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Krun Thuul

Ciaran Barnes's page

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You should add a few more class skills, because you've increased the number of skill points.

Aura of Authority (Su): At 3rd level, a judge exudes a level of authority that makes it difficult for others to lie. Each enemy within 10 feet of him takes a penalty to Bluff checks equal to the judge's level. This ability functions only while the judge is conscious, not if she is unconscious or dead. An enemy that fails a Bluff check against the judge becomes Shaken for 1 round, unless it succeeds on a Will save. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the judge's level + his Charisma modifier.

If you had another "paladin" aura at 8th level or wherever, failure at a Bluff check could result in a more harsh condition. Much like fear, Bluff checks might rarely show up in the game. Depends on the GM.

No problem. You're just breaking the mold. ;)

If you want an assassin, however, I would place more emphasis on that aspect. Perhaps by bolstering sneak attack and adding some abilities that trigger on sneak attack. Flanking bonuses are awesome, but IMHO an assassin would be taking down foes single-handedly. It also reflects a warrior who is not most skilled at combat (full-bab vs medium bab), but excels when they have the drop on an enemy. Also, IMHO an assassin would have some special talent with skills like Hide, Bluff, and Disguise. Of course, none of this is taking into account the "bard-like" element you have included.

I suppose its simply a matter of opinion, but I think changing the Charisma based features to Wisdom would fit thematically., as would some kind of zone of truth, or a zone that increases Sense Motive/decreases Bluff.

As a class in the bard/rogue realm, I am curious why you decided to give it a full BAB?

I looked up S&W. Quite reminiscent of my jr. high school days.

Technically, you're never fully in contact with anything. Your molecules can come very close to the molecules of other people and objects, but ultimately the strength of the repulsion grows the closer you get. Its like pushing together the same pole of two magnets. It could very well be different in Golarion, though...

I agree about limiting "dex to damage" and know of a way to do it. I refer you to Canny Defense - ability of the Duelist prestige class. I'm sure you can lift some language from this to accomplish the level-based bonus damage limit .

Canny Defense (Ex)
When wearing light or no armor and not using a shield, a duelist adds 1 point of Intelligence bonus (if any) per duelist class level as a dodge bonus to her Armor Class while wielding a melee weapon. If a duelist is caught flat-footed or otherwise denied her Dexterity bonus, she also loses this bonus.

Disguise check to match the voice and appearance (plus anything covered by the five traditional senses), but a Bluff check would still be needed to mask speaking false words. I suppose I good disguise would make some of the bluffs more plausible.

The combo weapons are not great in number. However, based on the dagger, morningstar, and Halberd from the core rules there is a precedence for it.

I ran a battle with six level 7 PCs against 60 goblins I hand painted. It was a massacre. I suggest simply running them quick, with handfuls of dice.

In your Bard archetype, it seems to be a bard who gives up spells for rogue talents. Possibly weaker than a bard, but interesting.

In your new version of sneak attack, does the extra damage also apply to simple weapons? It seems weird than light crossbows and daggers wouldn't apply. Do the bonuses from Clever Explorer stack with Trapfinding?

Also, perhaps you can use your shelved abilities for some kind of rogue variant that has spell-like or supernatural abilities... and isn't a ninja. Actually, I might try my hand at that.

Feed it... to an animal companion. Or leave it with your parents... if they have an animal companion. Or just leave it... anywhere. Or train it to pass you potions so you can retrieve them as a swift action.

Jiggy, you have shared with us a glimpse of your sadistic side (which is a fine quality in GMs).

I suggest finding one you like, then copy and paste what you need. When the framework is in place, modify and add to your taste. I also suggest using language, at least in part, from existing game material. Again, modify it to represent your creation. This helps to keep your ideas easy to understand. Sometimes you will need to write something from the ground up. I originally used the classes on, which has a simple and easy to use standard layout (which I like).

You should post a draft of what it is you want, something more than an outline. The Vanish feature and Paths are what lead me to the "substantial departure" comment.

I say go for it. If you want it to be more topical, go for a sticky rule that came up in the previous session, or one that you think will pop up in the current. Even after playing a system for years, there will always be situations that pop up and require examination.

+1 on fake it. You will learn with some practice. Make something up and modify it as your go. If you throw out a group of monsters and it proves to much for the heroes, have some of them stay back, run to get reinforcements, help their hurt allies, initiate a grapple, etc. If you think a full attack will slaughter the party then don't full attack. Just act like it was your plan the whole time.

