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Chris Parker's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 459 posts (818 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 7 Pathfinder Society characters. 8 aliases.


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It's possible I was looking at it from the wrong angle. I mean, I could see taking two similar classes as being quite useful (fighter/paladin, for example, or wizard/magus) for the complementary class features, while some other combinations give you an extra trick you can pull off which might be useful once in a while (sorcerer/monk for instance).

LazarX wrote:
strangepork wrote:
But would the fighter with vmc wiz get any spells or a spellbook? all i see are the school powers and a familiar.
And that's EXACTLY what they get.

If that's the case, why would you vmc a caster when you don't get the main class feature (i.e. casting)?

That's a shame - my own fault really. With two players definitely quit, and one player not responding (I'm guessing he's stopped checking, for which I can't blame him), I'm thinking it's time to call the game dead.

I'm really sorry for my absence; hopefully you'll all at least use Legend in your own games at some point now that you've been introduced to it.

That sounds like a good idea.

Sorry about that. Had lots of assignment work to get through, and ended up somewhat distracted. I'll post an update shortly, and I hope this never happens again.

That'll be quite useful. Thanks.

In fact, I believe Riddick was largely based off of his Drow character, if memory serves.

Also, during the filming of Chronicles of Riddick, they played a D&D campaign DMed by Judy Dench - she was apparently rather good at it.

True enough, but it sometimes seems that it's all people are playing elsewhere too. I know it's not true, but still.

No worries. I rather like this system too, and it saddens me that so many people only ever play D&D and its derivatives. That's why I like introducing people to cool alternatives.

I'm still waiting for the last player. Also, yes, you'll be starting in Korvosa. Makes it easier to get you all together ;) .

I'm pretty sure your sorcery skill should be 41, not just 1. Also, you should have two languages at +50% - your ethnic language and Common. Finally, Lore Regional should have 10 points spent on it, not 5. Either that, or you've spent 5 points too few and it should be 61%, not 66%...

Otherwise, once you've sorted equipment and background you're good to go.

OK, well, I'm back in University now, so I'm ready to start when you all are. To start with, I'll open the thread, and I'd like you to each post what your character would be doing a little after noon on an average day.

That's how it works. 10 to unlock a skill and 20 to improve it count as the full 30 you can use.

Base + expenditure = total works great. Also, it's equal to or lower. Exactly equal to is a success.

Uh yeah. It was meant to be 80 point buy, so Cirle, feel free to add two points anywhere you like. Also, I believe I said that you also get +50% to Language Common (everybody does, since it's a trade language that just about everyone is fluent in), and your Language Shoanti should be at its default + 50%; not just 50%. Also, because everyone gets Common for free, that frees up 10 points for you - you may want to put them into your pact skill (that would be my suggestion). Otherwise, everything looks to be in order.

Everything appears to be in order for Balian's sheet, though I would like to know where the 250 points were spent.

As to Jarl, I'd like to see the damage modifier separately - I'm guessing it's -1d2, but it's something I'd like to be able to see in case you need to punch someone or the like.

Catcher's stuff is fine, but again I'd like to know where the points were spent (I had trouble making that out on the spreadsheet).

Adding mine to Jade Regent - I certainly wouldn't mind playing that at some point.

Pistol and Rapier is a melee style that allows you to use both in melee, or just a rapier in melee. You don't need a separate style for just a rapier. The reason I suggested a separate style for just a pistol was so that you can use double dexterity for your ranged attacks. If you don't mind using strength + dexterity for those, you can use the same style for that too. Also, feel free to use mercenary instead - the professions I suggested were just those - suggestions.

Also, seeing as Healing involves curing diseases and the like without magic, that would involve knowing about which herbs to use, how to recognise them, how to mix them and so on. That knowledge would also include how to make poisons, since making medicines and making poisons are practically the same skill. Torture, meanwhile, doesn't really have any other applications, so it gets its own skill.

I'd go with Healing, personally. Craft is making things, while Lore is theoretical knowledge. Healing would encompass medicinal use of herbs, and learning about how to cure poisons or diseases involves learning about those poisons and diseases. You'd need a healer's kit, which would contain pretty much all the herbs you'd need, as well as the pestle and mortar.

In that case, you get to unlock the Lore (Magic) advanced skill, or else add 10% to it if you already have it unlocked.

huh. I'm looking for the post where I did that, but apparently I didn't... I'm sorry about that. Right, Addiction (other) gives you either +10% lore (korvosa) or else unlocks Streetwise. Widowed gives +10% Influence, Missing Sibling unlocks Streetwise and Tortured, my recommendation for Catcher, gives +10% Evade. If you already have a skill that gets unlocked, add 10% to it instead.

