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Red Slaad

Chicken Slaad's page

22 posts. Alias of zylphryx.


Sooo, what's going on in here?

<looks around the thread, grabs a seat and a beer and relaxes>

Hi everyone! I'm back ... AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! A CAB!!!!!!

<runs out of the thread>

<walks into the thread, sees the read is now a cruise ship and runs off in a cloud of feathers>

Oh no! The countdown has ended! We are all DOOOOOOOOOMED!!!!!!

<goes running out of the thread>

This thread needs some tasty pork by product snacks.

<pokes its head into the thread>


<disappears in a burst of feathers>

Urizen wrote:
Now why would some people want to steer clear of FAWTL? It's a no politics, no religion, no prudes, and no sockpuppet zone. ;-)

'Cause it skairt me ... <runs out of the thread in a cloud of feathers, celery and mayo>

Tuna Fish Slaad wrote:

Gettin' quiet in here.


<marches through the thread playing a halibut and shooting streamers out of his nose>

<cautiously comes back into the thread>
Is it safe in here n...
<sees a nacho cheese covered Cobb Slaad>
<flees from the thread>

<runs through the thread screaming>
The Maelstrom is falling! The Maelstrom is falling! The Maelstrom is falling! The Maelstrom is falling! The Maelstrom is falling! The Maelstrom is falling! The Maelstrom is falling! The Maelstrom is falling! The Maelstrom is falling!
<runs out of the thread>

<comes running into the thread>

It's so scary out there and I ...

<looks around at the random destruction>

Do you all redecorate?

<Notices signs of the Jacks having been here ... empty beer cans, discarded copies of Play Poodle, the LAW-mower>


<runs out of thread in a cloud of feathers>

Cobb Slaad wrote:
Fruit Slaad wrote:
Cobb Slaad wrote:

<Returns with severed torso, which holds an amulet of the planes on its neck.>


<Sprays acid at Ambrosia Slaad and Eekster Buhnay, and clambers back up to the ceiling.>

So, rapid freezing and heating does a lot of damage to tissue... fireball!

<A rocky shell forms around the creature and the fireball harmlessly bursts around it.>


Whew! Looks like the coast is clear ... AAAAHHHHHH!! What is THAT!?!?

<Turns and runs out of the thread, leaving behind a cloud of chicken feathers that engulf the area that the slaad/spider/freaky Thing that was once Cobb Slaad occupied, obscuring vision from all around>

MiniatureGiantSpaceToyPoodle wrote:
Fruit Slaad wrote:

You should know that that "thing" isn't representative of the slaadi majority.

** spoiler omitted **

And some of us aren't too fond of little Lord MoreDuck's conscription attempts, then threats and violence, either. He cut and run faster than, well, Chicken Slaad.

<pops in from some random plane upon which he was hiding>

Yes? Ack! Poodles!

<runs away yet again>

Slaad-Barr wrote:
ARRRRGH! I just found out that some anarco-sydicalist commune named Wonka's Of The Candystore owns us all! We're not OGL! {falls into a funk}

Wait, you mean we're ... possessed!?!?!! AAHHHHHHHH!!!

<runs off looking for an exorcist>

Is it safe to come back he ... ACK! POODLES IN THE MAELSTROM!!!!!

<runs back to a dark corner and hides>

Fruit Slaad wrote:
... He needed to go back to Limbo.

<pops back from Limbo>

Good GODS!! There is a plane filled with skewers!! There were everywhere!!! You had to duck under them! I thought I was going to become a Chicken Slaad Kabob!!!!

<runs off and hides in the planes filled with fluffy non-threatening things>

<as the gate closes>


<gate closes>

<comes charging in from across the road>

<pant> Poodles <wheeze> Hillbillies <pant> Everywhere <gasp> The horror! THE HORROR!!!!!

<runs and hides>

<comes charging in from across the road>

Whew ... that was close ... poodles everywhere ...


<runs back across the road>

So I was told to come over here and ... AHHHHH!!!! POODLES!!!!!!!!

<runs back across the road>

Tossed Slaad wrote:
Fine. First the poodles, then everyone on the word game threads.

Poodles make me kind of nervous and words just plain scare me ... AHHHH! WORDS!!!!!

<runs away across the street again>

Bleu Cheese Slaad wrote:
Chicken Slaad wrote:
Hi guys, I would have come here sooner, but I was a little ... nervous.
Worried that Col. Sanders would show up?

The Colonel! Ackk!! *runs across the road*

Hi guys, I would have come here sooner, but I was a little ... nervous.

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