Its a nice little sheet. I wouldn't personally use it, but there are many players who won't even write a paragraph about their character when asked for a half page, and I can see this being helpful to some of them.

CG and NG.

I think I've had one or more long term character of every alignment except CN, LE and LN.

Obviously, you are looking for something to fill the rogue's shoes, and are keeping some of the standard rogue abilities, but it seems that you're making a substantial departure. Obviously there isn't a finished draft to ascertain this, but that is the impression I am getting.

I'm having to make up and modify a bunch of the rules as I go, because its tough anticipating what she want to do. For example, because of her love of the Underworld movies, her adventuring party has completely changed. She began with four heroes, and over time has swapped them out with two vampires, a werewolf, a weretiger, and a goblin. It has all happened in game, so I'm glad of that at least. She wants to lose the goblin in favor of yet another werewolf. I really enjoy playing evil on the rare occasion, but running a game like that is taxing on me. I don't share her love of vampires and werewolves. She's become really addicted to tabletop though, so I'm sacrificing some of my own enjoyment for hers.

If you are curious at all, here is a LINK to the reference document I use for what I had dubbed Heroes & Monsters. Some of it is completed, but mostly not.

Based on how specific this is, I would either change it so it is a mountain druid with some fire abilities, or turn it into some kind of prestige classes.

Making the class features slightly more general will let the druid use special abilities more often. I don't think many volcanoes pop up in game.

No. The 5 foot step is a special action that can only be used when no other movement is taken.

Not that I know of. I assume for this class it is based on an animal familiar changing types. I supposed you could call it a magical beast instead.

Have you considered calling it something otherr than Rogue?

Give us an example of a specific instantaneous spell that may or may not be affected in the field. As I understand instantaneous, the effect happens and then there is nothing more to track. There is no duration.

Alyn Fontaine wrote:
Have them splash down in the harbor in New York or some other easily identifiable terran city. Magic scarcity means they have to find some rare earth artifact in order to get home. Earthlings are all first level and easily manipulated with low will saves!

This sounds like fun, and New York has great setting for combat like Times Square, Empire State Building, and Ellis Island. A grand aerial battle over the harbor between Newark and NYC would be great too. But I would alter it further...

Option 1
It is set in a year of NY's past, such as the 1920's, while the Duke Ellington Orchestra is playing the Cotton Club in Harlem, America steers towards the Great Depression, and prohibition propels organized crime into it's heyday.

Option 2
Set it in a movie, such as Planet of the Apes, Escape from New York, King King, Ghost Busters, or World War Z. There is a great selection of super movies you could choose from, but that could get messy. Finally, a movie like Saturday Night Fever or Maid in Manhattan might be a bad choice.

Option 3
You could do present day. I have tried this years and years ago, and while it an be funny at times, I find it more immersive when RPGs don't happen in the real world.

How much more often will these fumbles affects caster compared to martial characters?

Nefreet wrote:
Basically, bonuses of the same type (such as Enhancement) do not stack. The exceptions are Racial, Dodge, and most Circumstance bonuses (and untyped bonuses).

This is off topic, but how exactly did racial make it in there? Dodge bonuses have a way to be nullified (losing dex bonus) and circumstance are given out by the GM based on circumstances. Racial though?

i personally feel that Improved Unarmed Strike should increase damage to d6. Even that isn't on par with just using a weapon.

You're right about the BAB. Looks good.

Ascalaphus wrote:
Personally I use LaTeX, but then I use that for almost everything that's more than 1 page long.

I just looked up LaTex. The screenshots make it look more like programming HTML than word processing. :)

Sorry to hear about that Adjule. If the game fell apart that quickly, its likely that it was never meant to be, rather than your own fault.

A character who gains the benefit of treat deadly wounds can still benefit from long term care.

Faerie Beast table
I would move Fey up to the top, and list everything that creature type entails, instead of referring to it. You can also use this area as an overview, to help a player get a feel for what the faerie beast is.

I paid the $10 for Apple's word processor called Pages. It lets you save in different formats including PDF and Word doc. There are a bunch of free ones too though. I use Notepad when I'm brainstorming though.

The ipad should be able to store quite a bit, but I recommend trying the DropBox app. Its free file storage. If you know other people who use the app, you can choose to share whichever folders you like, and vice versa.

You can remove the bits in proficiencies about armor and spell failure, because AA is supernatural, not a spell-like ability.

There are many places you should replace mod or modifier with bonus.