Yeah, I was kinda waiting for people to actually get to that point - that being said, I actually have given details to those who've actually given their background already - the traits are along the same lines as the Pathfinder versions. They're basically +10% to whichever skill maps over to the Pathfinder version, or in the case of Advanced Skills that aren't already trained, the ability to use that skill.

I'll be going back to university in a week or so, at which point it'll be far more feasible to start. As to combat, yeah, that's going to be rather slow - which is unfortunately unavoidable in pbp. I can mitigate it though. For one thing, there will be far fewer combats - you don't get XP from fighting, so there's no point in running into groups of enemies who are only there to get you to a certain level on time.

For another, while 3-4 posts a week is ok for most of the game, during combats I may have to insist on at least one post per day to keep things moving. In that case, I'll either post once everyone else has posted, or at my earliest convenience the next day, whichever happens first - if someone hasn't posted, I'll just assume they're using their action defensively.

Finally, most of the nameless mooks you face will use an optional rule from RuneQuest 6: they get their CON+SIZ/5 as hp, rounded down, and once they take a major wound, they die.

As to your sheet, you may want to put a few more points into common magic (if you can; I can't see where you put points into it). When your character is done, I'd prefer to see the stats in your profile.

I wasn't planning to, but if you could make a good case for it...

Sorry Huston - I'd tried to send a reply from my phone and failed, but then forgot that I'd not actually sent it. That order sounds pretty cool, and I can't think of anything that needs changing.

In addition, if you want to use a two handed sword but don't want to look like Arnold Schwartzenegger in his prime, go with a longsword. A longsword and a bastard sword were basically the same thing historically - a primarily two handed weapon that sufficiently strong people could use in one hand. It'll give you the same damage die, though I think there's a combat manoeuvre you don't get to use, so if you don't want to be primarily melee right from the start, you're better with that than with a great sword (which represents the six to seven foot long doppel handers of medieval germany).

Availability is not a problem - if you want to learn an advanced skill, there will be someone who can teach you. If you want a specific type of weapon, you'll be able to find it (magic weapons will be rare, but master crafted weapons are far better in this system than in Pathfinder - and are substantially more expensive as a result). So yeah, you will probably want to take two handed sword as a combat skill in order to be able to use a bastard sword two handed (unless you want to use a sword and shield, or else a war sword by itself and a shield if you find one), you may want to pick up Common Magic (10 points to unlock it, and up to 20 points towards improving it) and you'll definitely want to improve your thieving skills.

As to Common Spells, you get six to start with, if you have Common Magic unlocked, and I'd suggest ones that suit thievery.

I'm not using rolls for stats, so your point buy works fine. I'll see what I can do, but I'd assumed people wouldn't be rolling for background.

Well, the group could probably use a dedicated magic user - divine or arcane makes little difference, since both have access to magical healing and attacks.

The assumed setting gives the Common Magic skill as a Common Skill, as well as six known Common Spells. Because of the nature of Golarion, however, I'm treating it as an Advanced Skill, though you still get six spells if you take it.

Also, I'll need to know why you want to find Lamm - it needs to be something personal, and I'd suggest something based on the traits listed in the Crimson Throne Players Guide. I've got some extra skill bonuses listed for each one, based on the ones given in the guide.

Right, Jakthion, one of the things with weapon styles in Legend is that you can just use one of the weapons with that style (for example, sword and shield allows you to just use a single handed sword). So you can pick a different third combat style if you wish.

Next up, we've got professions. I'd suggest that both Balian and Jakthion take the Soldier profession, which gives +5% to Athletics, Brawn, Evade and Resilience, and +10% to two combat styles appropriate to your culture. It also opens up Lore (Tactics). For Catcher, I'd suggest Thief, which gives +10% to Evaluate, Perception, Sleight of Hand and Stealth, and opens up Streetwise, Disguise or Mechanisms (your choice).

Also, Jakthion may add +10% to Influence (since this is used for intimidation, so it makes the most sense), Balian may open up Streetwise, and Catcher either opens up Streetwise or, if she opened it up for the profession, add 10% to it.

Once that's all done, I'll list out all the skills, for those of you who don't have the rules, along with their default values, and you'll have 250 points to spread between them; spending no more than 30 on any one skill.

Well, rather than this game, I'm recruiting for a Curse of the Crimson Throne Legend game in a different thread; I've got three players so far who've done more than simply express interest, so there's definitely room.

PM sent. I'll create an alias when the game starts; for now my character sheet is on mythweavers. Backstory coming shortly.

I'd be interested in creating a Kensai for this, if that would be useful.

