells and some other abilities would need some work. For simplicity, if a tiny wizard cast fireball, divide the radius by 5. The diameter is 8 squares/8 feet instead of 40 squares/40 feet.

A diminutive creature would still occupy 1 square and be treated the normal small creature - the way that halflings and gnomes are in the normal rules.

A "small" goblin in your world would be represented by a large figurine, and follow rules for large creatures.

A warthog would be... gargantuan?

By extention, all of your plantlife would be much larger. a leafy dandelion would probably grant cover and a rosebush could become something quite massive. The root system under a tree could be a "dungeon".

For your temporary enhancements idea, you could implement 4-level casting that focuses on custom spells. Figuring out appropriate spell levels for the various enhancements shouldn't be too time consuming. Using a spellbook/formulae book would be thematic if it was reflavored as a book containing a bunch of construction drawings.

Is the standard creature size in this world going to be medium, or will the abundance of fey make small and tiny the norm?

"Nagative status condition" is not a term defined in the game's rules, so you need to clearly define it or you need to define the conditions under which Opportunistic Strike's bonus damge will apply.

Generally, a character would make a Climb check and get back on solid ground. Specifics aide, we will assume that the player can not or will not ascend the ledge. Assign a DC based on how difficult you think it is to hold on. Perhaps four hand/foot holds equates a DC 5 Climb check while three points of contact equates DC 10, but hanging by one hand is a bit tougher. Vary the difficulty as you see fit based on the situation, not the capability of the character.

Part of what makes you the game master that your players know is the stories you tell and the characters you portray. But, another part is the heroic deeds they can undertake in your stories. When a character tries something crazy, then letting the dice decide their fate - and I don't mean situations where the player knows both the DC and their bonus - means allowing a fighting chance. Sure, the barbarian or rogue has a great chance of holding on, but the wizard who has run out of spells and laying his life on the line might deserve the honor of a 50/50 chance.

Cyrad wrote:
Ciaran Barnes wrote:

Something like that. Its a good solution. Not a fan of evasion though.

Or... Allow changes to the armor to be made the same way weapons can be changed. Allow the category to change when he spends time making modifications.

Perhaps another suggestion instead of evasion?

And you're suggesting having the higher categories give armor check penalities and movement penalities, but the class can switch the category by each day? I'm almost picturing something like a fighter that can transform his armor at the start of each day in case he wants to be speedy that day or be tanky. That strikes me as an interesting direction that hasn't really been seen before. Such a thing would be difficult to design effectively because it could turn into a book keeping nightmare. Armor has a lot of baggage stats because the game assumes your character won't take their armor off unless it's an unusual circumstance.

Maybe he can change each day, maybe it takes a day per point of AC that changes. I don't know what an appropriate amount if time would be. I think the versatility would be a suitable replacement for evasion.

You can start with a base AC bonus that scales a bit with level. Then you have an optional AC boost on top of that. The base AC does not affect movement or acp, but the optional AC does.

Something like that. Its a good solution. Not a fan of evasion though.

Or... Allow changes to the armor to be made the same way weapons can be changed. Allow the category to change when he spends time making modifications.

Someone else can carry the spellbook and flip pages for him. Or, play a sorcerer instead. I would worry more about somatic components though. Mice can grasp things but not to the level that humans can. Of course, a GM ccould simply decide to not worry about it.

I like the sound of the long description of weapon training. The one in the doc is too difficult.

You could say that imbuing it with a medium only enchantment causes -2 acp and heavy causes a -4. If you end up with improvements that allow the armor bonus to increase, then use the same numbers but dont stack the penalties.

What type? Such as breastplate or chain mail?

Why is appraise a class skill? Seems an odd choice.

Your version of Weapon Training is complicated. So, a single weapon from the first weapon group gains the benefit of a series of feats, while entire groups of weapons (that probably do not include the first weapon) gains a scaling bonus to hit and damage. Except in certain cases, the 1st level weapon has no synergize with any of the weapon groups. Yoou should go backk to the drawing board on this one.

The table lists armor mastery as a class feature, but the write up does not detail it.

I suggest it in a general way, not that you implement what I wrote to everything. Bonuses to multiple physical ability checks might be appropriate for some power sources, but not neccessarily to others.

I don't know what power sources you have in mind (arcane, nature, psionic, combustion, clockwork, steam, ether, etc) but I see a lot of room to get very creative.

Thats funny because while I was writing that, I felt it was more offensive! :)
Also, it was written quickly from start to finish. I copy & pasted your arcane source and rewrote the new parts. Didn't go back to the start and rewrite, so it lacks cohesion. Anyhow, use whatever you like.

