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Christopher Delvo's page

258 posts. Alias of xXxTheBeastxXx.

Full Name

Christopher Davis Alvestad-Delvo




Erudite 2/Designer (Amateur Designer) 2/Author 1







Special Abilities

Humor, Literary Prowess, Objectivity, Obsession, Awesomeness


True Neutral




Pacific Northwest


English, French, Spanish


Amateur Designer, Student, Author

Homepage URL

Behind the DM Screen

Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 10
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 14
Charisma 16

About Christopher Delvo

Entertainment and Blogs

NerdTypeZ: This is my youtube channel, where I talk about gaming, movies, and nerd culture at large.

Behind the DM Screen: This is my gaming blog. I'll post my design work here, along with book reviews and musings on RPGs and gaming culture at large.

Design Work

My Races:

  • Artificial v1.0

    My Base Classes:

  • The Engineer v4.3
  • The Sentinel v1.0
  • Mystic Monk v1.1 (NOTE: This class is psionic, and uses the rules found in Dreamscarred Press' Psionics Unleashed book.)
  • Alternate Fighter v1.0
  • Alternate Bard v1.1
  • Alternate Rogue v1.1

    My House Rules:

  • Firearms v1.1

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