I'd pick up at least the first feat for called shots, and possibly the second if we reach a high enough level, but it's more to give options in terms of melee - if magic is a rare thing, then a magic user may wish to avoid attention, and the option of going for a vulnerable spot can be rather useful. There may be times where we don't actually want to kill the people we're fighting with, for example - stopping someone from fighting using a non-permanent status effect caused by a called shot is a decent alternative (most people won't keep fighting once they receive something like "Sickened" from a blow - not unless it's the kind of thing they're willing to die for.

But yeah, I'll go ahead and create a longsword wielding Kensai. He'll probably avoid using obvious magic unless he absolutely has to - and as such will also avoid mentioning his talents. Subtle magic, on the other hand...

I wouldn't mind playing a human magus (kensai). Would I be allowed to use the Slashing Grace feat that was introduced in the ACG playtest? If you're unfamiliar, it allows you to choose a single one handed slashing weapon and be able to count it as a light piercing weapon for all feats and class abilities that require one. As a magus, it'd just let me use Weapon Finesse with a longsword.

Also, would you be open to using the called shot rules from Ultimate Combat?

Catcher: So what did Gaedren Lamm do to you? You have to have a personal reason to want the man dead. I'd suggest taking a look at the Player's Guide for CotCT, and picking one of the traits from that (you'll be given bonus skill points later).

For those of you who have done stats so far: It's time to pick a culture. If you're from one of the Shoanti tribes, then you're a Barbarian; if you're from the city of Korvosa, then you're civilised. These will give you some free skills. Each skill starts off as the total of two stats. You may use a common skill without training, but you must be trained in the use of an advanced skill before using it.

In addition to that, everybody gets +30 to Culture (own) and Lore (regional), and +50 to Language (Common) and your own racial/ethnic language. 50% or higher in a language represents conversational fluency.

Barbarians pick three combat styles to add +10 to, while civilised people pick one. These must be appropriate to your culture - barbarians don't typically use rapiers, for instance, while civilised people don't typically use blowguns.

Barbarians get +10 to Athletics and Resilience and +5 to Brawn, Perception, Ride and Stealth, while civilised people +20 to evaluate and Influence.

Barbarians start with the Survival advanced skill, and one of Craft (any), Lore (any), Play Instrument or Track, while civilised people start with Courtesy and any three of Art (any), Craft (any), Language (any), Mechanisms, Play Instrument or Streetwise.

Finally, a barbarian starts with 4d6*20 silver pieces, while a civilised person starts with 4d6*75. There are five lead bits to the copper penny, ten copper pennies to the silver piece and twenty silver pieces to the gold crown. Silver is the most common unit of currency, but I'm sure you'll find some gold somewhere down the line.

Once you've all picked a culture, I'll suggest a few professions, which will add a few more skills.

Yep. You'll want a relatively even mix of all seven abilities (STR and DEX for swordsmanship, SIZ and CON for being able to take a beating, INT and POW for your more powerful magic and CHA for some of your weaker magic). You won't be able to start with full plate (in fact you'll have trouble starting with better than a chain hauberk - good armour is pretty expensive in this system), but there'll be nothing stopping you wearing it once you can afford it.

I'm still planning to run this, depending on players. You're one of only three people to do more than say they're interested though. I hope I get at least four players, but I'm willing to run with three. That being said, I have a feeling that the fights will be somewhat more challenging if that happens - stealth will definitely be an asset in that case.

I used Gaedren Lamm because it gives my character a reason to both be born into poverty and to have escaped into the countryside. Rather than try to get even, he just wanted to leave that life behind, and headed in the direction of where this campaign is set - he likely doesn't even know that Lamm is dead (assuming that Curse of the Crimson Throne has happened). There were many Little Lambs, after all... I'll set up an alias now, since I'm approved - I prefer not to do so until I'm approved, because I might want to reuse the name in the future.

Bil O'Donnel, Male Rogue (Knife Fighter); imprisoned for murder. He cut a man's throat, and was seen leaving the area covered in blood (low WIS, so I think that actually makes sense). It was an open and shut case.

By the way, are we using feats?

Sounds fun. I reckon I'll roll up a fighter.

4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 3, 5) = 13
4d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 3, 6) = 16
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 5, 2) = 11
4d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 5, 2) = 14
4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 2, 2) = 13
4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 1, 6) = 13

So that's 12, 13, 10, 12, 11, 12. Not great. I think I may have just about hit +4 total bonuses. Well, here's hoping I can make a decent character out of those...

Honestly, I'd suggest that any ranged Investigator archetype should focus on hand crossbow or pistol use, and perhaps get firearms proficiency and amateur gunslinger, as well as possibly a deed specific to the class, instead of the studied combat and studied strike. Perhaps called studied shot. No idea what that studied shot would do; that's up to the guys at Paizo ;).

