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Chillos Smith's page

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This team has talent!


I was looking forward to getting my hands on this module as it comes from the amazing Paizo crew and it deals with one of my favorite denizens of D&D of all times. Once I finish running the Savage Tide for my players I will be jumping into this adventure as an introduction to new characters that I plan to run the Pathfinder series with.
The story is great, with just the right balance of adventure, humor, role-play and a nice number of surprises and unique situations worked in. A top of the line adventure that I look forward to putting into motion. Thank you Paizo!

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Looking forward to the ride.


I loved Crown of the Kobold King and I look forward to many more Game Mastery modules. The Paizo team continue to amaze me with their high quality work, amazing writing and art.

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Please feed the kobolds.


I really enjoyed the first issue and it definitely has great potential to grow and become much more. I look forward to the next issue and many afterwards. Three cheers for printed media!

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