I suggested previously that some specific details of integrated armor be worked into the power source, but I'm going to go further and say that the second paragraph of power surge should as well. The skill and ability check bonuses can be more or less the same for each power source, but you'll also be able to customize it a bit too.

If their Bond To The Land ability is always mountain, then rewrite the feature to reflect that.

Rather than give them Alertness as a bonus feat, how about Keen Senses? Alertness also grants a bonus to Sense Motive, and their antisocial behavior suggests they shouldn't have that (although that doesn't have to be the case).

"Masters of the frozen peaks" suggests that a bonus to Survival would be appropriate.

Considering how well moonlight illuminates snow, I don't think Darkvision makes sense. A snowy night is not all dark.

25% is a pretty big number considering what the return skill bonus is.

I think that for anonymity, some kind of bonus vs being recognized would be fitting.

Why did you choose to include throwing axe?

We can imagine what noble blades and knightly weapons are, but identifying them mechanically is more difficult with a complete list. My suggestion is a crude interpretation, but simple:

The knight-errant forgoes use of weapons with a critical range greater than 20 and those a critical multiplier greater than X2. When using one of these weapons he suffers a penalty for nonproficiency. He cannot gain proficiency in these weapons by any means (including feats and multiclassing).

Since you have removed alignment restrictions from this class, I advise against bless weapon.

At 1st level, the night-errant treats weapons with a critical range of 20 and a critical multiplier of 20 as though they were of masterwork quality as long as he wields them. Beginning at 4th level, he treats them as having an enhancement bonus of +1 per four levels he has.

I see only two possible solutions:

A) It turns out that second in command and the paladin are cousins - both orphaned and raised as brothers by their grandparents. They swore on their grammie's deathbed they would never harm one another. Grammie taught them that if they talk out the conflict, they get cookies.

B) The elven cavalry rides through at the last second and turns the tide of the battle. When the battle is won they ride off into the starry night, never to be seen again... until they once more have need of elven cavalry.

Well there is option C, which is TPK and turn them into vampires, then continue the campaign.

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A portable hole has a much larger opening than a bag of holding. For example, you could put a raft into a portable hole, but not into a bag of holding.

Nature Source
You skin hardens and many ridges and protrusions appear on your body. Many of your upgrades consist of absorbing the primal energies of the natural world into your body and growing or regenerating.
Class Skill: Knowledge (nature).
Source Modifier: Wisdom

Source Quirk: You lose the ability to integrated manufactured weapons, and instead gain natural attacks as appropriate for your size. If you already have natural attacks, the ones gained by this class replace them. Add Stealth and Survival to your list of class skills.

Source Powers: The harnessed natural energies flow into your body.

Primal Surge (Su): During a power surge, you gain a +4 racial bonus to Perception, Stealth, and Survival checks and to Constitution, Dexterity, and Strength ability checks. At 5th level and every four levels thereafter, this bonus increases by +1.

Predator (Su): At 5th level, you gain low-light vision. If you already possess this ability, you can instead see three times as far as a human. During a power surge, you can move at full speed using the Stealth skill without penalty.

Chameleon (Su): At 9th level, you gain a +4 bonus to Disguise checks. During a power surge, your color changes to blend with your surrounding. Attacks made against you suffer a 20% miss chance.

Hunter (Su): At 13th level, you gain the Scent special ability. During a power surge, you gain Tremorsense.

Goth Guru wrote:

Deflection bonuses do not stack. Not with bracers and a magic shirt, not with a power source and magic armor, or any other combination.

Maybe an augment gem will up an armor's deflection bonus by one if the description is very specific.

Why are we having this conversation when their are so many good ideas for deflection bonus being a function of character level?

I think we all know that bonuses with the same type do not stack. This conversation is because I thought it would be more interesting if the power source changed the AC type, as stated in the message it was brought up in. I am simply offering ideas - they don't have to be used.

I suggested varying the armor bonus because you also grant proficiency up to medium armor. The character can still wear armor. Granting another type scaled over 10-15 levels would -basically- grant a free magic item and not use up an item slot. An amulet or ring could be used for something else besides AC.

The way you have it written, if I integrate nothing but exotic weapons, I am proficient in all of them. Is that intentional?

"this weapon has the properties of a light melee, one-handed melee, or ranged weapon that requires only one hand to wield." I can fire a crossbow with one hand if I take a penalty to attack. Is that something that should be addresses? In your scenario, are crossbows one handed or two?

I was thining it would be fun if the power source determined the type of AC bonus. In your example, they are all armor bonuses. What if there was a nature-thingy power source that granted a natural armor bonus, and maybe the arcane power source granted a deflection bonus? Obviously some AC types are better than others and each would advance at a different rate, with armor bonus advancing the fastest.

Just take your pick, but consult your GM too. Finally, the storyteller must have stories - skill checks alone shall not suffice.

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