Full round action to attack a specific target spot, with a penalty based on the size of the target, and additional effects for hitting them there as well as normal damage. Critical hits do even more, and hits that do more than 50 damage do more still. Improved Called Shot requires Combat Expertise and INT 13, and allows you to replace one attack per round with a called shot, while Greater Called Shot allows you to replace as many attacks per round as you want with called shots, and reduces the damage required for the best effect to 40.

As a rough guide to the effects, a shot to the vitals would be along the lines of kicking in the nuts, or a gut punch, which results in being sickened, and comes with a -2 penalty, while a shot to the neck comes with a -10 penalty, and makes an enemy unable to speak above a hoarse whisper (imposing a 20% chance of failure on all spells with a verbal component).

If it's not too late, I wouldn't mind applying for a dastardly rogue (possibly aiming for the assassin prestige class).

Strength: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8
Dexterity: 18 (Focus)
Constitution: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
Intelligence: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15
Wisdom: 8 (Foible)
Charisma: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

Not bad. With that, I think it's safe to say I murdered someone. Cut their throat, and was witnessed leaving the scene. Clumsy of me, but I learned from my mistake. A full character sheet and background incoming.

Edit: Oh, and quick question: would you be willing to allow the called shot mechanics from Ultimate Combat? Not a big deal if you're not; they just look pretty cool and I've never had a chance to play with them.

Hmm. They are rather low, but that's up to you.

I am willing to allow black powder weapons, though they won't be common and ammunition will be costly - much like being a gunslinger in Pathfinder. Also, it's perfectly fine to wield pistol and rapier - that will be one combat style, going off of Strength and Dexterity. If you want your double Dexterity for ranged attacks, you'll have to have a separate skill for using pistols. Getting a hippogriff (that being the mount of the sable marines, if I recall) is perfectly reasonable to have happen; I'll let you get that once you become a full member of the Sable Marines (you'd currently be considered an associate member).

As I just told Jakthion, I'm willing to allow black powder weapons, but ammunition will be costly. Think along the lines of Emerging Firearms in Pathfinder.

Yeah. There are no dump stats here. There's no dumping charisma to 6 so you can pick up strength 18 and murderise everything. For one thing, extra damage is done in the form of an additional die to roll during damage, called your damage bonus. For characters specialising in melee, +1d2 is pretty decent, and that only requires a 13 each in strength and size. Dexterity of 13-14 is pretty good too, and like I said, there's nothing wrong with having a 9 in constitution if you've got a decent size - the size will make up for the constitution, and that gives you more points to play with.

Meanwhile, how are people's backgrounds coming along? Jakthion's works fine, but I haven't seen any others.

Anyway, in answer to Pirate Rob's questions (sorry if you felt like I was ignoring you): Yes, this is in Golarion, not Glorantha. A priest of Abadar works fine; I've already got a cult sorted out for him. Religious cults get access to all common magic spells, and will teach them to lay members for the usual fees. I'm looking for a moderate speed - 2-3 times a week should be fine.

Huh. I didn't even realise there was a tavern thread.

I'll be doing the Crimson Throne one, which you're welcome to sign up for. This one doesn't seem to have much interest, while there's a few people interested in the other one.

Ivan Merlovich


It's funny; I haven't been back to Korvosa in so long, yet I still find myself thinking about that place. It wasn't that bad a place to grow up, I suppose; not if you were moneyed, but if you were stone broke like my parents, things were very different. I grew up near the docks. I don't really remember my parents; they died when I was very young, and I've lived longer without them than with. I spent a couple of years living off of what I could beg, before eventually a man named Gaedren Lamm made me an offer. Room and board in exchange for a little light work, he said. I really, really wish I hadn't believed him.

After six months living as a slave, I got my chance. I'd behaved myself pretty well, so they gave me a day of "Street Duty" - pick pocketing, essentially. I'm not a huge fan of theft, but I reckoned it was the best chance I was going to get to leave and not come back, so I went out onto the streets of Korvosa, stowed away on a wagon headed through the gates, and left. The wagon had been carrying weapons; I stole one, reckoning it wouldn't be missed, and I left the wagon some twenty miles from the gate, hungry and thirsty and wanting to find some kind of food. I'd killed the odd rat for food before Lamm, so surely I could survive.

Well, I survived. I got quite good at hunting with that strange, curved dagger I'd stolen from that wagon. As I got older, I even started heading back into town to trade fresh game for coin. I needed to leave; to find somewhere else. So I wandered the wilderness, until I eventually found a small village on a trade route. That was some five years ago. I still prefer sleeping under the stars, but I come into the village fairly regularly to trade for various useful items. Besides, I like a nice mug of mead every now and then.

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