Faerie Beast
My first recommendation is to create your own table for this class feature. You have too many changes from the standard table not to. I am envisioning something between the animal companion and familiar tables. The flat +2 to Cha and Int is kind of boring, so have Int start low and gradually increase, and Cha increase similarly to Str/Dex.

1) How did you choose 2 + level + Cha?
2) The ability heals 1d6 per two class levels. What happens at 1st level? Is it a (minimum 1d6) ability, or is it 1d6 plus 1d6 per two additional levels?
3) Why did you choose confused? In my view of "fey-like" abilities, something in the realm of charmed or fascinated would work better. Confused has better potential in combat though.

Wild Hunt Combat Styles
This may be quibbling over a minor detail, but given that metal armor is banned, it makes sense to me that a feywarden would be against the mechanical nature of crossbows as well.

I'm in favor of eliminating the reliance on wands of CLW. In my opinion, however, the DC of your alternative is too low and its a bit too much like 4E's healing surges. If I had to change the existing rule, I would lower the DC by 5 and have it cost 1 healers kit use instead of 2.

Scroll down past the weapon lists.

So the first idea I had is to devise some way to put weapon enhancements on the blast, perhaps the way a paladin does, like flaming burst or speed.

The other idea was to have two rates at which the damage goes up in damage. The first could be what you have now, which is untyped and multiplies on a crit. The other could be elemental (fire, cold, acid, electricity, etc), having more dice in the pool, but not multiplying on a crit.

I'm glad its a single page format. Scrolling up and down is much easier than clicking between pages.

1) Skills. So, the warlock is somewhat filling the role of the rogue? For a 4 skill point class with no inherent need for intelligence, its a pretty big skill list. I see magic stuff, face-man, scout skills, traps... I would drop a few skills from the list. Maybe Stealth and Perception.

2) Arcan Assault. I have seen most warlock conversions add an ability score to the damage roll of the blast ability. Its didn't exist in the otriginal for two reason IMHO. The blast is a spell and spell damage is just dice, and its an attack that ignores armor, so its going to hit and deal damage regularly. I see that you scaled back the damage advancement. That helps, but I might get rid of the Cha bonus at 1st level and do something like what the gunslingeer has. Something new at 3rd level. I have an idea that i will write up later. Finally, I like that it can work with a weapon, but it is completely unclear if just the AA damage happens, or the AA and weapon damage.

3) Uncanny Dodge is typically reserved for melee classes. Its seems to me like an odd fit here.

I would let the players role-play it out without dice. Down the road, if the other players prove that they have their heads too far up their own bedrolls, then begin asking for periodic Sense Motive checks, but make sure its not when they are not in the middle of role-playing.

Your players are going to get bored with NPC classes, and NPC classes will be underpowered. I was a player in this 3.5 module, and the players will need the ability to kick some butt. Let them play regular PC classes and delay the level advancement. I forget where they are supposed to end up (level 9 maybe?), but 1 or 2 levels behind that should suffice.

I suggest you play a Magus? Or a Lore Warden fighter?

Aside from that, it seems fine. You have spent 1 skill point too many, as you seem to have put your favored class bonus into HP.

Xavier319 wrote:

He is a dragon, giving him great base saves, decent base BAB, and his class skills are fantastic

Did you know that a familiar doesn't get it's own saves, bab, and skills. There are some caveats, but familiars use their master's saves, bab, and skills.

Leave 'em where they lie. Unless, of course, we're making camp there, in which case I'll drag 'em and pile 'em up.

If we take ability scores out of the equasion, then good saving throw should be a little better than the spell's DC because of the free +2, and the caster must spend feats to improve the DC. Now when we factor in ability scores, the caster is using a prime ability score, while with the defender it might be anything. When we add in spells and magic items, it is easier to increase saving throws than it is to increase spell DCs.

I think, all in all, I disagree with you on the subject of good saves.

I love 'em. In my mind it justifies "magic" abilities for martial classes.

Step 1
"Hi everyone, I'm Third Mind, and I'm a blastaholic."

Step 2
if you can't go cold turkey, start rationing out your blast spells. I suggest 25% of your spells. Don't round up. The rest can be buffs, debuffs, utility, control, yada yada.

Step 3
Realize that you might have a thing with instant gratification. Thats why we blast, right? Control takes preparation and good timing, so get on the delayed gratification wagon.

Oh and if you blast an enemy and it doesn't die, then it will attack on its turn. Then you'll need to use resources healing. A good control spell will shut down an enemy in some way. If it can't full attack or act at all, then you're doing a good job of controlling. On the flip side, sometimes they make their save and you try something else.

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