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Chronx6's page

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Goblin Squad Member

Ryan Dancey wrote:
Ryan Dancey wrote:
Nihimon wrote:
Can we get a clarification, please?
One of those two statements is an error. I'm just not sure which one I think should be wrong. :)

I think the issue of Neutral being 1-step away from all alignments is the error.

Otherwise, all the big successful Settlements will be Neutral, and anyone who proposes starting a Settlement that isn't Neutral will face a huge uphill battle.


Well won't true neutral settlements still end up with the most people anyways? Neutral good, Lawful neutral, true neutral, chaotic neutral, and neutral evil will all be allowed by the one step rule.

And I don't mean to seem all over the idea its just something that I actually have feed back about so figured I'd share it.

Goblin Squad Member

My issue with the alignment restrictions is that if me and my friends are all over the alignment scale and want to play together and live in the same settlement and such we can't. We have to play characters that are close to each other alignment wise to do so and thus are restricted by the game on how we play. Which seems counter productive to the way that the game seems to want to come together. Personally I think the alignment requirements should be replaced with laws. As long as I follow the laws (or at least no one finds out I'm breaking them) I can stay. If I'm evil and raid away from my home and can keep it from them there's no reason that they should be able to throw me out because the game keeps track of my alignment.

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